Ravaged by Demons 2: Dark Desire

Ravaged by Demons


Book Two

dark desire





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Ravaged by Demons is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


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Ravaged by Demons Series

“Intense. Brutal. Hot.”


Driven wild with erotic lust after a night with Lucifer and his sudden disappearance, Hailey finds herself in control of the legions of darkness. Unknowingly being watched, she commands the hordes of demons to use her body in any way they see fit.


Will Hailey’s mind eventually crumble as she is used over and over by various demons? What happens when Lucifer returns? Was this just another one of his erotic tests?




He replied, “Yes. I choose only the best little fuckers to be my next playmate. You are kinky, sexy and can certainly hold your own against even the strongest of the demons here in hell. Let’s just say you have earned a night with the prince of darkness. Do well and you shall be a queen among the legions of my domain.”




Ravaged by Demons

Book Two

Dark desire


My eyes opened slowly as I felt the warm ground around me. Red and yellow flames flickered up the walls as I noted my surroundings. The heat was intense as I felt the hair on my arms tinge and curl.

Running my hands over my body, I realized the bruises and scrapes from the night before were completely healed. That’s interesting. This place must heal my body back to its original state, much how my pussy tightened after being fucked from those enormous beasts. No way could any woman take a cock like that then turn around and still be tight as a virgin.

Looking around again, my eyes started to slowly adjust to the brightly lit room. There appeared to be no doors. Every wall was bathed in flames from the floor to as high as I could see.

Whispers in demonic tongues echoed off the walls as I laid there, unsure of what would happen to me. “Prepare yourself for the prince,” I heard a voice say in the odd tongue. Interestingly enough… I understood it.

How the fuck am I supposed to prepare myself. Jesus. Seriously?

I sat on the floor with my legs crossed, thinking of the day before. Being ravaged the in the Pit of Despair for what seemed like hours was intense, but certainly enjoyable in a weird way. I think I could get used to this place.

Suddenly and without warning, the flames completely died. The room grew cold and dark as faint shadows formed along the walls. A chill went up my spine, shaking my body momentarily as I awaited my fate.

“It is time. Succeed and you shall be a queen among the legions of hell.”

The ground started shaking as I felt pin pricks on my arms and legs. Looking up, I watched as the ceiling started to collapse around me.

Quickly raising my hand in an attempt to protect myself, everything went black.


For the second time today, my eyes opened and took in my surroundings.

The room was dim with soft classical music echoing off the walls. Large windows from the ground rose to the ceiling forming into a sort of medieval tip at the top. Faint screams entered the room and mixed with the music, causing my mind to suddenly snap back into reality. I am in hell.

He stood there in front of the bed I laid on. The sheets barely covered my body as I stared straight at him. The demon returned my stare without facial expression.

Lucifer spoke with authority, “Your time is now. Give me everything you have or you will return to the Pit of Darkness for eternity.”

That wouldn’t be so bad actually…

“So you want to return to the Pit?”

My thoughts raced as I replied, “No- No. I’m sorry. So you can read my thoughts?”

Grinning, he walked over to the bed, “I have no limits. It is I, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness,”—He waved his hands about the room, — “anything you wish, it is yours.”

“I only want you,” I said firmly as I pointed a finger at him with a devilish grin.

The creature stood there at the foot of the bed. His massive pitch black cape covered his body as surreal flames licked around the outside of the fabric. The ground he stood upon cracked with each footstep, releasing small pockets of steam and flickering with fire.

I watched as he paced at the edge of the bed with his hand on his chin, “You managed to do well in the Pit. When even my strongest demons tested you… you still did exceptionally well. For some reason, your mind hasn’t collapsed yet. All other woman before you have perished within moments of coming here. But you… you are different.”

He leaned in deep towards the bed as I watched the cape around his crotch extend towards me. Apparently I turn him on. I’ll use that to my advantage.

I reached my arm out and touched him on his warm shoulder. His body felt unnaturally soft. Glancing up at his face, our eyes met. Staring into his deep dark soul, I felt a shiver run up my spine.

