Where the hell was her confidence for this interview? Was it lost in the desperate silence of the office? It was just her in a tight dress, slowly tapping her leg against the desk. Her only company was a small plant on the table, which seemed desperate for watering.
Just like the plant, she felt an unstoppable thirst inside her. Single and unemployed for months, she slowly let go of all enthusiasm, standing so insecurely on the edge of despair. Trying to resist time, she coped pretty well with her age. Many said she looked as if she was in her early thirties, but she was almost 42. Yes, looking good was her talent. With almost no wrinkles to reveal her loneliness, she wondered why beauty is not a key for success. Unable to answer such question, she forgot the real purpose of staring at the screen, into the abyss.
“Miss Basford.”
A strong masculine voice interrupted her self-analysis.
A voice like that… one should obey.
“Please, come inside.”
It is absolutely amazing how many thoughts emerge in the female mind while alone with a man of business, a man of power, in a cozy office.
“Please, take a seat.”
Heavy curtains prevented a sunny day from disturbing this man’s intentions. Cigarette smoke and scotch set the atmosphere ablaze.
“Please, relax. My name is Zeus.”
Greek people do have a sense of humor, she thought.
Still, she could not take her eyes off him, following every slow move of his hand, wishing it was on her neck or the cusp of her lower back.
Strange names aside, this man was absolutely gorgeous.
A stretched white shirt held his tanned chest with an attractive dose of elegance, as if a fire was burning beneath, reaching her entire body, piece by piece. His smile shined through a perfectly shaped beard. Instead of eyes, he had two wells of blue coldness, where somehow, she discovered animal passion.
He talked and talked. He might have as well have talked for ages. After a thousand years, she would still peacefully listen to every word he said with that crisp, dark, rough voice of his. Still, there was one thing on her mind that she couldn’t let go. She decided to ask.
“Are you named after the Greek deity, Zeus?”
A moment of silence passed.
The entire back wall of his office was glass. She could see the rain pouring down outside.
Zeus raised his right hand, palm open.
“Not quite,” he responded.
His hand closed into a fist, and in the same moment, ravenous thunder echoed through the room. The entire office was illuminated and several lightning bolts descended from the sky behind his silhouette.
She was awestruck.
He was Zeus.
“Miss Basford. I can see you are not here for the interview.”
His look drowned slowly into her richly endowed torso, eyeing her loosely unbuttoned shirt. She shamelessly wished he could see the erotic lingerie hiding what was soon going to be his.
A sudden breeze of coldness wrapped her body. She could feel her nipples harden, ready and willing to get as close as possible to the hands of a deity.
Zeus walked across the room.
He was closing the door! Calm as if a fire was not burning between them, he approached her slowly from behind, making her guess the upcoming move.
“It was destiny that brought you here.”
“There must be a misunderstanding. I am here for the job you offered, to be evaluated.”
“That is exactly what I was planning to do, miss. Evaluate you.”
His strong hands pulled her shoulders towards that strong, broad chest, she stared at just a moment ago.
She knew there were no boundaries… not before she completely belonged to him. His lips moved slowly down her neck, whispering words of magic.
Soon, that wonderful, sunny day turned into a storm. A wind dash opened the windows and lightening stroke almost at the reach of their hands. For Zeus and his recent sparkle, that seemed to be irrelevant.
For the sparkle, it was more than an ideal first task.
Confident women turn me on, he said. A strong boner confirmed that, by poking her firm ass, trying to reach the place where soon all wish would materialize. She was incapable of speaking, while his tongue explored her mouth in a rush.
Gentle for the first time, Zeus pushed her down on the knees. God, he must be spending months in the gym, she thought, while touching his slightly spread legs. Come on touch it. Let me see what those hands could do. Before he could say whatever else, she filled her palms with a penis of a completely unknown man. She could feel his heart beat stronger with every move of her perfect red nails. So willing to obey him, she soon swallowed the hard penis, enjoying every single drop. She craved to be possessed for so long! And now, this extremely sexy man will fuck her.
Trembling, she lay down on the sofa, waiting for him to undress her. Slowly, every unnecessary piece was removed and a gorgeous body was revealed.
“Say it,” Zeus commanded.
She knew exactly what to say.
“Take me, please take me!”
His hand transferred from the messy hair down her torso towards the already wet pussy. Skilled as no man before him, he played with her tiny clitoris and soon pushed two of his long fingers inside.
Now, there was no way back.
She was screaming louder and louder.
A tremendous rush of ecstasy merged the two bodies in one. In a moment of silence, she felt the weight of his body and the pervasive look of those blue eyes.
Before a moment passed, he was upon her, and she felt his hard penis thrust inside, moving faster with each rhythm. He was turning into a beast, pulling the hair over her face, taking her as if that was the mere reason of their existence.
Penetrating her deeply was not enough. He reached down with his right hand, allowing her to catch a glimpse of his toned forearm, placing two fingers against her clit. With each thrust of his hard throbbing cock, he rubbed her clit with his fingers deeper into the rhythm.
“I love it. I LOVE it. Oh!”
She was being fucked by rolling thunder and the wrath of god, about to have the climax of a lifetime.
With all pretenses released, paradise was right here on earth. An orgasm, strong as never before, tore her soul apart. Wildest dreams do come true, she thought, while delving deeper into the moment.
Zeus slid his throbbing deity-cock from her wet, dripping, and thoroughly-fucked pussy. She wanted to see his pleasure. He gripped his massive totem with his right hand and unleashed his pantheon of seed upon her mortal, quivering body. Her breasts, neck, stomach, thighs, pussy, and clit were covered in his cum.
She had been fucked… by a deity.

His Command

His Command
Kate had spent hours at the hairdresser that Saturday evening, she had perfect black nails and even had her makeup professionally done. She wore her gorgeous lavender gown with a fake diamond necklace. She had diamond studded earrings and even a diamond bracelet. She decided that she was ready for something wonderful.
TOP-NOTCH was an exclusive club downtown that she had been trying to get into for months. Her friend Marianna had called her and told her she finally had an in with one of the bartenders. She could even get to the head of the line if she wanted to by simply walking right up to the big black bouncer and telling him her name.
She was ushered into a quiet, plush scene where dark faces sat in the corner sipping on water and tonic. The music was light and classical.
The bartender, a young buff man asked her for her ID as though she would be kicked out in a moment if she didn’t hand it over. She smiled and took a second to look in her bag as he tapped his trim nails on the counter.
She took her time deciding what she wanted to drink just to see his face get redder and redder. She finally decided on a bottle of light beer and made sure he brought her two limes.
She sat quietly at the bar and decided to see if anything was actually going to happen this evening. The faces never changed. Obviously it was the same old crowd that always went here. The place was considered exclusive so that they could sit in quiet without having to go drink with their wives.
She eyed her phone for a bit to see if anyone else was doing anything better. This place sucked. There was no point in even trying to hide it. It was probably where old men came to do business deals. Whatever it was, she was simply not going to wait around for anything to happen.
She made for the door when, suddenly the bartender cried out, “Miss, you’re wanted in the VIP room.”
He said it like she didn’t have a choice as to where she went. His eyebrows were lifted and she could tell she’d better just walk with him. At least things were beginning to get more interesting.
He had his hand forcefully around her back as he ushered her behind a velvet curtain and they descended down a flight of dark stairs.
He unlocked a thick black door and threw her in. Terror rushed through her. The room was lit by one dark red bulb. There were whips and chains and a big pole in the middle. She sat on a cushioned black leather chair near the pole and waited.
A voice sounded over a hidden speaker system.
“Take off your clothes.” It was deep and rough.
Kate thought for a moment.
“Now.” The voice echoed.
Kate was suddenly turned on, and decided to oblige the request.
She slid her panties off and dropped them on the ground. Quickly disposing of the rest of her clothes, she sat there totally exposed except for her black leather stilettos which she decided to keep on.
She felt attractive.
“Now close your eyes.” Her body shook with the force of adrenaline. She was totally vulnerable in this dungeon.
A hand thrust itself onto her mouth to muffle her voice. She could feel a cuffed shirt and arms around the side of her head.
He bent her over and ran his finger along her crack.
“Now… I’m going to fuck you.” The deep voice growled.
He turned her around to see a bearded lumberjack of a man in a white dress shirt and black pants with his boner stick straight out.
Then he turned her around and bent her over again. She screamed, but the sound didn’t even pass the room. Her heart was racing. He spanked her hard.
“Take it!” he growled.
She screamed again. She could feel a rush of pleasure pulsing through her. He spanked her until she was red then turned her around and shoved a massive cock down her throat.
She almost gagged with the force his constant thrusts. His hand was on her head, pushing her into it. His other hand was pinching her nipples so hard she would’ve screamed if it wasn’t for his pulsing cock.
She reached up to touch it and he slapped her face with his cock and reached down to hold her arms behind her back. He rubbed the tip of his penis slowly on her lips. He reached down and shoved his finger into her pussy as hard as he could. She was going to explode all over the leather chair.
“You want my hard cock? Yeah. Take it!” He held her head down for a moment and she gagged from the force. He bent her over again and rubbed the tip of his penis around her vaginal lips as she writhed in ecstasy.
He pinched her clit and the rush of pleasure and pain made her cry out.
“I know you want my throbbing cock.”
She wanted it bad, but she was not going to give him the pleasure of saying so. He would have to wait until he really needed to put it in her.
He pinched her clit again and inched his fingers just a bit further in. He was going to break her. She needed that hard cock inside of her.
He smacked her ass and she yelped when he rubbed his finger just outside of her wet hole.
“Say you want it. I won’t give it to you until you say you want it.” His voice was silky smooth.
She couldn’t hold out any longer the tension was just too much. She writhed as waves pulsed through her body.
“I want it! Oh god! Please fuck me! I…” She screamed.
