The Quad Part One: Cheating is Cheating

The Quad

Part One

Cheating is Cheating




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The Quad is a new erotic romance series with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Four lovers. One house. Loads of drama. They call themselves “The Quad” in this erotic romance series.


Katie, Hailey, Rick and Josh have what is called a Quad. They are a polyamorous group living in California. Today they start a sexy, fun and exotic (or quite erotic!) series following their lifestyle.


We’ve been happily polyamorous for five years now and we all love every second. Sometimes drama creeps up when a new partner enters our relationship, but we each try our best to embrace each other and every decision we each make.


Follow us throughout our day to day polyamorous life during the good, bad, and sexy times.


This story is for adults 18+. Contains scenes of graphic sex and cursing.


Cheating is Cheating

Katie makes a big mistake on her business trip to Reno Nevada. The rest of the quad focuses upon setting up their new home in San Diego. Things get hot and heavy as they christen the new place. Josh meets a fun couple and makes plans.


Chapter One: Jealousy

Chapter Two: Christening

Chapter Three: Katie’s Mistake

Chapter Four: Resolution


During Part One of The Quad you will be reading from Josh’s perspective. We will each be taking turns authoring our life within this weekly series. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be notified of each new release!



Part One

Cheating is Cheating




I watched as Katie walked out the door. Her short golden curls bounced in the breeze as she walked out. Every time I looked at her my heart skipped a beat.

She had her business suit on, but that didn’t stop me from eyeing her as she stood out on the front patio and waved goodbye to everyone.

Hailey looked over at me, “Well? Aren’t you going to go say goodbye?”

I waved to Katie. We had been going through a bit of a rough patch in our relationship as of late. It seemed like we just didn’t connect as well as we used to. Maybe it was the stress from moving or perhaps our relationship had run its course. Either way there were a lot of factors in play other than just the moving aspect.

Hailey took my hand in hers and spoke under her breath so Rick couldn’t hear her. “Are you and Katie fighting?

I nodded as I watched Katie hop in her black SUV and pull away from the house. Her music could still be heard as she drove down the road. That darn pop music was her favorite. It annoyed me every time.

“Tell me everything. Maybe I can help babe.” Hailey kept talking even after I tried to dismiss her with just a nod. I hated talking about mine and Katie’s relationship and it bugged me whenever she tried to pry for more information.

I looked over at her.

Hailey’s long black hair clung together down her back. She just got out of the shower and rushed to the door to see Katie out. She was pretty. Most certainly my type. She had an average build. Not too skinny, not really overweight, and certainly confident. Not the cocky big-headed type of confident, but the kind of person who was always sure of what she did.

I smiled at her and took her hand in mine, “Alright. Let’s head upstairs and talk for a bit. Do you have any other plans for the morning?”

Hailey replied quickly. “Nope – nothing. Mainly just going to be hanging out here helping get the boxes unpacked. There’s a lot to do, and I want to be ready when Katie gets back. It is her birthday.”

I almost forgot. It was her birthday here in a couple days. We were going to throw her a surprise party for when she got back from Reno.

“Great, I’m glad you are on top of things,”—I looked over at Rick who was standing outside lighting a cigarette—“hey Rick, we are going to head upstairs and talk for a bit. Would you mind making something for breakfast?”

Rick looked over at me as he took a drag on his smoke. “Sure thing buddy, is everything ok?”

My eyes darted to Hailey then back at him, “Yeah, it’s no big thing. We are just going to go talk for a bit. Normal stuff, just keeping each other in check you know?”

Rick nodded and pulled out his phone. He was always into those little phone games. Rick was probably the most introverted person I knew. He loved just hanging out at home playing games on his computer or taking hikes by himself. Sometimes he would just disappear for a day and scare the rest of the Quad. He’s been getting better about keeping us in the loop though, and honestly he’s a great guy. Hailey and Katie loved him a lot, but I never really knew what they saw in the guy.

I felt Hailey’s hand pulling on mine. “Alright, alright, I’m coming.”

It was a small house right along the ocean line. Two bedrooms, two baths and one big living room. One of the bedrooms we turned into a cute little den while we all slept in the single bedroom. We fashioned a large bed in the center of the room by combining three king sized beds together. Katie was into crafting and sewed several large comforters together so we could all snuggle comfortably.

We could have afforded larger with our combined income if we chose to move further away from the beach. But we were beach people. We loved swimming and meeting new people and the beach was a great place to do it. Not to mention all the great cafés and clubs in the area. That was a definite bonus.

