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This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.



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I gulped the “mood enhancers” as I took a shower before the second round. These were not like Viagra or the new one for women. A man would not be walking around with a hard on, or a women was not going to be constantly horny. What they did was naturally enable the body to keep going strong if you wanted to. Trust me, we did want to. After the shower I did my hair and ate a sandwich followed by a mug of coffee. I dressed in my game cloths. The first of two sets for this round. I moved around in front of the mirror, getting used to it. Not bad I thought.

It was a dress similar to one in our game. It was a red silk, low cut with a white corset that held my middle in, making me skinny at the waist. The dress flowed down to my knees, although the skirt was velvet giving it two textures. I always liked that. I swirled around and lifted up the skirt. My new toy barely registers as being there. Like the inflatable tits. I fluffed my now curly hair then joined the others when it was time. There as a quick drinking game.

So it was me, then Don, Jack and Bob. So me and Don got to pick things this round.

“So how about we each get two choices. Me, you, you me?” I asked. Don agreed and the others did too. They were still going to have fun.

“Great, it is role playing time. This way gentlemen.” I led them into the work out room. It had been cleared in prep for New Year’s except for a few flat surfaces.

“Ok then, you are all bad slaves and must be punished. Strip and lie flat on those three low tables, there are wrists straps. You must learn obedience.” They all hung their head and played along acting scared. I went around behind them and slipped a velvet strap around their ankles too. Legs spread of course. Then I blindfolded them before I announced their punishment.

“Good, then you must not protest or make a sound during the punishment.” I moved quietly around them swishing the skirts over their bare skin. After I had them twitching with the surprise touches they got some of the jelly, just above their balls and just under them. That got a few soft gasps. They were really trying to hold it together. They were also getting hard. Since the first round had not involved penetration I thought they deserved some of that fun. I climbed over Don first, hiked up my skirt and opened the flap in the panties that were attached to my surprise rear end. I dabbed a little jelly on his dick and my pussy. I found bending so much with the corset was maddening so I took that off and sighed with relief. I felt a rush of pleasure and straddled the table Don was on, lowering myself just a little onto his throbbing cock. Slowly down and slowly up. Both of us were incredibly horny yet I managed to keep it going slow until he blew his wad and it went deep setting me off. Then I waited a minute, before choosing my next victim. I positioned Bob’s dick just below my pussy and waited. Letting him wonder since he had to know I was there. Then all at once I sunk him all the way in by sitting. He exploded instantaneously and I squealed my own pleasure. Next up was Jack. I teased and taunted him some and then turned my self so I would be facing his feet and lowered myself on him. He lasted longer than I thought he would and remained hard for the whole time, causing my own need to fill up before I exploded in orgasm as well.

We took a break and got something to drink and munched on some candy. Soon Don was feeding me slowly and the others were urged to gather around where I sat. Then they broke out the Eclairs after Don had a whispered conversation with them.

“Just stay here and take what we give you. No words allowed.” I did as asked and they began sticking more pastries in my mouth while touching me. Squeezing my boobs and running their hands over my belly and back, stroking my face while my cheeks were puffed out full of frosting. Not one of them made a sound and it was a little strange, but the food and sexy way they were feeding me got my motor started again. A blind fold was put on me making it even more extreme as I felt food against my lips and opened my mouth. Twitching when I was touched. Not once did they touch below my belly. In fact there was a lot of belly stroking. I remembered the feeding fetish. Some were feeders and other feedees. I guess I knew which one I was as my stomach just got more and more full. Then I felt a mug against my lips and a large cola was poured into my mouth. I had to gulp quickly to keep up.

It was then that I felt a dick against my lips. As soon as it entered my mouth it felt different. It was too stiff and I wondered if it was a dildo, yet it was getting bigger and I was really wondering what was going on when it exploded into my mouth. Butter cream frosting began filling my mouth until it was leaking out and I was swallowing as fast as I could. It was at that point that I got off and heard the others moaning too. I marked that down as one to remember. I thanked them when the blindfold came off. The instrument was like a dildo and a frosting tube at the same time. A big bag was attached to the back and squeezing filled it with frosting. There was even a trigger to release the tasty stuff. Wow. I was touched when they gave it to me.

We took a break and I went and cleaned up, made sure there was nothing sticky in my hair. I was amazed my dress was still clean. I went back and Don had set up something else and we all drank a few mugs of our gaming coffee. Once we were buzzing Don announced the new game.

“We are going to find new uses for the inversion table.” I widened my eyes. That was a new idea. The idea of the table was you get on and strap your feet in and it is rotated on the frame so you are upside down. It looked like they had modified it somewhat for us. Don went first, after stripping and once strapped in the other guys controlled the swinging and I controlled his dick.

They swung him upside down and it put his cock just above my head so I got a stool. I started licking and getting him hard again, once that was done I signaled the guys and he was swung the other way. I was helped up on top of a slightly taller stool and took his stiff dick moved my hips so he could enter me, but just a little, then I would have him spun and lick his balls. About the third time I licked his dick he twitched and shot his wad on my face. I was lucky he didn’t hit my eyes. That can sting. Everyone laughed and let Don down. I did that for the other two with different methods of cock teasing until they got off. Then it was my turn.

They positioned one guy on either side of the table so I had one person for rotating the table. Don spun the table. Upside down my dress slid down and they opened the hatch in the panties and licked. When I flipped right side up it was teases with a dildo or one of their cocks. The movement and being tied up was really getting me off and I had two orgasms before my turn was done. Time for another break and I told the guys to meet me back in the gym.

I ate a sandwich and drank some more coffee and booze. Feeling full and drunk, it was nice. I took off the dress blouse and put on a red tank top to match the velvet skirt. I fluffed out my hair and waited for the guys. When they came back in they had changed to different boxers and nothing else.

“You have to do chores, have fun and figure out how to fuck me when this is done!” I announced. I put my hands behind my back and flipped the switches and my rear appeared to inflate.

“Oh cool. I don’t know where you get these ideas.” Bob said. I laughed.

“Where I get my ideas?” Bob blushed at my remark.

“Ok, fair point.” They all moved closer as not just my rear but my thighs began inflating. The suite was amazing with perfect skin color matching mine. The guys were amazed and touched it as it grew for all the world like I was really growing. I might have been too excited when I bought this because it kept growing and growing until when I finally shut it off I had an ass that was like two yoga balls in my skirt. The skirt was made to stretch but probably could not go much further. I squeaked as I tried to swing one leg forward and then another. I also had to bend forward or hold on to someone to keep from falling over backward. The guys thought this was both arousing and hilarious. Jack and Don stood on either side of me and lifted me up and bounced me down and I was soon bouncing on the balloon in my skirt. We laughed and had a blast. Me being bounced around, and them bouncing me around. This also was getting all of us horny and after a while of playing it was time to get down to serious business. They rolled me back onto my back and opened the flap of the set up. It had inflated enough that they had to wedge the inflated thighs of the suit wider.

“Don’t worry about me. It has a hard inner shell that keeps pressure from cutting off blood flow and that sort of thing.” That relieved them and they used weights to keep my legs spread and then one at a time had fun. We bounced as they penetrated the real me and I gasped and moaned each and every one. The exploding pleasure was amazing and so fulfilling. When I finally got out of the suit though it was time for another shower. I was loving those “mood enhancers” as were the guys. We were having a blast. I reminded myself this was only the warm up act.

I dressed for the guys specifically to turn them on the old fashion, way. I was loving the feeding and fat suits, but I felt we needed to mix in some old school stuff. Especially since I had my finale for the night planned. So I wore form fitting spandex shorts with a long t-shirt hanging off my tits to my things. I had a half top underneath. Normal for me really, but they had all said they liked me this way too.

They entered having just changed their shorts and looking like they had showered. It was Jacks turn to start. We all expected something wild from him but he smiled.

“Let’s go upstairs.” We followed him looking at each other. Bob and Don did not appear to have a clue what Jack was doing. We got there and there munchies, wine, (my favorite vintage) their favorite beer. We gathered around and he surprised us.

“I think I have a fetish that would be as fun as all the others.” He came over and put his arm around me. Patting my ass and kissing my neck. “Why don’t we have a few drinks and see what happens. We used to. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving everything else, just…” I hugged him.

“Sometimes the oldies are still goodies right.” The other guys agreed and we sat on the counter stools and drank and laughed for over an hour before we got sexual, other than the occasional reach around. By then we were all ready to explode. To my great delight Bob suggested my favorite three way and he got a hug for that. As we discussed positions I slowly pulled my t-shirt off leaving my midriff bare. Jack started moving furniture to make room. I jumped a little when Bob’s hand strayed down between my legs from behind. I gasped, grinned and squeezed his crotch. That got a jump out of him, but I jumped again because Don reached around from behind and cupped my breast. Slowly squeezing and lifting them up in the way I liked. The furniture was set out of the way except what we needed and then I had three handsome men surrounding me with touches and kisses, making me horny as well as feeling cared for. They knew what I liked and knew how to make it happen. I was sweating and really filling with the best kind of arousal.

We had never done a three way all at once in the living room and came up with a new position for it. One of the nice things about a man’s dick is that you do not have to be face to face, or even face to feet for him to fit in a woman. So Bob and Jack were on wide footstool, side by side with their heads hanging off in opposite directions. I lowered myself across, not parallel to them. So as I made sure they were ready, I checked that the distance between them was right and then lowered myself onto Jacks now hot and stiff dick leaning forward with my mouth taking in a horny Bob. As we got going, Don entered me from behind and I had three hot and happy cocks inside of me once more.

After a cool down period the last bit we had done was so fun I decided to jump ahead with my plans. I was pretty drunk by then so that could have had something to do with it. I got everything I needed while they went upstairs and then I got into the costume I had tried out earlier. It was ready to go and so was I. I sat in a big chair in the downstairs living room, surrounded by cakes and pastries in a fat suit. The white t-shirt was barley covering the tummy of the suit and the boobs stretched it magnificently. My arms and legs stuck out strait. I could bend them but they would straiten again when I was done doing what I was doing. It was silly and fairly erotic. By now I knew the guys would find it so too.

“Do whatever you want to me guys.” I called out as they came in. After laughing they came over and helped me up and had me waddle around in it. The feel of the suite was, as usual, turning me on and then they started feeding me. Slowly, then fast, stuffing me. Then slowly, teasing while winding me up. They laid me down on the floor and rolled me back a little with pillows elevating my lower end some. Once again I could not see what was happening beyond the huge boobs. Jack smiled and held up the frosting dildo smiling. With his other hand he held up another one, except this one was different. It had brandy in it. He would stick the brandy dick in my mouth and when I got a blast of brandy I felt a dildo enter my rear through the flap! After I gulped the brandy, a strong syrupy one that was going to really get me drunk he gave me the frosting one. I tasted the chocolate frosting and is it filled my mouth, the dildo filled my pussy this time. They went back and forth with that for a while. Brandy, rear, frosting, pussy!

Jack teased me holding the dildos out of sight while the other two were jiggling the suit and putting jelly on my clit and getting me so needy and aroused I felt ready to explode. Then Jack lifted the dildo again and offered it to me and I nodded, more than ready. I was trembling in the bouncing suit and I tasted a surprise! Both brandy and frost flooded into my mouth quickly and then I was entered from both lower entrances and the three men were cheering me on. I got off like an explosion deep in my body. Then the dildos were removed and I was rolled to the side, still feeling the result of the orgasm and I saw Jack was offering his hard cock to me mouth. I groaned and nodded. As I took it in I felt a cock enter both my rear and my pussy and before the last orgasm had settled I had two more as they got off in me. As you can tell, our warm up party was a great time.




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New Year’s Surprise Spread

New Year’s Surprise Spread




NOTE TO READERS                                                                           


This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.


Copyright © 2014 JD

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Warning! This story contains graphic scenes of women being bent over, drilled and plowed by well hung men on New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Surprise Spread


I have been to parties on the Riviera, Washington D.C, Los Angles night clubs. All over the world and I had never been so excited as I was about the coming New year’s Eve Party. The guys were over the moon too so we decided to do a pre-party party, two days before. All of our supplies and costumes had arrived and it was going to be a fetishist holiday. Jack, Don and Bob had talked me into letting them shop where I do. They had been saving money for a huge party for over three years and had decided it was time. So all of our things had arrived and we all wanted to “test a few items.” I knew we were all holding back our best surprises for the big day. After Christmas fun we decided there was no way we could do this if we did not take a full day to do it. So from six am on New Year’s eve until whenever we stop on New Year’s Day was going to be our party. Jack had come up with the scheme that each round of fetish stuff shouldn’t last more than two hours. That way if we run through them all we can start at the top again. I always liked how he thinks.

So we were scheduled to start our pre-party at dinner two days before New Year’s Eve. It was two and I wanted to try out my stuff for that night, just to make sure it worked. That is what I told myself anyway. I had bought five different suits. (not counting the Ms Clause suit.). Latex, inflatable rubber suit, two different super heroine suits and one other fat suit. This one was a little different. It wasn’t as big as the Christmas suit. And it came with different clothes. So I looked myself over in the full length mirror. A white t-shirt over a white tank top covered the breasts on the suit that were close to the same one foot out of the Christmas suit. The ass was the same to, it was the belly that was a little smaller. Instead of completely fat I just looked like a fat sexpot. This was better because the arms and legs could be bent and if need be I could reach my pussy if I wanted to. I also wore a long white skirt with a red belt. I had wanted jeans but getting to the entrances for sex was more complicated.

I was up in my room with a stack of jelly filled donuts and a pitcher of cola. The carbonation was wonderful. As I ate the donuts, sucking the jelly out of it I stroked and jiggled the belly and breasts of the suit. It caused the same wonderful friction on my body in the suit as before and I groaned grinning at my reflection. I had promised the guys, after the holidays I would be back to exercising so I was enjoying the diet amnesty. It had become incredibly arousing to me. Pastries, pies, cakes, the whole list. I trembled a little as I stroked and ate. Then I guzzled cola and the full feeling was amazing in the suit and the feeling of the cloth under my hand really got me going. I ate and stroked slowly. Building my needs until they were peaking and my body hummed in the suit. Then I pulled out the double headed power tool they had got me and covered it in enhancement jelly. I tugged up my skirt and jelled myself up. Then I began eating again, waiting until if felt perfect for it and then slowly I began using the dildo slowly as I continued eating and drinking until I was shaking so much I couldn’t pick up the last doughnut or soda. Then I plunged it into me with one hand barely reaching down to do it. Over and over with my other hand enjoying the softness of the two layers of shirts. When I got off it was explosive then I lay back shaking and moaning. I had lost my grip on the two headed monster and it dropped on the floor. When I came down from the rush I got out of the suit and got cleaned up. I cleaned the suite too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use that one tonight. Not first off anyway. I had a feeling the New Year’s Eve party was starting a few days early. That was fine with me.

I went down for dinner at five and stashed my stuff in the closet at the bottom of the stairs. I went into the kitchen and Bob had just finished cooking the beef stew. The smell of tomatoes and peppers was great as well as the garlic bread. Don and Jack came out of the study trying to look innocent. I was not buying it. I got us all a beer and we served up. Don went over our plan.

“Ok, whoever wins the game after dinner can pick one of his or hers choices for tonight’s entertainment and then use it on us however he or she wants. If you win you have an hour and then the next person goes. If we make it through all of us without needing a break, we stop for an hour and start another round. Right?” Everyone nodded. I licked my lips in anticipation. Once dinner was done we cleaned up so we did not have a mess to clean later and sat around along the kitchen counter. The game was tequila shots, I had got to decide the first game.  They knew how to do it so we started at one end of the kitchen counter to the other. I banged my three down quickly but spilled a little when the carbonation fizzed to quick. Jack got his off with minimal spillage. Bob lost half of one on the way to his mouth and then Don came in with as much spillage that I had. Jack was the winner.

“Ok people this way please. They followed him down the stairs to one of the rooms down there. I was pleased my leg was doing well. Despite gorging myself the past few weeks I had been doing my leg exercisers and drinking a lot of water. I hardly limped now.

“You know I never noticed before Candy but you look really good dressed down in country cloths.” Jack told me as we entered the room. I was wearing the same kind of clothes as the fat suit earlier except I had on jeans instead of a skirt.

“It hugs your figure nicely.” They had been trying to buck up my spirits about my weight gain. It did not worry me anymore. I knew I could lose it. Or as much as I decided to. I thanked them stroking my tight tops. I was loving the feel of the cotton. Looking around I saw a few pull up bars handing from the ceiling mounts that were still there from the Halloween party.

“This is borderline bondage, mostly because you will not feel it coming. No pain however, that is our deal.” They all agreed and he set them up. The guys reached up and put their hands through velvet loops on the bars so they were standing as tall as they could and then I got to blindfold them. I went to where Jack indicated the play toys were and removed the towel covering the tray. Nice I thought. Long feathers, jellies, cock rings and pumps. They were all dressed in button shirts and loose slacks so I figured easy access.

I gathered a few things up and moved back to where they were hanging, waiting. One by one I dropped their pants and began running feathers over their bare skin and up their boxers. There were many sensitive spots on men’s bodies and I was familiar with them all. I used that knowledge to get them gasping and twitching with the feathers. Then I tugged Jack’s boxers down with a smile. After that I went to Don and reached up the loose leg of his boxers and gave a few gentle massages and it began getting hard I put a cock ring on it and pulled his shorts down. He was groaning as I spread some stimulating jelly on his swelling member, Then Jack got the treatment and then Bob. They had got me hot and bothered so many times it was my turn to get them all at once. They were hard but the ring kept them that way for a while. As long as I didn’t leave the rings on too long it would be good. So I rolled a stool over to Don and waited a second to make him wonder and then I licked his dick. He gasped and I smiled.

“Hm.” I could not help enjoying the flavored jelly. Blueberry. Another lick and I rolled over to Jack and gave him the same licks. Then Bob. Then Jack, and then Don. They were all swinging and groaning as they were hard and really needed to get off. I rolled the ring off of Don and took him in my mouth and then reached out and began squeezing the other two guy’s cocks, rolling those rings off as well. Soon the two on the sides of me were blowing their wad in my hands and it was another minute before Don went in my mouth. Hm hm good. They got down and caught their breath as I drank a quick glass of wine. Then it was my turn. I would have complained that it was three against one, but I kind of like it that way. I put my hands through the loops on the pull up bar and I had to stand on a stool.

“Let me know about your shoulder Candy. Shit I forgot.” I moved around a little and felt a twinge. I told them about it so I got another position. My hands were tied to the back of a big chair so my shoulder would be good. Then I was blindfolded. It was probably three minutes of silence before I twitched and gasped at a hand caressing my boobs. As the hand left a tingling slowly built and I realized they had used jelly. That stuff was amazing. A feather was suddenly slid down the back of my shirts and then pulled out. The soft friction caused me to moan. Then my shirt was pulled over my head and down around my arms above my tied wrists. A feather was then slid down between my tits and slowly turned and ran over my nipples. I was beginning to really heat up. The I felt something wet wipe my toes and feet and I knew who that had to be but it got my need to grow, as that one continued, like a tongue over my body. In a very short time from then I was moaning non-stop as touches came and went until my pants slid off followed by my under wear. Jelly was put on my vagina and I moaned as the feather began tickling there and I squealed. It was a new sensation and I arched my back un-controllably and had a massive orgasm that left me gasping.

The next one was Don’s idea and it was a doozy, but easy for me. Dressed again we followed Don upstairs and into the study. It was a voyeur kind of thing. We all had to do ourselves while watching each other do the same thing, whoever holds out the longest. I had to promise to let them know when I orgasm, since women could conceivably hide it.

“Not from you guys I can’t.” They laughed and we chose a spot that was in site of everyone and got to fun. I began running my hands over my self-watching the others and making a pouty face. Not the duck face that was absurd. But a sexy pouting face and then licking my lips and I ran my hands over my hips. Moving them in time with my hands. The guys didn’t stand a chance. They did not have as many options as I did and just did stripper dance, taking their clothes off. It did make me horny watching these once shy geeks stripping in front of me like a porno movie. I began getting hotter and the guys were too. Mostly watching me since they were hetero sexual. Again three to one and I didn’t mind. Soon I was panting but able to hold on as I slipped my pants off and then my underwear, leaving my tops on but sliding them up so my pussy was in full view. I bounced my tits and squeezed them moaning and writhing in place, truly enjoying myself and then each one of them got off, one two three. As soon as they did I was so horny I just fingered myself briefly and I went off like a bomb. Gasping and catching my breath while we cleaned up and got dressed again. I made sure to tuck in my shirts because it obviously tuned them on. We all got dressed and then it was my turn. I made us wait so the guys could build up a little steam. Then I went and grabbed one of my new toys and put it on under my shirts and came back. It was so well made you could barely tell it was there.

“Ok guys, watch and see who can get off the quickest.” There was a tiny little air compressor between my shoulder blade and I stretched and reach behind me and turned it on through my shirts. A faint hissing was heard and my boobs slowly began growing. Not in reality, but with an inflatable set that fit perfectly over my own and looked like the real deal. My shirt slowly stretched outward and slowly began un-tucking, sliding up my belly. With the feel of the moving clothes and the friction against my nipples I got hot pretty quick. I ran my hands over my ass and slow dance to the slow swelling boobs the guys were transfixed and soon their hands were working on themselves the same way I was. My shirts began getting tighter and tighter and I slipped my hand down my pants groaning and moaning with laughter. It was incredibly fun and soon the guys were going off and I penetrated my pussy with three fingers and I got off too. I wasn’t quick enough to shut off the pump and the shirts ripped with a loud noise. Don, who was still working on his hard on got off when that happened. We spent a half hour getting ready for Bobs turn. For me that meant going for more cloths. We would be taking a longer break after this one so I put on a light blouse spandex half top to my navel. Skin tight and sexy with matching shorts. I came back feeling sexy, even with my little bulging tummy. We drank some coffee and laughed about what we had done so far. Hinting we had not even reached the best ones. Then it was Bobs turn.

I was excited. It was a food thing again. They apologized for me having to do most the work and I just laughed. We each had to get the others to orgasm by eating food off only one specific area of the body. I really only had one choice for placement it just required different food stuff which Bob had provided I had the guys strip and I lined them up. Jack got strawberries and cream over his junk, Bob was peaches and cream and Don, lucky guy, got the chocolate mousse on his cock. I was surprised they got hard as fast as they did. One at a time. I had cleaned the Strawberries and cream off of Jack and as soon as I took him in my mouth he blew his wad. Next was Bob and I did like peaches and cream so that did not last long. Then of course chocolate mousse. I sucked that up with his dick in my mouth and he swelled and his cum mixed with the chocolate flavor and it got me off. My panties we now wet, again. Then I had to lay back and it was decided that they would all go at once, my idea.

Don took a large tube of fudge frosting and stuck it down my half top and squirted the whole thing in. Meanwhile Jack had creamy peanut butter and syrup on my belly. Bob tugged my pants down and went for sticking a few little cookies in there for him to eat out of me. I do like inventive men. Of course they were barely halfway done with the food spread over me and I was having another orgasm. It wasn’t as strong as the first few, but it still caused a shriek and a tremble. It was time now to rest for the next round.



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The Invitation

The Invitation!

It was a dull Tuesday afternoon and I was alone at home. Brad, my rich banker husband was at work. I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S while laying on the sofa in my pajamas . Suddenly the door bell rang. I paused the episode and got up. It felt a bit odd to hear the bell at this hour so I checked through the peephole. An unknown couple were standing on the other side. I opened the door and greeted them with a smile. The young woman smiled back and said ” Hi, I am Nicole and this my husband Harvey”. They were my new neighbors.

Nicole was a brunette in her mid twenties. She was a yoga instructor who had a decent face but a killer figure. I wouldn’t be surprised if all her clients were male. I mean even I won’t hesitate to pay if  she lets me stare at that ass for hours ( P.S: I am completely Straight).  Her husband Harvey was a high school swimming coach. He also looked very fit but the most striking feature of Harvey was his face. It was perfect. Like seriously, It was perfect. He had big blue eyes, pointed cheek bones, thin lips and a well defined jaw line. After staring at Harvey for about 10 seconds, I finally managed to open my mouth and said ” Hi, I am Rhonda” and invited them inside the house. I made them coffee and we got to talking. Well, me and Nicole did the talking while Harvey mostly smiled and glanced at my boobs every now and then. After a while I looked down and noticed that my nipples were clearly visible through the pink tank top I had chosen to wear that day and that too without a bra. I felt embarrassed and tensed. I folded my hands while talking to Nicole to cover my pointy nipples and hoped that no one would notice. But Harvey did notice and laughed loudly. This embarrassed me further. Nicole paused and looked at Harvey. She asked ” what happened honey?” to which he calmly replied ” Nothing, just an old joke came to my mind”. Nicole smiled and turned towards me and said ” Don’t mind Harvey, he is not too good when it comes to first impressions. His shy nature is to be blamed”. I looked at Harvey and sarcastically smiled. Just then Nicole got a call from one of her clients and said that they needed to go. We quickly exchanged numbers and they left. I closed the door and  sat on the sofa. For the rest of the day I thought about them. I thought about Harvey. His big blue eyes, his flat stomach, his naughty grin. Oh Harvey, you do know how to make first impressions!!

That night Brad came home late. We were sitting at the dinner table . He looked exhausted. I knew something bad happened at work. I asked him ” What’s the matter Brad?” to which he replied “nothing love”. I knew something was bothering Brad but he was too tensed to share. I tried to take his mind off and told him about our new neighbors . He seemed disinterested. I felt worried for him and so asked  ” What happened Brad? Did something happen at work?”. He just shook his head in silence. I asked him again ” Come on Brad,  just tell me. You are making me nervous!!”. Brad looked at me with his intense brown eyes. He seemed furious. “Answer me Brad”, I pleaded  . “Shut up”, he said with a lowered voice. I asked him ” What?”. ” I said Shut up, you bitch!” he shouted . I stood up in shock, Brad had never shouted at me like this before. I looked at Brad with tears in my eyes and left the room.

It was way past bed time. I thought of taking a bath to help me with my headache. My mind was filled with many thoughts. I was worried and at the same time angry at Brad for not sharing his problems with me. I thought weather he had lost interest in me. I mean it was possible. After all, we had been married for 4 years and yet Brad hadn’t shown any interest in having kids. I shook my head to make the thought go away and took my clothes off.

I stood naked in front of the mirror and stared at my boobs. Soon dirty thoughts about Harvey filled up my mind. I imagined him standing behind me with his big erect cock. I imagined his naked body, a swimmer’s naked body. He must have rock solid abs and a thick big cock I said to myself.  Now I was in the mood. I knew this was going to be a long hot shower.

I turned on the water and started playing with my boobs. I imagined Harvey’s big rough hands pressing my boobs, his sexy lips sucking my nipples, occasionally even biting them. I slid my hand down and started fingering my pussy. I pictured Harvey’s big lusty eyes staring at me while he fucks me hard. I increased the pace of my fingers and felt that Harvey was now fucking me hard. I yelled ” Yes baby, Go faster” when suddenly a hand grabbed my waist from behind. I got scared and immediately turned back. It was Brad. NAKED!!

