Dark Horror Erotica


Jezebel Rose



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Trapped is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Dark Horror Erotica



“Young woman, this area is off limits.”

The words rang through my head as I walked along a small trail to the rear entrance of the graveyard. I knew the guard was right, and that’s why I came back at night.

None of my friends came with me. They all pussied out a couple hours ago when the guard told them no. Please. It’s all just a lie formulated by the law to keep the town from entering into the burial grounds. There’s nothing there but a bunch of decaying bones and dead old guys.

I chuckled to myself as I clicked on my flashlight.

The sun had set an hour ago. Everything was pitched black other than where my flashlight shone as I walked up to the barricaded doors.

A chilled breeze blew across my skin and stirred up the fall leaves around me as I stuck my crowbar into the decayed wooden door. Chunks of rotted wood fell to the ground as I bashed a hole into the lower part.

Peering through the hole, I saw nothing but darkness. The hair on my arms stood on end as I stepped inside.

The temperature immediately dropped several degrees.

Sounds of water dripping in the distance echoed off the hall as I stood there and surveyed my surroundings. Just because I was brave didn’t mean I was stupid. I wasn’t about to fall into a dark hole only for my bones to be found centuries later by someone else tempting their fate.

I shined my flashlight on the ancient crypt walls. Symbols from long ago were partially faded. It seemed like something you would see deep in a pyramid.

The ground seemed to shudder as I traced my fingers along the indent of a large triangular symbol. It had a star in the center. I studied cults throughout my college career and none of these seemed familiar.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued down the hallway, my flashlight making wide sweeps in front of me.

Everything seemed pretty normal. Ancient crypt, cold stone floor, half crumbled walls, and one thick layer of dust over everything.

Two doorways. One to the left, one to the right.

I chose the left.

Peering inside and sweeping my light across the room revealed several large caskets with broken urns surrounding each. I stepped inside and bent over next to one of the urns. Ash had spilled out and covered the floor around the rotted caskets in the middle of the room.

Standing back up, I headed into the other room.

Same thing. Large caskets, rotted urns, and nothing more than a bunch of ash.

I went in for a closer look at the caskets. These seemed to be slightly different than the ones in the other room.

These were slightly more extravagant.

I grabbed the top of the casket and pushed it off. It fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Inside was the skeleton of some sort of creature. It definitely wasn’t human. The claw marks on the top of the casket meant the creature wasn’t dead when it was placed down here.

I broke off one of the long curved nails and placed it in my satchel so I could get a better look at it later.

Undistinguishable sounds echoed off the walls and surrounded me. The hair on my arms stood on end. It sounded like something fell and broke. Like an urn, or something of the sort.

Everything went silent again, other than the periodical drip of water.

I turned and headed back into the hallway. The odd nail would be more than enough to convince my friends went into the crypt. My flashlight flickered.

A cold chill ran up my spine as my mind ran wild. If the flashlight went out, that would be bad. Like I said, I’m brave – not stupid.

The ground shuddered again.

This time it was much more intense.

I stood there wobbling in the middle of the hallway trying to stay upright as I felt the floor start to give out.

Sounds from deep within the crypt echoed up the hallway. It sounded like more than just an urn crashing to the floor.

My mind was immediately brought back to the floor giving away. I nimbly jumped backwards as I watched the entire hallway crumble into darkness.

The walls caved in near the entrance. Massive stones fell and disappeared beyond my vision. I listened for the sound of them hitting bottom.


I looked down the hallway as my light flickered again.

Sounds of the stones hitting water suddenly rang through the hallway. No way was I going to try to cross that chasm. If I fell – that was it.

If I went deeper, there may be another exit I could look for. It was a large burial mound. I certainly never heard of another exit, but I also never heard of anyone going inside.

The darkness seemed to encroach around me as I went in deeper. The hallway tightened to the point where I had to squeeze my body through small crevices just to continue.

Without warning, the path dropped off into the darkness. It was a sheer cliff.

I looked around – there was no way across.

Glancing back behind me only revealed the tight path I just came from.

“Well fuck.” I muttered as my flashlight dimmed.

I slumped against the cold wall to ponder my fate. There was nowhere to go.

The flashlight clicked off, leaving me in complete darkness.

I shook the case.


A chill ran up my spine as I suddenly realized my fate.

Death. It was the only escape.

Other than the occasional drip of water deep down the hole, there was no sound. My eyes couldn’t even adjust to the darkness this deep. There was no light whatsoever.

