Staying Alive Series Part 2: I’m Yours

I’m Yours

Staying Alive Series


Part Two

Yes, Master is a new erotica series with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


Copyright © 2014 JD

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Chapter One: Outlines

Chapter Two: Something New

Chapter Three: Truth Revealed

Chapter Four: I’m Yours

Chapter Five: Master



Master walked over towards me, gag in hand. I could see his outline approaching as I sat there in the middle of the room on a wooden chair.

I felt the ball enter my mouth as he tied the leather behind my head.

The room continued to darken as the sun crept beyond the horizon. Shadows melted with darkness.

My eyes glanced around the room. Carpet covered the floors. I was so used to hearing Master in the cellar, at least then I could tell where he was.

Today was different. I was in a small room in the middle of nowhere at an old hotel.

My suspicions were confirmed by the man in the uniform from earlier. Master did kill his wife, and the men were trying to find him. It seemed he didn’t want the men to find him. So I lied for my Master.

I haven’t yet found out why he killed her. My best assumption is that he wanted to be with me, and only with me.

Master’s hand ran up my leg. Goosebumps brought the hairs on the back of my neck to attention.

The gag was tight. I could feel my mouth stuck open.

His hand graced my inner thigh.

“Tonight you shall learn something new.” Master said as I heard him ruffle through his duffle bag.

My mind raced in anticipation.

Master always had something new. He wanted something to balance pleasure with pain.

I felt a new sensation.

Metallic, yet sharp.

It started upon my heel, and then ran up the back of my leg. I knew the device. He taught me the name years ago.

Wartenberg wheel.

I could feel every bump, touch and emotion the wheel carried as it went closer between my legs. At the last moment, it stopped and ran up my chest and over my shoulder.

“What do you feel?”

Master’s words broke the silence. He cut through darkness and brought light into the room. I could already feel my heart beating rapidly.

My words have always been the same up until yesterday; “Yes, Master.”

Today was different. It was almost as if he had emotion. It was almost as if he cared.

“I feel… titillated.” I said firmly.

Master never liked a quiet answer. He liked it straight. Never lie. Never speak out of turn. Never do anything unless told.

His hands slid under my shirt. I felt fingers curl around my breasts as I heard the toy drop to the floor.

“You didn’t cum for me yesterday when I told you.”

His statement brought immediate fear.

“Forgive me Master.” I said quickly.

“You will cum for me twice tonight, or you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master.”

Our lifestyle was nothing we ever spoke about. We were in this together. Both Richard and I both allowed everything to simply happen. There was never need for speaking openly. Our relationship transcended words.

I felt the ever familiar twine around my hands.

“Stand up.”

I stood.

“Lie on your stomach on the floor.”

I did so.

Master picked up my legs and tied the twine around my feet, then my hands to my feet.

Bound and unable to move, I laid there. Waiting.

I felt slight vibrations in the floor as he moved about.

The room grew dim as I heard him flick his lighter.

Master didn’t smoke, or at least I never smelled it on him.

Without warning, fire burned across my rear. No… not fire.

It was another new sensation. Water?

My body twisted with pleasure as I ached for Master to be inside my body. I wanted him more than ever at that very moment.

The burning feeling stopped.

Wax. It was wax. I was sure of it.

I felt the stinging run down my rear towards my slit. It stopped.

Another drip ran down my shoulder towards the middle of my back. It pooled in the center. I couldn’t help but moan softly.

“Hush now.”

His words calmed my adrenaline. Soon he would be within me.

“Cum for me.”

I desperately wanted to cum for him. My body was aching for his.

If I had any way of cumming for him, I would have.

“Cum for me,” he said again, this time with urgency.

I felt the tip of his finger run up my bare lips between my legs. He touched ever so lightly.

My body shook with anticipation. I needed him.

His finger went deeper as he explored inside my lips. Two fingers pressed together, he held tightly onto my clit.

“Cum for me,” he whispered into my ear.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck. Shockwaves of a tingling sensation ran down my spine.

