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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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“Surprising, hot and definitely erotic. I loved it!”


Over two hundred women have disappeared within NYC. With the holidays approaching, law enforcement decides to hold off on the search for a few days.


Aimee, head of New York City crime scene investigation, decides to take matters into her own hands… until they are bound.


Being dominated in a dark cavern wasn’t in her job description, but perhaps Aimee will allow it, just this once.


Will Aimee follow the other women’s decisions and decide to stay with the men? Why are the women being taken, and why have they chosen not to return?




I watched as two tall men in hoodies stepped out of their car with a handcuffed woman. Tracking their every movement, they crossed the street and stepped into a decaying building. Shit. It’s either now or never. God I wish it wasn’t the holidays or I would call for backup.

Stepping out of my car, the cold winter air hit me like a ton of bricks. Pulling up my parka around my neck, I jogged to the door and slowly opened it. Peeking inside, it was dark… and quiet.

I opened the door and walked in. Why are they taking all these women? Nearly two hundred have disappeared over the past couple months. None have returned. Tonight I’ll find out why, even if it means going into this place alone.

The room was small and dark. Without the subtle light floating in through the broken window, I wouldn’t have noticed the hatch in the floor.

I bent down and brushed the handle off. Pulling the heavy wooden door upwards, I heard a soft creak in the hinges. Shit. I need to keep this quiet as I possibly can.

My mind wandered, thinking about the previous day’s events as I stared into the darkness within the hatch.


Walking into the questioning room, I saw a woman. I glanced down at my notes, her name was Jamie.

Damn, whatever happened to this woman must have been intense. Her wrists appear to have been bound by something, maybe rope or handcuffs.

I leaned up against the table in the middle of the room and pushed a glass of water towards her, “Tell me. What happened?”

Her eyes met mine and suddenly I thought knew everything. She was used against her will. “Were you raped?”

She nodded.

My instincts picked up the small bead of sweat forming near her brow and the trembling fingertips. I immediately knew she was lying.

“Who did this to you?”

The woman looked down at the table and spoke softly, “The men inside the building at the docks.”

I slammed my fist down on the table, “I know you are lying, you need to tell me the truth right now or I’m going to make your life very difficult!”

Her eyes went wide with fear as she stared off into the distance. I noted her fear wasn’t of me. It was of someone… or something else.

“I can’t say anything more, they will find me.”

I looked down at my notes then replied, “We will make your life more difficult if you don’t say anything. There are women being taken and we need to know why.”

She glanced at me, “Go there and see for yourself. Women are being used for pleasure.”

A slave ring perhaps? It makes sense I suppose.


Snapping back into reality, I moved silently over to the door and peeked outside. Cold winds were bringing in a storm as I remembered the weather report from earlier today. It certainly wasn’t a night to be out in the cold. Given the fact it was Christmas Eve, I knew most of my team was away on vacation or with their families. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t take vacations.

To go get help… or figure this out on my own. Fuck it. Someone has to step up and deal with this. It might as well be me.

I clicked the safety off of my Glock 9mm and grasped it firmly as I slowly opened the hatch as quietly as I could.

Looking down into the darkness, I turned around and stepped down, keeping the gun at ready. The walls echoed murmurs of intense discussion from men and light whispers from women.

I slipped into the darkness and closed the hatch as quietly as I could. Good. No sound. I’ll be able to get some good evidence tonight, maybe snap some pictures then get out of her. Soon as I confirm this is where the women are being taken, I’ll be out of here.

My face was tight with concentration as I hit the bottom of the stairs. I put my foot on the ground quietly and stepped forward into the darkness, keeping my hands out in front of me.

Everything suddenly went dead silent as I heard a faint echo of a man saying, “Shh… you hear that?”

I stopped my movement immediately and backed up into a wall. Shit.

The murmurs continued as I stood there, breathing as quietly as I could. It felt like my damn heart was about to burst out of my chest as my eyes started to adjust to the darkness and I took in my surroundings.

It was a well. A very old and deep well. Looking up, I saw the faint outline of the hatch above me, far in the distance.

I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight. It clicked off immediately. Well fuck. There goes any pictures and audio I could have taken. I knew I should have brought more supplies.

Creeping through the tunnel I came across a bend, with light just around the corner. It was flickering, just the way a candle would.

Peaking around, I saw two men sitting on chairs next to a table. A few dice, some coins and a couple stacks of singles. Must be gamblers.