He shoved it in her before she could finish the sentence and slammed her over and over again as each and every little burst sent her further and further into mindless oblivion. This man had taken her so thoroughly. They both writhed until at last that final explosion sent them both screaming in pleasure.
He simply slid himself out and sent her on her way, thoroughly fucked.

Bridgett and Cliff

Bridgett and Cliff
Bridgett and Cliff were Kate’s coworkers at the paper company that she felt she could really trust. Bridget got her. Cliff was sweet and kind. They had the same flair and style. They thought the same way. So it felt simple and easy when Bridgett asked Kate if she’d like to catch a drink with her and Cliff that evening.
Kate went home and dressed in a tight black, slinky looking this big black hair and a simply fake diamond necklace that just down to just above her exposed cleavage.
They met at a quiet upscale bar in midtown with the feel of the kind of place you’d simply like to get a drink. There were businessman and accountants. The scene was quiet and dark and there really wasn’t much going on.
It was kind of stiff and boring really. The drinks were twice as much as Kate wanted to pay and Bridgett and Cliff were looking pretty bored too.
The girls decided to turn things up a bit. There was a jukebox in the corner that was covered in dust so they ordered two shots and figured what would really make things crazy in here.
They decided on blasting a crazy hair band song about living in filth and hit the dance floor. It was time to really make some waves.
Kate, Bridgett and Cliff found themselves grinding to the beat of hard guitar and crazy drums. Kate bent over so Bridgett could spank her while she had her eyes on a table of awestruck geeks. They ran their fingers through their hair and gave the stiffest men the wrong looks. Heads were finally starting to turn. They were tired of stiff white collars and bitter faces.
They caught Cliff watching the whole time. It was, indeed, sexy.
“Woo, yeah!’ Kate watched as a couple of angry faces made their way to the door.
“I want to shots of whiskey.” Bridgett told the bartender. Her bright red hair was wild and perfect at the same time. It went perfect with her emerald green dress.
They were back on the dance floor pretending to fuck to a gangster rap song that was half their ages, all in good fun. The old ones had mostly left already, but the pocket protectors looked like they were about to get kind of cocky.
Thin glasses with invisible rims and stick thin figures began to make their way over to where they stood. The girls decided to ignore the barrage entirely to see what the bartender could do to help them while Cliff spoke with a girl in the corner.
There was a nice long island and a sex on the beach sitting on the bar before they knew it.
Bridgett looked over at Kate and asked, “Are we over it?”
Kate took a sip of her drink and started to nod yes, when they eyed Cliff walking over to them. He had on a tight blue button-down shirt and nice black dress pants. His hair was dark and cut perfectly.
“Kate, would you accompany me to the restroom for a moment?”
Kate sighed. Bridgett was probably going to try and lock her in.
With the prowess of a lioness Bridgett shot a quick smile over at him and he stopped what he was doing and faltered for a moment. A smile went up Bridgett’s perfectly painted mouth and Kate knew she had already won.
Kate was curious. If Bridgett went to a stall she simply wanted to get her out of the way for a bit. If she went to the mirror, she wanted to play with her a little bit. Sure enough, Bridgett went over to the mirror and fished out a cigarette.
“I want him,” Bridgett said nonchalantly.
Kate couldn’t believe the balls on this woman.
“He’s mine.” Kate responded.
They were at a stalemate.
Both would have to play dirty to get what they wanted.
“Girls, how about we share?” Cliff’s deep voice echoed as he strode in, turned around, and locked the deadbolt on the door.
Both girls nodded to one another.
Cliff bent Kate over the countertop while he grabbed Bridgett’s nipple. Kate could feel his pounding hard cock stuck just in the right place. He pulled up her pants and spanked her while she squealed.”
“Ooh, you like that, baby?”
“Yes! I’m a bad girl!” Kate was feeling fiery.
Bridgett had her dress hiked up and her hands down her panties as she fingered herself and writhed in ecstasy. She thrust her hand into his tight dress pants and grabbed the head of his cock.
“Ooh.” He moaned.
He stuck his hand up Kate’s panties and stuck his finger in her hole with force. He shoved it in and as he penetrated every bit of her. He knew where to touch her. He had his hand on her nipples while he pinched her clit.
He hadn’t even taken her panties off yet and she was about to explode.
Bridgett tore his pants off and started rubbing her hand up and down him. He took his finger out of her and licked it, then stuck it straight into Bridgett. She screamed so loud, the bar must’ve heard.
He lifted Bridgett up and onto the counter. He kissed Kate passionately and sat her next to Bridgett. They were both perfectly positioned to receive him. He pulled down Kate’s panties and ran his finger up and down her lips as she started to writhe. Pleasure shot through her body and was threatening to overtake her.
If he didn’t stick it in her now, she was going to cum without ever getting that perfect cock of his.
Bridgett eyed his cock with desire and moved to touch it. He stopped her hand and pushed it up against the mirror as he thrust his finger in and out of her.
“Oh god,” she screamed, “I want it, baby.”
You could see him getting harder and harder and Bridgett ready to explode. Kate waited for her turn, then he turned over to her and thrust himself inside of her. He pushed and pushed like he was trying to become a part of her. He kissed her passionately. They were both at the edge of ecstasy when he took his cock out and thrust it inside Bridgett.
Cliff fingered Kate the whole time and she watched as he was ready to burst. He stuck it straight into her again and worked himself to a climax as Kate exploded with pleasure.
Looks like Kate won after all.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring
To Kate, Charles was always kind of the geeky guy in the corner of the break room stuck to his tablet. His stiff white shirts and lean, thin, but somewhat muscular frame made him seem like one of the nerds she knew from high school grew up and started working out for a change.
They’d said “hey,” a few times in the break room, and laughed at each other’s small talk, but they never really talked like two friends would.
Kate was a bit surprised when Charles smiled too wide as she came in to get a cup of coffee. His tablet was in its case for a change, and he was looking right at her. Kate knew he had a loving wife, so thought nothing of the change in behavior.
“How are you, Kate?” Charles asked.
“I’m great. What’s new?” Kate smiled.
“The wife and I are cooking dinner tonight. Do you want to join us?” he coughed as he finished the sentence, a little nervous.
This was strange, but Kate was curious. He wasn’t a serial killer. He had always been kind to her. What was he up to? Was this a platonic invitation, or something more?
She smiled, said that’d be nice and he gave her the address.
Kate was going to have a little fun that evening. She got out her best black dress with some cute bracelets and curled her hair. She wanted to turn his head a little, toy with him. Since he couldn’t have her, she felt like teasing. She’d caught him eyeing her a little too much in the past and if his wife was going to be there, she might as well put on a little show… just for fun.
Linda, his wife, was always kind to Kate on the few occasions they’d met prior. Linda wore a simply button up white blouse with a shirt underneath and some simple jeans. She seemed quiet, and a little awkward.
Their house was stuffy. Linda was definitely the traditional type. Everyone had their own coaster and the wooden tables had doilies for a little bit of extra protection. The couch was covered in plastic and the whole place was doused with dollar store flowers in thin glass vases.
There was definitely something going on. Linda seemed… distracted.
Kate sat there swirling her wine glass. Clearly, this evening was not about cooking.
Charles got up to get a glass of wine, but Linda told him to heel.
“Kate, join me in the kitchen, will you?” Linda commanded.
Kate followed. The kitchen was spotless.
“Do you know why you’re here, Kate?” Linda asked.
“No. Not really.” Kate said nonchalantly as she took the last drops from her wine glass and offered it to Linda for more.
Linda ignored her and sighed.
“Charles suggested we… together…”
Kate eyed Linda for a second. She wasn’t ugly. It was her tight lips and straight back that took it away from it all. Kate moved closer and looked at her while Linda looked away.
“Do you find me attractive?” Kate asked Linda.
“Well… I mean, I’m straight.” Linda retorted.
Kate moved closer and leaned in, unbuttoning her blouse another notch. “Are you sure?” she said inquisitively. Linda blushed.
Kate could tell she was interested, but too shy to ever do anything about it.
She walked straight over to Charles.
Slowly, Kate lifted up her shirt in front of a bewildered and excited Charles while Linda watched in the background.
He almost came right there.
Linda walked over to him and summoned the courage to join in. She gave him a wet kiss on the mouth from behind the couch.
Linda unzipped his pants and stuck her hand on his crotch. She moved her hand up and down like the perfect masseuse as Charles moaned in ecstasy. She’d had practice.
Kate slowly unhooked her bra as Linda rubbed every inch of his massive cock. He reached out and squeezed Kate’s nipples as a mix of pleasure and pain shot through her body.
Kate walked around the couch and stood behind Linda. Slowly, she took off Linda’s blouse and unhooked her bra, revealing Linda’s ample bosom. She cried out in pleasure as Kate slid a hand down her jeans.
Linda leaned her head down and wrapped her mouth around the hard cock awaiting her. Once in place, Kate held her head there.
“Take it!” Kate commanded.
You could see Charles writhing with pleasure. Linda sat up, and Kate kneeled on the floor to rub him as fast and hard as she could.
Kate undid Linda’s jeans and stuck her finger inside. She stroked the outside of her lips as Linda cried out. She swallowed Charles cock and he moaned in ecstasy. Linda took off Charles’ shirt and began stroking his nipples as his tongue penetrated her mouth.
The girls stood up and led Charles by the cock into the darkened bedroom where their senses erupted with the sheets as a barrage of lips, tongues and hands stroked their bodies.
Linda’s tongue was between Kate’s lips building pressure like a volcano ready to erupt.
Charles was pounding Linda with the force of a jackhammer and her screams shook the walls.
You could feel the electric pressure pulsing through that room as each lover came closer and closer to eruption. The walls of the room were shaking. The air was abuzz with passion. Linda crept further and further into Kate’s sacred stronghold as Charles yelled with pleasure.
