“Please, send somebody before it is too late!”
Nicole trembled, desperately hoping that somebody would come to save her life.
She was stuck in a ring of flames, unable to move from the armchair where she usually read and took her afternoon naps.
It was as if something held her down. Her body was weighted.
In a matter of seconds, her usual daytime nap had turned into a nightmare.
The candles, she thought. What a reckless, irresponsible act!
As a curtain of smoke hampered her breathing, she made efforts to move her legs. She was not successful. It seemed like an immense force pulled her to the ground.
“”Help me! Please help me!” she screamed.
The door opened in a furious crush, but the well-equipped firemen she expected were not there.
Instead, an extremely tall man stood there alone, looking at her as if nothing was happening.
He did not move.
“Why are you standing there? Don’t you see my room is burning? I cannot move, please come and take me!”
Anxious to escape, Nicole didn’t pay attention to the specific circumstances surrounding her.
Yes, there was a fire, but rather than spreading around under the influence of oxygen, the fire burned in a perfect circle, leaving half of the room untouched. And this strange man did not seem to care at all.
He finally spoke: “Do you believe in the existence of Gods?”
Rather than fear, she was shocked.
“Am I involved in some kind of cult ritual?” she wondered. Whatever it was, she could not avoid it.
As if the fire was not enough, now she had to deal with a lunatic.
Ok then, let’s play along.
“I do,” she replied.
The answer obviously pleased the stranger.
Then, the most incredible thing followed: he took a deep breath and turned the fire off with a single blow.
The only thing she was able to believe was that this was an act of heaven. Her less-than-honest answer was starting to seem more real.
It couldn’t be. This was some kind of prank or trick.
The game continued.
“Who are you? How did you do that?” She inquired.
Realizing she was not motionless anymore, she quickly jumped off the chair, hesitating on whether to approach him.
There was something special about his looks.
He had wide, muscular shoulders, small eyes, but an incredibly observant expression. He was handsome, athletic, and seemed to pulse with an aura of power that sent chills down her spine.
“I am Hephaestus, son of Zeus,” he said in a mighty tone.
The serious expression on his face showed explicit self-confidence, which convinced her even more that she was dealing with a lunatic, despite what she had earlier seen.
A handsome lunatic who actually controls fire and has no intention of leaving her house soon certainly made for an interesting situation.
“I have observed you for a long time. But you are not a goddess. What are you? Are you a nymph?” Hephaestus asked.
The atmosphere was stuffed with a sense of calm terror.
She obviously stood on the mere edge between fantasy and reality.
“I am a librarian. I work with books.”
Hephaestus shook his head in disbelief.
“Work? But you are too beautiful to work!” He seemed shocked.
Sweet, she thought.
“I gather all knowledge at one place and I transfer it to people. It’s a rather noble pursuit.” She explained her work matter-of-factly.
“Well then, you are the Athena of this strange kingdom. I am pleased to meet you, your highness!” He bowed with a dose of respect and sarcasm, both at once.
“You bet I am.” She replied.
She felt slightly more confident to approach him. Now, that no smoke or shadow covered his face, she discovered he was in fact, a very attractive man… a man whose spontaneity might heal her loneliness.
“Can I… touch you?” He asked genuinely.
With an instinctive movement he reached out for her hand and looked at it with admiration: “Your hand is so soft.” He nuzzled it like a beast.
Crazy or not, she was turned on by this strange creature.
You’d better be godlike in bed, she thought.
“Oh, sweet librarian! Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Hephaestus said, only half-joking.
“Try me on, first”, she whispered.
Not even she could believe how much desire he had provoked in her. She caressed his chest, licking every fissure scar. And there were many.
He had eyes that clearly appreciated the scenery. In few moves, he ripped her skirt apart and looked at her crotch.
“You like it? It’s yours for the taking,” she offered.
The next thing you know, his hands were exploring her secret garden.
The satisfaction of his long tongue sucking her clit turned their innocent romance into a furious battle for pleasure.
The more he squeezed her ass, the more she needed him inside of her.
The urge for penetration was strong.
“Lunge upward,” he begged. “Yes, just like that. Take it completely inside.”
He pushed as hard as he possibly could.
“Do you see now how insatiable I am?” He growled.
With every single move he made deeper inside her warmth, she moaned in ecstasy and pleasure.
Nicole gasped and felt climax approaching.
A powerful orgasm furiously came and left her body, but soon, another followed.
Heavenly or not, this was the best sex she had ever experienced.
Pounding inside, he suddenly screamed and powerful flames appeared behind him against the backdrop of the room.
Her eyes wide, it was clear this man was in control of elemental fire.
Maybe he was a deity after all…
Down her hips, a stream of wetness found itself flowing.
She lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling that Hephaestus had already said goodbye. Still, she didn’t want to wake up in a rush.
She looked around at the empty room, absent of flame, blinked once or twice, and smiled.
Nothing was on fire, anymore.

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