The Experiment


Taken: The Experiment is an erotic short story for adults. This story is intended for mature audiences.


Copyright 2015 by JD


All Rights Reserved.


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.





“With an entire civilization destroyed by a cataclysmic force, they came to repopulate.”


It’s all over the news. Emily and her friend Katie thought they were safe until they found themselves taken aboard an alien ship. With creatures not of this world probing their body, inside and out, both girls feel violated and wanting to just go home.


Emily watches as Katie returns from her tests taking quick note that her friend is now pregnant, whereas just a few hours before… she wasn’t.


The aliens returned moments later speaking firmly without emotion, “You are next. Come.”


Will Emily be able to withstand the erotic tests? What is the purpose behind these examinations?




Looking forward down the hallway as the aliens walked me forward, I watched as we passed room after room of women on tables. Some were awake and tied down, while others were asleep with various creatures performing experiments upon them. One thing irked me; it was always sexual.






The Experiment



The hard floor under my hands was cold and damp as I opened my eyes. Leaning up against the hard wall, I glanced around and saw nothing. It was pitch black.

Smells of a flowery perfume and… something else filled my nose as I attempted to stand. My knees shaking profusely, my eyes started to adjust.

Where is Katie? Her tests should have been done by now. I’ve been sitting here in the dark for hours waiting.

“Hello?” I called out into the darkness. My only reply was a quick echo that reverberated off the walls and returned to me, sending a chill down my spine.

Slumping against the wall, I watched as what appeared to be a door slide open from the ground to the ceiling.

The light within the room beyond blinded me. Quickly raising my hand to shield my eyes, I watched as a tall, thin and gangly looking creature threw Katie into the room. His skin was tanned, almost a greyish color, but with a bit of yellow. The thick shaft between his legs caught my eye as my mind first thought it was another limb.

My mind was quickly shifted towards a body thrown in the room. A loud thud filled my ears as I heard the body smack into the floor. “Katie?” I whispered softly.

Inching closer to her as the creature walked away, I ran my hand up down her arm in an attempt to comfort her.

Whimpers filled the room as I watched her lips tremble in fear as her eyes widened. There was an intense emotion being shown on her face. Fear.

Katie’s eyes locked onto mine then shifted down to her stomach. Her belly had grown a fair amount since I had seen her last.

Jesus Christ. She’s fucking pregnant. Oh… my god.

My hand started to tremble profusely as I watched her eyes widen and lock back onto mine. Adrenaline taking over, I took her hand in mine and squeezed tightly.

“What happened in there?” I said softly, in an attempt to try to figure out what the hell was going on in this alien craft.

She replied frantically, “They used me. My god they used me for their own purposes.”

I felt her hand start to violently shake as I gripped it tighter in my fingers. “There now… it will be alright. It’s done and over. Try to push it out of your mind.”

Katie stared at me, “You don’t understand. I can feel the child within me. It’s growing quickly. They must have some sort of fast acting seed or something, I don’t know.”

I replied quickly, trying to ease her mind the best knew how, “After the child is out, we can forget about everything. We can forget about these experiments, these aliens—”

She interrupted me mid-sentence, “The alien within me is altering my mind. You must listen to them. You must follow their lead. You must obey.”

The last word out of her mouth echoed in the small room as she began repeating it over and over. “Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey.”

Her eyes were still locked with mine as I let go of her hand and scooted farther away from her. Chills returned to my spine as a rush of chilled air fell from the ceiling.

Placing my hands over my ears, I crumpled to the ground shaking all the while trying to block out Katie’s voice.

Get it together Emily! Focus. Focus. Focus. You have to be strong here, because you are about to go through hell.

She suddenly stopped speaking as I heard steps coming down towards the door.

The hair along my arms stood on end as I backed deeper into the darkness hoping that the creature wasn’t coming for me, even though I knew it was.

Sounds of gibberish filled my ears as it sounded like two aliens were speaking just outside the door. Screeches, mumbling and an odd laughter echoed throughout the room as the door slid open revealing the two creatures.

My eyes quickly adjusted as they stepped towards me. Their thick cocks dangling towards the floor and long arms reaching out and grabbing my arms firmly, they pulled me to my feet.

I felt one of their hands reach around and grab my ass. My hands locked into place, I had no choice but to obey. Obey. The word rang in my mind over and over.

Looking back into the room as I was walked through the doorway, I watched Katie disappear into the darkness. Is the same thing going to happen to me? Will I be impregnated by these aliens? What the hell is going on here?!