He looked into my eyes and  said that he was sorry. I looked at his cock and replied “Fuck me hard if you want my forgiveness”. He grabbed my head and we started kissing passionately.  He slid his other hand down and inserted the middle finger in my pussy, “Oh yes baby” I exclaimed. He started finger fucking me while sucking on my nipples. Brad was acting different. He was more wild in his approach and I was liking it. He took his finger out and turned me around. “Bend forward, I am going to fuck you hard today” he said. I nodded and bent forward. I held the shower handles to maintain my balance. I knew that some hard pounding was on its way. “Insert it, now!” I said out of desperation as hot water fell over us.

I could feel Brad’s thick cock entering my pussy. He placed both his hands on my hips and started to pound slowly. ” Harder Brad, Harder!” I shouted to which he replied ” Oh so you want it hard? Here it comes”. Brad was fucking me hard and deep now. I was moaning with his each stroke. He grabbed my hair and pulled them back with one hand and grabbed my waist with the other and increased his pace. It was evident that he was my dog and I was his bitch tonight. “Yes baby, keep going, Yes, Yes, Yes” I moaned loudly. Brad was taking out his frustrations while fucking me and I was loving it. I had waited for this kind of hard fucking for a long time. “Oh I want to cum on your face babe”, he said while fucking me and I had to oblige as he deserved it. He pulled his hard cock out which was drenched in my cum. I smiled and kneeled in front of him. ” Open your mouth” he said, while jerking his cock. ” Yes cum on me baby, cum on me” I pleaded and right then he shot his hot cum all over my face. It felt great. ” Fuck, that feels good” he exclaimed as I stood up with my face and mouth covered in his cum. ” Oh Yes, it does” I replied with a smile.

The next morning seemed beautiful. Brad turned off my alarm and told me to stay asleep. He made the breakfast and served it to me in bed. I smiled and kissed him.” Now tell me what was bothering you yesterday?” I asked. He told me that he committed a blunder at work and as a result his firm lost a big client. ” But I am over it now thanks to you” he said, to which I kissed him again. “So you were saying something about the new neighbors yesterday?” he asked, I nodded and told him about Harvey and Nicole. “They sound nice, let’s take them out for dinner. What do you think?” he asked. “I think it’s a great idea” I replied with a big smile. Poor Brad was oblivious to the fact that the reason behind my smile was Harvey and his blue eyes. “Okay so I will decide the place with them, you make sure that you come home early” I said. “I will try” he replied with a smile and left for work. I was happy that the sex last night made him happy but I was more happy at the prospect of seeing Harvey’s face again.

I rang their door bell and hoped that Harvey would answer the door, But 10 minutes had passed and still no one came. “They must be out, I will call them later” I said to myself and turned back . Just when I took the first step towards my house, I heard some sound and looked back. The door was open and Harvey stood there. There was one more thing, He stood there shirtless, JUST in his boxers. My eyes immediately went down to checkout his bulge and I was not at all disappointed. I kept on staring at it as it was my way of getting back at Harvey but to my surprise he was not at all embarrassed. He smiled and said ” I thought you were Nicole”, “I can be” I thought in my head. “Oh so Nicole is out? I will come some other time, it’s fine” I said, hoping that he would persuade me to come inside. “We can also sit and talk Rhonda” he replied with a grin. I knew it was a bad idea for me, for my marriage but I went in anyway.

The house was beautiful and it certainly smelled nice. Harvey smelled nice. We were sitting on the couch with Harvey still being shirtless. ” Don’t you want to put on some clothes?” I asked. “Do you want me to?” he replied. “Holy shit, he also wants it” a voice whispered in my head. I tried to act calm and replied with a simple “No” which was followed by an awkward silence. He thought of something and stood up. This made me more nervous.  He looked at me and said “You are right, I should get dressed” and left the room. I felt disappointed. Maybe he was also in the same dilemma as me, Maybe it was best for both of us if I walked out right now. Brad doesn’t deserve this, I thought and finally made up my mind. I got up from the couch and decided to leave. ” Which one should I wear?” asked Harvey. I looked at him, he stood there naked with two shirts in his hands. I was shocked. What I feared and at the same time hoped for, had happened. He made it pretty evident that he wanted to fuck my brains out. I felt helpless.

A moment ago I was clear but after seeing Harvey naked, I forgot about everything. “What the fuck Harvey? ” were the words that came out of my mouth. He started walking slowly towards me and said ” What? Can we stop pretending Rhonda? I know you want me and trust me, I want you too” . I tried to deny him but couldn’t. He threw away the shirts and started unbuttoning mine. “Harvey, this is not right” I whispered. He ignored my plea and removed my shirt. He leaned in and kissed me. He was great at kissing too. As a result, I melted and my mind forgot about everything. All I wanted to do now was to fuck Harvey. I grabbed him tightly and started planting kisses all over his chiseled body while he unhooked my bra. “They are beautiful” he said while looking at my boobs. ” Did u get what you imagined?” I asked to which he replied ” even better”. I blushed and held his semi erect cock in my hands. ” You are massive, Nicole is very lucky” I said. ” Yes I am” came the reply. I looked around and was terrified to see Nicole standing in front of us.

Harvey had lied, Nicole had been in the house this whole time. ” I am sorry Nicole I didn’t mean to. I thought you were..” I pleaded as she stopped me in between, ” What, what did you think? That I was out?” she said in a stern voice. I felt ashamed and picked up my clothes. I looked at Harvey with anger. He looked down and then looked at Nicole. They both stared at each other for about five seconds, I felt it was time for me to leave so I turned around to put on my shirt. “Where do you think you are going?” Nicole asked in anger. ” Home, Nicole” I said in a lowered tone. “And who will fuck my husband with me?” she asked.

Harvey and Nicole started laughing. I looked at them with confusion while buttoning my shirt. ” Stop it Rhonda, we were just playing you” said Harvey with a naughty grin. ” What do you mean? ” I asked in confusion. “He means that remove your shirt and fuck him with me” replied Nicole. “What? I am sorry but I don’t know what’s happening” I said. Harvey grabbed my collar and tore the shirt apart. “Have you tried a threesome before?” he asked. I replied with a big “NO” to which Nicole said “Then today will be your first one” as she removed her top. I tried to explain it to them that it would be weird but Harvey took my hand and placed it on his cock. “You want it or not?” he asked. I looked into his eyes and said “Yes”. ” Step aside please, this cock needs to be sucked” said Nicole as she kneeled down and took Harvey’s cock in her mouth. I must say Nicole was great at sucking cock.  “Don’t you stand there idle” said Harvey, and pulled me towards him.

At first I was feeling  a little uncomfortable but within a few minutes everything felt normal. Nicole was sucking Harvey’s cock while he was sucking my nipples. “Now your turn to go down” said Harvey. I nodded and kneeled down. “Oh come on girl, show me what you can do” said Nicole with a smile. I nodded and took his fully erect cock in my mouth. Nicole held my head with her hands as Harvey started fucking my mouth. He was enjoying it and so was I. After a few minutes, Nicole told Harvey to stop and made him lie down on the floor. ” Now suck my cock hard” said Harvey to me. I looked at his giant cock for a moment and then took it into my mouth. His cock was big, it must have been 9 inches long. ” The balls too” he instructed to which I naughtily replied ” As you say master”. Nicole sat on Harvey’s face and told him to do some magic with his tongue, which he indeed did. Soon the room was filled with Nicole’s loud moans. “Yeah , Yeah , Yeah” she exclaimed, which further turned me on.

I was sucking Harvey hard and he was loving it. After few minutes, Nicole got off Harvey’s face and told me to stop sucking. “It’s time for some fucking” she announced. “I will be the first” I told Harvey and he nodded. “On top” I demanded and he obliged. I placed my hands on his chest as I took his giant cock in me. “Oh fuck, fuck” I cried. Nicole looked at me and laughed. “He is big, isn’t he? she said, proudly. I couldn’t agree more, he was the biggest I had ever experienced. I started grinding my ass slowly as Harvey moaned in his baritone voice. Nicole started licking Harvey’s neck which made him moan louder. Both of us were loving pleasuring Harvey. “Faster Rhonda” he pleaded and so I did. His chest was filled with scars caused by my finger nails. I was fucking him hard now and he was not at all looking tired. “Your stamina is mind blowing” I said, ” After all I am a swimming coach” he replied proudly. “Now it’s my turn to be on top”, he declared. I got off him and laid down on the floor. Nicole also laid down next to me. ” Can you handle us both?” said Nicole in a challenging tone to which Harvey’s reply was ” Wait and Watch”. I whole body was filled with excitement.

A threesome was not at all gross after all, I said to myself. I was loving the experience. Harvey was fucking us in turns as we lay in front of him with our legs spread. And he was great at it. Actually they both seemed pros . ” Finish me off”, Nicole demanded loudly. Harvey took his cock out of me and inserted it in Nicole’s wet pussy. He grabbed her throat and started fucking. She cried out his name until she reached her orgasm.

” Go on, now finish her off babe” she told Harvey. Harvey smiled and grabbed my throat. Harvey’s face and his giant cock were a deadly combo which would make any woman wet and I was no exception. I was wet as hell. ” It’s your turn now” he declared while looking at my pussy. “Yes, fuck me hard Harvey! Fuck me hard” I pleaded. He grabbed my lower lip with his fingers and started fucking me. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” I exclaimed as he increased his pace. Soon my eyes rolled to the back of my head. He was that good. ” Fuck , It’s coming” he moaned and took out his cock. Moments later he ejaculated his cum all over me and Nicole.

The three of us lay flat on the floor filled with ecstasy. As minutes passed by, I gradually came into my senses. So I finally asked ” Me and Brad would like to take you guys out for dinner tonight. Will you come?”. Nicole looked at Harvey and then me. She asked “How is Brad in bed?”with a devilish smile.

Doctor’s Orders

Doctor’s Orders

Doctor Patient Erotica


NOTE TO READERS                                                                           


This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.

Copyright © 2014 JD

Cover image used under license from



There I was sitting, eagerly waiting my dreaded appointment.  I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room hating the feeling of nervousness and tension.

Magazines from months ago ‘Oh Please’ how am I supposed to entertain myself with gossip that I already know? My usual act is finding a chair that is set as far back from the coughing sneezing people as possible.

I checked in with the clerk at the desk, and then attempted to make myself comfortable in the old plastic faded chairs.

I picked up a book that was pushed between the seats and was surprised to figure out it was an erotic tale of a couple who met in a café. It seemed a little boring until I got further into the story and the erotic pleasures started unravelling.

The explanations got further and further into detail and the descriptions were erotic and filthy.

As I continued to read I started to feel myself grow a little warm inside my body.

I could feel the sensation that my nipples were beginning to harden up as I continued to read.

Just as I felt like going to the bathroom and satisfying myself a little bit with my fingers, the doctor came in and called my name.

I blushed as I was about to go in to the doctors room for an examination and my panties were already wet.

I sat down in the chair the doctor had pulled out for me and asked about my concerns and what the problem was.

He introduced himself as Dr Gordon he was middle aged with rough hair dressed in a light purple suit with a white shirt.

He first took my blood pressure, my heart was pumping hard but when he smiled and said the result was good I started to relax a little.

Dr Gordon then took my temperature with his little machine that went under my tongue that to was quite good a little high but nothing to really worry about.

I knew there were more personal checks to be done like a breast exam and an internal done as well. My doctor noticed I was nervous and a little shaky as he placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled while motioning me to move to the examination table and put on the gown provided.

I stared at the gown it was something I really didn’t want to put on but I knew it had to be done and I just wanted to get it over with.

I quickly took off my panties and sat them underneath me so the doctor would be unable to notice they were wet.

I felt myself still blushing as the doctor pulled a curtain around me and asked me to spread my legs ready for him to examine my concerns.

I was embarrassed and felt uncomfortable but the doctor promised it wouldn’t take long.

As I focused my eyes on the doctor I noticed he was very attractive for a middle aged fellow, for some reason, I started feeling warm again and flushed, the thoughts of that story were still in my head.

The doctor asked to check my heartbeat first before he checked down below.

Dr Gordon unbuttoned the front of my gown to what I believed was too much but after all he was the doctor, he knew what he was doing.

After he had checked my heart and lungs I couldn’t help but notice Dr Gordon was starring right at my rack.

I felt a little embarrassed and started blushing as I felt my pussy grow a little tight.

As he stood up and moved away I saw the bulge in his pants and didn’t know what else to do but look away pretending not to notice, had I began to turn him on?

His next question surprised me a little; with a quiet voice he asked me if I was sexually active.

Feeling myself warm and tight I admitted I was but wondered what that mattered at this time.


As I became focused on his crutch I was trying to shake off the feelings, it was like I was becoming excited to be in the company of this doctor.

I did not want an older Dr becoming attracted to me but if I was growing wet does that mean I was in fact attracted.

As he returned to gently open my legs again he used one hand to feel above my public bone which was ok but the other hand was slowly rubbing my thigh.

Dr Gordon was getting a little too much into this check-up as he was meant to, or wasn’t he?

Perhaps I had got so engrossed in that story it was all my imagination.


As he examined furthered on I realized the gown was nearly completely off now and his examination was moving from breast to pussy back and forth.

I’m not sure if it was by accident but Dr Gordon seemed a little more to be just starring, admiring my intimate body parts rather than actually performing an examination.

I re-positioned myself on the bed a little better forgetting I had put my cum-soaked undies underneath me, I watched them fall to the floor.

Dr Gordon noticed and bent down and picked them up a smile came across his face he could see the wetness, I was highly embarrassed.

Sitting there completely naked now with the Dr who knew I was aroused.

Dr Gordon kindly handed me the undies and asked me to completely lie down on the bed.

I did as he asked, letting him just stare at my body checking me up and down several times.



Dr Gordon explained he needed to check my breasts for unusual size and lumps; this was a normal part of my check-up with the other doctors.

At first it was quite normal and he performed the check like other doctors have, then it changed to something a little different.

Slowly his movements seemed to change from clinical examination to a more seductive feel-up.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable and op to move away my body just laid there and let Dr Gordon continue.

Why was I like this? I should have been pulling away but instead I was reacting like I was enjoying the moment.

The Dr gently added a little pressure to my breasts and started flicking my nipples with his fingers until they were hard and erect.


His cheeks blushed a little, as his eyes closed slightly as his puffy lips came close to mine.

My lips didn’t want to but under the temptation they latched onto the Dr’s and the unfulfilled cravings seemed to flood in and although it was wrong I wanted so much more of him.

A huge amount of lustful feeling was growing inside me, I was hesitant but deeply wanted to fuck my doctor was this wrong?

He was offering himself to me as our tongues caressed together, teasing our arousal.

I was relaxed and could feel his touch upon my skin like fire and ice together.

Lifting his bare hands to hold my breasts. He had a very gentle, graceful touch as most doctors do have.

His fondling hands arousing my generous nipples as his moist tongue ran over the tight peaks.

He slowly bent down over my body keeping eye contact with me, and then I felt the sensation.

His lips running over my nipples and I could feel his warm breath on my chest.

I lay motionless while his hands started to rub down my thighs and back up towards my pussy.

I knew this was wrong but I just couldn’t move away.

I felt like I wanted to yell out to someone but at the same time his eyes were powerful and were somehow convincing me that I wanted this.

I felt his fingers run over my clit hood and knew he was close, I could predict his next move.

Without being able to control myself, I opened my legs like a hot knife through butter and knew that I wanted to feel his fingers inside me.

His fingers started to explore the moist folds inside my wet pussy, I tried to pull my hips back but my body was falling back into his hands.

He moved positions and knelt down on his knees positioned right in perfect view of my wet temple.

I felt his fingers enter me and the hungry look on his face told me this was going to go a lot further than a sexual examination, “What a naughty doctor”.

As his fingers furthered in I couldn’t control the ‘This was wrong feeling’ I let go.

I closed my eyes and pushed his fingers in a little further they were impressive thick and smooth.

He sure knew how to control his fingers which led me straight into erotic pleasure and deep moans of lust.

As my body got into the feeling I started rocking my hips back and forth as he fingered me in and out.

I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him close to my clit, I wanted to feel his moist tongue around my cum engulfed puss.

The hotness grabbed me straight away and I had to try hard to control my moans from the outside waiting room from hearing.

My back arched, my lips moaned and my pussy swelled for more attention.

My beautiful thick nectar started to leak out around his finger as he gently rolled his tongue over my clit.

He flicked my clit ring with the tip of his tongue as his fingers still roamed around inside me.

I could feel the cum building up around his thick fingers but just as I was close to erupting my nectar the Dr’s phone rang.

His fingers left me as my body collapsed onto the bed craving.

After a few moments he placed the receiver down moved over and locked the door then returned his face to my wet clit.

I became focused again letting my arousal build to high climax.

Dr Gordon started to undo his shirt and let it fall to the fall then removed his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles, where I saw his member come out to play.

I was surprised to see a thick huge cock imagine what that could do to my wetting pussy.

Dr Gordon complimented my beautiful sexy body and grabbed his cock with his bare hands and started jerking himself off as he starred at my gaping pussy pulsating for cock.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me down to the very edge of the bed letting my legs hang over the edge as he gently patted my opening with the tip of his cock.

He encircled his cock at my opening for a while before he gently pushed between my walls.

I felt the pressure inside me he was huge and my pussy had to stretch pretty wide.

Deep thrusts came he didn’t waste time he was strait into fucking my pussy hard and fast.

I had to put a hand over my mouth as I bucked against his cock letting him push against my pussy walls driving into me hard.

I sat up and arched my back letting him penetrate me further as I moaned and felt the wetness inside me.

His cum covered cock was thrusting inside my now numb little pussy.

Dr Gordon let out several throaty moans as he thrusted harder letting his pinkie finger gently slide inside my balloon, giving me the anal examination of ecstasy.

I grabbed his hips and pushed him harder feeling my nails dig deep into his skin as I flowed into the wetness of my arousal.

He pulled out of me before either of us had cummed everywhere.

Dr Gordon begged me to squirt all over his face, this was pure dirty whore material for me and I wanted to do it so bad.

I stuck a few fingers inside my wet pussy and started to finger fuck myself a few times as the doctor gently stroked his cock.

I grabbed the Dr’s head and pushed it into my pussy as I gave a small push and squirted my cum everywhere all over his face and watched it drip down his chin.

Dr Gordon smiled at me then ordered me to lick it off his chin, letting my tongue run down his chin and slide down his neck tasting my sweet honey juices all over my professional doctor.

Dr Gordon had jerked himself to the point of eruption as well letting his cum squirt all over my open pussy.
He laid down on top of me panting heavy as he nibbled on my ear and explained the importance of keeping this special examination to myself, it couldn’t get out to anyone not even people close to me.

I knew it was immoral but it felt sensational.

I fixed my hair and got dressed as the clerk was buzzing the doctor about patients waiting too long, realizing I had been in there over an hour, but merely an hour worthwhile.

I asked Dr Gordon to sign me over to him as a permanent patient, I preferred Dr Gordon’s examinations better.

I feel Dr Gordon seems to be thorough and strait to the point with a more detailed examination that I am more comfortable with than the other doctors.

As I walked out and headed to the counter the clerk gave me an odd look, did she know?

She mumbled that Dr Gordon had marked my appointment as a no charge and that he would like to see me again in a few days there was a few things he wanted to talk to me about regarding my health.


I had to smile when she said the last line.



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Stretched and Pumped Full

Stretched and Pumped Full

“Hard and Without Protection”

NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


Copyright © 2014 JD

Cover image used under license from




Finding herself surrounded on Halloween, Candy does everything she can to appease the gang of well hung, and aggressive tattooed men.


Even if it means bending over and taking them all deep, hard and without protection, Candy will do it to get home safe and sound!



Stretched and Pumped Full


I did my usual mirror check before going downstairs. I could hear my housemates moving around in the kitchen.  I was wearing a pair of tank tops, white and red with blue silk jogging shorts and a long blue blouse. It was both strange and yet kind of great to have renters I decided. I had friends for the first time since I left college and honestly I hadn’t been looking. I saw my old party girl friends from school a couple of times a year and that had always been fine with me. After the firemen visited I had kept running into them in the little town, or on their patrols during fire season becoming friends with several. Since most of the forest fire positions were seasonal many rotated out and others looked to find a place to stay near the forestry barracks they would eventually come back to. After some consideration I rented the bottom floor or basement to the three geeks. There were several rooms and bathrooms, plus a larger living room area and they thought it was a good deal.

I made sure to rent for the local market value so none of them thought I was doing it for other reasons than helping some friends out. Other firemen who had been at the thank you party I had thrown had begun acting like they would like to be more than friends and that was not in the cards. Fortunately, and surprisingly, the geeks were not looking for any sort of relationship besides friendship and so it worked out just fine for all of us. I had people to talk to as well as the occasional parties we would have together from time to time. Like Halloween in a few days.

I went downstairs and then down the hall to the kitchen., following the smell of breakfast, the bacon being the most prominent aroma. These boys believed in good eating that was for sure. So I wasn’t surprised when I entered to see a few platters of food on the counter. Jack was at the coffee counter eating and Bob was cleaning a plate. There was no sign of Don.

“Morning guy’s. Have a good night?” I asked and grabbed a plate, heading for the food.

“It was good. How about you Candy?” Bob asked.

“Good, a little boring I guess. Are you guys ready to tell me what you have planned for Halloween yet?” They had been very secretive about their holiday plans. They shared a look and a grin. I scooped some fried potatoes, bacon and eggs on to my plate and took two pieces of toast. I was going to work out today so why not.

“I guess we can tell you some of it. A lot of it is a surprise.” That alone was a surprise.

“A surprise, for me, seriously?” They both nodded and Bob poured me a glass of orange juice.

“You bet Candy. We are friends and as such we need to show you what Halloween is all about. You said you never did the traditional trick or treating right?” Jack asked. I shook my head since I had a mouthful of eggs.

“We find that tragic, so we are going to give you the chance. Considering the little town, we decided to keep it in the house. I mean, honestly, this is a big fucking house.” Fortunately I had swallowed my food so laughing didn’t choke me.

“Ok, so I get to trick or treat for candy in my own house?” Bob nodded.

“Yep, well, kind of.  We can’t tell you too much, but you will tour the house after we have properly decorated it. Oh, and we have some costumes for you. Each room has a different theme.” I should have known. If it wasn’t elaborate these guys were not into it.

“So you are picking the costumes and then I go trick or treating, kind of. Are you guys the treat or the trick?” I asked mischievously as I folded toast around a piece of bacon. Jack answered as Bob laughed.

“Both. Do you mind, I guess we should ask, I mean it is your house.” I gave him a big sincere smile.

“I am intrigued. Besides you guys pay rent so it is your house too.” I found out that my third house mate was off picking up everyone’s costumes. After breakfast, I had some coffee and let the food settle before hitting my work out room. I found myself getting excited and I was touched too. These guys were going to great length to show me a good holiday. Most people I had known would not have bothered. Or at least would have billed me.

We carved pumpkins and decorated basic stuff around the ground floor and stairs. The downstairs was secret. After an early dinner on Halloween I went upstairs to change into the first costume they had got me. Upon opening it I grinned. I should have known, I thought.

The three Geeks had sucked me into their online role playing video game, and consequently I had spent many hours playing dungeons and wars with them. I was as hooked as they were and we played a lot. The costume was very much like the one my character in the game wears. A super sexy warrior princess.

A glittering blue top buttoned from an inch below my boobs to the throat. It was tight and form fitting except for the long flowing sleeves. A matching skirt, almost like cheerleaders, barely covering my ass with the same colored panties. The boots were actually nice snug high heeled leather of the same color. How an actual warrior woman could survive with these cloths for armor I did not know but it sure showed off my curves and flat tummy nicely.

I went downstairs and a soft soundtrack from the game started playing and an open laptop came on with instructions, sheesh. There were two full mugs of something or another sitting next to it.

“You must drink these quests potions to be able to withstand the trials you are about to partake in. Then follow the trail of candies to your destination, eating each one for strength.” I lifted one and took a sip. It was a strong drink concoction we had come up with to get a really good buzz while playing. I slowly gulped the first one and then the second one. Three different alcohols and chocolate coffee filled my stomach and I was glad I had ate. I belched softly and followed the trail of candies (that were rum filled) eating each to the top of the stairs and went down the dark path to the bottom. The trail picked up as I approached the first door that had been decorated to look medieval. There was a parchment like sign on the door.

“A test of endurance waits. If you can satisfy the demands of the warlords you may continue past the first trial.” I entered with a grin.

All three of them were there in essentially loin cloths. There were fake electric torches giving the room a nice ambiance. It was amazing that these geeks did not follow the physical stereotype of most geeks. They were good looking hard bodies, with amazing stamina that I had previously tested.

“Princess Candy, you must test your defenses by taking all we can give to you. Are you prepared?” I played along.

“Yes.” They surrounded me and hands began stroking my bare skin and squeezing my covered breasts. It felt wonderful and the booze was beginning to creep in making me a little dizzy. I swayed and jumped slightly as Bob’s hand went between my things from behind.

“Steady Princess, or you will forfeit and be banished from the kingdom. You cannot respond.” Interesting, I thought and trembled as Don dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking my thighs and stroking my hips. Jack stood to one side caressing my breasts and slowly unbuttoning the top of my costume. I was getting incredibly aroused and began squirming. I tried to keep that minimal and it was difficult to hold back. My usual method would be to grab them and throw them down. I had promised to play along and as I have said in the past, not only do I keep my word, I love getting horny.

Don tugged the panties down and I felt his tongue doing amazing things to my vagina and I became moist from more than his mouth. The blouse was dropped to the floor and Jack began kissing and sucking on my tits and I arched my back into it. Bob was behind me and I could feel his hands running over my ass now and up my sides while he kissed and licked my neck. I had so many sensations going it was incredible and made it difficult to keep my moans to a whisper.

“Time for the final test of this trial.” Bob spoke in my ear.

I felt Dons long fingers enter my throbbing center, several at once and it made me come up on my toes. Then Bob inserted something in my rear from behind. Jack continued with my breasts and stuck a candy in my mouth while I was moaning. It was a high end chocolate brandy and the flavor exploded down my throat as my body shook with a massive orgasm from the need they had built up in me. After a few minutes of continued caresses and plunging fingers it stopped and they all the suddenly, were not there. I heard the door across the room shut. I caught my breath and saw a note on that door with another costume. There also were two more drinks for “strength” and I drank them both laughing softly. My lovely geeks were having the time of their lives and I was not far behind. I changed quickly and it was a casual princess outfit. The red panties I pulled on had fishnet stocking attachments that looked great as they covered my legs. I tugged up and adjusted the fit and found the panties felt wet and then a tingling began.

“I’ll be damned.” I muttered with a grin. The guys had covered the panties with a high end KY jelly that always turned me on. Nice work I thought.

The thigh length dress was very snug with stiff breasts cups and those too had been covered in a special jelly that began tuning me to a higher level of horny. I put my hair in a ponytail for a cuter image and smoothed the light blue mini dress. The note on the door said I needed to relax for the second trial so that I would be ready for the final. I entered and the guys were in page costumes. Nice touch.

“Come milady, we must see you ready for the trial.” Said Jack.