Master’s finger went inside, curled within me and pressed right on my spot. He didn’t move as I felt his tongue press on my neck ever so lightly.

My body was ready for release. I could feel myself tensing like a tightly coiled spring.

His fingers were replaced by his hard cock.

I could immediately feel my vision fading to black as he held the tip of his dick just inside my lips. I didn’t need anything else.

“Cum for me.”

His taunts had finally grown fruit. My body shook violently with intense waves of orgasm. I came hard as my arms and legs fought the bindings.

Lightning coursed through every atom of my being. My walls clenched tightly onto nothing. He had yet to even penetrate me.

Moaning behind the gag, I couldn’t help but squirm in hopes of his hard cock sliding inside.

He gave it to me. Master gave it to me.

I felt his hands grasping my feet as he thrusted into my opening.

“Without this pain, you would never truly understand the ecstasy of pleasure.”

His words cut through my mind like a raging fire through a dry forest.

Master ran his cock deep again. My body jerked forward.

Pleasure mixed with pain as I felt his cock tense.

He pulled out and kneeled in front of me. My gag dropped to the floor.

“Yes, Master.” I said quickly as I left my mouth open for him.

It entered my mouth. I felt all of it.

He had never once allowed me to finish him in my mouth.

I moaned softly as I tasted him.

His hands curled around in my hair, holding my head deep down on his cock. He knew how I liked it.

“Are you my dirty little girl?” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head.

My mouth was full, or else I would have replied with the expected answer.

Instead I responded with my tongue curling around his hard dick and begging him to cum.

His cock tensed. It was tight. Firm.

My eyes connected with his.

Then release.

Master pumped into my mouth. I pressed my head down further.

He shot down my throat. His groans pushed me further. I wanted to take care of him as he took care of me.

“Good job.”

His words were not expected.

Despite the long day and my subpar performance, I knew I still had to cum for him one last time before I could sleep.

His eyes shifted to his bag then back to mine.

Even though I could only see his outline, I knew his face. Such an attractive man could surely have any woman he wanted, but he chose me.

“I bought a new toy for you,” he said as he walked behind me.

His statement didn’t warrant a response. I dared not speak out of turn.

My legs released and fell to the floor.

The stinging sensation from the bindings immediately ceased.

I heard my leather collar click around my neck.

With leash in hand, he walked over in front of me.

“Sit here.”

Master’s dark outline pointed to a small box on the floor.



I trusted him, so I crawled over and sat.

It penetrated me. A dildo on a box?

“Don’t move.” His words were firm. Aggressive.

I watched him sit on the bed with a small device in one hand. In the other was my leash. I was his.

The box was uncomfortable.

Uncertain what to do, I sat there as he turned a knob on the device.

I let out a little yelp as the dildo inside me began to vibrate slowly.

“How do you feel?”

His words cut through the soft rumble.

My body trembled with excitement from the new toy.

I felt my walls tense around the shaft deep inside me. It was nowhere near as thick as Master’s, but the vibration was very pleasurable.

“I like it Master,” I said as he jerked the collar towards the bed where he sat.

He released.

“Good girl.”

The intensity increased as he turned the knob.

My walls tightened in response.

I could already feel myself starting to approach an orgasm. His orgasm. He took care of me, and if there’s something… anything, he wanted, I would give it to him.

Moaning softly under my breath, I watched him stand and walk around me lightly tugging on my chain.

“Cum for me,” he whispered, “I want you to cum for me one more time.”

The bindings around my hands were tight. They were almost too tight, but at the same time, not tight enough.

Pain mixed with the pleasure, heightening my awareness.

Even though it was late and I was exhausted, my mind and body wanted to cum for him.

Shockwaves of electricity coursed through my veins as I felt myself reach the top of the mountain. Pain from my wrists and knees increased in intensity as the vibrations between my legs brought a whole new meaning to ecstasy.

“Cum for me,” Master whispered, now inches from my ear.

