Sundays at the “Sapphire” were quiet as usual. Nothing but the calm violin sounds interrupted Maggie’s devoted battle with the last piece of cannelloni.
Due to the strict nutritional regime, Sunday was the only day she could afford a proper dinner, such as only the “Sapphire” could guarantee!
This must be how food tastes in heaven, she thought.
A few tables away, an elegant gentleman was slowly finishing his second glass of Pinot Noir. He felt a wave of warmth going through his veins, not just because of such strong taste, but also because his entire body reacted to the presence of an extremely good-looking woman.
He observed Maggie.
Luckily for him, she was so concerned with her meal that she hardly noticed that someone’s eyes constantly walked all across her body.
The position she sat in revealed the very best of her riches: smooth, well-shaped legs, crossed over each other and probably the biggest, perfectly curved pair of tits he had ever seen.
She randomly picked up hair was dark and shiny, and she definitely had a seductive smile. Yes, she was gorgeous.
“Did you like your order, miss?” The waiter asked, lifting her plate and putting a glass on the table instead.
“This is a modest regard from the gentleman from the other table. He asked whether he could enjoy your company.”
The wine did look promising, she thought.
She was about to be disturbed on a peaceful Sunday night, but if the intruder had such exquisite taste in wine, he was fairly welcomed. She turned around and glanced, surprised by her own shyness.
“Dear Lord, I must have won the lottery!”
Mister Perfect was greeting her with a glass of the same Pinot, obviously pleased she accepted his sign of attention. Indeed-Maggie was a beautiful girl, but her relationship history was unfamiliar with such elegant men.
“Cheers!” she said. With a short, wavy movement of her hand, she called him to join her table.
“I hope I am not disturbing you,” said the man, leaning and gently kissing her palm.
“Oh, of course not… please, do take a seat.” She responded.
“You know, I am not really a guy who intrudes people this way, but when I saw you, I could not stop myself. I thought ‘what an incredible lady!’ Miss…?”
“Maggie. My name is Maggie.”
“Nice to meet you, Maggie. My name is Dionysus.”
He smiled, observing her confused expression.
“Sorry…” she said nervously.
“Oh, don’t worry. I get a lot of those looks when I introduce myself. My mother, you know. She was Greek.”
“Dionysus was the God of wine, wasn’t he?”
He looked at her and nodded.
“Cheers for the trivia knowledge, Maggie!”
“You certainly chose the best wine they have here, Dionysus. I didn’t even know Sapphire had such a marvelous collection.”
“It is an old harvest. The older the better!”
Even though the conversation flew pleasantly, he could clearly see she was cutely nervous. She constantly changed the position of her legs and her trembling fingers played with her hair.
It was clear he was extremely interested in this woman.
Using the “always working” strategy, he informed her of his successful business in supposed regret over the lonely life of a well-situated bachelor.
He wondered if that was really necessary.
The Rolex on his wrist spoke louder than his words.
She was already showing interest to “get to know” him better.
On the other side of the table, similar theories were developing.
“There must be something wrong! He could not possibly be so perfect. Rich, handsome, funny…” She thought.
With every second that passed, they got closer and closer.
Soon, he was holding her hand, caressing her smoothly, so glad to have met her. She was neither the type of girl that looks for a one night stand, nor was the evening appropriate for such act.
But that delicate taste of summer in her wine made her horny, rather than tipsy. She knew that soon she would take off that glorious suit of his.
“I would like to see it!” she interrupted his flattering over an exclusive collection of Italian wines he claimed to keep at home.
Effective Pinot, he thought. Yes, there was no one who understood the powers of wine better than himself.
“I am desperate to spend some time alone with you Maggie. How about we just grab our coats and go?” He suggested.
Before she knew, she was entering his luxurious car.
What a slutty thing to do, she thought!
But there was some invisible force dragging her towards him. The only thing she wanted was to feel him inside.
They soon arrived to a fancy, originally furnished apartment.
“Make yourself comfortable, beautiful.”
As he grasped to turn on the lights, she grabbed him and started pushing her tongue in his mouth.
“Why do I want you so badly?” She inquired.
This was exactly what he wanted her to do.
“How much do you want me? Show me, girl!”
As she licked all over his mouth, she felt the smell of his irresistible cologne.
Completely enchanted by this man, she turned around and pushed her firm butt towards his cock.
“I want you to fuck me like you never fucked a woman before,” she commanded him.
Touching his dick, already rock hard, she kneeled and sucked with incredible desire.
She let it slip out once more, and chased it back with her tongue, glancing from time to time with spit on her lips, just to let him know how pleasant it was.
He was going crazy.
“At your service, madam”, he smiled.
He pulled her dress off and pushed to the table.
Then, he raised her legs intending to go down on her. But she turned again and leaned on the table.
“No, I want you to fuck me now. This way.”
Obediently, he slipped in his cock, sensing how wet she was. Speeding up, he moved straight and back. He was looking at his cock rippling through that wet pussy while her ass shook to the pressure of his hips.
With one of his hands, he held her head down and was turned on by the thought he possessed her. The other hand slapped her ass strongly, while she screamed both in pleasure and pain.
Feeling the spasms inside her vagina, he started to fuck her harder, practically impaling her on his massive, throbbing cock.
She just lifted on her fingers, stuck her nails on the wooden table and yelled: “Oh, God!”
She arched her back and climaxed.
She was spent after that orgasm.
What is more thrilling to a man than seeing the consequences of his power?
As she lay there, spent and fucked, he slid his dripping cock out of her wet pussy and rubbed it hard, bringing himself to climax all over her beautiful stomach and chest.
It was her reward.


“Please, send somebody before it is too late!”
Nicole trembled, desperately hoping that somebody would come to save her life.
She was stuck in a ring of flames, unable to move from the armchair where she usually read and took her afternoon naps.
It was as if something held her down. Her body was weighted.
In a matter of seconds, her usual daytime nap had turned into a nightmare.
The candles, she thought. What a reckless, irresponsible act!
As a curtain of smoke hampered her breathing, she made efforts to move her legs. She was not successful. It seemed like an immense force pulled her to the ground.
“”Help me! Please help me!” she screamed.
The door opened in a furious crush, but the well-equipped firemen she expected were not there.
Instead, an extremely tall man stood there alone, looking at her as if nothing was happening.
He did not move.
