Cavemen Turned Me Bisexual


Turned Me Bisexual

MMF Erotica





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Cavemen Turned Me Bisexual is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes and some violence. Intended for mature audiences. This is not a stand-alone read. Approximately 35,000 words.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jessie Dame

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The two men stared at me with their deep, lust filled eyes as they walked towards me… Scared, I backed against the wall and prayed to any god that would listen.

These men are filled with lust from being trapped deep underground for way too long. Unable to see anything, Ashley finds more than she bargained for.

Lost and confused after the mine shaft collapsed, Ashley was knocked unconscious. Unable to find her way out in the dark with only her hands, she comes across two large men that certainly don’t plan on helping her escape… yet.

Thinking the men want to eat her, Ashley attempts to run blindly in the dark. Little does she know but the men don’t want to eat her in the way she is thinking…

This story story is dark, brutal and very erotic. Can pleasure be found or will Ashley succumb to her fears in this pitch black cavern?


Turned Me Bisexual

MMF Erotica


My friends laughed as they pushed me towards the cave in front of us. “Come on Ashley, just do it. Go and see what’s in there. I dare you.”

Jamie, my girlfriend, chipped in. “I double-dog dare you. Now you have to do it.”

I replied quietly, “This is such a bad idea guys. Seriously. Just because we are hiking and hanging out doesn’t mean we have to explore every little cranny of this place.”

Jason and John looked at each other then burst out laughing at me.

Glancing inside the cave, I couldn’t see more than a few feet inside despite the fact it was the middle of the day.

“Ok. I’ll do it. Does anyone have a flashlight?”

Jason opened his backpack and pulled out a light then handed it to me, “Here, take this. There should be more than enough battery for you.”

“I’ll be back shortly. Stay here… I’m trusting you guys.”

I watched as each of them nodded as I stepped towards the cave. Clicking on the flashlight, I ran my hand along the wall as I went deeper.

Looking back at my friends, all I could see was a pinprick of light as I continued along the path. Dripping water echoed in the distance as I came to a split in the path. I’ll go right first.

My hand still along the wall, I came across what appeared to be mine tracks. Running my light along the tracks, I noticed a decaying mine cart just ahead. Jesus, this place is creepy.

I came across another junction. Taking the right again, I continued into the cavern. Water echoed down the corridor. Glancing back at my path, I shined the light and saw three splits in the cave. Fuck. I came down the middle one I think.

“This place is just a stupid mine. I’ll head back, this is boring and creepy,” I whispered to myself as I went down the middle path.

Three more splits were in the path just ahead. Fuck. I don’t remember this.

Each of the different paths were completely dark as I focused on trying to remember which one I came down.

This was a really, really stupid idea, I thought to myself as I walked deeper into the mine shaft. Just because some friends dared me to come down here alone, doesn’t mean I should have done it. Jesus.

I ran my hand along the cold stone as the sound of water dripping echoed off the walls. Blind and unable to see, I felt shivers of fear run up my spine, Shit. What if I’m stuck down here?

The flashlight dimmed for a moment then clicked off. Oh… no. No. No. No! I banged the flashlight against my hand for a moment to no avail.

I pulled out my cell phone as I continued along the path. Clicking on the phone for a moment, it immediately died as well. Damn cell phone batteries. Jesus.

The light from the phone lit up the room briefly before it shut off. Glancing around for that half of a second, I saw two large hairy men in the room. Both appeared to be sleeping on some sort of makeshift cot with only loincloths covering their body.

Paralyzed in fear, I stood there, attempting to slow my breathing. Focus on the sound of the water… relax… everything will be ok, I thought to myself as I felt my legs start to shake.

Moving as slow as I possibly could, I crept past the men and continued down the tunnel. The dripping of the water and the cold stone on my hand kept my mind in reality. I would have certainly gone insane if I couldn’t touch anything. It was difficult enough with the loss of my eyesight.

