Dark Domination: Ravaged by the Billionaire

Dark Domination

Ravaged by the Billionaire


Part One







His Secret is a new erotic romance story with explicit themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Copyright © 2014 Jessie Dame

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“Only a special kind of mind can truly understand the need to be painfully dominated to the point of complete orgasmic pleasure.”


Jessie finds herself in the aggressive clutches of David Monroe of DM Industries. His dark desires for her body have finally come to fruition as Jessie’s mind and soul are taken to a new level of pain, lust, and intense discipline when she is stolen away to his estate.


Monroe’s lustful actions training Jessie to be his perfect little toy bring her to the brink of her sanity as she is tested over and over by his commanding presence.


Jessie and Monroe find themselves in a swirl of deceit, lust, and emotion as they embark on a sexually charged journey that will change their view on intimacy for the rest of their lives.




Chapter One


“Jess! We are heading out. Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you for everything! The party was amazing.”

I heard the front door squeak shut as I turned towards the stairs up to my room.

Taking two steps at a time, I was eager to have a very well deserved relaxing evening before entering another long hard work week. Mondays. Ugh.

Whistling a tune I heard on the radio earlier that day, I ran the water in the Jacuzzi. Hot. Just how I like it.

My bath was the one thing I looked forward to every day. It was the one thing I had in my life that I splurged on. A used $400 Jacuzzi I picked up at a yard sale. One can’t beat the feeling of finding a good deal… unless it’s a Jacuzzi.

Quickly picking up my little vibe from my bedside table, I clicked it on just to be sure it was still alive. The room filled with a buzz.

I smiled and slipped off my birthday outfit. A light red cardigan with my worn tight jeans. There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans.

Sliding into the Jacuzzi, I felt the water rise up past my hips and to my neck. Perfect.

A light fragrance of flowers wafted in through the window as I laid there and clicked on my friend. I named him Monroe – after David Monroe of course.

He certainly was attractive. Even the news reporters swooned over him when they took his interview last week for his latest achievement. Something to do with trading stocks. He made millions upon millions in a matter of weeks.

His bitch wife was all over the news as well, always talking about his bad habits before he had money. If I was ever that rich, and she was somehow my wife, I would certainly put her in her place.

I clicked on my vibe and slid it up my slit as I picked up a magazine by the side of the tub. There he was, right there on the cover. “David Monroe, richest man in the northwest has a dark secret.”

A dark secret, huh?

Flipping through, I read on, “Billionaire by day, swinger by night.”

Interesting. Who would have thought Monroe would be involved in that kind of stuff?

I flipped to the next page where I found a large picture of him. He stood there in front of a large crowd of people, his several thousand dollar suit partially open and his hands on his hips. Smiling of course.

My mind wandered.

Monroe pressed his firm body against mine, pulled my head back by my hair. Kissing down my throat and twirling my hard nipples in his mouth. “I want you,” he said firmly, “I want only you.”

Turning Monroe up a notch and slowly sliding him inside me, I returned his words, “I’m yours.”

My back arced as I felt him slide deeper inside as I ran my fingers over his picture. “God… what I would let you do to me,” I said out loud as I heard a knock at the door downstairs.


Running Monroe up over my button one last time, I clicked him off.

Wrapping a towel around my body and putting my hair in a bun, I ran to the bedroom and slipped on a comfortable loose dress and panties. I ran down the stairs towards the door. Nobody should be coming over at this hour. It was well after seven already.

I peeked through the peephole. Four men in suits with a limousine behind them. Being a tailor, I knew a suit when I saw one. These suits were expensive. If I saved my paychecks for a month, I still probably couldn’t even pay for the tax on one of those.

Must be important.

The door opened as I turned the knob. “Hello?”

“There is someone that would like to… speak with you,” the man on the left spoke firmly. As if it made a difference. They all looked like bodyguards. Large, beefy and well paid bodyguards.

Their hands wrapped around my arms and walked me towards the limo.

Now I can honestly say I’ve never done anything illegal in my entire life. I was the good girl. I am the good girl.

