In this small village on the riverside, people lived in peace and understanding. People greeted each other on their way to the fields, smiling and involving in random talks. Their life was almost like a utopian story: they liked each other, they cherished life and there were no concerns over troubles bigger than a rainy day.
At night, the entire village gathered to taste the reward of their farming efforts. They drank wine by the gallon and retold stories. That is how simple life in such village was.
Unaware of all troubles urban life could cause, these people enjoyed the calmness the lived in. Simplicity ruled their everyday life and every excitement out of the ordinary day, was fairly welcomed.
This is how Kara’s life looked before she met Demeter.
Every morning, she woke up at sunrise, preparing sweet tea and fresh-baked bread for breakfast, woke up her caring husband with a kiss and made their bed. She did a little bit of laundry and cleaned around the house, occasionally joining him to lend a hand in the field work. They had divided their duties: he was in charge of their grain crops, while she took care of their small fruit garden.
Her husband was what they call the love of a lifetime. He was her childhood sweetheart and her teenage dream, her idea of a perfectly happy life.
So was she, in his heart. Their parents, who had excellent communication and lived in friendship for many years, were aware of their children’s wishes. Soon, this innocent romance turned into an official commitment, likely to survive both: good and bad times.
Kara really believed in the sacristy of their vows and tried to be to the best wife she could. Her husband was a hard-working man whom she could always trust and on whom she relied. For many years so far, he regularly visited her side of the bed, making her feel like the beautiful woman she was.
Indeed, she was a precious being!
Every man in the village envied her husband.
But as years went by and nothing changed, Kara felt the desperate need of excitement.
She needed something that would make her smile in the mornings and greet the evenings, something worthy of being beautiful for.
Every evening she prayed for such excitement, as passion slowly left her body.
Not even the nights in their cradle were the same. Half of the time she just waited for him to be done with it, or grasped to confirm she enjoyed it, having to fake an orgasm almost every time.
The more she waited, the worst it got: life was a pit, a trap. You have to take what you crave if you want to be happy, but you have to risk everything you know and comfort.
One of those days of despair, she almost felt she had settled with the situation. If unsatisfied was the state God had in mind for her, let it be so for the rest of her days! But that same day, a strange thing happened.
She was quite sure she had collected all the strawberries from the garden the previous day. But there they were again, three grooves full of big, passion-red strawberries!
How strange, she thought.
I must have confused myself, the years have taken their toll.
She picked them and moved on with the other tasks for the day.
However, the next morning she witnessed the same, strangest view.
A garden full of strawberries!
“No, it cannot be!” She exclaimed.
Something strange was happening and she had to find out what it was.
Once her tired husband was asleep, she took her rope and went straight to the garden. Hidden behind a tree, she waited to see how her strawberries grew again. The night was young and fresh, and she was thankful for the shiny Moon that helped her to see everything clearly.
A few minutes later, she saw a man approaching the garden. A man she had never seen before.
“Who are you? What are you doing here?” She questioned.
Unlike any reaction she could have caused, the man smiled.
“Did you like your strawberries, Kara?”
“How do you know my name?”
“I know everybody. But that is irrelevant now, dear.”
He grabbed her and hugged her with enormous strength. Surprised as she was, she stood there motionless, wondering what this stranger had in mind. I should be afraid, she thought. But the stranger seemed like a well-behaved man, able to attract attention, and handsome at that.
There was something… intriguing about him.
“I am Demeter. I want you to be happy, Kara. I used my divine powers to help your strawberries grow.”
“Divine powers? Are you…” Kara asked.
“I know what you crave, Kara. You can’t hide it.”
He looked her up and down, practically undressing her with his eyes.
“What are you doing?” Kara was curious but concerned.
“Hush. Your husband is few meters away. You don’t want him to know your secret fantasies, do you?”
He squeezed her waist, gently laid her on the ground, lifted up her dress, and slid her panties straight down.
What kind of a man was he?
Why was she not refusing him?
She lay there, enjoying his tongue inside her pussy.
Secretly, she always dreamt that a strange man would fuck her furiously.
Destiny might have decided to make her dreams come true. And who was she to oppose destiny?
He stood up and showed her his dick. Captivated by its size, she realized the only mistake she could make now was to leave. She grabbed his dick and dragged it towards her pussy.
“Give it to me!” she begged in a low voice.
His tonguing, and the knowledge that she was doing something forbidden, made both of them go crazy for each other.
He sucked her neck and moved slowly backwards. Completely undressed, he lay on the ground, his dick to the sky.
“Dance on it, Kara!” Demeter commanded.
And she did. She fucked herself furiously on his massive totem, biting her lips every time she took it entirely inside.
She rarely fucked on top, but she loved making circles with such strong dick inside her. On top of that, she had the opportunity to watch him roll his eyes, completely lost in his pleasure.
She stopped for a moment, holding it inside, straight and still. She leaned down, looked at Demeter’s face and kissed him. She started again to jump furiously on his dick. Her body shined so gorgeously in the moonlight, with her big, rounded breasts following every of the thrusts.
She came twice in a row, releasing all of her feminine liquids on that wonderful dick. He squeezed her ass and hauled her towards him. She knew he was about to cum too.
“Do it! Pour it inside! Explode inside of me!”
There was no feeling as great as the warmth of his seed between her legs.
“Oh!” He lifted his head and started to kiss her gently. “You are amazing. Thank you.”
Covered with sin, she quietly lay by her husband, wishing he was the one able to fuck her like that.
In the blink of an eye, Demeter was gone. He left as mysteriously and suddenly as he had arrived.
Was he…?

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