Ravaged by the Demons

Ravaged by the Demons



Jessie Dame


NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by the Demons is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jessie Dame

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Thrown against the wall by the massive demonic creature standing before her, Anna finds her wildest dreams were coming true. She could finally summon.


What happens when the demon decides to use Anna for his own pleasure? Being such a small girl, she can only put up so much of a fight…


Ravaged by the Demons



The demonic creature stood before me, tall and muscular. Long horns jutted from its forehead giving the sight of the beast a sense of power and dominance.

I couldn’t help but tremble as I backed against the wall, my hands feeling for the doorknob. Hair on my arms stood on end as I watched the creature step towards me, its thick shaft dangling between its legs.

Summoning the creature was meant to be a test, not a final note to my short yet amazing life. Now I was doomed. There was no way I could get out of this situation alive…

The demon stepped directly in front of me, standing on its powerful hind legs and pressed its long snout towards my face. Snorting loudly, the smell of brimstone and fire filled the air around me.

“Why have you summoned me?” the demon said with a thick demonic accent.

My lips trembled as my body crumpled to the floor. I was unable to stand, much less speak in the sheer vicinity of the beast.

Glancing around the room, I knew there was nowhere to go. My bed… computer… and the door behind me. That was it. I was done.

“Answer me human!” The beast roared loudly, sending fear down my spine.

Adrenaline surged through my body as I felt my hands grasp the floor and push myself into an upright position.

The beast wavered and stepped back. My eyes managed to capture a brief image of the long shaft between his legs again. His dick appeared be similar to any other ordinary human’s cock, except for the thick red pulsing veins running down the sides and the large testicles dangling below.

“Please… Don’t hurt me,” I managed to whisper. My eyes never left the cock. How crazy would it be to ask the creature to fuck me, I thought to myself as I unconsciously reached out to touch the dick.

With a grin, the creature bulked back his head and roared with laughter. “Don’t tell me you summoned me only for sex!”

A smile crept across my face, hoping the demon couldn’t sense my fear. With a nod, I whispered, “What would you do if I said yes?”

The demon leaned in, his eyes flaring red, “Then I would fuck the living shit out of you. That’s what.”

My mouth responded before my mind could even think about what I was saying, “Yes.”

Immediately I regretted the words. Oh fuck. What have I done. I summoned this creature from hell only to tell the beast I wished for sex. I am a damned witch, not a sex deviant. What the fuck was I thinking!?

He stared at me, his eyes darkening into a pitch black.

“Again I ask you; what is it your heart desires?”

Unable to control my breathing, I watched as stars swam in my vision. Dizzy, I slumped against the wals, wheezing with adrenaline pumping through my veins faster than my body could keep up with.

“Human. Answer me. What is your wish?”

The demon stared at me with its hands on its hips. I felt my mind completely open for Xark as his mind melded with mine. Tearing at my skull, I realized he was digging through my memories and subconscious.

“I see,” he said as he grabbed my arm and stood up, “you wish to be recognized as the most powerful Witch of your time.”

I nodded, knowing full well that was my one true desire.

“You shall be just that, if you can satisfy me.”

Looking at him quizzically, I replied, “What do you mean?”

His mouth turned into a grin and stretched across his face, “I am Xark, Lord of the Seventh Hell. You must fuck me and completely satisfy me. In turn, I will satisfy your wish.”

I have to fuck him? If I do, I’ll be the most powerful Witch of my time. Finally I’ll have the respect I deserve. Sure why not. I doubt I can take a cock that big, but I’ll do my best. This is a once in a lifetime chance.

He stood in front of me with his long thick shaft dangling between his legs. “What say you?”

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled the tip into my mouth. Looking up at him, I smirked; at least as much of a smirk one can do with a demon’s cock in their mouth.

Xark seemed to be in deep concentration as he suddenly went quiet. Whispers of a demonic language filled the room as I suddenly caught onto some of the words. He was casting a spell.

Looking up at him, I watched as his figure wavered in the light, then duplicated. There was an exact copy of him standing beside me.

My god, two of them now?!

The demon bent back down at me and wrapped its massive hand around my shoulder, pulling me into the lit area in the center of the room with his cock still in my mouth. A single light flickered above us, casting eerie shadows across the room. Its fangs dripped with saliva as it stood there with its hand on my shoulder.

Xark had a grin on his face as he stood there, “This should make things more interesting. We are both Xark. You must satisfy both of us.”

It would be pointless to argue with a demon. I must do as it says. At this point… fuck it.

Xark’s muscles bulged as he grunted and grabbed my other shoulder. Pulling to the left and right, he split my dress in half.

I opened my mouth to scream, unable to control my actions.

The demon quickly grabbed the back of my head and thrusted its cock into my mouth. Oh my… what the… fuck? I thought to myself as the demon pushed and pulled my head on and off of its rock hard cock.

They each grinned and grabbed their cocks. Stroking the dicks, they grew larger and larger. They were nearly as long as my leg and just about as thick too. My god… no way those are going to fit inside me.

Staring at them, my jaw dropped in awe, “Those are simply too big for me. I can’t do that. Maybe I can just use my mouth.”

