Ravaged by Demons: Heaven or Hell, Book One

Ravaged by Demons


Heaven or Hell, Book One





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Demons is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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Ravaged by Demons Series

“This book is intensely graphic, and will leave you gasping for air and fanning yourself!”


No creature is perfect. Not even God. Hailey, the twin sister of Jessie, was sent to hell for her sister’s sins.


Sentenced to eternity in the Pit of Despair with demonic beings of unending lust, Hailey finds her everlasting body is able to withstand anything.


Will Hailey’s mind eventually crumble as she is used over and over by various demons? What happens when she meets the devil himself? Will she succeed in his erotic trial? Perhaps she will find that maybe, just maybe, she was sent to the right place and this is her heaven.


Ravaged by Demons

Book One: Heaven or Hell


Purple, yellow and red fire shot from the ground around me, spurting and sputtering between the cracks as the heat drew sweat to my brow. The line of tormented souls in front of me seemed to stretch on for eternity, much like a line to an amusement park on a beautiful day in May.

Large creatures with wings, red skin with lines of orange and strapped with what appeared to be leather, walked down the line with massive swords crossed on their back. Their fangs and claws looked deadly sharp and immediately sent shutters of fear down my spine then up my arms, raising my skin into goosebumps.

Each creature was naked except for the leather straps as they walked down the line. Their massive cocks swung between their legs as the ground cracked with each step. A devilish grin spread across the demon’s face as it neared me. My legs immediately gave at out as it stood there, staring at me. It’s cold, dead black eyes were like staring into a corpses’. No thought and certainly no feelings dwelt there.

The creature spoke, sending shockwaves into the air around me, “Your crimes against heaven have brought you here. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Stammering, I couldn’t even formulate a sentence, “Sister… she, she, she…”

“SILENCE EARTHLING!!” It screamed at me as the sheer force of its voice knocked me backwards onto my ass.

The demon towered over me, as its rock hard cock stood straight out covering nearly half of my body. “You are being sent to the Pit of Despair, where only the most heinous earthlings are sent to. There you will be ravaged, tortured and used for pleasure by our legions.

Laughing, the demon waved his hand in front of me then continued to the person behind me.

I felt a tingle throughout my body. Looking down at my hands, I watched them start to become incorporeal.

Suddenly the environment changed.

Standing in a large basin on a soft mesh ground, legions of demons of all shapes and sizes surrounded me. They were ravaging women to the left and right. Screams of pain, pleasure and torture engulfed the basin.

An ear piercing scream to my right immediately drew my attention.

Quickly turning, I saw a woman lying on a bed with four beasts pounding her without remorse. Massive cocks and shafts were everywhere. Some beasts had two, some had three and some creatures even had a cock and pussy. Every creature had its cock inside a hole, several even had multiple in the same hole.

I stood there in complete awe as the flames flickered around the large basin filled with creatures fucking women. Men were dispersed throughout the crowd as well. They were being used by the female demons for their pleasure. Cocks were forced hard then grinded upon as the men lay there bound to tables or chained to large beams stuck in the ground.

The sight was overwhelming as watched. Unable to focus, I felt myself start to get dizzy. Immediately a surge of energy spiked throughout my body, pushing me into a heightened sense of awareness. The dizziness stopped.

Holding my head, I watched as demonic beasts with four large wings on its back, a long thick shaft and a monstrous cock approached me. The being was red from head to toe except for lines of black running around its muscular chest.

The beast spoke, “Fresh meat,” with a sinister smile as it stood in front of me with its hands on its hips. Smirking, the demon grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into the crowd.

Sweaty bodies pressed against mine as the massive orgy around me was continuing without any loss of intensity or speed. I felt hands touch my ass, breasts and some slide up my pussy lips as I waded through the crowd, pulled by the beast.

My body fell to the spongy ground as the demon shoved my back with force.

Glancing behind me, I saw it stroking its hard cock, “Don’t fucking try to get away, there’s nowhere to go.”

I nodded furiously.

