Ravaged by Aliens Part 3: THE LAB

Ravaged by Aliens



Book Three





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Ravaged by Aliens: The Lab is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Ravaged by Aliens Series


With the entire female gender dead by a mysterious disease, they turn to earth for repopulation.


After a several day journey with Xeno, the alien who has taken to her, Katie finds herself on the alien’s home world in a lab.


Probed, used and tested upon, she lays there unable to move as the alien scientists attempted learn more about human sexuality through various methods. Unable to conceive, the various alien species take turns attempting to seed her.


Will the aliens finally have success? Will the alien race be saved? Read on to find out in the sexy conclusion of Ravaged by Aliens!


Ravaged by Aliens

the lab


I awoke. Attempting to open my eyes, I realized I couldn’t see… or my eyelids weren’t responding. My hands were bound to something cold and metallic. Panic rushed over my body as I struggled to break free of the bindings.

Opening my mouth to scream, nothing came out. Oh fuck… what is going on. How long have I been out?! Focus Katie. Focus. Everything will be alright.

The last thing I remembered was lying in bed with Xeno. He told me today was the day that the mother ship would be landing on the alien’s home world. He also said I should rest well for I will need my energy today. What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Jesus.

Something brushed against my leg as I heard murmurs in an alien dialect around me. Unable to speak, move or even scream, I laid there. Waiting.

A cool breeze wafted over my body as I suddenly realized I was completely naked on the table. The panic returned, sending adrenaline coursing through my veins as I struggled at the braces on my hands. Kicking my feet proved to be entirely useless as they were bound as well.

Two hands grabbed onto my legs and held them firmly in place as I heard something speak, “Calm down. Nothing is going to hurt you. We simply need to… learn more about your kind. It seems the seeding process did not go well on the journey here. We need to find out why.”

I relaxed my muscles. Ok… at least they are talking. Shit, this would be a lot easier and less scary if they would just allow me to see.

“We understand your species likes to be aware of what is happening around you, but trust me, for right now… you will want your eyes closed. Your surroundings will be quite a shock to your system. In time you will understand.”

The hands on my legs still held me firmly as I felt another hand slowly start to slide up towards my inner thigh.

“You will need to relax and stay calm. Just focus your mind on something peaceful. Perhaps on a boyfriend back on Earth? We need your vaginal area to be secreting its juice.”

Jesus fuck. Seriously. The sooner I do this, the sooner I can get out of here I guess.

Focusing my mind, I imagined Xeno lying beside me. His hands running up my thigh and pulling my pussy lips apart then sliding his tongue up and down my wet little slit. My hand reaching down and touching his rock hard—

Suddenly I felt my legs spread and the other hand glide up to my pussy. It ran from my anus up to the pinnacle of my slit. The murmurs continued. My eyes suddenly caught outlines of beings looking down at me with a bright light just above my head.

Something cold and hard pushed inside my pussy. It stayed there, just inside. The thing started to vibrate slowly as I laid there. Sweat started to trickle down my face even though the room was quite chilly.

What are they doing… this is insane! I can’t believe I am here, being probed and used by these creatures. Focus Katie. Just focus.

My mind wandered back to Xeno. I thought about him in front of me, stroking his hard cock as he looked down at my bare body there in the spaceship. Groaning as his shaft tightened, he reached down and massaged my breasts, twirling my nipples in between his long fingers. My eyes focused on his face. It was somewhat… human, except for the glowing symbols on his forehead, long slender body and oddly shaped fingers.

“Good… Good… just keep doing whatever you are doing,” the alien said as I felt the cold object in my pussy vibrate faster.

Snapping back into my head, I focused on Xeno again. His hard cock teasing my clit, rubbing against my outer lips as he slid it up and down, wanting me… needing me. My body craved him beyond any man on earth. No human could please me like Xeno could.

My eyes suddenly opened.

“Quickly, turn that dial!” I heard one of the aliens say.

My vision went dark once again, but not before I could get a glimpse of my surroundings.

The room was pitch black other than the eight… maybe nine aliens standing over me. They appeared to be different races, or species. One was covered in fur with large horns curling around its outer ears, much like a minotaur. The next looked similar to Xeno, other than its deep red eyes and massive array of eyes nearly circling its head. The other creatures were blended into the darkness, but I saw their outlines. Some large… some small… but many. Perhaps more than I noticed.

The murmurs continued as I laid there. Immediately I felt the cold object inside my pussy slip deeper inside. It felt… quite pleasurable, even though it was frigid.

I heard another voice, it was familiar, “What are you guys doing?!”