Turning around the corner, I noticed a small beam of light hitting the floor ahead, about 50 paces or so. Walking slowly and feeling each step, keeping my hand on the wall, I tried my best to make sure I didn’t stumble on any rocks or worse… stumble and fall. The last thing I need is a broken ankle. God, wouldn’t that suck. I need to be more careful.

Reaching the next corner, my eyes followed the shaft of light up the tunnel to what appeared to be an exit. My god. Finally. I’m so going to tear my friends a new one once I get out of here. They will never believe what I saw.

My hand stayed on the wall as walked faster up the mine shaft towards the exit. The smell of fresh air hit my face and blew my hair back behind me as I neared the daylight.

This is literally the stupidest idea ever. Seriously. I’m never doing dumb shit like this again. I bet my friends are laughing their asses off knowing full well I got lost down here. Fuck them for not coming after me. I’m going to beat them so hard when I get out of here.

My fingers caught on some sort of wood. Fear suddenly spiked through my body as I quickly pulled my hand out of the jam. Holding my fingers with my other hand, I stood there, breathing faster and faster as pain surged up my arm. This is not the time for a panic attack, I thought as I heard the sound of splitting wood above me.

Glancing upwards, I saw multiple beams crack right before my eyes. I quickly jumped back into the cave as I watched the ceiling collapse in a loud thud. Massive rocks fell and rolled towards me as I scooted back on my hands and feet, kicking as hard as I could to get away from the rolling boulders.

The light disappeared behind the rocks as the sound of stone and snapping wood stopped. It was now dead silent. Ok. Now is the time to have a damn panic attack. I’m literally fucked. Not only do I have to walk past those men again, but I have to navigate those tunnels too. Go figure I walked through multiple splits in the path to find this place.

My hands tensed up and grasped the sides of my body as I felt myself start to go into a full blown panic attack. Unable to move, I sat there for a moment thinking about how fucked I was. There’s no way I’m getting out of here now. I’m completely screwed. Perhaps I should ask those men if I can get out of here… Yeah-no. That would be the worst idea ever. They would probably kill me or some shit. Men wearing loincloths?! Seriously?!

I focused my mind back on the dripping water as I placed my hands on the cold floor. Standing up, I brushed the little sharp stones off my skin. Closing my eyes, I slowly ran my hands over my body, feeling and making sure I was all there. Arms… legs… I’m good… Everything will be just fine.

Running my hand along the wall, I made my way back down the tunnel, the way I came… past the large men. Oh shit. Hopefully they didn’t wake up. Maybe I should rest here for a little bit, give them some time to go back to sleep, I thought to myself as I stood there shaking from head to toe.

I walked forward, one step at a time as I listened intently for any sound whatsoever. Placing one foot in front of the other, I thought my eyes were adjusting to the dark as I was barely able to make out shapes in the darkness. Shaking my head, I realized I was simply imagining things as my eyes were shut tight.

Forcing my eyes to open once again, praying I was dreaming, I saw the two large men in the corner of the room. The area was very dimly lit by a small candle in the center. The two men sat there side by side, eating something out of a crude bowl. They didn’t appear to have noticed me.

Quickly backing around the corner, I closed my eyes and thought of my options. A: Stay here and die. B: Walk around the corner and die.

Either way, I’m fucked. Best to at least try to get past them. Maybe if I stay in the dark, they won’t see me.

They bent over and started a small fire in the cavern. Staring at them and watching every movement, they seemed to not have a care in the world.

I tiptoed forward into the room, attempting to stay in the darkest area next to the wall. Watching the men intently, they continued eating from their bowls, not even glancing in my direction.

Keeping my breathing in check, I glanced behind me. Halfway. I totally got this, I thought to myself as I felt courage surge through my body, propelling me forward. With a bit of a smirk on my face, I stepped forward. Onto a rock. That went through my shoe. I yelped. Both men turned their heads towards me and quickly stood up. Their backs arched, they pointed towards me.