I’m doomed to this hell because of my bitch sister fucking up throughout her entire life. Now I have to deal with this shit for eternity. I can’t believe this luck. Who would have thought that heaven could have messed up so badly…

Two hands grabbed onto my shoulders as I gripped the soft ground. Glancing behind me, I saw the beast grinning as it pressed the tip of its enormous shaft into my tight little unused pussy. My lips spread for the beast as I felt the cock slide inside me.

My walls expanding, I felt my entire cavity completely filled by the creature. Pain exploded throughout my body as a subtle rise of pleasure crept from my chest down to my little slit. The cock didn’t stop; it kept going and going until I could feel it in my stomach.

Looking back at the beast, I caught his smirk spreading across his face as he squeezed my shoulders. I grinned back at him. Fuck it. If he wants a good fuck, I’ll give him a good fuck.

I rammed my ass back onto the beast, shoving the thick shaft all the way inside me. Intense lust and desire flowed through my veins as I milked his cock with my pussy the best I could. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead, then immediately turned to streams within seconds as I ravaged his cock with my walls.

The demon howled in pleasure as it railed my tight pussy. Grabbing onto my hips, it pushed itself in and out, thrusting deeply without any thought or question of the future. I felt his nails dig into my hips as my walls massaged and stroked his thick cock.

Opening my mouth for a deep moan, I felt a cock immediately plug my hole. With one hand on the ground and my body jerking back and forth wildly, my free hand stroked on the cock in my mouth. Even though I could only get the tip inside, I lathered it up with my saliva and sucked on it as hard as I possibly could.

The pain didn’t stop as did the pleasure. The pain must have been driving my intense pleasure higher because within minutes I felt myself start to pinnacle. Orgasms exploded throughout my body as my vision blurred and my pussy tightened around the thick cock.

I pulled the cock out of my mouth to scream, but it was immediately plugged by another creature’s dick. With a cock in my pussy, a thick shaft wrapped in my fingers and another cock in my mouth, my body shook with pain and pleasure.

Spiking up and down with orgasm, I felt my pussy squirt on the beast fucking me from behind. My lips dripped with my juices as I felt something slide in circles around my clit. It felt like a tongue.

Attempting to look behind me, the creature in front of me grabbed my head and held it into place. The other creature to my right, whom I was stroking on, shoved his cock into my mouth too. With two cocks in my mouth, I felt my lips stretch to accommodate for the two tips. My tongue flicked back and forth, running circles around each, tasting the other women the creatures had been fucking just moments before.

The juices from the other women turned me on as my body went into a wild rage of lust and the savage desire to simply just fuck for pleasure. My ass rammed back onto the cock, sending the creature behind me into a similar lustful rage of sexual desire. His arms wrapped around my chest and held onto my sore tits as they flailed back and forth with each thrust.

Pinching my nipples between its fingers, I felt the cock expand and tighten within my pussy as my clit swelled with pleasure. The shaft pulse once, then twice and then finally exploded hot cum between my tight walls, filling my insides with milky hot orgasm.

The demon thrusted again and pushed the cum out of my pussy. My walls clenched around the beast as it pumped inside me. Groans and screams of pleasure echoed throughout the basin as the creature pulled its cock out of me. A subtle popping sound came to my ears as the beast finally slipped the tip out. It was the sound of my tight pussy coming back into place. I guess in hell, my body will always return back to its original form.

Grinning at me, the beast backed away only to be replaced by the next creature.

This may not be so bad… perhaps this is my heaven?

My mind was immediately torn as the next creature that thrusted inside my newly tightened pussy ripped my walls to the sides, spreading wide for the massive cock. Clenching hard on the rock hard shaft, screams escaped my mouth, only muffled slightly by the demonic being’s dick on my tongue.

The beast grabbed the back of my head and pushed the cock down my throat, expanding my insides for its own pleasure. I don’t know how much more of this I can take… my body is exhausted.

Pushing my body back onto the shaft behind me, I couldn’t help but want even more. Suddenly, without warning, two more creatures appeared beside me. One beast, a massive creature with thick muscular arms and a rigid firm body, slid underneath of me and immediately slid his cock into my pussy as well.