“Why are you standing there? Don’t you see my room is burning? I cannot move, please come and take me!”
Anxious to escape, Nicole didn’t pay attention to the specific circumstances surrounding her.
Yes, there was a fire, but rather than spreading around under the influence of oxygen, the fire burned in a perfect circle, leaving half of the room untouched. And this strange man did not seem to care at all.
He finally spoke: “Do you believe in the existence of Gods?”
Rather than fear, she was shocked.
“Am I involved in some kind of cult ritual?” she wondered. Whatever it was, she could not avoid it.
As if the fire was not enough, now she had to deal with a lunatic.
Ok then, let’s play along.
“I do,” she replied.
The answer obviously pleased the stranger.
Then, the most incredible thing followed: he took a deep breath and turned the fire off with a single blow.
The only thing she was able to believe was that this was an act of heaven. Her less-than-honest answer was starting to seem more real.
It couldn’t be. This was some kind of prank or trick.
The game continued.
“Who are you? How did you do that?” She inquired.
Realizing she was not motionless anymore, she quickly jumped off the chair, hesitating on whether to approach him.
There was something special about his looks.
He had wide, muscular shoulders, small eyes, but an incredibly observant expression. He was handsome, athletic, and seemed to pulse with an aura of power that sent chills down her spine.
“I am Hephaestus, son of Zeus,” he said in a mighty tone.
The serious expression on his face showed explicit self-confidence, which convinced her even more that she was dealing with a lunatic, despite what she had earlier seen.
A handsome lunatic who actually controls fire and has no intention of leaving her house soon certainly made for an interesting situation.
“I have observed you for a long time. But you are not a goddess. What are you? Are you a nymph?” Hephaestus asked.
The atmosphere was stuffed with a sense of calm terror.
She obviously stood on the mere edge between fantasy and reality.
“I am a librarian. I work with books.”
Hephaestus shook his head in disbelief.
“Work? But you are too beautiful to work!” He seemed shocked.
Sweet, she thought.
“I gather all knowledge at one place and I transfer it to people. It’s a rather noble pursuit.” She explained her work matter-of-factly.
“Well then, you are the Athena of this strange kingdom. I am pleased to meet you, your highness!” He bowed with a dose of respect and sarcasm, both at once.
“You bet I am.” She replied.
She felt slightly more confident to approach him. Now, that no smoke or shadow covered his face, she discovered he was in fact, a very attractive man… a man whose spontaneity might heal her loneliness.
“Can I… touch you?” He asked genuinely.
With an instinctive movement he reached out for her hand and looked at it with admiration: “Your hand is so soft.” He nuzzled it like a beast.
Crazy or not, she was turned on by this strange creature.
You’d better be godlike in bed, she thought.
“Oh, sweet librarian! Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Hephaestus said, only half-joking.
“Try me on, first”, she whispered.
Not even she could believe how much desire he had provoked in her. She caressed his chest, licking every fissure scar. And there were many.
He had eyes that clearly appreciated the scenery. In few moves, he ripped her skirt apart and looked at her crotch.
“You like it? It’s yours for the taking,” she offered.
The next thing you know, his hands were exploring her secret garden.
The satisfaction of his long tongue sucking her clit turned their innocent romance into a furious battle for pleasure.
The more he squeezed her ass, the more she needed him inside of her.
The urge for penetration was strong.
“Lunge upward,” he begged. “Yes, just like that. Take it completely inside.”
He pushed as hard as he possibly could.
“Do you see now how insatiable I am?” He growled.
With every single move he made deeper inside her warmth, she moaned in ecstasy and pleasure.
Nicole gasped and felt climax approaching.
A powerful orgasm furiously came and left her body, but soon, another followed.
Heavenly or not, this was the best sex she had ever experienced.
Pounding inside, he suddenly screamed and powerful flames appeared behind him against the backdrop of the room.
Her eyes wide, it was clear this man was in control of elemental fire.
Maybe he was a deity after all…
Down her hips, a stream of wetness found itself flowing.
She lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling that Hephaestus had already said goodbye. Still, she didn’t want to wake up in a rush.
She looked around at the empty room, absent of flame, blinked once or twice, and smiled.
Nothing was on fire, anymore.


Jessica could hardly wait for “Sapphire Quinn” to reach its harbor. Even before her eyes witnessed mainland, suitcases were packed and a job report was ready for deliverance. The only task remaining was her salary: a bloated, white envelope was about to reward those few months on board.
She had never appreciated those wild, sandy beaches as much as she did at that moment. Alone and free, she was excited to inhale a bit of fresh breeze, to walk and swim in the shallow water.
She swam carelessly within the infinite blue surface, allowing the sea to reach all intimate parts of her body. Jessica had curves in all the right places, with golden curls and an innocent smile.
The shy waves dangling over her breathtaking body inserted a serious dose of magic during this supposedly quiet morning.
But suddenly, Jessica was not alone anymore.
“Take a look at the azure sky. Isn’t it magical?” a voice said.
Shock followed as a natural reaction. She tried to let go, but a pair of eyes, seeming to have stolen a piece of that azure magic, paralyzed her.
“Don’t run away,” the voice reassured.
She had no idea where he approached from.
How did he sneak up on her?
“But, who are you? Where did you appear from?” she asked.
Suddenly, flame and fury filled his eyes: “I wish I could take you into the depths, you beautiful maiden. My place is a haven of peace and my bed is the cradle of all love. Who doesn’t crave a world such as that one? I can show you paradise. “
It was extremely difficult to determine whether he was dangerous, honest, troubled with insanity, or a romantic liar, bothered by the insane wish to possess her. Whatever the case was, Mr. Sudden was quite confident about it, and she was curious.
Still, nothing about this man was ordinary. Significantly taller than the men she usually dated, her recent visitor had a surreal deepness to his look, silently concealed with her motionless fear to plunge inside the unknown. However, that quiet summer afternoon and the circumstances wrapped like his hands around her waist, the day spoke only of sin.
“I have to go,” she said, only half hoping he’d accept her answer.
While walking forward, she witnessed the most unexpected scenery.
The sea in front of her split in a long row, creating an incredible waterfall. She just froze, waiting for the depths to swallow her body, as her green eyes wandered to the coast expecting to see hundreds of people. But she could not even see the coast.
They were alone.
Fear was an aphrodisiac.
He could not have been more delighted to touch that wonderful body. The two of them in the middle of nowhere, almost hearing blood boil beneath their wet skins.