I shook with orgasm as I felt my walls clench tightly around the dildo deep inside me.

He turned the knob again. It was almost more than I could bare.

Another shockwave.

Every inch of my body felt alive.

“God, I lov—”

I closed my mouth midsentence as I felt my body start to come down from the sheer intensity of the orgasmic pleasure.

Master would have every right to be angry. I spoke out of turn. It wasn’t our way.

Did he understand what I was going to say?

I felt the pressure release as I sat there panting. Sweat formed lines down my face in the cool room.

He broke the silence. “Well done.”

Perhaps he didn’t want to finish my sentence, or maybe he just didn’t care.

No. He did care; it just wasn’t how we did things. Words meant nothing when actions spoke louder.

I felt the leash tug.

“I have prepared a place for you to sleep,” he said as he pointed towards the right side of the large bed in the middle of the room.

He now wanted me to sleep with him? That was a first.

Master led me to the side of the bed and took off my collar.

I watched him circle to his side and roll over away from me.

“Sleep well.” He said without emotion.

I curled into a ball as my mind drifted away into darkness.



My eyes fluttered open.

We were on the road again. He must have carried me to the car in the night.

I glanced over at Richard. One hand was firmly wrapped around the wheel, the other around a coffee mug.


I smiled – “Good morning.”

He had never offered anything like that before. Much less with anything good involved.

“We are heading to Alaska,” he said as he turned on the GPS device and set it on the dash.

I looked out the window. Alaska meant nothing to me. I didn’t know where it was, nor did I care. As long as he was with me, nothing else really mattered.

Mountains crept up in the distance with small white caps on each. Fields of white flowers spread across massive plains to my left and thick dark forests to my right.

I had never seen such things.

Richard looked over at me, “Alaska is far north. We’ll be going through those mountains ahead and staying in a lodge for the night.”

Was a reply expected?

I smiled and nodded.

“Look there,” he said as he pointed and looked to the left. Large creatures with four legs and tanned an odd brown color were running in a group across the plains.

“Those are deer. They roam these parts.”

“Interesting…” I replied, hoping it was the correct answer.

Never before had I seen a creature other than small pets the neighbors had.

Richard reached out and wrapped his hand around mine.

I looked up at him. He had a smile across his face.

For a split second, I thought he was an entirely different person. He didn’t seem like the Richard I knew.

Did I care for this new person? Was he what I wanted? Or was it the dark mysterious person that cared for me in the cellar what I wanted…

My heard jumped at the thought of Richard being someone other than what I knew. Perhaps he would be a different person during the light of day, and… Master once the sun set.

“Master?” I said as I looked down at the hand wrapped around mine.

His reply was swift, almost cold, “Joanne – not here. I am Richard.”

I could feel my face giving away emotion. Fighting to hold it back, I turned away and looked back out the window.

Perhaps he wanted me to be different during the day as well.

Could I be this person he wanted me to be? If he could change, I could as well.

“Richard – why are we going to Alaska?”

His face seemed lost in thought as he stared blankly forward into the horizon.

Finally he replied, “I have some old friends up there.”

He wasn’t lying. I was a master of lying and I knew his face showed no signs. Not even a hint.

Since he was in the mood for answering questions, and allowing it, I decided to push it even further.

“Why did you kill your wife?” I said, half under my breath.

I quickly looked out the window.

Silence ensued for what seemed like ages.

Finally he spoke. “She found out you were still living with us. When I took you to the cellar when you turned 19, I had to keep you a secret.”

Richards face looked strained as he continued, “I told her that I sent you to live at a homeless shelter, but obviously I didn’t…”

His hand squeezed tighter. “I kept you to myself. I wanted you to be near me, and when she found out, she got angry and wanted you gone. I lost control.”

I glanced at him then looked back out the window.

My stomach felt like I ate rocks. He killed for me. That was how much he loved me. That is why we are running. That is why his entire life is changed.

He did it all for me.