The ride was short. Maybe ten minutes. Not a word was spoken nor a glance given to me. It was comfortable though. My mind ran wild the whole time. Who? Why? Was this some sort of extravagant kidnapping?

We arrived.

A large mansion surrounded by a high steel gate. The guard at the gate nodded to the suited men inside the car as it opened.

Large manicured gardens displayed in the front yard. One large fountain in the center with paved blacktop circling it. Several cars were pulled up in front of the mansion. Each was well worth more than I have ever made in my entire life, even if I added up every dime.

I sat there, waiting, as the suited men stood up and walked over to my door.

“Let’s go. He wants you.”

“Who wants me?”

Not a single word was muttered in reply. I was left to my fate, whatever that might be.

The large double door opened at the top of the stairs.

Two more guards stepped out as I made my way up the stairs. Glancing behind me, I suddenly realized where I was. The large M on the gate. The gold M on the center of each of the doors.



Chapter Two


I stepped inside the lavish mansion. Everything appeared to be accented with black or gold. Whomever has this kind of money, apparently had almost too much. Almost.

Footsteps echoed off the walls as I stood there taking in the sights. My eyes followed the red carpet up the stairs. There he was at the top. Monroe.

He nodded to the guards behind me and walked down the hall out of my sight.

“Let’s go,” the guard said firmly as he placed his hand on my back and led me deeper into the mansion.

Moans of pleasure seeped through the walls as we turned the corner. Apparently someone was having a good time. Was it Monroe with another woman other than his wife? After all, he was a swinger.

We turned around another corner. A man stood in front of a large wooden door. He nodded to the guard behind me and grasped the handle.

Inside was darkness. I could barely keep my hands from trembling as I held onto the rail and descended deeper.

My eyes adjusted as I look forward to the center of the room. A chair with red linen and gold handles. Hung on the side was a small piece of ribbon, and the other, a black tie.

Perhaps I was there for questioning. Perhaps not. Either way, I was stuck.

He sat me down in the chair, loosely wrapping my hands behind my back with the ribbon and slipping the tie around my eyes.


The one word echoed in my mind as I heard his footsteps disappear into the darkness.

I sat there for what seemed like eternity as echoes of ecstasy filled my ears.

Alright. Enough of this. I’m leaving.

Footsteps down the wooden stairs.

I called out, “Hello?”

No reply.

The footsteps stopped in front of me. I could easily get out of the bindings, but did I really want to? I guess the real question is, do I want to go back to my mostly average life or float on this adrenaline high?

“I’ve been watching you,” the person says. Obviously a man. He sounded familiar, like someone I once knew.

My mind already knew who was there. No doubt. But everything else told me it wasn’t. It had to be some sort of fantasy or dream.

“Who are you?”

I felt his breath against the back of my neck as his hands rested on my shoulders. “You know who I am, but do you know what I want?”

A chill ran up my spine as my mind raced with the possibilities. What could a man with millions in the bank possibly want with me?

The footsteps circled back around in front of me. “Jessie…”

“You once knew me as Dave. We went to the same high school oh so many years ago. I remember asking you out to the school dance. You turned me down.”

I did remember him asking me to the dance. He always had a thing for me, but at the time I was so focused on my schoolwork I hadn’t noticed.

Nodding, I opened my mouth to speak but a single finger hushed me.

“All the women in the world can’t even compare to you. I’ve never forgotten your smile. I find myself unable to resist and so I come to you again…”

His words trailed off as I felt his hands run down my legs.

“…I need something from you.”

He needs something from me? What could I possibly have that he could want, much less need?

“Anything,” I replied without hesitation.

“I need you to dance with me.”

“Dance? I don’t understand.”

His hands slid up between my legs, ever so slightly underneath my dress.

“A dance of pleasure, pain, lust and love,” he murmured.

I nodded, finally understanding what he wanted. No… needed.

Speaking softly into the darkness I replied, “Why me?”

“You captivate me. I can’t tell you why, but I know without a shadow of doubt you are the one. You are the single person that blends the line between love and lust. I need to experience desire on an untamed level with you.”

