Prison Bunk Buddies

Prison Bunk Buddies

Three Big Bears

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Prison Bunk Buddies a new adult erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual themes and some violence. Intended for mature audiences. This is the third book in a series.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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Sex sells in this prison.


Jack thought being in prison for 10 years would be pretty tough. He finds out things aren’t so bad when his roommate is thick, handsome, and to Jack, he is all that is man. Let’s just say more than mingling happens with his roommate and other guys in the prison.

Three Big Bears

Day Seven 8 p.m.


I slept like a rock that afternoon. Damn Marco was amazing. If only we had been able to have more time together, I could have really shown him how much I care for him. Damn prison rules.

I watched Marco get off the bed then slip on his pants and shirt. His tight abs were covered in sweat as was mine. The air was heavy with sex. Still sore from last week, I finally felt at peace with what had happened. Those men were brutal and my body still bruised, but all in all, I made it out alright. I was going to let that one event scar me for life.

Marco bent over and picked up his shoes off the floor. My mind wandered as I watched his big hairy ass bend over right in front of me. God what I wouldn’t give to have just a few more hours with him. “Would you want to get together tonight?” I asked as I rolled over and sat on the side of the bed. I ran my hand down his leg, feeling his thick muscles underneath his orange pants.

“That would be cool. Although there’s this new thing some of the guys have been doing. They call him ‘the machine.’ Apparently he is some guy who claims to be able to get off any other guy within 30 seconds. I think I’m going to check him out.”

The guards have been placing bets on who can last the longest. Whoever wins gets a pack of smokes. I had already burned through the half pack I had received just a few days before. Shit, why not?

“Sounds good, let’s check it out. Where does this happen at?” I said as I watched Marco turn around in the cell doorway. “He comes here at midnight in the middle of the floor out there; he was here last night, but you distracted me,” he said as he winked slyly.

I smiled at him and laid back onto the bed, closing my eyes and thinking of the night ahead of me. My mind wandered back to when I was straight. I never realized how much better I connected with guys than with woman. It seems like they just ‘get’ me. I had always found men attractive, but growing up in a conservative household it was any sort of gay or sex-positive lifestyle was out of the question and considered taboo.

My father was straight as was my mother, go figure all of my relatives were as well. Going to church every Sunday was difficult as the boy who sat next to me was very attractive, but I figured it wasn’t what my family would have wanted or even God. So I pushed the feelings aside. Finally being in prison I’ve been able to get away from society and the intense discrimination of the lifestyle, not to mention getting away from my family’s judging eyes.

When I get out of here, no way am I going back to a straight lifestyle; it’s just not who I am anymore. Maybe… just maybe I could stay in contact with Marco. He seems to really get me as I do him, but would our relationship last outside of prison? Who knows?

My thoughts were cut off by Josh looking over the top of the bunk, “Hey man, I heard you were going tonight to see the machine. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal around here. I watched it last night and the guy is a beast when it comes to sex. I’m not one to be able to control when I cum, so I’m sure I wouldn’t last long. The guy is fuckin’ hot too.”

I put my hands behind my head, “Yeah, it seems like it could be interesting. I’ll watch and perhaps join in if Marco does. We’ll see. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll feel watching Marco get fucked by another guy, if that happens.”

God. What if I flip out watching Marco get fucked? I know Marco and I are only together messing around, but thinking about it now… I don’t know if I could watch him. What if I freak. Jesus, that would be embarrassing. As I laid there thinking, my eyes closed and my mind drifted into darkness thinking about Marco with another guy.


Day Seven 11:45 p.m.


I jolted awake, covered in sweat. I glanced at the clock outside the cell. 11:45pm. Nice. Rubbing my eyes, I walked over to the sink and splashed water on my face. I heard snores from the top bunk. I glanced outside the cell and looked toward the doors. The guards were changing out.

This is going to be an interesting night. I thought to myself as I considered the possibilities of what may or may not happen with the machine, my emotions and feelings. It’s not like Marco and I are dating. We aren’t together. He’s still with Brock and I still owe Brock my life. I still couldn’t help but feeling insecure in the thought of him sleeping with another guy, especially right in front of me. God.