Both men appeared to be male as I saw their large genitalia hanging between their legs out from under the loincloths. The two men stared at me with their deep, lust filled eyes as they walked towards me. Scared, I backed against the wall and prayed to any god that would listen.

One man walked to the candle and snuffed out the light with two fingers. The other man picked up a bucket and poured it over the fire. The steam hissed angrily as the last of the light flickered out.

Jesus fucking Christ, they are going to kill and eat me, no way am I getting out of this alive. The best chance I have at this point is to run and pray.

Quickly turning to my right, I ran down the hallway with my hand on the wall. Unable to see anything, I kept one hand in front of me to brace for an impact…Fuck, as if that matters. I would rather be knocked unconscious and eaten than be awake for their horrible ritual of eating me.

I ran as fast as I could as I heard the men running behind me on all fours. Their feet were quick and silent as I shifted my attention back to moving quickly. I felt a brush against my foot then a hand wrap around my ankle.

Tripping, I fell face forward into the stone as I quickly put my hands in front of my head. Laying there, dizzy and seeing stars, I felt their hands on my body, lifting me up…

Awakening, I looked around. The room was dark, I couldn’t see anything, not even a vague outline or shadow. My head hurt as I remembered falling in the cave and hitting my head against the floor. Suddenly realizing where I was, my heart raced.

My god. Where are those men? I need to get out of here, somehow… I thought to myself as I stood up and stretched, I wonder how long I’ve been out… certainly my friends would have contacted the authorities by now. I’m sure a rescue team is on their way. I should just sit tight and try to wait this out.

Listening intently, I focused my mind the best I could on the sound of the dripping water and any sort of footsteps or movement around me. I heard nothing.

Good… I’m safe… I’m just going to stay here.

Laying back down on my back, I closed my eyes, thinking of my family, friends and girlfriend…

I felt something touch my leg.

Oh god…

Immediately pulling my leg up towards my chest, my heart started racing again. Oh god… oh god… shit. Those men. They are here.

The furry hand wrapped its fingers around my foot and pulled off my shoe, then my other shoe. Slowly, it pulled off each of my socks, one at a time. The hand ran its fingers through my toes and on the base of my foot.

What are they doing… what is the purpose of this!?

Heavy breathing echoed throughout the cave as I felt the hot air hit my face. A deep guttural groan came from the other man on my right as I felt the hand slide under my jeans and slowly start to pull them off.

Maybe they are just here to find out more about me… I’m sure I am just a strange man in their house as well. Perhaps they don’t want to eat me. They are being quite gentle.

My jeans hit the floor as I felt something wet and slimy wrap around my toes. Are they… licking my feet? I thought to myself as I instinctively pulled my foot away.

The breath against my face grew closer as I heard the deep breathing sounds appear right in front of my face. A low moan came from the man as he grabbed onto my shirt and pulled it over my head. Grabbing my breasts, I held onto them tightly, keeping them warm from the cold. I’m sure they don’t want to… fuck me… do they? Jesus. This is insane.

Hands reached behind me and unclasped my bra, pulling it off my chest, exposing my bare breasts to them. The chilled air blew over my body, immediately hardening my nipples as I felt the man’s hands run over my breasts. Twirling my nipples in their fingers, I groaned. Fuck. Am I enjoying this? All I need to do is get through this and then maybe they can help me get out. This may not be that bad…

Two hands gently pulled my panties down from my waist then over my feet. Feeling the tongue again, it slid up my leg towards my pussy as I laid there unmoving.

The man beside me pulled at my hand and set it on something long and hard. Yes… that is a cock. I am holding onto a man’s dick right now. They are going to fuck me and there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it… I have to buy more time, somehow.

Wrapping my fingers around the shaft, I pulled at it, stroking back and forth as I felt it grow in my hand. The cock grew rigid as I stroked at it.