I squeezed his hand back. Perhaps he would be Master at night and I would be his equal during the day…

The mountains grew closer and closer as we flew along the road in silence. Not a word was said, not a tune played, only emotions given and read.



We pulled up to the lodge.

Richard opened the door and walked inside while I waited.

The building was small, much smaller than the hotel. Made of massive brown logs and topped with a thick white layer of snow, I knew it would be cold outside.


I had never seen nor touched it until now.

Richard told me I would experience new things, and he was right.

Everything I saw, felt, tasted and heard was new.

Odd sounds from animals in the distance played music for my ears as white diamonds fell from the sky. Everything was simply magical.

I stepped out of the car and held out my hand to catch one of the small shimmery snowflakes. Upon touching my hand, it was gone.

“Alright, come on inside,” Richard beckoned as he walked behind the car and heaved the large duffle bag over his shoulder.

The sight of the bag brought a smile to my face.

I reached down and picked up some of the snow in my hand. It was cold, yet… oddly entertaining.

Following Richard, I caught a glimpse of a man and woman staring at me from their car.

I dropped the snow and walked inside.


Our room was lavish. Adorned with weapons and heads of animals on the walls, I was quite taken back. It was nice, but a bit disturbing.

The deck out the back of the lodge was covered in a thick layer of snow, besides the large pool of water.

“Richard, what’s that?” I said as I pointed outside at the water.

He turned and smiled at me. “Instead of telling you, why don’t I show you?”

I nodded.

“Alright then. Take off your clothes.”

“Yes, Master.” I took off my clothes without hesitation. If he needed me, I was here and ready for him. My body was his to command.

He pulled his shirt, pants and boxers off.

I stood there awkwardly, waiting for him.

“Let’s go.”

He opened the sliding door and slipped inside the Jacuzzi.

Steam wafted from the top of the water and faded in the sky.

“Well? Are you coming?” He said as he looked over at me standing inside.

I nodded, walked up then stepped inside.

The water was hot. Very hot.

I felt his hand slide over my thigh as I sank into the water next to him.

He turned and smiled, “Watch this.”

The water rumbled for a moment, then turned into a bubbling bath. Jets of heat pressed against my back, massaging my sore muscles from the long day of driving.

“What do you think? Do you like it?”

Richard’s tone was growing more and more pleasant by the day. He was no longer the man that was so angry. Perhaps it was his wife that made him that way… perhaps.

“It’s nice. I like it.” I stuttered as my senses were overwhelmed.

His hand crept between my legs, curling around my inner thigh.

I felt his other hand wrap around my head and pull mine towards his.

“No. Not like this…” I whispered as the steam rose around us.

It felt… wrong. I didn’t like it.

Richard had a concerned look on his face.

He stepped out of the water and went inside.

“Close your eyes,” I heard him call from the other room.

I replied. “Yes, Master.”

Leather ran around my neck, pulled tight then jerked. “When I tell you to do something. You do it. Alright?”

His voice was firm, cold and intense. He was Master.



The water jets brushed around me, pulling me into the Jacuzzi. There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to be with Master. He was my everything, and now, he was back.

I looked over at him.

He was standing there in the snow, dripping wet with steam rising off his skin. Lean and muscular, tall, dark and handsome, there was nothing more I wanted. Nothing.

“Close your eyes. Now.”

“Yes, Master.”

I did so, completely forgetting his previous command.

“Turn around and face me. Spread your legs on the water jet.”

My body shifted, twirling around to do as he said.

I spread my legs only to be greeted by a rush of water aimed directly between my thighs.

Master stared at me. “Good. Don’t you dare move.”

“Yes, Master.”

The warmth filled my opening, spreading within me. Steam curled in the air as he walked over and stood by the side of the Jacuzzi.

He pulled something from behind his back. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Master put it inside my mouth and tied it in the back. My mouth was stuck open, with a hole in the center.

His cock flicked upwards as he stood in front of me.

Suddenly I knew exactly what the toy was for.