I nodded again, unable to speak. My breath was taken away by this billionaire playboy. I guess even the rich men have depth.  For him to need me in such an animalistic way was beyond my imagination. What harm could one night be? I had nobody to go home to.


Chapter Three


My breath quickens as his hands run up my thigh. For the first time, he touches my skin. I feel his warm breath against my chest as my imagination runs wild with animalistic thoughts of sexual desire.

There’s a blindfold over my eyes and a loose ribbon around my hands. He knows I won’t run but whether or not I know the same is a different story.

You see, earlier today I was taken by this man. I’ve seen him in magazines. He’s the guy driving the Porsche, the Lamborghini, the “my entire salary for 10 years” car. He’s the guy with all the women flocking around him day and night. He’s… a billionaire playboy so to speak. Everyone in the city knows who he is.

David Monroe.

The name resonated through my mind as his soft hands slid up my skirt and pulled at the sides of my panties.

His soft hands. I’m sure they’ve never worked any sort of manual labor a day in their entire life.

Peeking from under the blindfold, I could see him kneeling in front of me. His lips were pursed into a kiss as he ran his mouth up my leg. Not kissing me, but just ever so above my skin. Enough to tease and tempt.

The room is dark, but light enough to make out his clean shaven face. He’s so close I could smell his aftershave wafting around me, mixing with the sensual energy within the room and enveloping my body.

Closing my eyes and focusing upon his touch, I feel him release me from my heavenly prison as the ribbon around my hands fell to the floor.

My hands dared not move. Was this just another one of his tests? Am I to run only to have one of his many bodyguards catch me? No…

“Jessie…” he whispers ever so softly.

His hands pull my panties – down and off.

Bare and exposed I sit. Waiting.

Fingers make their way up my dress and curl around my nipples. Twisting and pulling I feel every bit of the pain… and pleasure. The want and need to have him returned, exploding like a thousand fireworks within me. No.

His tongue curled around my earlobe ever so softly as he breathed. Warm breath turned to shivers of desire as he ran his mouth to mine. I was possessed by desire.

He knew I couldn’t say no, even if I wanted to.

I was his and his alone.

Dare he continue this tortuous lustful affair?

One finger on each knee, I felt myself spread for him.


My legs opened. Only one finger on each leg. Was that all it took? A rich man, a dark basement and a sob story?

His cologne was enough to drive my senses wild. Deep guttural groans escaped his mouth, much like an animal during mating season. He wanted what I had. But did he have something I wanted? What could a middle class woman in her late twenties want from a rich man other than money? I certainly wasn’t a gold digger.

My thoughts were interrupted by loud footsteps coming down the stairs. “David! This is the last time I’m going to tell you. Get your ass up here right now!”

It was his bitch wife. I’ve seen her on the television. I could tell her squawking from anywhere. The media always made her out to be this crazy woman, but for some reason he still stayed with her. It was probably her looks. The boob job, the blonde hair, the… well, bimbo sort of attitude. I was the opposite, or at least I thought I was.

Monroe sighed and replied sarcastically, “That’s my wife.”

“I understand …” I trailed softly into the darkness, “but why bring me here only to leave?”

The sound of his footsteps faded as he walked towards the stairs. I could hear the hesitation in his feet and the deep breathing of his want to stay. Perhaps it was best he leave. Perhaps.


The darkness enveloped me as I sat there, waiting. What I was waiting for was as confusing as the reason I was brought here to this mansion.

Would he return to finish the job?

Minutes ticked by, then hours – or what seemed like hours anyways.

Reaching up, I took off the blindfold and looked around.

Light escaped a crack in the door up the wooden stairs to my right. A door to my left leading to places unknown. Cool air breathing down on my body from a small window high on the wall.

Words broke through the silence like a knife through butter, “Jessie right?”

I looked up the stairs. A guard.

“Yes… that’s me.”

“Come; let’s get you to bed. You need to be ready for tomorrow.”

Tomorrow? I certainly wasn’t aware of anything going on tomorrow… other than work. Boring, drab, middle-life crisis kind of work. Fuck it.

“Ok,” was all I was able to muster up as I stood from the chair and headed up the stairs.