Something damp curled around my leg and tightened.

I yelped as I pulled my leg back towards my body.

There was something here.

A deep moaning sound echoed off the walls as I heard something shuffle in the darkness. I reached out. My fingers touched something slimy and wet.

I immediately withdrew my hand as I curled into a ball against the wall.

Remember the part about me telling you I was brave? Yeah. That just went out the window. At this point I was terrified.

To throw myself into the darkness, or let myself be slowly eaten by this creature.

I chose the darkness.

Pulling together all the courage I had left, I ran and flung myself into the dark chasm. The only hope I had was there being water I would land in.

I felt my body in a freefall as I fell through what I could imagine to be small roots.

Without warning, I felt something wrap around my body. My hands clutched onto whatever had grabbed me.

This too, was warm, wet and slimy. It felt almost like a massive root, but alive.

The tentacle tightened around my waist as I felt myself stop falling. I was suspended in midair by the creature.

Vines curled around my legs as I felt the beast examine my body with its massive tentacles. Pressure. My body felt pressure… no, suction.

One of the tentacles slid across my hand. I felt lines of soft suction cups running along the bottom of the massive tentacle.

My hand curled around the vine and held on tightly. One way or another, I was getting out of this hell hole alive.


I saw a faint light appear far down below me. It was approaching quickly.

The tentacles pulled my legs apart. I heard the sound of my pants tearing. The beast was going to rip me apart.

I struggled. Kicking my legs and thrashing about, I managed to only make the tentacles tighten around my body even harder.

The light came closer. It appeared to be within what looked like a large salamander. My eyes focused on the creature as it came closer. The tentacles were sprouted from its back in an array of colors. This was no real beast. Was I just imagining things?



My legs spread as I watched the creature slither closer. Its long tongue snaked out of its mouth and slid up my leg. I opened my mouth to scream, but quickly realized I didn’t want to draw the attention of any more of these beasts.

The deep guttural moan I heard earlier returned. It was coming from far below. It definitely wasn’t the creature I was looking at now, but something else.

I felt the tongue curl around my leg as the creature’s eyes focused on my writhing body. It slid up my under my torn pants and along my slit. The beast cocked its head as it stared at me.

There was a point when I was scared, but now it seemed like the beast had other plans for me. Perhaps the creature was simply curious of this invader into its territory.

The creature’s light pulsed softly, almost as if it was trying to communicate. I couldn’t focus on the beast as well as I would have liked simply because of the tendril sliding along my panties. It felt awkward, but there was nobody around to feel awkward to, so I just went with the flow.

I couldn’t see anything beyond the soft glow of the creature as it held me there in the air. Tendrils slowly crept around my body, enveloping every orifice. Worst case scenario, I’m smothered and I die. Better this than being eaten alive.

The beast snaked forward towards me as I felt its tongue slither back out of its mouth and slide back up my leg. Each and every hair on my arms stood on end as I felt the warm touch of the beast between my legs again. This time it went for my opening.

I couldn’t help but moan softly as its tongue slid inside me. Even though it was small and delicate, it just felt… good.

The creature’s smell was intoxicating as it wafted towards me. It smelled of cinnamon and lavender. My back arced as I felt the tongue slide up my opening and press against my clit. The tongue must have been forked, because I felt my lips spread for the beast as I watched the outline of a tentacle pull my panties to the side and begin making its way inside me.

My moans echoed off the cavern walls and created an odd tune when mixed with the dripping of the water. Perhaps I wouldn’t die here after all. Perhaps…

The tentacle pressed deeper inside me putting immense pressure on my walls. I could feel my body accept the creature as the pressure increased. In an odd sort of way, I was enjoying it. If these were my last moments, at least I wouldn’t be in pain.

I felt another tentacle slide around my backside and press against my anus. It slithered around and slowly made its way inside.

The creature kept watching me as it sat there on the wall blinking its eyes and cocking its head.

“Take me,” I whispered to the beast as I felt the tentacle start to thrust inside me.

I could have sworn the creature understood my words as I watched its light blink three times then fade.

All of a sudden it was completely black again. The light was gone.

My heart raced as I felt the tentacles continue to explore my body.

“Please,” I whispered again, “the light… I—”

My words were cut off as I felt the tentacle inside my pussy rapidly expand. Without any hesitation it began thrusting faster and faster.

I felt my knees buckle and hang towards the darkness as I screamed out in pleasure. Every muscle in my body tensed as the tendril in my anus began thrusting as well.