I jogged up the stairs behind Hailey. Upstairs was the lounge, or what we called “the den.” It had several couches, a flatscreen tv on the wall and a mini fridge. The upstairs also had a balcony that overlooked the entryway from the front and a large bay window in the back that had an amazing view of the ocean.

Hailey plopped down on the big brown sofa. It was our first big purchase as a quad. She sunk in deep and put a pillow on her lap. “Alright, so tell me what all this is about. How are you two doing?”

I dreaded the question, but being polyamorous meant sharing everything. Especially if it had to do with feelings and emotions.

Walking over to the window, I thought about everything that happened recently between Katie and me. First it was the lying. I caught her lying about where she had been when she got home from work one night. She said she went over and hung out with friends, but I later found out she had been out with another guy. She had no reason to lie. All three of us would have understood if she said she had needs that weren’t being met.

If I told Hailey about the lie it could cause drama between Katie and her. I surely didn’t want that. But I did want to be open and honest about what my feelings were.

“Well, she lied to me.”

There. I said it. Now that it’s out in the open, I’ll wait and see what she says.

Hailey had a confused look on her face as she furrowed her brow and adjusted the pillow. “What do you mean?”

I knew she would want more information. It’s only human to really want to understand everything in this kind of circumstance.

“She said she was out with friends one night after work, but through the grapevine I found out she wasn’t. So… she lied.”

Hailey was always calm and cool about this kind of stuff, so I’m sure she would approach the situation from a rational standpoint. I was just hoping it wouldn’t ruin her and Katie’s relationship.

The room was silent longer than I would have liked as I turned and looked out the bay window. A storm was approaching from over the water. Dark and stormy skies spread for as far as I could see. It was kind of how I felt on the inside.

Hailey spoke up in her confident tone, “Well. I would say you need to tell her how you feel and that you thought your relationship transcended the lying. There was no reason for her to lie; she does know we would all understand if she wanted to see someone else on the side, right?”

I nodded to Hailey as I kept my stare out the window. I still couldn’t get over what Katie said to me other night. She said she loved me.

Now I know that seems kind of sappy, but given the fact that she had just lied to me a few days before really had me on edge. I mean, how can you lie to someone then turn around and say you love them? It didn’t make sense.

I turned and looked at her, “Yeah, she knows we support her in all of her decisions. I’m certainly not the jealous type. Fortunately none of us to a certain extent I guess.”

Hailey smiled, “Hey, this whole thing may just be a misunderstanding. Maybe she was just hanging out with a guy friend. Maybe he was literally – just a friend.”

“I guess. When she gets home I’ll ask her about it. Sometimes this whole polyamory thing just gets frustrating. There’s so many different relationships going on at once that it gets complicated you know?”

“It’s true. You know as well as I do that we each have our own set of insecurities and downfalls. I mean, you can’t really expect everyone to be perfect, but as long as we all fess up to our mistakes we’ll be fine.”

I plopped down on the couch next to Hailey and took her hand in mine, “Thanks for being so understanding. I’m glad we can be so open about everything, because we all know that Rick finds a lot of this stuff pretty hard given the fact he is new to this relationship style.”

Hailey smiled and pulled my hand up to her lips and kissed it, “Of course babe. But don’t knock Rick just for being new to this. You really should give him more of a chance. He may be a little slow when it comes to polyamory, but in time he will get it. Think of how far he has come.”

I laughed out loud, “You’re right about that. Remember that first weekend we all hung out with him for the first time? I was making out with you, Katie was playing with my cock and he was just sitting there watching. He had no clue of what to do. It’s probably because he came from such a conservative family.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t imagine growing up with going to Church every week, much less my father being a pastor!”

I looked into Hailey’s eyes. They were absolutely breathtaking. It seemed like every time I looked into them my heart skipped a beat and we were back dating again. I could watch her for hours.

Without hesitation I leaned in and wrapped my hand around her neck pulling her mouth into mine. I immediately felt myself wanting her right then. We had so much to get done before Katie got back, but I had to have her. It was such a perfect moment.

Hailey raked her hands through my hair as the slow kiss turned into something much more passionate. I pulled her top lip into my mouth and ran my tongue in a line across hers. Everything felt like a first time with her. I never had that with anyone else before. Don’t get me wrong, Katie and I had a love like the ocean; deep, slow and unwavering. Hailey and I had a hot and fiery relationship. We both loved sex. Hard, soft, slow, fast – we loved it all.

She flicked her tongue against mine as I felt her hand run up my shirt and over my chest. Her other hand immediately went to work on my buttons. She was into it.