I sat on the edge of the bed thinking… I heard a loud buzz then all the cell doors opened. Finally. I stood up and walked out, looking around for Marco. I saw him walking towards me. I waved slightly with my hand and smiled. He nodded to me and jogged over. “Hey buddy, get a good rest in? I think you’ll need it tonight!” he said excitedly.

“I did, I passed the fuck out after you left. I’m feeling good now though,” I said as I jumped up and down on the tip of my toes and pretended to throw punches in the air like a boxer. He laughed and slipped his arm around my waist.

“Did you see the machine yet?” He said as he glanced around the room.

“Not yet,” I replied. Everyone seemed to be hanging out in small groups talking. Some of the guys had sat in a circle and started playing cards while others had immediately started hooking up within the different cells. A few of the cells had white sheets put up. I guess they wanted their privacy.

Glancing at the guard’s room, I saw several of them in there talking with this guy. The guy was about 5’11”, athletic build, tanned skin and flawless complexion. The guy looked to be in his mid-twenties with a 5 o’ clock shadow covering his face. He looked my way, catching me staring. Smiling at me, I felt my heart melt and my cock harden. Jesus. I glanced away quickly.

Marco must have been staring too because had stopped in his tracks as well. “I suppose that’s the guy?” I said as I slipped my arm around his back.

“I suppose so,” he said as he looked at me and smiled.

The guy walked out of the room followed by the two guards. Walking up to us, I felt my face immediately blush. Fuck. This guy is hot. An easy 10 for any guy, gay or not.

“Hey there guys!” He said as he walked up and reached out his hand. I took his in mine and shook it, then pulled him close in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his warm body against mine. God it felt good. His back was firm as I slipped my hand down towards his ass involuntarily.

“I’m Jack,” I said as I withdrew from his embrace. “Adam,” he replied, smiling at me. I noticed his eyes were a deep green; they drew me in as I looked into them, peering into his soul. I felt a kindness emanate from him as he stared at me.

I was expecting this guy to be attractive, but not fucking model sexy. Jesus Christ. This makes me even more insecure if he were to get with Marco. Although… if we were to all three get together… I think I would be alright with that plan.

Adam looked at me, still smiling, “Want to have some fun?” he said with a subtle eagerness in his voice. He wanted to fuck me. Right then and there. God I wanted to drop my pants at that very second then bend over and feel him inside me, filling me up with his juices. Instead I simply felt my face redden.

Marco piped up, “Sure, I’m down.” Adam looked over at him, “Alright, let’s play then. We don’t have too much time, but I’m guessing I can have your load in 3 minutes flat.”

I watched as Marco blushed. I still wasn’t able to make words come out of my mouth as I could just see my face turning ten shades of red and looking like an idiot. Adam ran his hand down Marco’s chest then slipped his hand over his groin. I could tell Marco was already hard. His pants were pushed out as his cock nearly peaked out the top of his beltline. I wanted to push Adam out of the way and slip Marco’s dick into my mouth claiming it as my own. That wouldn’t fly for very long, I’m sure of it.

Adam quickly ran his hand down into Marco’s pants as I watched him stroking him. Adam pushed himself against Marco, kissing him deeply and running his other hand around his neck. Kissing down his chest, Adam slowly pulled down his pants and licked up his shaft around then around the tip. His tongue went in circles around Marco’s shaft then slowly slid down the shaft.

Marco moaned as he stumbled backwards a half step against the wall and slid down to his butt. Groaning, he put both hands on Adam’s head and pushed him down on his cock. I watched as Adam’s tongue slipped out of his mouth as he thrusted his head up and down on Marco’s dick. Feeling myself harden, I subconsciously started massaging myself. This was fucking hot.

Marco’s eyes rolled back in his head as Adam deep throated him over and over. Adam reached under his shaft and grabbed his sack, massaging that as well. Both hands moved their way to his shaft and stroked while Adam blew him. His saliva dripped down his shaft and pooled at the base of his cock as sounds of slurping and sucking grew louder around them both.

Marco’s thick hairy body trembled as his legs straightened hard. His legs wrapped around Adam’s back, pulling him closer and holding his body down on his shaft. God damn this guy knew how to suck a dick!

