Ravaged by Baal: The Alpha Demon

Ravaged by Baal

The Alpha Demon



Jezebel Rose


NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Baal is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Alexandria, youngest in the Blackwood family, descendant of Freya Blackwood, is a Witch. Or at least should be a Witch, if she could learn to control the power flowing through her veins.


Being the young woman Alexandria is, she finds herself delving into ancient books which shouldn’t be touched by novice Witches.


Accidentally summoning a creature far beyond her control, Alexandria is used by the demon in ways her wildest imagination can’t even comprehend. Some demons are never meant to be summoned, much less dominated.


This ancient story is sexy, dark, and painfully erotic. Will her one true desire of being the most powerful Witch actually come true? What will be Baal’s costs? Can she give up her mind and body to him in order for her wish to be fulfilled?


Ravaged by Baal

The Alpha Demon



I looked at the lines of books lining the library walls; nearly all were modern, except for this one. Only a person with magick flowing through their veins could find this book. Bending over and running my hand along the baseboard, I felt it. The switch.

Speaking in ancient Hebrew, I clearly noted the words תאווה ותשוקה, meaning, “lust and desire” in plain English. The switch slid to the left, revealing a small compartment. Reaching inside, I felt the bindings of the ancient tome under my fingertips.

The thick decrepit book weighed heavily in my hands as I opened the first page. Dust fell to the library floor as a grin swept across my face. Finally, the Book of Ages, I can now summon a creature to do my bidding and fulfill my rightful place as a Witch among the family line.

I glanced around the bookshelf just as several teenagers walked into the library, laughing and cursing at each other.

Little shits.

Walking towards the inner rooms of the library, I passed the kids. The oldest boy, maybe 15, walked up to me with a smile. “Hey,” he said bluntly.

I nodded to him and passed him quickly.

Without warning, I heard a snicker behind me just as the tome under my arm went flying. “Fumble!” he yelled as the other teenagers burst out laughing.

Turning around, I stared at them with a cold gaze. Without hesitation, my arm went up with my palm out in front. Time seemed to slow for a moment as I heard echoes of the teens laughing and the room around me turned from vibrant colors into shades of grey.

My pinky and middle finger snapped to my wrist as I felt power welling up within me. Never fight without a reason… Father’s words echoed in my head lightning crackled at my fingertips.

I felt my other hand rise, without control and curl into a fist. The pinky stuck straight up just as an intense force seemed to overwhelm my body.

Intense pleasure spread from my fingers down through my legs, twirling into my thighs and lashing out between my fingers. Raging orange and red fire spread from my fisted hand and arced to the lighting in the other.

Unable to grasp control of my body, whispers filled the room as the laughing teenagers came to a complete halt. They were frozen in time and had no clue what was about to hit them.

Giving in to the overwhelming forces ravaging my body, my hands spread flat and slammed into each other, much like two intensely powerful magnets.

A rush of energy slammed through my body. The intense pleasure returned. I focused my mind, holding my hands together with the crackling ball of fire and sparks of electric in between them both. Using every muscle in my body, I held the growing ball.

Pleasure increased with the energy as I felt a dark energy suddenly take over my body. I lost complete control. Looking down in third person at Alexandria, me, I watched as my body pulled her hands apart just as the ball of energy twirled towards the teens.

Laughing like a complete maniac, the room turned into a blazing inferno before my very eyes. Thick heat blasted against my face as the walls blew out from the building and the humans were completely incinerated.

Flame bathed the walls as books were turned to ash. Dust, paper and molten lava rained from the gaping holes in the ceiling as I stood there watching myself commit this terrible act of defiance. My body was unharmed as I noticed a shimmering shield circle swirling around me.

Holy… fucking… shit.

A massive crack formed in the center of the room, which spewed fountains of liquid fire and steam. Suddenly, I felt my soul slam back into my body. Flying backwards, I hit what was left of a bookshelf. Trickles of ash flew in front of my face as I stared at the gaping holes in the room.

What have I done? My god, my family is going to disown me, if not strip me of my powers. I don’t know what would be worse.

My eyes fluttered open as bookshelves from the upper level crashed to the floor. Waves of smoke centered in the room, pulling into a massive sphere.