I heard Rick downstairs unpacking boxes. Good, he was busy. It had been a while since I had Hailey all to myself. I liked Rick like a really, really good friend – but sometimes I just wanted to be with Hailey alone. Perhaps I was just an attention whore.

Her fingers worked quickly as they pulled my shirt off down over my shoulders. I felt confident too. I had been working out recently and to be honest – I looked damned good. Yes, I am a bit conceited, but I try to keep that in check the best I can.

I reached up and ran my hand over her soft breast. She wore her workout bra today. I could totally get down with that.

My mouth worked its way to her ear. She loved it when I ran my tongue over the outline of her earlobe.

I hear Rick call up the stairs, “Hey guys! Breakfast will be done in about a half hour!”

Pulling away and smiling at Hailey whom was now underneath me on the couch I yelled back, “Great! We’ll be down in a bit!”

Hailey giggled quietly as she bit her lower lip. God it turned me on when she did that. I already felt my pants starting to bulge as her hand went between my legs and began stroking at my pants.

I reached down and pulled her shirt over her head exposing her perfectly formed body. She was extremely attractive; the perfect specimen of a beautiful woman. At least in my opinion she was.

Hailey didn’t even have time to get ready this morning and yet she still looked like the most beautiful woman the planet. Her long dark hair was one of her best features. I loved running my hands through her hair after she got out of the shower. It was always just so soft.

She whispered quietly, “Want to do this after breakfast?”

“Shhh… I want you now,” I whispered back.



I watched her fingers unzip my pants then wrap around my cock. Hailey’s soft hands felt amazing as she pulled it out and stroked on me while I slid my hand under her dress.

She didn’t have any panties on.

Immediately she must have known what I was thinking because she replied quickly, “I didn’t have time this morning.”

I kissed down her chest between her breasts and towards her belly. She always loved it when I kissed her stomach. It turned her on.

I knew it turned her on because I felt her back arch when I slid my fingers over her soft opening. She was wet and ready for me.

My cock was ready for her.

“Let’s go,” she whispered into my ear as I kicked my pants off my knees and onto the floor. Her warm breath turned me on even more.

I pressed my cock into her. It slid inside smoothly as I heard her moan softly into my ear. She bit down on my neck as I pressed deeper. God I loved this woman.

Her hands reached behind my back and grasped onto my butt. She pressed my hips into hers. I was rock hard and fully inside her… and she loved it.

I felt her hips respond to my penetration as she slowly moved them in motion with my wave like motions into her body. Our lips brushed as we breathed heavily in ecstasy in each other’s mouths.

She nuzzled her head into my chest as I arched my back and pushed off the couch with my hands. I thrusted into her hard. She immediately responded with nails digging into my back. She liked it rough, but I always wondered how hard she would like it.

I kissed the top of her head as I basked in the smell of her amazing shampoo. I don’t know why, but every time she used it, I wanted her all the more. There certainly was nothing like a woman who enjoyed smelling good.

Her hips bucked against mine harder as I felt her walls clench tightly around my cock. She bit into my chest hard as I felt her shaved pussy rub against my groin.

We were finally in our rhythm. My body was riding against hers as she pushed back at the exact right time so each thrust was stunningly perfect.

I reached down and slid my finger over the top part of her slit as I held myself up with one hand. Working out had its advantages.

My fingers found her swollen clit easily. I ran large circles around her button as she bit deeper into my skin.

Her breasts bobbed with each thrust from my hips as I watched her mouth open.

“Shhh, don’t scream,” I attempted to whisper in her ear.

She breathed in deeply and pulled the pillow over her mouth. I heard muffled sounds of moaning as I felt her entire body start shaking. She was coming hard.

Her walls tightened around my cock as I kept up with the rhythm the best I could. I was starting to tire as I felt myself wanting to come as well.

She released on me. Her pussy suddenly became much wetter as her walls massaged me. I felt my dick tighten in anticipation.

I pulled my hand up and ran it behind her neck as I sped up my pace.

My cock tightened. I was going to come.

“Come for me babe,” she whispered as she massaged my chest with her hands.

The earth shattering built up energy released within her. Every pump from my cock sent shockwaves throughout my body as I felt electrified from the sudden release of pent up anticipation.

Time seemed to slow for a moment as I collapsed on Hailey breathing deeply.

She twirled strands of my hair between her fingers as I felt her body against mine. She was warm and probably wanting more. Hailey was one of those women who could get it on for hours at a time then immediately turn around and do it again. I always told her we should have a weekend away with just us so we could fuck the entire time. She said she would be down with that plan. Perhaps one day we would make it a reality.