They led me to a long reclining bench, padded and velvet covered. As I sat my panties road up and the jelly sank a little deeper causing me to shudder and moan softly. Don held a small cordial drink glass up and poured the brandy into my mouth. Bob sat between my knees as Don fed me my favorite eclair’s. I could see that there were other empty glasses around and empty plates so they were having some too. The rich cream of the éclair I had always considered an aphrodisiac and I trembled more. Especially when Bob ran his hands up my thighs. I groaned through the wonderful cream filling and Jack proclaimed.

“We must take desperate measures to make sure our Lady is prepared!” He handed Bob something I couldn’t see and Don reached under my skirt and with a gentle tug, the panties tore off. They had thought of everything. Jack put his hands under my arms and lifted me up a few inches or so and Bobs hands went up my skirt. Soon I was feeling something enter my dripping pussy and I knew the feel. It was one of my play toys and it felt lubed with more jelly! Jack lowered me onto it and I wiggled as it delved deep within my center of lust. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation and heard the door shut. When I opened my eyes it was just Bob in front of me. The others were gone. He smiled.

“Trick or Treat.” he said and reached between my legs again and flipped on the vibrator. I moaned deeply and he stood lowering his pants showing his slowly growing member.

“Ohhh yesss Page, that is what I need!” I could smell his lust as his hips approached my face and his dick slowly became erect at just the right level for me to take it in my mouth.

I rocked up and down on the humming dildo as I gave Bob a hummer. He held out longer than he ever had and when he exploded his cum into my mouth the wonderful taste of celery dispelled the brandy flavor. Every man was different and Bob was celery. I gagged briefly because he had ejaculated with some force and hit the back of my throat.  He removed his limp cock from my lips and I moaned as the vibrator was still going inside of me. He reached between my legs and turned it on high, kissed me and left. I bounced up and down in place for a few minutes and received two more amazing orgasms before I shut it down and went looking for my next trick, or treat.

I entered the big living area of the basement the three were waiting in their loin cloths. My last mission was to “drain the Warriors of their power.”  My costume was a silk halter that started above my breasts and hung only a few inches past them. A tiny skirt was low on my hips barely covering my pussy and half of my ass. It was show time! I thought.

“Well, well warriors I know just the thing for you. You cannot withstand me.!” I laughed and went to a little storage locker we kept toys in and pulled out a pump. I tossed it to Bob who was reclining on a couch with a fur blanket on it. That pump had helped the guys members get hard again quicker.

“You wait right there and I will get to you. As for you two, we have a new plan that will drain your powers.” They both grinned as I told them were to stand and got the little footstool between them. They were a bit taller than I, so a little help was needed.

“Do you both remember the battle plan.” I joked. I was sure they did and they laughed more than a little drunk. I was too so that was fair. I grabbed a dick in both hands and stroked it, using some of the KY jelly they had left out. As they got hard in my hand I positioned them and we were off. Jack was in front and entered me slowly but not all the way. Don did the same from behind and I gasped with the new buildup of my desires.

“Remember boys, you stay still and I will do all the work. It is my quest.” They laughed and then moaned as I moved my hips forward until Jack was full in and then back so that Don was full in. He had his hands on my ass and Jacks were on my shoulders. Back and forth went my hips. Impaling myself on their ready and willing cocks. Faster and fast and with the friction activating the jelly we were all three incredibly hot pretty quick. They guys managed to hold out, like Bob had earlier, so by the time they explode within my caverns I had already had two orgasms twice crying out with a laughing pleasure. We kept upping our game with our parties. It was unbelievable how much pleasure I got from this stuff. Then it was Bobs turn and he had pumped himself up and was ready. I hated leaving them with just a blow job. If one got to penetrate me, then all three should. It was only fair.

I got down on the soft fur and crawled toward him stopping to take my clothes off completely and then crawling up his legs. His body twitched when I licked his thigh. That was always a good sign he was ready. I began with licking his furry balls and then his muscled stomach before rising over him and he positioned his dick for me and I plunged myself onto his throbbing hot member and couldn’t help the squeal and shout of joy as he went deep inside of me. We both thrust and he came pretty quickly and so did I as the others gave us a drunken applause. As I slowed my hip movement down the slow drag of friction caused us both to gasp and twitch until I lifted myself off of him for that last time and then collapsed next to him. The others were lying back in the chairs.

“Trick or treat Candy!” They all said and we laughed.

Happy Halloween!



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The Three Book Series


Jessie Dame


NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


WifeSwap is a new erotica series with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Katie Rose

Cover image used under license from



This romantic trilogy is erotic, fun and will make you think twice about a monogamous relationship.

Join Jessie, Allyssa and I in an epic three book series following our sexy lifestyle throughout our affair, swinging, the dungeon games and much more!

This is a series you really won’t want to miss. If you don’t like it, simply return the book and you’ll get your money back. Trust me. You will love it from beginning to end!






“How are you feeling tonight?”

“I’m not horny if that’s what you are getting at.”

I sighed deeply and rolled over. “Fine.”

The sun woke me as it poured in through our window. Our condo had a great view of the city as the buildings rose up like great mountains from the earth. New York, the city of lights. The bed felt cold as I slipped my hand to where Jessie was sleeping. She must have had to go into work early today.

I slipped out of bed and grabbed my towel.

God, it’s cold in here.

I quickly rushed to the shower just around the corner. My feet hit the marble floor in the bathroom. “Jesus Christ! We have got to start turning the heat on at night! ” I exclaimed, talking to myself.

Stepping into the shower and feeling the warm water spray down from above felt glorious as I lost myself in thought. No sex for 3 months. Something has got to change. I don’t know what, but something needs to happen. I’m friggin’ horny 24/7, getting hard-ons during meetings, and eyeing anything with two legs and a hole to stick it in.

I ran my hands through my hair, then grabbed the soap and looked down. Hard again, go figure. I set the soap down and grabbed the lotion, the same place where it was every day. I grabbed myself and started stroking. Thinking about Jessie’s tall slender body turned me on. Her hard little nipples surrounded by a firm tanned breast were more than enough to get myself off.

My mind wandered back several months as I thought about how our sex life used to be. Jessie lying on her back as I sat in front of her and me slipping my fingers into her tight wet pussy. Her long dark hair spread out on the pillow as she looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes while I ran my tongue up her slit. I imagined myself pushing myself down on her and grabbing her nipples with my fingers. I could almost feel my hands spread out across her breasts while I slipped my hard cock inside her pussy.

I opened my eyes as I felt myself start to cum, “GAHHH SOAP! God damnit!!”

Obviously I completely lost my orgasm as I rubbed the burning, stinging soap out of my eyes. Slipping my head under the water, I rinsed out the conditioner. I heard an alarm go off in the bedroom; my phone alarm.

Go figure, time to get out of the shower and get to work. I looked down at my flaccid cock and groaned. Just another day. Fuck me.

Walking into work was always one of the most difficult parts of the day as every morning I had to pass by the receptionist. Just like in the movies or tv you watched last night, this is the same.

“Good morning Allyssa,” I said as I walked by the front desk. “Good morning to you too hun.” She replied. I smelled her perfume. The same scent she wore every day. It smelled of cinnamon and lavender. Completely intoxicating. Her short dark hair bounced as she swiveled in her chair to look at me. I pushed down my emotions of wanting to just bend her over that chair and fuck her right then and there. I’m married. Been married. Still married.

Looking back at her, I noticed she was wearing a new top. It was a red cardigan with a frilled opening near her chest, displaying her well-endowed… Wait. Hun? Woah. That’s a new one; she always called me by name. Maybe I’m just imagining things.

I glanced down at my pants quickly realizing I was hard. Grandma, grandpa, grandma, grandpa. I thought to myself as my boss walked into the elevator with me. I looked over him, he was fully dressed; suit, tie, the works. He was an older man with a greyed beard and a wrinkled face. He kinda reminded me of my grandpa.

“Morning.” He said bluntly.

“Morning to you too sir,” I replied with a bit more pep.

“You hear the news?” He said as he pressed the 45th floor button. “What news?” I replied. “Apparently our receptionist, Allyssa, has broken up with her boyfriend.”—He bumped his arm with mine—“I notice you eyeing her every morning and always bitching about your wife. You should hit it.”

“It’s not like that,” I said. “Jessie and I have issues, but we are still in love, we are considering on going to therapy here soon if we can’t work things out. It’s only a matter of time until things are back to how they should be. Relationships aren’t meant to be easy.”

“You are a guy. Guys have needs,” he said as he tipped his glasses down, looking at me over them with a bit of a smirk on his face.

“I do have needs, but I’m not going to violate Jessie’s trust. End of story.” Maybe I can talk to Jessie about some sort of hall pass idea. She knows I have needs, and she isn’t helping by completely shutting me down towards any sort of physical interaction.

I pressed the Open Door button quickly, trying to get out of the situation. “I have to hit the bathroom, it’s urgent,” I said.

“I bet it is!” He replied, laughing.

Fuck him. He’s a fucking dick; I’m not cheating on my wife.

I stepped out of the elevator and looked to the right; the stairs up were blocked off by the cleaning lady. The stairs down were open though. I walked over to the stairs and started heading down to the next floor. I turned around the corner—


I ran straight into Allyssa whom appeared to be running up the stairs as fast as she could.

Quickly reaching out, I grabbed her hand as she teetered on the edge about to fall backwards down the stairs. My left hand held onto the handrail as I pulled her up and held her close to me.

“Nice save!” She exclaimed; her face mere inches from mine. My mind raced into thoughts of erotic pleasure as I immediately imagined myself grabbing her skirt, flipping it up and slipping my rock hard cock into her pussy. Jesus that’s hot.

“You smell good, what is that? Aftershave?” Allyssa said, as she leaned in even closer and smelled my neck. The hairs on my arms stood on end, as did my cock.

She looked down. “Hello there,” she whispered as she stared directly at my groin. God damnit, this is embarrassing.

“Our eyes meet every day, we trade simple words back and forth, and we both know what we want… why not take me now?” Allyssa said as she slid her hand down the outside of my pants. “Nobody has to know anything,” she whispered as she kissed me lightly on my chest, then again as she unbuttoned the top of my shirt.

“You do know I’m married right?” I stated, trying hard to say it with passion. “I can’t cheat on Jessie, she’s not like that… even though we haven’t had sex in god knows how long.”

“I won’t say a word, if you won’t,” she whispered back as she licked her tongue up my neck, giving me a chill in the somewhat warm stairwell. “God you are fucking sexy.” She untucked my shirt and ran her hand up my chest.

”I’ve been working out, it helps keep my mind off of sex, but it doesn’t help when I have to come here to work and see you every morning,” Her hand ran over my hard nipples. It went down to my abs, and massaged my hard muscles holding her against me. I’m holding her against me?! What the fuck am I doing! I grasped the rail as hard as I could. I tried to resist the urge to rip open her shirt, yet I couldn’t manage to let her go.

“I want you,” she whispered… SHIT. That was me! I said I wanted her. My body isn’t reacting to what I’m telling it to do; I have got to get out of here before I break my vows.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Perfect distraction. “I need to get this, it’s urgent.”

I slipped the phone up to my ear, “Hello?” I heard Jessie on the other line. “Hey babe, I need to talk to you when you get home. Actually; it can’t wait.”

“What is it babe?” I replied as I heard the fear in her voice.

“I’ve been sleeping with another man,” she replied, obviously scared. “Please don’t leave me, please. There’s got to be something we can do, I love you. I’m sorry I had to bring this up while you are at work, but I had to get it off my ch—”

Fuck her, fuck this. I grabbed Allyssa and pulled her close to me, god it felt so fucking good, I ran my hand through her hair and pulled her head back. I kissed her deeply on her neck as I held her head back, sucking, tasting, feeling her body being drawn into mine.

“I’m going to be honest with you right now,” I said as I unzipped my pants, “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time, you are fucking gorgeous.”

“About time you are being upfront. Trust me on this, every morning at 7:45 I get wet because I know at 8 you walk through that door and say good morning to me,” she replied smiling.

I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft as she pulled it from my pants. Sliding her hand up and down my shaft I felt myself harden as she kissed me on my neck.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this to Jessie. Even though I loved her with my whole heart, there were needs I had that she wasn’t meeting. Isn’t there some way I can have my needs met and still be with her?

Perhaps love can only go so far. I thought to myself as she ran her tongue down my chest while she finished unbuttoning my shirt. Her mouth slipped around the tip of my cock as I felt her stroking me slowly.

Her tongue ran up and down my shaft, then licking on my sack as she put her other hand on my butt. I felt her grasp my ass tightly as she put her mouth on my cock then fully push it into her mouth.

I heard a door open down below, Shit!

Jessie and I caught glances as my cock was still down her throat when she looked up at me. I heard the door shut as we both listened intently. They must have left and gone for the elevator.

She pulled her head back, “Close one,” she whispered up at me, stroking my wet shaft with her hand and smiling.

I felt my phone buzzing again as I put my hands around Jessie’s head and pushed her back down on me. God she was amazing her with mouth, or her tongue. Shit, she’s good with both.

Fuck, I can’t do this; I owe Jessie a chance to explain. I thought to myself as Allyssa stood up in front of me and pulled up her skirt. Looking at her amazing body made me unable to think anything about Jessie other than anger. Fuck it.

I pulled Allyssa’s panties down to her knees and slipped my fingers inside her, milking her pussy for all it was worth. She bent over the rail, looking down the flights of stairs and moaned deeply, her moan echoing far down below.

I grabbed my cock with my other hand and aimed the tip right at her pussy. Flicking the tip of my shaft on her made her grab the rail till her knuckles were white. “Fuck me, fuck me now…” she whispered.

My phone vibrated again as I slipped myself inside her. My shaft was fully enveloped by her wet pussy as I pushed myself all the way in. I grabbed her shoulders tightly as I pulled myself out, and then pushed back in.

A moan escaped her mouth as every forward thrust pushed her against the rail. I felt her walls massage my shaft as I held myself deep within her; deep animalistic moans echoed the walls as she came on my cock.

Her juices dripped down to the floor as I fucked her, pooling then spilling down the stairwell down the flights of stairs. I felt myself ready to blow within her as I heard a door open from far down below as Allyssa moaned again, “Fuuuuck…”

“What the fuck is going on up there?!” I heard as I felt myself pumping my hot cum inside her pussy. I held onto her shoulders as I blew my entire load. “Fuck me,” I whispered, “God damn.”

She quickly stood up then pulled up her panties and skirt, “Let’s get out of her, quickly!” she giggled as I pulled up my pants and started buttoning up my shirt.

I zipped myself up and tucked in my shirt as we walked up the half flight of stairs and entered back into the building.

I looked over at Allyssa, “I need to get home to figure out what’s going on with Jessie. My phone has been ringing nonstop.”

“Of course hun, go take care of her,” She replied.

I stepped on to the elevator and pushed the floor level as I waved my hand slightly at Allyssa whom was standing there watching me and buttoning up her top button. She winked as the door shut.


“Jessie! I’m home!” I called out as I walked in the front door. I saw her sitting outside with a cigarette between her fingers. Walking outside I immediately felt a sinking feeling. Shit. I fucked up. Just because she cheated doesn’t make it right for me to do the same. God damnit.

I slid the door open and walked outside. “Hey babe!” Jessie said as she blew out smoke then put out her cigarette in the ashtray next to her.

“Hey. So… about that call earlier…” I replied with a subtle tone to my voice and looking at her directly.

“Yeah – You kinda hung up the phone.” Jessie said, with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

“I did. I was furious. But I do have a confession to make before we go any further. I cheated too. Only once, today, right after you called.”

“Only today? Not before today?”

“Just today.”


“What?” I replied.

“I never cheated on you. I wanted to see if you had been. Are you fucking with me? Seriously? You cheated on me today, but never before today?!” She said, anger building up in her voice.

“Never before today. I admit to fucking up today, but come on; you said you were cheating on me.” I replied, talking faster.

“Just because someone cheats on you, doesn’t give you the right to cheat on them back. And besides, I didn’t even fucking cheat on you!” She said, fully angry at this point.

“I’ll admit I fucked up, I’ll fully agree to that, but since when was it ok to test someone within a relationship? Can’t you just trust me? I thought you knew me better than this.”

“I thought I did too,” she said as a tear fell down her cheek.

“I’m sorry…” I said quietly as I touched her on the shoulder—she flipped it off with her arm, “Don’t fucking touch me with your cheating hands.”

“I don’t know what to say. I tell you what happened if it makes you feel better.” I said as I stepped back and lit a cigarette.

“No. I don’t want to fucking hear about you fucking another girl, Jesus, are you insane?”—She lit another smoke—“So what do we do now?”

“Well, for one, I won’t have sex with anyone else… or you. Like that was going to happen whether I cheated or not.” I replied.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!” She said, angry again.

“We haven’t had sex in months, literally months babe. I’ve been horny as shit every day and jacking off in the shower hasn’t been helping.” I replied with uncertainty.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been horny lately, I don’t know what to say. I just haven’t been.”

“And I have needs; one of them is to be with you physically. I love you and not being able to share that connection with you really sucks.” I said, frustrated.

“I love you babe,” she said, “I really want to be there for you physically and emotionally. I don’t know why I haven’t been horny, I really don’t, but it’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it’s just something that is.”

“I’ve read about non-monogamy relationship styles online. It’s a way for us to continue our relationship together, but also have other relationships outside of our own. This way I could have my needs met and you could have yours met as well,” I said as I rested my hand on her shoulder as she sat.

“I could be down for giving that a try. I met this guy a couple weeks ago that I really connected with. His name is Mike; he works at a coffee shop down the road. We talked for a while and have had coffee a few times, as friends of course, but I believe there may be opportunity for something more with him if he was interested.”

“Let’s try this non-monogamous relationship thing a shot. The lady I’m interested in works at my job as a secretary and she’s pretty cool. We’ve had sort of an unspoken ‘thing’ for a while now, but we never acted on it until today. It may be simply just sex based attraction, but who knows. I think she could be a lot of fun. Would you mind if we hung out tomorrow?” I looked down at Jessie with a poker face, trying to hide my excitement.

“Surely, I’ll see if Mike would want to hang out tomorrow too. A couple things though before we do this: I want to know that you will be completely honest with me about everything, no matter what. Feel free to hang out with her and get to know her, bring her back here if you like, sex is even fine, I just want to know everything,” she said as she looked up at me and smiled then put her hand on my leg.

I looked down at her hand, god I wanted her so bad to slip that hand up, unbutton my belt buckle and start stroking my cock.

“Want to go lay in bed and talk?” she said as she put her cigarette out. “Sure,” I replied, unsure where this was going.

Following her to the bedroom was hard, pun intended. She was wearing her work outfit, which was a skirt down to her knees with a loose red cardigan top. Her silver bracelet jangled as she walked, and as I watched her butt move, my mind wandering to erotic places as I thought about just reaching up and grabbing it.

Unable to control myself, I walked up behind her and grabbed her hand, pulling her around close to me. I felt her breath on my chest as I looked down at her and kissed the top of her head as I whispered, “I love you…”

She looked up at me as I ran my hand through her long brown hair, “I love you too babe, let’s go to bed, it’s been too long, and I’m feeling it.”

Oh shit! Now?! Right after our fight? No way. I felt myself immediately go from hard to rock solid in my pants.

She took my hand and spun around, walking quickly to the bedroom. I pulled her back towards me and grabbed her head in both hands, pushing her face against mine as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues teased each other, playing a game of cat and mouse within our open mouths. Licking along the top of her lip, she moaned and whispered, “I’m so wet right now, I want you inside me.”

I pushed her towards the bedroom, spanking her tight butt as she hurriedly moved forward. She jumped on the bed and turned around on all fours looking at me and giggling. “Come here,” she said with a devilish grin. “I’m feeling naughty.”

Walking over to her, I unbuckled my belt as I walked towards the bed. I slipped my pants to the floor, along with my boxers as she reached out with her hands and grabbed my shaft. I moved towards her as she slipped her mouth fully on me, her wetness surrounding my cock.

Stroking me as she sucked, I felt myself ready to cum already. God it felt so good to be with her again, it’s been so long.

I felt her reach around and grab my ass with both hands, pushing myself down her throat all the way. Her tongue ran up and down the large vein on my shaft as it was inside her, massaging me, rubbing me… wanting me.

Stepping back, I said, “Roll over, I want to taste you. I missed you so much; it’s my turn for fun.” She rolled over on her back as I pulled her skirt off, throwing it to the floor. I kneeled down in front of the bed and pulled her legs around my face as I pushed her red frilled panties to the side exposing her pussy. God it smelled so good. My mouth immediately salivated.

I pulled her lips to mine as I licked my tongue up the slit, Oh… yes… god yes. “I missed you so much,” I whispered as I slipped my tongue near the apex of her pussy, searching for the magical spot.

Feeling a tiny bump with a little hood, I slipped my tongue under the flap and moved it back and forth. Her juices seeped into my mouth as I breathed on her lips, my tongue sliding in circles around her spot. She grabbed my arms and moaned deeply as her body shook.

I put my pointer finger and ran it around the opening of her hole, just outside the entrance, teasing her as she laid there spasming and cumming in my mouth. I pressed my tongue on her clit hard as I slipped my finger inside her and milked her insides.

Her body straighted.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh GOD!” She grabbed my head and pressed it against her hard as I opened my mouth and sucked hard on her pussy, my hand running in and out of her like a jackhammer.

“Fuck me, fuck me now,” she said as her body continued to cum. I grabbed her legs and pulled them around me as I stood in front of the bed. Pulling her pussy onto my cock, I slipped myself inside her. The tip of my cock making way for the rest of my shaft, I spread her pussy open as I pressed myself deep inside. Her walls massaged my shaft, tightening and loosening as she came, urging my cock to do the same.

I pulled myself out then pushed back in harder, repeating, harder each time. I held onto her legs tightly as her orgasm died down, but my thrusting did the opposite. I grunted as her juices ran down my leg and I pushed myself into her. She leaned up and wrapped her arms around my chest, embracing me as I held her up feeling her tight body against mine. Slipping my tongue into her mouth, I tasted the sweet mix of chocolate and cigarette. God it turned me on.

Setting her down on the bed on her back I said, “Bend over, I want you from the back.” Bending over in front of the bed, she turned back and smiled at me as she closed her legs together, her body in the shape of an L.

I grabbed her panties on the floor and wrapped them around my shaft, stroking myself as I watched her bent over the bed playing with her slit. She moaned as she turned her head around and watched me.

My cock, hard as ever, was ready for her as I stepped forward and slapped her ass then ran the head of my shaft along her wet pussy. I put my cock into position as I held onto the base of my cock, pulling the skin tight then feeling her juices surround me as I slipped it into her.

She moaned deeply as I started fucking her hard against the bed. Her body, as slender and simple as it may have been, was shaking violently with my cock still inside as she came. Feeling her cum run down my leg made me push all the harder as I drove myself inside her harder and harder.

“Cum for me,” she half moaned, half whispered as her body jerked forward with every thrust of my hips.

I felt my cock spasm hard within her as soon as she finished her request, my shaft pushing myself within her, filling her insides up with my hot cum. I looked down as I thrust myself into her again, my cum mixing with hers and leaking out of her pussy then dripping to the floor.

Pumping myself into her, my head wandered to thoughts of non-monogamy as my mind raced through all the different possibilities of our newly found relationship style. Love outside of our marriage? Sex? Threesomes? Orgys? New live-in partners? God, the possibilities are endless.

She sat up off the bed and put my cock in her mouth, sucking out ever last drop from my shaft. “I love you,” she said as she stood up in front of me then slipped her arms around my neck.

Smiling, I pushed her down on her back on the bed, laying on top of her. “I love you too. Thank you for this, I really missed you. It’s been too long.”

“It has been. I don’t know what’s been wrong with me, but the thought of you being with someone else and that other person finding you attractive turned me on and made me want you so badly,” she replied as she nuzzled her head into my neck.


I awoke to the chirping of crickets. Looking around I noticed it was dark, real dark. Crap. I slept all afternoon, and now I’m wide awake.

Jessie was still asleep as I looked over at her body, which was still in my arms. Her body felt warm against mine, her light snore with her legs spread out across the bed was kind of really sexy in a weird way. I slipped my hand over her breast as she lay on her back; her nipples small and soft. God I wanted to fuck her again and again, all night until we both passed back out.

I sat up and hopped out of bed, the chilly air breeze through the window running against my body made me want to snuggle under the covers and fall back asleep. Only I wasn’t tired go figure.

I think I’ll grab a drink and sit in the Jacuzzi for a bit, I thought to myself as I slipped on a pair of boxers and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a small glass cup, a few ice cubes and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I walked outside onto the balcony and flipped the cover off the top of the Jacuzzi then slipped in. Ahhh… relaxation. Love it. I wonder what Allyssa is up to. I grabbed my phone off the ledge and texted her, “Hey Allyssa, what’s going on? Jessie and I talked. We are going to try an open marriage. Would you want to get together here soon?”

Setting the phone back on the side of the ledge, I slipped under the water, holding my breath and allowing the warm jets to soak me. As I was coming back up, I heard the door to the balcony slide open. “Jessie?” I said as I wiped my eyes.

“Hey babe, I woke up and you weren’t there, mind if I join you?”

“Of course,” I replied, smiling. I slid to the far side of the Jacuzzi as she slipped in with me. She was completely nude, her body outlined against the dark building as the lights from the city cast shadows across her. She had her hair tied up in a bun behind her head as she sat into the water.

“How are you feeling about our relationship change we talked about earlier?” I said as I watched her swipe at the bubbles.

I sipped on my drink as she said, “Good, I’m excited at all the different possibilities. Would you want to meet my partners or simply just allow each other to see other people?”

“Good question,”—I laughed—“I don’t know. I suppose it would be nice to know who you are seeing. I think one of the big things we will want to do is have complete open communication between us both. As soon as there are any feelings of insecurity or jealousy, we need to talk about it. Sound good?”

“I think that’s about what I had in mind as well,” she said smiling as she scooted over closer to me. “When are you seeing Allyssa next?”

“I plan on seeing her tomorrow at work then hopefully grabbing a drink after if that’s alright with you. What are your thoughts?”

Jessie took a sip of my whiskey and cringed, “Sounds good to me, I’ll see if I can hang out with Mike as well. Perhaps we can all hang out one day and get to know each other.”

I slipped my hand onto her leg, smiling, “What are your thoughts about group sex?”

She touched my hand with hers, and then slid it up to my crotch as she smiled at me, “Group sex could be fun, especially if you are involved.”

“Of course I would be involved!” I said as I slipped my hand between her legs, feeling her soft little runway. “How would you feel about having two men at once on you?”

Her hand slid into my boxers and wrapped around my shaft, “I think I could do that… do you think you could watch me having sex with another man?” Her thumb twirled circles around the tip.

“Only if I could fuck you while he fucked you, I’m not sure how I would feel about simply just watching you fuck another guy,” I said as I slipped a finger up inside her. My thumb made its way into her spot, pressing and playing with her hood.

“You’ve never had anal sex have you? Is that something you would be cool with?” I said as I slipped a second finger inside her.

Her back arched as she spoke, “I think… I think, oh god, I think I could manage… that,” she attempted to say as I ran my tongue up her neck.

“How about if I were to fuck you in the ass while he fucked your pussy?” I whispered into her ear as my fingers quickened their movements.