The mansion was quiet as he led me up the winding staircase to the second floor.

“Here we are. This room is yours,” he said quietly as he opened a door in front of us, “now don’t you go poking around. Stay here. I’ll have someone to your room in the morning to help you get dressed.”

I nodded as he turned on the light. My breath was taken away by the sight before me. A large canopy bed with four large pillars reaching up towards the ceiling, extravagant paintings lining the walls, and what appeared to be a large Jacuzzi in the connecting bathroom. Jesus.

“If you need anything, just press this button,” – he pointed to the intercom on the wall, – “I’ll come running.”

I forced a smile. Anything in this room would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and certainly worth more than everything I’ve purchased over my entire life.

The door closed behind me as I stood there, my mouth agape and my eyes staring at a long table at the end of the bed. On it was an assortment of chocolate buttercreams, truffles, ballotines, strawberries, biscuits, and a small wrapped box. The box was the size of my palm with a small pink bow and mini rose on top.

Walking over, I picked up the box. It had my name on it, “To Jess – From Monroe.”

My heart skipped a beat as my skin flushed with warmth. I didn’t need a mirror to know there was a smile on my face.

I sat on the side of the bed and pulled the wrapping off.

Inside was a small black box. One of those little ring boxes a person would purchase at a diamond store.

My hands shook. No way this guy was going to give me diamonds, or worse… propose? No. He was happily married. Maybe minus the happy part. Maybe.

Lifting the little top of the box revealed a dainty necklace adorned with pearls and accented with diamonds. I could have sworn I stopped breathing for at least a minute.

What I was holding within my hands was certainly worth more than my entire… everything.

I flipped the little black box over out of curiosity. The price sticker was still on the bottom. At that point my breath did stop. Just under a half million.

My hands grew clammy as I stood up and started pacing, my mind running like a marathon sprinter. A half million dollar necklace and he just met me? Is this guy insane or trying to buy me? He certainly didn’t need to spend that kind of money.

For the first time in my life, I felt I was worth something.


Chapter Four


I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and a knock on the door.

“Good morning,” a chipper voice says from beyond the door to my room. It opens.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I look over. An elderly woman stood there dressed in what appeared to be a maid’s outfit. Cute. Monroe even has maids.

“Good morning to you too,” I exclaim with a smile as she walks over to the bathroom and starts running a bath.

“Monroe welcomes to you breakfast in the dining area after you get cleaned up. I’ve brought some clothes I think you’ll enjoy. It’s not often he lets his women stay overnight, much less have breakfast with him you know.”

I smiled and walked into the bathroom then slipped into the warm bath. “How many women does he have over?”

She returned the smile, “Well, come to think of it. Not many. You would be surprised with him being so rich and all.”

I began washing myself as she kept talking, “I’ve been in his service for a few months now and honestly I can only remember him bringing home two women. Oddly enough, they both looked very similar to you.”

While rinsing myself off, I replied, “That is odd. Does he have some sort of fetish for women who… look like me?”

The maid sat down on the toilet next to me and leaned over close. Awkwardly close and whispered, “You know. He’s looking for this girl he met back in high school. I guess he never really got over her. It’s the weirdest thing really.”

I stood up from the tub and began drying off. Even the towels were extravagant and lined with gold. Go figure.

“Do you know her name?” I said quietly in response.

The maid glanced at the door and looked back at me. “I’ve overheard him talking to his wife about it, and he’s looking for a girl named Jessie. I know your name is Jessie, but come on. Monroe has been looking for her for years and hasn’t found her. At this point, I think the whole thing is made up and the money is making him lose his mind. Did you go happen to go to the same high school or something?”

I nodded.

“I did. I actually blew him off when he asked me to the school dance. He was one of those guys who didn’t really care much about his schooling and showed off in front of the girls. Not really my type,”—I reached out my hand, — “I’m Jessie, obviously, what’s your name? I didn’t catch it.”

My hand was left hanging in the air as she replied, “Emily. I’m Monroe’s mother in law.”

Emily stood and turned walked out of the bathroom. She seemed to have the same air about her as Monroe’s bitch wife.