Watching Adam, I couldn’t imagine I could last even this long with this guy. Jesus fuck. Adam pushed his head down on Marco’s shaft. I saw the base of his cock tighten then loosen. He’s fucking cumming. Adam kept sucking on him as he came. Marco put his hands down on the floor and groaned deeply, baring his teeth. His body released and relaxed.

I watched as the guard clicked a stopwatch.

Adam kissed Marco on the tip of his cock, then up his chest to his face. After a light peck on his lips, he stood up and wiped his mouth. “Damn. That was good. Some guys don’t taste all that great, but wow. I could go again for that later.”

The guard looked at him, “Two minutes, twenty two seconds. You were faster than you thought, well played.” Adam looked at the guard and nodded smiling. “My best was 18 seconds. I think the guy had never been with another guy before.” He glanced at me as I laughed nervously. Little did he know, I was new to men as well.

Adam walked over to me and put his face close to mine, he breathed his hot breath in my face. I could smell Marco on him still. That turned me on almost as much as he did… maybe more. He looked me up and down, “How about you? Think you can do better?” he said as he grinned at me. I nodded, “Good luck.”

He kissed on my neck lightly. His rough shadow of a beard scratched on my neck as he kissed downwards, the same way he did with Marco. I felt his hand run over my groin, grabbing for my shaft. I was already hard from watching him suck Marco dry. His hand rubbed on me faster and faster as he pulled my shirt over my head and kissed on my nipples. Sucking and biting on me, his hand went down my pants and wrapped around my shaft, stroking it slowly and lightly.

I moaned uncontrollably as he grabbed on me. The biting turned me on even more as I slipped my hand down his pants and grabbed his cock. He was big. Not huge, but big. The comfortable size. I stroked him in my hand as he kissed downwards and slipped off my pants. I released his cock from my hand as he got on his knees. His warm mouth enveloped my tip, then shaft, then all the way down to my sack.

His warm hand flitted around my anus with his other hand on my balls, rubbing me tenderly. I felt as my shaft went all the way down his neck. As he gagged on me, his walls massaging my cock as he coughed. Pulling his head off of me, he stroked harder and harder. He was trying to get me to cum. Focus on something not sexy – my dog. I love my dog; he’s such a great German Shepard. So loyal, I thought to myself as he pulled on my cock.

“Cum for me,” he whispered as he grabbed tightly and ran his thumb in circles on the tip of my cock while jacking me with his other hand. I felt my nerves relax as I felt my cock swelling to release for him. My dick throbbed, wanting to burst within his hand.

I looked over at Marco as he played with me. I wonder if he is feeling the same way I was earlier. I wonder if he is cool with me messing around with other people. Is he insecure or jealous in any way?

Adam bent over and slipped down his pants, “Fuck you sexy piece of man meat, fuck me like you mean it,” he said in a half whimper. I grabbed the base of my cock and put the tip on his anus, then pressed slowly into him. His walls were tight. As I slid in and out of him, my cock continued to throb. God I wanted to cum so badly.

Somehow he was able to make his muscles contract around my shaft as I felt his ass massaging me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself…

Looking around, other guys had come to watch. A few cheered me on while others cheered at Adam. They all wanted a piece of him or a smoke. One or the other. My mind snapped back onto Adam as he grabbed my legs and pushed myself deeper into him, all the way to my sack. His warm anus wrapped around my entire shaft, wanting me… milking me… God damn.

I felt myself start to cum, then stop. Yes! Hold on just a bit longer.

Adam pulled himself off of me and turned around, once again grabbing my cock. “You will cum for me, you will cum for me so fucking hard, all over my face,” he said as he stroked me harder and harder. I willed myself not to cum for him as badly as I could. I had never been able to hold myself for this long on the verge of cumming. The feeling was glorious.

He slipped a finger inside my ass as he grabbed my sack with his other hand and pushed his head down on my shaft over and over. His head bobbed furiously on my cock as he stroked me. “Cum for me, cum for me,” he groaned. The vibrations of his moaning gave me the final push over the edge. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

He pulled at my cock as it tensed then released. I blew in his mouth, then on his face as he pulled my cock out. I pumped my hot cum all over him. Watching it drip down his chin onto his chest, then to his cock, I kept going. Tense… pump. Tense… pump. Tense… pump. My load went everywhere. Jesus Christ. I’ve never had an orgasm like this. Will it ever end? I kept going, as he pushed my cock back into his mouth and sucked on me. I felt the feelings slowly subside as my cock grew sensitive.