Both cocks pumped back and forth inside me as my walls continued to expand and tighten for the demons. Groaning and pouring sweat, my body started to orgasm again. Tingles of pleasure started in my fingertips then rolled down to my toes as I felt my fluids escaping through my pussy and wetting the two cocks.

The beast that was railing me from behind pulled out its long shaft and pushed it into my anus. I felt the tip penetrate me without warning then immediately the rest of the dick. Looking down at the beast below me, it locked eyes with me, grabbed my breasts and frothed at the mouth as it went into a wild frenzy. Fucking my pussy without remorse, the creature groaned as its eyes rolled back in its head.

The cock in my anus tightened then immediately started pumping its milky hot cum inside my being. Over and over I felt it tense and release, filling my ass to the brim then seeping out, dripping down to my pussy.

“Oh fuck!!! FUCK YES!” I screamed as I jacked a cock in each hand. The beast below me held my body up by my breasts as I was wildly fucked from every angle.

My body jerking back and forth and my hair being thrown about, I felt the temperature rise and continue to rise as sweat poured down my back.

Looking backwards at the demon, pushed his semi hard shaft inside my anus as deep as he could possibly go and held it there, basking in my juices and his cum.

The cock in my pussy tightened then immediately started to fire its semen into me, seeding my wet little hole over and over as it held my breasts and thrusted deeply. Grinning up at me, the creature nodded.

I felt the two cocks in my hands tighten then start pumping out cum into my mouth. The two creatures pulled at my hair as they gave me their juice. Looking up at them, they also, grinned with a wicked smile at me. They nodded.

Holy… fucking… shit. This is insane. I don’t know if this is the best thing that has ever happened to me or the worst… but I do know that I’m not ready to leave quite yet.

All of the creatures pulled off of me and stepped away.

I laid there, writhing on the hot spongy ground as sweat poured from my body and cum dripped from all my holes.

A demon, bigger than all the other demonic creatures in the basin, walked over to me tapping its finger on its chin, “You will do. Come with me.”

The creature grabbed my arm and started dragging me. I stood up as it pulled me along and followed him. He looked back at my body, nodded, and then backhanded me across my head.

Everything suddenly went dark.


My eyes opened with a rush of adrenaline as I thought through the events of the day before. Unable to see clearly, I shut my eyes and rubbed them. Oh god. I’m in hell, that’s right. Jesus, I’m fucking sore.

Opening my eyes, I suddenly remembered the basin. All those creatures in that area fucking me, cumming all over my body, in my mouth… pussy… ass. I hope that was a dream… please let that be some sort of weird dream, I thought to myself as I looked around.

I was on the floor in the middle of a dark room, with the only light coming from four massive flames spewing from torches on each of the four walls. Flickering waves of flames casted dim shadows on the walls as a light glow entered the room through a large stained glass window on the far side of the room. “How did I get up here?” I whispered to myself as I attempted to move my arms.

Pulling at my wrist, I was unable to break free. Feeling my wrist with my hand, I came across chain. Bound to this enormous black altar by my hands, I tried to kick my feet to no avail. My feet were bound as well.

“What the fuck is going on!?” I yelled into the large dark room. My eyes caught shadows moving along the wall as the dim sunrise poured through the stained glass windows. An eerie silence fell across the room as I laid there, staring at the dark ceiling unable to move.

Whispering softly, I prayed, “Jesus… I need your help. I have been wrongly accused…” My prayer was interrupted by whispers beside next to me.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I prayed louder, “Jesus, I need help here! Please… I need to get out of here!”

Grunts came from my left and right as I saw vague outlines of shadows waver around me. Hands pulled at my skin, tugging and groping as they played with me. This is insane… these must be even more demons!

I felt the hands pull my dress free from my body as I heard the seams tearing. The light coming through the windows increased in intensity as I saw the outlines form into shapes. They were demons, without a doubt, and covered in thick black hair. Each beast had four arms with long fingers. Two massive cocks hung between each of their legs that swayed with each step.