Suddenly, the sky opened and began to pour down upon them.
Enormous rain drops crashed on their naked bodies. She gasped, her heart racing.
She wanted to be a subject of his will, used and left aside, tiredly begging for more.
Down there, warm liquids melted with water.
Shivers were so strong, it almost hurt.
Her mouth stole furiously, his air, while they filled their hands with each-others bodies.
Too busy to let go of his admirable muscles, she yearned to search instinctively for that amazing totem, made of meat and pure pleasure. She finally touched it… once, twice, until he grabbed her ass strongly and thrust it inside her, deeply.
“Oh god, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” she replied in insanity.
She could feel every millimeter rubbing the edge of her vagina, while his balls slapped against her skin furiously.
Twitchy and overexcited, she began climaxing without any control, aware she could go on doing it for hours.
He stuck his teeth on her neck.
“Please, let me swallow you!” she begged.
Few seconds after, her head was underwater, sucking the last drops of sperm, preferring that taste to the air she had previously known.
Now that the heat was off, a feeling of shame appeared. How to look at this man’s eyes?
But there was no need of remorse.
“Who would have imagined you were such a talent, pearl?” he said, smiling.
“My name is Poseidon,” he said, sternly.
She laughed. Handsome and funny, hell of a combination!
“You certainly fucked me in a divine manner, I suppose! If you want a repeat performance, just tell me where you are staying and…”
She turned, but she was completely alone once again.
Was this a hallucination?
There was one thing she felt she knew for sure… he was not a product of her imagination.
How did she know?
She could still feel his seed on her tongue.

Was he…?


Senseless idiots, thought Michael, observing the drunken crowd on the dance floor. But his thoughts referred to a time when he was a youngster, enjoying life at its best. Not many years have passed, but the stressful experience of managing an insurance company and a problematic relationship had killed every wish for fun.
Apart from those few years and a new Rolex watch, he was still the same person. Him and his timeless habit of drinking scotch in a club he no longer frequented.
It had been a difficult night. His gorgeous fiancée, whom he loved more than anything else in the world, had broken off the engagement. She needed space. She needed time for herself. Translated into real life terms, she needed somebody else.
But he was so handsome and well-situated, he thought!
Desired by many, he could have replaced her with a single blink of an eye. Still, he didn’t. He respected their commitment until the very last second. He had always valued being faithful to one’s significant other.
Two minutes later, he felt extremely idiotic. Five minutes later, he tried to reach her again on his phone only to find the empty sorrow of her voicemail.
“Scotch does not kill sadness, you know,” said a nearby brunette, sipping a double dose in his glass. Even if in love, Michael could not help noticing how amazingly beautiful she was. This was no ordinary girl. There was something… different about this one. Her little black dress, hardly covering intimate parts, and the naked shoulders caressed by her warm, chestnut hair could certainly help him forget his unfortunate reality, at least for a while.
Aware of the fact he was scanning her upside-down, she smiled in an even more provocative manner. Soon, his focused look switched from the sharpness of her heels to the pumped lips.
“You’re certainly right, miss,” he told her, trying to outshout the retro music landscape in the background. It must be late, he thought, but the evening was just becoming interesting.
He leaned in so he could hear her. Moving his lips so close to her ear caught a whiff of her jasmine scent. It was intoxicating.
“Happy people don’t go to a club to sit alone and drink scotch. How about you play with me instead?” she said, provocatively.
“You could say I’m not a happy person, then.” Michael replied.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Michael.” He replied without enthusiasm. “Yours?”
“Heh. Funny.” He figured it was some kind of joke, or she just wanted to avoid telling him her real name. No matter.
“Welcome then, love goddess. Let me pour you a drink,” Michael jested, going along with it.
Drink after the other, Michael and Aphrodite advanced in casual talks.
They looked silently into each other. The chemistry was so strong one could almost see sparkles.
“What did I do to deserve your company tonight?” he asked.
“You looked lonely, but more importantly, hot as hell.” she laughed and looked at the floor, for the first time that night.
“Ouch, seems like I am a little bit drunk,” she confessed.
He reached out for her hand. Why not? He thought to himself
He only hoped he wasn’t about to get robbed.
The taxi carrying them home took ages. The sexual tension was palpable between them. They both kept quiet, but keenly aware that a storm of lust was about to be unleashed. In the calm before the storm, they found themselves eye-fucking each other up and down.
Aphrodite took Michael in front of his own apartment. He trembled. Eva, his ex, was still there packing.
But how could Aphrodite possibly know? Was she a neighbor?
Or this was a set up? Was Eva involved?
Michael was worried.
“Tell me, why are we here? Who are you?” he inquired.
She opened the door. Eva was calmly sitting on the sofa. Unlike all reactions he could possibly expect, she looked calm.
Aphrodite said nothing, only reaching down to the bottom cusp of her dress, gripping it with both hands, and beginning to lift it up her thigh… and torso… and over her head.
She wasn’t wearing panties or a bra.
Aphrodite was completely nude.
Michael was in shock.
Those divine hips.
Her full, ample breasts.
That smooth, tempting pussy.
A big bulge appeared on his pants.
Michael suddenly remembered that Eva was present. He thought the situation was about to go nuclear. His heart raced.
Eva stood up, and rather than unleash a torrent of rage upon Michael, she began undressing herself.
Michael could only assume they knew each other.
That was the only plausible explanation.
Eva walked over and slid her hand down Michael’s pants, grabbing his hard cock with her right hand and stroking it lightly.
On the other edge of the room, Aphrodite sat in an armchair, spreading her legs
They moved towards the bedroom.
The two beautiful women lay on his bed, provoking him.
Isn’t he a lucky man? He thought to himself.
Approaching them carefully, he unbuckled his belt and stripped off his pants. His bulging erection was visible for both women to see.
He stuck his hard dick into Aphrodite’s welcoming mouth.
He held her head tight, pushing his pride as deep through her throat as he could, while the other squeezed Eva’s wonderful breasts.
“This is the best surprise ever,” Michael commented, overjoyed.
Michael could barely contain himself. He had his dick in a beautiful woman’s mouth, with Eva encouraging him, and he was about to explode. He couldn’t stand the idea that this might all be over so soon, and coming too quickly had never been an issue for him before.