How is this supposed to work? Am I to be his slave? Will I be his queen? What will I end up being to this creature if he deems me worthy? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if he enjoys himself… as do I.

Staring at his long curled horns on his head, he smiled softly at me, “You enjoy my appearance. Does this turn you on?”

He opened his cape, exposing his enormous shaft to me. My eyes made their way down his muscular chest to his cock. The package appeared to be similar to humans, yet still different in some ways. Thick ridges wrapped around the red cock with a line of small bumps from the tip to the base. That looks kind of like one of the dildos I used to have back at home. Go figure… one of my favorite dildos.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the shaft then tugged on him as our mouths met each other. His tongue flicked into my mouth. It was long and forked at the tip as I felt him tickle the inside of my mouth. My tongue took over and pulled his into mine, curling around and pulling at him as I felt his hands press against on the bed to my sides.

He slowly pushed me backwards as he crawled on top of me. His hands made their way to mine and intertwined between my fingers with my mouth still on his. With the massive cock still in my hand, I felt him start to slowly harden.

Lucifer must be enjoying this…

I pulled on the shaft quickly, back and forth. Groaning to himself in pleasure, I stroked him faster. The cock kept growing between my fingers as I closed my eyes and focused on giving him the best night he had ever been given.

His tongue slowly made its way out of my mouth and ran down my neck softly, leaving a trail of warm saliva. My eyes opened and watched him kiss back up my neck and pull my earlobe into his mouth, tickling and teasing me with his soft touches.

Moaning to myself, I felt my pussy tighten and begin to become wet for him. My hand kept stroking on the shaft with my thumb twirling in circles on the thick tip. I couldn’t help but want to taste him.

I rolled him over on his back and held his hands to the bed as I took my turn. Kissing him down his chest, I passed a small patch of hair at his sternum then proceeded to make my way down to his cock still in my hand.

Releasing my fingers, I pulled the tip of his dick into my mouth and stared up at him. Our eyes met once again. I felt like I could see right into his tormented soul. He wanted more than just Hell. He wanted everything that was taken from him.

Suddenly, like a ton of bricks, it hit me. His thoughts released and combined with mine as I felt our minds meld together. He wants to take over heaven… but since God sent him to hell and cursed him with never finding a lover he could be with, he was damned here for eternity. He believes if he were to find a queen, they would be able to lead an attack on heaven.

My mouth released on his cock as I stared into his deep eyes.

He nodded, “Your thoughts are true. You have seen who I am. Finally, a woman who can help me.”

Staring, I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and began stroking him furiously. My tongue ran circles around the tip of his cock, pulling at his ridges with each pump of my hand.

I think I can do this… I mean… why not right? Fuck. I’m already in hell. What’s the worst that can happen? Damned here for eternity, I may as well make the best of it. Focus Hailey- Let’s do this.

My hand tightened on the shaft while my other made its way down to Lucifer’s sack. Massaging his balls between my fingers, I continued to stare up at the creature. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the musky fragrance of his cock wafted around me.

Groaning to himself, he grabbed my body and flipped me over on my back once again. Spreading my legs and kneeling in front of my pussy, he flipped his cape off. I watched as it settled on the ground. My eyes returned to him as he wrapped his long fingers around his cock and flicked the tip against my pussy.

“Fuck me,” I said firmly as I grabbed onto his hips.

With a grin, he shook his head. “No.”

The tip of his cock pressed against my clit as he pushed it in circles around the magic button. With heavy pulses of orgasmic pleasure running through my body, I felt him tease me with his cock, barely pressing it inside my tight little pussy.

“Fuck me,” I said again, with a little more authority.

Staring at me, he reached down and wrapped his hand around my neck. His eyes flared red with a demonic fury, “DO NOT COMMAND ME!”

I laid there, unmoving, as the words echoed off the walls.

A tear slowly rolled down my cheek as I felt him start kissing down my chest once again. His fingers ran circles around my nipples as his massive hand massaged my other breast. It’s odd I’m not sore from yesterday… those beasts sure did a number on my chest and nipples.

“I won’t command you, unless you allow me to,” I said softly as I watched him play with my body.

