Trust Fund Candy- The End of My Depression

Trust Fund Candy- The End of My Depression

I was soured on Amsterdam for good I decided. I had entertained myself at an exclusive club and on my way back to the hotel the car I was in had been hit head on by a drunk driver. The car had gone sideways and rolled. The driver in my car was killed and I had serious leg damage not to mention my shoulder had been screwed too. The only saving grace was once I managed to get myself shipped home my roommates had everything set up for me.

I had a bed in the study, right on the main floor next to the bathroom so I there were no steps to navigate. I had settled in to heal and ended up a couch potato. I had stopped the pain pills because I never liked them. Plus the pain in my leg and shoulder had faded over the two weeks I had been home. It turned out nothing was broken, but there had been a lot of torn ligaments. My shoulder was actually doing better than the leg. I had full range of motion again with that at least.

So I had essentially been sitting on my ass eating what the boys made for me. They loved the home cooking so I had put on a few pounds, this time I actually had a gut and love handles. My rule about clothes is never buy a larger size if I gained weight, it was excellent encouragement to get to work. This time I just didn’t have the energy though.

Don walked in from the kitchen and pretended to be startled to see me.

“I would have thought you would be jogging by now Candy. You are always ahead of us and we are not starting to get back into shape for fire season until after the new year. Whats up?” He grinned at me and I managed a smile. I wanted to tell him to quit being a dick but he and the others had been amazing. So…

“Don’t worry, I will get there some day. What is it, a week until Christmas?” he nodded.

“Yeah but we are having a pizza party tonight. Bob finally got that pizza oven going right and tonight is the launch. You get to come on down and enjoy the finest pizza this side of your kitchen.”

“Thanks but I am not into stairs, I’ll stay up here. You can send some up if you want.” He laughed and reached down and grabbed my good arm and tugged to get me up.

“Nope,. it is a downstairs party only, so lets go.” I really did not want to risk the stairs, but I did not have the gumption to argue either.

“Oh alright, will you help me down?” He looked surprised I asked.

Of course, what kind of friend do you think I am. I will make sure you don’t take a tumble. Come on.” He helped me up and slung my good arm over his shoulder. I was wearing flannel house pants, a tank top and velvet sweat jacket. The shirt and jacket had become tighter and slid up, with my good arm around his shoulder. It showed off my new love handles and pudgy belly. I blushed and cursed in me head as he helped me hobble to the stairs. When we made it to the landing I was feeling embarrassed, shaky and not exactly attractive.

“Look Don, I am not feeling my best and certainly don’t look my best…”

“We are house mates, don’t worry about it. You see us wandering around in our boxers don’t you?” I sighed.

“Yeah but none of you are morphing into a fat couch potato either.” He turned me to look right at me.

“None of that shit Candy. First off, you are no where near fat. You are a super sexy woman with a cushion in all the right places. Secondly don’t think we are not aware how far you would go to help us, and thirdly…” Don paused studying me a second.

“Thirdly you are recovering from a violent accident with a fatality. We, know something about injuries and death. We wanted to make sure you had time to process, but now it is time to live again. Not to mention start doing your rehab exercises if you want your leg to get better.” I sniffled and nodded. I was floored and touched by the caring these rough guys could show me sometimes.

“Thank you Don, really I mean it. But I don’t know…”

“That is ok, it is just one night of fun to see how you do. Then it is up to you.” I snorted. I knew they would be on me about excising. I hugged him though and thanked him again.

“No worries. The Big Guy is looking forward to seeing you!” The Big Guy! I thought. What the hell. I had not seen Ron in several months.

“I have to shower or something. You guys are used to me being a slob.” I started to turn back to the steps and froze. I really did not like steps. For some reason it brought back the accident.

“If you must Candy there is a shower off of the workout room, remember. Its a big house but it is your house. It has some of your stuff too for after your workouts.” He chuckled and I swatted his arm in annoyance, relieved at his suggestion too. He helped me to the bathroom and I assured him I would be fine on my own. He smiled and left me to do my thing. I stripped off my jacket and t-shirt and then my baggy pants. Gingerly I removed the brace and the scars had faded although my leg still looked beat up. I stood looking in the mirror. I was chubby, more than I had been, since maybe a little girl. I was pale and had circles under my eyes. My hair was dull and greasy. In other words I was a mess.

Thankfully the shower was a walk in, or hop. It was a luxurious feeling cleaning off and I sprinkled some oils in the shower and the heat caused a wonderful, healthy, outdoorsy odor that perked me up. When I finished I dried off and wrapped my hair. Then I rubbed oil over my skin from top to bottom. I loved the feel of it as I softly stoked my legs and then buttock. I felt pampered and it was a feeling I had forgot about. I did a quick dry on my hair and tied it up in a bouncy ponytail for convenience. Then I dressed with what was available down here. I tried a tank top but it rode up showing of my bare bulge in the front so I dug around for something else. It was a white upper body one piece. Stretchy, so that I could pull over my head and it snapped between my legs. I had to wiggle some to get into it and then I pulled on red velvet sweat pants that were snug as well. The top was short sleeve but looked almost painted on except where it tented out from my large tits to the bulge at my middle. I turned this way and that thinking Don may have been right. I wasn’t really fat. Not yet anyway. I added a red velvet sweat jacket and turned again on one leg looking myself over. I certainly felt better and had to admit the way the jacket rode up showed my white covered waist was a little sexy. I smiled at my reflection, one step at a time. Literally. I walked carefully, taking it easy on my bad leg and other than being too stiff and not wanting to bend right I was able to do it. I hobbled very slowly down the hall and it did not hurt. When I entered the big party room I was swept up in a bear hug by Ron.