Aphrodite removed his throbbing dick from her mouth, only to begin talking. “Go ahead, cum down my throat. I promise you’ll be ready to go again in no time.” She winked.
Michael had no idea what she meant, but her enthusiasm was too hard to resist. He promptly shoved his dick back in her warm mouth and began face-fucking her. It wasn’t long before he exploded down her throat, and she lapped up every last bit of it. Aphrodite was ravenous.
Moments later, Michael already felt his stamina resurfacing, replenishing itself almost immediately. It was incredible.
He pushed them on their backs and started licking between those wonderfully spread legs. He could hear parallel gasps and in the few moments he used to inhale air, they kissed passionately.
“My god!” he said, and started fucking Aphrodite like a preying predator. He pushed her strongly with all of his weight, biting her nipples while she screamed for more.
“Turn around”, he said to Eva. Without stopping, he pushed his fingers inside her wet pussy.
“Do you want to take her place, baby?”
“I do.”
They both screamed as Aphrodite was coming.
Aware that his culmination was approaching once again, he took it off and started fucking Eva, hardly noticing her head was about to hit the wall. She held on and scratched his back, screaming in repentance, how much she wanted his hard cock.
It wasn’t long before Michael reached climax again and sent his warmth deep inside of Eva’s wet pussy. He was rubbing her clitoris and feeling the twitches inside while she was coming alongside him.
Just like before, not thirty seconds later, his stamina had replenished.
“This is amazing!” Michael yelped.
He removed his dripping cock from between Eva’s legs and held it over the two women. He seemed to have endless stamina and control. Was this Aphrodite’s doing? Was there more to her than he thought?
Aphrodite leaned forward and grabbed his throbbing totem with both hands and began stroking it fiercely.
“Michael, please cover us in your seed. Please!” She begged.
He could hardly take it. He was about to climax a third time.
Eva positioned herself alongside Aphrodite and looked up at Michael with puppy-dog eyes, pushing her breasts together, ready to receive his warmth.
Michael exploded all over both women, covering them both thoroughly in cum, breasts, torso, stomach, neck, mouth.
Both women were eager to receive the warm reward.
Michael slept well, cozy between both of his newfound nymphs.
First thing in the morning, he noticed Aphrodite was missing.
“Do you know where she went?” he asked Eva.
“Who do you mean,” Eva responded.
After a short conversation, it was clear that Eva had no idea what he was talking about.
“You’re dreaming, boy,” she jested.
Later that day, Michael was determined to solve the mystery.
Michael went to the bar to ask if anyone knew this mysterious girl.
“I’m asking about the girl I left with last night. Do you remember?”
“Sir, you were alone in your booth all night. You left alone.”

“I am in all places where love needs to be saved. That is my job.
Kisses and more, Aphrodite.”


Where the hell was her confidence for this interview? Was it lost in the desperate silence of the office? It was just her in a tight dress, slowly tapping her leg against the desk. Her only company was a small plant on the table, which seemed desperate for watering.
Just like the plant, she felt an unstoppable thirst inside her. Single and unemployed for months, she slowly let go of all enthusiasm, standing so insecurely on the edge of despair. Trying to resist time, she coped pretty well with her age. Many said she looked as if she was in her early thirties, but she was almost 42. Yes, looking good was her talent. With almost no wrinkles to reveal her loneliness, she wondered why beauty is not a key for success. Unable to answer such question, she forgot the real purpose of staring at the screen, into the abyss.
“Miss Basford.”
A strong masculine voice interrupted her self-analysis.
A voice like that… one should obey.
“Please, come inside.”
It is absolutely amazing how many thoughts emerge in the female mind while alone with a man of business, a man of power, in a cozy office.
“Please, take a seat.”
Heavy curtains prevented a sunny day from disturbing this man’s intentions. Cigarette smoke and scotch set the atmosphere ablaze.
“Please, relax. My name is Zeus.”
Greek people do have a sense of humor, she thought.
Still, she could not take her eyes off him, following every slow move of his hand, wishing it was on her neck or the cusp of her lower back.
Strange names aside, this man was absolutely gorgeous.
A stretched white shirt held his tanned chest with an attractive dose of elegance, as if a fire was burning beneath, reaching her entire body, piece by piece. His smile shined through a perfectly shaped beard. Instead of eyes, he had two wells of blue coldness, where somehow, she discovered animal passion.
He talked and talked. He might have as well have talked for ages. After a thousand years, she would still peacefully listen to every word he said with that crisp, dark, rough voice of his. Still, there was one thing on her mind that she couldn’t let go. She decided to ask.
“Are you named after the Greek deity, Zeus?”
A moment of silence passed.
The entire back wall of his office was glass. She could see the rain pouring down outside.
Zeus raised his right hand, palm open.
“Not quite,” he responded.
His hand closed into a fist, and in the same moment, ravenous thunder echoed through the room. The entire office was illuminated and several lightning bolts descended from the sky behind his silhouette.
She was awestruck.
He was Zeus.
“Miss Basford. I can see you are not here for the interview.”
His look drowned slowly into her richly endowed torso, eyeing her loosely unbuttoned shirt. She shamelessly wished he could see the erotic lingerie hiding what was soon going to be his.
A sudden breeze of coldness wrapped her body. She could feel her nipples harden, ready and willing to get as close as possible to the hands of a deity.
Zeus walked across the room.
He was closing the door! Calm as if a fire was not burning between them, he approached her slowly from behind, making her guess the upcoming move.
“It was destiny that brought you here.”
“There must be a misunderstanding. I am here for the job you offered, to be evaluated.”
“That is exactly what I was planning to do, miss. Evaluate you.”
His strong hands pulled her shoulders towards that strong, broad chest, she stared at just a moment ago.
She knew there were no boundaries… not before she completely belonged to him. His lips moved slowly down her neck, whispering words of magic.
Soon, that wonderful, sunny day turned into a storm. A wind dash opened the windows and lightening stroke almost at the reach of their hands. For Zeus and his recent sparkle, that seemed to be irrelevant.
For the sparkle, it was more than an ideal first task.
Confident women turn me on, he said. A strong boner confirmed that, by poking her firm ass, trying to reach the place where soon all wish would materialize. She was incapable of speaking, while his tongue explored her mouth in a rush.