Fuck. I bet she was digging for information. If she feels I’m a threat to his wife… then I’m a threat to her and her perfect little life. God damnit.

Picking up the dress Emily brought in, I quickly realized it didn’t fit. At all.

That bitch! She even took my dress from last night. I have nothing to wear. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I walked over to the intercom and pressed the button as I as wrapped myself up in the towel.


The intercom crackled for a moment then responded, “Yes Jessie?”

“I could use something to wear. Something… cute.”

As if a guy could understand any of that. I’m sure I was speaking Spanish to him.

“Look inside the wardrobe. I believe it is already set up for you.”

Stunned, I replied, “…alright. Thanks!”

Inside the walk-in closet was packed full of clothing. Every dress color, length and style I could possibly imagine. Shoes too.

Picking out a cute outfit was easy. Everything went perfect with the necklace.

Alright. Breakfast.

I took a deep breath and walked into the hall.


Chapter Five


Monroe sat at the end of the table with his wife to his right and his mother in law to his left. He wore a full black suit with a gold watch. His white collared shirt underneath was pressed and without wrinkle. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken him to get ready this morning. Normally I was the same way… but if bitch mother in law wasn’t there jabbering all morning I could have done the same.

I was on the opposite end. The table was blanketed with a white cloth accented with a gold inlaid cross pattern. Atop was stacked with pancakes, fruits and rolls. Beautiful.

The wife. The bitch. She sat there picking at her food, nibbling here and there while complaining about something under her breath the entire time. Barely audible. Not that I wanted to listen to her anyways.

Monroe’s eyes never left mine as we ate in silence. The birds chirping said more than anyone at that table did until every plate was clean.

“I’m out for the evening. Today is the salon,” Monroe’s wife said bluntly as she stood and stared at my necklace.

Monroe replied, “Have fun Lacey. See you tonight.”

His response was flat and obviously forced. There was definitely something going on between them.

Emily scowled at me as she spoke up, “And what are your plans Jessie? Are you off to pick up your kids from school or are you… staying here?”

Every nerve in my body twitched as she mentioned kids. “I don’t have kids, but to answer your question, I’m not sure. I don’t really have plans. I suppose I should get to work.”

Monroe sat there without expression. He sure did have one hell of a poker face.

“Do what you like. I’m leaving for the day as well. Monroe will show you out.”

I nodded as I watched Monroe push his plate towards the center of the table then nod to the waiter.

Emily stood and looked at me with the same scowl as before then walked behind me and muttered, “Bitch…”

I turned and looked back at her, but she was already at the door. She turned and smirked then alked out.

Monroe spoke up, “I’m sorry about that. She really isn’t the nicest person you’ll ever meet.”

Smiling, I replied, “No worries. I’ve never had to deal with in-laws so I’m not really sure how to handle someone like that. Go you for being so understanding.”

The plates were cleared from the table as we continued talking.

“Come here,” he said firmly as he pulled his wife’s chair away from the table and tapped on it.

I sat next to him.

His wife would surely flip a shit if she knew what was going on… or would she? He is a swinger and surely she follows the media as well.

“Jess, I have a story to tell you.”

Smiling, I nodded.

“There was once a boy who fell in love with a girl. Her smile, her hair, and even the way she carried herself made him want her even more. Their lives were different. He loved attention and she loved to work. He said hi, she turned away. She never noticed all the little things he did for her. As the girl grew up, she found things were paid for without her knowledge. She always thought she won contests. The cars, the home, the job…”

Suddenly it all clicked. He’s always been there for me. From the first time we met, he’s taken care of me. Buy why marry another?

I cut him off, “Why did you get married?”

His eyes grew solemn for a moment. “My father, he passed the company down to me and with his dying words he told me to marry Lacey. Lacey is the daughter of his best friend who co-owned the business with him. I guess he wanted the money to always stay within the two families.”

“Do you love her?”

Monroe looked out the window at the men mowing the massive lawn, “I did… or at least I thought I did at one point.”

“You have everything you could possibly want. Why not leave her and find another that you do love?”