He laid the tip on my tongue just inside my mouth.

My walls constricted around nothing but water as I felt new sensations rise within me. The feeling was like no other.

Hair on my arms stood on end as my body jerked involuntarily.

“Good girl,” Master said as he wrapped my hair in his hand. Slowly he pressed my head down on his cock. Deeper and deeper he went down my throat.

My neck convulsed as I choked. Little black stars swam in my vision as I shifted my hips slightly. The stream of water was hitting directly on my clit.

I buckled forward in ecstasy as I immediately went into an orgasmic state of pleasure.

He released my hair.

Gasping loudly in the cold air, I fought for breath as I came.

My body felt splintered with electricity as I moaned loudly into the night air. I felt like I was falling down a deep dark hole as my vision faded.

The collar jerked. My mind snapped back into reality as my legs shook violently. The spring released.

I screamed out as his hand tightened on my hair, pulling and tugging roughly, thrusting his cock inside my mouth.

My tongue curled around his tip with each thrust. I wrapped my fingers around him and stroked with all my might.

Our eyes locked as I felt his dick tense.

Both of his hands went on the back of my head as he groaned and began shooting inside my mouth.

I couldn’t even shut my mouth and suck him like I wanted to. My lips wouldn’t curl over the circular opening in the gag.

“Taste me…” he whispered as he kept pumping his load on my tongue.

Swallowing eagerly to please Master, I watched him smile.

He smiled.

During our time.

He was Richard, not Master.

I tried to say it, but I couldn’t. “Masaa…”

My words came out in a gurgle.

I grabbed the back of his leg and squeezed tightly.

He looked down at me with a confused look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? Here – let me take this off you.”

Richard took off the gag.

I reached up and moved my jaw as I stood up in the Jacuzzi staring at him right in the eye.

My words were swift and cold. “You are changing. I hate it. You smile, laugh, and for some reason I feel like this is all a big joke to you.”

His eyes narrowed as his dark presence returned. “This isn’t a fucking joke to me.”

I waved my hands in the air, “But it is! You think it’s funny, but it’s not. It’s been my life for as long as I can remember, and now… you killed your damn wife, hauled me off into the middle of god knows where so you can what? Laugh and smile and try to be all cute with me?”

Richard scowled as he stood there, completely naked in the snow.

I continued. “This isn’t a fucking joke. This is my damn life. And you know what? Now that we are actually talking about it, I do enjoy being your pet. I enjoy you being my everything. You provide for me, and so I provide back to you. Your every wish is my command… until you think it’s a fucking joke.”

Richard turned and looked off into the distance.

I hadn’t even noticed the view until he looked away. It was stunning. Trees and snow capped mountains for as far as I could see. Despite Richard’s change in personality, I couldn’t say I would prefer to be back in the cellar.

He looked back at me. “I’m sorry… truly I am. I just… I enjoy seeing you happy, and every time I remember your face, it makes me smile.”

His eyes locked with mine. “I do love you Joanne. I really do.”

“Even though it’s always been unspoken, I do as well.”

Richard leaned in towards me, now inches from my face. “I will do better as long as you promise me one thing.”

I nodded. “And what’s that?”

His voice grew warm yet again, “To be happy. I want you to be filled with joy as we travel and experience new things together. I want you to have a fulfilled life. In that cellar – you couldn’t.”

“Only if you hold up your end of the deal,” I said as I placed my hand on his.

Richard’s scowl returned. “Tonight I am your master. You will do as I command, and you will obey.”

His hand jerked away from mine as I replied. “Yes, Master.”

If this is the way we must do things then let it be so. He is my master and I am his pet until light brings a new day.

Richard turned away and walked inside. He returned moments later with cuffs in one hand, and beads in the other.

His words were deadly serious. “Close your eyes.”

I dared not disobey.

“Yes, Master.”

Cuffs were snapped on my wrists and locked tight behind my back.

“Bend over.”

My words came without hesitation. “Yes, Master.”

