Polyamory Adventures

Our polyamory adventures section of our website covers everything we learn from our partners, our difficult times, and our sexy times.

Who Are We?

We are a polyamorous couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio. We freely share our stories, our loves and our losses. We hope our stories will help you!

Sexy Time

We believe our time spent with each other is something to be shared and enjoyed by more than just ourselves. Enter at your own discretion.

Polyamory Resources, Q&A, Rules, Sex, Advice

Poly Adventures was created because we love to share who we are, the experiences we have with each other, the pains we go through when we lose a partner, the difficulties of the polyamorous lifestyle, and the polyamory resources we have come across over the years we have been in a non-monogamous relationship. We also have a section of Poly Adventures dedicated to our intimate times. We thoroughly enjoy sharing ourselves and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Poly Adventures.com was created out of a need for more information on the Polyamorous lifestyle. Check back daily for more content!

We have an extensive polyamory questions and answers section as well as a page dedicated to polyamory, non-monogamy, open relationship resources. Polyamory documentaries are hard to come by, but there are plenty of great resources here on Poly Adventures or on other websites, which we will provide in detail! We also have a page dedicated to our polyamory rules and how we do things. This could prove to be a great starting point for you and your relationship. We also have a forum which will allow you to talk to us and other couples in your same situation. Having a problem with jealousy? Is a partner being sketchy? Let us provide insight.

Our blog is kept up daily about all of our different experiences with a polyamorous lifestyle. Learn about how we do things, and you may be able to apply some polyamory rules and ideas to your relationship, saving you time, energy and hardship with your Poly partner. We also talk about open relationships, quads, triads and much more on our website! Polyamory is an umbrella term for many types of non-monogamous relationships, which we cover as well.

Polyamory Resources

Our resources section puts everything in one place rather than scouring the internet.

Polyamory Rules

Rules keep everyone secure in their relationship and helps avoid difficult times.

Polyamory Q&A

Do you have a question about polyamory? We more than likely have it covered. Check here first!

Polyamory Forums

Can’t find the answer anywhere online? Ask us and other fellow non-monogamy folks here!

Maintaining this website isn’t free, but we like to help out the poly community however we can! If you like, you may treat us to a snack or cup of coffee!

Treat Us! :)


Teaser (a excerpt from my first story)

Her eyes glisten in the soft rays of sunlight peering in from the window; her perfect curves look so soft and silky, I just had to reach out and caress her. She smiles at me and whispers words that I can barely comprehend- partially because of my grogginess, but mostly because all the blood in […]

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