My mind frantically searched for a reason to trust these creatures. I flew through all my different options of being able to run or hide within the ship. Nothing seemed viable. I had to go along with their plans for me.

I heard the door shut with a solid thud that echoed down the long dimly lit hallway stretched out in front of me.

Looking forward, I watched as we passed room after room of women on tables. Some were awake and tied down, while some were asleep with various creatures performing experiments upon them. One thing irked me; it was always sexual.

It seemed like every alien was only interested in what was between the woman’s legs or her breasts. Long tongues slid around their pussies, anuses and even nipples. The sight was terrifying, but at the same time in an odd way, erotic.

The alien on my left turned and looked at me as we stopped beside a room. His long fingers pointed inside as his head turned and looked at the woman strapped to a table. Her mouth was frozen in place and body light blue. She was dead.

My gaze slid over her naked body down to the gaping wound in her side. Her hands still grasped the sharp object within her fingers. She killed herself.

The creature looked back at me, hoping I understood was going on.

I nodded. Obey… or die. Fuck my life.

Shock of the scene filled my body as I suddenly felt lightheaded. Wavering there for a moment, I turned towards the creatures and backed away from the room slowly.

Fear took over.

I sprinted away from the aliens in a panic. Room after room flew by as I ran as fast as I could. The screams of the women in the chambers chilled to my core. No way could I be one of them. If that’s what I was stuck with, I would rather die.

Turning around the corner at the end of the hallway I slammed into something large and hard. We both tumbled to the floor, rolling several yards before coming to a stop.

Dizzy and confused, I started to stand.

Two large hands grasped firmly onto my shoulder. Their long fingertips ran down under my loose top and twirled around my nipples softly as I sat there nearly unconscious.

My eyes locked on to the creature I had run into. His eyes returned to mine. Soft eyes.

He appears to be different from the others… I’m unsure how or why, but definitely different. It’s almost as if he cares.

His mouth opened to say something, but quickly stopped as he glanced between the two aliens behind me. Their hands were still down my shirt massaging my breasts and nipples.

Do what they like. I’m going to power through this and figure out a way to get out of here.

Standing up, I felt their hands withdraw from my shirt and once again grasp my shoulders.

“Let’s go,” the creature said in a guttural broken English accent.

So… they can speak, I thought to myself as we continued down the hallway. Eventually the two beings stopped in front of a large metallic door.

The door opened with a jarring screen as they pushed me forward into the dimly lit room. It was set up exactly as the others were.

Odd looking instruments surrounded the small silver table in the center of the room.

Here goes. Just power through Katie. It will be over before you know it. Pretend they are your ex-boyfriends having fun with you.

Walking up to the table, I glanced between the two aliens. Their faces were so tanned it was hard to make out any distinguishing features other than their long thick tongues that occasionally flitted out of their mouth.

Both creatures stood there, unmoving as I laid my back on the table and stared into the darkness above. Immediately and without hesitation, I felt a thick shaft in my hand. Glancing over, I realized it was the creature’s cock.

Is this just sex? Is that all these experiments are?

The other alien walked over to what appeared to be a large metallic machine with a display screen. Staring at the creature, I watched as his dick grew in size as well.

Much larger than any human cock, I realized I was going to have one hell of a story after this experience.

My hand moved on its own as I laid there. Stroking the shaft up and down almost methodically, I thought of past boyfriends and traveling the world. I simply couldn’t get my mind to focus on what was actually happening to me… or what was going to happen to me.

Another alien entered the room and walked over the table with folded arms. Watching the scene unfold, I could have sworn it smiled. I watched as its hand neared my body. It trembled for a moment then regained composure.

The hand ran up my leg, under my dress and slid my white panties to the side, exposing my bare nubile girl parts. Never touched by another man, and never by myself other than for cleaning, I felt something soft run from my butt up to the tip of my slit.

Grunts came from my left and right as I saw vague outlines of shadows waver around me. Hands pulled at my dress, tugging and groping. This is insane… these aliens… Oh god, I don’t know if I can do this.

I felt the hands pull my dress free from my body as I heard the seams tearing. The light coming through the windows increased in intensity as I saw the outlines form into shapes. Each alien had two long, thin, and grey arms with long fingers. Two massive male parts hung between each of their legs.

Sweat dripped down my back as I watched the aliens run their hands over my soft lotioned body. What are they doing? Why are they here? Maybe this is a lesson from God? Perhaps this is a test of some sort?