Staring at the sphere, I realized I still clutched the ancient tome in my hands. Looking down at the book I realized its bindings were pulsing with red flame. Quickly dropping the tome, I considered my options. Stand here and face whatever is going on here, or dart out and try to get home. I could play it off as if I was never even here.

The smoke seemed to speak for me as I watched massive tendrils of smoke curl around my body. Whispering in Hebrew, I told the demon to leave this world.

A roaring laughter filled the room. The ground trembled under my feet as the centralized smoke completely vanished leaving behind a large creature curled in a ball on the floor.

Its head rose as it stood up. God damn, that demon is nearly 9ft tall, if not more!

“I am Baal, the lord of the seventh hell,” it proclaimed as it stretched. Massive muscles bulged from its thick red arms. Wisps of red steam expelled from its pierced nostrils with every breath. A long thick cock dangled between his legs as he grinned.

Walking towards me, the demon stared into my soul. Long horns protruded from Baal’s head as he reached my body. “I am in full form, thanks to you,” he whispered as he lowered his head, now mere inches from mine.

“What is it your heart desires?”

Unable to control my breathing, I watched as stars swam in my vision. Dizzy, I slumped against the library walls, wheezing with adrenaline pumping through my veins faster than my body could keep up with.

“Human. Answer me. What is your wish?”

The demon stared at me with its hands on its hips. I felt my mind completely open for Baal as his mind melded with mine. Tearing at my skull, I realized he was digging through my memories and subconscious.

“I see,” he said as he grabbed my arm and stood up, “you wish to be recognized as the most powerful Witch of your time.”

I nodded, knowing full well that was my one true desire.

“You shall be just that, if you can satisfy me.”

Looking at him quizzically, I replied, “What do you mean?”

His mouth turned into a grin and stretched across his face, “I am Baal, Lord of the Seventh Hell. You must fuck me and completely satisfy me. In turn, I will satisfy your wish.”

I have to fuck him? If I do, I’ll be the most powerful Witch of my time. Finally I’ll have the respect I deserve. Sure why not. I doubt I can take a cock that big, but I’ll do my best. This is a once in a lifetime chance.

He stood in front of me with his long thick shaft dangling between his legs. “What say you?”

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled the tip into my mouth. Looking up at him, I smirked; at least as much of a smirk one can do with a demon’s cock in their mouth.

Baal seemed to be in deep concentration as he suddenly went quiet. Whispers of a demonic language filled the room as I suddenly caught onto some of the words. He was casting a spell.

Looking up at him, I watched as his figure wavered in the light, then duplicated. There was an exact copy of him standing beside me.

My god, two of them now?!

The demon bent back down at me and wrapped its massive hand around my shoulder, pulling me into the lit area in the center of the room with his cock still in my mouth. A single light flickered above us, casting eerie shadows across the room. Its fangs dripped with saliva as it stood there with its hand on my shoulder.

Baal had a grin on his face as he stood there, “This should make things more interesting. We are both Baal. You must satisfy both of us.”

It would be pointless to argue with a demon. I must do as it says. At this point… fuck it.

Baal’s muscles bulged as he grunted and grabbed my other shoulder. Pulling to the left and right, he split my dress in half.

I opened my mouth to scream, unable to control my actions.

The demon quickly grabbed the back of my head and thrusted its cock into my mouth. Oh my… what the… fuck? I thought to myself as the demon pushed and pulled my head on and off of its rock hard cock.

They each grinned and grabbed their cocks. Stroking the dicks, they grew larger and larger. They were nearly as long as my leg and just about as thick too. My god… no way those are going to fit inside me.

Staring at them, my jaw dropped in awe, “Those are simply too big for me. I can’t do that. Maybe I can just use my mouth.”

The two demons stood there and stopped stroking themselves off for a moment. Glancing at each other, then back at me, they bent over to all fours and walked towards me. Their long thick cocks dangled between their hind legs, back and forth with each step.

Pushing me over on my back, I felt the demons hands hold down my front hands. This may not be so bad; I thought to myself, I’ll just go with the flow.

I felt the tip of the dick rub against my bare nubile pussy as it ran up and down softly touching my clit. That feels kind of nice actually…

Smiling to myself, I laid there with the demon running its cock up and down on my slit. I’ll give Baal what he wants then be the most powerful Witch of my time. This can’t be that bad.