Shuddering while he sucked out the last few drops of my semen, I couldn’t help but smile and feel at peace.  I wonder if I broke the record… That wasn’t bad at all. I thought to myself as a giddy feeling rushed over me.

Adam kissed the tip of my dick then up my chest to my face. Smiling at me, he wrapped his hands around my head and thrusted his tongue against mine. We played with each other for a moment before he released. “You are amazing,” he whispered as he licked his lips and wiped off his face with his sleeve. “I don’t know how you were able to last that long, but damn. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

I looked at him and smiled, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did as well. Thank you for that!”

The guard looked at me, “Thirteen minutes and eight seconds. Well done my friend,” he said as he pulled out a pack of smokes and tossed them at me. Adam nodded his head towards my cell, “Want to chill for a few?”

“Sure,” I said, and then looked over at Marco, “Want to come hang?” I said to him.

Marco smiled at me and walked towards my cell with Adam and I. As we walked in, I packed the smokes and pulled one out for each of us. Handing a smoke to Adam then one to Marco, we all three lit up together. “That was some good sex,” I said, breaking the silence, “You were amazing…”

Adam looked at me, “You were too, that was a lot of fun.”

My body felt high, almost stoned from the sex. The guy was good, but not as good as Marco. At least in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the emotions tied to Marco that made the sex so much better. The feeling of being so close to someone and knowing they like you back just made things more intense.

Adam definitely knew what he was doing when it came to sex, maybe even more so than Marco, but the emotions and feelings behind the sex is what made it all the better to me at least.

Smiling at Adam I said, “What made you get into this gig?”

He looked at me and replied as he took a deep drag on his cigarette, “Honestly, I have always been good at getting other men off. Maybe it’s my looks or maybe it’s just how I handle myself, but it’s something I enjoy and can do really well. I figured if I can make a few bucks here and there at different prisons through the guards, why not do it?”

“Fair enough,” I replied, “I’ve actually only recently been gay. I’ve always thought I was straight my whole life, but growing up in a conservative family… it’s always held me back. Only since I’ve been in prison, and meeting Marco, have I been able to truly express who I am without shame.”

Marco smiled at me, “I’m glad you think so highly of me, are you sure it isn’t just an infatuation?”

I looked over at Marco as I smoked, “I mean, I don’t know you that well. But I know you are a decent guy, fun to be around and it seems like we just ‘get’ each other you know?”

Marco replied, “I get that feeling. For some reason it feels like I’ve known you my whole life. Almost like a brother, but much more than that.”

I heard a fight break out in front of our cell. Glancing that way it appeared as if two guy were kicking the shit out of this guard. Another guard jumped in, but got pummeled by two other guys.

A loud siren went off.



Day Eight 2 a.m.


The siren continued to ring as I walked up to the door of my cell and looked at the guard’s room. Three guys had gotten inside and were beating the living piss out of the two guards in there. All the men inside the prison besides us three in our cell were making a huge mess out of everything. Toilet paper, clothes, and paper seemed to rain down from the sky as the hooting and hollering grew louder and louder.

I glanced back at Adam and Marco, “The fuck is going on?”

They both looked at me and shrugged. Maybe they didn’t give a fuck, but Jesus, I did. I just want to do my time and get out of here. All these fuckers are going to mess that up as those corrupt lawyers are going to simply lock us in here and tack on another five years.

A burley tattooed guy without his shirt, ran up with a chair and threw it at the siren on the wall. The loud blare came to an end, but the ruckus didn’t. Several of the men inside the guard’s room had begun trying to beat down the door. They had completely shredded the equipment in the room and were attempting to get out. Like that was going to do anything. They get out of here and they are going to just get shot. The dumbfucks.

I turned around and sat on the bed next to Adam, “Well. Looks like we might be here for a while,” I said as I attempted a laugh.