I felt the hands run between my legs, gently sliding inside my slit. Never feeling anyone touch that part of me, pleasure exploded throughout my body. Squeezing my eyes shut, the hand moved faster on my slit without penetrating me as I moaned softly on the table.

My hands and legs still bound, I watched one of the aliens put a dick right in front of my face. I’ve heard girls talk about putting male parts in their mouth… perhaps this is what this alien wants or am I too much of a floozy to know what’s going on?

I wrapped my soft lips around the cock and sucked it into my mouth. A warm tingling sensation rolled over my tongue as I stared at the alien’s chest.

The creature put both hands behind my head and shoved its cock down my throat. Struggling, I couldn’t breathe as instincts took over. Coughing and gagging on the dick, I felt it go deeper and deeper inside me. The alien grunted and let go of my head.

Quickly pulling back and gasping for air, the alien ran its hands through my hair and looked down at me.

Large medical lights clicked on above me, blinding my sight. Finally the room had enough light to where I could see the features of the aliens surrounding me as my eyes quickly adjusted. Covered in soft grey skin from head to toe, their muscular bodies rippled as their cocks stood straight out, pointing at me. Each dick was covered in thick veins and bumps.

I looked down at the alien between my legs, running his fingers up and down my slit. One of his hands was on his long shaft, stroking it as it stared at me. Yes… they are going to use me for their own pleasure. I may as well go along with this. Who knows… it could be fun.

The alien pulled my legs apart as I heard the bindings around my legs snap. Putting himself between me, I felt the tip of his cock rub against my wet pussy. I can’t lie to myself… this feels really good. At least I can still tell my future husband I’ve never been with a man before.

I looked down at the cock as it slowly started to penetrate my pussy. Pleasure exploded from the tips of my fingers down to my toes as it pushed itself inside me. Moaning softly, the alien on my right plugged my mouth with its dick.

The alien on my left slapped its shaft against my small nubile nipples as the alien between my legs held my legs apart with two hands and massaged my clit with the other two. Fingers, hands and cocks were everywhere as the massive room started to smell of sex.

I felt the bindings around my hands break free as the alien pulled the twine off of my wrists. Much better, I thought to myself as I rubbed my sore hands.

The alien pushed its cock deeper into me as I felt the other cock flit around my anus.

Groaning, the alien pulled its dick out and thrusted back inside. My body jerked forward as it did so. Pain and pleasure rippled through my pussy as my walls clenched on the cock, holding it tightly. “Take me,” I whispered as I reached up and put my hands around the beast’s head.

I felt the alien pull its cock out and shove in the second one. It pulled that cock out then shoved the first one back in. With the second cock wet, it pushed the second cock against my tight asshole. Oh god… yes… it is going to put that inside my anus. Why… fuck yes!

Grunting, the alien slowly pushed its cock into my anus with the other cock inside my pussy still. I watched as the creature’s eyes rolled back in its head.

I guess it would feel good for them. My ass certainly is tight, I thought to myself as I clenched my anus.

Squeezing at my breasts, each alien grabbed my hand to my left and right and wrapped my fingers around their cocks. I stroked at them slowly as I felt them harden within my hands.

The alien on top of me thrusted again, even harder this time. My body jerked forward on the table. Moaning to myself in pleasure, the alien went into a wild frenzy. It started frothing at the mouth and thrusted inside me over and over, fucking me without remorse or care.

Animalistic grunts and moans filled the room as the smell of sex and sweat filled my nose.

My pussy and anus tightened over and over with each thrust as I felt the pleasure within my body build up with such intense force. My body went numb for a moment as little black stars appeared in my vision. Unable to control my body any longer, pleasure exploded. Everywhere. My body shook violent force as I felt myself squirt on the cocks.

The alien didn’t stop as I felt myself cum over and over on him. Stroking the cocks to my left and right, I pulled them into my mouth one at a time, sucking on them and pleasuring them the best I possibly could.

Unable to move, my body was paralyzed in orgasm. I felt like the alien was piercing my insides with every thrust as it pumped into me over and over. “Cum for me…” I whispered, “Please fill me up… I want to feel you…”

The alien grinned wickedly showing me its long dark teeth. I felt the cock tighten within my pussy and anus as the creature thrusted deeply and held both shafts inside me. Suddenly they both started pumping me full of cum. Looking down at my pussy, I saw thick white cum squirting out as it thrusted inside me again.

I threw my head back on the table as it filled me up, “Yes! Oh god yes! Just like that!” I screamed as the cock in my mouth tightened and began shooting hot cum in my mouth. Sucking hard and pulling at the shaft, I swallowed over and over with each pump of its cock. Licking the tip, I stroked it for every last drop.