Their faces were dirty and covered with hair. They appeared to be as if they hadn’t shaved in weeks, perhaps even months. Being a sexual woman, I immediately noted in my head how attractive they were. The one on a right… a two. The left one, maybe a three, if he cleaned up.

I shook it off and kept my giggles for later. Focusing on the task at hand, I walked past them and continued down the tunnel.

The room ahead was massive and well lit as I approached the end of the corridor. Peeking inside, I saw cages lining the walls. Each was filled with women. Damn, I hit the fucking jackpot. There’s at least 200 women here, this accounts for more than likely… all of women taken over the past few months.

I slowly made my way into the room, creeping along the wall while watching for guards. A few men appeared to be talking with the women, but they weren’t armed, at least they didn’t appear to be armed.

The men walking throughout the cavern looked human and fairly normal, besides the fact they were in desperate need of a shower as their faces and clothes were covered in dust and dirt.

Screams pierced through the air as my eyes caught a woman being ravaged on a table by a man holding her wrists down. Her panties were lying on floor next to her bra with the man grabbing her breast with one hand and her hip in his other. His cock was thrusting into her slit, back and forth as she wailed in what sounded like pain.

Jesus. These men are simply using these women for pleasure? Is this some kind of sex ring?

I held my gun tighter as I counted the men in the room. There were four. I can easily take all four of those guys, that won’t be a problem.

Walking forward down the center of the room, I noticed two of the men approaching me with a smirk on their faces. The man on the left spoke up, “Hail, who goes there?”

I replied firmly, “Aimee, CSI New York Division. Stop what you are doing.”

The man started laughing, which ended up with him coughing heavily. With a grin on his face, the guy walked up to me, mere feet away at this point, “I’m going to assume you are here to take us to ‘jail,’ right?”

Holding my gun steady and pointing at his face, I replied, “Damn straight.”

The man on the other side of the room kept pounding the woman. Her screams echoed throughout the cavern and mixed with the murmurs of the women in the cages before reaching my ears.

“Well, we aren’t going anywhere,” he said without hesitation. Turning to walk away, my hand trembled and fired into his back.

The sound of the gun echoed off the walls, reverberating back and forth as everything suddenly went quiet.

I watched as the other man in front of me stepped up, “You just made a big mistake.”

The man I just shot slowly stood up and brushed himself off before turning around and staring at me. He walked over and grabbed my weapon as I was sure I hit him square in the back. Unable to move and paralyzed with fear, I watched as he threw my gun on the floor.

“Come with me. I’ll show you exactly what is going on here. My name is Jackson by the way.”

My face scrunched up in disbelief as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the cages. “These women are here of their own will. Here, ask them for yourself.”

I stared into the cage with the women, “Do you want to be free?”

Each of the women inside appeared to be dressed somewhat nicely as they looked up at me, “No, we are happy here. These men are fair.”

Looking back at the men and wondering what was going on, I replied, “Show me more.”

Jackson held my hand tightly and pulled me further into the cave, leaving the other man behind. We walked up to the man fucking the woman. He had her head pulled back as her body was bent over the table and he was thrusting inside deeply, over and over.

Moans of orgasm swept into my ears as I watched her squirt all over his hard cock while he grunted and thrusted inside her. Cum poured out of her wet slit with each pump of his cock. Bending over her and grabbing her breasts, I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“What… why… I don’t understand,” I whispered under my breath as the man pulled out, his cock covered in both of their cum.

The man looked at me with a laugh, “You’ll see.”

What does he mean, ‘I’ll see?’

Jackson pulled me towards a corridor that was flickering with light from candles on each of the walls. “Do you want to see why these women never want to leave?”

I nodded, “Show me.”

He turned and looked at me directly in my eyes, “Once you have seen what I am about to show you… you will have the choice to leave or stay here with us, forever.”

A chill ran up my spine as he finished his speech. Forever? What the fuck is he talking about.

“Yes. Show me. None of this makes any sense what-so-ever.”

Jackson nodded and pushed open the door in front of him. Inside was a dimly lit room, with large sculptures of beasts along the walls. Massive paintings adorned the room, some hung, some lying on the floor, completely decayed. In the center was a bed, covered in red satin sheets with black pillows set at the front.

I turned and looked at him, “What’s this supposed to mean to me? You said you were going to show me something that would make everything clear.”

Jackson walked into the room and pointed at the bed. “Sit.”

I walked over to the bed and sat, exactly where he told me.

