Trust Fund Candy: New Years Preparation

Trust Fund Candy- New Years Preparation-Part One


I have been to parties on the Riviera, Washington D.C, Los Angles night clubs. All over the world and I had never been so excited as I was about the coming New years Eve Party. The guys were over the moon too so we decided to do a pre-party party, two days before. All of our supplies and costumes had arrived and it was going to be a fetishist holiday. Jack, Don and Bob had talked me into letting them shop where I do. They had been saving money for a huge party for over three years and had decided it was time. So all of our things had arrived and we all wanted to “test a few items.” I knew we were all holding back our best surprises for the big day. After Christmas fun we decided there was no way we could do this if we did not take a full day to do it. So from six am on New Years eve until when ever we stop on New Years Day was going to be our party. Jack had came up with the scheme that each round of fetish stuff shouldn’t last more than two hours. That way if we run through them all we can start at the top again. I always liked how he thinks.

So we were scheduled to start our pre-party at dinner two days before New Years Eve. It was two and I wanted to try out my stuff for that night, just to make sure it worked. That is what I told myself anyway. I had bought five different suits. (not counting the Ms Clause suit.). Latex, inflatable rubber suit, two different super heroine suits and one other fat suit. This one was a little different. It wasn’t as big as the Christmas suit. And it came with different clothes. So I looked myself over in the full length mirror. A white t-shirt over a white tank top covered the breasts on the suit that were close to the same one foot out of the Christmas suit. The ass was the same to, it was the belly that was a little smaller. Instead of completely fat I just looked like a fat sexpot. This was better because the arms and legs could be bent and if need be I could reach my pussy if I wanted to. I also wore a long white skirt with a red belt. I had wanted jeans but getting to the entrances for sex was more complicated.

I was up in my room with a stack of jelly filled donuts and a pitcher of cola. The carbonation was wonderful. As I ate the donuts, sucking the jelly out of it I stroked and jiggled the belly and breasts of the suit. It caused the same wonderful friction on my body in the suit as before and I groaned grinning at my reflection. I had promised the guys, after the holidays I would be back to exercising so I was enjoying the diet amnesty. It had become incredibly arousing to me. Pastries, pies, cakes, the whole list. I trembled a little as I stroked and ate. Then I guzzled cola and the full feeling was amazing in the suit and the feeling of the cloth under my hand really got me going. I ate and stroked slowly. Building my needs until they were peaking and my body hummed in the suit. Then I pulled out the double headed power tool they had got me and covered it in enhancement jelly. I tugged up my skirt and jelled myself up. Then I began eating again, waiting until if felt perfect for it and then slowly I began using the dildo slowly as I continued eating and drinking until I was shaking so much I couldn’t pick up the last doughnut or soda. Then I plunged it into me with one hand barely reaching down to do it. Over and over with my other hand enjoying the softness of the two layers of shirts. When I got off it was explosive then I lay back shaking and moaning. I had lost my grip on the two headed monster and it dropped on the floor. When I came down from the rush I got out of the suit and got cleaned up. I cleaned the suite too. I wasn’t sure If I wanted to use that one tonight. Not first off anyway. I had a feeling the new years eve party was starting a few days early. That was fine with me.

I went down for dinner at five and stashed my stuff in the closet at the bottom of the stairs. I went into the kitchen and Bob had just finished cooking the beef stew. The smell of tomatoes and peppers was great as well as the garlic bread. Don and Jack came out of the study trying to look innocent. I was not buying it. I got us all a beer and we served up. Don went over our plan.

“Ok, whoever wins the game after dinner can pick one of his or hers choices for tonight’s entertainment and then use it on us however he or she wants. If you win you have an hour and then the next person goes. If we make it through all of us without needing a break, we stop for an hour and start another round. Right?” Everyone nodded. I licked my lips in anticipation. Once dinner was done we cleaned up so we did not have a mess to clean later and sat around along the kitchen counter. The game was tequila shots, I had got to decide the first game.  They knew how to do it so we started at one end of the kitchen counter to the other. I banged my three down quickly but spilled a little when the carbonation fizzed to quick. Jack got his off with minimal spillage. Bob lost half of one on the way to his mouth and then Don came in with as much spillage that I had. Jack was the winner.

