Sundays at the “Sapphire” were quiet as usual. Nothing but the calm violin sounds interrupted Maggie’s devoted battle with the last piece of cannelloni.
Due to the strict nutritional regime, Sunday was the only day she could afford a proper dinner, such as only the “Sapphire” could guarantee!
This must be how food tastes in heaven, she thought.
A few tables away, an elegant gentleman was slowly finishing his second glass of Pinot Noir. He felt a wave of warmth going through his veins, not just because of such strong taste, but also because his entire body reacted to the presence of an extremely good-looking woman.
He observed Maggie.
Luckily for him, she was so concerned with her meal that she hardly noticed that someone’s eyes constantly walked all across her body.
The position she sat in revealed the very best of her riches: smooth, well-shaped legs, crossed over each other and probably the biggest, perfectly curved pair of tits he had ever seen.
She randomly picked up hair was dark and shiny, and she definitely had a seductive smile. Yes, she was gorgeous.
“Did you like your order, miss?” The waiter asked, lifting her plate and putting a glass on the table instead.
“This is a modest regard from the gentleman from the other table. He asked whether he could enjoy your company.”
The wine did look promising, she thought.
She was about to be disturbed on a peaceful Sunday night, but if the intruder had such exquisite taste in wine, he was fairly welcomed. She turned around and glanced, surprised by her own shyness.
“Dear Lord, I must have won the lottery!”
Mister Perfect was greeting her with a glass of the same Pinot, obviously pleased she accepted his sign of attention. Indeed-Maggie was a beautiful girl, but her relationship history was unfamiliar with such elegant men.
“Cheers!” she said. With a short, wavy movement of her hand, she called him to join her table.
“I hope I am not disturbing you,” said the man, leaning and gently kissing her palm.
“Oh, of course not… please, do take a seat.” She responded.
“You know, I am not really a guy who intrudes people this way, but when I saw you, I could not stop myself. I thought ‘what an incredible lady!’ Miss…?”
“Maggie. My name is Maggie.”
“Nice to meet you, Maggie. My name is Dionysus.”
He smiled, observing her confused expression.
“Sorry…” she said nervously.
“Oh, don’t worry. I get a lot of those looks when I introduce myself. My mother, you know. She was Greek.”
“Dionysus was the God of wine, wasn’t he?”
He looked at her and nodded.
“Cheers for the trivia knowledge, Maggie!”
“You certainly chose the best wine they have here, Dionysus. I didn’t even know Sapphire had such a marvelous collection.”
“It is an old harvest. The older the better!”
Even though the conversation flew pleasantly, he could clearly see she was cutely nervous. She constantly changed the position of her legs and her trembling fingers played with her hair.
It was clear he was extremely interested in this woman.
Using the “always working” strategy, he informed her of his successful business in supposed regret over the lonely life of a well-situated bachelor.
He wondered if that was really necessary.
The Rolex on his wrist spoke louder than his words.
She was already showing interest to “get to know” him better.
On the other side of the table, similar theories were developing.
“There must be something wrong! He could not possibly be so perfect. Rich, handsome, funny…” She thought.
With every second that passed, they got closer and closer.
Soon, he was holding her hand, caressing her smoothly, so glad to have met her. She was neither the type of girl that looks for a one night stand, nor was the evening appropriate for such act.
But that delicate taste of summer in her wine made her horny, rather than tipsy. She knew that soon she would take off that glorious suit of his.
“I would like to see it!” she interrupted his flattering over an exclusive collection of Italian wines he claimed to keep at home.
Effective Pinot, he thought. Yes, there was no one who understood the powers of wine better than himself.
“I am desperate to spend some time alone with you Maggie. How about we just grab our coats and go?” He suggested.
Before she knew, she was entering his luxurious car.
What a slutty thing to do, she thought!
But there was some invisible force dragging her towards him. The only thing she wanted was to feel him inside.
They soon arrived to a fancy, originally furnished apartment.
“Make yourself comfortable, beautiful.”
As he grasped to turn on the lights, she grabbed him and started pushing her tongue in his mouth.
“Why do I want you so badly?” She inquired.
This was exactly what he wanted her to do.
“How much do you want me? Show me, girl!”
As she licked all over his mouth, she felt the smell of his irresistible cologne.
Completely enchanted by this man, she turned around and pushed her firm butt towards his cock.
“I want you to fuck me like you never fucked a woman before,” she commanded him.
Touching his dick, already rock hard, she kneeled and sucked with incredible desire.
She let it slip out once more, and chased it back with her tongue, glancing from time to time with spit on her lips, just to let him know how pleasant it was.
He was going crazy.
“At your service, madam”, he smiled.
He pulled her dress off and pushed to the table.
Then, he raised her legs intending to go down on her. But she turned again and leaned on the table.
“No, I want you to fuck me now. This way.”
Obediently, he slipped in his cock, sensing how wet she was. Speeding up, he moved straight and back. He was looking at his cock rippling through that wet pussy while her ass shook to the pressure of his hips.
With one of his hands, he held her head down and was turned on by the thought he possessed her. The other hand slapped her ass strongly, while she screamed both in pleasure and pain.
Feeling the spasms inside her vagina, he started to fuck her harder, practically impaling her on his massive, throbbing cock.
She just lifted on her fingers, stuck her nails on the wooden table and yelled: “Oh, God!”
She arched her back and climaxed.
She was spent after that orgasm.
What is more thrilling to a man than seeing the consequences of his power?
As she lay there, spent and fucked, he slid his dripping cock out of her wet pussy and rubbed it hard, bringing himself to climax all over her beautiful stomach and chest.
It was her reward.

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