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Polyamory Forums Review

This is our review of active polyamory forums. With the internet being swamped with more and more polyamory forums every day with webmasters in the hope of gathering traffic to their website or honestly trying to find a good niche, we have done our research to find the most active, helpful and friendly polyamory forums on the web.

Polyamory.com Forum Review

Polyamory.com is one of the highest populated polyamory forums on the internet with an average of 75 people online at any given time. With nearly a thousand members and a quarter million posts, this polyamorous forum is great for learning more about polyamory, having your questions answered and much more. Polyamory.com also has a wealth of informational links which is helpful for new polyamorous people as well as those who have been in a polyamory relationship for much longer. We give this polyamory forum a thumbs up!

Polyamoryonline.org Forum Review

Polyamoryonline.org has a great polyamory forum within their website which contains a fairly active following of roughly 25 people online during peak times. Boasting over a half million posts, this polyamory forum has been around for a quite a long while with a long lasting core group. While a bit less active than polyamory.com, polyamoryonline.org is another great polyamory forum with helpful, knowledgeable people that are more than friendly! We are active on this forum and highly recommend checking this one out.

Polyamoryplus.com Forum Review

Polyamoryplus.com is a bit smaller forum with a dedicated following. With on average ~15 people online at once, this forum does have a quality following whereas some of the larger, more bloated forums may have more banter.  Polyamoryplus.com generally stays on-subject with fast replies to forum posts. We recommend joining Polyamoryplus.com poly forums in conjunction with joining one of the above polyamory forums as well.

Our Favorite Polyamory Forums

We are most active on the polyamory.com forum solely because we like the group there! We seem to connect with them emotionally and thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. We are also greatly looking forward to meeting a few of the members within polyamory groups near us in Cincinnati. We hope we will see you online in some of these polyamory forums!

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