In Lust with the Doctor

In Lust with the Doctor

Doctor Patient Erotica


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This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.



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In Lust with the Doctor


“Amy, I’ve been seeing him for years! I don’t see why you are making this such a big deal!”

Mother’s words echoed up the stairs as I looked into the mirror touching up my eye shadow. “I know, I know, but I just can’t help but feel a bit awkward seeing your doctor.”

“Trust me. Just trust me on this, alright?”

I blocked her out of my mind as I jogged down the stairs and out the front door.

You know, it wouldn’t be all that bad if this doctor wasn’t cute. But he was. He was the kind of guy all the girls batted their eyes at when they walked by. I’m normally not that kind of girl. I do have a great boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for many years, but honestly… this doctor was a still a possibility. I couldn’t just write him off so easily. Perhaps just a bit of flirting would be alright. I mean, who’s to know?

I pulled my car up to the front of his office. The large sign in the front read boldly, “Dr. Madison.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Soon I would be undressing in front of him while he examined my body. It’s enough to make a girl pass out!

Mustering up as much courage as I could, I stepped out of my beat up Jeep and walked up the concrete stairs to the front door.

I glanced in the pane of glass and fluffed my dark brown curls.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside.

Before I could even speak one word, I saw him standing there by the front desk talking with the receptionist. He was smiling with his pearly whites right at the woman. Apparently it was more than just “talking.” As if I cared…

He turned and looked as the door slammed behind me. I jumped and nearly fell over as I felt my face flush. My eyes couldn’t help but notice his perfectly trimmed dark wavy hair and his five o’ clock shadow.

“Sorry about that. I told maintenance to get that door fixed,” he said firmly as he looked back at his prey.

I smiled and walked up to the receptionist. “Grey – Amy Grey to see Dr. Madison.”

She turned at looked up at me, appearing slightly annoyed, “Yes… of course. Your mother said you would be in for your appointment today.”

My face flushed again. How much worse could today get?

Madison started walking down the hallway towards the examination rooms. He turned and looked over his shoulder. I could feel his eyes looking me up and down as his the corner of his lips curled upwards. He gave me the slightest nod, ever so faint I almost missed it, then disappeared around the corner.

“Any specific reason for coming in today?”

I looked back at the receptionist, “Oh, sorry. Umm. I have pain in my… girl parts.”

“Well, it appears as if it’s your first time here. If you could fill out this form for me, that would be great. Then we’ll get you right in to see Madison. Fortunately you are his last patent for the day, so you’ll be able to have an extended examination time if something comes up.”

I nodded to her and quickly filled out the form as my fingers trembled slightly.

She looked down at my hand, “Everything alright?”

Smiling at her I replied, “Yep! All good – just nervous.”

“Well, don’t worry about a thing. Madison will check you out then a nurse will be in to finish the exam if you get too uncomfortable with a male examining you.”

I handed the form back to her, “I’m sure everything will be alright.”

Turning to sit down in the waiting area, I immediately heard my name called out. “Amy. The doctor will see you now.”

The nurse walked me into the exam room.

Never having health insurance up until yesterday, I suddenly realized I had never been in a doctor’s office before. No wonder I was so panicky.

I sat on the exam table and ran my fingers over the sterilized paper.

The door opened.

Looking up, our eyes met again.

He smiled, “Amy – right?

I nodded, “That’s me. I’m sure you remember my mother Kate.”

He laughed as he tapped his pencil against the clipboard he was holding, “Yes… I remember your mother. She’s such a hoot.”

A hoot? I guess she’s kind of funny…

“Alright, let’s get down to business. Why are you here today?”

I shifted uncomfortably. “I have pain in my lady bits.”

His face contorted. “Well that’s not good. When was the last time you had sexual intercourse?”

I felt my cheeks instantly turn red hot. “I’m… I’m a virgin. I’ve never been with a man.”

He nodded as he walked over by me and put his hand on my shoulder, “That’s good. Alright – open your mouth for me and say ‘ahhh.’”

I did so as I watched his stunningly handsome eyes look into my mouth.

“Looks good,” he said as he wrote a few notes on his clipboard.

He took my wrist in his hand and felt along my veins. “Heartbeat?” I whispered.

After a moment of silence he replied, “Yep – you are still alive.”

I laughed under my breath, trying my best not to be nervous.

“I need to check your breasts now. If you like, I can have a nurse do this after the exam.”

I shook my head, “No, you go ahead. I trust you.”

Madison smiled faintly and ran his hand over my chest feeling me. It was the first time any man has ever touched me. I could instantly feel myself starting to get turned on.