Gentle for the first time, Zeus pushed her down on the knees. God, he must be spending months in the gym, she thought, while touching his slightly spread legs. Come on touch it. Let me see what those hands could do. Before he could say whatever else, she filled her palms with a penis of a completely unknown man. She could feel his heart beat stronger with every move of her perfect red nails. So willing to obey him, she soon swallowed the hard penis, enjoying every single drop. She craved to be possessed for so long! And now, this extremely sexy man will fuck her.
Trembling, she lay down on the sofa, waiting for him to undress her. Slowly, every unnecessary piece was removed and a gorgeous body was revealed.
“Say it,” Zeus commanded.
She knew exactly what to say.
“Take me, please take me!”
His hand transferred from the messy hair down her torso towards the already wet pussy. Skilled as no man before him, he played with her tiny clitoris and soon pushed two of his long fingers inside.
Now, there was no way back.
She was screaming louder and louder.
A tremendous rush of ecstasy merged the two bodies in one. In a moment of silence, she felt the weight of his body and the pervasive look of those blue eyes.
Before a moment passed, he was upon her, and she felt his hard penis thrust inside, moving faster with each rhythm. He was turning into a beast, pulling the hair over her face, taking her as if that was the mere reason of their existence.
Penetrating her deeply was not enough. He reached down with his right hand, allowing her to catch a glimpse of his toned forearm, placing two fingers against her clit. With each thrust of his hard throbbing cock, he rubbed her clit with his fingers deeper into the rhythm.
“I love it. I LOVE it. Oh!”
She was being fucked by rolling thunder and the wrath of god, about to have the climax of a lifetime.
With all pretenses released, paradise was right here on earth. An orgasm, strong as never before, tore her soul apart. Wildest dreams do come true, she thought, while delving deeper into the moment.
Zeus slid his throbbing deity-cock from her wet, dripping, and thoroughly-fucked pussy. She wanted to see his pleasure. He gripped his massive totem with his right hand and unleashed his pantheon of seed upon her mortal, quivering body. Her breasts, neck, stomach, thighs, pussy, and clit were covered in his cum.
She had been fucked… by a deity.

His Command

His Command
Kate had spent hours at the hairdresser that Saturday evening, she had perfect black nails and even had her makeup professionally done. She wore her gorgeous lavender gown with a fake diamond necklace. She had diamond studded earrings and even a diamond bracelet. She decided that she was ready for something wonderful.
TOP-NOTCH was an exclusive club downtown that she had been trying to get into for months. Her friend Marianna had called her and told her she finally had an in with one of the bartenders. She could even get to the head of the line if she wanted to by simply walking right up to the big black bouncer and telling him her name.
She was ushered into a quiet, plush scene where dark faces sat in the corner sipping on water and tonic. The music was light and classical.
The bartender, a young buff man asked her for her ID as though she would be kicked out in a moment if she didn’t hand it over. She smiled and took a second to look in her bag as he tapped his trim nails on the counter.
She took her time deciding what she wanted to drink just to see his face get redder and redder. She finally decided on a bottle of light beer and made sure he brought her two limes.
She sat quietly at the bar and decided to see if anything was actually going to happen this evening. The faces never changed. Obviously it was the same old crowd that always went here. The place was considered exclusive so that they could sit in quiet without having to go drink with their wives.
She eyed her phone for a bit to see if anyone else was doing anything better. This place sucked. There was no point in even trying to hide it. It was probably where old men came to do business deals. Whatever it was, she was simply not going to wait around for anything to happen.
She made for the door when, suddenly the bartender cried out, “Miss, you’re wanted in the VIP room.”
He said it like she didn’t have a choice as to where she went. His eyebrows were lifted and she could tell she’d better just walk with him. At least things were beginning to get more interesting.
He had his hand forcefully around her back as he ushered her behind a velvet curtain and they descended down a flight of dark stairs.
He unlocked a thick black door and threw her in. Terror rushed through her. The room was lit by one dark red bulb. There were whips and chains and a big pole in the middle. She sat on a cushioned black leather chair near the pole and waited.
A voice sounded over a hidden speaker system.
“Take off your clothes.” It was deep and rough.
Kate thought for a moment.
“Now.” The voice echoed.
Kate was suddenly turned on, and decided to oblige the request.
She slid her panties off and dropped them on the ground. Quickly disposing of the rest of her clothes, she sat there totally exposed except for her black leather stilettos which she decided to keep on.
She felt attractive.
“Now close your eyes.” Her body shook with the force of adrenaline. She was totally vulnerable in this dungeon.
A hand thrust itself onto her mouth to muffle her voice. She could feel a cuffed shirt and arms around the side of her head.
He bent her over and ran his finger along her crack.
“Now… I’m going to fuck you.” The deep voice growled.
He turned her around to see a bearded lumberjack of a man in a white dress shirt and black pants with his boner stick straight out.
Then he turned her around and bent her over again. She screamed, but the sound didn’t even pass the room. Her heart was racing. He spanked her hard.
“Take it!” he growled.
She screamed again. She could feel a rush of pleasure pulsing through her. He spanked her until she was red then turned her around and shoved a massive cock down her throat.
She almost gagged with the force his constant thrusts. His hand was on her head, pushing her into it. His other hand was pinching her nipples so hard she would’ve screamed if it wasn’t for his pulsing cock.
She reached up to touch it and he slapped her face with his cock and reached down to hold her arms behind her back. He rubbed the tip of his penis slowly on her lips. He reached down and shoved his finger into her pussy as hard as he could. She was going to explode all over the leather chair.
“You want my hard cock? Yeah. Take it!” He held her head down for a moment and she gagged from the force. He bent her over again and rubbed the tip of his penis around her vaginal lips as she writhed in ecstasy.
He pinched her clit and the rush of pleasure and pain made her cry out.
“I know you want my throbbing cock.”
She wanted it bad, but she was not going to give him the pleasure of saying so. He would have to wait until he really needed to put it in her.
He pinched her clit again and inched his fingers just a bit further in. He was going to break her. She needed that hard cock inside of her.
He smacked her ass and she yelped when he rubbed his finger just outside of her wet hole.
“Say you want it. I won’t give it to you until you say you want it.” His voice was silky smooth.
She couldn’t hold out any longer the tension was just too much. She writhed as waves pulsed through her body.
“I want it! Oh god! Please fuck me! I…” She screamed.
He shoved it in her before she could finish the sentence and slammed her over and over again as each and every little burst sent her further and further into mindless oblivion. This man had taken her so thoroughly. They both writhed until at last that final explosion sent them both screaming in pleasure.