Feeling the tongue slide up to my slit, it went inside. Wiggling around inside me, I heard the man at my feet groan as I felt something long and warm penetrate me. I reached down to grab onto the cock, but it felt like its hand. Pushing the fingers deeper inside my pussy, my back arched in pleasure as moans escaped my mouth.

Fuck it. I’ll go along with this. Its only sex and I haven’t had a good fucking in a while. This is a once in a lifetime chance to have some fun with men I’ve never met or even talked to.

Unable to restrain myself further, I vigorously sucked on the cock to my side, stroking and pulling at it with my hand as the man grunted in pleasure.

A hand reached around my head and pressed my face onto his long hard dick, pushing the shaft down my throat. Gagging and massaging the cock with my neck, I felt it expand and start pumping his hot cum down past my tongue.

I ran my thumb along the bottom part of the shaft, making sure to pull out every last bit of cum inside it. If I can wear these men out, then I can escape, I thought to myself as I continued to suck on the dick even though it had already came.

The shaft in my mouth went limp as I tried to stroke on it. Running my tongue up and down the bottom of the shaft, I felt it start to come alive again. It tightened and grew thick, nearly doubling in size than what it was previously.

I felt the finger and tongue withdraw from my pussy as the man at my feet moved. What is he doing?  I thought to myself as I felt him lay down on top of me, Oh god. He is going to fuck me now. Jesus. Well… at this point, why not. I was coming down here for an adventure. At least I got one… and one hell of a story to tell as well. Nobody is going to believe this shit though.

The man pushed its girthy cock at my pussy, trying to fuck me. Reaching down, I grabbed the dick and aimed it at my hole. Feeling the shaft slowly enter inside me, my walls expanded and held on tightly to it, not wanting it to go.

Juices dripped down from my pussy as it thrusted deep inside me over and over. Moaning in pleasure, I felt myself ready to cum as the tingle of pleasure rippled through my body. Shaking and moaning as the man fucked me, I screamed in pleasure with each thrust.

Grabbing my head the man shoved his rock hard cock down my screaming throat, holding my head deep on his shaft. Choking on his cock, my pussy tightened around the other man and massaged him. Groaning in pleasure, the man inside my pussy went wild with lust and sex driven passion.

Ravaging my body, he grabbed my breasts and proceeded to fuck me without remorse. His tongue entered my mouth, feeling around inside me as it fucked me. The other man grabbed the tongue with his fingers and pulled it out, replacing it with his hard cock.

Oh god, are they fighting over me? This is kind of… hot actually. Almost like some sort of weird sex dream. Fuck yes, I can totally get into this.

I furiously sucked on the cock as I heard the man growl at the other one. The man I was sucking off pulled out of my mouth and pushed the other man off of me. Lifting me up, he put himself under me then pushed his cock up inside my tight little pussy.

The other man pressed hiss cock against my anus. Jesus… I guess there’s a first time for everything. I’ve never wanted anal before, but now seems like a good time for it. Why not?

Groaning in pleasure, the dripping wet cock pushed its way into my ass as the man under me fucked my pussy even harder than before. With lighting speed, the cock thrusted into me over and over as I felt myself start to see stars in my vision.

The man grabbed onto my neck as I felt him press his dick fully inside my ass. The pain… the pleasure… it was almost too intense.

With stars in my vision and being asphyxiated by the choking, I started to black out. At the last moment, the man removed his hands from my neck and wildly started to fuck my ass. Both cocks going in and out of my dripping holes, they ravaged me, over and over without any stopping for a breather.

Where the fuck is that rescue team… this is crazy. And these men… what the hell! Where did they come from? Why are they here? They seem like cavemen that got somehow stuck in the 21st century.

The man below me groaned in pleasure as he pushed his cock deep into my pussy and held it there. The dick tightened then started pumping its hot cum into my wet hole over and over. My pussy dripped with cum as the man laid there and I slowly slid my pussy up and down on his shaft.