Sweat dripped down my back as I watched the beasts run their hands over my soft lotioned body. I felt the hands run between my legs, gently sliding inside my slit. Pleasure exploded throughout my body. Squeezing my eyes shut, the hand moved faster on my slit without penetrating me as I moaned softly on the altar.

My hands and legs still bound, I watched one of the beasts put a dick right in front of my face.

I wrapped my soft lips around the tip of the cock and sucked it into my mouth. Hmmm… it tastes musky. Nothing like the creatures in the basin. They were much more sweaty.

The beast put all four of its hands behind my head and shoved the cock down my throat. Struggling, I couldn’t breathe as instincts took over. Coughing and gagging on the dick, I felt it go deeper and deeper inside me. The beast grunted and let go of my head.

Quickly pulling back and gasping for air, the demon ran its hands through my hair and looked down at me.

Finally the room had enough light to where I could see the features of the creatures surrounding me. Covered in fur from head to toe, their muscular bodies rippled as their cocks stood straight out, pointing at me. Each dick was covered in thick veins and bumps. God. This sex is going to be ridiculous…

I looked down at the beast between my legs, running his fingers up and down my slit. One of his hands was on his long shaft, stroking it as it stared at me. Yes… they are going to use me for their own pleasure. Why does this have  happen to me?!

The beast pulled my legs apart as I heard the chain around my legs snap. Putting himself between me, I felt the tip of his cock rub against my wet pussy. I can’t lie to myself… this feels really good. This whole hell experience isn’t quite so bad after all.

I looked down at the cock as it slowly started to penetrate my pussy. Pleasure exploded from the tips of my fingers down to my toes as it pushed itself inside me. Moaning softly, the beast on my right plugged my mouth with its dick.

The demon on my left slapped its shaft against my small nubile nipples as the beast between my legs held my legs apart with two hands and massaged my clit with the other two. Fingers, hands and cocks were everywhere as the massive demonic sanctuary was defiled and smelled of sex.

I felt the bindings around my hands break free as the beast pulled the chains off of my wrists. Much better, I thought to myself as I rubbed my sore hands.

The beast pushed its cock deeper into me as I felt the other cock flit around my anus. Now certainly they aren’t going to put that inside my ass is it?!

Groaning, the beast pulled its dick out and thrusted back inside. My body jerked forward as it did so. Pain and pleasure rippled through my pussy as my walls clenched on the cock, holding it tightly. “Take me,” I whispered as I reached up and put my hands around the beast’s head.

The flames on the walls soared high as my eyes wandered the room in orgasmic pleasure. Groans and moans flitted throughout the room, echoing around us, each new moan adding to the previous.

I felt the beast pull its cock out and shove in the second one. It pulled that cock out then shoved the first one back in. With the second cock wet, it pushed the second cock against my tight asshole. Oh god… yes… it is going to put that inside my anus.

Grunting, the beast slowly pushed its cock into my anus with the other cock inside my pussy still. I watched as the beast’s eyes rolled back in its head.

I couldn’t help myself as I screamed, “Oh fuck yes! Fuck me like you mean it!”

Squeezing at my breasts, each beast grabbed my hand to my left and right and wrapped my fingers around their cocks. I stroked at them slowly as I felt them harden within my hands.

The beast on top of me thrusted again, harder this time. My body jerked forward on the altar. Moaning to myself, the beast went into a wild frenzy. It started frothing at the mouth and thrusted inside me over and over, fucking me without remorse or care.

My pussy and anus tightened over and over with each thrust as I felt the pleasure within my body build up with such intense force. I felt my body go numb for a moment as little black stars appeared in my vision. Unable to control my body any longer, pleasure exploded. Everywhere. My body shook with violently as I felt myself squirt on the cocks.

The beast didn’t stop as I felt myself cum over and over on him. Stroking the cocks to my left and right, I pulled them into my mouth one at a time, sucking on them and pleasuring them the best I possibly could.

Unable to move, my body was paralyzed in orgasm as my walls clenched around the cock, massaging it for him over and over. I felt like the beast was piercing my insides with every thrust as it pumped me over and over. “Cum for me…” I whispered, “please fill me up… I want to feel you…”

The beast grinned wickedly showing me its long white teeth. I felt the cock tighten within my pussy and anus as it thrusted deeply and held them inside me. Suddenly they both started pumping me full of cum. Looking down at my pussy, I saw thick white cum squirting out as he thrusted inside me again.