His mouth slowly licked down my chest to my pussy as he obviously focused on the sex rather than what I had said. Fuck it. I won’t tell him want to do then.

Suddenly I felt his tongue slide down my wet slit. Pleasure surged through my body as I felt his finger wiggle its way into my tight little pussy. Moaning to myself, I felt a second finger slip in. The two fingers twirled around inside and felt for my spot.

I noticed him watching my face as he played with my pussy, learning it. “How long has it been?” I said softly as I watched him.

His eyes met mine, “Thousands of years…”

Jesus. Thousands?! That’s insane. No wonder he is a bit rusty.

“I have watched many, but never been able to perform lest the woman I began to fuck would be turned to dust. I’ve not ever gotten to this point with a woman since I was sent here.”

I felt his tongue slide deeper into my hole along with the two fingers as my back arched in pleasure. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

Lucifer nodded his head with his tongue still inside me. At least he is having fun. No wonder he seemed so eager to please. I’m sure he will want to take his time tonight and have fun… I know I would.

His hand moved quicker inside me as his tongue made its way back up to my clit. The tip of his tongue flicked at my magic button as it curled around and twisted at it softly. “Oh shit… oh fuck yes…” I whispered as I felt myself start to orgasm.

My walls tightened around his fingers, clenching them together tightly as my eyes rolled back into my head. “Oh fuck yes, fuck oh god!”

Screaming in pleasure, his tongue went into a frenzy, flicking and pulling at my clit. His fingers went wild as well, milking my pussy for all it was worth as my walls tensed on him.

Quickly without hesitation, he pushed himself on me and slipped his thick cock into my pussy. The tip of his shaft led the way as it widened my walls as I came. I grabbed his head and pulled it towards mine. His tongue twirled around inside my mouth as I felt every inch of him enter into my body.

Each ridge and bump on his cock sent orgasmic pleasure flying throughout my body, looking for a way to escape. It escaped in my cum through my pussy as I squirted on his thick cock, which he now held deep inside me.

“Seems I haven’t lost that much touch,” he whispered as he ran his hand through my hair and stared deep into my eyes.

I nodded fervently. “You are amazing… do what you will with me.”

The wings on his back flew open as I felt him grip onto my chest and press his weight against me. Groaning, his cock went deeper inside, then withdrew. I felt every ridge and bump on the cock as he pulled it out. My walls tightened around the thick shaft, not wanting him to leave.

“Take it girl!” Lucifer yelled as he thrusted inside me quickly. My body jumped forward on the bed, as I felt the cock slide all the way inside me.

The orgasm returned with force as he went into a wild rage, ravaging my breasts with his mouth as he gripped my hips and dug his nails into my side, drawing light amounts of blood.

Staring at me, he thrusted inside me over and over with his thick cock.

“Turn over,” Lucifer said as he pulled his shaft out of my pussy, sending ripples of pain and pleasure throughout my body.

I nodded and flipped over onto my back.

The tip of his cock wavered around my pussy then thrusted inside. Hard and deep… just how I like it…

Groaning to himself, I felt the thick shaft tighten within my pussy. “Don’t cum yet!” I yelled as I looked over my shoulder back at him.

“Didn’t I say not to command me!?”

I whispered, “Sorry…”

His hand wrapped around my neck tightly and held onto me as he fucked my pussy without remorse. “You will be sorry,” he said as his other hand whacked across my ass.

Pain flared through my butt then up my back as he continually spanked me and rode my pussy with his cock.

I felt myself start to asphyxiate as I choked with his hand around my neck. Stars appeared in my vision. Groaning in pain and pleasure, I felt his hand release then grab my hair, pulling my head back towards him.

His thick cock tightened again, deep inside me as my walls massaged his shaft. I felt myself start to pinnacle again as his dick kept plugging my hole.

Just as I was about to orgasm, he pulled it out and tickled the tip of my anus, then pressed inside. His body fell over against my back and reached around then grabbed my breasts that were sliding up and down on the bed.

His cock slowly pushed inside my pussy as I felt my orgasm teetering on the edge. Just past the breaking point, the tip broke through and slid all the way inside, sending pain and pleasure throughout my body.