 I may as well take advantage of this. Most men don’t have dicks nearly this size, nor this much stamina. I’ll probably never get a good fucking like this for the rest of my life.

Slapping the man in the face, I yelled at him, “Fuck me you stupid man, fuck me hard like the man you are!”

The hairy man below me stared up at me and grabbed onto my hips with intense force. His nails dug into my skin and pulled at my flesh as he growled at my face. Grunting, he pushed my hips down onto his cock, pushing the dick deeper than it was before as I screamed in pleasure.

Shaking with passion as my pussy was ravaged, I started to reach my orgasm. My walls tightened around the shaft and grasped onto him as my back arched. Squirting hard, I felt the orgasmic pressure suddenly release in an intense explosion.

Letting out a huge sigh of relief from the orgasm, I laid there as the men continued to use my body.

My pussy flared with pain like it was being torn apart as he lifted me off his cock then rammed it back down. Stars appeared in my vision again with each thrust as each one was more intense than the last. The man behind me pushed his cock deep into my ass and started pumping his hot cum inside as I felt the dick tighten over and over within me.

Unable to feel anything anymore, my body lay there spent as the man under me continued to fuck my pussy without remorse. Over and over he thrusted as I laid there, Maybe I like being used… God… this is amazing… I thought to myself as my body wavered with exhaustion.

The man under me groaned again as I felt his cock tighten deep inside my pussy. It came again, even harder this time as the cock pumped its hot cum again. “Fill me, fill me up…” I whispered as I ran my hand over his back.

Grunting, the man rolled my body off of him to his side.

I heard the other man at my feet lay on the floor and immediately start snoring. Good… good… you two fall asleep… I’m going to just go ahead and sneak right out of here… nice and quietly…

The man beside me wrapped its arm around me and pulled my body against his. He began breathing deeply then snoring moments later as I lay there completely spent from the sex.

I couldn’t help but be amazed by how well this all worked out. Jesus. I couldn’t imagine a better way to such a shitty situation. I bet my friends are frantic. Wait till they hear this story… I bet they won’t even believe it!

Closing my eyes for a moment, I thought of my girlfriend and how tender he was compared to these men. When we had sex, he was always so soft and gentle. Now I know. I like it rough. I enjoy deep hard thrusting, a bit of choking and spanking as well as a good thick cock. Size does matter.

I’ll have to let him know how I like it when I get back, I thought to myself as I laid there with both of my holes dripping with milking warm cum.

My body arms and legs sore, I stretched. Groaning in pain, I listened to the sounds of the men snoring. Reaching over, rubbed my hand on the man’s hairy chest. Maybe I should just stay here… this is pretty amazing. At least for now…

Closing my eyes, I felt my body completely relax as I drifted into a deep sleep.




Suddenly awaking, I realized I was at home in my bed with my girlfriend, Jamie. That’s weird… maybe the whole cave experience was just a dream… and what the fuck. My girlfriend has a cock! There is something seriously wrong here… or maybe, maybe I want Jamie to be a guy. No—I’m a lesbian. I’m not straight, that’s not who I am.

Slapping myself in the face, I didn’t wake up.

Being with Jamie always had me horny. It seems like every other person I had been with had never been able to do this to my body. The air stilled around us as I looked down at his tight boxer briefs holding in his enormous shaft. I could see the outline of his cock and tip under them as he pressed it against me and slid up and down on my vagina.

I reached down and ran my hand up his hard shaft then twirled my fingers around the tip just beneath the thin layer of fabric. He groaned deeply in anticipation. Taking two fingers, I slid his boxers down to his knees and revealed his cock. Jesus. This never gets old, I thought to myself as I laid there reveling in the thought of that thing going deep inside me, thrusting over and over until I came.

Staring at his face, I watched it transform into the large hairy man from the cave. His chest swelled larger as thick hair covered his body from head to toe.