He returned the laugh, “At least we got smokes right?” Marco chimed in with a laugh of his own. “Let’s throw up a curtain and snuggle. I’m fuckin exhausted and it’s chilly in here.”

I nodded, “Same here. Let those idiots do what they want. Come morning it will all be over either way. Hopefully by staying away we won’t get in the way or get shanked. Fuck that.”

I laid down in bed and wrapped my arms around Marco. Adam kicked off his pants and slid under the covers next to me. I felt his hard cock against me, causing my shaft to grow against Marco. Marco looked over his shoulder at me, “Feeling frisky?”

Smiling to myself, “Perhaps,” I said. Adam rubbed himself against me, causing myself to fully harden. My cock was sore from earlier, but tense and tight against Marco. God. This is a fantasy I’ve been wanting since I’ve been here. Perhaps it will finally come true. Two stunning men playing with me and me with them. What things are possible?

“I would like to try something new,” I said as I turned and looked at Adam, “I want you both within me at the same time.”

Adam looked at me, “I think we could do something like that.” His cock  pressed against my ass as I felt his hand slide over my shoulder, down my ribs and to my ass. Groping me, he pressed his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I felt his hand slip down to my anus and rub against my hole. His finger slipped in as I moaned in enjoyment.

“I think I could get used to this…” I whispered as he played with me.

Marco turned around towards me and kissed my face. He put his head between my legs and his cock at my face. I felt his mouth slip over me as his warm tongue slipped in circles around my tip. Sucking on me, he slowly started to stroke my shaft. My cock tightened as he stroked and licked on me. I felt his hand wrap around my sack while Adam was milking my anus. My body shook with excitement as I felt the hair on my arms stand on end.

I felt as his tongue flitted around my anus, my cock being stroked and sucked while I laid there in glorious passion. I felt like I could explode at any given moment. Trying to hold myself in, I sucked on his cock harder and harder. He grew firm and tight in my mouth. My hand felt the pulses of his cock as he groaned in enjoyment. “Are you enjoying this?” I whispered as I pulled him out of my mouth then immediately pushed him back into me.

“Oh god, just like that,” he replied, and then the feeling of him back on my cock returned. “Don’t stop… please… for the love of all that is good, please don’t stop.”

He went into a frenzy sucking on my shaft as he stroked harder and harder. I felt my cock go deep down his throat as he sucked on me under the covers.

I heard gunshots in the background followed by men screaming and fighting.

“Fuck me…” I whispered to Adam. I felt the tongue withdraw from my ass replaced by the hard tip of a cock. Him pushing into me drove me even harder. I sucked for all that I was worth. The smell of his shaft in my mouth, and feeling his chest against mine with Adam’s cock slipping into me was amazing. I could hardly hold myself as I felt myself wanting to cum. “Oh god… god yes… just like that,” I muttered as he sucked on me. His tongue circled my tip as he sucked. The sounds of his slurping on my cock were barely audible against the sounds of the men yelling, but I still heard it. This is amazing… I could never have dreamed of a better time in my life. Who would have known that I would be gay? Who would have known that I would be the one with two amazing, sexy, awesome men in my bed with me?

I pressed my body against his as I grabbed his hips and pushed him down my throat. Gagging on his cock, my throat massaged him while I stuck out my tongue and licked. I felt his cock tighten. No way was he allowed to cum yet. I withdrew him from my mouth and stroked slowly. His dick softened slightly. Not much, but enough to let me know that he wasn’t going to cum yet. Perfect.

I felt Adam grab my hips and pull my ass against him. Feeling his cock slip into my anus, I licked my tongue up and down on Marco. I heard Marco under the covers, “Fuck me.”

Marco turned around, and pushed his back up to me. I reached around and grabbed his shaft while I slipped my cock into his ass. He was still tight from earlier as I pressed myself into him. The tip entered followed by my shaft. Slowly but surely I went deeper and deeper. Adam pushed himself into me at the same pace. His shaft went all the way in, as did mine. We both started moving our hips in motion together, fucking and groping. I couldn’t imagine a better day.

