Doctor’s Orders

Doctor’s Orders

Doctor Patient Erotica


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This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.

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There I was sitting, eagerly waiting my dreaded appointment.  I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room hating the feeling of nervousness and tension.

Magazines from months ago ‘Oh Please’ how am I supposed to entertain myself with gossip that I already know? My usual act is finding a chair that is set as far back from the coughing sneezing people as possible.

I checked in with the clerk at the desk, and then attempted to make myself comfortable in the old plastic faded chairs.

I picked up a book that was pushed between the seats and was surprised to figure out it was an erotic tale of a couple who met in a café. It seemed a little boring until I got further into the story and the erotic pleasures started unravelling.

The explanations got further and further into detail and the descriptions were erotic and filthy.

As I continued to read I started to feel myself grow a little warm inside my body.

I could feel the sensation that my nipples were beginning to harden up as I continued to read.

Just as I felt like going to the bathroom and satisfying myself a little bit with my fingers, the doctor came in and called my name.

I blushed as I was about to go in to the doctors room for an examination and my panties were already wet.

I sat down in the chair the doctor had pulled out for me and asked about my concerns and what the problem was.

He introduced himself as Dr Gordon he was middle aged with rough hair dressed in a light purple suit with a white shirt.

He first took my blood pressure, my heart was pumping hard but when he smiled and said the result was good I started to relax a little.

Dr Gordon then took my temperature with his little machine that went under my tongue that to was quite good a little high but nothing to really worry about.

I knew there were more personal checks to be done like a breast exam and an internal done as well. My doctor noticed I was nervous and a little shaky as he placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled while motioning me to move to the examination table and put on the gown provided.

I stared at the gown it was something I really didn’t want to put on but I knew it had to be done and I just wanted to get it over with.

I quickly took off my panties and sat them underneath me so the doctor would be unable to notice they were wet.

I felt myself still blushing as the doctor pulled a curtain around me and asked me to spread my legs ready for him to examine my concerns.

I was embarrassed and felt uncomfortable but the doctor promised it wouldn’t take long.

As I focused my eyes on the doctor I noticed he was very attractive for a middle aged fellow, for some reason, I started feeling warm again and flushed, the thoughts of that story were still in my head.

The doctor asked to check my heartbeat first before he checked down below.

Dr Gordon unbuttoned the front of my gown to what I believed was too much but after all he was the doctor, he knew what he was doing.

After he had checked my heart and lungs I couldn’t help but notice Dr Gordon was starring right at my rack.

I felt a little embarrassed and started blushing as I felt my pussy grow a little tight.

As he stood up and moved away I saw the bulge in his pants and didn’t know what else to do but look away pretending not to notice, had I began to turn him on?

His next question surprised me a little; with a quiet voice he asked me if I was sexually active.

Feeling myself warm and tight I admitted I was but wondered what that mattered at this time.


As I became focused on his crutch I was trying to shake off the feelings, it was like I was becoming excited to be in the company of this doctor.

I did not want an older Dr becoming attracted to me but if I was growing wet does that mean I was in fact attracted.

As he returned to gently open my legs again he used one hand to feel above my public bone which was ok but the other hand was slowly rubbing my thigh.

Dr Gordon was getting a little too much into this check-up as he was meant to, or wasn’t he?

Perhaps I had got so engrossed in that story it was all my imagination.


As he examined furthered on I realized the gown was nearly completely off now and his examination was moving from breast to pussy back and forth.

I’m not sure if it was by accident but Dr Gordon seemed a little more to be just starring, admiring my intimate body parts rather than actually performing an examination.

I re-positioned myself on the bed a little better forgetting I had put my cum-soaked undies underneath me, I watched them fall to the floor.

Dr Gordon noticed and bent down and picked them up a smile came across his face he could see the wetness, I was highly embarrassed.

Sitting there completely naked now with the Dr who knew I was aroused.

Dr Gordon kindly handed me the undies and asked me to completely lie down on the bed.

I did as he asked, letting him just stare at my body checking me up and down several times.



Dr Gordon explained he needed to check my breasts for unusual size and lumps; this was a normal part of my check-up with the other doctors.

At first it was quite normal and he performed the check like other doctors have, then it changed to something a little different.

Slowly his movements seemed to change from clinical examination to a more seductive feel-up.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable and op to move away my body just laid there and let Dr Gordon continue.

Why was I like this? I should have been pulling away but instead I was reacting like I was enjoying the moment.

The Dr gently added a little pressure to my breasts and started flicking my nipples with his fingers until they were hard and erect.


His cheeks blushed a little, as his eyes closed slightly as his puffy lips came close to mine.

My lips didn’t want to but under the temptation they latched onto the Dr’s and the unfulfilled cravings seemed to flood in and although it was wrong I wanted so much more of him.

A huge amount of lustful feeling was growing inside me, I was hesitant but deeply wanted to fuck my doctor was this wrong?