The two demons stood there and stopped stroking themselves off for a moment. Glancing at each other, then back at me, they bent over to all fours and walked towards me. Their long thick cocks dangled between their hind legs, back and forth with each step.

Pushing me over on my back, I felt the demons hands hold down my front hands. This may not be so bad; I thought to myself, I’ll just go with the flow.

I felt the tip of the dick rub against my bare nubile pussy as it ran up and down softly touching my clit. That feels kind of nice actually…

Smiling to myself, I laid there with the demon running its cock up and down on my slit. I’ll give Xark what he wants then be the most powerful Witch of my time. This can’t be that bad.

I heard a grunt from the demon on top of me. It shifted positions as I saw its hands and legs brace itself to the floor. What is it do—

The demon thrusted inside me fully and sent my body flying forward on the floor.

Opening my mouth to scream in pain and pleasure, the other demon plugged my mouth with its cock. The demon on top of me thrusted inside over and over, deeper and deeper as it groaned.

Just focus. Everything will be just fine. Enjoy it! I told myself in my head as I laid there sliding back and forth on the bare concrete.

“Jesus you demon,” I said firmly as I pulled my head off the cock, “this is seriously hurting me. Let’s go to the librarian’s room, its right around that corner and to the left.”

Xark seemed to understand as he pulled himself off of me and waiting for me to do something. I quickly stood up and hobbled over to the librarian’s room. She had a bed in there that I’ve slept on when I’ve been here reading late into the night. At this point, I doubt she will need it anytime soon. I’m sure the bed will make things a little more… comfortable.

Sitting down on the fairly large bed, I waved the demons into the room. They barely fit through the door as I watched them enter.

The demon that was fucking me walked over and put its large cock right in my face. I grabbed it with my two hands and stroked it as hard as I could. Spitting on the cock, I twisted my hands and fingers rapidly as the demon grunted and groaned in pleasure.

Grinning to himself, Xark stood there watching, stroking his long hard cock. Not a moment later, he walked over to me. He bent over by the bed and placed his head between my legs. I watched as its long tongue demonic snaked out of its mouth and into my pussy.

The tongue expanded inside of me as I felt it wiggle around. “Holy… shit…” I whispered as I stopped sucking for a moment and put my hands back on the bed, bracing myself. “This is amazing… my god, don’t stop!” I exclaimed as the demon I was sucking on bent over and twirled its tongue around on my wet clit.

Moaning in pleasure, I laid on my back, shaking. I had never felt pleasure like this before. The ecstasy felt like it was reaching a whole new level as electricity sparked from my fingers down to my toes. “Oh shit! I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming,” I said as the demons licked between my legs.

Looking down at them, they looked like two beastly creatures just going at me. Two weird, mythical looking demonic creatures of course. These demons shouldn’t even be real… but yet they are, and they want me for some reason. I had always figured the whole magic and Wizardry stuff wasn’t so intense. And I summoned a demon!? That’s just insane. I’ll have to read more of that book when I’m done…

Grabbing the demon’s head between my legs, I pushed its face deep into my pussy as I felt my orgasm increase in intensity. Looking down at the two demons, I saw my juices squirt on their faces over and over as I came.

The demons grunted in enjoyment as they pulled their dripping wet heads up from my pussy. “Did you enjoy that?” I said softly as a smiled.

“You are doing well human,” Xark said with a grin.

My body felt completely drained as I laid there on my back. The orgasm continued to ripple through my body like waves crashing onto a beach. I couldn’t imagine a better day.

I opened my eyes to see the two demons stroking themselves looking at me. They wanted more. Buck up, you got this girl. Focus!

The demon closest to me pulled my body up onto the bed fully and stood on top of me on all fours. His cock flitted around my pussy, teasing me and making me want him even more.

The dick pushed its way into my pussy, my walls tightening around it as they expanded to the size of the thick shaft.

The demon on top of me started thrusting wildly, plunging its cock deep into my pussy, over and over. My body shook with intense force as its hips hit mine with each thrust. Sliding up and down on the bed, the other demon grabbed my legs and held me in place.

“Much better!” I screamed in Hebrew at Xark.

Nodding at me, he ran his tongue up and down the soles of my feet.

I pushed the demon down on its back on the bed and started sucking on its long hard cock. Holding onto the base, I ran my tongue in circles around the tip. I watched as the other demon stood behind the first demon and stroked itself slowly, watching the scene unfold.

Sliding my hand down to my clit, I slid my finger up and down on my pussy, feeling my wet juices surround my hand. I grabbed my breast in my other hand and pulled it up towards my face, licking my hard nubile nipple.

The two demons sat me on the side of the bed and put both of their hard cocks in my face. Grabbing my head, Xark pushed my head down on its cock as I sucked as hard and fast as I could. Grinning, the other demon grabbed my head and thrusted its dick down my throat. Both demons pulled on my hair back and forth as I sucked on each of their hard cocks.