I heard a grunt from the demon on top of me. It shifted positions as I saw its hands and legs brace itself to the floor. What is it do—

The demon thrusted inside me fully and sent my body flying forward on the floor.

Opening my mouth to scream in pain and pleasure, the other demon plugged my mouth with its cock. The demon on top of me thrusted inside over and over, deeper and deeper as it groaned.

Just focus. Everything will be just fine. Enjoy it! I told myself in my head as I laid there sliding back and forth on the bare concrete.

“Jesus you demon,” I said firmly as I pulled my head off the cock, “this is seriously hurting me. Let’s go to the librarian’s room, its right around that corner and to the left.”

Baal seemed to understand as he pulled himself off of me and waiting for me to do something. I quickly stood up and hobbled over to the librarian’s room. She had a bed in there that I’ve slept on when I’ve been here reading late into the night. At this point, I doubt she will need it anytime soon. I’m sure the bed will make things a little more… comfortable.

Sitting down on the fairly large bed, I waved the demons into the room. They barely fit through the door as I watched them enter.

The demon that was fucking me walked over and put its large cock right in my face. I grabbed it with my two hands and stroked it as hard as I could. Spitting on the cock, I twisted my hands and fingers rapidly as the demon grunted and groaned in pleasure.

Grinning to himself, Baal stood there watching, stroking his long hard cock. Not a moment later, he walked over to me. He bent over by the bed and placed his head between my legs. I watched as its long tongue demonic snaked out of its mouth and into my pussy.

The tongue expanded inside of me as I felt it wiggle around. “Holy… shit…” I whispered as I stopped sucking for a moment and put my hands back on the bed, bracing myself. “This is amazing… my god, don’t stop!” I exclaimed as the demon I was sucking on bent over and twirled its tongue around on my wet clit.

Moaning in pleasure, I laid on my back, shaking. I had never felt pleasure like this before. The ecstasy felt like it was reaching a whole new level as electricity sparked from my fingers down to my toes. “Oh shit! I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming,” I said as the demons licked between my legs.

Looking down at them, they looked like two beastly creatures just going at me. Two weird, mythical looking demonic creatures of course. These demons shouldn’t even be real… but yet they are, and they want me for some reason. I had always figured the whole magic and Wizardry stuff wasn’t so intense. And I summoned a demon!? That’s just insane. I’ll have to read more of that book when I’m done…

Grabbing the demon’s head between my legs, I pushed its face deep into my pussy as I felt my orgasm increase in intensity. Looking down at the two demons, I saw my juices squirt on their faces over and over as I came.

The demons grunted in enjoyment as they pulled their dripping wet heads up from my pussy. “Did you enjoy that?” I said softly as a smiled.

“You are doing well human,” Baal said with a grin.

My body felt completely drained as I laid there on my back. The orgasm continued to ripple through my body like waves crashing onto a beach. I couldn’t imagine a better day.

I opened my eyes to see the two demons stroking themselves looking at me. They wanted more. Buck up, you got this girl. Focus!

The demon closest to me pulled my body up onto the bed fully and stood on top of me on all fours. His cock flitted around my pussy, teasing me and making me want him even more.

The dick pushed its way into my pussy, my walls tightening around it as they expanded to the size of the thick shaft.

The demon on top of me started thrusting wildly, plunging its cock deep into my pussy, over and over. My body shook with intense force as its hips hit mine with each thrust. Sliding up and down on the bed, the other demon grabbed my legs and held me in place.

“Much better!” I screamed in Hebrew at Baal.

Nodding at me, he ran his tongue up and down the soles of my feet.

I pushed the demon down on its back on the bed and started sucking on its long hard cock. Holding onto the base, I ran my tongue in circles around the tip. I watched as the other demon stood behind the first demon and stroked itself slowly, watching the scene unfold.

Sliding my hand down to my clit, I slid my finger up and down on my pussy, feeling my wet juices surround my hand. I grabbed my breast in my other hand and pulled it up towards my face, licking my hard nubile nipple.

The two demons sat me on the side of the bed and put both of their hard cocks in my face. Grabbing my head, Baal pushed my head down on its cock as I sucked as hard and fast as I could. Grinning, the other demon grabbed my head and thrusted its dick down my throat. Both demons pulled on my hair back and forth as I sucked on each of their hard cocks.