Every crevice, every part of me was explored and brought to my attention as I arched my back in pure ecstasy. I screamed out into the darkness as I felt the tendril continue to expand within me. My walls were stretched tight as I shook from the sheer amount of pleasure coursing through my veins.

A noise echoed up the cavern from the darkness below. It was something else.

I cursed myself for being so loud, but in the same thought I knew I couldn’t help myself. Everything felt too damned good.

I tried to look down below as another tendril wrapped around my neck and curled through my hair. I felt a tentacle slide around my neck and tighten.

The creature began to glow again as it cocked its head and watched me struggle to breath.

It seemed to sense what it was doing as I felt the tendril loosen.

Orgasmic pleasure exploded within my entire body all at once. Little black stars swam in my vision as fireworks of pain and pleasure spread from my fingertips down to my toes then back up towards my slit.

I couldn’t see straight as I came. Everything seemed to swirl around in my vision. My pussy tightened and released as I felt the tendril press in and out within me.

Tendrils curled around my toes and feet, sliding around all areas of my body as I laid there reveling in sheer pleasure. Neither man, nor woman had ever been able to make me cum that hard.

Another tendril slid up into my pussy. With two inside me, I felt them slide in and out at varying speeds. One tendril in, another tendril out – in and out – in and out.

The sounds of another beast came closer as I attempted to look down into the darkness as if I could even hope to do anything about it.

I felt myself starting reach my pinnacle again. I didn’t want the tentacles to stop. I never wanted them to stop.

My eye glanced over towards creature as I spotted movement. It was more tentacles. The beast shot several more tentacles towards me. I watched another tendril shoot out from the darkness and speed towards my pussy. At the last second it slid around chest and shot towards my anus.

I felt it press inside slowly. The tentacle curled around inside me pressing deeper the whole time. I felt myself suddenly release. It seemed as if the whole world stopping spinning. Everything just stopped. The sounds from down below died down. The dripping of the water halted. The tendrils seemed to move in slow motion as they thrusted into me. Tentacles around my breasts squeezed and pulsed.

Then I came.

I came harder than I had ever come before.

My back tightened and arched as every muscle in my body seemed to suddenly release with orgasm. Little black stars spun in my vision as I gripped tighter onto the tentacles thrusting inside me. Twirling halos of light seemed to descend from the darkness above. My pussy tightened and released with the sheer amount of pleasure generated by the many massive tendrils milking my holes for all they were worth. I could feel myself squirt. I had never felt it before, but this time, I knew I did.

The tentacles started to withdraw from my body. My pussy suddenly felt open and bare as the pressure was removed.

I watched as the mythical salamander creature slithered up the wall with its tentacles hovering over its back. Oddly enough, I was still suspended in the air by one large tendril.

My fingers ran over the tendril wrapped around my waist. This one was different. It felt… like a root. I pushed on the root, trying to free myself, but it was too strong.

Grabbing tightly onto a rock on the wall, I managed to pry it free and bash the root with a solid blow. It snaked away as I felt my body tumble into the darkness.

In less than second, I landed in what felt like a stream of cool water. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. Little blue phosphorus mushrooms were glowing on the ceiling, lighting the small room.

Looking down at my feet, I saw small fish swirling around in the water. I leaned down for a closer look as the stream brushed against my feet. The cooling sensation felt great after such an intense session with the creature in the shaft.

I glanced upwards. Only darkness. The beast was gone.

Sighing in relief, I looked around the room.

Bones. Lots of them.

Intrigued and a bit scared, I walked over and picked a long curved bone. It didn’t appear to be human, but it was completely gnawed up. Peering around the room, I realized they all were.

Something big was down here, and it wasn’t afraid to munch on everything else it looked like.

I set the bone down quietly as I sunk into the shadows next to the wall.

Alright. Focus on the task at hand. How the hell do I get out of here?

Grabbing a sharp bone for a weapon and a cluster of the mushrooms in the other, I walked towards a small crawlspace the water had created.

I knelt down and crawled on my knees through the water, trying to be as quiet as possible.

As I crawled, sounds of rushing water in the distance filled the tunnel. Fortunately there was a thick layer of moss on the ground under the water that kept my knees from getting banged up too bad.

The water began to move faster as the sounds of rushing water turned into a deafening roar. Waterfall.

I held out the cluster of mushrooms and looked deeper. The tunnel broke apart into a cavern ahead.

Grasping tightly onto each rock, I managed to keep myself from being swept away in the current as I pressed onwards.