Pulling the second cock of the alien into my mouth, I felt it tighten and continue filling my mouth with the milky cum. I swallowed and looked over at the alien on my left, “I want you too,” I whispered softly as I stroked him with my other hand.

The alien pulled away from me and pushed the alien between my legs away. Taking his position he grabbed both of his cocks and slipped both into my pussy. My eyes went wide as I felt my walls expand and tighten around the two dicks.

Grunting, the alien pushed them deeper and deeper inside my dripping slit. I grasped the sides of the table as I watched the veins on its face push out and pulse. Placing my hands on the creature’s hips, I pulled it deeper inside. “Yes… oh god yes… please… more…” I whispered in a half moan.

Feeling between the legs of the alien on my right and left, I massaged their balls, twirling them in my fingers with my thumb sliding up and down on the base of their shafts.

I heard the doors of the room slowly creak open. Looking over, I saw my friend walk through the doors. Her eyes went wide as she saw me lying on the table being fucked by the three aliens.

Katie ran toward towards the table, “Get off her! Get out of here!”

The alien between my legs looked back at me, then at the Katie, and then resumed thrusting into me. My body slid up and down on the table as the alien thrusted into me as hard as it possibly could. Wilding thrashing about, the alien kept fucking me with all its might as the Katie grew closer and closer to the table.

“LEAVE THIS PLACE!” She yelled, now mere feet from me and the aliens.

The creature on my left pulled free of my hand and walked over to Katie. Growling, it took one hand and flung her halfway across the room. She hit the wall and slumped over.

Walking back over, the alien grinned at me and grabbed my hand. Wrapping my fingers around its shaft, he started stroking at his cock again with my hand. Not wanting to cause any further pain, I continued. The pleasure was simply too intense to even want to stop, much less think about stopping.

The alien on top of me thrusted deep with both cocks as I felt him fall over onto my chest, grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples tightly. Groaning, the dicks went completely straight within me. Oh shit! Right there! I immediately went into an intense orgasm as my legs wrapped around its back and held the alien deep inside my pussy.

Shaking, I came on the cocks as I felt both start pumping their hot cum inside my pussy. The alien pulled out and thrusted back in, shooting both our cum all over the table. My screams echoed off the walls of the room as I looked over and saw several aliens in some sort of white lab coats start pouring in through the doors.

Unable to stop cumming, I grabbed onto the creature’s hips and held him inside me as I rubbed my forehead on its tight muscular chest. I don’t give a flying fuck about those people anymore; this pleasure is undeniably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Jesus… the orgasms!!

The aliens stood there in complete silence and awe as they watched the three aliens fucking the living shit out of me. Blood, cum, sweat and juices were spread across their room.

Glancing over, I saw Katie start to wake up. She looked at me with shame in her eyes as I pulled the alien’s hips towards me, fucking the alien without remorse.

The creature on top of me pulled out of my pussy. Like unleashing a dam, cum poured out onto the table and dripped to the floor.

Standing there, surrounding me, the creatures watched as the floor around the table pooled with cum. Slowly they backed away and walked out of the room in silence.

An eerie silence filled the room as Katie and I locked eyes.

Two aliens with lab coats walked over and examined my pussy. Sniffing and poking at it with their fingers, they appeared to be simply confused.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered, unsure if I actually wanted an answer.

One of the aliens stood between my legs and stared directly at me. “You aren’t pregnant. Apparently our seed is not… viable with you. What a shame.”

My heart raced.

“Does that mean I can leave?” I replied quickly.

What could only be described as a smirk had crossed the creature’s face as he turned away from me.

“No. It only means we will have to take drastic measures now. You see… so few humans can bear our seed. You are one of them, but it will take… something else to impregnate you. It’s quite apparent normal seed will not work.”

My eyes widened in fear, “So what… what happens now?”

The alien walked across the room and headed towards the door, only stopping for a moment to turn around and speak. “You will be seeded by our master… although I’m unsure if your body will be able to withstand the pleasure.”

“Please! Tell me. You have to tell me. Who is this… ‘master’ of yours?”

The alien grinned and bared his black teeth, “He was bred from birth for giving women pleasure. This ensures the pregnancy will happen.”

My jaw dropped as it turned and left the room, leaving Katie and I to sit there in silence.

“Katie?” I whispered under my breath.

A quiet reply quickly returned, “Yes?”

“…I’m scared.”

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