“Ohhh, yes… I’m cool… with that…” she moaned as I licked down to her chest, and then put my mouth over her nipple, sucking as I cupped it with my free hand. Her back and legs straightened as I watched her.

“What if his wife was there too and she sat on your face while we both fucked you?”

“God yes, oh god yes, that would be so fucking hot, we need to… oh god… find a couple…” she grabbed my head and pulled my face into hers, plunging her tongue deep inside my mouth. “Fuck me, fuck me again, right now,” she whispered.

She moved over on top of me, straddling me as she pulled my cock from my boxers then slipped it inside her. Grabbing her hips, I grinded her pussy against my cock as I sat there with my face in her tits. Balancing her body with one arm, she wrapped her other around my head and pressed my face between her breasts and held me there as I felt her start to cum.

Her walls massaged my cock tightly, as I felt her body shudder against mine while she moaned in a passionate frenzy. Her hips moved faster and faster on my cock as she rode me, “Shit babe, slow down or I’m going to cum!” I exclaimed, unable to hold myself any longer.

I felt myself start pumping my hot cum inside her, my shaft frantically pulsing within her. I wrapped my arms around her as she bounced up and down on my cock while she came. “God I missed fucking you, Jesus Christ,” she said as she started to slow her movements.

Slowly moving back and forth on my cock, her tight pussy milked my cock for everything it was worth. Fuck; I’m still hard. I thought to myself as my cock was still deep within her pussy.

“Put yourself in my ass, I want my first time to be with you,” she said.

I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy and put it on the cusp of her anus. Grabbing my shaft, I head myself steady and started to push myself into her. “Ouch, that’s tight,” she said as the tip of my cock entered inside her.

Damn, that’s tight, I thought to myself as I looked down at my shaft slowly entering her ass. I grabbed my hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart so I could see everything.

I felt her grab my legs as she pulled me into her, “It feels good, even though it hurts a bit. Keep going; tell me when you are all the way in.”

She slipped her fingers down to her pussy and fingered herself as I pushed myself all the way in, “I’m in, are you ok?”

“Oh god… yes… fuck me, slowly,” she said as I held onto her ass and pulled myself out, then pushed back in. I thrusted into her a bit quicker each time; savoring every moment. I grabbed her hips tightly and thrusted hard inside her as her body shook. “I’m cumming… oh god yes… I’m cumming for you,” she whispered as I started driving into her as fast as I could.

Fucking her hard in her ass was a feeling I’ve never felt before, it was almost as if it was a vagina, but way tighter and much firmer on the inside.

“Try this,” she said as she crawled up on the bed and laid down flat on her stomach. She looked over at me and smiled as her long hair ran down her back.

I crawled over to her and kneeled in front of her ass, pointing my cock downwards to her anus. She reached back and grabbed my shaft, pulled it closer to her and pushed it in. “Fuck me hard, then cum in my ass,” she said firmly.

Her butt was tight in my hands as I pushed myself into her. This new position felt amazing on my cock as I felt myself ready to cum within her again. I started fucking her hard and wildly as I felt myself start pumping my cum inside her.

“Oh yes, I can feel that… keep going, I want all of you…” she whispered as her body shifted forward as I thrusted hard.

Finishing my load, I pulled myself out and laid down next to her, “God you are amazing. Want to go rinse off?”

“Of course,” she replied as she looked at me and ran her hand through my hair. As she stood up out of bed I watched as cum dripped out of her ass and pussy. Jesus…

I closed my eyes for a moment as thoughts blew through my head. My sex life… better. My relationship… better. My life… better. It sure is amazing how quickly things can change!

It felt like we had been driving forever. The trees flew past as I looked over at Jessie sitting next to me, her long dark hair failing wildly in the wind as she turned and smiled at me.

The car lurched forward as she pressed down on the gas, feeling the same exhilaration I was. Our excitement for the coming meeting vastly outweighed our nervousness, immediately pushing down any thoughts of doubt.

She managed to push past the excitement in her mind as she blurted, “I can’t believe we are finally going to meet Amy and Dave! It feels like we’ve known them for years, not just weeks.” Looking over at her with a slight nod I replied, “Shoot – I can’t believe we met them online; this kind of stuff only happens in movies.”

Looking down at the GPS, I realized we were moments from their house, “Jessie, pull over here,” I said as I looked over at her. She nodded and pulled the car into a small grove of trees. I put my hand on her leg as I leaned in to her. She smiled at me as I took her head in my hand and pulled it towards me.

Feeling her leg, I slipped my hand under her dress feeling her pussy. She was already wet and ready to go. I ran my finger up and down on her panties. Moans slowly escaped from her mouth as I slipped my hand under her panties and felt her insides.

Jessie grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards her as her breathing grew heavy and wanting. “Fuck me, fuck me now…” she whispered as she pulled me back onto her. I felt her hand wrap around my hard shaft as she slipped her hand down my pants. Sliding her thumb around the tip of my dark cock, I groaned deeply.

I slipped my fingers up inside her, milking her spot as her back arched as she moaned. The windows were steaming up from our passionate play while my fingers moved faster and faster inside her as her juices ran down my hand and onto the chair. Her hand quickened involuntarily as my thumb found her magic button. Pressing hard and moving in circles on her clit, she grabbed my arm as she stared at me.

Her walls tightened around my fingers, pressing them together harder and harder. Shaking and moaning deeply, like an animal I watched her cum for me.

I withdrew my hand from her pussy and licked my fingers. Fuck she smelled good. She kept stroking my shaft as I felt my cock tighten in her hand. Stroking hard and fast she leaned in pressed her tongue against mine. “Come for me, I want to taste you,” she said as I watched her head go down on me. Grabbing the tip of my cock with her mouth, she kept milking my shaft. I felt her other hand reach under and massage my sack as she sucked.

Moaning deeply, her hand moved faster as I felt myself ready to blow. Her mouth slipped deeper on my shaft as my big black cock grew tight. Releasing within her, I grabbed her head and held her on top of me. I pumped my hot cum into her throat as she massaged my sack and the base of my cock. My body completely relaxed as I sat there, slumped in the chair with Jessie’s head still on me.

She withdrew from me slowly as she smiled at me and pulled her skirt back down. I grabbed at my pants and pulled them back up. “God. I needed that. Thank you,” she said as she put the car in reverse and headed towards the house.

I felt a slight chill as the wind picked up as I stepped out of the car; fall was setting in. I glanced down, quickly looking over my clothes. Still clean, not too wrinkled from the long drive… Good.

I glanced at Amy and Dave’s house. It was cute; a small suburban house right outside the city. I quickly grabbed Jessie’s hand as I kissed her on the cheek and started towards the house. She turned toward me, “I love you.”

I squeezed her hand tight for a moment as I continued up the stairs to the house and pressed firmly on the doorbell. A shiver ran down my spine as the excitement bubbled up through my core.

I heard footsteps approaching from behind the door and tried to not look overly excited. As the door opened, we were greeted by a manly smile with arms open wide.

Dave grabbed Jessie by her waist and kissed her deeply for the first time. A well of excitement within me bubbled over to see my wife so happy. My eyes filled with joy as Amy stepped out from behind Dave. “Finally…” I whispered in her ear as I quickly stepped up to her and held her close. As she threw her arms around my neck, I stared into her eyes for a moment; my heart skipped a beat.

Nervous kisses quickly became eager ones as I slid my hand around the back of her neck and slowly ran my tongue around the top of hers. The kiss ended with a slight nibble on my lower lip. I felt a chill similar to the wind outside as I shuddered.

Amy nervously reached for my hand as she bit her lower lip. I firmly responded with a tight grasp on hers.

“Let’s show you two around!” She exclaimed suddenly.

Glancing over at my wife, her eyes caught with mine as she was running her hands through Dave’s beard. I knew she was happy, and I reciprocated her enjoyment as I gave her a wink.

Quickly turning towards Amy, I squeezed her hand and followed her into the kitchen. As I looked around, I immediately felt at home in their cozy place. Amy turned away, pointing at something on the wall. I tried to listen, but was instantly distracted by her amazing body underneath the red dress, something I’ve been looking forward to seeing for weeks now.

As she turned back around, our eyes caught and I immediately felt as if I could read her thoughts. She quickly turned away as I noticed her blushing. Feeling her warm hand against mine was enticing, welcoming…wanting.

I looked up from Amy as Dave came around the corner with Jessie behind him, hand in hand. He had a curious smile on his face as he waved his hand toward the living room as he spoke. “Let’s sit, talk and get to know each other. Can I get you something to drink?”

Jessie piped up as she turned towards me. “Water, I’m parched! And you…?” I knew exactly what I wanted as my mind raced and I felt my skin flush with energy. “Water as well, that would be great” I responded.

I saw Dave leave the room as Jessie and Amy each sat next to me on either sides of the couch. Amy casually placed her hand on my knee as she looked at me and smiled with her beautiful eyes. “I love the red lipstick; it looks absolutely stunning with your dress.” I managed to mutter, immediately thinking how stupid of a line it was. If only there was a brick wall nearby, I would have hit my head against it. This woman has me stunned I thought to myself, so much for my usual bold confidence!

Moments later Dave re-entered the room with a goofy grin on his face as he handed out the drinks “If everyone could come to the dining room, Amy and I have a surprise for you two.” Jessie and I looked at each other quizzically and followed Dave to the next room.

Looking around, everything was very clean with a small square table, suited for 4, next to the window. Dave pulled a game from under the table; Cards Against Humanity.

“Yes! The perfect game for getting to know how fucked up we all are! You guys are the best,” I blurted out as I laughed.

I caught Amy smiling timidly as she was appeared to be lost in thought watching me. I could only imagine what was going through her head right now and wondered if her thoughts were anything like mine. Just mere hours ago we were sending erotic pictures to each other, some with clothes, some without.

After several hours of laughing and playing cards with Amy, Jessie and Dave, we casually moved back to the living room. I sat on the far left of the plush couch with Amy snuggled next to me, wrapping her arm up through mine.

She was warm, soft and cozy and her look matched my feeling of content. Stroking her hair with my right hand she looked up to me. Everything appeared to simply stop – even time itself.

We were broken from our trance with the sound of Dave’s voice. “Hey guys, how would you feel about having some separate time for a bit?” Amy and I caught each other as we started to speak up at the same moment then stopped. “Sounds good to me,” I said as I felt Amy run her hand up the back of my shirt.

I felt Amy slip her hand around mine and said “This way.” Glancing back at Jessie, I saw Dave reaching his hand out to help her from the couch. I smiled to myself as I turned forward and followed Amy into the hallway. The room dimmed after we took several steps, and then lit up as Amy opened the door.

Looking around I saw a neatly made bed, with music playing softly in the background from a laptop on the corner of the table by the bed. A small tray with condoms, lube and a few toys had been set out beside the laptop: a feather, handcuffs and a vibrator.

I watched Amy as she turned away and slipped off her shoes. I walked up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist as I kissed down the back of her neck.

I slowly ran my hands up her sides and felt the cold metal of her dress zipper under my fingers. Feeling her every heartbeat as my hands reached for the tab, I slowly lowered it down her body; she grabbed my wrist – hard.

Moans appeared to come from nowhere when I licked behind her ear. Apparently I found her spot. I opened my mouth and sucked hard, losing myself in the moment as my hands slipped under her bra.

I felt her hand reach for the front of my pants as she grinded her ass up on me. Little did she know; I’ve been hard since we arrived.

Screams of pleasure worked their way into our room.

I heard Jessie enjoying herself greatly as I whipped Amy around and said “Hear that? You’ll be there soon…” as I pushed her on her back onto the bed. I took off my shirt, baring myself to her. Every muscle in my body was tense; similar to a tiger getting ready to pounce. “Jesus…” she said as I walked toward the foot of the bed.

I laid down on the bed pushing my head under her skirt, tightly holding her legs in place with my arms as I kissed up her thigh.

I smelled her sweet scent and it turned me on even more as I grabbed her panties and pulled them to the side. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy; so deep I couldn’t breathe out of my mouth or nose. She grabbed at her skirt and moaned as her body shuddered violently.

Her hand found mine and intertwined her fingers with mine as pressed my tongue into her. Taking my hand I ran my finger through her wetness while my tongue still circled her clit.

I slid my finger in.

Her back arched as she came; her juices running down my chin and pooling in the bed below. “Holy…Shit…” she said under her breath as I slipped a second finger in.

She lurched forward and screamed as she tried to close her legs. My arms held her open as I licked and sucked.

She came harder and harder until she said “Stop! Stop! Too much!” I slowed my movements down to a stop as her body continued to convulse with the after effects of orgasms.

I took this time to catch my breath as I massaged her with my hand, feeling her tight pussy made me want her so badly. “Are you ready for what comes next?” I said as I sat up on my knees and slid down my pants.

Her eyes no longer showed a sense of restraint as she smirked at me and pushed me backwards on the bed, quickly pulling off my pants and throwing them across the room.

My boxer briefs only got to my knees before I felt her grab my hard cock with her hand.

Taken back for a moment, she looked at me, then back at my cock… a grin slipped between her lips before she attempted to push my entire member down her throat. She held me within her for what felt like eternity, and then lifted her head gasping for air. She then ran her hand up and down my shaft as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth.

I grabbed at her head for a moment, but the pleasure was too much; I grasped the bed sheets and moved my hips up and down feeling her warm, soft mouth all over me as a groaned.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to mine, the taste of her juices and my cock combining into an insatiable flavor that was clearly driving her wild.

She ripped her dress off her body, her bra falling to my chest. Straddling over me, she sat up and slid a condom onto my rock hard cock. She put her hands on the wall at the head of the bed as I grabbed my cock and pushed it in her pussy as she slid back and forth in her grinding motion.

The air around us died to almost complete silence as the only sound was our simultaneous sign of relief as my cock went all the way inside her.

Amy pushed herself forward and back on my cock; with each motion she moaned louder and louder. I reached up with one hand holding one of her firm tits with my hand; my other hand slipped down to her pussy and massaged her clit.

As my finger found its spot on her pussy she screamed again and fell off the wall down to my face and kissed me deep, clearly cumming hard as I felt her cum drip down around me.

I quickly rolled her over on her back as she was still spasming from the orgasm and pushed my cock deep within her once again, going deeper and deeper as I grabbed at her sides. Putting my head down beside hers, I kissed her in her spot; the one I found earlier.

She dug her nails into my back, mixing pain and pleasure to the point where I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. I grabbed one of her hips with my hand and fucked her; hard. The harder I pushed, the harder she came – so I pushed myself to my limit.

Sweat pouring down my back turned her on even more as I felt her body and mine move into an increasing rhythm. “Don’t stop” she barely managed to whisper as she grabbed the sheets and shuddered.

“Cum with me, please; oh god, cum with me,” she said.

I felt my entire body gather energy from what seemed like every aspect of my being. Feeling her tight pussy massaging my cock as I held her in place I came inside her, over and over “Fill me up…I want all of you” she said as I continued to cum.

I kissed her deeply for a quick moment then rolled to her side, staring up at the ceiling. “Wow. Just wow,” I said as I felt her hand grasp mine…

Amy’s sweet taste still lingered in my mouth. I laid on my back on the bed as I wrapped my arm around Amy thinking to myself “That was… intense,” I felt my cock slowly start to fall. “You are amazing in bed, especially with that cock of yours” she said as she rubbed her hand across my chest, resting her head on my shoulder.

“You mentioned on the phone you could go more than once,” she said as she slowly moved her hand down to my cock. My body pulsed with energy and at the same time a sort of sex high hit me as my head felt tingly and tired.

“Perhaps; I’m so sex stoned right now”

I half laughed as I moved my hand down to her breast and rubbed her still-hard nipple between my fingers.

I heard the moans and sounds of orgasm stop from the room next to us as I assumed my wife and Dave had finished their sexy time. Looking over at Amy I smiled and said “Shall we head back to the living room?” She quickly replied “Oh… no more?”

I heard giggling coming from down the hallway so I went ahead and pulled the sheets over us both out of instinct. Amy looked over at me with a bit of nervousness in her eyes.

The door cracked open and Dave peeked his head in “Hey guys, how would you feel if Jessie and I joined in?”

I glanced down at Amy to get her reaction as she immediately piped up “Think you can handle both of us?”

I looked up to see Jessie slipping her hand around his waist and start stroking his still-hard cock. Dave stepped through the doorway as Jessie walked around in front of him still holding onto his shaft. Amy stroked me with her soft hands as she lay with me and watched Jessie kneel on the floor and start sucking on Dave’s cock right in front of us.

Amy glanced at me and said “Give me a second” as she crawled off the bed and kneeled down in front of Dave. I watch as she started licking Dave’s balls as she rubbed Jessie’s enormous breasts.

“Jesus Christ” I thought to myself as I stroked my hard cock watching them both blow Dave. “This is turning out to be an epic weekend” I thought to myself.

Dave about fell over as he threw his hand against the wall to stabilize himself then put his other hand on Jessie’s head and rammed her mouth all the way down on his shaft.

Amy moaned as Jessie started fingering her tight pussy, still dripping with cum from mere minutes ago. I stood up on the bed and jumped to the floor, picked up my wife’s ass and rammed my hard cock deep into her pussy as Dave’s cock was still all the way down her throat.

Jessie had to throw her hands down to the floor to catch herself as I fucked her pussy; her mouth still full of Dave’s thick cock. I immediately picked up pace and started fucking her as hard as I could; one hand on her ass and the other reaching for the vibrator next to the bed.

Amy laid back against the bed and started playing with her clit as she spread her legs watching the scene unfold. I took the vibrator and rubbed it around Jessie’s anus while continuing to fuck her.

I felt Jessie’s pussy clench around my hard cock, then again and again as I felt her start to cum. Dave put both of his hands on the back of Jessie’s head as he pushed her head on and off his cock while I continued fucking her.

I slowly pushed the vibrator into Jessie’s ass as I clicked the vibration on. Jessie fell forward off of Dave’s shaft as she came – hard. Amy fell to her knees off the bed then crawled over to Dave and backed his cock deep into her pussy.

Jessie writhed around on the floor with a vibrator in her ass and me still fucking her. I grasped her ass hard to hold her in place. “It seems as if she was trying to get away” I thought to myself as I continued to fuck her.

Jessie finally snapped out of her orgasm as she rolled onto her back and wiggled under Amy then started licking her pussy.

I turned towards them and shoved my rock hard cock into Amy’s screaming mouth as she began to cum for Dave. I pushed my cock deep down her throat as she was cumming, and fingered Jessie’s pussy right below Amy’s mouth.

“Don’t stop, oh god don’t stop” I groaned as she tongue, hand and mouth massaged my shaft. “I’m glad you like it” Amy replied as she started furiously sucking on my cock, stroking and twisting with her hand at the same time.

I keeled back on my ass I she was sucking on me, unable to continue kneeling from the sheer amount of pleasure.

Amy pushed me on my back and pulled Dave’s cock out of her pussy as she climbed on top of me, slipping my hard cock deep up her warm, tight pussy. Jessie pushed Amy forward on top of me into the missionary position and started licking her ass as I started fucking Amy.

I felt Jessie’s tongue tickle on my cock as she flitted it around Amy’s asshole, making me want to cum so badly. I wondered to myself if I could hold onto my cum any longer. Amy’s body moved like the ocean waves on top of me; slow, hard and with purpose.

Dave walked over to Jessie and pulled the dildo out of her ass and drizzled lube all around her anus. While Amy was fucking me, I had the amazing view of watching Dave slip his hard cock deep inside my wife’s ass.

Jessie fell forward as his shaft went in; all the way in. “Shit – it’s been a while, my ass is tight as fuck” she said as Dave grabbed her hips and started moving back and forth faster and faster. I heard Dave groaning with pleasure as Jessie’s mouth turned into a devilish grin as she stared at me.

I watched beads of sweat drip off my wife’s forehead as another man fucked her in the ass. God it turned me on.

I felt as if I couldn’t hold myself any longer as I felt my cock getting ready to cum. Amy must have noticed because she stood up off my cock, winked at me and bent over the bed. She spread her legs for me, revealing her dripping wet pussy turning me on even more. “As if I need it” I thought to myself as I quickly hopped up off the floor and moved towards Amy.

I caught her staring at my cock as she said “Get over here and fuck me like you mean it”. I walked up to her and put one hand on her ass and slipped, one… two… fingers inside and felt her insides. “She wants to get fucked; I’ll show her getting fucked.” I moved my fingers around inside her tight wet pussy as I felt for her spot – “There we go” I thought to myself as I felt Amy tighten up around my hand, my fingers pressed together so hard they hurt as I felt Amy start to shake. “Holy shit – already?” Amy started cumming on my hand as she continued to shake.

My cock was hard as ever as I reached down and stroked it using Amy’s cum as lube. “Stop, stop, too much!” Amy said as she squirted on my cock. Amy kept squirting as I slipped my cock into her pussy. ”That’s a first,” Amy exclaimed as she looked at me and I started fucking her pussy once again.

I knew I couldn’t hold myself much longer as Amy’s tight walls were massaging my shaft. I pulled my cock out and told Amy “Get your knees” as I furiously stroked myself towards her amazing, full breasts.

I heard Dave exclaim “Oh God, shit, fuuuuck, I’m going to cum so hard” as he pulled his cock out of her ass and pushed Jessie down on her knees in front of him.

I started squirting my hot cum all over Amy’s tits as I watched the cum drip around her hard nipples. I kept spraying my hot come all over her chest as Dave started to cum on Jessie’s tits as well. Jessie stroked his cock as he came for her.

I looked back down at Jessie, her chest and stomach covered in my cum. I watched as it dripped down her stomach to her pussy, then to the floor as she ran her finger through it. She looked up at me and licked her finger. “Mmmm” she said with a smile and a devilish wink.

I sat on the bed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. “God damn, you girls are crazy” I said. I felt Amy lay down next to me on the bed, still covered in cum. “Want to jump in the shower with me?” she said to me. I smiled as I looked over at her “Sure, let’s go.” I stood up with her in hand and headed towards the bathroom around the corner.

As I walked past Dave looked up at me and said “Jessie… is amazing.” I nodded and said “Amy too” with a grin on my face.

As Amy led me down the dimly lit hallway, I felt completely drained at this point. “What started as a fun little double date turned into such a sexy weekend. I’ll remember this for a long time” I thought to myself as we walked into the bathroom.

The shower was huge. It must have been custom built, because typical suburban showers were much smaller. This one featured a large glass sliding door which lead to what appeared to be a small room with water jets on the walls.

Amy slid open the glass door for me as I stepped into the shower, she stepped in behind me then closed the door. I watched her body move so delicately as she bent over and turned the shower on. God I wanted to fuck her again as I felt my cock start to grow. Amy stepped under the water faucet; rinsing her body clean of my cum she ran her hands over her breasts. “I could stare at you for hours” I said as she stepped towards me and slipped her arm around my back.

I stared deep into her eyes almost as if peering deep into her soul. I felt as if I had known her my whole life, yet not at all. She threw her other arm around me and rested her head on my chest as the warm water surrounded us both. I ran my hand through her hair under the water as my other hand rested on her hip.

“How are you feeling?” she said to me as we stood in the shower embracing. I looked down at her and smiled “Exhausted, but great. That was a first for us; we’ve never swapped with another couple before. I loved feeling your tight pussy around my cock then my wife’s, then your mouth. God it was so hot.”

She gently stroked my cock with her hand as she looked up at me and smiled. I took her head in my hand and kissed her deeply. Our tongues touched as I felt my cock grow in her hand.

The shower door slowly slid open as Jessie entered the shower and said “Dave fell asleep! That turd. I’m not tired yet.” I laughed and said “You are welcome to join us in here, although not much showering is getting done!” Amy giggled as she slipped her arm around Jessie’s waist.

Jessie pushed me against the far wall with her hand and said “My turn” as she grinned at Amy. I watched as Jessie took Amy’s head in her hand and kissed her. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock as Amy slipped two fingers inside Jessie. Jessie did the same for Amy as they both started moaning.

“Poor Dave, he is missing all the fun!” I said as I laughed to myself and continued to stroke my cock. Jessie looked over at me and said “I do have more than one hole to fill you know.” I pushed myself off the wall and walked up behind her.

“I seriously can’t believe this is happening. Jessie and I have fantasized about this kind of stuff, but it’s actually happening!”

I felt Jessie’s anus with my finger, and slipped it in, working my finger around for a minute. “There we go…” I slipped my hard cock inside Jessie’s ass, feeling her tight butt with my hands. I could feel Amy’s fingers moving inside Jessie’s pussy as I slid my cock in and out of Jessie’s ass.

“Go deep and hold it” Jessie said to me. I grasped her ass as tight as I could and rammed my cock deep into her ass as I kissed the back of her neck. I felt her body tighten and shudder against me as she started to cum. Amy must have noticed this too as she got down on her knees and started licking Jessie’s pussy as I held my cock deep in Jessie’s ass.

“Don’t stop! Deeper, deeper!” Jessie yelled loudly.

I pushed myself deeper into her ass; I was balls deep. “Right there, oh God yes, right there…” Jessie moaned. Jessie came hard as her body swayed in under the warm water. I felt her ass tighten and loosen over and over as she came. I watched as Amy’s face was sprayed with Jessie’s cum, which was almost immediately washed off by the water.

“Wow that’s… hot.” I thought to myself as I pulled my cock out of Jessie’s ass.

Amy looked over to me and beckoned me with her finger. “Your turn” she said, as she grabbed my hips and forced my cock into her mouth. I felt my cock slide in as her tongue flitted around the tip.

Jessie walked over to me and took my head in her hands and kissed me. Her tongue was perfect; the epitome of perfect as I felt our tongues twist around each other.

Amy pushed my cock down her mouth, deep into her throat. I felt her gag on my cock; her walls massaging my cock like I’ve never felt before. “Holy fuck” I said as I felt my cock wanting to cum down her throat. “I’m going to fucking cum so god damned hard.” I held her head deep on my cock as I started to cum.

I released my load down her throat as Jessie kissed me.

The world started to spin around me as I continued to cum. Every curse word I could imagine flowed through my head as my body pulsed with energy. I felt as if every atom in my body had given up a piece of itself to the load of cum I gave Amy.

“I’m drained… shit” I thought to myself as I watched Amy stand up and start kissing Jessie. “I’m going to go lay down” I said as they both ignored me and continued making out.

I stepped out of the shower, grabbed the closest towel and wiped my face off. Wrapping myself in the towel, I glanced back into the shower. Amy was lying in on the floor with Jessie’s head between her legs. “Good. I’m glad they are connecting too” I thought to myself as I walked down the hallway.

I made it to the bedroom and nearly tripped on Dave’s body; he was passed out on the floor. I chuckled as I laid down on the bed. I lost myself in thought as I closed my eyes; the world spinning around me. “Finally. A fun, interesting, sexy couple that gets us. Hopefully this works out…” My mind drifted from reality into dreams as fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of music and wearily opened my eyes. “Ahhh… that’s right.” I started to regain my composure as the memories of the night before flashed through my mind. I stretched out on the bed as I thought about Amy and Jessie in the shower. God that was so hot. My wildest dreams were never this good. I’ve dreamed of having sex with other women like all guys do, but never with my wife included in the scene.