His cock pressed deep into my ass. Feeling this, I returned the favor for Marco. I pressed deep into him as I held tightly on his hips. His back was sweaty as it rubbed against me in turn with our movements. Adam’s chest behind me was tight and muscular as every thrust of mine I felt him touch me. The smell of the sweat from all three of us turned me on even more as I quickened my movements.

Grabbing tighter and harder, my fingers dug into Marco as I released from his cock, focusing on fucking his ass with my hands reached around to his chest. My nails dug into his skin, as I fucked him as hard as I could. Moans escaped from my mouth and enveloped the area as we all three moved with the same motions at the same time. This kind of fucking I could get with doing every day. Jesus Christ.

Adam’s cock went deep into my ass, so deep I could feel it bump up into my stomach. My anus tightened around him as I squeezed my cheeks together. A deep animalistic moan came from one of us, I don’t know who. It turned me into an animal as I clenched my fingers as tight as I could on Marco and fucked him with all my might. I felt every muscle of mine tighten and clench as I pushed myself to my absolute limit. “TAKE IT! TAKE IT!” I yelled as I fucked him with everything I had.

Adam returned the favor as he furiously fucked me. My ass felt like it was being torn apart. The pain mixed with the pleasure kept me hard and pushed me to not stop. Thrusting as hard and as fast as I possibly could, the bed shook with passion. I felt myself ready to explode deep within Marco.

I felt Marco withdraw from me, holding his ass from my cock, “Turn around, I want a turn,” he said firmly. I glanced back at Adam who was baring teeth and fucking me with everything he had. “Turn around, I want to fuck you now,” I said to him as he slowed his movements.

We all three turned our positions while laying on the bed. I grabbed onto Adam’s ass and pushed myself into him. His ass was tighter than it was earlier, and felt amazing. My cock slipped deeply into his ass as I grabbed onto his hips, holding him firmly.

Marco reached around and grabbed my chest. While running his fingers around my nipples, he pushed himself into my anus. My ass grabbed onto him and slid up and down on his cock as I thrusted myself into Adam. We three easily slid on each other as fucked. The smell of sex, sweat and all that is man filled the room. The sounds of moans and groans filled the air around us as the sounds of the men outside the room continued to rise. The screams, gunshots and yelling continued as we held onto each other and fucked.

Marco held onto my nipples hard as he pushed himself all the way into me, and then slid back out. Back and forth he went into me. With each thrust I felt myself wanting to cum. Adam’s ass milked on my cock begging me to cum inside him as I fucked him. Thrusting back and forth harder and harder, we fell into a groove once again. I never wanted to stop.

Cocks went deep and cocks went firm as we all three fucked and pleasured each other for what seemed like eternity.

Finally, unable to hold myself any longer, I felt myself ready to cum. I felt my cock tighten then start releasing my hot semen deep within Adam. My body shook uncontrollably as the smell of the sweat and man filled my nostrils. I reached over and grabbed Adam’s cock and stroked him as I came. His hard cock in my hand made cum even harder as his ass milked my shaft. His anus tightened around my shaft as his body slid up and down on me while I came within him. I pressed myself all the way in and continued to release over and over, pumping him full of my hot cum.

Marcos cock tensed deep within my ass as I said, “I want to taste you,” to Adam. Marco fucked me with all his might as I felt his muscles tense against my back as he fucked my ass. I tightened my cheeks for him as I did for Adam minutes ago. He groaned deeply as I did.

Adam’s cock slid into my mouth. I grabbed his hips and pushed him down into me. The smells turned me on as did Marco fucking my ass. Groaning deeply, Marco started cum inside me. I felt his hot sticky cum fill my ass as he pumped and pumped. His cum squirted so hard up inside me as he thrusted into me. My ass was so tight as he came that I felt the cum leak out down out of my ass and press against his sack.

I sucked Adam’s cock as hard and deep as I possibly could. His cock tightened in my mouth as I felt his hot cum start pumping into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself as guttural animalistic sounds escaped my throat as he came. I swallowed him over and over after every pump of his cum hit the back of my throat. Marco kept releasing within me as I swallowed.

Everything was perfect. I couldn’t imagine the day getting any better, or a life getting any better. This time in prison will be the best time of my life… two men I enjoy, a lifestyle I enjoy… Yes. Everything is how it should be.

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