He was offering himself to me as our tongues caressed together, teasing our arousal.

I was relaxed and could feel his touch upon my skin like fire and ice together.

Lifting his bare hands to hold my breasts. He had a very gentle, graceful touch as most doctors do have.

His fondling hands arousing my generous nipples as his moist tongue ran over the tight peaks.

He slowly bent down over my body keeping eye contact with me, and then I felt the sensation.

His lips running over my nipples and I could feel his warm breath on my chest.

I lay motionless while his hands started to rub down my thighs and back up towards my pussy.

I knew this was wrong but I just couldn’t move away.

I felt like I wanted to yell out to someone but at the same time his eyes were powerful and were somehow convincing me that I wanted this.

I felt his fingers run over my clit hood and knew he was close, I could predict his next move.

Without being able to control myself, I opened my legs like a hot knife through butter and knew that I wanted to feel his fingers inside me.

His fingers started to explore the moist folds inside my wet pussy, I tried to pull my hips back but my body was falling back into his hands.

He moved positions and knelt down on his knees positioned right in perfect view of my wet temple.

I felt his fingers enter me and the hungry look on his face told me this was going to go a lot further than a sexual examination, “What a naughty doctor”.

As his fingers furthered in I couldn’t control the ‘This was wrong feeling’ I let go.

I closed my eyes and pushed his fingers in a little further they were impressive thick and smooth.

He sure knew how to control his fingers which led me straight into erotic pleasure and deep moans of lust.

As my body got into the feeling I started rocking my hips back and forth as he fingered me in and out.

I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him close to my clit, I wanted to feel his moist tongue around my cum engulfed puss.

The hotness grabbed me straight away and I had to try hard to control my moans from the outside waiting room from hearing.

My back arched, my lips moaned and my pussy swelled for more attention.

My beautiful thick nectar started to leak out around his finger as he gently rolled his tongue over my clit.

He flicked my clit ring with the tip of his tongue as his fingers still roamed around inside me.

I could feel the cum building up around his thick fingers but just as I was close to erupting my nectar the Dr’s phone rang.

His fingers left me as my body collapsed onto the bed craving.

After a few moments he placed the receiver down moved over and locked the door then returned his face to my wet clit.

I became focused again letting my arousal build to high climax.

Dr Gordon started to undo his shirt and let it fall to the fall then removed his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles, where I saw his member come out to play.

I was surprised to see a thick huge cock imagine what that could do to my wetting pussy.

Dr Gordon complimented my beautiful sexy body and grabbed his cock with his bare hands and started jerking himself off as he starred at my gaping pussy pulsating for cock.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me down to the very edge of the bed letting my legs hang over the edge as he gently patted my opening with the tip of his cock.

He encircled his cock at my opening for a while before he gently pushed between my walls.

I felt the pressure inside me he was huge and my pussy had to stretch pretty wide.

Deep thrusts came he didn’t waste time he was strait into fucking my pussy hard and fast.

I had to put a hand over my mouth as I bucked against his cock letting him push against my pussy walls driving into me hard.

I sat up and arched my back letting him penetrate me further as I moaned and felt the wetness inside me.

His cum covered cock was thrusting inside my now numb little pussy.

Dr Gordon let out several throaty moans as he thrusted harder letting his pinkie finger gently slide inside my balloon, giving me the anal examination of ecstasy.

I grabbed his hips and pushed him harder feeling my nails dig deep into his skin as I flowed into the wetness of my arousal.

He pulled out of me before either of us had cummed everywhere.

Dr Gordon begged me to squirt all over his face, this was pure dirty whore material for me and I wanted to do it so bad.

I stuck a few fingers inside my wet pussy and started to finger fuck myself a few times as the doctor gently stroked his cock.

I grabbed the Dr’s head and pushed it into my pussy as I gave a small push and squirted my cum everywhere all over his face and watched it drip down his chin.

Dr Gordon smiled at me then ordered me to lick it off his chin, letting my tongue run down his chin and slide down his neck tasting my sweet honey juices all over my professional doctor.

Dr Gordon had jerked himself to the point of eruption as well letting his cum squirt all over my open pussy.
He laid down on top of me panting heavy as he nibbled on my ear and explained the importance of keeping this special examination to myself, it couldn’t get out to anyone not even people close to me.

I knew it was immoral but it felt sensational.

I fixed my hair and got dressed as the clerk was buzzing the doctor about patients waiting too long, realizing I had been in there over an hour, but merely an hour worthwhile.

I asked Dr Gordon to sign me over to him as a permanent patient, I preferred Dr Gordon’s examinations better.

I feel Dr Gordon seems to be thorough and strait to the point with a more detailed examination that I am more comfortable with than the other doctors.

As I walked out and headed to the counter the clerk gave me an odd look, did she know?

She mumbled that Dr Gordon had marked my appointment as a no charge and that he would like to see me again in a few days there was a few things he wanted to talk to me about regarding my health.


I had to smile when she said the last line.



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