Pushing me back on the bed, one demon slid underneath of me and grabbed my back, then slipped its shaft into my pussy. In a reverse cowgirl position, the other demon straddled my chest and shoved its cock into my mouth. Sucking and fucking as I hard as I could, both of the demons groaned in pleasure.

My breasts bounced up and down with each thrust as the demon pulled its cock out of my mouth. Grabbing the cock and stroking it, the demon exploded on my face. Grinning at me, the demon stepped off of the bed and shoved its cock into my pussy along with the other demon.

With two cocks in my pussy, they ravaged me, widening my hole larger and larger as they thrusted inside. The two animals of legend grabbed my breasts and pumped me over and over, wanting and needing my body for their own pleasure. Fuck this is insane. Demon’s sure know how to get it on. I need to learn how to summon slaves for my own pleasure next…

Grunting, the demon on the bottom pulled out its cock and shoved it into my tight little anus.  The smell of sex and pleasure surrounded the room and fell heavily around us as my moans coupled with the demons grunts broke the silence.

The demon under me laid me down as he lay behind me. Grabbing my hips, he thrusted his cock into my pussy once again while the other demon sat in front of my head and pushed its cock into my mouth. Tasting the demon and my pussy on the cock excited me as I felt my juices dripping down onto the bed.

My free hand went down to my wet slit as I the demon pumped inside of me over and over, its balls slapping against my ass. Rubbing my clit, I felt myself start to orgasm again. The demon must have noticed as it increased in speed, groaning in pleasure while fucking my pussy.

Holding the cock deep inside me, the demon massaged my breasts as I came. My walls tightened over and over on the dick, holding it and not wanting to let it go. Smiling to myself, I watched as the demon pulled its cock out of my mouth and put its face on my slit, licking up and down, twirling around on my clit.

The demon behind me pulled its cock out and went into a wild frenzy, thrusting and pumping inside me without remorse. I couldn’t help but want to be fucked by the two demons every day of my life.

Watching the demon licking at my pussy, I felt its long tongue penetrate my hole and go deeper inside me, twirling inside my walls, stroking and massaging my insides.

Feeling unable to control my urges any longer, I screamed in pleasure as I heard the construction crews outside start to sift through the wreckage. I need to finish this up. If the general population walks in on us…

Looking down at my juices all over the bed, the demons thrusted inside me at the same time. My body flew forward on the bed. The cock and tongue went deeper and deeper as they fucked me. The demons needed me unlike anything I had ever known before. It feels good to be wanted and needed. I think I would be alright with this plan.

They picked me up and held me in the air, one demon in front, the other behind. Holding me there, the demon in front pushed its cock into my pussy and the demon behind me went into my ass. Moaning to myself, they lifted me up and down on their cocks. My pussy and ass felt tingly with pleasure.

With both holes penetrated, the demons grinned at me and threw me down onto the bed roughly. The demon that laid underneath of me thrusted its cock into my pussy and held my ass up for Baal to penetrate.

Baal pushed itself inside me over and over as the cock in my anus thrusted at varying speeds as well. Having both holes penetrated was more than I could bare. The cocks started to move in unison, then in and out at opposite times.

Their cocks slapped against my ass with each pump.

Pushing me down on the floor, they stroked their cocks in front of my face. Watching the two dicks, they straightened then started pumping heir hot sticky cum all over my face over and over. I ran my tongue up and down the shafts as I stroked on them for every last bit.

I ran my hand up my slit as I sucked on the cocks, watching them slowly go limp.

“Thank you…” I whispered as my hands started to slow on the two dicks. The demons appeared to smile at me as they both nodded in satisfaction.

Turning my head toward the door I spoke softly, “The crew will be here soon. You should do something about your appearance.”

Baal’s second image slowly faded then disappeared. He looked at me, “I’ll let you do that.”

I looked at him and cocked my head, “Huh?”

His hands grasped onto my temples and held me in place. I watched as his mouth moved slowly, then faster and faster. Energy seemed to flow into my body, sparking between my fingers and making my hair stand on end.

Intense power seemed to fill my inner being as his demonic tongue filled the room. “It has been done,” he said as he let go of my temples, “show me your power. Transform my body into a human.”

I focused my mind as I stared at him. My hand reached out and touched his sweaty chest as I closed my eyes. Imagining him as a human, I willed the energy to return to change his appearance.