Xeno! My god it’s Xeno! No fucking way.

“This is a restricted area. You know that. Leave now.”

Xeno replied, “I’m not leaving without her. You guys have no right to use her like this, you know that!”

Struggling with my legs, I felt the hands grip me and hold me in place again. “Guards, take him away.”

I heard grunts followed by a slamming door.

This can’t be that bad… I wonder why he was so frustrated. He knew this was going to happen… unless. Oh god. Maybe they are going to do something to me that I won’t enjoy.

“Bring her eyesight back. She’ll be fine,” I heard a voice say.

My eyes opened, returning my vision to me. Blurred outlines of the creatures surrounding me came into my field of view as I turned my head attempting to look down at my vaginal area.

Two hands held my lips apart as a creature slid the thin silvery item in and out of my pussy. Several of the creatures had some sort of device in their hands, taking notes as the other creatures looked at monitors.

Needles were pushed into my arms and hooked up to machines that poured out data for the aliens as I laid there. They kept murmuring to each other and looking down at me, nodding their head.

A large alien stepped forward into the light. My eyes looked him up and down. With two arms sprouted out of each side of his body with large hands at the end of each, he grinned at me.

Walking over in front of my open legs, he spread apart his cloak and revealed two massive cocks. Thick ridges spun around each of the shafts with lines of bumps running down the sides.

They are going to fuck me? Seed me? I guess that’s what I am here for. Perhaps they have determined this would be the best species for me to mate with.

It stood in front of me, as it reached down and grabbed its cocks. He stroked them as his other two hands pulled out the silver item and gave it to one of the other aliens.

Bending down, he sniffed at my pussy then came up with a grin on his face, “You’ll do nicely.”

I nodded furiously, still unable to speak as I laid there, bound and strapped to the table.

His two free hands reached down and felt my pussy, sliding up and down my wet little slit. Grunting, the alien slipped two fingers inside and started milking me. My back suddenly arched in pleasure as I immediately went from slightly turned on to full on sex rage. He found my spot without even trying.

This alien is good. Damn. I’ve never had anyone find my spot that quickly, not even Xeno or my husband back on Earth. Shit… up until last week, I had never even gotten off by a man.

I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers, locking them in place as my hips moved in motion with his hands. Moaning to myself without even hearing it escape my lips, I felt myself start to reach an intense orgasm. Juices dripped down my wet slit onto the floor as his fingers moved faster and faster inside me.

The creatures surrounding the table kept taking their notes as they watched. A few of them were talking with each other as they inspected the machines and glanced over at me with each movement of my hips.

Grunting, the alien in front of me pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the tip of its top cock. The bottom shaft flitted around my anus, searching for the hole as it wiggled around slowly.

With his hands on my hips, the creature pushed itself into me. The tip of its cock went in first, making the way for its enormous shaft. My walls expanded and tightened around the thick tip as it grunted and thrusted inside.

Oh fuck… this is intense. I’ve never had a cock like thi—

My thoughts were cut off as orgasm spread throughout my body. Energy pulsed from my fingertips down to my toes as my eyes closed and my body shook. If I could scream, I would.

The alien pulled out then thrusted inside again. My walls tightened in response.

As I looked around, the aliens were talking among each other again, some leaning in for a better view. The big hairy alien to my right tilted the light from my head down to my pussy. A few aliens started running some sort of scan over my body as green lines shot out from small devices in their hands as I came.

The pleasure spiked again as I felt the creature push his second cock into my anus. It felt like the tip was secreting some sort of sex lube as it slipped right in.

Grunting, the beast grinned at me and thrusted, sending my body backwards on the table. Without the straps, I would have been thrown onto the floor.

With the both cocks deep inside my pussy, I felt them tighten. The creature held onto my hips and dug its fingernails into me as it watched my face.

I nodded to the creature just before he exploded inside me. Every ridge on the cock sent my body into convulsions of pleasure and orgasm as he came. Pumping over and over inside me, I felt my pussy being filled by the alien.

He leaned over and grabbed my breasts, twirling his fingers around my nipples. His face neared mine as his long tongue left his mouth and curled around inside my mouth. A light red sweat poured down his face as both shafts inside me kept tightening and pumping cum.

Groaning, the creature massaged my breasts as I finally felt both of the cocks go limp. Slowly pulling them both out, I heard the cum drip onto the floor as I laid there recovering from my last orgasm.

My breath wouldn’t return to me as I breathed heavily on the table. Residual convulsions of pleasure rippled through my body as a smile spread across my face.