This is the weirdest thing I have ever come across in my entire career. It doesn’t look like any women were hurt, yet they didn’t want to leave. I must go through with whatever he is about to show me, then I’ll have the evidence to put these men behind bars.

Jackson looked at me with a grin, “Now you shall see what I am talking about.”

He moved towards me with lighting speed. Within a single second, I felt his hand around my throat and my other hand pressed backwards on the bed. He attached something around my wrist. I heard a click.

My other hand was pulled behind my back. Another click.

I was bound by what felt like handcuffs.

“What are you doing!?” I yelled at Jackson as he pulled my upright. I was now standing by the side of the bed as I watched him attach my cuffed hands to a chain in the ceiling.

Unable to move, he stood there and walked around my body. “You said you wanted to see why the women never want to leave…”

His hand ran over my stomach as I felt him lick up the side of my neck, gliding his tongue around my ear then back down to my chest. I looked down and watched him unbutton my shirt, sliding his hand over my red frilled bra.

With a smile, he ripped my shirt at the seams and pulled it off. Unclasping my bra with one hand, I felt it slide down and expose my breasts to him.

“Wondering what happens next huh?” he whispered, his face mere inches from mine.

Wiggling with my hands proved to be completely pointless as the cuffs held my hands tightly in place. “You are going to violate me? This proves nothing other than the fact you are holding these women against their will. I don’t see your point.”

Jackson replied, “I’m not done yet. Just you wait.”

I nodded.

His hand slid down my pants as his other unbuttoned the top. Gliding over my panties, I felt my pussy clench tightly in response.

“How do you feel right now?” he said softly as he turned my body as I hung there.

“Fine,” I said bluntly, still wondering where all this was going.

He walked over to the side of the bed and pulled out a long piece of fabric. Wrapping it around my head, I was suddenly unable to see.




Looking at the woman whom was now blindfolded, I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew what was going to happen next. Her body dangled from the ceiling as I stared at her amazing skin, full breasts and tight abs.

I walked over to the table next to the wall. There was just about any sort of toy the mind could imagine, and most of them I had no clue how to use or what they were for, but I knew they were here for our enjoyment. I picked up a ball gag. I walked back over to the woman just as the door opened.

In walked Jessie, one of the other women who was kept in the cavern. Black leather clung tightly to her skin as she stood there in the doorway. I knew exactly what she was here for. She walked over to me with a smile and whispered in my ear, “Mind if I join in?”

Nodding to Jessie, I walked over to Aimee and slipped the ball into her mouth, and then put the strap over the back of her head, tightening it. “Too tight?” I asked. She shook her head. I twirled her around lightly with my hand, slapping her ass hard as she spun slowly. A muffled groan came from beneath the gag.

Jessie walked up next to me and stopped her from spinning completely as she put her face close to Aimee’s and licked up her chest from the top of her breast to her ear. She bit on her ear as she whispered something. Jessie stepped back and slapped her across the face, “Like me now bitch?!”

I could tell Jessie was restraining herself when she slapped Aimee. I’m confident she didn’t want to hurt her. This was all new to her too, so restraining herself and going slow was probably the best idea. I should probably do the same. I know we’ve been wanting to do this for a why, so why not do it together on someone new?

I put my hand on Aimee’s breast and spun her in front of me so her back was exposed. My cock hardened as I looked down at her body; god she was sexy. I noticed her black panties, also laced with red. As I bent down and looked at them; they were see-through. Now that’s hot. I pulled her panty away from her skin, and then snapped her with it, walking around her running my hand along her waist.

Aimee mumbled something.

“What was that?” I said, spanking her ass with my hand. Jessie got on her knees in front of Aimee, grabbing her panties and pulling them down roughly, exposing her pussy. Jessie spread her lips open and licked between them.

I stood back and watched. God damn. I like where this is going. If this is good for Aimee, she will never want to leave, then I can have my way with her whenever I want.

Jessie grabbed Aimee’s ass and pulled her pussy into her face as she licked her up and down. I heard deep moans escaping her gag as Jessie licked. Jessie slipped a finger inside her and started fucking her slowly as Aimee’s body shuddered in pleasure.

Walking up behind Aimee, I slipped my hands around her waist and kissed on her neck, stopping just below her ear. I bit down then sucked hard. I felt her body shudder within my arms as I noticed the hairs on her arms stood on end. She must be enjoying this, I thought to myself as I felt her nipples in my fingers, rolling them back and forth until they were hard.

Jessie pulled her face from her pussy and looked up at me, “You should show her who is boss, its your turn.”