I felt the warm sensation of penetration within my anus as the smallest bead pressed itself inside. As each bead popped in deeper, I could feel the pressure increase.

Cold winter air blew over my breasts as I felt him grab my hips tightly.

His cock slapped against my wet slit as I bent over the side of the Jacuzzi.

Warm water still circulated around my clit as I felt beads of sweat drip down my face.

Master’s dick slapped against my slit again.

I moaned out in pleasure as he ran his cock up and down between my lips.

His hands ran along my sides and wrapped around my breasts. Fingers twirled around my already-hard nipples. Pain from the sudden change in temperature shot through my body as he lifted my pussy out of the water.

Cold air blew across the water and along my slit. The pain intensified as I gritted my teeth.

“Do you enjoy this?” Master said as he leaned in towards my face.

“Yes, Master.” I said firmly. It was the only reply.

My eyes still closed, I felt the tip of his cock start to make its way inside.

Pain still coursed through my body as the freezing winds blew across the Jacuzzi and between my legs.

Surely he was feeling the same pain.

His fingers dug into my hips as he thrusted inside. I could feel his cock bump against each bead within me due to the thin membrane between my anus and pussy.

Master spoke with authority. “Do not speak. Do not cry out. Simply take me.”

I felt him slide deeper.

Fighting back the urge to scream out in pleasure, I bit my lip.

He pulled out and thrusted deep.

My body flew forward against the side.

Pain shot up through my chest as my breasts slapped the Jacuzzi.

Deeper he went with each movement of his hips. Pleasure seeped through my walls and spread through my body as he pounded against me.

I could feel every inch of his thick shaft.

He stopped with his cock deep inside. Slowly he pulled out the beads from my anus. I could feel his dick tense within me.

My mouth opened to moan, but I quickly bit down on my lip.

The last bead withdrew. My body relaxed in response.

Without warning, I felt the sting of a fire across my rear followed by a loud spank. Again he ran his hand across my rear. Again, and again.

I bit down harder on my lip, fighting back the intense flare of pain.

His tip pulled from my pussy and slid up towards my anus.

“Don’t move.” Master said as he started to press himself inside.

I dared not move nor breathe.

Ever so slowly he went, deeper and deeper into his territory.

Groans of pleasure filled the air around me as he began thrusting into my rear.

His hand wrapped around my hair. “Don’t speak.”

“Yes, Master.” I said with determination.

Slamming my ass against his cock, I felt his sac slap against my pussy.

He bent over grabbing my flailing tits, and began pumping into me vigorously.

My walls tightened around his dick as he stroked my walls with the tip.

“Oh god yes,” he moaned as I felt him stop.

His cock tensed and began pumping within me.

The sensation was new, painful and yet… welcomed. I wanted him to be happy in every way possible.

He pulled himself out and without hesitation ran his tongue up my slit. His tongue slid inside my opening and twisted around.

His words came muffled, “You may speak now.”

“Yes, Master.”

I filled the night air with moans as his finger slid into my pussy and began thrusting.

My walls tightened again as I felt myself reaching the pent up, earth shattering, one hell of an orgasm bodily state.

I came – hard.

“Open your eyes,” he said after his tongue reached the end of its pass on my clit.

“Yes, Master.”

Looking back at him, I only saw the top of his head buried deep between my legs.

My body shook violently as I came for Master. Every atom and part of my body released at once.

His hands and tongue never ceased moving.

I rolled directly into another orgasm.

Wavering dizzily in the Jacuzzi I felt another cold breeze rush over my skin alerting and jolting my adrenaline back into gear.

“Yes… cum for me,” he whispered.

All at once, time seemed to slow around me. Memories of him aggressively taking control in the cellar, the time he first fucked me, and most recently, the time he came inside my pussy… it all came back at once.

I cried out as I felt every muscle in my body completely relax.

Breathing heavily, I slumped into the water completely drained of every emotion.

Master sat down on the other side of the Jacuzzi.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

I looked over at him… and smiled.

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