I blinked. Everything was normal once again.

“Just a moment,” he said as he hopped off of me and walked over to the window. He slid the frame up letting a cool breeze flow in. “Let’s show these neighbors what we are all about.” Grinning ear to ear as he walked back over to the bed, he laid back down on top of me. “Now where were we…?” He pressed his face against mine as our tongues touched again.

I pushed him away, “The neighbors? Who cares what they think. I know they are loud… but Jesus.”

He pulled my head onto his and ran his tongue around mine.

Moaning deeply, I felt his shaft press against my panties as he pushed himself onto me. Watching his hand slip down to my groin, I felt his hand slid up and down on my slit. God damn it turned me on when he did that. “I have a surprise for you,” he said as he sat up on his knees in front of me.

His face and body was once again the same as the men in the cave. Large, hairy and muscular. His arms bulged as I laid there staring at him.

Rubbing my eyes, he returned to normal again. What the fuck is wrong with me? This is craziness.

He slowly slipped my panties off my legs as I wondered what the surprise was going to be. He looked at me and smiled, “I think you are going to enjoy this. You see, I’ve been taking massage lessons for a few months now and I’ve gotten pretty good. Lay there, close your eyes and relax.”

I adjusted myself and closed my eyes as I felt him rub lotion on my skin. He ran his hands up and down my legs, massaging deeply then up across my chest. His strong hands massaged my arms down to the tip of my fingers. I could feel my body temperature rising with him. His fingers ran across my outer walls as he massaged and slid across my skin.

He turned into the man from the cave again. This time, I did nothing.

Looking at him, I grabbed onto his thick muscles and held them tightly as a smile crept across my face. I loved all the attention focused on me as he stared at my closed pussy and massaged me. “Deep breaths,” he said as his hands danced across my outer lips. Sliding his finger up and down my slit, he slowly pressed into me. I watched as he took two fingers and slid them up and down my entire inside walls as my body shuddered.

His hairy caveman face went into deep concentration as I felt his two thumbs, side by side, slip into me and began massaging my vagina. After a moment, he pulled one thumb out a slipped in his stout middle finger as he made a ‘come here’ gesture inside me. Running up and down the top of my insides, I could feel my walls tense and relax over and over on his hand.

I felt a second finger enter inside me with the same movements. He found my sacred spot as he milked it slowly. My body breathed in deeply then back out, relaxing more and more as my arms reached up and massaged my breasts.

His thumb made its way to my clit, slowly circling the magic button. My body shuddered in unison with the movements of his fingers. God… who knew this was even possible? I thought to myself as I felt a finger slide around my anus.

He looked at me, “Is this ok?” he said as he slipped one finger inside my ass. I nodded fervently. I had never had a toy, dick or finger in my ass before, but with this… I couldn’t imagine why. The added pleasure was amazing as he slowly slid his finger inside my anus then withdrew it, then back in.

My body shook with excitement as he stared into my eyes and massaged me. I felt my body suddenly tense with pleasure. My back arched as my hips moved up and down with his motions. Pressing my chest together, I ran circles around my nipples as they grew hard in my fingers. I kept staring into his eyes as he smiled and massaged me. I had never felt an orgasm coming on like this before. I hadn’t even started cumming yet and I had already surpassed even the best orgasm I had ever had.

My mouth opened without words coming out as I felt myself cum for him. His hands moved swiftly and eagerly within me as he slowly massaged my clit, anus and inside of my pussy. I felt my juices squirt out onto his hand as I came. Over and over it hit me; coming in waves, each orgasm was more intense than the last.

I looked down at him. His thick cock was hard and ready. “Inside me.” That’s all I could barely manage to mutter as my face flushed and my body tingled. The waves of orgasms kept hitting me over and over even after his hand had withdrawn from me. Juices ran down my wet slit and pooled on the bed as he laid down on top of my chest. I felt his hard shaft slowly slip inside me as I wrapped my fingers around his thick muscular arms.