He simply slid himself out and sent her on her way, thoroughly fucked.

Bridgett and Cliff

Bridgett and Cliff
Bridgett and Cliff were Kate’s coworkers at the paper company that she felt she could really trust. Bridget got her. Cliff was sweet and kind. They had the same flair and style. They thought the same way. So it felt simple and easy when Bridgett asked Kate if she’d like to catch a drink with her and Cliff that evening.
Kate went home and dressed in a tight black, slinky looking this big black hair and a simply fake diamond necklace that just down to just above her exposed cleavage.
They met at a quiet upscale bar in midtown with the feel of the kind of place you’d simply like to get a drink. There were businessman and accountants. The scene was quiet and dark and there really wasn’t much going on.
It was kind of stiff and boring really. The drinks were twice as much as Kate wanted to pay and Bridgett and Cliff were looking pretty bored too.
The girls decided to turn things up a bit. There was a jukebox in the corner that was covered in dust so they ordered two shots and figured what would really make things crazy in here.
They decided on blasting a crazy hair band song about living in filth and hit the dance floor. It was time to really make some waves.
Kate, Bridgett and Cliff found themselves grinding to the beat of hard guitar and crazy drums. Kate bent over so Bridgett could spank her while she had her eyes on a table of awestruck geeks. They ran their fingers through their hair and gave the stiffest men the wrong looks. Heads were finally starting to turn. They were tired of stiff white collars and bitter faces.
They caught Cliff watching the whole time. It was, indeed, sexy.
“Woo, yeah!’ Kate watched as a couple of angry faces made their way to the door.
“I want to shots of whiskey.” Bridgett told the bartender. Her bright red hair was wild and perfect at the same time. It went perfect with her emerald green dress.
They were back on the dance floor pretending to fuck to a gangster rap song that was half their ages, all in good fun. The old ones had mostly left already, but the pocket protectors looked like they were about to get kind of cocky.
Thin glasses with invisible rims and stick thin figures began to make their way over to where they stood. The girls decided to ignore the barrage entirely to see what the bartender could do to help them while Cliff spoke with a girl in the corner.
There was a nice long island and a sex on the beach sitting on the bar before they knew it.
Bridgett looked over at Kate and asked, “Are we over it?”
Kate took a sip of her drink and started to nod yes, when they eyed Cliff walking over to them. He had on a tight blue button-down shirt and nice black dress pants. His hair was dark and cut perfectly.
“Kate, would you accompany me to the restroom for a moment?”
Kate sighed. Bridgett was probably going to try and lock her in.
With the prowess of a lioness Bridgett shot a quick smile over at him and he stopped what he was doing and faltered for a moment. A smile went up Bridgett’s perfectly painted mouth and Kate knew she had already won.
Kate was curious. If Bridgett went to a stall she simply wanted to get her out of the way for a bit. If she went to the mirror, she wanted to play with her a little bit. Sure enough, Bridgett went over to the mirror and fished out a cigarette.
“I want him,” Bridgett said nonchalantly.
Kate couldn’t believe the balls on this woman.
“He’s mine.” Kate responded.
They were at a stalemate.
Both would have to play dirty to get what they wanted.
“Girls, how about we share?” Cliff’s deep voice echoed as he strode in, turned around, and locked the deadbolt on the door.
Both girls nodded to one another.
Cliff bent Kate over the countertop while he grabbed Bridgett’s nipple. Kate could feel his pounding hard cock stuck just in the right place. He pulled up her pants and spanked her while she squealed.”
“Ooh, you like that, baby?”
“Yes! I’m a bad girl!” Kate was feeling fiery.
Bridgett had her dress hiked up and her hands down her panties as she fingered herself and writhed in ecstasy. She thrust her hand into his tight dress pants and grabbed the head of his cock.
“Ooh.” He moaned.
He stuck his hand up Kate’s panties and stuck his finger in her hole with force. He shoved it in and as he penetrated every bit of her. He knew where to touch her. He had his hand on her nipples while he pinched her clit.
He hadn’t even taken her panties off yet and she was about to explode.
Bridgett tore his pants off and started rubbing her hand up and down him. He took his finger out of her and licked it, then stuck it straight into Bridgett. She screamed so loud, the bar must’ve heard.
He lifted Bridgett up and onto the counter. He kissed Kate passionately and sat her next to Bridgett. They were both perfectly positioned to receive him. He pulled down Kate’s panties and ran his finger up and down her lips as she started to writhe. Pleasure shot through her body and was threatening to overtake her.
If he didn’t stick it in her now, she was going to cum without ever getting that perfect cock of his.
Bridgett eyed his cock with desire and moved to touch it. He stopped her hand and pushed it up against the mirror as he thrust his finger in and out of her.
“Oh god,” she screamed, “I want it, baby.”
You could see him getting harder and harder and Bridgett ready to explode. Kate waited for her turn, then he turned over to her and thrust himself inside of her. He pushed and pushed like he was trying to become a part of her. He kissed her passionately. They were both at the edge of ecstasy when he took his cock out and thrust it inside Bridgett.
Cliff fingered Kate the whole time and she watched as he was ready to burst. He stuck it straight into her again and worked himself to a climax as Kate exploded with pleasure.
Looks like Kate won after all.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring
To Kate, Charles was always kind of the geeky guy in the corner of the break room stuck to his tablet. His stiff white shirts and lean, thin, but somewhat muscular frame made him seem like one of the nerds she knew from high school grew up and started working out for a change.
They’d said “hey,” a few times in the break room, and laughed at each other’s small talk, but they never really talked like two friends would.
Kate was a bit surprised when Charles smiled too wide as she came in to get a cup of coffee. His tablet was in its case for a change, and he was looking right at her. Kate knew he had a loving wife, so thought nothing of the change in behavior.
“How are you, Kate?” Charles asked.
“I’m great. What’s new?” Kate smiled.
“The wife and I are cooking dinner tonight. Do you want to join us?” he coughed as he finished the sentence, a little nervous.
This was strange, but Kate was curious. He wasn’t a serial killer. He had always been kind to her. What was he up to? Was this a platonic invitation, or something more?
She smiled, said that’d be nice and he gave her the address.