Before a few months ago I couldn’t even imagine her being with another guy, much less both me and him fucking her at the same time. To top it off the guy had a wife too. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Why hadn’t we done this before? Our relationship had always been difficult as I had only been with her. My dating life was basically non-existent as she took my virginity, so she has always worried that I was with her only because she was my “first love.” Now she knows I’m with her for everything else as well. But damn… sex with other people is fun. Exploring their body, trying new things, feeling a new body against mine… it was kind of overwhelming.

I closed my eyes for a moment once again as I heard the faintest moan coming from the other room. “I bet they are going at it again, those women” I thought to myself and smiled.

I looked around the room for my pants which were nowhere to be found. I flipped through the covers and pillows on the floor; nothing. Go figure. “Oh well,” I wrapped the sheet around myself and walked down the hallway.

The living room was a mess with a piece of red lingerie hanging off the back of the couch, one… two pairs of panties on the floor. One of them was light blue with ruffles and the other red which appeared to be torn. I recognized the red pair as I noticed the sex dice in the middle of the room and the handcuffs lying next to it. “Good god. Someone had a fun night last night.” I followed the sound of the moans, which lead to out front.

Wait. Out front? It’s broad daylight, in a subdivision.

As I walked towards the front door I felt the cool fall breeze flowing through the cracked window. “I love the fall; the weather is always perfect for sex in the park.” I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, but never out front of a house during the day.

I opened the door as I peeked around the corner, half expecting Dave to be drilling Amy while Jessie laid back and fingered herself.

I see Jessie lying on her back on a cushion while being fed strawberries by Amy. Jessie loves berries of any kind. That would be where the moans are coming from.

“Morning guys” I said as I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and yawned.

The rays of sunlight hit Jessie’s bare legs so perfectly as my eyes wandered from her toes up her legs and over her near-see-through pale nightgown to her hard little pink nipples which were barely noticeable under it all. Amy was wearing a white fluffy bathrobe as she sat cross-legged on the floor with a strawberry in her hand reaching towards Jessie’s mouth.

My mind wandered to the night before; bending her over the bed fucking her and her squirting all over my hard cock.

I felt myself rise under the sheets as Amy glanced up at me. Her eyes caught mine as she smiled, her small tender hand so gracefully running over Jessie’s thigh. I watched as her eyes floated down my bare chest and to my man parts, which were halfway erect at this point, making a fairly noticeable tent in the sheets.

“What? No pants?” Amy said as she giggled to herself. “Oh please, like you are wearing any” I replied, as I assumed she wasn’t.

She watched me turn away from her as I thought of the repercussions of just letting the sheet fall and bending her over my wife and fucking her silly right then and there. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she said as I laughed to myself.

I smelled the sweet fragrance of home brewed coffee wafting from the door behind me. “Morning all” I heard Dave say as he patted me on the shoulder. “Interested in some morning brew?” he said as he handed me a cup.

I thanked him and said “How’d everyone sleep last night?” as I glanced towards to the two ladies. “We didn’t sleep… much” Amy replied with a sly smile on her face while she noticeably eyed Jessie. Jessie rested her hand on Amy’s leg and rubbed her thumb in a circle, obviously turned on by the thought of staying up all night.

I wish I would have stayed up, but good god those women wore me out. Three times in one night? Geez, I was spent.

Jessie stood up and walked towards me “Good morning to you too babe,” she smiled and kissed me on the cheek as she slipped her arm around me and walked past.

“I love morning sex, I wish these girls weren’t so tired or I would tear them apart right now”

I was half tempted to start rubbing on myself under the sheets while watching Amy sit there and eat her breakfast. She would never even know…

“What are you staring at?” Amy said as she obviously noticed me zoned out watching her.

“Nothing!” I quickly said. “Uhuh” she replied as she stood up and got right in front of me. I felt her slip her hand under the sheet and grasp my half hard cock. Her soft hand slowly rubbed up my shaft, pulling it harder and harder as I placed my hand on her arm.

“You have an… amazing cock” she whispered as she kissed me on my neck. Her tongue graced the top of her lip as she smiled at me with her big eyes.

“And you have an amazing body. I want you, right now” I said as I returned the whisper. I ran my hand down the open part in her bathrobe, barely touching her skin. I felt the goosebumps on her arm as she withdrew her hand from my shaft and said “Let’s go inside.”

As we walked in the door I heard moans from the kitchen, and it was definitely not the strawberries this time. I looked over my shoulder at Amy, who had a big goofy grin on her face.

She let go on my hand and ran ahead of me to the kitchen then went around the corner. I walked in to see Jessie sitting on the counter top with Dave’s head between her legs. One of her hands on his head, the other grasping the countertop. I felt immense pleasure as I watched my wife moan with passion as Dave slipped a finger inside her.

Amy walked up next to me and placed one hand on my butt then started slowly rubbing her hand in circles. I felt the tent return as blood rushed to my groin.

Jessie shuddered as she obviously began to cum for Dave, her body lurching back and forth spasming with pleasure as she grabbed onto his hair and wrapped her legs around his head. Dave looked over at me and said “Come finish the job” as he slowed his hand movements.

My cock was at full mast, and ready to go. I dropped the sheet, walked over and shoved my hard cock into her pussy.

“Why does my wife always feel the best?” I thought to myself as the thick wetness of her juices surrounded me. The tightness of her walls made me immediately want to cum inside her.

I placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her hip as I thrust myself all the way inside. I felt her hard, tight nipples rub against my chest as I pulled her body to mine. Holding her close I felt her body continue to cum as I finished what Dave had started; her vagina massaging my cock like a professional masseuse as I slid in and out of her.

I saw Dave out of the corner of my eye drizzle lube on his cock as Amy sat on a chair and started playing with herself. Dave walked up beside me and grabbed my wife’s ass and pulled her off the countertop. “The fuck is he doing” I thought to myself as I immediately shifted my hands to her legs to help support her.

Dave grasped her hips tightly and slid her down on his cock – right up her ass. She moaned in pleasure, however, the moans turned to deep, passionate animalistic sounds as Dave and I hoisted her up and down.

“This shit only happens in pornos! Mind if I tape this?” Amy exclaimed as she pulled out her phone.

Jessie moaned in pleasure as we slid her down deep on both of us. “Do it!!” Jessie said in one breath as she breathed out heavily, her words thick with pleasure.

Amy took the phone and slid up under us getting what I imagined to be a great view of two hard cocks going deep into my wife’s pussy and ass. Jessie started to cum again as I strained my muscles holding her tight.

My cock felt amazing in this new position; I could get deep. Real deep. I couldn’t feel Dave’s cock sliding in and out, but it definitely made her pussy tighter as it grasped my cock not wanting to let it go as I fucked her.

I set Jessie down on her feet as Dave pulled himself out. “Your turn Amy,” Dave said as he took the phone from Amy and gave it to Jessie.

Amy looked amazing in her white bathrobe as my eyes undressed her in my mind. Her beautiful, full, lush tits peaked through the opening in her robe as she turned her side to me. Her fragrance wafted towards me; wildflower and strawberries. Subconsciously my mind was going wild for this girl. She turned me on, almost as much as my wife did. I didn’t think it was possible, but with this woman, it is.

My cock stayed rigid and hard as I watched the robe fall to the floor, her butt facing towards me. “Such a perfect ass; round, tanned and a bit of bubble to it” I thought to myself as I obviously stared.

Amy started to bend over, but halfway to the floor she said “Let’s go to the bedroom, I have an idea.” She started to walk towards the bedroom as Dave said “What’s the plan?” She simply looked over her shoulder and smiled at him as I caught her glance.

She was beautiful. An easy 10 for any guy, or girl for that matter. Her hair had a light shimmer as she walked through a ray of light coming through a window and walked down the hallway away from us. My mouth felt dry as I watched her ass move with the grace of an angel into the darkness.

I entered the bedroom as she stood by the bed. “Ok. You lay here” she said as she pointed at me. I laid down on my back as my cock stood nearly straight up; hard as ever.

My cock yearned for Amy to sit on it and ride till it blew its load deep within her. Amy hopped on the bed and climbed on top of me then laid down. Her breasts were still full even when pressed hard against me, her eyes mere inches from mine, and her breath of strawberries…

She kissed me as she slid down on my shaft. I was so hard she didn’t even have to maneuver it in. I grasped her ass and pushed her all the way down. I felt the bed bounce for a moment as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock.

I glanced around her; Dave was straddling mine and her legs and was sticking it in her ass. I felt her pussy tighten and loosen as Dave fucked her. I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy as I felt her breath quicken with mine.

Sweat dripped from her forehead to my chest as Dave grasped her around the neck and pulled her up towards him. The cool breeze from the window soothed my chest as I realized I had been holding my breath.

I exhaled and started fucking her hard; balls deep, every time. I felt her walls tighten as she coughed; it was almost too tight. Jessie stepped on the bed – “How can she join?” I thought to myself as she came over and placed her pussy right over my face.

I started licking Jessie’s pussy as Amy sat straight up on my cock and started grinding on my shaft. I felt the weight on the bed shift so I assume Dave pulled out. “I don’t know what’s going on” I thought to myself as my cock was obviously being either sucked or fucked.

God it felt so good as I felt myself getting ready to cum.

“Oh shit – fuuuuck yes.” My cock pulsed once… twice… then I felt the hot cum starting to flow into Amy.

“Fucking dam…” Jessie pressed her pussy deep into my mouth, cutting me off. I grasped her legs tightly and sucked on her clit; her body shuddered and tightened as I felt her cum.

I was still cumming as I felt the world spin around me even though I couldn’t see it. I heard Dave start groaning as Jessie lifted her pussy off my face. Dave was spraying his cum into Amy’s mouth as she was still riding my cock.

“God yes, please tell you are still taping” I said as I looked over at Jessie sitting on the side of the bed with the phone in her hand.

She nodded.

“What an amazing morning” I thought to myself as I heard rain start to beat against the window, which was still cracked. I felt my cock sigh in relief as it slowly started to retreat out of Amy’s pussy. She just sat there, slowly moving back and forth almost as if in a trance. Cum was still dripping off her lips as she reached her hands up and pushed her breasts together then started rubbing them.

“My god what an amazing woman” as thoughts racing through my head suddenly came to a halt. “Jessie?” I glanced over at Jessie leaning against the wall.

“Is everything ok?” I asked as I noticed her trembling slightly. “I’m good. Just hungry” she said as she put her hand on her stomach.

“Let’s get cleaned up and grab something to eat, maybe order some pizza?”

She nodded and walked out of the room. I looked up at Amy, who was still gliding back and forth on my half hard cock – she smiled. “Want me to stop?” she said. “Yeah… I need to go make sure Jessie is ok.”

Jessie slid off and laid next to Dave, who appeared to have fallen asleep. Again. I walked out of the bedroom looking for Jessie “Jessie” I called out with no response.

I peeked into the bathroom – nothing. I quickened my steps and turned into the kitchen “Jessie? There you are. What’s wrong?” She looked over her shoulder at me, bare naked. I noticed the small tattoo she got on our honeymoon, a little beluga whale on her lower left hip. We both had a matching one. “Just hungry; like I said.” I half smiled at her and placed my hand on her lower back.

“Ok – there is something wrong. I really want to have some time with just Amy. We both love fucking you and Dave obviously, but we really want to explore each other as well ya know?”

I stared at her for a second before responding.

“That’s perfectly fine; I didn’t know you were into women this much.” She took a bite out of a banana she was holding, “I didn’t realize I liked women until now. I figured it was always a thing of just playing around, but I feel like I have a real connection with her.” I nodded at her.

“Well, you two will have plenty of time together later, Dave and I are going to the swing club down the road if that’s cool with you.” She replied “Sounds good to me! That would be awesome.” She smiled, turned back around and started looking at her phone.

I headed back to the bathroom and rinsed off, cleaning off sweat and cum from the past several hours. I felt good. I felt really good. In fact, I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

The bathroom door opened, and there stood Amy. Beautiful as ever, she stepped toward me and smiled as she slid her hand over the shaft of my cock. She kept walking past me as she hopped into the shower, still watching me with those big beautiful eyes of hers. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she shut the curtain and turned the shower on.

I headed into the bedroom to see Dave wiping himself off with wet wipes “Hey man, swing club tonight?” He looked over. “Sure, sounds good. There’s a theme I think; should be fun!”

I nodded at him and proceeded to find my pants half slipped under the bed. I dressed myself back up and looked in the mirror. “That’ll do” I told myself as I ran my hand through my hair.

I walked out to the living room and glanced back in the kitchen. Jessie had her hand on Amy’s leg while Amy sat on the countertop. They appeared to be deep in conversation as they both burst out laughing.

The last thing I remember is sitting on the couch with my phone in my hand because the next thing I knew, Dave was shaking me awake “Hey man, want to head out to the swing club now?” I groggily looked at him for a moment “Sure, let’s do it. Wait – wait time is it?”

I looked down at my phone, “Damn, 8pm. When did that happen?”

I looked around “Where’s the girls at?” I asked Dave. “They are in the Jacuzzi out back having some ‘girl time’ I guess.” as he quoted with his fingers. We both laughed as I snatched up the keys off the counter top. “Let’s do this” I said as we headed out to my car.

We pulled into the parking lot, “Geez… this place is packed tonight. It’s never this busy!” Dave exclaimed as I looked for a spot to park the car. I heard the deep bass hitting my chest as we neared the club. I watched as I saw two women walk out of the darkness towards the front of the building, both brunettes, and fine. I couldn’t get a good look at them, but they were wearing leather. “Kinky,” I thought to myself as I adjusted myself within my pants.

We found a parking spot right around the corner and parked the car. Dave hopped out as did I and headed to the entrance.

The rain started coming down harder as I pulled up my jacket and ran with Dave to the front. They checked our ID – good. I glanced at Dave, “Ready?” He nodded as I stepped past the bouncer and walked inside.

The music was blaring inside as my eardrums slowly adjusted to the sound level. The entry room was dim as I looked around, but the music was coming from the next room over. I nodded at Dave towards the door. We walked through and saw the dance floor, “Oh yeah. This is why I like swing clubs” I thought while I stood in the entryway to the dance floor staring straight forward at what appeared to be a couple swinging.

I looked around and suddenly Dave wasn’t next to me. A wave of panic rose over me as I looked nervously around for him. I caught eyes with a brunette across the room; the same one walking into the club earlier.

My heartbeat rose as she stared across the room at me. She was wearing a two piece leather suit. One piece was covering her breasts with the middle part open, exposing most of her cleavage, which was huge. At least a double D. The second piece was a small leather strap that covered her pussy and ass then wrapped around her thighs. She was stunning; a beautiful curvy woman with all the right moves as I watched her sway with the music.

I walked over to her, my mind had completely forgotten about Dave. “Hey sexy,” she said as she obviously looked me up and down. “Mind if I touch?” she asked.

“Of course” I replied, unable to say no even if I wanted to. Her body was tight and tanned, perhaps of some sort of middle eastern decent. She grabbed my hand and lead me over to the shadow box a across the room. “Wanna have some fun?” she said as I watched her big beautiful ass move in front of me. God I want to smack it so hard then rip that leather off and kiss down sexy chest to eventually lick her sweet nectar from her pussy.

“Hey, you – wanna have some fun?” She asked again.

“Oh. Yeah, let’s do it.” I replied nervously. Jessie must have known we were going to hook up with other people tonight. That’s what happens in swing clubs. We’ve talked about it in the past, and agreed we could swing if we wanted to, but always wear protection. Always.

I climbed into the shadowbox as the tempo of music changed, so did the lights behind us. I felt my body start to move with the music as I closed my eyes and ran my hands down her sides. “What’s your name” I asked as I felt her grasp my groin.

“You can call me Ash” as she looked up at me with her brown eyes. I felt her slip her hand down my pants and feel for my penis.

I placed one hand on her head and the other on the wall as she found it. “Ohhh… yeah. There you go,” I said. She pulled my jeans down to the floor, leaving just my boxer briefs on as she kissed down my chest and on my boxers. I felt myself harden for her as she slid her soft hands on my groin.

She rubbed her hand on my chest then slipped it right down under my boxers; her hand fluttered around the tip of my cock, and then fully grasped it with her palm. She held tight as she stood up and kicked my jeans out of the way.

I looked around as the music tempo picked up beat into some kind of techno as the lights flashed from light to dark; her body seemed to jump around as she tightly held onto my cock.

“So many new experiences this weekend, it’s going to be hard to go home tomorrow” I thought to myself as I felt my boxers slide down my legs.

“Oh god” I muttered under my breath as I felt her tongue start at the base of my cock and work its way up my shaft slowly. I watched her between the flashes as my entire body felt electrified by the music. I felt my cock enter her mouth as suddenly everything felt warm around my shaft.

“I personally believe having my cock sucked is the best feeling in the world, especially if she is using her hand up and down on my shaft…”

 “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I said as she grabbed my shaft with her hand and stroked it as she was sucking. I felt her tongue lick up and down my cock within her mouth as I felt my body gathering energy to cum down her throat.

She pulled her mouth off me at the last moment as I felt unable to control myself any longer. She bent over, revealing her pussy to me. Good god. It was clean shaven. “Holy fuck” I said as I got down on my knees and placed my entire face in her pussy. I licked around the opening, my tongue searching for her spot between the flashes of light.

One hand grabbed her leg, the other on her ass as I felt her body tremble. “There…” I found her spot. I felt her knees weaken as I licked in tune with the music, making swirls and crosses with my tongue. She tasted amazing, like sweet sugar cane with a hint of cinnamon.

I stood up, my cock raging hard as I placed my hand on her back and slipped a condom over my cock. I held my other hand on my shaft and moved it around her pussy. I ran my tip over her clit then up to her hole, then her clit again, and then slipped it into her. I felt her body lean forward even more as I held her in place, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her.

The lights flashed around me as I moved my hips in tune with the music. My raging hard cock slid in and out of her tight pussy as I fucked her. She whipped her hair around then looked at me as she placed one hand on the wall. “Harder! Deeper!” she yelled as I held her ass tight and fucked her harder and harder. I felt my balls slapping against the front of her pussy as I rammed my all the way in. Her walls tightened as I felt her cum on my cock, her wet juices squirting all over my sack and dripping to the floor.

I kept fucking her hard as she came, even though she was trying to push me off her. Her orgasm was intense as she came harder and harder, “Don’t stop, fuck me like you mean it you asshole!” she screamed at me as I grabbed her ass so hard with my fingers.

I felt my nails dig into her skin as I pushed my body to its absolute limit; sweat dripped from my forehead onto her ass in front of me. I saw her bag on the floor with a vibrator sticking out of the top, so I quickly leaned over, grabbed it and circled it around her anus. She must have felt it as her body shuddered again and I began to slow down.

I slid the vibrator into her ass and clicked it on. “Fuck” I exclaimed. I could feel the vibration on my cock, which felt… ungodly amazing. There were no words to describe the amount of pleasure I was in.

I wiped the sweat from my brow and grasped both hands on her ass again. She looked back at me “Want to finish up?”

I stared at her then wrapped her long hair around my hand and held tight. “You wanted to get fucked, time to get fucked like a woman,” I said as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rammed it into her ass with the dildo. “Fuck me!!!” she screamed as the music drowned her out before it even left our little box. My cock ran up and down on the dildo within her tight asshole as I fucked her harder and deeper.

I felt my cock tingle then swell and before I knew it, I was cumming inside her ass. She must have felt it because she started moving her ass faster and faster against me as I came.

The vibrator rubbing up and down on my cock, tightly pressed against the walls of her ass made me completely lose control of my orgasm.

I kept cumming and cumming; it seemed like minutes as I continued to fill her up. I looked down at the vibrator between the flashes and saw my white cum coming out of her ass every time I thrust my cock deep into her. “Fuck that was hot.”

I slowly pulled out the dildo and savored the feeling of my cock in her ass as I kissed down her back. She turned and looked at me as she stood up.

“Thank you for that,” she said as she smiled, picked up her bag and leather then simply walked out of the shadowbox.

“Well. I guess that’s that.” I thought to myself as I slipped on my boxers then jeans back on.

I stepped out of the box and looked around for Dave… “There he is.” I spotted him across the room slouched in a chair; which he appeared to be passed out of course.

I walked over and bumped his hand – “Hey man” I yelled over the music. “You ok?” I said. He looked a bit woozy; I wondered if he was drinking. “Yep, just drank a bit too much, too fast” he replied as I noticed his hand around a bottle of whiskey. “Let’s get you home” I said as I helped him up, then to the car.

I drove Dave back to the house; he was asleep the entire way as I thought about the club. Short and sweet; just how I like it. I pulled into Dave and Amy’s driveway as I looked over at Dave passed out in the seat next to me.

“He’ll be fine here; I’m not dragging his ass back into the house causing a scene.”

I hopped out of the car and headed to the door. Walking in I noticed it was oddly quiet; I figured they wouldn’t be asleep quite yet as it had only been a couple hours since I left. I quietly shut the door behind me as I walked towards the bedroom. I peeked in; nothing. “Hmmm…” I went to the back door as I flipped on the lights in each room. “This is so odd, where could they have gone,” I thought to myself as I looked out back. The back lights were off as I peered into the darkness.

I opened the back door and stepped outside; I heard the Jacuzzi jets running “I bet they are fooling around in there still.”

The air was quiet and still outside tonight with a faint trickle of rain coming down in the cool air. I walk up and see Jessie sitting on the corner of the Jacuzzi while Amy sat inside.

“Hey guys, there you are!” I said as I walked up.

Jessie turned “Hey babe how was the club?” I smiled at her as I slipped off my pants and boxers then climbed into the Jacuzzi. “Great, it was a good time. Dave is passed out in the car drunk.” I said as I laughed.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed Jessie had her long hair pulled up in a bun with little tendrils of heir curled in front of her face. God I loved it when does that, it always turned me on.

I noticed neither of the girls was wearing anything as the jets turned off and their breasts floated to the surface. Jessie’s nipples were hard as the foam from the jets cleared and gave way to a clear view to the bottom of the Jacuzzi. I noticed Amy’s hand was moving between Jessie’s legs as she moved closer to her.

I scooted close to Amy as she reached over and turned the jets back on; the sound drowning out any moans the neighbors could have heard. I slipped my hand between Amy’s legs as she spread them open for me. Her pussy was soft as it had been soaking for hours.

“I can’t believe we have to leave in the morning” I thought to myself as I ran my finger up and down her slit. I felt my cock rise within the water, the water flowing around my shaft felt good as I was immediately hard and ready to go.

I felt Amy’s hand wrap around my cock; her thumb rubbing the tip. I slipped my other hand around her neck as I pulled her head closer to mine. The scent of strawberries still lingered on her breath as her lips neared mine. I felt her lips brush against me once… twice… then her tongue entered my mouth as my cock hardened in her hand.

She grasped tighter on my shaft, her thumb twirling around the head. It was almost too much pleasure as my legs straightened out across the tub. I felt her hand start to slide up and down on my shaft, her wrist twirling back and forth as she stroked. Her pulled her hand out from Jessie’s pussy then put it up to my mouth; she slipped it in. “You like that?” she said as I tasted my wife’s pussy on her hand. “God yes; fuck me now” I replied as her hand stroked harder on my cock.

I pulled myself out of the Jacuzzi and sat on the edge as Amy placed her hands on my hips. I lifted my head to the sky as I bathed in the steam rising around me, with the cool air on my back and the light rain on my face. I felt the tip of my cock suddenly grow warm, then slowly down my shaft and finally all the way to my sack.

I shuddered and grabbed her head with my hand, leaving my other to steady myself from falling off the side. “Right there…” I said as I held her head between my legs firmly. I watched as I saw Jessie reach to the side of the Jacuzzi and grab something.

She turned around and stood up then put something around her waist. Turning around she had a strap on placed on her hips with a decent sized black shaft sticking out the front. “Niiiice” I said as she placed herself behind Amy and pushed the strap on inside her.

I felt Amy’s throat suddenly tighten around my cock as she tried to push herself off me. I held her head tight as the feeling was so intense. I released and let out a deep breath as she moaned loudly looking back at Jessie. I leaned forward and kissed Amy deeply as Jessie fucked her from behind; her tongue twirling around mine as I reached down and grabbed her tit.

I twisted her nipple as she cried out in pleasure. “I want your dick, now” she said to me as I watched her sexy lips curl into a devilish grin as her body moved forward and back as Jessie pushed the shaft deep into her.

I leaned back again as she grabbed my cock and stroked it hard; jacking it off like a guy does right before he’s about to cum. I felt her mouth back on my cock as she furiously started sucking and moving her hand up and down on my shaft grasping tightly. Her mouth tightened around my cock as she moaned loudly over the sounds of the Jacuzzi.

I watched as my wife grabbed Amy’s ass as she fucked her with the strap on, she smiled with glee; I could tell she was having fun.

Amy moved her mouth to the tip of my cock and sucked hard. “Fuck she is sucking hard” I thought to myself as she milked my cock for all the cum held inside. “Cum for me, I want to taste you, god I want to taste you right now, please… please…” she said as she lifted her head then put her head back down on my cock.

I the cum rise within me as the intense pleasure didn’t stop. She kept stroking my cock and moaning as my wife fucked her from behind. I felt her mouth so wet and tight around the tip, I wanted to cum so badly for her. I felt my cock harden in her mouth as I felt all my energy drain into my cock, then release.

“Ohh…. Yeah.” I whispered as I released into her mouth. She kept milking my shaft for every drop of me into her mouth as she moaned and twirled her tongue around the tip.

“I had to have you just one more time” she said she licked her lips. Jessie kept fucking her as I slouched deep into the Jacuzzi and smiled at her. I felt my eyes close as images of the weekend flashed through my mind. “This was one of the best weekends of my life; I hope they had fun too…” I thought to myself as my mind drifted into darkness…

I awoke. Looking around, I immediately notice it’s still dark outside. “Wait – where am I?” Bed… pillows… Aha.

I felt a body next to mine, soft and warm. I snuggled closer as the cool breeze from the window chilled the room. I smelled the faint scent of strawberries and cinnamon. Knowing full well where the cinnamon was coming from, I knew Jessie was eating the berries this morning. Being Jessie, she probably continued eating them all afternoon if they were around. I ran my hand down her side; her skin so tender and fragile. Slipping my arm around her I ran my hand over her stomach, down to her hip then resting on her leg. As much sex as I’ve had over the past couple days I couldn’t help myself from wanting to just flip her over and fuck her till we both passed out from exhaustion.

“Hey… babe… wake up” I whispered in her ear.

I kissed her on her neck, and then slowly licked my tongue around her earlobe. “Go back to sleep, we have a long drive tomorrow… I’m still sore from yesterday” she replied, sounding slightly annoyed.

“Ugh. Fine. I should sleep anyways” I thought to myself as she shifted her position. The sheets slipped off her breasts as she now laid on her back in the bed; in the moonlight they had rested perfectly unmoving with quarter sized nipples in the center. God I wanted her so badly right now as I felt my blood start to flow; filling my shaft, which was more than ready to slip between her legs.

“I’m never going to be able to fall back asleep” I thought to myself as I subconsciously ran my fingers over my cock. I slipped my hand down between her legs, lightly running my hand over her panty line as I thought about how much fun a quicky would be right now.

She flitted my hand away “Stop it; I’m trying to sleep, go jack off or something. God…” she whispered under her breath.