Opening my eyes, I looked him over. He looked like an average guy.

“Well done,” he said firmly as he looked over his new body, “you have a lot of reading and researching to do. My gift to you for bringing me into this world will be this,”—he handed me a book that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. It was the Book of Ages,–“I have opened this book for your mind. You will be able to read and understand it as if an adult was reading a child’s book.”

My mouth hung open, “Thank you…”

He grinned at me as he walked over to the door and opened it then walked out.

“Farewell,” I heard in my mind as the door shut behind him.

I grasped the book tightly in my hands and focused my mind on a new outfit. Looking down, the outfit appeared on my body. Yes… time to go learn this book and become the most powerful Witch of my time!

Ravaged by Pixies

Ravaged by Pixies

(Dominated Underground, #1)





From the author that brought you Ravaged by Demons



Ravaged by Pixies is a new erotic romance story with explicit themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2015 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com







The swarm of pixies stared at me with their threatening eyes as they circled around… Scared and alone, I backed against the wall and prayed to any god that would listen.


Venturing into a mineshaft alone on a dare, Jamie finds herself surrounded by pixies. With small creatures fluttering all around her, Jamie suddenly realizes there is much more to the mythical creatures than just their tiny wings.

Jamie’s body turns into an erotic and magical playground for the pixies as she attempts to find the way out of the dark caverns.


This story is raw, dark and very erotic. Can Jamie find her way out of the mines or will she forever be lost to the mythical pixies? Will she even want to leave?




My eyes were unable to adjust to the pitch black cavern around me. The sounds of water dripping in the distance filled my ears as they echoed off the walls. Odd sounds of skittering on the cold damp floor left my mind with a wavering sense to just turn around and head back to my friends.

Jamie. This was such a stupid idea. It was just a dare. Do you really have to prove anything to your friends?

Sounds of insects buzzed around me as I turned around and glanced back towards the cave opening.

No. I’m doing this. I need to be brave and realize that there is nothing to be scared of. It’s just a cave. What could go wrong? I go in, wait a few minutes then go back out. Done in 10 minutes. Easy.

I held my head high and walked faster into the darkness as I heard my friend’s giggles echo off the walls.

Sliding my hand against the damp wall, I realized it had grown quite dark. I could no longer see even just a few feet in front of me.

Focus Jamie. Just a few feet deeper and…

I heard a rumble as I felt the wall shake slightly under my fingertips.

The rumble turned into a roar as I turned on my feet to sprint back to the opening, but I was too late. The small pinprick of light at the entranced turned into complete darkness as I skidded to a halt.

I was done for.


After what seemed like hours of walking, I realized I was lost. Completely and utterly lost. Trying my hardest to listen and feel for the wind going down certain hallways to get out of this maze, I found I had been just going in circles.

The buzzing from the insects had been growing louder and louder by the minute, almost to the point where it sounded like the little creatures were inside my head.

Reaching my hand out in front of me, I felt something soft. Almost like a bunny, but much smaller. My hand instinctively jolted back to my body as soon as my fingers touched it.

“H… hello?” I whispered into the dark.

A faint light seemed to appear out of nowhere as I stepped backwards against the wall.

The single light turned to two, then three, then more than I could count. My mind wandered back to when I was in a field as a child and saw lightning bugs for the first time. This was similar, but all in one place.

My eyes adjusted to the soft light as a soft voice seemed to fill the cavern around me, “We are the blessed. We seek to assist you in your time of great need.”

Taken back by this odd occurrence, I could only think that my mind was playing tricks on me. It had to have been. Maybe it was a lack of oxygen or simply my mind going insane, but I could have sworn I heard a voice.

The little creatures broke their ball-like pattern and swarmed around me. Some flew under my hands; others reached out and went into my dress. Others zipped under my skirt and others hovered inches away from my face.

Finally I got a good look at them.

Each looked like something out of a fairy tale. Small wings sprouted from their backs. Tiny little antennas dangled from their heads. Each wore nothing but a small jacket no bigger than my thumb.

As odd as it all was, the weirdest part was the fact that they were all males. All of them had little cocks dangling between their legs. Some of them were hard, but even then, their dicks were about a half inch. If that.

Giggling to myself, I remembered when I had fucked a guy with a cock that small. Even these tiny creatures… well, some of them anyways, had larger cocks than him.