I ran my fingers through her still-damp hair. “Want to go jump in the shower and rinse off before breakfast?”

Hailey smiled at me, “I’m so sex stoned.”

I laughed as I heard Ricky yell up the stairs, “Breakfast is ready!”

Hailey beat me to the response, “Alright babe, Josh and I will be down in a few.”

“Well played,” I whispered as I pulled myself off of her and stood up.

She picked up a towel off the floor and held it between her legs as she ran to the bathroom.

Fortunately we had a shower on the first and second story of the home. At our last house we only had one, and it was small. We made sure our new house would have two, and they were larger. Rick had the upstairs shower remodeled to be much bigger. It was large enough to hold all four of us easily.

Hailey reached into the shower and turned on the nozzle. Within moments the mirror had steamed over. She always liked a hot shower after sex… and so did I.

Rick and Katie liked a cold one. I never understood it, but anytime all four of us had sex together it was typically Rick and Katie showering first in their cold shower then Hailey and I taking our turn.

We both stepped in and rinsed off quickly. Good thing Rick was on top of things. I was still in a sex high and more than likely couldn’t have made anything too delicious or complicated.

Hailey walked into the other room and gathered up our clothes. We both got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

Rick spoke up, “How’d the talk go?”

I looked over at him as I came down the stairs. Rick was a pretty decent looking guy. He was always into the latest style, whether it was for college kids or young professionals. He did have the best job out of all of us, so he could afford to spend money on clothes.

Hailey looked over at Rick as she followed me into the dining room, “Did you buzz your head?”

Rick laughed, “Yes, Yes I did. Last night I felt like it was time for a change. Now that we are close to the beach and its summer, I figured why not?”

I sat down and chipped in, “It looks good. Some guys can’t rock it, but you seem to do it well.”

Rick brought in breakfast. Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and fried bacon. Typical, yet so awesome, especially since he made it. Any food that I didn’t have to help make was good enough for me.

“Thanks for making breakfast,” I said as I dug in.

Hailey had consumed her entire meal in moments. She grew up in a large family with twelve brothers and sisters. I guess for her, she had to speed eat or not eat all.

Rick looked up from his plate, “What plans do you guys have for the day?”

I took a sip of juice as Hailey smiled at Rick, “Well, I for one will be working on unpacking. I figured you and Josh could set up the decorations for Katie’s party tomorrow.”

Shit. Katie’s party. I almost forgot.

“Rick, did you end up getting the balloons? I picked up the burgers and sent out invites yesterday.”

Hailey looked over at Rick, “If you didn’t, you could go pick them up today. It’s no stress.”

Rick replied with annoyance, “I thought Josh was getting everything, so I didn’t get anything after work yesterday.”

I spoke up, now annoyed as well, “I told you just a few days ago you needed to get those things.”

Hailey must have been able to tell we were getting annoyed as she stood up from the table and walked over to Rick, “Just pick up the stuff this afternoon. It’s no big deal.”

Rick looked over at me. I could tell he was pissed. His face always turned bright red when he was. “Fine. I’ll go out and get them now. You guys can clean up breakfast.”

He stood up from the table, grabbed his leather jacket and walked out the door.

I walked over to Hailey who was still standing behind Rick’s chair, “Jesus – what was his deal?”

“Dunno. Think he heard us having sex upstairs?”

“Shit, I bet that was it. But he’s always been cool about it in the past.”

Hailey took my hand in hers, “How would you feel if you heard us getting it on upstairs and you weren’t invited?”

“I guess I didn’t think about it that way. I don’t think I would be mad about it though.”

Hailey rolled her eyes and started gathering up plates, “Seriously? You don’t think you would be irritated at all if you heard me and Rick fucking in the next room over while you were making breakfast?”

“I wouldn’t be making breakfast.”

The words left my mouth before I thought them through.

“Nice. Real nice Josh. You could be a bit nicer to the guy you know. Maybe make him breakfast one morning.”

I picked up the cups and followed Hailey into the kitchen. “Perhaps I will but don’t expect it to be any good.”

Hailey ignored my comment and went straight to washing dishes.

“I’m going to go out and run for a bit, when I get back want to help me set up decorations?”

She looked over at me then went back to the dishes.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a half hour or so.”

“Sounds good. Have fun.”

I slipped on my running shoes and stepped outside.

It was a beautiful day in May in Cali. Absolutely gorgeous. It was one of those days where you just knew you were meant to be outside.

I walked behind our house down to the beach and started jogging.