The room was vibrating. Pleasure shook from in between them. Their hearts melded into one single entity before they burst in one final ecstatic push and collapsed on one another.
Kate had done her job and the marriage bed was the place where lovers find refuge in the arms of one another. She took her leave quietly after having another glass of wine, a job well done, a couple well-fucked.

Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend
Marianna and Kate looked like abandoned goddesses in their perfect up dos and tight mini-dresses. They ordered a quick martini, dry and watched as the people pulsed to the music on the dance floor. Pulse was a big club downtown with chic decorations and hot boys in tight dress shirts. Each one roamed the dance floor like a predator on the prowl.
Tonight, Kate wanted something… different.
Marianna pushed a strand of ebony hair out of the way and smiled at Kate as their heads bobbed to the music. There was something about the club, so alive and invigorating. It was sexuality and carnal desire embodied. They were in a playground for the secrets held deep within the psyche.
The girls quickly downed their drinks and made their way, through the crowd of scents and smells to the dance floor. The people danced around them, watching the queens of the dance floor writhe together in time with the music. Marianna watched Kate as their bodies moved together. The world wanted to meet these goddesses and they could see the predators closing in. A man in a gray V-neck with a sweet smile passed and watched them before almost running into a couple.
Another spike-headed mass of muscle watched from across the room before coming to close in on his prey. The girls looked at each other and decided to make their way to the table again.
His red face and wide eyes matched his three inch long hair. His muscles were weapons showcased for the world to see. The girls quickly made their way to the bar and intently drank their newfound cranberry vodkas. They shot each other sidelong glances as he made a cocky path to their watering hole.
Kate felt a forceful tap on her shoulder and almost jumped three feet. She wanted to run away like a gazelle being stalked like a lion. She could feel his eyes summing her up like a man in a butcher shop.
It was Marianna that turned around.
“Listen, she’s not interested. Besides, you’re in the wrong bar. Cock Tails is up the Street.”
You could see a smirk forming across her tan visage as they grabbed each other’s arms and made their way to the car.
“I can’t believe you actually said that!” Kate commented.
Kate smiled, opened the car and grabbed the keys out her purse.
“I’m glad you did, though,” Kate thought about it a moment while they raced down the freeway with the top down. “We always do the same thing. These creatures are barely human and can’t hold a conversation. We don’t need them.” They looked in each other’s eyes and smiled as they pulled up to Kate’s condo.
Marianna reached down, fumbled with the folds of her dress as Kate took the keys out of the ignition. They both reached down to get their phones out of the console and their hands touched for one single electric moment. Their eyes met and they laughed as they got out of the car.
Kate lived like a modern minimalist. Everything was nice and clean, but there was no real decoration. There was the simple couch, TV and that was just what made the living room. Marianna went and sat down as Kate poured shots of whiskey.
“Do you have to work tomorrow?” Kate asked as she walked back into the room with two shots in hand.
Marianna, lost in her own world, said, “No.”
Kate handed her the shot and their eyes met once more as they clinked glasses.
Kate sat on the couch, a little too close, as Marianna absent mindedly set her hand down on her thigh.
After the spark in the car, they both realized the feeling was mutual.
Kate blushed. Marianna grinned.
“What are you d-,” Kate started.
Before she could finish, Marianna threw herself against Kate.
It felt familiar, yet different, when their lips touched and Marianna’s warmth passed over her. Her hands rubbing at Kate’s breasts knew the spots a man would never know to touch.
Kate wanted this. Badly.
Kate unzipped Marianna’s dress and slid it off and onto the floor. The girl shimmered in the light and she slowly ran her fingers along Marianna’s nipples as she moaned in ecstasy.
There was sweetness and compassion between them. There was understanding. There was friendship. These two women knew how to express themselves and be passionate and open.
Kate unhooked Marianna bra and revealed her supple breasts.
Marianna’s breathing intensified. She wanted to feel Kate’s touch.
Kate could feel Marianna’s hand slide up her thigh as she slowly drew her fingers around her lips. A wave of pleasure rushed through her body.
Marianna slowly stood up as Kate admired her gorgeous body and Kate slid off her panties to dive into that secret place with her tongue.
Marianna reached down and stuck her finger slowly into Kate’s hole as Kate writhed with pleasure. Kate lifted her head and they kissed passionately and fell into one another.
Kate caressed Marianna’s clit with her thumb. They were both stuck in the throes of ecstasy. One moaned while the other took pleasure in helping the other cum.
It was give and take, with lots of giving, and lots of taking.
There was wave after wave of soothing buildup up as their sacred temples collided and pleasured the other. Their kisses were sweet and intimate. Their touch was soft in the right laces and hard as Kate rubbed her hands down Marianna’s back.
They could feel themselves ready to erupt with intense passion. Marianna stuck her finger in so far that Kate screamed and they both shared a look of intense passion. Kate grabbed Marianna’s clit and squeezed as she thrust her fingers in and out penetrating Marianna with sweetness and joy. The room was swirling, their cries were pulsing. The adrenaline was nearly tangible. Pleasure and tenderness mixed with the intensity of their pressure.
They both exploded with cries of joy and collapsed upon one another.
Both felt the sweetness of being in the arms of someone who knew how to really be with them.

The Copy Room

The Copy Room
Kate looked in the mirror and sighed as she placed a single hair back into her tight meticulous bun. She pushed up her thick rimmed glasses and locked her dark blue sedan.
The Goodhills Northwest Paper Company has a strict dress code in the office. Women are required to wear skirts at least five inches below the knees. Blouses are to be fully buttoned. Necklines are to be covered properly and hair is to be kept up to avoid distraction. They wouldn’t want any wayward eyes getting the way of productivity.
Kate’s low heels clicked on the simple tile floor as she waved sweetly at the receptionist whose tight lips and square jaw made her look like a man in a bad blonde wig. Jan was known for her intense attitude and bitterness. The company had a bouncer, not a receptionist.
Jan looked a little shocked as Kate made her way to her sterile cubicle. She should be. Kate had never been one to turn heads, but she had gone all out this morning. Instead of her usual lack of makeup she wore a full palette with perfectly shaped brows and a bright pink lipstick. It made her look more like an office goddess than an administrator.
She was about to sit at her desk and begin clacking away at a menial report when John, her co-worker, walked right by where she was sitting. He took double take for a second and you could see a sly grin beginning to show his perfectly polished teeth. His blonde spiked hair and navy blue dress shirt rolled up past the elbows made him look like a male model with a cocky streak.
Kate’s collar had been bothering her all morning. It was stiff and tight. It made her look like a nun. She unbuttoned it just for a second to let the air in. She half expected it to set off a siren in this pristine hell.
She got up to make copies and looked around at all the bitter faces that had showed up for work this morning. Everyone was tired and angry. They were being held up by the oppressive, stiff nature of this place.
She went into the copy room and shut the door as she began making her copies. The door swung open. John leaned on the door, his Adonis frame showcased by the fluorescent lights. He smiled and lingered behind her for a moment as she went about her business.
Kate unbuttoned her shirt just a bit more as she caught him eyeing her. John was staring now. He seemed almost ready to pounce. He sat down in the plastic chair next to the copier and watched as she undid her bun and let her brown hair fall just below her shoulders. He never expected her to do anything, so when she sat down in his lap, he was shocked.
Kate knew exactly what she was doing.
John couldn’t hold back any longer.
He ripped off her bra like it was paper. The door was still wide open. Anyone could walk in any moment. Kate began to unbutton his shirt and slid a hand down to his crotch, teasing playfully.
He moaned a bit like a beast growling. He put his hands up her skirt and started tracing his finger around her lips. She needed to feel him inside of her. He bit her nipples as he growled like a wildcat and she could feel herself preparing to erupt.
He grabbed her panties and ripped them off as he unzipped his fly and let his massive cock free from its cage. She grabbed it and went on her knees as he smiled into her eyes. She let it sit in the back of her throat for a bit as he moaned and cried.
The whole office could hear them.
She could feel him ready to explode so she stood up. John began to inch his fingers inside of her ever so slowly.
“You like that?” He asked softly as she stood over him.
“Beg for it.” He was playing with her, and she wanted to slap him.
He’d better stick his hard cock in her right goddamn now!
He rubbed the tip of cock as he stuck his finger in and out of her wet hole. He was going to fuck her, but she’d have to beg.
He bent down and stuck his tongue inside her and Kate let out a howl. She could feel the eruption inside of her ready to burst as he pinched her clit and moaned ever so slightly.
If he didn’t hurry, she was going to cum before he even had a chance to stick it inside of her and she needed that cock now. He rubbed his cock and stared into her eyes, ready. He was trying to get her to ask. She had to give him this one thing if she wanted this to work.
“Goddammit, John if you don’t fuck me right now–
With that simple phrase, he transported her to a carnal dimension. He forcefully rammed his hard cock inside her wet, warm hole. He was thrusting in and out of her. He pounded her like a jackhammer and pleasure was rippling through her like a tidal wave.
His lips crashed against hers. His hands traced up and down her back, gripping and clawing like a rabid animal. They looked in each other’s eyes at the final moment and they both exploded in a fury of desire.
She buttoned up her shirt and dressed as he eyed her wildly and they walked out of the copy room to a flurry of shocked faces and giggles.

The Text Message

The Text Message
Amber’s dress was soaked. Rain barreled down the gargantuan concrete walls of the building foundations around her as she stood at the entrance to a parking garage. Her left hand held a cell phone, dimly lit in the dusk, and the words “I think we should take a break” illuminated the screen.
Fingers, trembling against the sides of her phone, desperately gripped it and shielded it from the rain. Her hair, drenched, covered most of her face, but an expression of horror was clearly visible.
The guy she had been seeing broke up with her in a text message.