I felt his cock tighten once again, then immediately start pumping inside me as he continued to thrust into my ass. Groaning in pleasure, massaged my breasts with his hands as I did the same with my walls on his thick shaft.

Each pump of his cum drove me wild, I had to have more. Oh god… please… I need more, I can’t have just this little bit…

His fingers twirled around my nipples then pinched them tightly as he came. Echoes of his groans never escaped the room as they kept going in circles around the bed, bouncing off of each of the walls then finally mixing in with the soft classical music.

He laid there on my back with his cock still inside my anus as I felt him start to go limp. His chest heaved in and out heavily on my back as he laid there on me gasping for air.

“Are you ok?” I whispered to him.

He nodded, “Give me a moment. It’s been a while…”

I laid there on my stomach as his fingers slowly ran circles around my nipples. My walls clenched tightly around his cock, wanting more than what was just given. Even the beasts in the Pit of Despair had more stamina than this guy.

The ground shook violently. Looking out the long windows, massive flames spewed from the ground into the sky, lighting up the massive cavern walls. Tortured souls screamed in pain and agony as I laid there with cum dripping out of my anus.

His cock slowly started to harden again as I worked my muscles on his shaft. Moaning and moving my ass on him, I stroked his cock until it was hard. He continued to not move as his breathing started to become normal again.

I felt his wings slowly slide down around me as his body went completely limp other than his cock inside ass. “Are you ready yet?” I whispered to him as I turned my head to look at his face out of the corner of my eye.

His eyes were shut as he laid there. I wiggled free from underneath of him and pushed him off of me. He rolled to his side and laid there, unmoving.

“Hey there,”—I nudged him with my hand.

His breathing continued to slow as did his chest.

I watched as his chest suddenly stopped. He was no longer breathing. His body shimmered for a moment then began to fade into dust.

What the fuck is going on here… he is already dead. How can this be? What if the curse was true? He found someone that could be his partner, so god took away his entire being, even his soul is destroyed now.

His eyes opened as his body continually turned into dust. I watched his mouth move, “I claim you the rightful queen of hell, the princess of darkness, Hailey.

My breath completely taken away, I laid there by him. His body shuttered for a moment as he groaned in pain, then turned completely to dust. What was left of him blew in the breeze, flying off the bed, around the room then out the window.

Standing up by the side of the bed, I looked around the room at his quarters. I could suddenly feel… everything. Every single tortured soul in hell, each demon’s beating heart, every man woman and child that entered the realm… I felt them.

I closed my eyes and focused on the new awareness I was given. Looking around, I saw the Pit of Despair and all the humans being used for pleasure. Willing myself there, I put my being in the middle of everything.

Every beast in the pit turned and looked at me, then kneeled. All creatures suddenly spoke, “Hail Hailey, the Queen of Hell, the Princess of Darkness!”

Over and over they repeated the chorus until I raised my hand. They stopped and stared. Apparently they were waiting for orders.

My pussy still wet with satisfaction from Lucifer, I willed the creatures over to my body. I needed more than just one demon, I needed them all.

Lust drove me as I willed each creature to focus on me. Standing in the middle of the horde of demons of all shapes and sizes, I felt my body being fondled all over.

Fire exploded around the Pit of Despair, which appeared to be a massive basin filled with demons, women and men being used for pleasure… until now. They all wanted a piece of the new Queen of Hell, and I wanted them back. I needed to feel each of their different bodies against mine, the tastes… the smells… I wanted it all.

Watching the demons, two came over towards me and kneeled, “Our Queen… how can we serve you?”

I replied firmly, “Lick my pussy and lick it good.”

They nodded in unison. Two other creatures to my left and right pulled my legs apart as I laid on my back. I felt them hold my legs tightly as the other two demons put their faces on my pussy and stuck out their long tongues, touching and using me.

One tongue wrapped around my clit. The tongue was soft yet firm as it pressed against me, moving about in random directions at varying speeds. I felt my back arch in pleasure as I willed two more creatures over to me.

Two massive demons stepped forth; they appeared to be the two demons that fucked me the night before. They were good. “Use me,” I said firmly as I stared at them.