The beach was packed. Women and children were everywhere. Young girls were out tanning and playing volleyball with their friends. Some were out in the ocean swimming. It was around 90 to 100 degrees and hot. Perhaps if I got done with the decorations early I would see if Hailey would like to go out swimming too.

I saw a guy and gal jog up beside me, they were both fairly attractive. “Hey guys, great day for jogging!”

She looked over at me, “Sure is! Pardon me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you and two ladies just move in yesterday?”

“We did!” I exclaimed as I suddenly realized they must have been our neighbors.

“We actually live a couple houses down from yours.”

I evened out my pace with theirs as we continued jogging. “I’m Josh, and there’s also Ricky, the other guy, Hailey, the one with the long dark hair, and Katie, she drives the SUV and has short curly hair.”

The guy chipped in, “That’s awesome, welcome to La Jolla! This is my wife, Anne, and I’m Justin.”

“Nice to meet you guys! We are looking for something fun to do tomorrow night; any recommendations?”

Anne jogged up to my other side and smiled at me. She was a sexy curvy woman. Her short dark hair was curled and bounced with every step. “We like to go to Swingzone. It may not be your style, but it’s a swing club. Even if you aren’t into that kind of thing it’s great for meeting new people and the music is great.”

Josh looked over at me, “Actually we are going tomorrow night. Would you guys want to meet us there?”

“Sure, why not! I’ll have to run it by everyone, but I don’t think we have any plans. Oh – we are polyamorous by the way. We don’t really swing, but it’s something we’ve been interested in doing for a while now. Perhaps if the right people came along and we all clicked, why not?”

Anne laughed, “It’s a good time! I sure hope you all can make it.”

“Alright guys, I need to turn around here, but if all goes well we will see you guys there. Say around 10?”

Josh looked over at Anne then back at me, “Let’s do it. Nice meeting you Josh!”

The couple continued jogging down the beach as I looped around and headed back to the house.

Swinging? Sure. Sounds like fun. I mean – I like sex, as does Hailey, Rick and Katie, but are we all ready to test our relationship like that? Polyamory and swinging isn’t exactly the same thing.

I jogged back to the house enjoying the summer day. The warm sun felt amazing as the cool breeze off the ocean dried up my beads of sweat before they even had a chance to drip.

The house door was open as I walked inside. “Hailey?”

“Hey babe, I’m in the living room.”

I walked into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. The house was warm. “I’m going to open up the windows; it’s pretty hot in here. Maybe we can get a nice breeze going?”

Hailey didn’t reply so I went into the living room. She was sitting on a box with her head in her hands.

I spoke up, “What’s going on?”

Hailey looked up at me, “I dunno I just feel so emotional today for some reason. I hate it when Rick is pissed.”

“Oh everything will work out, I’m sure of it. By the way… I met a cool couple when I was out jogging. They wanted to know if we would like to meet them at a swing club right down the street tomorrow night. I think they called it Swingzone or something like that.”

“Sounds good to me. Katie might be too tired to go, but Rick may join us… if you and him work out your little tiff.”

I sat down on the box and put my arm around Hailey’s shoulder. “Are you sure you are ok?”

She nodded and sniffed as she wiped away her tears, “I’ll be alright. Promise.”

Sounds of the doorbell ringing echoed throughout the house.

Hailey stood up and dabbed her eyes with a tissue, “I’ll get it. It’s probably Rick. You get started hanging these decorations.”—She handed me a box of streamers and pointed to the dining room.

After grabbing the box from her hand I headed into the dining room.

The door squeaked open.

I heard Hailey, “Hey, welcome back. Did you have a good morning out?”

Rick replied in his still-irritated voice, “Yep. Everything was fine. Did you have a good morning?”

He did know. That must have been why he was so on edge at breakfast.

I peeked around the corner and watched them as I ruffled through the box. A surge of emotion ran through my veins as I felt my heart suddenly beating out of control. I knew the feeling. It was jealousy.

Turning back into the dining room, I started to hang the streamers on the fan, windows and chairs as I listened to them in the other room. They were making out. They had to have been.

Jesus, I normally wasn’t so jealous. I had gotten over that emotion years ago back when I first started a polyamorous lifestyle.

I kept listening to them, but they were talking in hushed tones. Apparently they didn’t want me to hear whatever they were talking about.

Rick came around the corner with Hailey in tow, “Hey man, sorry about this morning. I heard you guys upstairs having sex and I guess I got a bit jealous I wasn’t invited.”

I set the box of streamers down on the table. “Sometimes I like to have time with just Hailey and I. Perhaps it would be better to slow things down and only have intimacy in private when you aren’t around.”