The bone and mushrooms were swept away with the current as I pulled myself on the ledge. My adrenaline raced. There goes my only light.

Just as my thought finished, I watched as the ceiling turned into a thousand different colors of light swarming about.

I reached out my hand.

One of the little lights landed on my finger. “Why… hello there,” it said in perfect English.

I yanked back my hand in surprise. The little flying thing hovered in the air in front of me. It seemed to be inspecting me.

“Hi?” I managed to whisper back to the creature.

Finally I got a good look at them.



Each looked like something out of a fairy tale. Small wings sprouted from their backs. Tiny little antennas dangled from their heads. Each wore nothing but a small jacket no bigger than my thumb.

As odd as it all was, the weirdest part was the fact that they were all males. All of them had little cocks dangling between their legs. Some of them were hard, but even then, their dicks were about a half inch. If that.

Giggling to myself, I remembered when I had fucked a guy with a cock that small. Even these tiny creatures… well, some of them anyways, had larger cocks than him.

One of the little creatures floated in front of my face and asked quizzically, “What are you laughing about?”

I smiled to the pixie and replied, “Well… your cocks – they are so small, yet so large for your size!”

The creature smiled back, “Oh this little thing?”—He grabbed his cock and stroked it hard as he stared directly into my eyes, — “right now yes. Quite small. But pixies have magic you know!”

I mimicked his voice, “Oh really now? Why don’t you show me some of your ‘magic?’”

He narrowed his eyes at me and spoke strange words into the darkness.

The hair on my arms stood on end as I watched him turn and nod to the rest of his swarm.

Each little creature stopped for a mere second and spoke in unison. The chant echoed off the walls as a chill went down my spine.

I felt my hands suddenly become locked in place.

Unable to move, a rush of adrenaline took over. I opened my mouth to scream, but suddenly realizing I couldn’t even open my mouth, the adrenaline turned into a wave of panic.

You done fucked up Amy. You done fucked up.

The little creature buzzed in front of my face again and smiled; “Now you shall witness the power of the pixie. If you want us to stop, just let us know by thinking of the word ‘outside’ over and over in your head.”

I attempted to nod, but suddenly remembering my state, I could not.

Perhaps I should just wait this out and see what happens. I would be the first person ever to find out what these little creatures can actually do! Wouldn’t that be amazing. Fame… fortune… —

My thoughts were cut off by a sudden feeling of intense pleasure radiating from between my legs. At first it started as a tickle, then as my panties slowly slid down my legs, I felt two of the pixies pull my lips apart and another grasp onto my clit.

The two pixies holding my lips apart blew their warm breath down my slit sending a chilling wave of relaxation over my body. Unable to even smile, I realized perhaps this wouldn’t be quite so bad.

I felt creature clasped onto my clit start to hum. At first it started slow. A mild vibration. Then faster and deeper he hummed, holding tightly onto my spot. I could only think of one thing – sex. They wanted me to get off.

Perhaps I would give it to them, but damn… I was going to make them work for it.

My mind snapped back into reality as I felt one of the pixies push his little penis inside my hole. If I could have giggled, I would have. No way that was going to do anything.

The chant returned as I heard it echoing off the walls.

I felt the penis grow into a massive raging cock deep inside me. The massive shaft curled just in front of my wet pussy like a spring, then straightened out, plunging deeper than any man had ever gone.

The creature stretched my pussy with his thick cock and rammed it deeper. I gasped in pleasure as the pixie on my clit hummed louder.

Oh… my fucking god.

My body started to shake with orgasm as the cock slid in and out, faster and faster.

Unable to take any more, I released on the creature, spraying him with my juices as I came.

“Yes! We have done it!”

The little pixies laughed loudly and flew around giving each other high-fives.

Released from my state, I collapsed to the ground sweating and cursing in pleasure. Never in my life had any man been able to give me that level of pleasure.

I looked up at the creatures and panted heavily, “Is that all you got?”

They didn’t need to know that was the best I had ever had… but damn. I wanted more. Could they do better?

One of the pixies flew down close to my face and shined its light brighter and brighter until I couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly, they all disappeared in a flash of light.

My mind grew hazy as I slumped against the floor


Opening my eyes, I looked around.

A small flickering candle… and I was still in the cave, but in a different part. My body was resting on a small cot made of straw.

The sounds of footsteps echoed off the walls as they came closer.

Unable to keep track of time, I had no clue how long it had been since I entered the mine. Hours? Days? Why hadn’t my friends come looking for me yet… and who the hell is coming towards me?