Every thought she put together was immediately halted by the stomach-churning, heart-wrenching despair that comes in such situations.
Amber arrived back at her apartment, a place of solace. The unnecessarily large pile of blankets and comforters on her bed called to her. She would sleep on it before deciding anything. Holding back tears, she wrapped herself in the warm embrace of her bedding slept until the sun came up.
The crisp blinds let the sun rays in, occasionally dancing in, around, and all about her comforter, the occasional ray landing warmly on her face as she slowly woke up. Amber decided not to call him. Not to text him. Not to give him another damn minute of her time.
A text message? Really?
She was furious, but respected herself too much to obsess over this guy who clearly didn’t have the balls to say any of this in person. Besides, she had to go to work. It was going to be a long day.
Time heals all wounds, right?
It’s hard to believe in times of tragedy, but the saying is usually right.
After a week, Amber was over him. It was time to move on. She hadn’t slept with anyone else in a while, but she sure did want to. It was Friday, and she resolved to find someone to share her bed.
Neon lights, pool cues, drifting smoke through dimly lit rooms, soft jazz in the background, the atmosphere wasn’t bad. Amber had never been to this bar before, and definitely felt like a stranger in a strange land. Brave as she was feeling, she decided to go for it. Now, how exactly does a girl pick up a guy at a bar? What’s the procedure, here? Amber had never been on this side of things, but went for it anyway. Let’s see… yeah, he’s kind of cute, I guess. Maybe. I’m not sure. Amber’s thoughts quickly judged every guy her eyes could catch a glimpse of. Sure, she was objectifying them. But that’s what she was looking for, right? I mean, if he turns out to be a swell guy and relationship material, that’s great, but not really the point of tonight. She needed to get laid. Big time.
Beard, check. Tall, check. Muscular, check. Sophisticated, well dressed, but not overly formal. He seemed to have kind eyes. It wasn’t clear why, but made her curious. Rolled up sleeves, check. Forearms? Oh god yes. He was a good catch. Amber decided she would talk to him and, if nothing else, she’d have a story to tell her best friend Lizzy. Slowly approaching him, Amber tapped him on his well-defined shoulder.
“Hey there – “Amber said, trying to inch in a little bit of confidence.
“Hmm? Oh.” he turned around, catching a glimpse of Amber for the first time. “Hey. Do… I know you?” he asked.
“Nope. I’m Amber.” she responded.
“Nice to meet you, Amber.” he slyly offered up a hand shake… which she confidently declined.
“Come with me. I… Want to ask you something.” Amber said, thinking it sounded mysterious.
“Uh, hmm.” he looked at his wolf pack of friends. “Okay.” he reluctantly agreed.
Amber walked across the room, gesturing back towards him to follow her closely, and found an unoccupied nook-around-the-corner with two small, comfortable chairs near a fireplace. No one else was around. Perfect.
Amber sat down. “Sorry, it was kind of loud back there. I saw you and wanted to talk to you.”
“That’s okay. You wanted to talk to me?” he responded inquisitively.
Amber just looked at him for a moment. She wasn’t sure what to say, but wished her body could just silently and subtly do the talking for her.
“I…” she started, but lost her train of thought. Every sentence seemed to derail the conversation into I-want-to-sleep-with-you, which she wasn’t prepared to imply.
“I’m Ryan, by the way.” he volunteered.
Amber couldn’t believe she hadn’t even asked his name.
“OH! Fuck! I’m sorry, ha-ha. I’m being so impolite. I’m just a little flustered.” Amber quickly rattled off, and flustered she was, you could see it in her cheeks.
He smiled. She laughed, a little nervous.
No words were exchanged for the next fifteen seconds, but a pair of smiles, locked eyes, and the proximity of chairs to the fireplace set things in motion. It seemed to fall into place, clearly, that they were both attracted to one another. Amber felt relieved and newly confident.”
“This is weird, right?” Amber quipped.
“Kind of.” he responded. “I’m still here, though.”
“That you are.” Amber said. “Do you… work around here?” she added.
“Down the street, actually. Finance for a non-profit.” he responded.
Amber suddenly realized she was headed down the get-to-know-you, go-on-a-date path. She wasn’t quite ready for that yet. Remembering what she came here for, she summoned up some vigor and abruptly changed the topic.
“Do you want to fuck me?” Amber said.
She was inwardly shocked at her own impromptu bravado.
“What?!” he responded. This was the point of no return.
“I said… do you want to fuck me?” Amber said again.
“We just met, you know.” he countered.
“I know. Do you want to put your cock in my mouth?” Amber, bewildered by her own words, pressed him for an answer. A few more moments went by without an answer.
Amber reached out for his palm.
He didn’t back away. He let her grab his hand, and fingers immediately interlocked. Ryan immediately turned his head side to side to check for onlookers. Was this some kind of joke? A prank? He wasn’t sure what to make of it.
Ryan finally responded. “That’s one I haven’t heard before.” he let out a half-laugh.
“No catch.” she clarified. “I promise.”
Another moment of silence passed.
“Okay. Your place, or mine?” he tilted his head.
“Mine.” Amber nodded.
They both grinned, relieved.
15 minutes later, Amber fumbled for her keys outside her apartment door. She was horny and in a rush – a bad combination. Ryan waited patiently, letting out a kind laugh, “Having some trouble?” he teased her.
“Quiet, you!” Amber responded playfully.
Ryan decided to take things a step further and, while Amber tried to unlock the door, grabbed her around the waist, tickling her lightly.
“Noooo! The neighbors will hear!” Amber said, as she let out an adorable squeal in response to his playfulness.
“They’re not my neighbors” Ryan added.
“You’re bad.” Amber teased, seconds before Ryan slapped her on the ass with a big grin across his face.
Amber smiled and rolled her eyes.
Eventually, the door was unlocked, and the pair rushed straight towards the bedroom. Grabbing her outstretched hand as she ran, Ryan twirled her around, picked her up in his arms, and kissed her passionately. Amber melted in his muscular arms. She could spend eternity wrapped up in his forearms. Protected. Safe. Warm. Comforted.
But right now, she was horny as hell. Amber quickly started unbuttoning his pants and tore off his belt.
“I need you to fuck me. Hard, okay?” she commanded.
“That.” Ryan responded. “I can do.”
Amber grinned.
Ryan had boxer briefs on underneath his dark gray dress pants. His cock was bulging at the seams of his tight undergarments, barely able to hold its girth inside. Amber ran her hand against the fabric around it, and immediately felt wet with anticipation for what she was about to receive. This was incredible.
“Oh god. You’re rock hard already.” Amber told him.
“I know. It started when you grabbed my hand back at the bar.” Ryan clarified.
“That soon?” Amber questioned.
“Well… you did ask me to put my cock in your mouth” he responded.
“Oh yeah.” Amber responded and smiled, being coy. “About that…” she added as she lowered herself down to his manhood.
Slowly, Amber pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal her prize. She took her time. First, an inch… and then another… it started to become visible. She was incredibly wet. It took everything she had to resist the urge to put his mighty beast of a throbbing cock between her legs right now and just fuck him until they came together like rolling thunder.
But she was determined to savor the moment. As she pulled down the last remaining portion of his boxer briefs, revealing the full depth and breadth of his manhood, she took a moment to appreciate the work of art that lay before her. It was almost… beautiful. Is it possible for a penis to be beautiful? She certainly thought so.
Reaching her right hand around the side, she gently caressed his rock-hard pelvis before working her way down to his cock. She felt tingles as she made contact. Ryan’s cock reacted to her touch, twitching slightly, and getting harder and harder.
Amber was full of adrenaline, ready to take him inside of her, but decided to get him rock hard before letting the warmth between her legs out to play. To encourage him, she quickly unbuttoned her shirt and showed off some cleavage, a willing offering to the monument of his manhood.
Ryan took notice, of course, and grabbed hold of either side of Amber’s shirt, lifting it above her head. He skillfully unbuttoned her bra, which fell, sliding down her body like silk, revealing her ample breasts. His cock hardened, becoming fully erect in Amber’s hand, ready and willing to be inside of her. Ryan liked what he saw, and Amber was happy.
It was time. Amber, upon recognizing his cock was fully erect, grabbed firm hold of his cock and positioned it near her lips.
“Now… about what I said back at the bar.” she quipped.
Before he could clarify what she meant, Amber shoved his bulging cock in her mouth and wrapped her tongue underneath it, and sliding it in as far as she could comfortably fit. It was huge, but she was surprised at how much she could handle. She wanted more. “Ohhhhh-!” Ryan moaned in pleasure, clearly shocked – and delighted – with Amber’s mouth wrapped around his offering.
Her mouth full, Amber couldn’t talk, but didn’t need to – she could still get a message across. Shoving his cock further down her throat, she nearly reached the base, eager and willing. Ryan nearly melted against the wall – he was in heaven.
Inside her mouth, Ryan’s cock throbbed again and again, becoming harder and harder. Amber thought he was already fully erect, but she was wrong. It was massive, a solid seven inches, Amber thought – about the maximum comfortable length, and especially thick. Amber was dripping wet with the possibility of having this massive beast inside of her.
After a minute or so, Ryan grabbed her by the shoulders, gesturing towards the other side of the room. Amber stood up, releasing his manhood from her warm, willing mouth. He grabbed her confidently, picked her up, and tossed her on the bed. Amber gleefully laid back, wondering what would happen next.
Immediately, and without hesitation, Ryan stripped her down below the waist, panties and all. He couldn’t wait any longer. He plunged his mouth between her legs, his tongue ready and willing to pleasure her. Amber was in ecstasy. He moved his tongue left, right, up, down, every direction, finding the particular patterns that made Amber moan and moan and oh, god, MOAN. She was in heaven.