“Lube?” he whispered as he smiled at me. I shook my head. Normally we required lube… but not today. No way.

His cock pressed deep inside, binding our bodies together as I massaged his shaft with my contracting vaginal walls. I felt his body collapse on mine as he groaned and took my head in his hand. He pulled me to his as our mouths opened in front of each other, breathing deeply in unison. I felt his cock tighten hard inside me as he thrusted harder and harder.

My body shook with excitement as I felt my body tingle and prepare for the next wave. “Oh god yes… fuck me!”

He rammed his cock into me hard as my body lurched forward. Moans escaped from my mouth and mixed with his groaning as he fucked me. “Fuck me!” I yelled as I grabbed his hips and forced his cock deeper. He pushed into me harder and harder as my hands moved up and down on him.

Looking down at his fully nude, hairy and muscular body, I watched as his hips ran into mine, banging me without hesitation.

I felt his hand slip around the back of my head and grab my hair. Jesus. He’s never done that before! He pulled my head back as he sucked on my neck and fucked me for all he was worth. I hit the top of the mountain as my body shook with orgasm. Energy pulsed through my body electrifying me and him. Baring my teeth I gritted, “Fuck me in the ass,” I said.

He nodded as he pulled himself out of me and flipped me over easily with his bulging arms. Lying on my stomach, he grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, exposing my anus. I felt him press his tip into me as I laid there. His hands grabbed my wrists as he pushed further into me as he groaned. “Is it in?” I barely managed to say as the intensity of the pain and pleasure increased.

“Just the tip,” he replied. “Further, I want all of you inside me,” I whispered as I pressed my face into the pillow and screamed.

His shaft went inside.

My body spasmed in orgasmic glory.

My juices sprayed on the bed as I came.

Shaking violently, my juices pooled at my pussy that was lying on the bed. His hard shaft kept sliding in and out of my anus as the pain and pleasure mixed together in perfect harmony. I couldn’t help but want more than just him fucking me. I wanted two men… two real men.

I looked over my shoulder at his hairy face and stout jaw. He isn’t Jamie… but damn. I want him to be.


Snapping back into reality, I realized it wasn’t a dream. The men lay next to me, snoring loudly. I heard noises coming from the tunnel ahead as I slowly started to sit up and put my feet on the floor. Slipping my pants back on then my shirt, I felt around for my shoes.

My shoes were gone. Oh well.

Feeling along the tunnel wall, I noticed a light coming around the tunnel. It looked like a flashlight. Quickly running ahead, I turned around the corner and ran smack into a woman. It was Jamie.

“Shhh… don’t say anything…” I whispered as I reached my hand around her back and turned her around.

She nodded as we walked through the tunnel in complete silence, turning corners as he led the way. “Why shouldn’t I say anything? Are you ok?” she whispered as she looked over at me.

“I’m fine. I didn’t want you to say anything back there because the ground was unstable, I wouldn’t want the mine to collapse on us,” I replied as I tried to cover my last several hours with a blatant lie.

“Fair enough,” she said as we turned the corner and saw the forest ahead.

Walking out into the fresh air, my eyes slowly adjusted to the light. God it feels good to be back outside… but I feel bad for those men. Perhaps I should return at one point… but for now, I’m going to keep this to myself.

Grinning to myself, I took Josh’s hand in mine and smiled at him thinking of all the erotic times I just had with the two men. I’ll never forget them.

“Jamie… I’m sorry, but we are done. I had a revelation within the mine and I need to be with a man. There are some things that you just can’t do.”

Jamie looked at me, “Why? What changed your mind?”

With a smile, I replied, “Let’s just say I had a revelation ok?”

She nodded.

“I forgot something in the mine. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Walking back inside the mine, I had to have more… of them. I was addicted.


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