His hand curled around my other breast, massaging and twisting around every part of the mound.

“Everything appears normal. Now take your shirt and bra off. I need to inspect your left breast a bit further.”

I nodded, unclasped my bra and pulled both off at once.

My breasts hung there, right in front of him as he put on latex gloves. “Sorry if my hands are chilled,” he said with a smile.

His fingers curled around my hardening nipples as I felt pleasure ripple up my spine and cause a wave of dizziness.

“Is everything alright?” he said as a concerned look fell across his face.

“Yeah – I just got a little woozy there for a moment. Sorry…”

His fingers curled back around my breasts, “Does anything hurt?”

I shook my head, “No… quite the opposite actually.”

Wait. Shit. Did I just say that?! No fucking way. God, please let that last comment be in my head. Oh god please.

He laughed loudly as he pulled his hands back. “Well, I can’t say I’ve never heard that before!”

God, I did say that out loud.

“Last step. I need to check between your legs. Please drop your panties, sit on the table and spread your legs.”

Here goes nothing…

I dropped my red laced panties to the floor and spread my legs for him as I sat on the examination table.

He kneeled down in front of me and pulled my skirt up gently. “Can you point to where it hurts?”

“Sure, —“I pointed to my opening, — “right here,” I said softly as I watched his gorgeous hair wave slightly as he bobbed up and down peering inside me.

“Well, I’m going to have to get in there and see what’s going on.”

I nodded. “Go for it.”

His finger slid inside. I could feel the warmth enter within me as it slid deeper.

“Any pain? Or again, just the opposite?” He laughed again.

I smiled and looked down at him, even though I could only see the top of his head.

“There – Ouch!”

He withdrew his finger, “I see the problem. It’s your hymen. Since you’ve never been with a man before, it appears to be swollen. It needs to be broken. Do you have a boyfriend?”

My mind raced.

“Yeah, but we don’t—“

He cut me off, “Never mind, I shouldn’t have said that. Prescribing sex wouldn’t be right.”

“Can’t I break it myself?” I said as I looked up at him.

Madison smiled, “Unfortunately no. You really need to have a guy get up in there, or use a dildo. If you have one.”

I laughed, “My mother would never let that get past the front door. Trust me. She goes through everything. Isn’t there any other way?”

He bit his lip and looked towards the door. “I could break it for you.”

I could feel a shudder coursing through my body. A shudder of two thoughts colliding. One; this doctor wants to fuck me, right here and right now, and Two: I could very well walk away from this office not a virgin.

My mind raced in circles.

His finger slid within me once again. I left out the softest of moans as my hand curled into his hair.

He looked up at me, “Let me help you…”

I nodded and slipped my finger under his chin, pulling him towards my mouth.

Our tongues collided with such force. I could feel his finger sliding in and out between my legs, curling and twisting within me.

“I want you,” Madison said as I felt his free hand slide around behind my back and his warm breath on my lips.

His hand withdrew from between my legs and wrapped around my wrist, sliding it into his unzipped pants.

My fingers wrapped around his girthy cock. I could feel his skin tightening as he hardened and grew.

Never being with a man before had my mind racing even faster. I thought of the porn I had watched just the other night.

“Take me,” I whispered into his ear as his teeth nibbled down my neck.






I couldn’t stop myself. My fingers curled around his cock and started stroking. Madison let out a deep guttural groan as I squeezed him.

“Wait… I don’t know if I can do this.” Madison said as I watched him run his thumb over his ring finger.

“It’s ok, nobody will never know. You won’t say anything, and neither will I. What do we have to lose?”

Madison’s eyes ran over my body, “I suppose you’re right. No harm, no foul.”

I nodded as I felt his fingers slide deeper inside me. My boyfriend would never find out. In any case, he was gone until Monday, which left me with two days.

I turned over on my back and stared up at him as I curled my arm around his neck and pulled him into me.

Our tongues touched. Light at first, then faster as we fell into our groove. He was damn good at it too.

I felt his hand slide up my side as he pulled my swimsuit top over my head. His hand was shaking.

“Are you nervous?” I cooed with a smile.

He shook his head, “It’s been a while, but no.”

“Well, make me a woman,” I said.

His hand pulled my skirt down over my knees, exposing my bare pussy to him.

I watched as his eyes ran over my body. “You like what you see?

Madison smiled and placed his hand on my breast. “I do, and I mean to push it to the limit.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” I whispered as I kneeled in front of him and pulled his slacks down to his knees.

My mouth was wet and ready. I wanted to feel and taste him in my mouth. I wanted him to be so turned on that he would ravage by body without thought, care or remorse.