Finally my breath slowed as the creatures each took a turn walking in front of my open legs and bent over, looking at my swollen, cum leaking pussy. They each wrote notes down on their little devices and talked with each other, nodding back and forth as they pointed to various parts of my body.

One creature, the one that looked similar to Xeno, walked over and took out a small device. The pregnancy tester device. He set it on my stomach. The screen appeared.

Each of the aliens looked at the device in anticipation as the room grew silent.

Finally one of them spoke softly and glanced to each of the other creatures. He smiled and nodded to me, “Good. Yes, you have done well. We will need you to rest now, for tomorrow you will be ready.”

Ready for what?! The fuck is this alien talking about?! God I wish I could talk right now.

He pulled out a long syringe and stuck it into my arm.

Suddenly I felt my eyes close.



I awoke. My body felt completely rejuvenated from the night before.

Looking around, the room appeared to be some sort of massive bedroom. I was lying on my back in the middle of the bed. My hands made their way down my sides. A dress? No… a nightgown. It’s cute too! A little, white, frilly nightgown.

My eyes wandered around the rest of the room. Large green crystals were in each of the corners of the room as each of them emitted a faint light.

Suddenly something wonderful filled my nose. Food?

Looking over at the side table, there was a platter of various types of fruits. Ravaged, I delved in, completely destroying every single one within minutes.

I laid back on the bed and rubbed my full stomach. Damn. That was good. I’m exhausted again. My eyes slowly drooped.

A knock at the door awoke me from my slumber. Xeno perhaps?

Without hesitation, the door opened and the room flooded with aliens. What. The. Fuck. They were all naked.

Another alien walked through the door last, he had white robe on and spoke, “We have decided it would be best to try a different method of seeding with you. These aliens will each try to fill you and we will be tracking the results. Given this method, I’m certain we will find the results we need.”

Jesus. They are all going to fuck me?! What the hell!! This should work though. Perhaps this is exactly what should have happened in the first place. I’m sure they will find a compatible match with me among all these various aliens.

Aliens of all shapes and sizes, some with tentacles, some with multiple cocks and appendages stood around me, all stroking their cocks as they stared at my body.

Grinning, the first creature walked up to the bed and bent me over the side. I watched as the other beasts stood there, stroking their long, thick, ribbed cocks while staring at me.

I felt hands, multiple hands run over my bare white ass as I lay there, bent over, staring at the bed in front of me. Focusing on good thoughts, family, friends and past lovers, I felt them touch my body. Fingers ran over my wet little slit, hands touched my breasts and cocks straightened in front of my face.

As weird as this is, it is kind of hot. I have always wanted to have group sex, although this is a bit weird.

One of the aliens walked over and ran its thick furry fingers up along my dripping slit. Jesus, I was fucking wet. I don’t know how, but damn. I was wet.

The fur was soft and turned me on as I heard a moan in the room. It didn’t sound like the groans at all… it sounded like me. Jesus, this is hot. Fuck it, I’m going to enjoy myself. I don’t see why not. These aliens will certainly give me something to remember. If my entire life on this planet is filled with times like these, I don’t see why I should ever even want to leave.

Moaning softly, I felt my hips move with the motions of the fingers slipping inside me. The fur rubbed on my skin and turned me on even more. One of the aliens made its way in front of me with its hard cock in front of my mouth. Looking up at its face, it bared a toothy grin, “Just enjoy yourself. Everything will be alright. These are some of the most talented creatures on this planet.”

I grabbed the cock and shoved it into my mouth, sucking on it furiously without reservation. The aliens swarmed around me, stroking themselves and staring at my body. Feeling my pussy with my other hand, I ran my fingers around my clit, further turning myself on, pushing myself into an orgasm. My hips moved quickly in motion with the alien’s fingers, wanting his body against mine as I moaned inpleasure.

A girthy shaft started to push its way into me as several of the hands fondled and massaged my breasts. Fingers rolled around my nipples, hardening them, and others ran into my anus. Groaning, I felt the cock push deeper inside me, my juices easily allowing the dick to slip inside.

Ridges ran around the cock as it went inside. I felt every single bump along the thick shaft as it slowly went deeper and deeper. Focusing my mind on the pleasure, I couldn’t help but wonder where Xeno was.

My walls massaged the shaft as it continued to work its way into me. It moved. Holy shit it moved. This alien has control over its cock just like I have control of my fingers and hands. This is insane. Oh god, if the girls back at home ever heard about this… they would never want to leave either.