I walked over to Jessie as she turned on her heels towards me. I watched as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Slowly stroking it, she slipped it into her mouth. “Fuck,” I said as I grabbed her head with one hand, and slipped my fingers into Aimee’s pussy. I felt myself harden within her mouth.

“Go use that on Aimee,” Jessie said as she pushed me towards her. I grinned to myself as I turned towards Aimee.

I grabbed her hips and pushed my head into her pussy, my shaft followed as I felt her juices, wet as ever, surrounding me. I felt Jessie smack me on the ass, and then heard her giggle as she walked around behind Aimee.

Jessie got down on her knees and started playing with Aimee. I assumed she was playing with her ass.

I grabbed Aimee’s ass tightly, spreading it for Jessie as I fucked Aimee. Her walls tightened around my cock as I slipped in and out of her. Her moans became deeper and deeper as I continued to push myself into her. “Fucking take it bitch,” I said as I wrapped my hand around the back of her head and unclasped the gag. The gag fell to the floor. “Oh god yes, fuck yes, fuck me good, I’m your dirty little slut,” she said as I fucked her hard, ramming my cock deep into her pussy.

The leader of our group walked in the room and watched. “Having fun guys?”

“We are. Want to join in?” I replied as I continued to fuck his wife right in front of him.

“Nah I’m going to head out, you guys take care of her.”

“Sounds good,” I said as I thrusted into her hard, pulling her hips against mine.

Jessie got up without word and walked over to the table next to the wall; she grabbed a strap on and slipped it around her waist.

She walked up to Aimee and pushed me to the side. “My turn,” she said as she thrusted the dildo into Aimee’s pussy.

“Who is that?!” Aimee exclaimed as Jessie pushed herself in and out of her. “Oh god, who… who… oh yes, god, fuck me harder!”

Jessie pushed the dildo in deep, and pulled it out then back in again. I walked up behind Jessie and reached behind her, grabbing her firm tits in my hand.

I heard Aimee start to moan deeper and deeper. She had specific moans I could tell. This must be her cumming moan. It turned me on as I felt my cock harden against Jessie’s ass.

Jessie pulled up her short skirt with one hand, inviting my cock to come play. I grabbed Jessie’s ass as I stroked my shaft with my other hand. I slipped my fingers up inside Jessie, whom was already dripping wet, then grabbed my shaft again, using her juices as lube for my cock as I stroked myself hard.

I slipped my cock inside her, feeling the walls surround me as I moved in motion with her as she fucked Aimee. I reached around and pushed up her shirt over her tits then pulled her bra down as I grabbed her breasts.

With every movement back and forth I felt her walls squeeze against my hard cock deep within her. Her ass was massaging me, wanting… needing me to cum inside her. I let go of her breasts, grabbed her ass cheeks and fucked her hard as I could. I pushed my body to its limit as I felt her body tremble with pleasure and excitement. “Having fun?” I whispered in her ear as drove my shaft deep.

“God yes,” she replied as I railed her ass with my cock, her body moving violently forward as with every thrust.

“Jessie, move to the side for a sec,” I said as I felt myself building up to blow my load. I quickly pulled out and started shooting my hot white cum all over Aimee’s pussy. I slipped it inside and continued to cum as I slowly pulled in and out of her. God she felt amazing. I pumped myself into her, filling her up as Jessie stood by and ran her hand down my back.

Jessie whispered, “Fill her up. Do it. Blow every last drop inside her.”

My body expelled all its energy as it came, and every last little bit of went all over Aimee’s pussy, inside and out. I felt myself connect with both Jessie and Aimee at that moment. I’ve never felt this close to two people at the exact same time. The room seemed to just melt away as I unclasped Aimee’s hands from the handcuffs. She took off the blindfold and looked at Jessie, whom was standing there with the dildo still on.




With a grin on his face he stated, “You see… women want pleasure. We give it to them and they stay for our experiments.”

My mind jolted into reality. Experiments? What the hell is he talking about.

I played off of my orgasm to keep still thinking I wasn’t coherent. “Experiments? Huh?”

His eyes widened as he smiled, “Yes… we want to create the perfect weapon.”

I laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I continued to shake, faking a continuous orgasm.

“We constantly scan each woman within this facility as they stay here. During sex, their brain releases a chemical that enhances stamina and keeps them awake. Men don’t have this chemical and this is why they sleep after sex.”

I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles as I listened intently.