I felt the sudden late night urge to use the bathroom, so I got up out of bed, fully naked of course, and then walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Pulling out my still-hard cock, I struggled to pee for a moment, trying to think about something not sexy to get it down.

There we go; flaccid and peeing. I turned off the light and felt a hand slip around my waist, pulling me close to them. A warm tongue slipped into my mouth as a hand grabbed onto my shaft. “Amy?” I whispered as I withdrew from her deep kisses as felt the body.

I ran my hand down her chest; she was wearing a light nightgown of sort, filled with firm breasts and two tiny hard nipples. As she stroked my cock she whispered in my ear “I heard something, so I came to see what it was; I’m glad it was you.”

Before she finished her sentence I pushed her against the wall as she wrapped her leg around mine. I twined her fingers between my own as I pulled her nightgown up and slipped my hard cock into her tight pussy. I felt her wet walls surround my shaft as I went deeper and deeper into her. I heard her gasp as I grabbed her hip tightly with my other hand. I pulled out then thrusted hard into her again.

“Oh god, hopefully I don’t wake Jessie up,” I thought to myself as I heard the loud thump of me fucking her against the wall.

I pushed the thought from my mind as the pleasure was too good to stop at this point. Feeling her hand grasp mine so tightly brought me a sense of comfort, passion and erotic pleasure as I pulled myself from her and pushed myself deep into her again.

She massaged my cock as I held myself deep within her and felt her start breath quicken against mine. Her breath continued to quicken as I pulled my hand from hers and felt down between her legs.

I felt for her button as her entire slit was soaked; I’m sure we were making a mess on the floor too. “Oh well.” I felt her tense around my cock as her breath suddenly stopped.

“There we go…” I thought to myself as I found her spot. I pushed her clit between two of my fingers and rubbed them together as her she continued to not breathe.

I couldn’t see her face, but god I wish I could because I’m sure she was cumming at this point. I felt her hot breath against my neck as she wrapped both arms around me and held me tight within her, my cock still within her. I stayed deep inside as I pulled out ever so little, then pushed back in. As I made these small movements she continued to cum for me as I rubbed her clit.

“Please, don’t stop” she whispered as she was barely able to finish her sentence. I held her against the wall and thrusted deep into her once again, feeling her inner being as my shaft was completely enveloped by her.

I would stay here forever with her and Jessie if I could, god why do we have to leave today.” I thought to myself as she breathed heavily on my neck.

Her hair tickled my face as she slowly licked my upper lip then bit it lightly. “I want you in the living room, I have to be too quiet right here with your wife just behind that door” she said. “I’ll be right there” I replied as I withdrew my cock from her and shut the door to Jessie’s room.

I walked into the living room from the hallway and flipped on the light. There was Amy, looking as sexy as ever with a wispy see-through flowered nightgown on. She was sitting on the corner of the couch, her long curled dark hair a mess as she smiled at me.

“Turn the light off, it’s more fun” she whispered across the room.

That’s all the image I needed as I felt my body heat up in anticipation. I flipped off the light and grabbed my cock, stroking it lightly getting it ready for her. I felt my way over to the couch as my eyes began to adjust. I made out her silhouette as our hands met each other and I pulled her face close to mine. “God you are beautiful” I said as I slid my hand down her neck.

I ran two fingers down between her open nightgown, starting at the top and unbuttoning each button; kissing her chest with each one. When I got to the bottom, I spread her legs as she sat on the end of the couch. Kissing down her thigh, closer and closer to her pussy, I noticed something was off.

She shaved; completely.

“I like this surprise” I thought as I slid my tongue down her opening between her legs. I could smell her sweet fragrance as my tongue slowly slipped deeper into her slit.

I felt her hands grab the top of my head ever so lightly as I heard light whispers of a moan coming from above me. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy as I rubbed my thumb in circles on her clit.

The moans grew deeper as I pressed harder with my thumb; her juices were all over my face as I licked up her pussy to her clit. Pressing harder with the flat of my tongue onto her then flicking upwards, I slid my finger deep within her, rubbing the upper part of her insides.

“God… fuck yes…” she said, as she held my head in place.

I slid a second finger in then with my free hand I lightly started stroking myself as the taste of her drove me wild. I felt like I could no longer control myself; this woman had me completely under her spell.

She was a succubus; my succubus. At least for tonight…

I kissed up her stomach to her soft, firm breasts. God, they were perfect. She moaned with pleasure as I continued to milk her pussy with my fingers and rubbing her clit with my thumb. I licked softly around her nipples, teasing her.

Looking up at her I finally caught a glimpse of this angel as her body was lit up by the moonlight through the window.

Smiling down at me she said “Fuck me like this is the last time we will see each other.” Unsure by what she meant and hoping she was kidding, I grabbed her tits hard and put my face right next to hers “You better be joking, but either way… I’m going to fuck you good.”

I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up, placing her on the couch. I pulled up her nightgown as I spread her legs, exposing her pussy right in front of my throbbing cock.

I rammed my cock into her all the way without thinking twice. I immediately went straight to fucking her hard without build up. I felt her juices running down my leg as she clenched her teeth “That’s it. Just like that, fuck me like a real man” she gritted.

I pushed myself as fast and hard as I could, pounding her pussy like it was the last time I would ever fuck her. I saw her head tilt back in the moonlight.

“She’s going to scream!” I grabbed a pillow on the couch and pushed it into her mouth as I held her hip with my other hand and kept fucking her.

I felt her body tighten and release as her pussy massaged my cock with her muscles. I felt myself sweating and dripping all over her chest as I threw the pillow off her and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue into hers; twirling and curling in a frantic frenzy as she came all over me.

I felt her spray her cum all over my legs as her body shook violently. Her lips curled into smirk as she pushed me backwards onto the floor so I was on my back. Still on my cock, she sat on top of me, pushing herself back and forth with her knees.

I looked up at her as her tits were bouncing… mesmerizing me. Grinding my cock deep within her, I felt her tighten and loosen as she came. “I could never get enough of this woman” I thought to myself as

I felt myself start to cum. The world seemed to shatter around me as I stared deep into her eyes, her breasts slowed as they rose and fell as she rode me. I reached up and grabbed her chest, rolling her hard nipple into my hand.

I felt myself shoot deep inside her, once… twice… three times… four… “Jesus” five… I gritted my teeth as I came. …six. “Fuck.” I whispered.

Looking down at the base of my shaft, the rest was inside her as her pussy slid up and down my groin. Her juices dripped down to me as she started to slow her movements. Resting her head on my chest she looked up at me and smiled.

She rested her hand on my shoulder and we both breathed out deeply…

“I’m really falling for you” she said to me, leaning forward ever so slightly as I imagined in my head her cute little smile in my mind. I felt her hair tickle my face as she laid her head back down on my chest. Smiling to myself I closed my eyes and drifted off into sleep.

I awoke to the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway. “Well good morning you two!” I hear Jessie say as I open my eyes to her standing above me. I had apparently fallen asleep on the couch, naked of course, with Amy still on top of me.

“Good morning back to you,” I replied groggily. “I’m glad you two had fun last night. We need to head home here shortly; we have a busy week ahead of us” she said as I caught an underlying tone of annoyance in her voice.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, “Alright, lets get our stuff together and head out then” I said looking down at Amy still passed out on top of me. I ran my fingers through her hair; it was so soft and still smelled of her conditioner from the day before. I didn’t want to leave, no, not at all.

“Hey babe, wake up” I whispered into her ear smiling to myself.

“Well hello there” she whispered with a little smile. Being this close to her face I noticed a light dusting of freckles around her nose. “You are too flippin’ cute” I whispered back and kissed her on the nose. She snuggled up closer to me and said “You have to leave today; ugh! This sucks.” I held her tight for a moment before releasing her to get up.

“We have a busy week, I need to get home and get back to work” I said as I thought about how much catching up I had to do.

I was a writer, I write romance columns for a newspaper company just outside of New York City. I’ve won a few awards and love my job; however, today I desperately hated it. I knew Jessie wasn’t too eager to go home either as she would have loved to stay another day as well. Jessie is a preschool teacher for a local school near where we live and loves working with the children, but always comes home tired, which can be annoying if I’m home writing about romance all day, getting myself worked up…

“My bags are packed, are you ready?” she said. “No, not at all” I replied as I shifted Amy off of me and walked towards the bedroom. I glanced around, picking up some of the clothes that had been thrown around on the day we got here. “Give me a few minutes and I can be ready” I called out to her, picking up the last few things and throwing them in the suitcase. “There. I think that’s it,” looking around one last time, then closing the suitcase and walking back into the living room.

“Where’s Dave?” I said looking at Amy then glancing over at Jessie. Amy shrugged her shoulders as Jessie piped up “He texted me this morning. He got called into work, but I managed to say goodbye as he came in and kissed me this morning.” I nodded as I thought to myself “That’s too bad; I wanted to thank him for being such a gracious host.”

“Sorry we have to pack up and run” I said as I looked down at Amy sitting on the couch, still in her nightgown. “God she is just too cute!” I thought to myself as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

She still had sex hair from the morning; it was all frizzled around, looking sexy as ever. “It’s ok. You guys have to get back to your life. Maybe Dave and I can stop by here soon. Fortunately you don’t live that far” she said as she gave me a half reassured sad face. I tried to force myself to smile but I just couldn’t manage it.

Jessie walked over to her and hugged her as she whispered something in her ear. Stepping back they smiled at each other “We’ll see you guys soon, thank you for everything” Jessie said as she picked up her bag and walked to the door.

I walked over to Amy as she stood off the couch. She slipped one arm around me, and the other to my neck as she said “I’m so glad we met you two, I’m really excited to see what the future holds.”

I looked into her eyes as I put by my hands on her neck and tilted her head up to mine. “Me too” I replied. I leaned down and felt our tongues touch as I slipped mine deep into her mouth. We twirled around on each other like playing a game of cat and mouse as I slipped my hand up into her hair.

“You are so fucking amazing, I can’t wait to see you again. I’m missing you already” I said as I felt her hand slip down my pants grabbing my half hard cock. “I’m going to need this again here soon, so I don’t think you will have to wait that long” she said as circled her thumb over the tip. I was immediately hard as I stepped back from her and picked up my bag.

“Goodbye love” I said as I slipped out the front door and closed it behind me.

Driving home was quiet and somewhat awkward as Jessie seemed to be lost in thought as did I. As we were nearing the city I piped up “I’m really going to miss them.” Jessie looked over at me as she broke concentration from driving.

“Me too. But it will be good to be home. Next time they can come to our place and stay for a few. Fortunately Amy works from home too, so they could even have an extended stay if they like. We have the room for them.” I nodded to her as I lost myself in thought again.

I was excited to get home as I missed my girlfriend, Allyssa. We have been together for almost 3 years now and haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks due to her being out of the city for work. She got home today too, so we planned on hanging out shortly after we got home. Jessie was going out with her boyfriend as well, which left me with the house.

“Finally, we’re home,” Jessie said as we pulled into our driveway. We have a condo just outside New York, on a high rise overlooking the city. Being on the 110th floor had its benefits.

Jessie looked over at me, “Go on up, I know Allyssa will be here soon. I’m going to go over and see Mike.”

I hopped out of the car and grabbed my bag from the backseat, “Sounds good babe, love you, have fun and see you tomorrow.”

I walked into the building and took the elevator. Turning around the corner as I got out, I saw Allyssa standing right in front of our door. “Hey!!” she said, running up to me and nearly knocking me over as she hugged me. “Well hello to you too!” I said as I embraced her.

Allyssa’s body felt great as I looked her over. She was in leather, head to toe. Leather jacket, leather pants, the works. I noticed her helmet on the floor; it looked new. “New bike or just helmet?” I said as I started walking with her to the door. “Both! I’ll take you for a ride later,” she replied as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door.

“We have all night, I’m excited to relax and take it easy. Our date went well, but I’m glad to be home,” I said as I looked over at her. She turned towards me, her short brown hair bouncing as she did. “Not too easy I hope,” she said as she gave me a devilish grin.

I opened the door to our condo as the lights flicked on to a low dim. The sun was just going down, leaving a reddish yellow tinge to everything in the room. The condo was spotless; Jessie must have done some serious cleaning before we left. The books on the shelf were neatly placed with care, the kitchen was wiped down and the hardwood floor shined.

Allyssa spun in front of me and kicked the door shut with her heel. “Now it’s you and me time,” she said as she slipped her finger in her mouth. Her black nail polish was sexy as it went well with the leather and red lipstick. I watched as she turned towards the bedroom and disappeared around the corner. “It’s going to be a fun night,” I thought to myself as I slipped off my light jacket and set it on the floor with my bag, walking to the bedroom. I flicked on the light as I turned around the corner.

She was lying in the bed on her side with her jacket on the floor along with her boots. Fuck she was sexy.

I walked over to the bed, “Stop,” she said firmly. I stopped.

“Turn around.” I turned around.

I felt an arm reach around me, grabbing my groin firmly. “Did you fuck her? Amy?” my mind raced “I did, many times, and it was fucking good, her pussy was soft and tight. I came for her over and over all weekend.”

“You’ve been bad,” she said as she squeezed on my big black cock tightly. She pushed me forward over on my hands and knees. “Don’t fucking move,” she said as I heard her grab something off the floor.


My ass tensed as I felt her spank me with what felt like a piece of leather. “How hard did you fuck her?” she asked firmly.

“I fucked her so good; she was amazing in bed and out of bed, I really like her,” I said as she pounded on my ass with the leather. It turned me on as each hit on me left my ass feeling raw.

She reached under me and unzipped my pants, pulling out my thick dark cock. Firmly wrapping her hand around my shaft, she started yanking on it, up and down.

“My cock; not yours, mine,” she said as she held me.

I felt her unbutton my pants as she quickly pulled them down to my knees. She reached between my legs, grabbed my sack and squeezed; “You like that?” she said as she squeezed harder. I let out a little yelp as she pulled on my cock, which was fully erect.

“What was that?” she asked. “Yes master, just like that, you make me feel good…” I said as she started stroking my cock. I felt her let loose of my sack as a finger slipped into my anus. I shifted. “Don’t move!” she yelled as I felt the finger turn into two. “Did I tell you to speak?” she said. “Forgive me master,” I replied as she pulled her fingers out and pushed me over on my side. “Lie on your back; right now,” she said firmly. I rolled over to my back.

She grabbed my cock roughly and slipped her mouth over the tip as she stroked the shaft, up and down. God it felt so good; my ass and sack twinged with pain as she pushed her mouth all the way down to my groin. “God, fuck yes” I said as I reached up and firmly held her head on my cock.

I wrapped my hand in her hair, pulling it hard towards my face. “Kiss me; right now” I said as I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth. Her tongue slipped around mine and for the first time I felt a little bauble on hers. I pulled her head away, looking in her mouth as it dripped with saliva. “Tongue ring… nice” I said as I pushed her head back down on my cock.

“Use that fucking ring; lick my cock,” I said as I pushed her head up and down on me. I pulled her head up “Who’s the master now?” then I shoved her back down on my shaft, feeling my cock fully go down her throat as she gagged.

“Bend over that bed, right now,” I told her. She turned towards the bed, and as she did I whacked her hard across the ass with my hand. “I’m sorry master! Forgive me,” she said and bent over the side. I grasped her leather pants and pulled them down to her knees exposing her pussy.

She shaved; nice. “Time to show her who is boss.” I grabbed the leather strip and smacked her hard across the ass, immediately leaving a red mark. “Who’s your master?!” I yelled at her as she lay bent over the bed. “You are; you are!” I dropped the strip and grabbed her ass with both hands. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but not yet. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, I ran them in and out. She moaned deeply, like an animal in the forest as I shoved my fingers deep inside her.

I pointed my fingers downwards as I grabbed a two pronged vibrator off the side table, flicking it on with my thumb; I slipped it into her pussy. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled as I pushed the vibrator deep inside her with my fingers alongside it.

The second prong was flitting around her anus as I fucked her with my hand, her pussy squeezing tightly around my fingers, pressing them together. God she was tight. She’s normally not this tight, but tonight… fuck. This is going to be good.

I left the vibrator in her pussy as grabbed my cock and stroked it fully hard. I drizzled lube on my shaft and pointed it directly at her anus. I whipped the backside of my hand across her ass, leaving a mark. Holding my cock tightly, I slowly pushed it into her ass. The vibrations from the dildo felt amazing on the underside of my shaft as I slipped myself all the way inside her.

Holding her hips in my hand I slowly pulled back out until the tip was just outside her anus, then rammed it back inside her “OH god!” she exclaimed. I pulled myself out again, quicker this time, and then pushed myself back inside, savoring every moment.

Allyssa was amazing, in and out of bed. She’s the kind of person that would do anything for anybody, especially if it made them feel good. I was the same way, which worked well for both of us.

I pulled myself out of her and grabbed my cock, pushing it up inside her pussy with the vibrator. “Ohhmmmyyy god,” she whispered as I slowly pushed myself deeper and deeper inside her. I felt her walls tense around the tip of my cock and shaft as her juices ran down my sack. I held onto her hips tightly as I started wildly fucking her, pulling in and out faster and faster.

“Shit, I’m going to fucking cum so god damned hard,” she said as she turned around and looked at me. Her body shuddered as I felt her muscles tighten. She reached over and grabbed my wrist as her pussy sprayed all down my groin.

The vibrator was pulsing on my cock; it was almost too much, it was just right. I felt my shaft tense; “Oh shit, I’m going to cum.” I looked down at her ass and slipped my thumb in. I stopped moving as I felt myself cumming inside her. “Ohhh god yes…” I whispered as she slowly moved her pussy up and down my cock.

I groaned deeply I filled her up. Her pussy was so tight around the vibrator and my cock. As I looked down, I saw our cum mixing together and soaking my shaft. “God that’s so fucking hot.”

She pulled herself off of me. “Welcome home sweets,” she said as she pulled the vibrator out and set it on the bed. “I missed you a lot too,” I replied as we pecked each other with a kiss.

I did miss her a lot. Amy was a lot of fun, but I really missed the dynamic Allyssa and I had. We seem to really just ‘get’ each other.

“Let’s go rinse off,” she said as she hopped off the bed.

I glanced at the clock as I headed towards the bathroom; 8:45pm.

She stepped in front of me as we walked into the bathroom, her short hair bouncing slightly as she stepped into the shower. “Coming?” she asked as I caught myself staring.

When watching Allyssa I tend to lose myself in thought as I stare at her amazing body. I caught her a couple weeks ago doing the same thing to me after I had fallen asleep.

I stepped into the shower and turned it on; the warm water ran over us both as I slipped my arm around her waist.

She looked at me square in the face “I have a fantasy I would like to explore with you” she said with a bit of a twist in her smile. The last time she mentioned a fantasy I ended up with a rubber band around my sack and a cucumber in my ass.

“I’m down for trying something new; you name it.”

I turned her around, grabbed the bar of soap and ran it over her back. “I want you to fuck me while I’m asleep tonight,” she said. “Oh god – now that is a fantasy I can deal with.” A smile slowly crept across my face I imagined myself licking her and fucking her as she slept. “I think I can do that,” I replied as I ran the soap over butt.

Turning around in the shower a few times ran the sweat right off me, “Want to order in?” I asked, hoping she just wanted to go to sleep. “Nah, I’m not too hungry honestly.”

My mind wandered to Jessie as I thought about her sleeping with Mike. Mike was well endowed as I once had a threesome with him and Jessie a couple months ago. He sure knew how to pleasure her; almost better than I did. I felt a bit of jealousy slide up within me as I saw his hard cock fucking my wife’s pussy all night, pounding her and pulling her hair then cumming all over her face and tits. I shook it off.

I turned around and looked at Allyssa, whom was still naked and now laying on the bed doing something with her phone. “I’m going to step outside,” I said as I slipped on my pants and threw a jacket on. Heading outside through the living room, I slid open the sliding door and stepped out on the balcony.

The city skyline was beautiful as I stood there on the balcony; the lights lit up the darkness as far as the eye could see. The breeze blew my jacket open, cooling my body from the hot shower I just stepped out of. God it felt amazing. I spread open my arms and closed my eyes as I took in the cool fall air. “Ahhhh… Life is good.”

I heard the Allyssa step up behind me as she spanked my butt lightly with her hand and giggled. “Everything ok? She said. “Yeah, I’m good,” I replied as I sat down on a bench we had outside. “Sit with me,” I said as I tapped the bench.

“How are you feeling about us?” I asked her bluntly.

“Good; I love you. You are everything I want in my life, besides my husband. I’m very happy with how things are going and where our relationship is right now. Why? How you are feeling?” she replied.

“I’m happy too; I just wanted to check in. You know I like to know where your head is at with things. Polyamory is nothing without good communication, so I would hate for something small to come between us,” I said to her as I pulled out a smoke and lit the tip. Taking a long drag I let the smoke blow out into the wind as I crossed my legs and kicked my feet up on the balcony rail.

Polyamory is very difficult without good communication, honesty and respect, which I have with all my partners. It goes the same for Jessie’s partners as well.

“In all seriousness, how did this weekend go with Amy and Dave?” she asked as she reached for my cigarette.  “Everything went well; they are both good people with good values. Dave and I had some bonding time as did Jessie and Amy, whom I think they really fell for each other, but who knows at this point.”

I knew Allyssa liked Jessie, but they hadn’t had to chance to get to know each other yet; mostly because of bad timing. I was hoping we would all get to hang out together tonight but Jessie wanted to go see Mike simply because they hadn’t seen each other in so long. Understandable.

“I’m exhausted” she said as she took a drag from my cigarette and handed it back, nearly burnt to the filter. I finished the last hit and set it in the ashtray. “Let’s head inside, I’ll give you a massage, I know riding around all day can put a lot of stress on your back hun.”

She smiled at me; my heart fluttered for a moment before retreating back into thoughts of how the night will go after she fell asleep. I stood up and headed back into the bedroom. She followed me, laid down on the bed, slipped her clothes off, then laid down on her stomach on the bed.

“Get my shoulders, they are tight,” she said softly as I heard her immediately start breathing deeply. I felt myself start to rise within my pants as I envisioned this night going from a little massage into something a lot kinkier.

Grabbing some massage oil off the nightstand; I drizzled some on her back, then rubbed it in with my hands as I sat on her butt.

“How does that feel? Harder? Lighter?” I whispered as I ran my hands up and down her back. She had an amazing tan across her entire body. I noticed she didn’t have any tan lines. I almost said something but I immediately remembered she likes to go to the nude beach over near Jersey some days. “Little harder, especially on the shoulders,” she moaned deeply as I pressed hard into her muscles. “Like that?” I said. “Perfect. Thanks for rubbing me, it feels good to have your hands on my body, I really missed you a lot babe,” she replied as I ran my hands down her back and over her butt.

I grabbed her firm ass with both hands as I felt rubbed my hard cock on her ass. God I wanted to fuck her right then and there. “Just hold out; it’s going to be a fun night,” I told myself.

Minutes later she turned over on her side, snuggled a pillow between her arms then started snoring lightly with a little smile on her face.

I figured I’d give her a few minutes before having some fun. She always slept the deepest right when she fell asleep I knew; so better earlier rather than later. I pulled out my phone, flipping through pictures of the weekend as I slipped my pants off and laid in the bed next to her.

I came across the video Amy gave to me, from the night when we were fucking on the bed; god that was so fucking hot. I clicked play as I ran my hand over my shaft.

I watched myself and Dave as we picked Jessie up and ran her up and down on our cocks. The video panned underneath of us as I watched us both penetrate my wife at the same time. Her juices were running down our cocks, my shaft going all the way inside her pussy with Dave’s cock inside her ass. I watched the video, stroking myself and thinking about how hot the entire night was.

My mind veered off track as I thought about how sexy it would have been if Allyssa would have been there too. “Maybe someday…” I have always had a fantasy about being involved in a polyamorous orgy, where everyone was involved with each other in some sort of relationship.

Looking over at Allyssa, laying there sleeping; I stroked myself thinking about what she had said earlier. “Hey if she wants me to fuck her while she sleeps; that’s what she is going to get,” I thought to myself as I crawled over behind her.

I ran my hand over her side, feeling her soft skin as the ambient light from the city out the open window lit up her butt. She was soft from the lotion, and firm from all the riding. It mixed together well to provide for an amazingly perfect body. Coupled with her phenomenal personality and great connection we both had with each other; we were truly happy. I slid my hand over her ass and squeezed firmly, savoring the feeling.

Grabbing myself I felt for her pussy… there. I moved my cock into place as I slipped my arms around her, grabbing her tits.

I ran her tight nipples between my fingers as they grew from soft to hard. I felt myself grow within her as I massaged her breasts, “I love you…” I whispered in her ear. My cock was fully hard within her as I felt her walls squeezing against me with each breath; her juices surrounding me, pulling me deeper inside her, enveloping me.

I pulled myself out of Allyssa, her pussy grasping onto my shaft, not wanting it to go then pushing back in, my head making the way for the shaft, spreading her open. I held onto her hip as I slid myself in and out of her as I kept tabs on her light snores. I grabbed her tits tighter as I fucked her; her nipples rock hard between my fingers as I rammed my cock deep, holding it there as I felt myself wanting to cum.

She stretched her legs as I held my cock inside her pussy. Not wanting to wake her, I stayed there for a moment, not moving and holding my load. She rolled over on her back, so I pulled out quickly and moved backwards. I released my breath as I realized I was holding it. “Wheew. She’s still asleep.”

I heard her resume her breathing pattern; the light snores being a dead giveaway.

I moved in front of her, slowly spreading her legs as she lay there unmoving other than her chest rising and falling. Grabbing my cock and stroking myself, I slipped two fingers inside as I felt myself harden.

I laid down on top of her lightly as I slipped my shaft inside; the wetness surrounding me once again. As I felt her chest rise and fall, I slowly ran my tongue across her breast, then around her nipple; it hardened and pressed my tongue upwards as I licked on it. I pulled my cock out then pressed it back inside her slowly.

God I wanted to fuck her hard so badly. I kissed up her chest to her neck, and then licked up to her ear; running my tongue around her earlobe.

I felt her begin to wake up.

“If she is going to wake up; I’m going to wake her up right,” I thought to myself. I rammed my cock inside her hard, pulling in and out as I roughly grabbed her tits.

Biting on her neck awoke her from her slumber as she grabbed my hip and moaned deeply. “Yes… deeper, please…” she whispered as I felt sweat drip from my forehead down to her chest.

I sat up on my knees, pulling her pussy up onto my cock as I felt her walls tighten around my shaft. “You like that?!” I asked firmly as I held her hips tightly pushing and pulling her on and off my cock.

“Take it; you will take it just how I like it!!” I yelled as I looked down at her tits jumping up and down with each swift movement of her body. I pulled her up to me so we were embracing then with my thick shaft still all the way inside her, I grabbed her head with my hands and pressed her face into mine, kissing her deeply. I felt her walls constrict around my cock tightly, then tighter… and tighter. “Fuck,” I barely managed to say as she replied with the same word, “Fuck…”

I felt her pussy start to cum on my cock as her mouth opened without words coming out. I grinded her on my shaft without remorse as I felt her juices running all over me; I felt the buildup within my cock as I felt the cum ready to blow within her.