“Damn, it has been awhile. I am glad to see you are recovering. Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner.” I felt myself smiling. Maybe this night was going to be ok. The smell of pizza began wafting down the hallway and soon we were ready to eat.

I drank a dark beer and not long after that the pizza arrived. It was fantastic and I ate about two pieces more than I usually ate, reminding myself I had to watch that. I had a good buzz going though as did the others. Except Ron. He had to get back by first light so he was not drinking. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was sitting between Bob and Ron when Bob stroked my leg. The velvet of the cloth rubbed against my skin felt wonderful and I found myself beginning to get aroused for the first time since Amsterdam.

“So how would it work with your leg. We can’t let you hurt that now it is on its way.” Ron knelt on the floor and lifted my leg.

“I have a lot of experience with injuries let me see.” He grinned at me and I saluted him with my beer and drained it thirstily. He gently held my injured leg up, sliding the pant leg up gently and slowly. When he got to the knee his eyebrows went up.

“Hm.” Was all he said as he had me bend it down and extend it. Testing my range. It would only bend so far before it started hurting again so he stopped. Holding it out strait. Stroking my skin as he looked at the others.

“You know about resistive stretching and rehab for this sort of thing?” They nodded and it was decided I would be on a routine. I did not have anything to say to that idea and hoped I could actually do it. I was distracted because both Bob and Ron were caressing my leg and moving their way up. Jack handed me a beer from behind the small couch and as I drank he reached around from behind. These guys loved their reach round’s. He cupped my breasts and lifted them. It stretched my top up and I could see my reflection in the television as the jacket slid up revealing more of my white covered waist. Ron put a hand on my tummy and leaned in kissing my neck. I tilted my head back to accept it and Jack kissed the other side. I was really getting wound up. Soon, with leg considerations we were on the floor and I was buzzing from the beer and the arousal that was beginning to fill me.

We were all groaning and breathing heavier as cloths started to come off. I removed my jacket carefully because of my shoulder, but I was feeling no pain. Bob leaned in and kissed my belly and licked it making me moan. Don was undoing my pants and his at the same time and I thought to myself. The carnival is about to begin.

A few pillows were set under my leg and I had it out at a forty five degree angle, out of the way. I gasped and arched my back when Jack ‘s hands slid over my stiff nipples and I could smell my own sweat of arousal and it was welcome as was the heady odor of male urges that floated over me like a cloud. When my hips lifted my pants were tugged down, the snaps between my legs were undone and my top rolled up. Bob bent down and kissed my thighs and licked his way upward. My top was pulled up above my tits and Ron went to work. I was filling with so much need I was amazed I could contain it all. Like the Halloween room I was feeling caressed and loved over every inch of my body as each man seemed to pick a spot and go to town. Bob licked over my clit and I moaned. His tongue moved up ward over my belly and back down to my thighs. Teasing and driving me need higher. I moaned and laughed.

“I love being horny!” I called out happily and received a few laughs and groans from the guys who were about to explode. Jack was behind me and propped me up to a sitting position, then lifted me up and sat me on his throbbing cock. He entered my ass easily with a groan and before I knew it, Bob had reversed himself so his legs were gong past my waist and lifted himself up and sank his own throbbing piece of manhood deep into me from the front. Don stepped up then over the tangled bodies to the only place left and crouched, placing his own hard member at mouth level. Three at once again! I took him in my mouth as we rocked back and forth then up and down with encouragement from Ron. I had an orgasm every time one of the guys did. Bang, bang, bang! I shook with pleasure as the pent up need exploded as it had not done in a very long time. For some reason this occasion really opened me up to my bodies pleasure because it seemed to roar through me longer than it had before. When the three guys were done for the time being Ron was sitting on the floor with a wide smile. I returned it and took the offered beer. I gulped over half of it and set it aside maneuvering myself across the floor and began sliding sexually up his legs. Naked and sweaty, fully intending to give him good time.

I began by helping him out of his clothes, with my teeth and then licking him from top to bottom.

“You show him roomy!” Came the call from one of the guys. I just purred in the big guys ear and started working my way down again, licking and sucking him until I reach his dick. It took no time for get him hard and when I tried to raise myself up on top of him I realized my leg would not bend for it. He simply lifted me completely in the air and lowered me down on him. His extra large cock slid hotly into my extra wet pussy and his hips began moving leaving me nothing to do but be bounced on his cock with ever louder squeals of pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby, oh yeah, ah Jesus you.. are aah!” We both came at the same time and the force of it was astounding and left us both gasping and panting. As I rolled off of him we thanked each other all around.  We sat and collected our breaths and drinks. After while of small talk Ron announced he had to go. Instead of letting me get up he picked me up from the floor for a hug and then sat me back down on the couch with my leg up. Naked but comfortable. When the others said goodbye after putting on their pants they came back and we all had another drink.

“So what do you guys think of fetishes?” They were silent for a moment. We were all getting drunk or I never would have brought it up.

“What kind?” Bob asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Nothing dangerous or violent. You all know I don’t do well with pain.” They agreed that pain was not ever in the cards.

“I have always liked your feet.” Jack said I wiggled my toes for him and he smiled.

“I was thinking about New Years, we really ought to do it up. Maybe costumes or fetishes. Tonight has been so amazing I want to thank you and have a good time too. Think about it my friends. I will be.” They agreed and to my amazement Jack began rubbing my feel and it felt amazing. He was then kissing them and I got astoundingly hot all over again. Then Bob was going for my tits and Don for my pussy. As my arousal once again grew higher and the guys dicks got bigger I knew that yep, New Years would be interesting.


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