One of the little creatures floated in front of my face and asked quizzically, “What are you laughing about?”

I smiled to the pixie and replied, “Well… your cocks – they are so small, yet so large for your size!”

The creature smiled back, “Oh this little thing?”—He grabbed his cock and stroked it hard as he stared directly into my eyes, — “right now yes. Quite small. But pixies have magic you know!”

I mimicked his voice, “Oh really now? Why don’t you show me some of your ‘magic?’”

He narrowed his eyes at me and spoke strange words into the darkness.

The hair on my arms stood on end as I watched him turn and nod to the rest of his swarm.

Each little creature stopped for a mere second and spoke in unison. The chant echoed off the walls as a chill went down my spine.

I felt my hands suddenly become locked in place.

Unable to move, a rush of adrenaline took over. I opened my mouth to scream, but suddenly realizing I couldn’t even open my mouth, the adrenaline turned into a wave of panic.

You done fucked up Jamie. You done fucked up.

The little creature buzzed in front of my face again and smiled; “Now you shall witness the power of the pixie. If you want us to stop, just let us know… by thinking of the word ‘outside’ over and over in your head.”

I attempted to nod, but suddenly remembering my state, I could not.

Perhaps I should just wait this out and see what happens. I would be the first person ever to find out what these little creatures can actually do! Wouldn’t that be amazing. Fame… fortune… —

My thoughts were cut off by a sudden feeling of intense pleasure radiating from between my legs. At first it started as a tickle, then as my panties slowly slid down my legs, I felt two of the pixies pull my lips apart and another grasp onto my clit.

The two pixies holding my lips apart blew their warm breath down my slit sending a chilling wave of relaxation over my body. Unable to even smile, I realized perhaps this wouldn’t be quite so bad.

I felt creature clasped onto my clit start to hum. At first it started slow. A mild vibration. Then faster and deeper he hummed, holding tightly onto my spot. I could only think of one thing – sex. They wanted me to get off.

Perhaps I would give it to them, but damn… I was going to make them work for it.

My mind snapped back into reality as I felt one of the pixies push his little penis inside my hole. If I could have giggled, I would have. No way that was going to do anything.

The chant returned as I heard it echoing off the walls.

I felt the penis grow into a massive raging cock deep inside me. The massive shaft curled just in front of my wet pussy like a spring, then straightened out, plunging deeper than any man had ever gone.

The creature stretched my pussy with his thick cock and rammed it deeper. I gasped in pleasure as the pixie on my clit hummed louder.

Oh… my fucking god.

My body started to shake with orgasm as the cock slid in and out, faster and faster.

Unable to take any more, I released on the creature, spraying him with my juices as I came.

“Yes! We have done it!”

The little pixies laughed loudly and flew around giving each other high-fives.

Released from my state, I collapsed to the ground sweating and cursing in pleasure. Never in my life had any man been able to give me that level of pleasure.

I looked up at the creatures and panted heavily, “Is that all you got?”

They didn’t need to know that was the best I had ever had… but damn. I wanted more. Could they do better?

One of the pixies flew down close to my face and shined its light brighter and brighter until I couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly, they all disappeared in a flash of light.

My mind grew hazy as I slumped against the floor and passed out.


Opening my eyes, I looked around.

A small flickering candle… and I was still in the cave, but in a different part. My body was resting on a small cot made of straw.

The sounds of footsteps echoed off the walls as they came closer.

Unable to keep track of time, I had no clue how long it had been since I entered the mine. Hours? Days? Why hadn’t my friends come looking for me yet… and who the hell is coming towards me?

I scooted back into the darkest corner of the room and huddled with my arms embracing my knees.

Maybe I could keep out of sight then figure out a plan.

A man entered the room. He was about human height, but had massive wings upon his back with an elongated face. Surely he was another one of those… pixie creatures.

“I know you are there. No need to hide,” the man spoke as he stared in my direction.

Creeping out slowly, I stood up into the light and looked him over.

He was actually… damned attractive. Some women would rate him a nine out of ten, but to me, he was definitely a ten.

I could already feel myself starting to get wet again.

“You have already met the blessed. Now you meet the master. I am John, the maker of these pixies.”

Nodding, I could already feel myself wanting to run into his arms and simply just make out with him. Hopefully fuck, but I would certainly settle with a good kissing session.