He looked back at me with a bit of smile, “Perhaps I will once I find the right one. We’ll see. The mother currently has a stake in the business and has taken over much of the finances. If I were to leave Lacey right now or simply cause a divorce, I’m sure I would be left with little to nothing. It’s a tricky situation.”

Monroe continued, “I’ll put it all out on the table. I want you. I’ve always wanted you. I’ve always loved you. I’ve always been there for you.”

My heart skipped a beat as he spoke, “But right now, I simply can’t. I had to see you again though. You are the one thing I desire… yet can’t have.”

His hand slid over my knee and up my dress as we sat there in silence contemplating the situation at hand. Slowly and ever so lightly I felt him pull my panties to the side and flit around my slit. I was wet for him, oh so wet for him.

If there was ever a time in my life where I wanted pure carnal ravaging sex, now was that time. God, now was that time.

I slid back in my chair, gripping the sides tightly until my knuckles were white. Why does he torture me so?

“Take me,” I said under my breath as we sat there in silence with his fingers twirling around the outer edges of my pussy.

Monroe stood up and nodded. “You are mine. You’ve always been mine, and you always will be.”

His words came from such a sensual place, but somehow brought a chill up my spine. It’s almost as if he talked about me as an object. An object to be wanted, used and desired. Wasn’t I worth more than that?

I felt Monroe’s hand slide around mine with only my wetness between us.

“You are mine,” he spoke again as he walked towards the door with me in tow.


Chapter Six


Monroe’s took off his gold watch and set it on the side table. He quickly unbuttoned and rolled up his sleeves as if he was getting ready to do manual labor. I knew he wasn’t – but in a way, he was.

The massive bed in the center of the room was like a vortex sucking us in. There was no way to escape the darkness before us.

I laid on my back on the bed as I watched him. His hands moved ever so gracefully such as the king or sultan of a kingdom… and I was in his bed. I was the one he needed.

Monroe looked at me and spoke softly, “Jess – Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a place far away where we can be together.”

My heart skipped a beat. He called me Jess. Only my close friends called me Jess, and within only a couple days Monroe was much more than that.

I let my mind drift as he pulled my hands apart and tied them to each of the bed poles. He did the same to each of my legs. One at time, gently, yet firmly, he put them exactly where and how he wanted them. I was his, yet he was not mine.

My eyes opened just a bit as I watched him pull out his thick cock. His free hand ever so gently ran down my dress over my breasts. Fingers twirled around my nipples, pinching and pulling as he stroked himself hard.

“No words,” he said.

I nodded as he clicked off the light. A single beam of light lit the bed from the window. The rest was darkness. Everything was in shades of grey as he unbuttoned his jacket and neatly folded it over the chair. His pressed white shirt came next, which exposed his perfectly toned, athletic chest underneath. I could already feel myself wet for him as he walked over to the bed with his dick hanging out of his pants.

Opening my mouth to speak sweet nothings, I remembered his words.

He saw what I almost did and gave me a taunting look with a smile. Picking up his tie off of the white shirt, he wrapped it around my head and tied it within my mouth.

Nodding to himself, I felt his mouth begin at my toes. Each one was ever so lightly kissed and pulled at with his mouth. I wanted him. I needed him.

I could feel my walls constricting with each kiss as he neared the edge of my dress. His head went under as he proceeded to find my spot. My panties slid to the side as I gripped the ropes that bound me to the bed. I could feel myself entering into the dark world he had created for me.

Monroe found my button with his tongue. Pleasure crept up with such deliberate force, much like a glacier moving slowly through the ocean. Nothing could stop him. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

His tongue slid inside, bringing a world of such intense pleasure with it. My hands, gripping tighter, felt the pull and burn of the rope around my wrists. God what I wouldn’t do to be able to grab his head and push him deeper between my legs.

I felt his hard cock against my leg as he slid up and down licking me. Sensations of lust and love filled my fingertips and exploded like fireworks down my arms and into my chest. My heart wouldn’t slow down. Adrenaline pumping, I pulled at the bindings with every motion he made with his tongue. He knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

His finger slid inside, one… followed by another. He played his game, taunting me into his lustful affair as he curled the tip just inside.