The cock expanded and compressed inside me, bulging and softening back and forth as I felt it pull itself out then push back in. The bumps and ridges only heightened my pleasure. My body lurched forward on the bed as it thrusted deep inside.

Groans of ecstasy echoed throughout the room as I sucked on the alien’s cock in front of me. I wrapped my hands around the creature’s hips, holding him in my mouth. The dick tasted sweet, like honey, and made for a very erotic experience, certainly nothing like I’ve ever had before. Even Xeno didn’t taste this good.

Thrusting harder and faster, I felt the alien’s nails dig into my hips as it pulled me into full penetration. The alien’s sack hung low and slapped against my ass as it held itself inside me. It felt like the creature was in my stomach it was so deep. Pain and pleasure exploded throughout my body as I felt another alien lick my anus.

Looking back at the beast violating me, I saw their tongues elongate and slip into my anus, writhing around inside me, tasting and wanting me for their own pleasure. Little did they know, but I wanted them too.

I grinned at them as I pulled myself off of the alien and laid down on the floor, “You two,”—I pointed at two of the aliens standing there jacking off, — “Fuck me.”

The two aliens had long tentacles writhing around their backs, long snouts protruding from their thick black hair that hung over their heads.

They walked over to me. One of the aliens lifted me up and laid underneath of me as I kissed down his neck. The other alien kneeled behind me, flicking his tongue in my anus. Groaning, I felt the beast under me push his thick girthy cock into my tight little wet pussy.

I moaned as it went deeper inside as my walls grasped onto him. The ridges on the cock felt like nothing I had ever felt before as he pulled out then thrusted even deeper. Holy shit this is amazing, I thought to myself as the alien grabbed onto my breasts and ran its tongue in circles around my hard little pink nipples as it thrusted inside me.

My walls tightened around the cock, not wanting it to leave as I felt his tongue reach my skin. Thick saliva dripped down from his mouth as he kissed me, pulling my body into his and sending ripples of pleasure throughout my body.

The alien behind me pulled out his tongue and thrusted his cock into my anus. The slippery spit from his mouth made for an amazing, tingly lube as he pulled out then pushed back in. The ridges on the cock felt even better inside my anus than in my pussy as the two cocks went in and out.

Hot breath hit my face as the beast below me looked into my eyes. I swear it was smiling at me. Putting my head down next to his, I felt his hand wrap around my head and run through my hair. “Fuck me. Please fuck me hard,” I groaned as the alien grinned at me.

The two aliens grabbed on tightly to me and ravaged my holes as they pumped me as hard as they possibly could. Jesus these aliens have stamina. Most men don’t make it nearly this long, I thought to myself as I felt my holes tightening around the thick shafts.

Both cocks tightened at the same time, then exploded within me. Hot cum pumping inside my holes, I could feel both beasts shudder in complete intimate pleasure. Panting and dripping sweat, they kept fucking me as they came over and over. The cum kept coming, over and over, for minutes as the juices dripped out my holes and pooling on the floor.

The lights on the walls dimmed as the aliens paced around the bed, waiting for their turn. Looking over at the clothed alien, he was furiously writing down notes on his device.

I couldn’t help but be turned on as they kept cumming. Fuck. How long can they cum for?! I thought to myself as the cocks spasmed over and over deep inside me. My hole was already sore, yet tender and oddly still wanting more.

Finally, both dicks went limp as their breathing slowed. I laid there on the beast, completely spent, “Jesus… thank you for that… maybe you will be the one,” I whispered as I placed a soft kiss on the alien’s nose.

The creature behind me pulled out and stood up, as did the one underneath of me. I followed suit as I laid there, completely naked with cum dripping out of my anus and pussy. The room smelled of pure erotic pleasure as the aliens grinned at me. Some had complete satisfaction on their face, others were ready for their turn.

Two aliens stood over me, jacking themselves furiously as I watched them. Their cocks were ready to explode. Opening my pussy lips for them, they walked over and started shooting their hot cum at my pussy. Sweating and grunting, they kept cumming until they were completely done. After what seemed like minutes, they backed away breathing heavily yet with a smile on their faces.

Another alien walked over, stroking itself. Grabbing the back of my head, it pushed its hard ridged cock deep down my throat. Grabbing its cock and squeezing tightly, I jacked it as hard as I could. I felt my pussy become penetrated by another dick as another creature managed to push itself underneath of me as I kneeled in front of this alien, sucking his cock.