I threw my head back on the altar as it filled me up, “Yes! Oh god yes! Just like that!” I screamed as the cock in my mouth tightened and began shooting hot cum in my mouth. Sucking hard, I swallowed over and over with each pump of its cock. Licking the tip of the shaft, I stroked it for every last drop.

Pulling the second cock of the beast into my mouth, I felt it tighten and continue filling my mouth with the milky white cum. I swallowed and looked over at the beast on my left, “I want you too,” I said firmly as I stroked him with my other hand.

The beast pulled away from me and pushed the beast between my legs away. Taking his position he grabbed both of his cocks and slipped them into my tight pussy. My eyes went wide as I felt my walls expand and tighten around the two dicks.

Grunting, the beast pushed them deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I grasped the sides of the altar as I watched the veins on its face push out and pulse. Placing my hands on the beast’s hips, I pulled it deeper inside. “Yes… oh god yes… please… fuck me more…” I whispered in a half moan.

Feeling between the legs of the demonic creature on my right and left, I massaged their balls, twirling them in my fingers with my thumb sliding up and down on the base of their shafts.

The beast on top of me thrusted deep with both cocks as I felt him fall over onto my chest, grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples tightly. Groaning, the dicks went completely straight within me. Oh shit! Right there! I immediately went into an intense orgasm as my legs wrapped around its back and held the beast deep inside my pussy.

Shaking, I came on the cocks as I felt both start pumping their hot cum inside my pussy. The beast pulled out and thrusted back in, shooting our cum all over the altar. My screams echoed off the walls of the church as I looked over and saw the congregation start pouring in through the doors.

Unable to stop cumming, I grabbed onto the beast’s hips and held him inside me as I rubbed my forehead on its thick hairy chest. I don’t give a flying fuck about those people anymore; this pleasure is undeniably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Jesus… the orgasms!!

I ran my hand over the beast’s thick hair on its face as its cocks went limp inside me. “Thank you for this,” I whispered, “you three have shown me the light.”

All three beasts nodded in unison.

The creature on top of me pulled out of my pussy. Like unleashing a dam, cum poured out onto the altar and dripped to the floor.

I felt the ground shake suddenly. Looking over towards the epicenter of the vibrations, I saw the outlines of a massive door on one of the walls of the sanctuary.

They door creaked open slowly as a man walked through. The human, or angel, or demon, looked very handsome with slicked back dark hair, piercing red eyes, and to top it off, he was dressed in a black suit and tie.

This must be the devil.

The demons scurried away from my body, making sure to skirt along the walls as the man walked down the center of the room towards my ravaged body.

Lying there, sore and unable to move, I watched him approach. His face was firm, yet soft and perhaps even kind. A grin slowly grew across his face as he now stood by the side of the altar, looking down at my bare body.

“Why… hello there,” he said softly as he reached down and ran his hand through my hair.

I forced a smile, “Hi.” That was all I could manage. He was fucking hot, an easy 10 for any woman, or man for that matter.

“I have been told you have done well your first day here in hell. We make sure that all perverted, fucked up little bitches are sent to the basin first. Then they are sent here. If the woman is able to withstand the ravaging desires of the three beasts here in this sanctuary,”—he waved his arms about—“then they will have the chance to be one of my brides.”

Staring at him, my jaw dropped. “One of your brides?”

He replied, “Yes. I choose only the best little fuckers to be my next playmate. You are kinky, sexy and can certainly hold your own against even the strongest of the demons here in hell. Let’s just say you have earned a night with the prince of darkness. Do well and you shall be a queen among the legions of my domain.”

My jaw continued to hang open as I laid there with cum dripping out of my holes.

“Get cleaned up. I’ll be ready for you shortly.”

I nodded, “But how…?”

He grinned and waved his hand as he turned around.

The room immediately was bathed in darkness as I felt my body grow heavy and slip into the darkness.

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