My mouth opened to scream as the pain and pleasure mixed into a swirling dark pot of emotion as he grabbed my breast with one hand and pulled my clit into his mouth. His tongue twitched and flicked in circles, pulling and nibbling at the very thing that made my body convulse with every touch.

Finally able to take a breath, I did, as he withdrew his mouth. I felt as if I hadn’t had one in ages.

His hands went to my dress. One on each side. He pulled – his perfectly toned muscles bulged with the force as he tore it down the center. My breasts and pussy were exposed for him. They were his.

I felt his mouth slide up my chest to mine. His cologne filled the air, mixing with the smell of sex and desire. Emotions and memories bubbled within me. He had always been there for me, but I was simply too stupid to notice… and yet he still was there.

Monroe’s thick cock slid up my chest as he straddled me. I felt my breasts press together as he firmly grabbed each one and slid his cock between. Moans echoed throughout the large room as I watched him tilt his head back in pure ecstasy.

My pussy wet, I felt him withdraw his cock and slide it down between my legs, leaving a trail of pre-cum the whole way. His cock flicked up and down, tensing in excitement. My eyes caught his. A devilish grin spread across his face as he placed his body over mine.

His skin touched and pressed against me. Two bodies moving together in perfect harmony. Then penetration. He pushed himself inside.

The glacial movement from earlier turned into a fiery inferno as he started to move faster and faster. Each thrust brought a new level of pleasure as I laid there with my body spread wide open for him to use. Pumping against my body, I felt the carnal desire he felt. He needed me, and I needed him. We were at one with each other. A synchronized force to be reckoned with.

Sounds of the bed slamming against the wall intensified as he hammered into me with his thick cock spreading my lips wide with each powerful push.

His hands gripped the front of the bed as his mouth pulled on my neck. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My walls clenched tight onto his cock and held him firmly deep within me. If there was ever a way to hold a man, this way the way.

He slowed his thrusting as I felt myself cum on his cock. I reached the pinnacle of the mountain. Groans of pleasure filled my ears as the world spun around me. His hand grabbed onto my neck and squeezed. The pain spiked the intensity to a level I had never experienced. Had I really been missing out this entire time?

Monroe smiled as he quickened his hips once again. His hand clenched tighter around my neck with his other hand holding the back of my head. Breathing heavily in my ear, I knew he was enjoying himself.

His shaft tensed once, twice, then finally exploded inside me. Pumping his hot cum inside, I could feel his entire body turn to rock in moments. Grunting with each slow thrust, he kept going till every drop was inside.

“Oh Jess… how you turn me on,” he whispered into my ear as he rolled to my side.

The stinging sensation in my wrists returned as I felt him unbind my hands then feet. It quickly disappeared as my sex high took over.

My words jumbled around in my head as my mouth opened to speak, “I… I… Wow, I’m sex stoned,” I barely managed to say as I rolled over and cupped the back of his head and pulled him towards me.

Monroe smiled as he turned his legs to the side of the bed and stood up. “Welcome to my world. Please stay with me here. We’ll figure something out.”

I watched him dress himself as he pulled his cock back inside his pants and button up his shirt, then finally wrap his jacket around himself.

“I’ll think about it,” I said in a foggy haze.

Without a doubt in my mind, I knew I wanted to stay. I just didn’t know if it was possible. Wouldn’t his bitch wife and mother in law have something to say? What if this affair caused a divorce and left him with nothing?

My mind suddenly clearing, a single question popped into my mind, “Why did the media say you were a swinger if you were always waiting and taking care of me?”

Monroe looked at me, “That’s just the media. I do bring women home with me from time to time, but it’s only to confuse them, my mother in law and my wife into thinking I’m a swinger. If they think I’m a swinger, then they will think no feelings are involved. I’ve always known who you were, and always tried to fill in the hole that was left when you said no. Finally I realized I had waited long enough and reached out to you. I’m glad you came.”

I could only imagine what my expression was at that time as I replied, “Me too. We’ll figure something out.”

Monroe nodded and opened the door to leave.

“I’ll see you tonight,” he said with a devilish grin.

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