Hailey stood by Rick with her hands on her hips. Her face contorted into what appeared to be distaste.

I looked over at her, “What? Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?”

Hailey shook her head, “No. What we should be doing is bringing everyone closer together rather than spreading apart. Separation isn’t the answer. I mean, I’m glad you two can confront the issue head on, but look at how far we have come since we all started polyamory. What I think should happen is for us to all confront the jealousy issue head on as well.”

I looked at Rick whom appeared to be completely confused as to what to do. “What do you think Rick? What would make you comfortable?”

“I don’t know man… this whole thing may just be too much for me.”

Hailey turned to Rick and took his hand in hers. “Rick, this is part of polyamory. We need to be open about our feelings and emotions then figure out how to get past them. It does get easier, I promise.”

Rick spoke up, “Alright. Let’s keep things how they are right now. You guys can have your intimacy whenever you like, but if I feel uneasy I’ll simply go for a walk or something.”

I nodded. “Sounds like a good plan to me. Is that cool Hailey?”

Hailey smiled and nodded as well.

“Alright then, it’s settled. Shall we continue decorating? It’s starting to get dark and we haven’t done any unpacking yet.”

Rick headed into the kitchen, “I’m going to go ahead and get the cake and dinner prepped for tomorrow so we don’t have to worry about it.”

I looked over at Hailey. She shrugged her shoulders and picked up some of the streamers and helped me finish hanging them throughout the room.

Rick came out of the kitchen after about an hour and helped Hailey and I finish the decorations throughout the rest of the house. I was completely beat.

I crossed my arms and looked over at Hailey and Rick, “You guys ready to hit the sack? We got a lot done today and I don’t know about you two, but I’m exhausted”

Rick smiled. “I feel you. I’m done beat as well.”

Hailey headed upstairs. Apparently she was ready to hit the sack.

I jogged up behind her. “Hey, I’m going to pop in the shower. You and Rick want to find a good show to put on?”

Hailey’s face was beet red from working all day. “Sounds good to me!”

The shower was hot and relaxing. It felt like all my muscles suddenly released from the stress of the day.

I stood in the shower for several minutes before washing myself. As I stepped out of the shower I heard low moans coming from the den. Apparently someone was having a good time.

The jealousy rose back up within my stomach like a sack of bricks. Dead heavy weight in my stomach was never a good feeling. Damned jealousy. You would think that even after five plus years of being polyamorous I would be past that emotion. I mean, it was the first thing we were all taught and learned to overcome. We even went to seminars about jealousy. Perhaps I should talk to Katie about it. She may have more insight.

I stepped into the den and saw Rick’s face buried between Hailey’s open legs on the fold-out futon. It looked like he was enjoying himself as I saw his hand wrapped around his cock stroking himself hard.

A thought crossed my mind for a sheer second. Should I step back into the bathroom and let them have their time together, or was Hailey expecting me to come out of the shower and join them? It would be a good way to end a long day.

I decided it would be a good idea to join them as I stepped back into the den with only a towel around my waist.

My cock was already tensing as I listened to Hailey moan in her I’m-coming-soon voice.

Rick stood up on his knees in front of Hailey and flicked his cock against her pussy. I stood there watching the whole thing, stroking myself.

“Hey guys,” I said as I walked over and sat down next to Hailey.

She looked over and smiled. “Hey yourself you sexy man.”

Hailey reached up her hand and laced it around my neck, pulling me into her. I felt her tongue touch mine just as Rick slid his cock inside her opening, sliding her forward on the futon.

The jealousy disappeared as I continuing kissing Hailey. Our tongues each massaged the other, curling around in an intense game of cat and mouse.

I felt Hailey’s hand wrap around my cock. She tugged hard as I felt her body jerk back and forth. Rick always enjoyed rough sex. He really wasn’t the kind of guy that could just take it slow every now and then. It was always… always hard sex, which was weird, because his personality made him out to be this sort of unsecure and uncertain kind of guy.

Hailey grinned wickedly at me. “I want to taste you. Here, kneel up here.”

I did as she told and kneeled up near her face. Her tongue slid along the bottom of my cock. I felt thin lines of fire and pleasure coursing through my veins with each stroke from her hand and tongue.

She grabbed my sack and pulled my dick into her mouth, moaning with each thrust from Rick.

I watched as Rick grabbed her hips and railed into her like a jackhammer. He had power, but stamina… not so much. Rick always came first, and when he was done, he was done. He passed the fuck out.