“We take remove this chemical through a woman’s sweat on whatever orifice they are fucked on. No harm ever comes to the women.”

His cock started to slide in and out of my pussy slowly. I felt my walls clench tightly around the shaft as pleasure rippled through my body.

“With this chemical, we can create perfect bio-enhanced demons for our legions of darkness.”

I had to speak up, “You are a demon?”

He nodded, “I am.”

“How did you get here?”

The demon grasped onto my hips tighter and shoved himself deep inside. His cock straightened between my tight walls.

He replied, “Through a ritual of summoning of course.”

That’s bullshit. But I guess it’s possible. Up until a few hours ago, I would have laughed if someone said there were demons in NYC.

I reached down and grabbed the shaft, squeezing it tightly between my fingers, “What do you plan to do with the armies?”

His grin turned into a scowl as he stared at me, “That… is none of your business.”

The demon put his hand back down on my neck and squeezed, “You best take note of the situation. You are stuck here, so get used to it.”

With a smile on my face, I nodded.

I’ll go along with this. I haven’t had a good fucking in a while, but I have got to figure out what to do about this place. My agency will wonder what is going on if I don’t show up to work tomorrow. Shit. I didn’t tell them where I was going and they can’t track a dead phone…

The demon’s cock started sliding in and out of my pussy once again. I looked at him and stared him straight in the eye, “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked another woman.”

I saw a trickle of sweat form on the demon’s forehead as it made its way past its mouth. His forked tongue slithered out and licked it. “I want to taste yours…”

The shaft went full force into my hips, sliding my body forward on the bed a good foot. Pain spiked through my body as the demon grunted in pleasure, pushing his body to the limit. His subtle thrusts went into full body thrusts, pumping into me without remorse.

I held his hips against mine as he kept his cock deep, moving faster than any mortal man could have done. “Oh fuck…” I whispered as I felt myself start to reach another orgasm, “slow down! God! You are going too fast!”

My body shook with pleasure as the shaft ravaged my pussy, sending wild jolts of pain and pleasure spiking through my insides. Mixing together in near perfect harmony, I grabbed the sheets and came harder than I had ever came before.

Electric sparks flew through my body, exploding into fireworks deep inside my soul. The demon’s cock tensed inside as my walls held onto it tightly. I felt the warm semen shoot inside, pumping over and over into my inner being.

Looking down at the shaft, I watched him slide in and out slowly. His cock, still pumping, pushed our mixed cum out of my hole. The liquid drizzled down my slit and into my anus then pooled on the bed as he enjoyed himself.

Jesus… these demons sure know how to fuck a woman right. This has got to be the reason the women stay. I wonder if the demons have told all of the other women their true purpose for being here?

The demon smirked as he pulled his cock out and stood at the edge of the bed. I looked up at the towering creature as he breathed in and out, his perfect body slick with sweat.

With a smile, I rolled over on the bed and closed my eyes. His arms wrapped around me as I heard the door open. Glancing at the entrance, I saw one of the men enter the room with what appeared to be some sort of small electronic device.

“What are you doing?” I asked calmly, not wanting to raise alarm.

He glanced at me, and then ran the device over the bed, then onto the covers, right where we had sex. Quickly and quietly, he picked looked at the device for a moment then scurried out of the room.

I heard soft snores emanating from Jackson as his arm relaxed over my side. He must be asleep. This is the perfect time to get out of here.

Sliding out of bed as quietly as I could, I put my feet on the floor and picked up my clothes. Walking out of the room I glanced back at the demon. His muscular red back was facing me as it slowly rose and fell with each breath. “I’ll be back,” I whispered.

I closed the door behind me as I held my breath in anticipation. Walking out of the corridor, I saw two of the men fucking another woman. One cock in her mouth, the other in her pussy. Jesus. Sex just doesn’t stop around here. I guess if Jackson is telling the truth, then they would have to keep having sex for the erotic sweat.

Quickly moving across the floor, I made my way to the escape hatch. The two men sitting outside were still sleeping in their chairs. I crept past them easily.

I glanced back towards the cavern, and then climbed up the ladder towards the soft light above me. That was one hell of a discovery. I bet I’ll get a promotion for this.

Opening the hatch and climbing outside, I looked around the room. Everything was the same. I reached down for my cell phone and suddenly realized it wasn’t there. Shit. Fuck. Shit.

I glanced down to the hatch then at the door to the outside. Fuck it. I’ll be back.

Cold air blew the door open in front of me as I raised my hand against the wind and headed outside…

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