I scooted back into the darkest corner of the room and huddled with my arms embracing my knees.

Maybe I could keep out of sight then figure out a plan.

A man entered the room. He was about human height, but had massive wings upon his back with an elongated face. Surely he was another one of those… pixie creatures.

“I know you are there. No need to hide,” the man spoke as he stared in my direction.

Creeping out slowly, I stood up into the light and looked him over.

He was actually… damned attractive. Some women would rate him a nine out of ten, but to me, he was definitely a ten.

I could already feel myself starting to get wet again.

“You have already met the blessed. Now you meet the master. I am Varevion, the maker of these pixies.”

Nodding, I could already feel myself wanting to run into his arms and simply just make out with him. Hopefully fuck, but I would certainly settle with a good kissing session.

Jesus. I normally don’t think like that! I’m usually the opposite.

He smiled as he stood there staring at me. “You know, I can read your thoughts.”

My knees immediately went slack as I felt my face starting to turn bright red. I wanted to cry. God – if it had been any other man, I would have ran in the other direction with my hands over my face bawling like a schoolgirl.

I opened my mouth and replied “Oh…”

Are you fucking shitting me Jamie?! “Oh?” That’s all you could come up with!?

Varevion laughed and walked closer to me, “Let’s see if we can… loosen you up, shall we?”

His eyes narrowed as he grinned and grabbed my dress at my shoulders.

My outfit immediately fell to the floor in a wisp of flame. My bra and what was left of my panties immediately followed as he laid a finger on each.

Oh god. He’s good.

I felt his mouth crash into mine as we swirled in a circle deep within the cave. His hand immediately slid over my breasts, cupping them and grasping tightly. Twirling his thumbs around my nipples, I felt myself buckle at the knees already ready to come for him.

Moaning in pleasure, I reached down between his legs and slid my fingers around his thick veiny cock. His hand slid from my breast down to my already wet slit and began running up and down. My knees gave out as I crumpled to the straw on the floor.

With a smile on his face he went down to his knees as well and crawled on top of me, “I know how you like it Jamie. Straight to the good stuff.”

I reached my hands around his head and pulled his mouth into mine. Our tongues danced within my mouth, then his as I curled my fingers in his thick dark hair.

His cock found its home, resting just outside my pussy, but right on the cusp of my lips. He teased me and he knew it.

“Are you ready?” he whispered softly in my ear.

His warm breath ran a chill down my spine as I nodded, biting my lip.

With a grunt, I felt him slowly slide his entire girth into me. I felt every inch… and I savored it. Whether this was a dream or reality, I knew I wanted to remember every part of it.

“Take me,” I whispered back into his ear.

I felt his muscles expand in his athletic arms as he thrusted deep inside me. Every inch of his cock slid inside me as I felt his sack slap against my ass.

Moaning loudly, I watched as he pulled himself out and grasp my hip with his free hand. Holding himself up with the other, he thrusted again grunting with pleasure.

In and out he went, thrusting, deeper and deeper each time. My pussy tightened and clenched on his cock as sped up his pace. I stared into his deep blue eyes. God they were gorgeous.

Throwing my hips into his motions, I felt his cock tighten as my pussy clenched again. Pure animalistic rage seemed to pour out of the creature as he suddenly went into a wild fucking frenzy. His arms expanded, his wings spread from his back, the small little pixies flew about the room, and my pussy was pounded harder than it had ever been pounded.

I heard the words ‘fuuuuuck!’ echo off the walls as I closed my mouth, suddenly realizing I had been the one screaming and cursing the entire time.

My body shook with pleasure as I grasped onto his tight ass and held his cock deep within me. Groaning, I felt his shaft tighten and start pumping it’s hot cum into my pussy as my walls clenched with orgasm. Beads of sweat dripped down my face as the entire world seemed to stop for a moment.

I felt my head waver as I slumped against the ground smiling and giggling.

Varevion pulled his cock out of me and released the dam of cum he had been holding inside. I felt it run down my slit as I stared at the swirling mass of pixies hovering near the ceiling.

“Well… god damn,” was all I was able to muster as I laid there.

The pixies began circling above my head, closer and closer.

They were chanting something.

The room filled with light and the last thing I saw was darkness enveloping me.


My eyes adjusted to the room as I awoke.

Massive mushrooms the size of a small two story house filled the room. The underside of each emitted a pale blue glow as I stood to my feet.

I was alive.

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