Reaching my hand behind Hailey’s head, I pressed my cock deep down her throat until she started to gag. Apparently she liked it because as soon as I pulled my dick back out, I watched as she went into frenzy, sucking as hard and fast as she could.

Rick groaned as he laid on top of Hailey and got in deep with his dick. I felt my cock tense within Hailey’s mouth.

Jesus, don’t fucking come yet. I never come first.

At that point, I couldn’t help it. I was past the whole “I can stop this before it’s too late,” part of the orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” I said as I held onto the back of her head as her hand twirled around my cock and her mouth slid up and down.

She grabbed tighter onto my dick and stopped stroking as I felt myself suddenly start pumping my cum into her mouth. She moaned with each spurt as lightning shot through my body and exploded out of the tip of my cock. Seconds turned to minutes as each release seemed to slow time around me.

The entire weight of the day lifted off my shoulders as I felt the jealousy completely disappear from my system. Perhaps all I needed was to have sex with Hailey and Rick at the same time.

I sat back on the futon with my eyes starting to droop. God I was exhausted.

Rick plowed into Hailey as I watched her legs curl up over his, pulling his body close to hers. She gritted her teeth as her body shook. That was her orgasm. I could always spot it from a mile away. Rick kept his pace up, going faster with each thrust into her body.

Hailey wrapped her hand around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, but at the last moment, I watched as Rick sat up on his knees and pulled his cock out, pumping his cum onto her chest.

Damn. That was one hell of a load.

Rick breathed out deeply and rolled off Hailey, now lying next to her. “Jesus. That was intense.”

I nodded as I stared at the ceiling, half awake.

My eyes shut and didn’t open until the next day.



I awoke to the sounds of seagulls squawking. Hailey had the bay windows open and appeared to throwing bits of bread into the air.

She turned and looked at me with a smile. “Good morning sleepyhead! It’s almost noon!”

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I looked around. Rick was gone. “Where’d Rick head off to?”

“Oh, he’s downstairs getting the cake ready. Katie should be here any time now.”

I walked over to Hailey and slipped my arm around her. She was chipper this morning. Normally Hailey was the one to sleep in past noon and be grumpy until midafternoon.

The doorbell rang.

I ran over to the balcony and looked over, “Is she here already?”

“Apparently! Yay!”

Hailey pushed past me and ran down the stairs. She and Katie were the first in the relationship. They had been dating for several months before I even came into the picture.

I was supposed to be a single “fun night” at a college party but obviously wasn’t how it turned out.

Katie opened the door and spread out her arms, “I’m home! Finally!”

Hailey jumped into her arms and kissed her deeply with her hands on her face. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Leave something for me!” I called out as I ran down the stairs and waited my turn.

Rick came in from the kitchen with the cake in hand. “Happy birthday!”

Katie teared up, “Oh you guys. You didn’t have to do that!”

I saw someone coming up behind Katie. He was a clean shaven guy in a nice button down shirt with grey slacks.

“Hello?” I questioned as I reached out my hand for a shake.

He took it and firmly grasped my hand, “Hey there, I’m—”

“Everyone, this is Jack!” Katie blurted out before he could even finish his sentence.

Katie was excited. Apparently she did more than just business on her “business trip.”

I eyed the man as he slid his arm around Katie with a smile.

Something was definitely up. Normally we would all have a discussion before we even thought about adding anyone to our relationship. Did this cross the line into cheating by our definition? Maybe.

Katie brushed past the introduction and skipped right to the cake. “Alright guys! What are we waiting for? Let’s dig into this amazing cake Rick made!”

My eyes never left Jack’s arm around Katie. He was definitely making a point by doing so, and it bothered me.

“Katie? Mind if I have a word?” I said bluntly as everyone headed into the dining room.

She looked over at me. She knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. “How about after cake?”

I nodded.

What she was doing wasn’t cool and it certainly wasn’t like her to just bring someone home without talking it out. What the hell was she trying to prove here?

Jack pulled up a chair and sat down next to Katie. Their hands were stuck together.

I could already feel my jealousy starting to creep back up. I was ready to explode on both of them. She knew better, and if she told him anything about her relationship with us, he should know better as well. But honestly, the fault lay with Katie. She was the one I respected, not this Jack guy.

Rick cut the cake and handed out a piece to everyone as we sang Happy Birthday to Katie. The whole thing was awkward. Hailey and Rick were definitely onto what was going on, and they most likely saw my irritated expression I was trying so hard to hide.

After cake was finished, Jack stood up from the table and glanced at me.

“It feels like I may not be welcome here.”

Oh god. He did not just say that.

A chill ran up my spine. Katie was going to flip a shit. It was definitely going to be one hell of a night.