“Ok people this way please. They followed him down the stairs to one of the rooms down there. I was pleased my leg was doing good. Despite gorging myself the past few weeks I had been doing my leg exercisers and drinking a lot of water. I hardly limped now.

“You know I never noticed before Candy but you look really good dressed down in country cloths.” Jack told me as we entered the room. I was wearing the same kind of clothes as the fat suit earlier except I had on jeans instead of a skirt.

“It hugs your figure nicely.” They had been trying to buck up my spirits about my weight gain. It did not worry me anymore. I knew I could loose it. Or as much as I decided to. I thanked them stroking my tight tops. I was loving the feel of the cotton. Looking around I saw a few pull up bars handing from the ceiling mounts that were still there from the Halloween party.

“This is borderline bondage, mostly because you will not feel it coming. No pain however, that is our deal.” They all agreed and he set them up. The guys reached up and put their hands through velvet loops on the bars so they were standing as tall as they could and then I got to blindfold them. I went to where Jack indicated the play toys were and removed the towel covering the tray. Nice I thought. Long feathers, jellies, cock rings and pumps. They were all dressed in button shirts and loose slacks so I figured easy access.

I gathered a few things up and moved back to where they were hanging, waiting. One by one I dropped there pants and began running feathers over their bare skin and up their boxers. There were many sensitive spots on men’s bodies and I was familiar with them all. I used that knowledge to get them gasping and twitching with the feathers. Then I tugged Jack’s boxers down with a smile. After that I went to Don and reached up the loose leg of his boxers and gave a few gentle massages and it began getting hard I put a cock ring on it and pulled his shorts down. He was groaning as I spread some stimulating jelly on his swelling member, Then Jack got the treatment and then Bob. They had got me hot and bothered so many times it was my turn to get them all at once. They were hard but the ring kept them that way for awhile. As long as I didn’t leave the rings on too long it would be good. So I rolled a stool over to Don and waited a second to make him wonder and then I licked his dick. He gasped and I smiled.

“Hm.” I could not help enjoying the flavored jelly. Blueberry. Another lick and I rolled over to Jack and gave him the same licks. Then Bob. Then Jack, and then Don. They were all swinging and groaning as they were hard and really needed to get off. I rolled the ring off of Don and took him in my mouth and then reached out and began squeezing the other two guys cocks, rolling those rings off as well. Soon the two on the sides of me were blowing their wad in my hands and it was another minute before Don went in my mouth. Hm hm good. They got down and caught their breath as I drank a quick glass of wine. Then it was my turn. I would have complained that it was three against one, but I kind of like it that way. I put my hands through the loops on the pull up bar and I had to stand on a stool.

“Let me know about your shoulder Candy. Shit I forgot.” I moved around a little and felt a twinge. I told them about it so I got another position. My hands were tied to the back of a big chair so my shoulder would be good. Then I was blindfolded. It was probably three minutes of silence before I twitched and gasped at a hand caressing my boobs. As the hand left a tingling slowly built and I realized they had used jelly. That stuff was amazing. A feather was suddenly slid down the back of my shirts and then pulled out. The soft friction caused my to moan. Then my shirt was pulled over my head and down around my arms above my tied wrists. A feather was then slid down between my tits and slowly turned and ran over my nipples. I was beginning to really heat up. The I felt something wet wipe my toes and feet and I knew who that had to be but it got my need to grow, as that one continued, like a tongue over my body. In a very short time from then I was moaning non-stop as touches came and went until my pants slid off followed bu my under wear. Jelly was put on my vagina and I moaned as the feather began tickling their and I squealed. It was a new sensation and I arched my back un-controlably and had a massive orgasm that left me gasping.