He found the right patterns and repeated them. He knew what he was doing, and he wasn’t afraid to be aggressive when he found something that worked well for her. Amber was already reaching a climax after just sixty seconds or so – it usually took her fifteen minutes – and she didn’t hold back. He moved his tongue up, down, up, up… up… up… pressure… hold… down… up… up… up… as Amber… became closer… and closer…
Amber gripped his hands, outstretched along her sides, with all her might as she reached climax with her clit pressed up against his tongue.
“Don’t stop! Oh my god DON’T STOP! OH God!” she screamed.
She squeezed her legs together, pinning his head between them, and to her surprise, he was more than willing to continue. In fact, after backing off for a few moments while she recovered from her climax, Ryan buried his face between her legs again and began to hunt for new motions and patterns to please her. It was his mission. Amber could barely keep up – this was incredible – but was more than willing to give herself to him fully.
“Oh god. I’m going to cum again! Fuck that feels good! Ryan, don’t stop!! Please! I need it!” Amber yelped
Almost begging for his tongue to stay pressed up against her clit, she moved her legs and pelvis against him, swirling around it in the most perfect motion she could imagine. He wasn’t going to stop.
Intertwined with his, she brought her legs closer together around his head. “Please! Oh god!” Amber screamed as she clenched her hands against him. She climaxed again – and again – against his willing tongue.
“I need you to fuck me. I need you inside of me. Please!”
Amber begged, short of breath from the multiple orgasms she had just received. She couldn’t wait any longer.
Ryan, ready and willing, stood up to his knees before her. She was worried after so much oral sex that maybe he’d lost his erection. Not the case. Rock hard, throbbing, and begging to be deep inside her, Ryan grabbed his cock and positioned it between her legs.
Teasing her slightly – because he could – Ryan rubbed his cock up and down Amber’s clit. She couldn’t take it anymore. As Amber reached to grab his cock and thrust it inside her, Ryan did it himself – he lowered his body over her, using his full weight to thrust deep inside her. Amber closed her eyes, arched her back, and was once again in heaven. He filled her up, made her complete, belonged inside of her – his grand monument to the goddess of pleasure flawlessly inside of her.
Ryan thrust, slowly at first, gaining speed, and with every movement Amber’s back arched slightly further back. She grabbed his muscular arms, flexing with every thrust, and held on tight. Ryan moved his head down by her neck, kissing lightly, in between and occasionally synchronized with his cock thrusting inside of her, which made her moan in pleasure. He knew what he was doing.
Nibbling on Amber’s neck quickly turned into light biting, just enough that it amplified the pleasure she felt from his cock deep inside her, but not hard or painful enough to take her mind off the pleasure she was receiving. He was careful never to break skin with his sensual gnawing at her neck and shoulder, intermittently moving up to give her a passionate kiss between thrusts.
Biting her lip, Amber wrapped her arms around his incredibly strong back and found herself lightly clawing and scratching at him in pleasure. Both of them were more than okay with this – they found the right balance between pain and pleasure to drive one another into the depths of madness, pleasure and lust.
Ryan’s thrusting was getting faster, and faster, and faster. “Don’t stop!” Amber shouted, trailing off the volume of her voice in the last syllables as she realized she was yelling – somewhat loudly – given the thin walls of the building. She bit her lip again, “I’m going to cum!”
Amber wrapped her arms around Ryan, who followed the rhythm of her orgasms flawlessly, thrusting harder, faster, harder, and faster as she reached climax, deep inside of her as she came all over his hard, throbbing cock, her fourth – or fifth? – Orgasm within the hour. He hadn’t even gotten off, yet. “Fuck.” she said, panting, in the brief time they had after she climaxed. “You’re incredible.” she complimented him. “Are you STILL hard?” she asked.
In response, rather than use his words, Ryan used his other means of proof. He thrust his cock deep inside of her, a physical answer to her question. “Fucking damn!” Amber shouted. Ryan flipped her over, now on her stomach, and shoved his cock between her legs again. Amber moaned, this new position providing for an even better angle of penetration, reaching places she had previously not thought possible. Ryan’s thrusting quickly intensified, there was no more time for patience.
Ryan buried himself deep inside of her. Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled her onto her side, one forearm crossed in front of her chest covering her perky, hard nipples. He reached his other arm down across her stomach and ended up between her legs, focusing her hand down to her clit. He rubbed in a circular motion, immediately sending Amber into a frenzy.
She could sometimes get off from intercourse itself – at least with him, anyway – but this was something else entirely. His forceful fingers circled and circled, rubbing up and down, left and right, finding the same patterns that drove her to climax multiple times before. Amber quickly reached climax once again, “Oh god oh god oh god, please more!” she moaned as his arms enveloped her.
Amber’s body tensed up as she reached climax, his cock buried between her legs, and his hand, adding pressure to her oh-so-sensitive clit. She came like rolling thunder. Seconds after her climax, Ryan pulled his throbbing, dripping cock out from between her legs and spread his seed across her stomach, pelvis, breasts, and chest.
Amber melted into his arms, and he held her tight.
She was happy.

Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers
The low timbre in his voice caused a shiver to run through her spine.
“Hey Amber, you look hot.”
His name was Caleb Rivers, and he had been giving her these… looks. All week. But she had ignored them because he was not her type. Or more correctly, she wasn’t his type. He was out of her league, she thought. Her heart sank as she came to the undeniable conclusion that he’d lost a bet, or was playing some kind of practical joke with his buddies.
“How much?” She asked sharply
He raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean ‘how much’?”
Ha! He could not fool her with that one. She knew why he was here hitting on her and she wanted to know how much. She looked up from the copier then and faced him.
“How much is the pool? Is that not what you call it?”
He narrowed his eyes and stared at her in disbelief, “You think I’m coming on to you because of a bet?” He pronounced it like it was a dirty word.
Amber frowned, could she have gotten it wrong? Then she gave him a once over… shiny brown hair caught at the back of his head in a small ponytail, great abs and a body to die for; he was much taller than she, almost a foot taller. He was also much younger, in his early twenties. But Lord, he was hot! She knew she had it right the first time.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.” She placed her hands on her hips to make her point.
“You need to have more confidence in yourself,” he said.
She glared at him, “I have plenty confidence, thank you.” Yes, she knew that she was lying through her teeth, but it was forgivable. No way was she going to let this arrogant SOB know that she had self-confidence issues. Not like everyone at the office didn’t know, but she did not have to be more pathetic than she looked.
“Uh huh.” He was suddenly standing very close to her, their bodies were almost touching. It was past closing time and most people in her wing had gone home.
“Yeah,” she said with lips that felt dry. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. What was up with her? This was Caleb Rivers for heaven’s sake. He was several years younger than she was, just fresh from college.
Caleb was standing really close to her now, so close that their bodies were touching. Amber looked around to make sure no one was watching. She felt her nipples peak and was grateful for her padded bra. Then she felt his erection pressed up against her stomach and a wave of lust so hot and swift washed through her. Her gaze shot up to his and what she saw in his eyes made her knees weak. He stared at her through hooded eyes and she saw so much fire and passion in them that she felt scorched. She leaned against the copier for support.
“Can you feel what you do to me?” he asked in a low voice.
Amber’s gaze darted around to be sure that there was no one else around and then she turned to face him. “What are you doing?” She hissed.
“Letting you know what I am going to do to you.”
Another wave of lust shot through her, “What… do want to do to me?”
His smile turned feral.
“I’m going to slip my hand beneath your skirt and past your panties and slip my fingers into your heat. You’re already wet. I can feel it. And then I will kiss you and fuck you with my fingers until you come. Is that understood?”
Oh, it was too much. No one had ever spoken to her like that and Amber could practically feel herself trembling from the effect. She felt a desperate need to touch him and kiss him until he did all the things he said he was going to do.
The strength of the fire that was coursing through her veins scared Amber. She had no idea what to do. Caleb had been working with them for close to two years, but she could not say that she knew him very well at all. She had never had sex with someone she did not know, but she didn’t know how she was going to walk away from the kind of passion she was experiencing. Summoning strength she did not know she had, she stepped back.
“Thanks, but I’m not interested.” Amber could not believe it was his voice sounding so cool and level headed when everything inside her was hot liquid lava. The heat had pooled in her center and her hands were shaking.
“You are such a liar,” he whispered.
“What?” she blinked up at him. Had he just called her a liar?
“You are a liar,” he said again and then he reached out and as she was watching him in silent fascination, flicked the tips of her breath.
She could not hold back the soft moan that escaped her lips even if her life depended on it.
“Why are you doing this?” her voice sounded breathless even to her eyes.
“I am desperate for you.” He said once more closing the distance between them. “And I think you feel the same way too.”
“I… I…”
She did not get to finish what it was she wanted to say because he leaned down and claimed her mouth in a kiss so sinful, it made her toes curl. She only hesitated for a fraction of a moment before sinking her fingers into his hair, holding him in place for the kiss. His hands were on her butt as and he had slid a thigh between hers so that she could feel every bit of his erection. She gasped at the sensation and he took advantage of that, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and it was the sound that brought her back to her senses. She pulled back and pushed him away.
“Wait… this is insane…” Amber sucked in air, her heart beating in her chest. He ran his hands down hers, which made her shiver, “You are driving me crazy.”
“We can’t do this, we have to work together.”
“No, we don’t.”
“What?” Her voice came out raspy because he had leaned forward to trail kisses on her neck.
“I’m leaving…”
That brought her up short. “Really, when?”
“Today was my last day at work.”
“Wow,” How had she not known that? Still, she could not miss the implication of that. She could have wild, passionate sex with this man and not have to live with the consequences. Her mouth suddenly felt dry. She could not remember the last time she’d had sex, probably close to a year and it must have been a couple of years since she’d felt this out of control.
“So what’s it gonna be?” his hand brushed the tip of her breast and she bit her lip to stifle the groan that was fighting to get out.