I pushed her off of me onto her back as she was cumming; my cock ready to explode. I straddled her chest as I unleashed myself onto her chest, then her face then her chest again, blowing my load all over her.  Everything seemed so sensitive as I came, then she reached up and grabbed my hips. “I want to taste you,” she said, pulling my cock into her mouth as I blew my last shot inside her.

She continued stroking my shaft as every last drop fell into her mouth. “Thank you for that,” she said as she swallowed everything. “Tonight was exactly what I wanted; I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, I’m really glad you were on board. Feel free to wake me up anytime you please.”

I smiled at her as I lay next to her, exhausted. “Perhaps one day you can do the same for me,” I said as I winked slyly.

She reached across me and laid her hand on my cock as she closed her eyes. “Have a good night babe…” she whispered as her sentence trailed off into a quiet snore.

I awoke. “Allyssa?” Looking around she was nowhere to be seen; her bag gone as well. My eyes caught a note lying on the table next to the bed.

Good morning hun, hope you slept well. I got called into work, but I’ll be sure to give you a ring here later. I’m looking forward to tonight. I hope you will still be able to make it. Much love XOXO – Allyssa

“Crap! Tonight is the Dungeon Games” I thought to myself.

The Dungeon Games is a local kink get together below a tavern around the corner. Allyssa found out about it a while back and has been a few times. Tonight will be my first. I was hoping to coax Jessie into coming as well.

I heard a knock then the door swing open.

“Babe! I’m home!” It was Jessie. I quickly grabbed a pair of pajama pants from the closet and slipped them on, then headed into the living room. Jessie was carrying her overnight bag from the weekend as smiled at me, “How was your night? Did you and Allyssa get to hang out?”

“We did! She was actually here waiting at the door when I got home. We had a good night and even got to explore a fantasy of hers. I thought about you and Mike a bit last night; how was your time with him?”

“Good,” she replied, “we met at his place and drank a bit before things got intimate. Everything went well though; you know I like him a lot. Do you have any issues with your feelings? Are you ok?”

I thought to myself for a moment. “Was I ok? How am I feeling about him with her? She’s never had good sex outside of our marriage except for with him, and she’s never really talked about it other than just saying it was good.”

“I feel good about things. I had some emotions start creeping up last night, but with Allyssa to take my mind off you and him, I was able to bypass the emotions pretty quickly.”

I walked over and sat down on our large, leather couch. “I want to try something. Tell me about your experience with Mike. I really want to gauge my feelings and emotions about you having good sex with someone else without me being distracted.”

“I can do that, let me grab something to drink then we will talk. I need a smoke; meet me outside?” she said while walking into the kitchen.

I got up off the couch and headed outside, picking up my cigarettes and lighter on the way out the door. I flicked the lighter as I placed one in my mouth. “Nothing like a morning smoke after a good night,” I thought to myself.

Jessie walked outside as she sipped on something. “Ok. How detailed do you want me to be?” she said as she sat down grabbed a cigarette and lit it. Taking a deep hit she tilted her head back and blew it towards the stars.

I looked up into the sunrise and watched the clouds as I thought to myself, “How detailed… I felt my emotions rise last night when I thought about her getting fucked, but details? Jesus. I never thought about that.”

“Tell me everything” I said, half grimacing.

She took a deep drag and blew out. “We started in the living room; we were snuggling on the couch catching up. With his arm around my shoulder he leaned in for a kiss, so I reciprocated. I grabbed the back of his head and pressed him towards me, kissing him deeply; our tongues flipping back and forth. We kissed for several minutes before he slipped his hand up my shirt feeling my body. I felt myself starting to get wet as his other hand went down my pants. My hips started moving involuntarily as he ran the palm of his hand over my wet panties—”

I cut her off, “I’m actually feeling quite well listening to you tell me how everything happened. If anything, it’s turning me on listening to how wet you were when he was touching you.”

“Continuing on…” –she winked— “I felt myself get wetter as he ran his hands over my panties. I felt his fingers slowly pull them to the side as we continued to make out; his other hand slipped under my bra as he twirled my nipple between his fingers. I grasped the side of the couch with both hands, unable to control my body as I felt energy course through my body; my fingers tingled as I stretched my legs out straight as my toes curled up. Feeling him inside me was amazing; his fingers were twirling around as I had never felt before as a smile crept across my face. I grasped the sides of my pants and pulled them down to my knees then kicking them off with my feet, watching him do his work. His fingers were still doing their thing, making my body shutter as I unclasped my bra and slipped it off to the floor.”

She stopped for a moment as she took a drag on her cigarette “How do you like my story?”

I smiled, “Love it; keep going, please.”

“He pulled my panties down to my knees and ran his thumb in circles on my clit as I felt him penetrate me with his fingers. I felt his fingers go deeper into me as my body convulsed in orgasm. He pressed his thumb hard on my clit as he arced his fingers within me, milking my spot.”—she looked at me and smiled—“I came for him harder and harder as he slipped his pants down to his ankles and got on his knees in front of me as I laid on the couch. He pulled his hand out and grabbed my hips as he plunged his cock deep into my pussy. Grabbing his ass, I held him inside me as I came on his cock.” –She took a drag on her smoke then flipped it off the balcony—“I continued to cum as he ran himself in and out of me; my juices were running down my leg as he fucked me.”

She looked down at me and smiled, “Jesus,” I said as I noticed myself running my hand over my crotch as she was telling me about her evening. “So what happened next? Do tell.”

“I felt him fucking me harder and harder; which he does just before he is about to cum. I felt his cock straighten within me as his balls slapped against my ass. His cock pulsed once… twice… then the hot cum started to fill up my pussy as he slowed his movements. I watched as he fell forward onto me, grabbing my tits in his hands and squeezing hard as he continued to pump his load into me. I was turned on so much I felt myself start to cum as well as my walls tightened around his cock, squeezing it tighter and tighter. My body trembled with pleasure as he finished, then I told him I loved him. Lastly he then grabbed my head between his hands and drew me in for a deep kiss.”

I lit another cigarette as she sat down next to me. “That was hot” I said as I smiled at her and put my hand on her neck, kissing her lightly on the lips.

“I’m glad you thought it was hot, but what are you feeling? Jealousy? Any insecurities? I know for me, I occasionally feel insecurities, possibly even jealousy when I think about you with Allyssa. I think the reason may lie in the fact that she is able to provide you things that I cannot, such as the whole kink thing you two have going on. You know I’m not a big fan of that kind of sexuality, but still, I feel like you may want her more because of what she can provide that I can’t. Know what I mean?”

I stood up and stretched my arms upwards as I thought about what she just said. “I do have some insecurity in the fact that he is able to pleasure you so greatly, however, outside of sex… I’m really not feeling anything about it other than happiness for you. I’m happy you are able to find enjoyment out of our relationship because there will be things that I simply can’t provide to you, and it’s true. I mean… can any one person completely fulfill the desires of any other one person?”

“That’s true,” she replied, “I suppose it would be foolish to think that one person can fulfill everything that another person needs within the bounds of a relationship, even needs outside of sex of course. I know I’m a morning person and you prefer to sleep in late, so it’s nice to know I can have morning coffee with someone else and not have to feel like an ass waking you up to have that need met.”

“Exactly!” I replied enthusiastically, “So when it comes down to it, sex is only one piece of the relationship, and my need for the sort of kink lifestyle that Allyssa has, is able to be met by her. This way you don’t have to feel pressured to enter into that sort of lifestyle with me and I won’t hold resentment towards you for not doing so.”

I felt like the conversation was making good progress; we were both getting our feelings out there. It’s been a long time since we were able to talk this intimately, but within polyamory, open communication and honesty is key to making things work.

“Allyssa has a thing for you,” I blurted, not thinking twice. “She’s mentioned a couple times now she would like to have an evening with you and me together. I’m actually going to be going down to the Dungeon Games here shortly if you would want to come with me. I know you aren’t really into that kind of stuff, but it may be fun to come. You two may connect.”

“That would be cool with me, I don’t have any other plans tonight and I’m not really in the mood to be hanging out by myself right now. When are you heading over there?”

“I’m heading out here in about,” –I looked at my watch—“30 minutes, give or take. I’m going to go jump in the shower now, want to hop in with me?”

“Sure, I’m going to finish his smoke then I’ll be right in.”

I nodded and stood up. “Good talk, I’m glad she’s coming tonight. Hopefully they bond together and are able to have a good time. I know Allyssa really isn’t into the whole Dungeon Games, but at least she will be able to get a feel for Allyssa and see if there could be any sort of relationship or connection there.”

Making my way towards the bathroom I felt myself getting excited for the night ahead of me while still thinking about the conversion we just had. “Jealousy is a difficult emotion to get past if misunderstood or simply felt for the first time.”

Walking into the shower, I turned on the water and put my face into the stream. I heard the sound of the door closing from the balcony as I soaped myself up and rinsed off. The shower door slid open as Jessie stepped in and put her arm around my waist, positioning herself under the water with me. “Hey babe,” she said as she smiled.

“Hey to you too; you sexy thing you,” I replied as I tickled her side and laughed. “I love you, thanks for talking with me about all this stuff, I know it can be difficult, but I think it’s for the best. I’m truly happy for once in my life. This polyamorous lifestyle is really amazing; I just don’t think some people are built for monogamy.”

“Agreed,” she said as she ran her hand down my chest and pulled me close to her. “Of all the people I’ve been with, I want you to know you’ve been the best,” –she grabbed my butt— “sexually and emotionally of course!”

I felt her slide her hand down to my cock and grabbed it firmly. “Want to have some fun before we go out tonight?”

I laughed, “Of course, when have I not wanted to have fun with you.” I felt her hand hold tighter on my shaft as her other hand grabbed onto my sack, slowly massaging me. “You sure are amazing with your hands babe.”

Her hands moved swiftly and firmly across my cock as I felt myself harden. Her face withdrew from mine as she got down on her knees. I watched as my head entered her mouth, then slowly the shaft, all the way to my groin. “Ohhh… shit,” I whispered as my entire body tingled with excitement. Grabbing her hair, I firmly held her head in place as I felt my cock rubbing against her throat.

She pulled it out and stroked my cock slowly then looked up to me and smiled “Just like that?”

“Just like that babe,” I said as I pulled her head up to mine and kissed her deeply. I grabbed my cock and flicked it up and down her pussy. She moaned as I focused my tip on her clit. I ran my head in circles on her spot as she embraced me, our tongues dancing within each other’s mouth.

I slowly ran my cock within her, then back out and in again as she moaned with pleasure. She pulled back and bent over against the far wall, then backed her pussy onto my cock. “God you feel so good, why is it that you feel better than anyone else I’ve been with?” I asked as she slid her pussy back and forth on me.

“Emotions babe, we have a great connection. In the past, anytime I’ve had a one night stand with someone I didn’t have a lot of emotions for other than sexual chemistry; the sex has been decent but not great. I really think a deep emotional connection is what makes sex so good, at least for me anyways.”

I thought about it for a moment, “I bet she’s right. It makes total sense.”

Grabbing her ass, I pulled her all the way against me as I felt my shaft straighten within her tight wet pussy. Her walls constricted on my cock as I felt myself wanting to cum. She moaned again as she pushed herself off me then rammed it back on. She started fucking me harder and harder as I watched her start to play with herself as we fucked.

Her walls were my cock harder as I felt her start to cum, “Cum with me! Oh god, cum with me!” she yelled as she grabbed my leg, wanting it deeper. I held tightly on her ass and slipped my finger into her anus as she came. I felt myself gathering energy from every part of my body as I started to release within her.

“Fill me up, oh god, yes fill me up,” she half moaned as I squirted deep inside her. I lifted my hands off her butt as I felt her slide up and down on my shaft. My body immediately felt drained as my half hard cock was still inside her.

“I really needed that,” she said as she stood up and wrapped her arms around me then kissing me on my neck. I felt her hand wrap around my cock again, slowly stroking the shaft as her thumb pressed tightly on my front vein.

“Let’s finish up, we need to head out here shortly,” I said as I kissed her on her forehead. I turned around in the shower and rinsed off.

I hopped out of the shower, grabbed the towel and dried off. Walking out of the bathroom, I glanced back at her as she washed herself. The water ran down her tight body making a stream between her tits. “God she is such a beautiful woman; how did I end up with such an amazing person?” I thought to myself as she caught me staring.

She smiled back at me; I returned it as I walked into the bedroom, my mind now focused on what to wear for tonight. “I need something sexy and dominant.”

I grabbed a tight black button down out of the closet with a pair of my favorite jeans. I slipped them on and looked in the mirror. “Not bad…” Grabbing a silver bracelet and small chain necklace, I put them on and looked in the mirror again. “Perfect.”

I heard Jessie turn off the water and get out of the shower. I walked into the bathroom, “Thoughts?” I said as I turned around for her.

“Looks good! I’m planning on wearing my loose red top with lingerie underneath, just in case I want to join in,” she said smiling ear to ear as she dried off her hair.

She walked into the bedroom as I sat down on the bed and watched her get ready. As she slipped into a black with red lace lingerie she turned looked at me. “I like it, the frills are sexy as fuck,” I said. She picked out a short black skirt from the closet, stepped into them and pulled them up to her waist.

“Yes?” She said.

“Oh yeah,” I replied as she bent over exposing her slit to me. “No panties?”

“Nah, I figure if we are going to this event, I may want to have some fun too. I love it when my skirt is pulled up and someone just starts fucking me.”

I nodded as I watched her put on her red top. It was a see-through top that revealed the sexy lingerie underneath. Just enough to get someone turned on while still hiding all the important parts. I walked up behind her and spanked her ass hard as she was adjusting the top.

“Oooh!” She yelped. “I’m going to put on some makeup. Want to give Allyssa a ring and see what time she is heading over?”

“Sure. I’ll be in the living room whenever you are ready.”

I headed into the other room while dialing Allyssa on my phone. Holding the phone up to my ear, it kept ringing, and ringing; finally voicemail. “Hey Allyssa, we are heading over to the Dungeon Games, see you there hopefully,” I said.

“I wonder if Allyssa is bailing, although she’s not one to bail. She always gets so excited about these Dungeon Games and we have been looking forward to this one for quite a while. Now that I got Jessie coming, if Allyssa bails it could be kind of awkward. I won’t know anybody,” I thought to myself as I slipped on my shoes and sat on the edge of the couch waiting for Jessie.

“Alright! I’m ready!” Jessie said as she came around the corner.

She picked up her purse off the floor and the keys off the entry table. “Let’s do this.”

Jessie looked good. Real good. I noticed the dark red lipstick she put on, which she never uses unless she’s really trying to impress someone. Her red top went well with the black eyeliner she put on too.

I looked over myself one more time, “We both look great tonight! I’m excited. I couldn’t get a hold of Allyssa, but she should be there. She always says she shows up early to these things, and it should be starting about now.”

We walked out the door and Jessie closed it behind us, turning the key in the lock. I followed her down the hallway to the elevator, “Want to see if Amy and Dave would want to come hang out this weekend?” I said as we walked into the elevator and started heading down.

“That would be great, I miss Dave a lot. I was considering on meeting him halfway tomorrow to grab a bite to eat.”

I grabbed her hand, twining our fingers together, “Sounds good to me, I’m cool with that. Have you two been talking much?”

“We talked on the phone a bit today on my way back to the house from Mike’s place; other than that, we text a bit here and there. Is that cool?”

“Yeah, it’s all good,” –I smiled—“I just wanted to know how much you two have been talking. I haven’t spoken to Amy since we left, but I miss her a lot. As a matter of fact, I should shoot her a text right now.”

I pulled out my phone and started texting Amy: Hey babe! How are things on your end? I’ve been thinking about you since we left and I still can’t wait to see you again. Perhaps we can all four get together this weekend? xoxo

I slipped the phone back in my pocket, glanced at Jessie, and walked outside to the car, hand in hand. Jessie jumped into the passenger side as I sat down in the drivers.

Jessie looked good. Real good. I looked over at her as she rolled down the window and we pulled out of the parking spot. Everything always had to coordinate with her, which is partly why I fell in love with her to begin with. She had a sense of style that just… separated her from everyone else. She would be that person walking down the street in the outfit that everyone else wished they could rock as well as her.

I pulled in to a parking spot, just a couple blocks from our condo, “We’re here,”—I looked out the window at the small tavern—“Ellio’s, let’s do it! Wait, there’s Allyssa!” I spotted Allyssa walking into the tavern.

“Allyssa!!” I called out over the traffic; she turned then looked my direction and waved. She was holding hands with her husband, a tall African American man dressed in a full suit, jacket and tie. He was muscular and from the looks of the guy, he knew style. His tie was silver as was his watch and shoes. Everything about the guy screamed money. Guys like that tend to bug me.

Allyssa ran through the traffic carefully as she came towards me, “Babe! Hey!”—she glanced over at Jessie—“Jessie! Why hello there again friend!” She hugged me then walked over and embraced Jessie. I noticed Jessie’s embrace was slightly longer than mine as I shut the car door and locked up.

“Shall we head in?” I said and started walking across the street as the light changed. Both Jessie and Allyssa walked quickly behind me.

Allyssa was dressed well too, although she wasn’t wearing what I would expect to an event such as this. Her outfit consisted of a one piece dress, all dark red, with red leather boots and a red leather neckpiece. The neckpiece was a leather strap, wrapped all the way around her neck with two circular silver rings; one on each side. “Fucking sexy though, as always,” I thought to myself as I watched her walk in front of me.

I jogged up to her husband, “Hey there,” I said as I reached out with my hand and he grasped it firmly with his right.

“Hey, we’ve met before, it’s been a while, but I think you guys were at that party a few months ago. You may have been drunk. In case you forgot, I’m Josh,” he said as he followed his words with a laugh.

“Probably, we like to party from time to time and you can’t party without a good drink. Well, it’s good to see you again man, ready to have some fun?”

Everyone nodded as I walked up to the door and held it open. I took up the rear as I followed Jessie inside. “Down this way guys,” I said as I pointed towards a stairwell just inside the door. I saw a poster on the wall at the top of the staircase, “Join us for Dungeon Games! A monthly kink get together just below Ellio’s tavern.”

I looked down the hallway, it was dark as the musty smell of a cellar crept up my nose and the damp feeling of an old basement surrounded me. My mind raced, “This should be interesting, I’ve never to been to an event like this before, but shit, why not now? Both Jessie and Allyssa will make the event a good time, whether or not the kinky stuff is for me or not.”

I ran my hand along the damp wall as I heard the muffled sounds of erotic play coming from down below. As I walked down the stairs my eyes began to adjust slowly; the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling along with broken roots cracking their way through the concrete gave everything an eerie feeling.

I reached the bottom of the stairwell, with everyone else just behind me. Directly in front was a large metal door, “Was I supposed to knock or simply just open?” I put my hand to the door and pushed. A loud grating noise echoed up the stairwell as I slowly opened the door; it was heavy.

“Need some help?” Josh piped up.

“Nah I’m good,” I replied as I opened the door all the way.

Looking inside, I was taken back by the sight. The room was large, filled with people and noise. Along the walls were red candles flickering shadows around the room. As I watched, I saw several contraptions, tables and a few beds. I noticed chains hanging from the ceiling as I nearly walked right into one then brushed it out of the way.

“HEY! Welcome! I’m Rob!” I jumped as a short man, in his 30s, with a long black beard, naked except for a leather neckpiece walked up beside me and boomed right in my ear.

“Hey? Thanks?” I replied quizzically. “I suppose you are the welcome crew eh?”

“Sure am, let me show you guys around. I know this place can be a bit… overwhelming the first time,” he said as he looked Josh up and down with the hint of a smile on his face.

Jessie piped up, “Great, sounds good!”

Allyssa walked up beside me and leaned in, “We are going to go walk around about. We’ll catch up with you two in a bit after your tour.”

I nodded to her as I followed the guy towards a hallway on the right. “Right this way guys, try to keep up, I’ll make this quick.”

Jessie and I took each other in hand and put a bit of jump in our step as we walked up next to Rob. The sounds were intense as moans of pleasure, screams of pain and whispers of defiance seemed to simply echo and surround us with a thick wall of confusion.

“This is the grub room, there’s a sign up form to bring food to each event here”—he pointed at a notebook on the table—“and if you’re hungry, please feel free to grab a bite to eat.”

There was a large circular table in the center of the room covered with various types of food from burgers to macaroni and cheese. 2 liters of soda and bottles of water were lined up another another table on the far wall. The walls and ceilings were bare in here, but the lighting was better at least as there were white candles strewn around the room. It smelled of a damp basement still, but coupled with food, it still made me hungry.

We walked back down the hallway we came from. “Ok, back to the main room, we’ll go to the center so I can show you a few of the fun things we have going on from one spot. Tonight is primarily bondage; we have different recommended themes every month to attract different crowds.”

He walked to the center of the large, square room. It was much bigger than I initially thought as the shadows gave it a sense of being much smaller than it was.

He pointed to the right corner of the room, “Typically the water play area is over there as you can see with the drains, hoses and planks. Over there,”—he pointed to the next corner,—“that is the primary place for bondage, as you can see we put large wooden boards on the walls with various styles of chain, rope and leather for playing with.

There are tables against the wall with toys as well. If you have any questions about how to use anything, let me know.” I nodded.

“Next we have a kind of ‘anything goes’ area as per the beds on the floor. Be sure you throw down a fresh set of sheets if you want to get kinky though, unless you want to play on someone else’s juices, which is perfectly fine!

Lastly, the final corner is for group play. If you go into that corner, anyone can join in, asking or not. We don’t allow going into that corner unless you sign a waiver. Other than that, feel free to socialize, make some new friends, grab something to eat, join in, and make yourselves feel at home guys! Welcome!”

“Thanks Rob, we appreciate the tour, we’ll let you know if we have any questions. We are pretty new to this kind of stuff, so I’m sure there will be questions!” I said then followed with a laugh. He nodded to us and walked away toward the hallway where the food was.

“I wonder where Allyssa and Josh went off to.” I said as I looked over at Jessie.

“I think I saw Allyssa over at in the bondage area a few minutes ago,” she replied as she nodded in the direction of the bondage. I turned my head and looked; there she is. Allyssa waved us over as I started walking in her direction.

Walking up to the area, I saw several people tied up or chained with their arms up over their heads, some with mouth gags strapped around their head. “Interesting…” I thought to myself as I wrapped my arm around Allyssa. “Cool stuff,” I said looking over at her—“Want to play?”

She looked at me, “Me? Sure. Do you know what you are doing?”

I nodded at her, “I’ve seen some videos online, and it looks like fun.”

Although I’ve never actually participated in bondage, it had always been something that’s interested me. I liked the thought of being the person in charge and tying the other person up then doing the playing, however, I don’t think I would enjoy the helpless feeling of being tied up.

“Jessie, mind if I play with Allyssa for a bit? If Allyssa doesn’t mind, you can play with her too. What do you think Allyssa?”

Jessie looked at me and nodded enthusiastically, “I’d love to watch, possibly even join in, we’ll see!”

“That would be hot, I’m down for playing with you both at the same time” she said as she winked at Jessie.

I grabbed a chain from the ceiling and pulled it towards Allyssa, firmly grabbing her by the wrist and putting one hand into one of the clasps. I clicked it shut then grabbed her other hand, clicking it into the other clasp. I pulled a smaller chain directly beside the larger one she was strung to, pulling her upwards till her feet were flat on the ground in front of me.

I walked over to the table next to the wall. There was just about any sort of toy the mind could imagine, and most of them I had no clue how to use them or what they were for. I picked up two I did know; a blindfold and a ball gag. I walked back over to Allyssa and Jessie.

I slipped the ball into her mouth, and then put the strap over the back of her head, tightening it. “Too tight?” I asked. She shook her head. I took the blindfold and put it over her short black hair and eyes. I twirled her around lightly with my hand, slapping her ass hard as she spun slowly. A muffled groan came from beneath the gag.

Jessie walked up next to me and stopped her from spinning completely as she put her face close to hers and licked up her chest from the top of her dress to her ear. She bit on her ear as she whispered something. Jessie stepped back and slapped her across the face, “Like me now bitch?!”

I could tell Jessie was restraining herself when she slapped Allyssa. I’m confident she didn’t want to hurt her. This was all new to her too, so restraining herself and going slow was probably the best idea. I should probably do the same.

I put my hand on Allyssa’s dress and spun her in front of me so her back was exposed, then unclipped the shoulder straps from the back. Her dress fell to her feet. She was wearing a black satin bra laced with a red frill underneath the dress. I looked down at her body; god she was sexy. I noticed her black panties, also laced with red. As I bent down and looked at them; they were see-through. “Now that’s hot.” I pulled her panty away from her skin, then snapped her with it, walking around her running my hand along her waist.

Allyssa mumbled something.

“What was that?” I said, spanking her ass with my hand. Jessie got on her knees in front of Allyssa, grabbing her panties and pulling them down roughly, exposing her pussy. Jessie spread her lips open and licked between them.

I stood back and watched, “God damn. I like where this is going.”

Jessie grabbed Allyssa’s ass and pulled her pussy into her face as she licked her up and down. I heard deep moans escaping her gag as Jessie licked. I watched as Jessie slipped a finger inside her and started fucking her slowly.

Walking up behind Allyssa, I slipped my hands around her waist and kissed on her neck, stopping just below her ear. I bit down then sucked hard. I felt her body shudder within my arms as I noticed the hairs on her arms stood on end. “She must be enjoying this,” I thought to myself as I felt her nipples in my fingers, rolling them back and forth until they were hard.

Jessie pulled her face from her pussy and looked up at me, “You should show her who is boss, come here for a sec.”

I walked over to Jessie as she turned on her heels towards me. I watched as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Slowly stroking it, she slipped it into her mouth. “Fuck,” I said as I grabbed her head with one hand, and slipped my fingers into Allyssa’s pussy. I felt myself harden within her mouth.

“Go use that on Allyssa,” Jessie said as she pushed me towards her. I grinned to myself as I turned towards Allyssa.

I grabbed her hips and pushed my head into her pussy, my shaft followed as I felt her juices, wet as ever, surrounding me. I felt Jessie smack me on the ass, and then heard her giggle as she walked around behind Allyssa.

Jessie got down on her knees and started playing with Allyssa. I assumed she was playing with her ass.

I grabbed Allyssa’s ass tightly, spreading it for Jessie as I fucked Allyssa. Her walls tightened around my cock as I slipped in and out of her. Her moans became deeper and deeper as I continued to push myself into her. “Fucking take it bitch,” I said as I wrapped my hand around the back of her head and unclasped the gag. The gag fell to the floor. “Oh god yes, fuck yes, fuck me good, I’m your dirty little slut,” she said as I fucked her hard, ramming my cock deep into her pussy.

Josh walked up beside me, “Having fun guys?”

“We are. Want to join in?” I replied as I continued to fuck his wife right in front of him.

“Nah I’m going to head out, you guys mind taking care of Allyssa tonight? I know she has tomorrow off, so she can stay with you guys if you all want. Whatever works.”

“Sounds good man, I’ll let you know.” I thrusted into her hard, pulling her hips against mine.

Jessie got up without word and walked over to the table next to the wall; she grabbed a strap on and slipped it around her waist.

She walked up to Jessie and pushed me to the side. “My turn” she said as she thrusted the dildo into Allyssa’s pussy.

