Jessica could hardly wait for “Sapphire Quinn” to reach its harbor. Even before her eyes witnessed mainland, suitcases were packed and a job report was ready for deliverance. The only task remaining was her salary: a bloated, white envelope was about to reward those few months on board.
She had never appreciated those wild, sandy beaches as much as she did at that moment. Alone and free, she was excited to inhale a bit of fresh breeze, to walk and swim in the shallow water.
She swam carelessly within the infinite blue surface, allowing the sea to reach all intimate parts of her body. Jessica had curves in all the right places, with golden curls and an innocent smile.
The shy waves dangling over her breathtaking body inserted a serious dose of magic during this supposedly quiet morning.
But suddenly, Jessica was not alone anymore.
“Take a look at the azure sky. Isn’t it magical?” a voice said.
Shock followed as a natural reaction. She tried to let go, but a pair of eyes, seeming to have stolen a piece of that azure magic, paralyzed her.
“Don’t run away,” the voice reassured.
She had no idea where he approached from.
How did he sneak up on her?
“But, who are you? Where did you appear from?” she asked.
Suddenly, flame and fury filled his eyes: “I wish I could take you into the depths, you beautiful maiden. My place is a haven of peace and my bed is the cradle of all love. Who doesn’t crave a world such as that one? I can show you paradise. “
It was extremely difficult to determine whether he was dangerous, honest, troubled with insanity, or a romantic liar, bothered by the insane wish to possess her. Whatever the case was, Mr. Sudden was quite confident about it, and she was curious.
Still, nothing about this man was ordinary. Significantly taller than the men she usually dated, her recent visitor had a surreal deepness to his look, silently concealed with her motionless fear to plunge inside the unknown. However, that quiet summer afternoon and the circumstances wrapped like his hands around her waist, the day spoke only of sin.
“I have to go,” she said, only half hoping he’d accept her answer.
While walking forward, she witnessed the most unexpected scenery.
The sea in front of her split in a long row, creating an incredible waterfall. She just froze, waiting for the depths to swallow her body, as her green eyes wandered to the coast expecting to see hundreds of people. But she could not even see the coast.
They were alone.
Fear was an aphrodisiac.
He could not have been more delighted to touch that wonderful body. The two of them in the middle of nowhere, almost hearing blood boil beneath their wet skins.
Suddenly, the sky opened and began to pour down upon them.
Enormous rain drops crashed on their naked bodies. She gasped, her heart racing.
She wanted to be a subject of his will, used and left aside, tiredly begging for more.
Down there, warm liquids melted with water.
Shivers were so strong, it almost hurt.
Her mouth stole furiously, his air, while they filled their hands with each-others bodies.
Too busy to let go of his admirable muscles, she yearned to search instinctively for that amazing totem, made of meat and pure pleasure. She finally touched it… once, twice, until he grabbed her ass strongly and thrust it inside her, deeply.
“Oh god, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” she replied in insanity.
She could feel every millimeter rubbing the edge of her vagina, while his balls slapped against her skin furiously.
Twitchy and overexcited, she began climaxing without any control, aware she could go on doing it for hours.
He stuck his teeth on her neck.
“Please, let me swallow you!” she begged.
Few seconds after, her head was underwater, sucking the last drops of sperm, preferring that taste to the air she had previously known.
Now that the heat was off, a feeling of shame appeared. How to look at this man’s eyes?
But there was no need of remorse.
“Who would have imagined you were such a talent, pearl?” he said, smiling.
“My name is Poseidon,” he said, sternly.
She laughed. Handsome and funny, hell of a combination!
“You certainly fucked me in a divine manner, I suppose! If you want a repeat performance, just tell me where you are staying and…”
She turned, but she was completely alone once again.
Was this a hallucination?
There was one thing she felt she knew for sure… he was not a product of her imagination.
How did she know?
She could still feel his seed on her tongue.

Was he…?

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