She took stock of the situation. They had been standing by the copier for at least ten minutes and no one had come by. It was past closing time and she knew that their wing of the office was probably empty still, she had to work here.
She stepped away from him and straightened her clothes. “You have a condom?”
He dipped his hand into his pocket and produced one.
“Come with me.”
There was a back room just off the hall from her office that no one ever entered. She knew because she’d spent a lot of time there several months ago when she’d felt constantly close to tears. But that was over now. Her body was tingling in anticipation and she could not wait to get her hands on him.
As soon as they were inside the storeroom, Amber turned the lock and then turned to face Caleb. He moved to take her in his arms, but her outstretched arm stopped him.
“What’s up babe?”
“Take off your clothes.”
His eyes turned hot and the look he gave her was so scorching, Amber felt liquid lava flow through her. Without a word, Caleb grabbed his shirt and pulled. Buttons went popping everywhere and she felt like there was not enough air. His eyes never leaving hers, he quickly got rid of all his clothes. When he took off his silk boxers, her eyes went straight to his erection and her mouth promptly went dry.
“Oh my,” she said in an awed whisper.
He grabbed his cock and ran a hand over its length. He was hard and ready and so was she. She could feel that she was already wet down there. Without another word, she quickly undressed. She took a few steps closer to him until they were almost touching.
“Tell me what you want, Amber,” Caleb said.
She sucked in a breath and let it out on a sigh and then looked him square in the eye, “I want you to fuck me.”
Saying it baldly like that was the greatest turn on for both of them. He leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back and before long, their hands were all over each other. Caleb ran his hands over her body, from her shoulders to her ass and back up again. Then he leaned down and took the tips of her breast in his mouth. The pleasure was so intense that Amber gasped. His hand trailed down to the center of her thighs and when he found her clit, she felt her legs turn to jelly. He slipped a finger her.
“Shit, babe, you are so wet. That is just so sexy,” he groaned against her breast.
Amber was trembling with reaction. He slipped a finger inside her, brought it out and then slipped it back in again, adding a second finger. By this time, she was becoming frantic.
“I want to feel you inside me,” she told him panting as she twisted frantically. She was ready, she did not need foreplay. She just wanted him inside her and in a hurry. She wanted to feel his hardness inside her and it was driving her crazy.
“I’m getting there,” he said and then he went down on his knees.
“Wha… what are you doing… ah…”
Caleb had his mouth on her and Amber felt stars explode behind her lids. His tongue was doing crazy things to her and she could feel the pressure build. She held on to his hair and began to grind her lips as he lapped at her. When she felt as though she could not take much more, he pulled back. She opened her eyes and saw him rolling on the condom. When he was done, he reached for her and then placed one of her legs against his waist. That brought the tip of his cock against her clit and a flood of hot liquid rushed to the spot. She moved restlessly, needing to feel him inside, but he held back until a small whimper escaped from her lips.
Suddenly, he drove right into her until he was buried deep to the hilt. The feeling was so intense that they both groaned. Then he withdrew again and slammed back into her.
“Amber, this is ahh…fuck!”
“Yes, damn…” she held on to him and met each of his thrusts with one of hers. Finally, she felt her body go tense as the pleasure began to build. He reached out and pinched her nipples and that sent her off the edge. She screamed his name as fireworks went off in her head and she shattered into a million pieces. Somewhere far away, she heard Caleb shout as he found his own release. He smiled, laughed, and wrapped his arms her.
After a few minutes of recovery and re-clothing, Caleb looked up at Amber with a smile on his face.
“Want to go again?” he asked.
Amber blinked.
“Really? You can do that?” she questioned.
Caleb nodded.
Amber was shocked. But she was in.
“Caleb,” she asked, smiling innocently. “Could you give me a hand in conference room B? I need someone to cast an eye over one of my reports.”
“Sure,” Caleb affirmed.
Down the hallway, Amber went into conference room B, it was the only conference room without a window into the main office pit. The door opened quietly and Caleb appeared sheepishly at the door.
“Come in,” Amber welcomed him into the room and closed the door behind him, flicking the lock into place quietly.
“You look amazing, Amber,” Caleb said again, his eyes taking in every inch of her body. “You were beautiful before, but today, you’re just so much more confident.”
“Thank you,” Amber smiled, touched that he had thought her beautiful, even as her usual mousey self. “Let me show you how confident I really am”
With her eyes locked on to Caleb’s, she slowly took off her blazer. She walked towards him, biting her bottom lip. Standing directly in front of him she turned around and looked back over her shoulder, “Can you unzip me please?”
Silently, Caleb reached up and slowly brought the zipper down the whole way to Amber’s lower-back. Amber pulled the dress down over her body until it was a puddle at her feet. Turning to face Caleb, she watched as he drank her in.
Even from where she stood, she could see his erection straining. Amber unclasped her bra and dropped it on the ground. Caleb groaned and rubbed his cock through his pants as she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his mouth. His hands reached out and began to fondle her breasts. Amber stood up quickly and shook her head at him teasingly, “Not just yet,”
Caleb groaned once more as Amber turned her back to him. This time, she bent at the waist and removed her black panties, leaving her suspender bet in place. She knew Caleb had a perfect view of her shaved pussy and her little pink asshole. She stood up slowly and turned around to face Caleb. He had his cock in his hand, stroking it and looking at Amber like he wanted to eat her. Amber knelt before him and brought his cock to her lips, lightly brushing it against them like she was applying lipstick.
“Oh my god, Amber, that feels so good.” Caleb moaned.
Amber smiled innocently, and promptly shoved his cock in her mouth. Caleb shuddered and tingled with pleasure.
Caleb couldn’t help it. He thrust it just a little further inside… but pulled back when he realizes he was beginning to face-fuck her.
“I’m getting carried away. Sorry, Amber!”
Amber responded to him pulling away by shoving her mouth all the way down to the base of his throbbing statue.
“God damn, Amber! Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, concerned.
Amber nodded, mostly with her eyes, and gave him a look of encouragement. She briefly slid his wet cock out of her mouth to speak.
“I actually have no gag reflex. It’s kind of nice. Caleb…” she began.
“Really?” He responded.
“I want you to face-fuck me, Caleb. I promise you won’t hurt me.”
Caleb looked shocked. “Are you absolutely sure? I can start slow…”
“Start slow, and work your way up.” Amber reaffirmed. “I’ll give you a hand signal if I want you to stop,” as she made a motion with her right hand.
“Caleb,” she looked almost giddy. “One more thing.”
“Hmm?” he responded.
“I need you to fuck my face until you cum down my throat,” she ordered. Amber had always wanted to try this.
Caleb nodded. This may very well be the best day of his life.
Amber, eager, dove her mouth down on Caleb’s cock once again. She gave him a quick nod with her eyes and awaited his movement.
Caleb began thrusting, slow at first.
Amber seemed okay, so far.
Caleb felt incredible. He couldn’t help but speed up. Worried he would hurt her, he periodically slowed down and looked at Amber to reassure himself. Amber looked at him with encouragement. She wanted this. His thrusts intensified. He began fucking Amber’s face at nearly the velocity he’d use during sex, and she was handling it with grace.
“Oh my god…” Caleb moaned.
Amber looked up at him with innocent eyes that practically begged for his throbbing cock.
Caleb thrusts became deeper, harder. He was no longer worried he would hurt Amber. She could clearly handle it. He grabbed her by the head and began fucking her face will full force until he climaxed. In a fit of ecstasy, his cock buried deep in Amber’s mouth, he began to cum down her throat. Amber was loving every minute of it.
Mid-climax, someone outside tried the handle of the door. Caleb was still pumping cum into Amber’s mouth as they both noticed the intruder. Amber slid his cock out of her mouth, but the motion of his flesh against her tongue further intensified his orgasm. As his cock pulled out of Amber’s mouth, he sprayed cum all over her face and neck. Amber couldn’t help but giggle at the situation. The two leaped up, Caleb stuffing his erection back into his pants and Amber throwing the black dress back over her head. Thankfully, they had remembered to lock the door, and the visitor left upon coming to this realization. Amber shoved her bra and panties into her purse as Caleb did up her dress. She pulled on her blazer while Caleb stood with his ear to the door to make sure the intruder was long gone.
She gave him another cheeky wink and strutted down the hallway, back to her desk, covered in his cum. Caleb stood and watched in awe.
She was happy to be of service.

The Cafe

The Cafe
November 20th, 2014
Another day of studying. It is raining outside and I am in the same coffee shop that I sit in almost every night, working on another paper for another class that makes me feel like a cog in a machine. But nevertheless, I had to finish my Master’s degree to get the promotion I wanted.
What I wouldn’t give for a little excitement…
I take a moment to stop and stretch. I also notice the lack of noise in the café. I look around and I see that the room is pretty much empty. There is a young woman with some incredible tattoos, reading a magazine behind the register. I bet she and I would get along.
Across the room, a man sits quietly with a MacBook and briefcase. He looks to be in his early 40’s, with dark eyes and dark brown hair with a little bit of silver coming through on the side. Somehow, the silver suits him well. I’m seriously jealous of how men age, so gracefully. His face has soft but masculine angles and is completely smooth, not even a hint of 5 o’clock shadow and he is wearing black slacks and gray button up shirt with the top two buttons undone.
I probably wouldn’t have realized that I was staring at this guy, but for him raising his eyes and looking at me, meeting my gaze from across the room. I quickly look back down at my laptop and start typing away, feeling my face flush with embarrassment.
I sat there, staring hard at my laptop and typing away at my paper, but I wasn’t really doing anything. I was just thinking about the curve of the stranger’s jaw, the clean cut of his hair, and that momentary eye contact. I risk another glance at the man only to see him looking at me. I see his face break into a grin before I cuss at myself and look back down at my work. I can feel myself getting hot and moist so I quickly cross my legs, as if the stranger might notice my excitement.