They nodded and grabbed my breasts. The demon on my right used both hands on my chest and massaged me, fondling my tits in its enormous hands.

The other demon pushed its massive cock in my mouth. I could still taste the woman’s pussy on its cock. Whomever it was fucking before… tasted good. Almost sweet. The mix of tastes and smells enveloped my soul as I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on the pleasure.

“Oh god yes… just like that,” I whispered as the tongues slipped inside my pussy. Their fingers squeezed and pulled at my lips as I felt my walls constrict around the fingers, tightening in anticipation of the ever growing orgasm.

I needed the pleasure to be even higher. Unable to help myself, I forced my mind upon the creatures, willing them to penetrate me.

One of the demons that was licking my pussy grabbed its cock and stroked himself hard. He sat on my chest and pressed my tits together then fucked me. His rock hard shaft between my breasts slid up and down as I moaned in pleasure.

The other demon that was licking me kneeled in front of my pussy and slowly slid himself him. His cock arched inside of me and grew tight. My walls clenched tightly around him as I made eye contact with the creature sitting on my chest.

I felt a cock slide into each of my hands. Pleasuring them, I stroked faster and faster as each of the dicks between my fingers grew tight.

The dick inside my pussy slid out then back in, over and over as it groaned in pleasure. Without warning, the cock exploded its sticky hot cum inside me, pumping my pussy full of his milky substance. Grunting, the beast stood up and walked away, only to be replaced by another demon in the crowd.

I felt the next cock slide in, and then continue the fucking that the previous beast was doing. “Fill me up,” I said to the crowd. They all nodded.

Over and over, I watched as they stepped towards me, fucked my pussy then came inside. Some cocks were larger, others were smaller, but each filled me over and over.

I felt the cum from each beast mesh together into a sticky warm substance that dripped down my slit onto the warm ground.

Grunting, the demon fucking my breasts exploded onto my face. “Oh god!” I said as the surprised look on my face must have scared the beast.

The demon kept pumping it’s cum as I grabbed the cock and milked it onto my chest. “Cum on my chest, not my face!” The beast nodded in orgasmic pleasure as I felt another creature penetrate my pussy after the previous had finished.

Lying there, I pulled at the cocks on my left and right, sucking on them one at a time. The demon on the right tightened within my hand as I immediately put my mouth on the tip and pulled at him. The shaft tensed then started pumping cum into my mouth.

The milky sweet substance spilled out onto my tongue as I felt the other demon tense in my fingers. Quickly turning my head, I pushed the cock into my mouth and sucked on the tip. It exploded within my mouth, filling me to the brim with the glorious taste of demonic juices.

Swallowing, I looked around me at the various beasts. All of them looked at me with their limp cocks hanging between each of their legs.

I glanced down at my swollen red pussy. It was pouring cum onto the ground. The last beast continued to fuck me as it pressed its hairy body against mine. His horns curled over his head as he thrusted harder and harder into my tight little hole.

Groaning, he exploded within me. Pumping inside my pussy, I felt myself finally content with the pleasure. Oh shit… Oh god yes…! I felt myself start to orgasm.

Pleasure spiked through my pussy and up my chest, extending down to my fingers and toes. My back arched in pleasure, my eyes rolled back in my head as every atom in my body emitted pure erotic desire, pleasure, want and need for this orgasm.

The world spun around me as faint stars appeared in my head. I was blacking out from the orgasm. I could feel every spurt of juice from my pussy as I came. Each squirt spraying forth onto the beasts in front of me… if they were there.

Half moaning, half screaming, I writhed on the ground in complete satisfaction. Yes… that was what I was looking for. Go figure it took so many of these demons to satisfy me… but now, oh yes, now I can have this whenever I want.

I laid there for a moment, basking in the glorious post orgasm pleasure.

Smiling, I stood up and willed myself back into Lucifer’s room.

He was standing there. Lucifer.

“Your test is now complete. I had to know what you would do if you were in control of my forces. Now I know. You will make fine bride.”

My mouth dropped.

“Come now. Rest and enjoy the first night of the rest of your life, for tomorrow… we lead our legions in the destruction of heaven.”

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