The alien underneath of me thrusted his dick deep inside my pussy as I laid there writing in pleasure. Wiggling around inside me, I felt myself wanting to cum again. My body shook with excitement as my walls massaged and tightened around the thick shaft. I wanted more, somehow, god I wanted more. The aliens seemed to know this as two more of them walked up to each of my sides and placed their cocks near my face.

I grabbed each cock in one of my hands and sucked on the one in front of me as the alien underneath of me thrusted in and out of my pussy, milking me for all I was worth.

The cocks in my hands thickened as I stroked them, growing larger and larger. Groaning, I felt them reach down and massage my breasts, rubbing my pink little nipples between their fingers. My breasts were sore, but it still felt amazing.

The alien underneath of me slapped my ass hard as he fucked me. Grabbing tightly and holding me in place, I felt him spank me over and over.

Sucking on the cock in front of me, the alien pushed his cock deep down my throat, gagging me and forcing me to cough. The world spun around me as stars started to enter my vision. I felt him explode down my throat, over and over. My walls tightened on the cock deep in my pussy as I choked.

The alien pulled its cock out of my throat and immediately the creature on my left shoved itself deep into my mouth and immediately started to cum. The dick expanded with each orgasm as it came over and over deep into my throat. My tongue licked up and down on its shaft as it came. I wanted to taste it so badly.

Pushing the alien’s cock out, so it would cum on my tongue, he immediately pushed my head back down onto to the cock and back down my throat. Gagging, I thought to myself, I don’t know how much more of this I can take! Fuck!

Groaning, he pulled his cock out as I coughed and sputtered for air. Tiny black dots spun around my vision as the alien underneath of me kept thrusting inside my pussy. Looking down at him, his muscles bulged as he pushed me down on his cock, sending his hard dick so far up my pussy, I swear it ripped something.

Pain exploded through my body as my vision blurred and stars filled the room. Wavering there, unable to move, I felt another cock push into my mouth and back down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it back and forth as the creature underneath of me went into a furious rage and fucked me without restraint.

I felt another alien grab my hand and wrap my fingers around its hard cock as it moved my hand up and down its shaft. Wanting to keep them happy, I had to do better. This test must succeed. What would happen if I didn’t satisfy them?! I had to cooperate. Focusing, I brought myself back into reality as I looked up and saw three more aliens walking towards me, all stroking themselves. Each of their shafts were massive and covered with thick pulsing veins.

Mother of god… this is insane!

My body bent over as I felt a cock slip into my anus. Both cocks were thrusting in and out of my pussy and ass as the alien in front of me pushed my head deep down on his dick and started pumping its hot cum down my throat.

Stroking the alien on my left, I felt his cock expand and start to cum as well. Hot sticky juice ran my down my breast as I felt it ping against my skin with such force it almost hurt. Grunting, the alien pushed my hand away and onto another alien’s cock.

I had no choice. I had to finish this.

Pushing myself to my absolute limit, I stroked the next beast as I felt him start to cum as well. Thick hot cum exploded onto my face over and over as he came. Dripping into my mouth, I licked it with my tongue, invigorating me. I swabbed some of the cum and pushed it into my pussy along with the alien’s shaft.

Both cocks inside me tightened and started pumping deep inside my holes as I groaned. My entire body was sore and numb from all the cocks, hands, fingers and bodies.

With a smile on my face, I laid there, completely spent trying to catch my breath. Slowly, the aliens pulled out then walked out of the room, followed by the rest of the crowd.

The last alien remained, the clothed one, “Good job. You have done well. We have all the information we need. It seems we finally have a winner.”

I was barely able to talk, but managed to muster up a whisper, “Who seeded me?”

He looked down at his pad, “Apparently it was the very first time you had sex with our species. It was with the alien you call Xeno.”

Staring at him for a moment, I replied, “You all said it never worked the first time!”

The alien kept his eyes on his pad, “Apparently there was some sort of delay with your body. Perhaps even mixing with other creature’s sperm made it so your vaginal cavity responded with the seeding process. Congratulations, you are now pregnant.”

Jesus. All this sex and it happens to be that Xeno was the one who seeded me. Overall… I’m happy though. I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

He looked over at me, “You should probably shower and get cleaned up. I believe Xeno will be stopping by later.”

I nodded and walked over to the door. “I’ll need to get to the showers, wherever that may be.”

The alien handed me a device, “Point this at any door and press these two buttons,”—he pointed at two of the symbols on the item, — “you now have full access to this facility. I hope you enjoy your stay on our planet!”

Smiling to myself and dripping with cum, I opened the door and walked down the hallway.

Xeno… pregnant… this is one hell of a life! I wonder what else awaits me on this new planet…

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