I can hear the blood pumping in my ears and the warmth in my entire body; I want to fan myself, but I am afraid to move and embarrass myself. I think to myself that I wish he would just leave, but immediately after I think it, I feel myself hoping he wouldn’t. I imagine myself touching the smoothness of his cheek when I hear a voice that makes me jump and hit the table in front of me.
“May I join you?” The stranger asks.
I look up and he is staring down at me, holding two cups and a pot of coffee. I was so lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed he had moved.
He clears his throat and makes me realize I am just sort of looking at him with my mouth open. Damn, I am acting like a giddy teenager.
“Uh,” I clear my throat. “Um, yeah, sure.”
The stranger sits down and pours two cups of coffee, without asking if I wanted any. I felt like I should be indignant for his presumption, until I remembered my cold, half cup of coffee sitting in front of me. Smooth Amber, I think to myself.
“My name’s Matthew.” He says. He has a nice, friendly smile, but his eyes are fierce and piercing. This is a man who commands respect and attention. I wonder how long he had been there before I noticed him, and why it took me so long.
“I’m Amber.” I said with what I hope is a smooth recovery. “Do you come here often?”
He smiles with what appears to be approval. “No, no, I don’t usually come this close to the university. It’s too loud to work.”
“Oh yeah, it does get pretty loud. What type of work do you do?” I ask, while trying not to stare at the smoothness of his chest revealed through his unbuttoned shirt.
“I’m an investment banker. Nothing interesting, really, but it pays well and I have always enjoyed the status of success.” He says this while sipping his coffee and looking at me intently for a reaction.
I feel like I should be offended or irritated at his blatant statement of success and implication of wealth, instead I feel a sense of appreciation at his honestly and relief that he isn’t just some sophomore punk who thinks he’s God’s gift to women.
“Do you enjoy your job?” I feel like I should keep him talking because I don’t want him to leave.
“Actually, I love my job. My office is great, I’m good at what I do, and I can enjoy the peace and quiet of working from home whenever I want.” He paused for a moment before saying, “Although, meeting you makes me feel like I should come down here to work a little more often. How about you tell me what you do?”
I blushed a little, but answered quickly enough to distract myself. “I’m a part-time student, going for my Master’s degree in HR.”
“What do you plan to do with it?” He asked with apparent interest.
“I’m hoping for a promotion at work, honestly.” I glanced up at Matthew; he was watching me with polite interest. I decided to switch things up a bit. “Why did you come over to talk to me?” I asked abruptly.
I expected him to be taken aback, perhaps even get annoyed or embarrassed, but without missing a beat, he said, “Because you’re beautiful. If that’s too forward, I apologize, but you asked and I answered.”
This time I blushed from head to toe. I started to respond, but when I opened my mouth, no words came out. I just stared at my coffee. Matthew just sat there, patiently waiting.
The waitress walked up to the table. “Hey guys, sorry to do this, but we are closing up.”
“Of course.” Matthew said. He left some money on the table and stood up. He looked at me and asked, “Let me grab my stuff and I’ll walk you to your car?”
“Sure.” I said, packing up my laptop and notes. I followed Matthew to his table where he packed up his stuff. We walked out the door together.
“Where are you parked?” Matthew asked me.
“Oh, well, I actually live in the apartments behind the café. I like to study here; my apartment can be too quiet sometimes.”
“Maybe I should come to the café more often. You were a delight to talk to Amber.” He took out his wallet and pulled out a business card with his name and information on it. He handed it to me. “Here’s my number. I’d love it if you gave me a call sometime.”
I looked down at the card but I wasn’t really reading it. Matthew is close enough that I can smell his cologne and the smell of his skin. I am so turned on, I can feel my panties getting damp. He turns to walk away.
“Wait.” I said, my voice a little rough from nerves. “Would you like to come with me to my apartment?”
Matthew turned and looked at me. He met my eyes; then slowly, deliberately, he slowly moved his eyes down my body, taking in every curve of my body. He took a deep a breath and sighed heavily. He took two steps towards me, putting his body within inches of mine. He is about 6” taller than me and he leaned down to my ear so that I could feel his warm breath on my neck “Amber,” he whispered. “I don’t think I have enough self-control to resist you.
He hesitated for just a moment, sighed again, kissed me lightly on the cheek, and turned very quickly to walk away. My nipples hardened in response to that little show, I have goose bumps all over my body, and I can feel my moist pussy now swelling with excitement and desire. I realized he was walking away and I start to panic.
I look at him and as he turns slightly to walk around his car, I can see that his pants are bulging so much that I can see the outline of his dick going up to his belt line. He isn’t looking back at me and I know that the whole situation must have ruined his cool, powerful demeanor. I can’t believe I was able to affect a man like that.
That thought was exactly what I needed.
“Matthew!” I yelled his name to get his attention, but this time there was no shakiness in my voice; it wasn’t anger either.
He’s on the driver’s side now, but he stops and looks at me; he shows me that sexy smile that I noticed first. This time, I don’t turn to putty, I feel empowered.
“Sweet dreams Amber.” He says with an even bigger smile.
“No.” I said. “Wait, don’t go yet.”
He hesitated and looked a little confused, but he didn’t leave. He turned towards the back of his car as I walked around to meet him on the driver side.
As I walk up to him, he smiles again. I hold out my hand to him, as if to shake it.
“Ah, my apologies.” He says, reaching to shake my hand. “You must have distracted me from my manners.”
I grasp his hand, but instead of shaking it, I go up on my toes and I turn his hand and push it against my soaking wet panties. I look him straight in his eyes as he realizes that my pussy was wet and hot. He lets out a breath “oh my… holy shit.”
“I can’t believe you would leave me so wet and horny.” I grab his head and pull him down to me; I kiss him harder than I had ever kissed anyone, shoving my tongue as deeply into his mouth as he would let me. He seemed to be in shock and I had a horrifying thought suddenly that I just crossed way too far over the line.
I was just about to pull away and run as fast as possible in the other direction when two strong hands grabbed me by the waist and lifted my back up against his car. It was wet from when it had been raining earlier and I jerked away from the cold, but I didn’t get far because Matthew shoved his body up against mine, pressing his erection perfectly against my wet vagina.
He pushed against me harder than I thought I could handle, but he kissed me deeper and wrapped my waist with his large, soft hands. I was caught up in so many sensations that I couldn’t focus on anything but the thrill and pleasure of it all.
I curled my legs around my hips and started to grind them firmly, but careful not to hurt. I could feel his cock growing even bigger now and almost rock solid. I wanted to see it, to hold it.
“Wait!” He gasped, pulling away from the kissing and groping. “We can’t do this. We’re both too smart and mature to be doing this.”
I was still being held between his hard dick and his car, so I am not sure that his resolve was much better than mine but I guess he was probably right.
“I guess…. You’re right.” I slow my breathing. “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have….”
“Wait, no!” He interrupted me. “No, no, this is great! But, we are downtown, by the university. I didn’t mean we can do this, I just meant we can’t do this here.”
“Oh!” I blush red. “Um, right….”
Matthew grabs me and kisses me again. “Where do you live?” he says between kisses.
“Mmmm…. This… way…” I respond between thrusting tongues.
I hear his car alarm clock as we walk awkwardly to my apartment. Luckily I am on the first floor. We get to my door and as I am trying to unlock it, Matthew bends me over and pulls my skirt up over my ass. I have a moment of shock, but then he pulls my ass back against him and I can feel the hard bulge of his cock between my ass cheeks. He grasps my hair tightly, but not painfully, and he pulls it back while pushing himself between my ass cheeks. At this point, we are separated by some thin fabric and fading willpower.
I focus enough to get the door open and we practically fall into the small apartment. I start kicking off my shoes as he undoes his shirt. I point to the bedroom and he grabs me before I can walk in there.
He throws me on the couch and pushes me down with one hand on my chest. He kisses me hard again, but quickly starts moving down my body, nibbling and carefully biting all around my breasts through the silk shirt.
He thrusts his hands under my shirt and grasps my breast, placing his fingers around the nipples and squeezing them enough to get them hard.
I lift my hips up in frustration, trying to feel his hard cock against me again, but he prevents me from making contact. He slowly lifts my shirt up, carefully watching the shirt slide over my nipples. He flicks my nipple with his tongue, then he blows on it to get it hard again; all the while making me squirm and moan underneath him. He repeats this with my other nipple, but when I go to squirm, this time I feel the slightest touch of his finger running along the crotch of my panties.
“You smell so good.” He whispers to me. “You must want this a lot.”
He caresses my pussy by running a single finger inside the panties, causing me to whimper with desire.
I can feel the hardness of his cock and I can hear his heart pounding loudly in his chest and I think realize, it isn’t just me who must want this a lot. I feel myself shift and decide to take things into my own hands. I push him away slightly and finish removing my silk shirt.
I drop to my knees and use my whole hand to squeeze his cock through his slacks. I can see a small wet spot where the tip of his penis is pushing against his pants. I slide my finger across the tip of his penis and feel the slick wetness of him. Then I turn my head slightly and wrap my mouth over the shaft of his cock, through his pants. I roll my eyes up to watch his reaction as I blow hot air through the cloth of his pants and onto his cock.
“Uh… Oh… my…. God…!” He gasps. I smile to myself. It’s a trick I taught myself a long time ago and it never fails to tease and please.
Matthew starts to grip my hair, but I feel him hesitate.
“Please…” I beg in a teasing voice.
He understood perfectly and grabbed a handful of my hair. He pulls me closer to his bulge and starts fussing with his pants button. I breathe warm air on his cock again, causing him to fumble with the button and grip my hair tightly. I use both hands to unbutton his pants, pushing his hand away. I undo his zipper carefully and can feel the heat radiating through his boxers.