Everything was silent for a solid thirty seconds. Hailey stared at her plate and Katie just sat there looking around at each of us. I could feel her stare burning into my skull.

I broke the silence. “That was great cake. Thank you Rick.”

Rick nodded, not even daring to speak up. No way would he have spoken anyways. Whenever there was a fight or problem at hand, he always tried to simply either ignore it or find the good in it.

“Hailey?” I looked down at her as I stood there, holding my plate in my hands.

“I’ll come help you with dishes. Sounds good. Let’s do that.”

She walked around the table and picked up everyone’s plates then headed into the kitchen with me.

Fortunately the kitchen was down the hall and around the corner so I could speak to her for a moment in private before the whole house came crashing down around us with Katie’s explosive temper.

I leaned in to her as I set the plates in the sink. “Can you believe he said that at the table?”

Hailey shook her head. “Katie is going to flip a shit. Just you wait. She is going to flip, and I’m going to have to tell her she stepped way over the line bringing that guy here tonight. Didn’t she remember our rules? I can go get the notebook we all signed and show it to her if she wants.”

I laughed under my breath. “No, I’m sure she knows. But she’s going to try to make this sound like it’s our fault, but in reality, he never should have been here to begin with. Of course we were going to be pissed if she broke our—“

Katie was leaning against the wall in the doorway to the kitchen. “Real nice guys. Real nice.”

She turned on her heel and walked down the hallway back towards the dining room.

Hailey looked at me with a worried expression on her face. “We need to all go sit down and talk right now, because this is getting out of hand quickly.”

I replied quickly, “I agree. Let’s get Katie and Rick upstairs so we can hash this all out.”



Katie sat across from me and Hailey. We were on the couch. Her and Rick were on the futon. Everyone was seething at this point, I could tell.

Hailey spoke up first. “Alright. Katie – you shouldn’t have brought over a new lover before we even got a chance to know the guy, and—“

Katie cut her off in a snappy tone. “First off, he wasn’t a lover. We didn’t even have sex. I made out with him once.”

Hailey continued, “But that doesn’t make it right to bring him over without us even having a chance to prepare ourselves. Remember when we all sat down a few years ago and made a list of rules? We all signed it.”

“Yeah. I remember. But… he was nice, and sweet. I figured you all would like him right away!”

I shook my head, “That’s beside the point Katie. You should have let us know you were bringing someone over. The very least you could have done is called us on your trip, let us know you met a guy and told us things had a chance to escalate.”

Katie looked out the window and exhaled loudly. “I could have done that, but things just happened so fast when I was out there. First it was a drink, then two, and before I knew it, I was making out with the guy in the cab on the way back to the hotel.”

Bill looked up from his phone. “The hotel?”

“We stayed at the same hotel. Different rooms.”

“Oh. Ok.” Bill went back to his phone.

Hailey chipped in, “Can you see how we can be frustrated? That’s the main reason why we were all so on edge during the birthday cake.”

“But you made him feel so unwelcome,” Katie said as she slouched down on the futon.

I sat up and leaned over towards her, “We were a bit curt, but if you had followed the rules in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Anyhow, I’m sorry. I should have been nice throughout the party and we could have talked it out after.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” Katie said under her breath as she entwined Rick’s hand in hers.

Hailey nodded in agreement. “I’m sorry too. Now we all know for next time.”

Rick laughed, “Now that we are all past this issue… what are our plans for the evening?”

“Well. Yesterday I was out jogging on the beach and I met a cute couple.”

Katie leaned in. “Cute?”

I smiled, “Yeah, you would like the guy. He is totally your type. Tall, athletic and kind of hipster.”

She pulled a blanket off the back of the futon and spread it over her and Rick. I wasn’t stupid. I knew exactly the reason for that blanket. Those two were little deviants.

I continued, “Anyways, they are going to hang out at Swingzone this evening. It’s a swing club right down the street from us. Even if we don’t want to swing with anybody, they said it had great dancing music and was a great place to meet new people.”

Bill kicked back in his chair, straightening his legs. I eyed the growing bump at his groin. It wasn’t just the covers. Katie and him were having a bit of fun.

Hailey looked over at Katie then back to me, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m down. I don’t know anybody around here.”

“Me neither obviously. Anne and Justin live just a few houses down from ours.”

Katie wrapped her other arm around Bill and pulled him toward her. They went straight into a deep tongue-first kiss.

Hailey and I looked at each other and laughed. “I guess that’s a yes?”

She nodded with a devilish grin as she bit her lip.

I knew what that meant.

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