“Who is that?!” Allyssa exclaimed as Jessie pushed herself in and out of her. “Oh god, who… who… oh yes, god, fuck me harder!”

Jessie pushed the dildo in hard, and pulled it out then back in again. I walked up behind Jessie and reached behind her, grabbing her firm tits in my hand.

“Jesus this is so hot, who knew Jessie would be into Allyssa like this? Earlier she didn’t seem to be into her that much. This whole bondage thing is pretty fun too; I think I could get into this event every now and then. Maybe Jessie would be cool with me tying her up next time.”

I heard Allyssa start to moan deeper and deeper. She had specific moans, this was her cumming moan. I knew it instantly; I’ve heard it many times. It turned me on as I felt my cock harden against Jessie’s ass. “Babe, mind if I… fuck you in the ass while you are fucking Allyssa?”

Jessie pulled up her short skirt with one hand, inviting my cock to come play. I grabbed Jessie’s ass as I stroked my shaft with my other hand. I slipped my fingers up inside Jessie, whom was already dripping wet, then grabbed my shaft again, using her juices as lube for my cock as I stroked myself hard.

I slipped my cock inside her, feeling the walls surround me as I moved in motion with her as she fucked Allyssa. I reached around and pushed up her shirt over her tits then pulled her bra down as I grabbed her breasts.

With every movement back and forth I felt her ass squeeze against my hard cock deep within her. Her ass was massaging me, wanting… needing me to cum inside her. I let go of her breasts, grabbed her ass cheeks and fucked her hard as I could. I pushed my body to its limit as I felt her body tremble with pleasure and excitement. “Having fun babe?” I whispered in her ear as drove my shaft deep.

“God yes, this is amazing,” she replied as I railed her ass with my cock, her body moving violently forward as with every thrust.

“Jessie, move to the side for a sec,” I said as I felt myself building up to blow my load. I quickly pulled out and started shooting my hot white cum all over Allyssa’s pussy. I slipped it inside and continued to cum as I slowly pulled in and out of her. God she felt amazing. I pumped myself into her, filling her up as Jessie stood by and ran her hand down my back.

Jessie whispered, “Fill her up. Do it. Blow every last drop inside her.”

My body expelled all its energy as it came, and every last little bit of went all over Allyssa’s pussy, inside and out. I felt myself connect with both Jessie and Allyssa at that moment. I’ve never felt this close to two people at the exact same time. The dungeon seemed to just melt away as I unclasped Allyssa’s hands from the chain. She took off the blindfold and looked at Jessie, whom was standing there with the dildo still on.

“That was you?!” She exclaimed. Jessie nodded, smiling excitedly. “You were amazing! Was that you licking my pussy too?” Jessie nodded again. “I enjoyed you quite a bit; I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for you to taste me.”

I noticed Jessie blush; even in the dimly lit dungeon it was obvious. I watched as the two girls talked with each other, blushing back and forth as they spoke in hushed tones, giggling occasionally. “I can’t say I’m not turned on by you two having fun; I know I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Would you want to come back to our place for a bit? We can sit in the Jacuzzi on the balcony and watch the sun come up.”

Allyssa looked at me and nodded while Jessie replied “Great! It’s settled. Let’s head back.”

“Wait! Right now? I’m not done playing. I want a turn with Jessie,” Allyssa said, smiling with a devilish tone in her voice.

Jessie leaned over to me and said, “I don’t know how I feel about being tied up, you know I’m not one to enjoy being helpless.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to babe; however, it may be a fun experience and give you the chance to try something new. Just know this; there’s no pressure.”

“Sounds good,” She replied.

I looked around the immediate vicinity. “How about this?” I said as I walked over to a table and put my hand down on it. I ran my hand over the smooth varnished wood. I noticed several rings along the side of the table. “Interesting. I may need help with this one…” I looked around for Rob, the guide we met when we came in. I spotted him over in the water play area, watching one guy with another with his arms folded. He appeared to be deep in thought.

I walked over to him, “Hey Rob, mind showing me the ropes?” I laughed at my pun then pointed over at the table across the room. He replied “Of course, who shall be the subject?”

I replied, “Jessie, my wife. She’s the one with the long black hair in the red top.”

We walked over to the table, “Come Jessie, lay here” Rob said as he tapped on the table. Jessie walked over and laid down flat on the table. “Oh please, take off your top and the lingerie too if you like.”

Jessie slipped her red top off, then her skirt and finally her lingerie. She looked stunning. I couldn’t wait to play.

I watched as Rob walked over, grabbed twine from the wall and began tying Jessie to the table. First he tied her wrists together, then her feet. Picking up the blindfold off the ground from earlier, he tied it around her head, blinding us from her.

“Feeling ok?” I asked Jessie as I got right in front of her face. “Yeah I’m good.” She responded, with a hint of uneasiness in her voice. I could tell she was not enjoying this, but she was pushing herself, which I respected.

Rob took the twine and ran it around the base of her breasts, squeezing each one into a bubble as he tightened the chord. He took the last bit of twine and tied her to the table, thus making her body completely immobile.

“Still ok babe?” I asked again.

“Still good…” she replied, with increasing uneasiness. I was sure at this point she was having insecurities about this, but if she wanted to continue, I would hate to disappoint her.

I grabbed a piece of fabric off the table and wrapped it around her mouth, gagging her. I smiled as I did so, and then ran the back of my hand down her neck to her chest, then finally wrapping my hand around her firm, bubbled breast.

Allyssa got up on the table and straddled Jessie, her ass backed up to her face while her hands down on Jessie’s pussy. I watched as Allyssa slipped a finger inside Jessie, then two. She put her head down onto her slit and licked downwards as she milked her pussy slowly with her hand. The chords tightened as Jessie’s body shuddered under the restraints.

I walked to the side of the table and grabbed Jessie’s hand; “I love you babe,” I whispered as I squeezed. Jessie reciprocated the squeeze as I saw a faint curl of a smile on her lips.

Jessie struggled under the tightly bound ropes as Allyssa’s hands picked up speed running her fingers in and out, deeper and deeper with more intensity at every plunge. I felt Jessie grab my hand tightly as Allyssa said, “I want to feel you cum for me, I want to taste you… cum for me my sweet seductress…”

I reached over and fondled her breasts, running her nipples in my hand as I leaned over and licked up the side of her tit. Allyssa hopped off the table and grabbed a two headed dildo off the table along the wall then came back to Jessie and slipped it into her. I lifted my head and watched as she got back up on the table slowly and slipped the dildo inside her as well.

Allyssa slid up and down on the dildo, moaning with each movement as the long, white shaft went deep into her pussy. Jessie moaned under the gag in her mouth almost completely synchronized with Allyssa.

I walked over to the back of the table by Jessie’s feet and slid my cock between them, slowly hardening myself as I ran my shaft up and down through her feet. I grabbed her soles and pushed them together tightly around my cock as I fucked them. The bottom of her feet were soft as I ran the tip of my shaft through her toes then down to her heel. I slipped my hard shaft through each of her toes as I pressed my balls into her soles.

Allyssa bent over towards my cock and grabbed it, pulling it into her mouth as she raised her ass up and down on top of Jessie’s pussy. I kept my sack on Jessie’s feet as Allyssa sucked on my shaft, pulling at it with her hand, wanting the sweet taste of cum in her mouth.

I pulled my wet cock out of her mouth and slipped it back in between Jessie’s feet. With each thrust of my hips my shaft went through Jessie’s feet and into Allyssa’s mouth. Unable to control my urges any longer, I felt myself start pumping the cum out of the tip of my cock, on Jessie’s feet and into Allyssa’s open mouth. I came and came as I moved my hips back and forth between her feet, her soft soles stroking me.

Her toes continued to wiggle around my half hard cock as she ran them up and down my shaft while I stood there. Allyssa laid down on Jessie’s legs, completely spent, with a bit of cum on her chin.

I walked over to the side of Jessie and untied her mouth, then blindfold and finally started working my way around her, pulling off the twine.

“Did you have fun babe?” I asked as I was untying her. “I did, it was good. I don’t know if I would do it again though, the feeling of being completely helpless was not something I particularly enjoyed that much. However I did enjoy you both playing with me!”—She looked at Allyssa, whom was now standing on the other side of the table untying the twine as well—“I would love to have some alone time with you at one point,” she said as she smiled.

“I would like that a lot,” Allyssa replied as she returned smile, “I’m ready to head out now if you guys are. I know it’s late.”

“I’m cool with that plan” I said, exhausted. I slipped the twine off of Jessie, now covered in red lines. “Are you good babe?”

“I am,” she replied, rubbing her wrists. “Let’s head out.”

I slipped on my pants as the two girls put on their clothing then put the toys away. We looked around one last time as we neared the door. Everybody was still going at it, it seemed like the party would never end, even after we left.

I took Jessie’s hand in mine as we walked up the steps, my eyes starting to readjust to the light as we neared the top. I felt her hand squeeze on mine as I lead her upwards. Smiling to myself I thought about the events that happened down below just minutes before. “I hope Allyssa had fun too, I know I had a blast, but if Allyssa and Jessie didn’t… that would really suck.”

We walked outside and headed across the deserted street, which was now lit by the streetlamps. I could see the city lights far in the distance as I looked down the road. A light dusting of snow was on the ground as the air was chilly and brisk. The sound of the leaves fluttering down the road set the mood perfectly as we all hopped into the car, rubbing our hands together.

“Turn it on! It’s freezing in here,” Allyssa said as she shut the door to the backseat. I turned the car on, and then cranked up the heat, even though we were only going a couple blocks.

I pulled the car out and headed back to the condo, “So, any plans for the rest of the night you two?” Looking over at Jessie, I realized she was already asleep. I smiled to myself as I glanced in my rearview mirror at Allyssa, “Well, it may be just you and me,” I said as I laughed to myself.

Allyssa responded quietly, “Whatever you want babe, I have no plans tomorrow. I honestly would be perfectly fine hitting the sack as soon as we get back.”

I pulled the car into a space right in front of the condo, and turned it off. I tapped Jessie on the shoulder “Babe, wake up, we’re here.”

Jessie opened her eyes and opened the car door, “Ugh. I’m not feeling so hot. I’m going to have to go to bed as soon as I get inside.”

“That’s perfectly fine; I think that’s the general consensus. Allyssa is beat too, as am I.”

I locked the car doors then walked around to the other side. Helping Jessie out of the car and to the building was a bit difficult as she was stumbling around. She’s had a lot of sex in the past 24 hours, as had I. “Perhaps it’s best to slow things down a bit and let her body catch up,” I thought to myself.

Allyssa pressed the up button on the elevator as we stood there and waited for the thing to come down. “Mind if I sleep in bed with you guys, or would you prefer me on the couch?”

“Wherever you like hun,” I replied as I looked over at Allyssa, who looked as if she was ready to fall over as well. I noticed her rubbing her wrists as I saw the red marks that the chains left. “I have some ointment for your hands if you remind me when we get inside,” I said as the elevator opened and we all walked in.

We rode the elevator up to our floor then walked to the door, with me helping Jessie the whole way. I fumbled with the key with one hand then slipped it in, opening the door. “I’m going to help Jessie into bed, if you want to shower, go for it, I’ll be in shortly.”

“Sounds good hun,” Allyssa replied in a hushed tone as she set her bag down on the floor and walked into the bathroom.

I heard the shower turn on as I helped Jessie into bed, then covered her up. I kissed her on the cheek, “Have a good night; I’m going to rinse off then I’ll be back in bed with you in a few.”

I slipped off my pants and shirt then walked into the bathroom, opened the shower curtain and got in with Allyssa. “She’s in bed. Poor girl was done exhausted. I hope tonight wasn’t too much for her.”

Allyssa replied, “She’s a strong woman, very sexual and wants to please you, same as me. However, if things were too much, I’m sure she would say something. I know you and her are tight.”

I grabbed the soap and washed myself, then ran it over Jessie’s body. “You are right, if things were too much, I’m sure she would have said something. I just caught a hint of uneasiness in her voice as we were tying her up. I asked her several times if she was ok throughout the experience and she kept telling me she was, but I kept sensing an uneasiness within her voice that caught me off guard. I’m sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow once she has rested and cleared her mind. I know for me, I need a couple days to process my emotions before I start blurting them out. Normally she likes to talk about them right away, but tonight it just felt… different.”

“Perhaps she was just uneasy because it was something so new to her. Has she ever done anything like this before?”

“No,” I replied, “As far as I know, she has only had general ‘vanilla’ sex without any sort of kink play. I’m hoping you are right, I would hate if this turned her off completely towards any sort of BDSM. However, if it did, the great thing about polyamory is that I can still have my kinky needs met by other people such as you.” She smirked at me as she ran the soap over my chest.

“You’re right; being polyamorous has brought many benefits into my life, and not just sexual benefits. I really like being able to flirt with other people and find love outside of my husband. Some people have primary and secondary relationships, but for me, I like to think of everyone as equal. You mean just as much to me as my husband does, it’s unfortunate we can never be married as well,” Allyssa said, smiling to herself as she stood under the water.

I felt the steam enveloping us as the water was warm against the cool air. My mind and body was at home and at peace with Allyssa. If I could marry her, I very well may have already asked her. I knew we were meant to be with each other as our personalities meshed so well together, everything between us seemed to flow so easily. “I wonder if there is any sort of way I can show her how much I loved her,” I thought to myself as I embraced her. Allyssa’s slender body fit so perfectly in my arms as I ran my hand down her back to her tight butt.

I held her closely as I kissed her neck, her body so warm against my own. I grabbed her butt tightly within my hands as I looked into her eyes, “What can I do for you to show you how much I care for you? I want to be bonded to you, such as a marriage is done between two people. My love for you knows no bounds and I feel like we were meant for each other, I would do anything for you Allyssa.” I put my hands on her soft neck with my thumbs reaching up over her perfect jaw.

“I love you too hun; what if we were to get matching tattoos on our ring fingers? This would show our unending love between each other. We could consider it as marriage between us both, a promise.”

I knelt on one knee, sliding my hand into hers as I knelt in the water looking up at her. “Will you join me within a polyamorous marriage between us both? Will you promise to care for me as I care for you?”

Jessie put her other hand on my neck, “I will, let’s go tomorrow and get matching tattoos!” She made a squealing noise as she bounced up and down in the shower, obviously excited.

I reached over and turned off the water, “Let’s go lay in bed, I’m exhausted and we have an exciting day tomorrow,” I said as I smiled at her. She smiled back as I felt an aura of happiness surrounding her. I took her hand and stood up, stepping out of the shower. Grabbing a towel, I wrapped it around her, then one for myself, patting myself dry.

Our eyes met, but no words were needed to explain the feelings felt between us both. My heart fluttered with excitement as I knew hers was as well. I shivered with happiness as I walked into the bedroom and slipped into bed. I scooted my butt over towards Jessie as I pulled the blanket back for Allyssa to slip into the bed.

Allyssa turned around the corner in the dimly lit room; her body outlined by the faint glow of the city lights through the window. I watched her slender body walk towards the bed, every step she took ran ripples of excitement through my body. “God she is beautiful. A succubus in disguise. I can’t wait to bind our lives together tomorrow.”

Allyssa slipped into bed next to me; her body warm to the touch as she pressed herself against my own. I felt her hand touch my hip, then slide down my leg as she grabbed onto me firmly. She whispered softly, “Want to fuck me now? Slip it in, get off, then fall asleep inside me… I want to feel you…”

Her hand made its way down to my groin, slowly wrapping around my shaft and stroking it lightly. I felt her thumb move in circles around the back of my cock, rubbing me hard. She moved the tip of my shaft down into position, right in front of her pussy as she slid herself backwards into her.

She was wet as my shaft easily slid deep inside her. She moved back and forth on my cock as I moaned quietly so not to disturb Jessie who lay behind me. God she felt good. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she moved faster and faster, “Cum into me, I want to feel you fill me…” she whispered as she reached around grabbed my hip.

“I hope Jessie doesn’t wake up, this could get awkward real quick… or get much hotter.” I thought to myself as my cock was massaged by Allyssa’s pussy.

She pushed herself back onto me hard. I grunted with pleasure as I reached my arm around to her front and grabbed her firm breast, rubbing my thumb in circles around her nipple. I twirled my fingers around her soft breast as I felt myself ready to cum.

“My cum is yours,” I whispered as I started pumping her full of my hot cum. I felt myself straighten inside her as her juices mixed with mine. I pushed myself all the way in and finished.

“Thank you for that, fall asleep inside me, I want to feel you,” she replied under her breath as she snuggled close to me and squeezed my leg. I closed my eyes and drifted into darkness with my half hard cock still inside her.


First Date Fun

I feel a tap on my shoulder as I pretended to read my book, too nervous to actually comprehend the print in my hands.  I look up to to see you standing in front of me and it’s all I can do to not rip off your clothes right here, right now. Your piercing hazel eyes have me completely captivated and as I look down the length of your hard, lean body, my mind goes a little blurry. You reach out your hand to help me from my chair, “Jen, right? Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

It takes me a moment to snap out of my trance. I slowly stand as my brain comes back into focus “…. Hi. Nice to meet you as well.”

As I rise to greet you, you place a soft kiss on the back of my hand and sensation of your lips on my skin makes crave your mouth from head to toe. As we sit and chat, getting to know each other, my mind keeps wandering and I find myself imagining your strong but smooth hands caressing me and your lips grazing my body. My mouth was on auto pilot as we made flirty, lighthearted conversation, while my mind was still focused on the possibilities of what may happen later.

I was snapped out of my daydream when the waitress brought our check. “Thanks for the coffee” I said as we meandered our way out the door.

“Thanks for the conversation. This was fun.” you answered with a smile.

I nodded in agreement searching for something else to say to keep us from parting ways; my mind went blank. As we stepped out side I turned to you as we hugged our goodbye. As you pulled away, your hand lightly slid down lingered on my lower back…. “How bout a night cap” I blurted nervously, not wanting you to walk away — immediately kicking myself for the cheesy line.” I mean, if you’d like a drink, I live right around the corner?

“Sure” you replied, not able to hold in your smile.

I led the way up the stairs to my apartment and you couldn’t help but notice my ass jiggle under the thin fabric of my summer dress. As we sipped our drinks, we chatted, laughed and flirted ferociously. Your hand had made its way to my lower back again and your touch was just too much to resist. I pulled you toward me and kissed, hard. Your arm tightened around my back and pressed me against you so we could feel the amazing contradiction of our bodies: yours hard and tight, mine soft and curvy. We explored the taste of each others mouths and the feel of each others bodies. I grabbed you forcefully by the hand and quickly led you to the bedroom.

As you stood there before me I took a step back to take in the long, lean, sexy body before me, wanting to run my hands all over it. While you pulled me back in to further explore my luscious mouth, I unbuttoned your shirt and ran my hands down your body, letting them rest on your waist. I knelt down in front of you. You removed your shirt before reaching for your belt.

“No… let me.” I slowly slid off your belt and rested my hands on your hips again. I took the fabric of your jeans in my teeth and with one quick head movement, your button was undone. I slid my tongue up the length of your zipper, lifted the tab with the tip and grabbed hold with my lips. As I moved my head down, the zipper came down with it and my hands slid down your legs, lowering your pants to the floor. I let my hands ride back up your thighs and slip under your boxers… the higher I get, the tighter your boxers become. I rub and kiss your inner thighs until it looks like you’re about to rip your boxers in half. I lick my way across your lower abdomen and let my tongue wonder under the elastic. As I start to pull them down, your huge hard cock springs out like a freed caged animal and I can’t help but let out a little gasp of joy.

I raise off my knees, my body sliding against yours; when I meet your eye level, you raise my dress over my head and take in the amazing site before you. I push you onto the bed quickly and get to work on your anticipating member. I lick up, down and around to lube you up and savor your taste. I wrap my lips around you and bob up and down teasing the head till I have you begging and pleading for more. I keep teasing relentlessly until you finally take matters into your own hands, grab my head and shove it on your cock. We both let out a moan of pure ecstasy. You grab my hair in your hands and maneuver my head faster then slower and fast again exactly how you want it, building up till your right on the edge. You pull hard on my hair and lift my head off your cock – pull me up and flip me underneath you. You slam your hard cock, slick and wet from my mouth, inside me so hard your balls slap against my ass. You pump hard a few times till I feel your hot cum explode in me as we both scream and you collapse on top of me cursing, sweating and panting.

Teaser (a excerpt from my first story)

Her eyes glisten in the soft rays of sunlight peering in from the window; her perfect curves look so soft and silky, I just had to reach out and caress her. She smiles at me and whispers words that I can barely comprehend- partially because of my grogginess, but mostly because all the blood in my body was rushing to my swelling cock that she so effortlessly and skillfully was caressing.

“Good morning, sunshine” I finally registered. “I hope you don’t mind, but I just couldn’t wait to feel you again.” She kept grinning as I nodded, stunned, still unable to formulate my words. Leaning her body onto mine, her soft pouty lips caressing my own, I could feel her pressing her chest into mine. She kissed me hard and deep, her tongue winding its way around all parts of my mouth. She slightly raised her body off mine so her nipples lightly grazed my chest and kissing her way down my neck, I felt her sweet breath, warm and moist, on my chest. She kept her hand on my cock working the shaft as she crept down my hard body, letting go just in time for my rock hard member to slip between her soft, supple breasts as she licked and kissed lower and lower.

When her warm, wet mouth reached it’s anticipated destination, she wrapped her full lips around just the head of my cock and twirled her tongue round and round. Her hands explored my entire body desperately wanting to feel every inch. She slowly lowered her face down wetting my entire shaft and when I thought it was as far in as it would go, she lowered even deeper… it was a feeling like I’d never experienced: tighter, wetter — mind blowing.

A moan escaped from my mouth that let her know I liked what she was doing. She bobbed up and down, keeping me deep in her throat and as she pressed her amazing tits against my balls and ass, I almost lost it. As she ever so slowly and deliberately slid back up my cock, I was able to regain most of my composure. She flicked her tongue around the head as she wrapped her hands around the base and shaft. Her mouth slid away and her hands took over again taking me back to the same dream. She was doing that sexy grin again looking me straight in the eye.

“Wow, your mouth is even better than your hands” I concluded. Her eyes and smile kept steady like she was already confident in that fact, but her blushing cheeks betrayed her. She worked me with her hand and let her mouth wonder to by balls – licking, sucking, swirling her tongue round again. Her hands and mouth worked in perfect harmony and I couldn’t keep my hips from thrusting up with each pump. I was right on the edge and I knew she could tell. “I have to fuck you” I begged but she kept licking and caressing with more and more intensity. She slid her mouth around my pulsating cock and my hips thrusted till I was once again deep inside her. She took all of me into her mouth, rubbed her tits on balls and ass again. I exploded my hot load and there was nothing but pure ecstasy in her eyes as she let it spill down her throat. I let out a primal scream of pure pleasure.  She slowly lifted herself off me and slid her body next to mine in the bed…

Emotion, Pain, Pleasure; Emotionless

My hands touched her soft lips as the hair on my arms stood… – I couldn’t seem to find the right words or make my rough hands move my dulled pencil. I scrunched the paper and looked across the dimly lit room. A faint whiff of stale peanuts and burnt coffee filled my nose as I looked down at the pile of scrapped notes. “I’ll never finish this in time” I muttered to myself as I sighed. Looking past the table I noticed flurries of snow start to fall outside as I began to lose myself in thought.

My mind wandered to dark places as flashes of the night before whipped in front of my eyes. The sound of a whip cracking against cold black leather, a scream of ecstasy so guttural it seemed almost too animalistic to be human and the feeling of soft lips kissing down my thigh as I was restrained to the concrete wall. My mind pushed past the heavy air surrounding me and I felt myself slip out of reality and into my emotions – I was lost in a sea of pain mixed with a tinge of pleasure. Her leather was stained with what appeared to be my own sweat, hardly even noticeable, but her pulling my head back roughly and grabbing my neck pulled me away from my emotions and back into reality.

I stared into her eyes, cold and dark, but with a flicker of unrestrained excitement deep within. I felt her slide her hand down my chest over my shirt. As I began to look down at myself she immediately grabbed my neck and held me fast as I felt myself tremble with excitement and fear. I heard a crack, expecting immediate pleasure and pain only to have the room light brightly for a moment. The ground trembled with such intensity only rivaled by my longing to grab this woman and throw her to the ground to tear off her leather and give her new meaning to pleasure. I smelled fresh wet leather as I looked up at her, eyes filled with fire; she smacked me hard across the face. A small grin appeared on her face as her eyes finally caught mine. “I see you, I feel you, I taste you” she said as she slowly ripped my shirt open and licked up my chest covered in sweat.

I felt the blood rush to my hand as she grabbed my wrist and untied the rope that bound me. “Use me” she said. Without thought I grabbed her long, straight, black hair and wrapped it through my fingers and pushed her head down. I felt myself rise entirely within her while she struggled to move as I held her tightly in place. I felt her throat choke on me as the room flashed with light. I released my grip on her hair slightly as she stood, dripping with sweat and salvia. Her hair still in my hand, she stood as she unbuttoned the leather around her waist. I heard the sound of leather hitting the ground as the room shook with thunder and the cold wind whipped across my bare chest. My hair stood on end as she turned herself around and pushed myself into her. As my eyes rolled back into my head I felt everything, and nothing. I felt my soul, dark as the room around me. I looked down at her back, strapped with leather and spread with ink of undecipherable symbols, I felt she knew me more than I knew myself.

She slowly pushed herself away from me, then back onto me, back and forth as I held her hair with one hand. As adrenaline coursed through my body, I felt the storm increase with intensity as I pulled hard with my left arm still tied to the concrete. She felt my adrenaline coursing through my body as I pushed hard, ripping my second hand free then wrapping my arm around her, grabbing her chest. Holding tightly I pushed myself all the way inside her as she screamed; half scream, half thunder. I felt her run down my leg as she came. The rain and her pooled together at our feet as I pushed myself in and out of her as glass rained from the ceiling. I felt the storm shudder with the fury of a thousand warriors as sirens waned on in the distance.

As the storm’s intensity rose, so did ours. The sound of rain never reached my ears as everything was completely drowned by the moans of erotic pleasure that enveloped the air around us. I felt the ground sway as I looked around and saw whirling masses of buildings being ripped apart by the fury of the storm outside. I felt the storm within my being as I immediately snapped back to reality and dug my nails into her hips. She quickly spun around, grabbed me and kneeled on the soaked floor. I smelled her fear as she quickly wrapped her mouth around me, thrusting me deep into her mind as I exploded with the force of the storm within her.

She looked up at me; her eyes caught mine as I dripped down her leather and shuddered with pleasure. Exhausted, I slumped against the wall as she continued to stare at me intently, with eyes longing for… more. My eyes closed for a moment, savoring the feeling. I watched as I dripped down her chin as she stood up silently, with the grace of an angel and the fury of a demon. She turned around and walked into the darkness as

Shaking myself back into reality, I looked down at my paper, written with such passion I felt I had accomplished what I had come here to do. I picked up my notebook and walked outside, glancing inside for a brief moment to see only one lonely soul at the bar; long black hair, tight black fishnets and a face to die for. Literally. The smell of burnt coffee left my nostrils as I closed the door behind me and walked down the street.