The next one was Don’s idea and it was a doozy, but easy for me. Dressed again we followed Don upstairs and into the study. It was a voyeur kind of thing. We all had to do ourselves while watching each other do the same thing, Whoever holds out the longest. I had to promise to let them know when I orgasm, since women could conceivably hide it.

“Not from you guys I can’t.” They laughed and we chose a spot that was in site of everyone and got to fun. I began running my hands over my self watching the others and making a pouty face. Not the duck face, that was absurd. But a sexy pouting face and then licking my lips and I ran my hands over my hips. Moving them in time with my hands. The guys didn’t stand a chance. They did not have as many options as I did and just did stripper dance, taking their clothes off. It did make me horny watching these once shy geeks stripping in front of me like a porno movie. I began getting hotter and the guys were too. Mostly watching me since they were hetero sexual. Again three to one and I didn’t mind. Soon I was panting but able to hold on as I slipped my pants off and then my underwear, leaving my tops on but sliding them up so my pussy was in full view. I bounced my tits and squeezed them moaning and writhing in place, truly enjoying myself and then each one of them got off, one two three. As soon as they did I was so horny I just fingered myself briefly and I went off like a bomb. Gasping and catching my breath while we cleaned up and got dressed again. I made sure to tuck in my shirts because it obviously tuned them on. We all got dressed and then it was my turn. I made us wait so the guys could build up a little steam. Then I went and grabbed one of my new toys and put it on under my shirts and came back. It was so well made you could barley tell it was there.

“Ok guys, watch and see who can get off the quickest.” There was a tiny little air compressor between my shoulder blade and I stretched and reach behind me and turned it on through my shirts. A faint hissing was heard and my boobs slowly began growing. Not in reality, but with an inflatable set that fit perfectly over my own and looked like the real deal. My shirt slowly stretched outward and slowly began un-tucking, sliding up my belly. With the feel of the moving clothes and the friction against my nipples I got hot pretty quick. I ran my hands over my ass and slow dance to the slow swelling boobs the guys were transfixed and soon their hands were working on themselves the same way I was. My shirts began getting tighter and tighter and I slipped my hand down my pants groaning and moaning with laughter. It was incredibly fun and soon the guys were going off and I penetrated my pussy with three fingers and I got off too. I wasn’t quick enough to shut off the pump and the shirts ripped with a loud noise. Don, who was still working on his hard on got off when that happened. We spent a half hour getting ready for Bobs turn. For me that meant going for more cloths. We would be taking a longer break after this one so I put on a light blouse spandex half top to my navel. Skin tight and sexy with matching shorts. I cam back feeling sexy, even with my little little bulging tummy. We drank some coffee and laughed about what we had done so far. Hinting we had not even reached the best ones. The it was Bobs turn.

I was excited. It was a food thing again. They apologized for me having to do most the work and I just laughed. We each had to get the others to orgasm by eating food off only one specific area of the body. I really only had one choice for placement it just required different food stuff which Bob had provided I had the guys strip and I lined them up. Jack got strawberries and cream over his junk, Bob was peaches and cream and Don, lucky guy, got the chocolate mouse on his cock. I was surprised they got hard as fast as they did. One at a time. I had cleaned the Strawberries and cream off of Jack and as soon as I took him in my mouth he blew his wad. Next was Bob and I did like peaches and cream so that did not last long. Then of course chocolate mouse. I sucked that up with his dick in my mouth and he swelled and his cum mixed with the chocolate flavor and it got me off. My panties we now wet, again. Then I had to lay back and it was decided that they would all go at once, my idea.

Don took a large tube of fudge frosting and stuck it down my half top and squirted the whole thing in. Meanwhile Jack had creamy peanut butter and syrup on my belly. Bob tugged my pants down and went for sticking a few little cookies in there for him to eat out of me. I do like inventive men. Of course they were barely halfway done with the food spread over me and I was having another orgasm. It wasn’t as strong as the first few, but it still caused a shriek and a tremble. It was time now to rest for the next round.

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