Kate was going to have a little fun that evening. She got out her best black dress with some cute bracelets and curled her hair. She wanted to turn his head a little, toy with him. Since he couldn’t have her, she felt like teasing. She’d caught him eyeing her a little too much in the past and if his wife was going to be there, she might as well put on a little show… just for fun.
Linda, his wife, was always kind to Kate on the few occasions they’d met prior. Linda wore a simply button up white blouse with a shirt underneath and some simple jeans. She seemed quiet, and a little awkward.
Their house was stuffy. Linda was definitely the traditional type. Everyone had their own coaster and the wooden tables had doilies for a little bit of extra protection. The couch was covered in plastic and the whole place was doused with dollar store flowers in thin glass vases.
There was definitely something going on. Linda seemed… distracted.
Kate sat there swirling her wine glass. Clearly, this evening was not about cooking.
Charles got up to get a glass of wine, but Linda told him to heel.
“Kate, join me in the kitchen, will you?” Linda commanded.
Kate followed. The kitchen was spotless.
“Do you know why you’re here, Kate?” Linda asked.
“No. Not really.” Kate said nonchalantly as she took the last drops from her wine glass and offered it to Linda for more.
Linda ignored her and sighed.
“Charles suggested we… together…”
Kate eyed Linda for a second. She wasn’t ugly. It was her tight lips and straight back that took it away from it all. Kate moved closer and looked at her while Linda looked away.
“Do you find me attractive?” Kate asked Linda.
“Well… I mean, I’m straight.” Linda retorted.
Kate moved closer and leaned in, unbuttoning her blouse another notch. “Are you sure?” she said inquisitively. Linda blushed.
Kate could tell she was interested, but too shy to ever do anything about it.
She walked straight over to Charles.
Slowly, Kate lifted up her shirt in front of a bewildered and excited Charles while Linda watched in the background.
He almost came right there.
Linda walked over to him and summoned the courage to join in. She gave him a wet kiss on the mouth from behind the couch.
Linda unzipped his pants and stuck her hand on his crotch. She moved her hand up and down like the perfect masseuse as Charles moaned in ecstasy. She’d had practice.
Kate slowly unhooked her bra as Linda rubbed every inch of his massive cock. He reached out and squeezed Kate’s nipples as a mix of pleasure and pain shot through her body.
Kate walked around the couch and stood behind Linda. Slowly, she took off Linda’s blouse and unhooked her bra, revealing Linda’s ample bosom. She cried out in pleasure as Kate slid a hand down her jeans.
Linda leaned her head down and wrapped her mouth around the hard cock awaiting her. Once in place, Kate held her head there.
“Take it!” Kate commanded.
You could see Charles writhing with pleasure. Linda sat up, and Kate kneeled on the floor to rub him as fast and hard as she could.
Kate undid Linda’s jeans and stuck her finger inside. She stroked the outside of her lips as Linda cried out. She swallowed Charles cock and he moaned in ecstasy. Linda took off Charles’ shirt and began stroking his nipples as his tongue penetrated her mouth.
The girls stood up and led Charles by the cock into the darkened bedroom where their senses erupted with the sheets as a barrage of lips, tongues and hands stroked their bodies.
Linda’s tongue was between Kate’s lips building pressure like a volcano ready to erupt.
Charles was pounding Linda with the force of a jackhammer and her screams shook the walls.
You could feel the electric pressure pulsing through that room as each lover came closer and closer to eruption. The walls of the room were shaking. The air was abuzz with passion. Linda crept further and further into Kate’s sacred stronghold as Charles yelled with pleasure.
The room was vibrating. Pleasure shook from in between them. Their hearts melded into one single entity before they burst in one final ecstatic push and collapsed on one another.
Kate had done her job and the marriage bed was the place where lovers find refuge in the arms of one another. She took her leave quietly after having another glass of wine, a job well done, a couple well-fucked.

Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend
Marianna and Kate looked like abandoned goddesses in their perfect up dos and tight mini-dresses. They ordered a quick martini, dry and watched as the people pulsed to the music on the dance floor. Pulse was a big club downtown with chic decorations and hot boys in tight dress shirts. Each one roamed the dance floor like a predator on the prowl.
Tonight, Kate wanted something… different.
Marianna pushed a strand of ebony hair out of the way and smiled at Kate as their heads bobbed to the music. There was something about the club, so alive and invigorating. It was sexuality and carnal desire embodied. They were in a playground for the secrets held deep within the psyche.
The girls quickly downed their drinks and made their way, through the crowd of scents and smells to the dance floor. The people danced around them, watching the queens of the dance floor writhe together in time with the music. Marianna watched Kate as their bodies moved together. The world wanted to meet these goddesses and they could see the predators closing in. A man in a gray V-neck with a sweet smile passed and watched them before almost running into a couple.
Another spike-headed mass of muscle watched from across the room before coming to close in on his prey. The girls looked at each other and decided to make their way to the table again.
His red face and wide eyes matched his three inch long hair. His muscles were weapons showcased for the world to see. The girls quickly made their way to the bar and intently drank their newfound cranberry vodkas. They shot each other sidelong glances as he made a cocky path to their watering hole.
Kate felt a forceful tap on her shoulder and almost jumped three feet. She wanted to run away like a gazelle being stalked like a lion. She could feel his eyes summing her up like a man in a butcher shop.
It was Marianna that turned around.
“Listen, she’s not interested. Besides, you’re in the wrong bar. Cock Tails is up the Street.”
You could see a smirk forming across her tan visage as they grabbed each other’s arms and made their way to the car.
“I can’t believe you actually said that!” Kate commented.
Kate smiled, opened the car and grabbed the keys out her purse.
“I’m glad you did, though,” Kate thought about it a moment while they raced down the freeway with the top down. “We always do the same thing. These creatures are barely human and can’t hold a conversation. We don’t need them.” They looked in each other’s eyes and smiled as they pulled up to Kate’s condo.
Marianna reached down, fumbled with the folds of her dress as Kate took the keys out of the ignition. They both reached down to get their phones out of the console and their hands touched for one single electric moment. Their eyes met and they laughed as they got out of the car.
Kate lived like a modern minimalist. Everything was nice and clean, but there was no real decoration. There was the simple couch, TV and that was just what made the living room. Marianna went and sat down as Kate poured shots of whiskey.
“Do you have to work tomorrow?” Kate asked as she walked back into the room with two shots in hand.
Marianna, lost in her own world, said, “No.”
Kate handed her the shot and their eyes met once more as they clinked glasses.
