In a sexually-empty marriage, there is nothing degrading in cheating. After years of sharing a love cradle, spouses do look for temptation, often masturbating to those desires. We all do, after all.
The original taste of a sin could not possibly be overridden by any sense of domestic erotica. Women who knew the absolute pleasure of lying next to a sleepy husband, captured by consciousness, but free by spirit, would never renounce those few hours of forbidden pleasure. Life was too short to tolerate a boring sex life!
Hera was a passionate woman who knew what she wanted, and thought on many occasions how choosing a mortal life deprived her of heavenly pleasures.
There was almost nothing spiritual left in Zeus’s touch, now that he was a handsome, but painfully ordinary man.
As hard as she tried to be desired by him, he seemed to simply perform a duty towards her, and soon after, she was on her own all over again.
The thought that he might be cheating on her was somehow exciting.
Young and wild of heart, she was extremely jealous of other goddesses and nymphs.
The fact, Zeus was taking advantage of Earthly pleasures, on the other hand… just the thought made her wet.
She simply knew these women could not compete with her, and he would always return. They were deities, after all.
Zeus would never leave her and marry a warm-blooded mortal.
Therefore, he was allowed to sleep around.
But another terrifying thought broke Hera’s heart… that she was soon going to be the admirable wife at home, whom a husband could deeply respect and worship, but would rarely take to bed.
Now that they tried everything there was to be tried, her divine beauty was no longer interesting for him.
And he was still gorgeously hot, she thought.
This is how Hera decided to cheat.
In a situation like this, approaching a man for attention was necessary rather than brave. With the beauty and the charms she possessed, such attempt would hardly fail.
And she started. She used the first opportunity available by randomly inviting a guy in the bar for a drink.
He probably thinks I am a slut, she thought.
It turned out that he had a recent break-up, and perfectly understood the loneliness of a committed person. Besides, who could have resisted those magnificent curves and her dirty talk?
Eager for a radical change and ready to fuck, she chose a handsome dark-skinned partner. Indeed, she hoped the stories about those men were not simply stories. She wanted to find eight inches of absolute pleasure.
She felt her pressure go up every time she thought she was about to meet this guy. She spent hours in front of the mirror, hoping he would like her new, lace thongs. Instead, he hardly noticed her lingerie. They ravaged each other immediately upon approach, intentions clear.
She met her lover few times a week.
Coming home, she would shower while caressing her intimate parts, aware that water could not wash off her sin.
Still, there was no guilt while she lay next to Zeus.
She just closed her eyes and let her mind travel to the man who actually made her happy.
One of those days, while she was trying to sneak into the room without being noticed, Zeus waited for her. He was sitting on the stairs, breathing heavily.
“Did you enjoy it?” Zeus asked menacingly.
She froze.
How the hell did he find out?
Did he follow her?
“Enjoy what?” Hera tried to look surprised.
“Stop pretending, Hera.”
He clearly knew.
For a few seconds she thought she was going to die. Her heart was about to jump outside her chest.
She was about to feel the anger of the God of all Gods.
But why? What was she supposed to say?
There she was, completely exposed like a whore who only cares about satisfaction.
“I am sorry”, she said. But she didn’t mean it.
The truth was, if she could go back in time, she would still do it all again.
He dragged her arm furiously.
“You like being fucked by other men, don’t you? That insatiable pussy of yours is always hungry for pleasure.”
Zeus continued in a rage.
“What did he do to you? Speak! I want to know every detail.”
Hera’s fear turned into anger. “Do you really want to know that? Do you really need to hear how much I enjoyed it?”
He pulled her towards him.
Her entire body was stuck in his divine, muscular arms, and for whatever his intentions were, there was no escape.
“Tell me what he did to you. Tell me every detail.”
Down on her back, he felt his hard erection pressed up against her.
She could not believe how excited he was.
She was trembling.
She was wet.
“Well, he pushed me to the wall…” Hera began.
Zeus’s throbbing cock hardened against her.
“He tugs my scarf and pulls it and he doesn’t let go. Oh, really?”
Zeus pushed Hera against the wall.
“Speak!” He shouted, undressing her in a rush and spanking her naked butt.
She could feel incredible warmth coming from the lower part of his stomach. Unannounced, his hard dick almost rammed her wet pussy. He stood motionless for a couple of seconds: “You like this?”
“Yes! Yes!”
And he started fucking her, harder and harder.
He slipped it in and out, pushing his fingers against her clit from time to time.
She thought she would push the wall down from the pleasure. It was the first time he fucked her like this.
Bad girls deserve punishment, she thought.
He pinched her nipples, obviously thrilled.
“You are my dirty whore, remember that!” Zeus commanded.
Close to culmination, he pulled his throbbing dick out of her wet pussy and pushed her wet lips around his cock.
“Take it!” Zeus yelled as he reached climax.
Soon, drops of seed slipped down her chin. From the way he looked, he could notice he still wanted her.
“Don’t dare to get dressed! I am not done with you”, he said, staring at her ass.
Zeus’s cock was dripping with seed, but still fully erect. Perks of being a deity, I suppose.
He grabbed Hera by the waist, spun her around, and shoved his massive totem inside her warm ass.
Hera screamed and yelped in pain and pleasure.
It had been forever since he’d taken her like this.
Zeus fucked her ass hard and fast, wrapping his right hand around her torso for support, sliding his fingers down to her crotch and rubbing her clit furiously. Hera climaxed again and again.
Zeus pulled out his hard cock, spun her around, and ejaculated all over her neck, breast, stomach, and even legs.
His seed felt warm to the touch, and she welcomed it.
It was exactly what she wanted, a spark of lust.
Every single night from that day forward, they fucked like rabbits.
Like gods.

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