I pulled his boxers down to his knees. There it was in all its glory.

My hand went to work on the thick cock as I wrapped my mouth around him.

I heard him groan in pleasure as I put my hands on his ass and pulled him deeper down my throat. I was going to give him the best damned head of his life.

Madison grabbed my arms firmly and pushed me backwards onto the examination table. His hands grasped my feet and held them apart as he kneeled on the floor between my legs.

“My turn.” He said as he kissed down my thigh towards my pussy.

I was ready for his cock, but I was also willing to wait. Most men are good at one or the other. I was hoping Madison was good with both.

His tongue slid along the outside of my opening, slowly making his way inside my lips.

I rested my hands on the back of his head as his tongue went to work on my clit.

Curling and twisting around my insides, I looked down and saw his rock hard cock ready for me. “Fuck me already, will you?” I blurted as I felt his tongue press all the way inside.

I arched my back as I felt my toes curl up. Pleasure rippled through my veins and spread from my fingers to toes as his tongue ran circles around my opening.

Madison pulled away, stood up and kneeled in front of me on the table, holding both of my legs high in the air.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” I moaned as my hips began to move in anticipation.

Madison smiled as I watched his muscular body descend on mine. “You’re mine tonight,” he grunted as I felt the tip of his cock press against me.

He slid inside, slowly making his way deeper and deeper. The sheer amount of pressure from his thick shaft caught me off guard as my walls expanded to accompany his endowment.

“God damn, you have a nice cock,” I said as he pressed deeper inside.

I could feel every inch, every little movement his hips made as he slowly moved in and out of me.

“Fuck me like you mean it. Don’t fuck me like your wife. Fuck me hard, like it’s your last day on earth!” I exclaimed as I grabbed his hips with my fingernails and dug his cock fully inside me.

His mouth contorted into a devilish grin as I watched him grab my breasts and squeeze tightly. I felt my nipples shoot with pain as he twisted each as his cock rammed into me.

“That’s it. Fuck me like you mean it!” I said as I gritted my teeth.

I felt his cock drive into me like a jackhammer over and over. My body flew back and forth on my towel from the sheer force of his dick plowing into me.

My walls clenched tightly around his thick shaft with each piercing blow. The pain and pleasure mixed together into something quite perfect as I felt his large hand grab my neck and take things to the next level.

I struggled to breathe as I gasped for breath. He was holding onto my neck tighter than I thought he would have as I watched him continue to plow into me.

Reaching up, I grabbed his hand and attempted to pull it away from my throat. He was locked onto me like a tiger on its prey.

Suddenly he released.

Blood pumped back through my body, sending shockwaves coursing through my veins and splintering throughout my fingertips.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I came like the gates of a dam suddenly opening. My walls clenched and didn’t release as I opened my mouth to scream in complete orgasmic pleasure. Nothing left my lips.

My vision started to fade to black as I felt another shockwave of explosive energy peak within me. I came again, and again, and again as wave after wave of orgasms crashed on the shores of my body.

I could hardly breathe throughout the whole experience as my body still rippled with a tingling feeling.

Madison looked down at me as his hips started to slow. “Are you alright?”

I nodded as I reached my fingers down to my clit and began circling. “Keep fucking me… don’t stop, please,” I begged.

Madison wrapped his arm around my waist and set me down on all fours. He kneeled behind me and pressed his cock back inside.

He went deeper.

Somehow, in some way, he went deeper.

My vision started to fade again as the intense shockwaves of ecstasy returned in force.

I fell to my elbows as his fingernails dug into my hips and his powerful arms pushed and pulled my body off of his cock.

Time slowed for a brief moment as I felt myself peak again. The earth shattering moment returned as my body shook with pleasure. I couldn’t hear anything besides static, but I’m sure Madison was saying something.

I looked back at him just as I felt his cock tense deep inside me.

Immediately he started pumping himself inside.

His hips slowed as did his cock. I could feel each slow and deliberate thrust pump more of his cum inside my pussy.

Finally, he went still as did I.

“You are a woman now…” he whispered through heavy pants.

I couldn’t help but smile as I nodded to him, “Sure am… and the pain – it’s gone.”

“I would hope so,” he said as he stood and pulled his pants up around his waist, “Looks like it’s about time to go home for the evening. Will I be seeing you again?”

I smirked. “Of course… doctor.”

Madison laughed softly and pulled his white jacket over his shoulders and straightened the collar. “Have a good evening Amy.”

I walked out of the door, past the reception in front. Her glare pierced through me as I turned and smiled on the way out to my car.

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