I roll my eyes up at him and see he is staring straight down at me, holding his breath and begging silently for me to continue. I reach my hand down into his boxers and pull out his warm, hard, cock.
He groans low in his throat as the tough of my skin makes his penis flex in excitement. His cock his large in my hand, but not outrageously so. I love its smooth, tight hardness and the little cum on the tip of his cock makes me sigh. His hand tightens in response to my breath and he guides my head closer to his hard cock.
I resist just slightly and flick my tongue over the tip of his penis, licking off his juicy cream. Matthew moans again and uses his other hand to grab more hair. He tries to tilt his hips closer to me, encouraging me to take him in his mouth.
“Oh come one Matthew,” I purr at him. “With all your power and good looks you don’t know how this works?” I look up into his eyes, which are glossy and unfocused with need. “The woman is always in control when it comes to…” I lick the entire shaft of his penis, “Mmmmmm” I let each word slowly leave my lips, “sucking… dick.”
In that moment, I quickly shoved his cock into my mouth, shoving it as deep into my throat as it could go. I feel Matthew almost fall over from pleasure. He has my hair tangled in his fingers and is thrusting in and out of my mouth. I feel powerful and sexy, completely in control as I concentrate on breathing while sucking his amazing cock. I pause and twirl my tongue around the head of his shaft, earning myself the reward of more of his delicious cum.
Suddenly, catching me off guard, Matthew pulls my hair and slides his cock out of my mouth. “I’m not finishing like this!” He growls at me.
He looks around the room of my apartment and his eyes lock behind me. He backs me up and I feel myself tipping over backwards. It takes me a moment to realize he backed me onto my dining table. A few school books fall to the floor as he releases my hair.
He uses a hand to push me all the way onto the table, my bra barely holds my breasts in place as I lean back. Matthew shoves my bra up and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth, while using his hand to pinch my other nipple between his fingers.
The pleasure in that moment was so intense, and the buildup was so strong, I feel my back arch and I start to orgasm while he has his tongue twirling around my nipple. He senses my reaction and pushes his exposed cock up to meet my vagina through my now soaked panties. I scream out in pleasure and Matthew bites and sucks on my breast, just below my nipple. I can tell he is marking me and it just makes me cum harder.
As soon as the orgasm starts to subside, he looks at me and whispers “Good girl.” He kisses his way down my stomach and I can feel him struggling to get his pants off; a task he accomplishes quickly. He pushes my purple skirt up over my thighs and hips and stands up to look at my lace thong.
“Oh my, you are so wet….” He slides my panties down, my shoes fall to the floor and he pulls my panties off my legs. He’s still looking at my soaking pussy. “So very sexy.” He says as he kisses his way back up.
I am stretching my neck to watch what he is doing and he locks eyes with me right before he licks along my pussy. He moans in pleasure at making sure I can see him, tasting my juices and licking his lips.
He licks along my pussy lips, then focus on my clit, sucking it softly, gently, but feeling oh so amazing. He gets into a rhythm of licking and sucking. I can fill the orgasm starting to build again and I know I am moaning appreciatively. My breathing starts to get heavier, faster, and I think I am getting close to orgasm.
I close my eyes and move my hips into his mouth, helping with his rhythm. Then, without warning, Matthew thrusts his finger into my pussy while his mouth is busy on my clit. I screamed in shock and instantly I cum again, orgasms shaking my body, much harder than the one before.
He thrusts his finger in and out quickly at I orgasm in his mouth, then he moves his finger to lick up and taste my juices as I throb with pleasure.
As I try to catch my breath, he stands up and leans over me, deliberately lining his cock up against my vagina. He leans over and whispers in my ear, “Amber, may I please fuck you?”
I start to say yes, but instead I whimper out what I think is an affirmative sound. He unbuttons his shirt while I just lay there, body exhausted from all the pleasure. The view is amazing. I had pegged Matthew being in his early 40’s but the man’s chest and abs were toned beautifully. I feel a little disappointed that I had already cum twice and didn’t even have a chance to see this view. I realize he is looking at me, watching my reaction.
“You look amazing.” I tell him.
“If you want to see amazing, you should see the view from here.” He responds without hesitation.
I slide off the table as gracefully as I can and I walk him over to a big orange chair in my living room. It is ugly as hell, but shockingly comfortable. He sits in the chair and I lean down to stroke his cock. I was worried he would have lost some momentum, but he was still incredibly hard. I had another moment of feeling guilty for having more fun than him; but then I decide to make it work it.
I put my knees on either side of his thighs and hover my pussy over his cock. I take off the shreds of my shirt and unhook my bra, deliberately making the view worth seeing. I leave my skirt around my waist.
I reach my hand between my legs and grasp his cock. I rub the tip of him against my wet vagina; he hisses and bites his lip. Then he tries to lift his hips to put himself inside of me.
“Patience.” I whisper, teasing him. I slide the tip of his penis just slightly inside of me, not enough to really penetrate but enough to really get him worked up; and me too.
“Please,” he begs “Oh my… Please…”
Well, since he asked nicely. I thrust my hips quickly against him, strategically timing it so he thought I was teasing him again. He hollers out and grabs my thighs with his hands. His hips thrust against mine as he tries to get as deep into me as possible. I move my hips in time with his making for some of the most amazing sex I have ever had in my life. Each movement, each thrust, each quiver went through my body like the aftershock of an earthquake.
I run my fingers through his hair and grip as much of it as I can; I pull him into me to kiss him deep and hard. He met my grip with one of his own and without missing a beat, he kissed me deep and hard, every ounce of pleasure and desire wrapped in our lips as he rolled his tongue along mine. The kiss got harder and fiercer as the pleasure built up again, this time threatening to consume my whole body as if in flames. I realized we were both moaning as we reached our peak at the same time. I screamed out, breaking out, kiss and exploding with pleasure. He yelled out, rough and masculine, and thrust one last time before he came so hard I could feel his cocking pumping into me.
He stayed there, with his hips off the chair, thrust into me as far as he could get as if he could climb through me, and he moaned out the entire time he came inside of me. I screamed to match his, momentarily worried at how loud we were before I decided I didn’t care about anything but the feel of Matthew inside of me. Then we collapsed onto the chair, my entire weight resting on his lap.
We lay there for what could have been an hour. In reality, it was only a few minutes. My head was on his chest and I could hear his heavy breathing start to calm, and feel his heartbeat. All I could think was how amazing that felt and how certain I was that this was the best sex I had ever had.
After we had both sat quietly for some time, Matthew tilted my head up to look at him. He looked into both of my eyes for a moment and then he kissed me again.
“That was incredible.” He said to me. “You are an amazing woman.”
I smiled and I kissed him again, hard and deep. “You weren’t so bad yourself.” I said to him with a grin. We both laughed a little and got up from the chair.
I stood naked, watching him get dressed. I wasn’t disappointed that he was leaving, just happy that he had come; literally and figuratively.
After he had dressed, I walked him to the door. He turned to look at me again and bent to kiss me one last time. This time it was softer, less driven by the passion that had consumed our senses a short time before.
“If you ever want someone to have coffee with, you have my card.” He told me before he walked out the door.
I watched him walk down the hallway through my partially opened door. He was still incredibly sexy and I was smiling to myself. I felt empowered and immensely satisfied. I didn’t think I would see him again, I wasn’t sure I would be bold enough to call him. But I would always have tonight, that damned ugly chair, and the best sex of my life.

A Promising Future

A Promising Future
Emma fixed the seam of her suspenders and checked herself out in the mirror in Max’s bathroom. Her tiny school girl skirt just covered her naked ass and her tight white shirt was tied up under her exposed breasts. She finished her look off with a pair of heels and glasses and made her way to Max’s study door.
She knocked on the door and heard Max shuffling papers.
“Come in, he shouted, “why the hell are you knocking-” Max stopped mid-sentence and his mouth gaped open when he saw her.
“Excuse me, Mr. Principal,” she said in her best breathy, little girl voice, “Miss Henderson sent me here because I was a bad girl.”
“Well, you’re going to have to be punished, then, aren’t you,” he said gruffly, picking up a long wooden ruler off his desk. “Come, here,”
Emma walked over to the desk with her eyes to the floor. Max reached out and grabbed her by the waist, bending her over his knee.
“Have you ever been spanked before you naughty girl?” he asked.
“Just once,” Emma smiled, remembering her experience with Chad.
Max pulled back the ruler and slapped her three times across her bare ass.
“Oh, Sir, please,” Emma begged, giggling, “spank me harder.”
“Harder, you say?” Max dropped whacked her a couple more times before dropping the ruler and he began to softly rub Emma’s wet slit with his fingers.
Emma looked up at him from under her long lashes and licked her lips. “I’m going to unzip your pants now, Sir, and you’re going to fuck me. Hard.”
Emma unzipped his pants and his erection sprung out. “Oh! It’s so big!” she gasped.
She popped it in her mouth and sucked it like a lollypop, enjoying the look of pleasure on her boyfriend’s face. When she thought he was getting too close to coming, she stood up and put her hands on Max’s desk.
“Now fuck me,” she commanded, looking at him over her shoulder.
Max didn’t need to be told twice, taking his cock in his hand, he guided it to her slick opening and thrust it inside her.
Emma watched their reflections fucking in the large mirror on the wall. Her full breasts were jiggling up and down with the force of Max’s thrusts.
“Rub my clit,” she moaned and Max reached his hand around and obliged. The combination of Max’s hard dick fucking her hard and his frantic strokes on her clit was too much for Emma. She saw Max watching her in the mirror as she came, and a few seconds later, she felt the familiar squirt inside her as he climaxed.
Sweating, Emma turned and kissed her boyfriend hard on the mouth.
“Later, I want to do doctor and nurse,” told him, fixing her shirt over her breasts, “but I want to be the Doctor and you can be my male nurse.”
Max smiled. It was a date.