Kate sat on the couch, a little too close, as Marianna absent mindedly set her hand down on her thigh.
After the spark in the car, they both realized the feeling was mutual.
Kate blushed. Marianna grinned.
“What are you d-,” Kate started.
Before she could finish, Marianna threw herself against Kate.
It felt familiar, yet different, when their lips touched and Marianna’s warmth passed over her. Her hands rubbing at Kate’s breasts knew the spots a man would never know to touch.
Kate wanted this. Badly.
Kate unzipped Marianna’s dress and slid it off and onto the floor. The girl shimmered in the light and she slowly ran her fingers along Marianna’s nipples as she moaned in ecstasy.
There was sweetness and compassion between them. There was understanding. There was friendship. These two women knew how to express themselves and be passionate and open.
Kate unhooked Marianna bra and revealed her supple breasts.
Marianna’s breathing intensified. She wanted to feel Kate’s touch.
Kate could feel Marianna’s hand slide up her thigh as she slowly drew her fingers around her lips. A wave of pleasure rushed through her body.
Marianna slowly stood up as Kate admired her gorgeous body and Kate slid off her panties to dive into that secret place with her tongue.
Marianna reached down and stuck her finger slowly into Kate’s hole as Kate writhed with pleasure. Kate lifted her head and they kissed passionately and fell into one another.
Kate caressed Marianna’s clit with her thumb. They were both stuck in the throes of ecstasy. One moaned while the other took pleasure in helping the other cum.
It was give and take, with lots of giving, and lots of taking.
There was wave after wave of soothing buildup up as their sacred temples collided and pleasured the other. Their kisses were sweet and intimate. Their touch was soft in the right laces and hard as Kate rubbed her hands down Marianna’s back.
They could feel themselves ready to erupt with intense passion. Marianna stuck her finger in so far that Kate screamed and they both shared a look of intense passion. Kate grabbed Marianna’s clit and squeezed as she thrust her fingers in and out penetrating Marianna with sweetness and joy. The room was swirling, their cries were pulsing. The adrenaline was nearly tangible. Pleasure and tenderness mixed with the intensity of their pressure.
They both exploded with cries of joy and collapsed upon one another.
Both felt the sweetness of being in the arms of someone who knew how to really be with them.

The Copy Room

The Copy Room
Kate looked in the mirror and sighed as she placed a single hair back into her tight meticulous bun. She pushed up her thick rimmed glasses and locked her dark blue sedan.
The Goodhills Northwest Paper Company has a strict dress code in the office. Women are required to wear skirts at least five inches below the knees. Blouses are to be fully buttoned. Necklines are to be covered properly and hair is to be kept up to avoid distraction. They wouldn’t want any wayward eyes getting the way of productivity.
Kate’s low heels clicked on the simple tile floor as she waved sweetly at the receptionist whose tight lips and square jaw made her look like a man in a bad blonde wig. Jan was known for her intense attitude and bitterness. The company had a bouncer, not a receptionist.
Jan looked a little shocked as Kate made her way to her sterile cubicle. She should be. Kate had never been one to turn heads, but she had gone all out this morning. Instead of her usual lack of makeup she wore a full palette with perfectly shaped brows and a bright pink lipstick. It made her look more like an office goddess than an administrator.
She was about to sit at her desk and begin clacking away at a menial report when John, her co-worker, walked right by where she was sitting. He took double take for a second and you could see a sly grin beginning to show his perfectly polished teeth. His blonde spiked hair and navy blue dress shirt rolled up past the elbows made him look like a male model with a cocky streak.
Kate’s collar had been bothering her all morning. It was stiff and tight. It made her look like a nun. She unbuttoned it just for a second to let the air in. She half expected it to set off a siren in this pristine hell.
She got up to make copies and looked around at all the bitter faces that had showed up for work this morning. Everyone was tired and angry. They were being held up by the oppressive, stiff nature of this place.
She went into the copy room and shut the door as she began making her copies. The door swung open. John leaned on the door, his Adonis frame showcased by the fluorescent lights. He smiled and lingered behind her for a moment as she went about her business.
Kate unbuttoned her shirt just a bit more as she caught him eyeing her. John was staring now. He seemed almost ready to pounce. He sat down in the plastic chair next to the copier and watched as she undid her bun and let her brown hair fall just below her shoulders. He never expected her to do anything, so when she sat down in his lap, he was shocked.
Kate knew exactly what she was doing.
John couldn’t hold back any longer.
He ripped off her bra like it was paper. The door was still wide open. Anyone could walk in any moment. Kate began to unbutton his shirt and slid a hand down to his crotch, teasing playfully.
He moaned a bit like a beast growling. He put his hands up her skirt and started tracing his finger around her lips. She needed to feel him inside of her. He bit her nipples as he growled like a wildcat and she could feel herself preparing to erupt.
He grabbed her panties and ripped them off as he unzipped his fly and let his massive cock free from its cage. She grabbed it and went on her knees as he smiled into her eyes. She let it sit in the back of her throat for a bit as he moaned and cried.
The whole office could hear them.
She could feel him ready to explode so she stood up. John began to inch his fingers inside of her ever so slowly.
“You like that?” He asked softly as she stood over him.
“Beg for it.” He was playing with her, and she wanted to slap him.
He’d better stick his hard cock in her right goddamn now!
He rubbed the tip of cock as he stuck his finger in and out of her wet hole. He was going to fuck her, but she’d have to beg.
He bent down and stuck his tongue inside her and Kate let out a howl. She could feel the eruption inside of her ready to burst as he pinched her clit and moaned ever so slightly.
If he didn’t hurry, she was going to cum before he even had a chance to stick it inside of her and she needed that cock now. He rubbed his cock and stared into her eyes, ready. He was trying to get her to ask. She had to give him this one thing if she wanted this to work.
“Goddammit, John if you don’t fuck me right now–
With that simple phrase, he transported her to a carnal dimension. He forcefully rammed his hard cock inside her wet, warm hole. He was thrusting in and out of her. He pounded her like a jackhammer and pleasure was rippling through her like a tidal wave.
His lips crashed against hers. His hands traced up and down her back, gripping and clawing like a rabid animal. They looked in each other’s eyes at the final moment and they both exploded in a fury of desire.
She buttoned up her shirt and dressed as he eyed her wildly and they walked out of the copy room to a flurry of shocked faces and giggles.