Pushing me back on the bed, one demon slid underneath of me and grabbed my back, then slipped its shaft into my pussy. In a reverse cowgirl position, the other demon straddled my chest and shoved its cock into my mouth. Sucking and fucking as I hard as I could, both of the demons groaned in pleasure.

My breasts bounced up and down with each thrust as the demon pulled its cock out of my mouth. Grabbing the cock and stroking it, the demon exploded on my face. Grinning at me, the demon stepped off of the bed and shoved its cock into my pussy along with the other demon.

With two cocks in my pussy, they ravaged me, widening my hole larger and larger as they thrusted inside. The two animals of legend grabbed my breasts and pumped me over and over, wanting and needing my body for their own pleasure. Fuck this is insane. Demon’s sure know how to get it on. I need to learn how to summon slaves for my own pleasure next…

Grunting, the demon on the bottom pulled out its cock and shoved it into my tight little anus.  The smell of sex and pleasure surrounded the room and fell heavily around us as my moans coupled with the demons grunts broke the silence.

The demon under me laid me down as he lay behind me. Grabbing my hips, he thrusted his cock into my pussy once again while the other demon sat in front of my head and pushed its cock into my mouth. Tasting the demon and my pussy on the cock excited me as I felt my juices dripping down onto the bed.

My free hand went down to my wet slit as I the demon pumped inside of me over and over, its balls slapping against my ass. Rubbing my clit, I felt myself start to orgasm again. The demon must have noticed as it increased in speed, groaning in pleasure while fucking my pussy.

Holding the cock deep inside me, the demon massaged my breasts as I came. My walls tightened over and over on the dick, holding it and not wanting to let it go. Smiling to myself, I watched as the demon pulled its cock out of my mouth and put its face on my slit, licking up and down, twirling around on my clit.

The demon behind me pulled its cock out and went into a wild frenzy, thrusting and pumping inside me without remorse. I couldn’t help but want to be fucked by the two demons every day of my life.

Watching the demon licking at my pussy, I felt its long tongue penetrate my hole and go deeper inside me, twirling inside my walls, stroking and massaging my insides.

Feeling unable to control my urges any longer, I screamed in pleasure as I heard the construction crews outside start to sift through the wreckage. I need to finish this up. If the general population walks in on us…

Looking down at my juices all over the bed, the demons thrusted inside me at the same time. My body flew forward on the bed. The cock and tongue went deeper and deeper as they fucked me. The demons needed me unlike anything I had ever known before. It feels good to be wanted and needed. I think I would be alright with this plan.

They picked me up and held me in the air, one demon in front, the other behind. Holding me there, the demon in front pushed its cock into my pussy and the demon behind me went into my ass. Moaning to myself, they lifted me up and down on their cocks. My pussy and ass felt tingly with pleasure.

With both holes penetrated, the demons grinned at me and threw me down onto the bed roughly. The demon that laid underneath of me thrusted its cock into my pussy and held my ass up for Xark to penetrate.

Xark pushed itself inside me over and over as the cock in my anus thrusted at varying speeds as well. Having both holes penetrated was more than I could bare. The cocks started to move in unison, then in and out at opposite times.

Their cocks slapped against my ass with each pump.

Pushing me down on the floor, they stroked their cocks in front of my face. Watching the two dicks, they straightened then started pumping heir hot sticky cum all over my face over and over. I ran my tongue up and down the shafts as I stroked on them for every last bit.

I ran my hand up my slit as I sucked on the cocks, watching them slowly go limp.

“Thank you…” I whispered as my hands started to slow on the two dicks. The demons appeared to smile at me as they both nodded in satisfaction.

Turning my head toward the door I spoke softly, “The crew will be here soon. You should do something about your appearance.”

Xark’s second image slowly faded then disappeared. He looked at me, “I’ll let you do that.”

I looked at him and cocked my head, “Huh?”

His hands grasped onto my temples and held me in place. I watched as his mouth moved slowly, then faster and faster. Energy seemed to flow into my body, sparking between my fingers and making my hair stand on end.

Intense power seemed to fill my inner being as his demonic tongue filled the room. “It has been done,” he said as he let go of my temples, “show me your power. Transform my body into a human.”

I focused my mind as I stared at him. My hand reached out and touched his sweaty chest as I closed my eyes. Imagining him as a human, I willed the energy to return to change his appearance.

Opening my eyes, I looked him over. He looked like an average guy.

“Well done,” he said firmly as he looked over his new body, “you have a lot of reading and researching to do. My gift to you for bringing me into this world will be this,”—he handed me a book that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. It was the Book of Ages,–“I have opened this book for your mind. You will be able to read and understand it as if an adult was reading a child’s book.”

My mouth hung open, “Thank you…”

He grinned at me as he walked over to the door and opened it then walked out.

“Farewell,” I heard in my mind as the door shut behind him.

I grasped the book tightly in my hands and focused my mind on a new outfit. Looking down, the outfit appeared on my body. Yes… time to go learn this book and become the most powerful Witch of my time!

Sitting down on my bed, I reached over and opened the book. Images and words seemed to flow in my mind as I scanned over the pages. Spells and formulas filled the air around me, sending my mind to new heights as I ascended from merely a witch into something… more.

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