Jesus. I normally don’t think like that! I’m usually the opposite.

He smiled as he stood there staring at me. “You know, I can read your thoughts.”

My knees immediately went slack as I felt my face starting to turn bright red. I wanted to cry. God – if it had been any other man, I would have ran in the other direction with my hands over my face bawling like a schoolgirl.

I opened my mouth and replied “Oh…”

Are you fucking shitting me Jamie?! “Oh?” That’s all you could come up with!?

John laughed and walked closer to me, “Let’s see if we can… loosen you up, shall we?”

His eyes narrowed as he grinned and grabbed my dress at my shoulders.

My dress immediately fell to the floor in a wisp of flame. My bra and panties immediately followed as he laid a finger on each.

Oh god. He’s good.

I felt his mouth crash into mine as we swirled in a circle deep within the cave. His hand immediately slid over my breasts, cupping them and grasping tightly. Twirling his thumbs around my nipples, I felt myself buckle at the knees already ready to come for him.

Moaning in pleasure, I reached down between his legs and slid my fingers around his thick veiny cock. His hand slid from my breast down to my already wet slit and began running up and down. My knees gave out as I crumpled to the straw on the floor.

With a smile on his face he went down to his knees as well and crawled on top of me, “I know how you like it Jamie. Straight to the good stuff.”

I reached my hands around his head and pulled his mouth into mine. Our tongues danced within my mouth, then his as I curled my fingers in his thick dark hair.

His cock found it’s home, resting just outside my pussy, but right on the cusp of my lips. He teased me and he knew it.

“Are you ready?” he whispered softly in my ear.

His warm breath ran a chill down my spine as I nodded, biting my lip.

With a grunt, I felt him slowly slide his entire girth into me. I felt every inch… and I savored it. Whether this was a dream or reality, I knew I wanted to remember every part of it.

“Take me,” I whispered back into his ear.

I felt his muscles expand in his athletic arms as he thrusted deep inside me. Every inch of his cock slid inside me as I felt his sack slap against my ass.

Moaning loudly, I watched as he pulled himself out and grasp my hip with his free hand. Holding himself up with the other, he thrusted again grunting with pleasure.

In and out he went, thrusting, deeper and deeper each time. My pussy tightened and clenched on his cock as sped up his pace. I stared into his deep blue eyes. God they were gorgeous.

Throwing my hips into his motions, I felt his cock tighten as my pussy clenched again. Pure animalistic rage seemed to pour out of the creature as he suddenly went into a wild fucking frenzy. His arms expanded, his wings spread from his back, the small little pixies flew about the room, and my pussy was pounded harder than it had ever been pounded.

I heard the words ‘fuuuuuck!’ echo off the walls as I closed my mouth, suddenly realizing I had been screaming and cursing the entire time.

My body shook with pleasure as I grasped onto his tight ass and held his cock deep within me. Groaning, I felt his shaft tighten and start pumping it’s hot cum into my pussy as my walls clenched with orgasm. Beads of sweat dripped down my face as the entire world seemed to stop for a moment.

I felt my head waver as I slumped against the ground smiling and giggling.

John pulled his cock out of me and released the dam of cum he had been holding inside. I felt it run down my slit as I stared at the swirling mass of pixies hovering near the ceiling.

“Well… god damn,” was all I was able to muster as I laid there.

With a smile on my face, I looked towards the pixie only to suddenly realize the room had grown dark again.

Sounds appeared in the distance as flashlights shone on the walls.

Footsteps. Laughing. Giggling. Friends.


Ravaged by Beasts In space

Ravaged by Beasts

In space





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts in Space is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Space isn’t quite as cold and desolate as one might think. It’s actually quite hot… and erotic.


Kelly finds herself taken by beasts on her first trip to outer space. After docking with the space station she realizes she isn’t alone.

After several attempts to get her spaceship working to head back to Earth, Kelly attempts to reason with the beasts. Unfortunately they only speak one language and it isn’t English.


How does Kelly communicate with the creatures? Is it possible these beasts speak through sexual connection? Can Kelly find out how to tell these beasts what she needs to get home?


Ravaged by Beasts

In Space


I felt my body lift weightlessly off the chair as I broke through the atmosphere within my spaceship. I had finally done it. I was the first civilian to enter space without any sort of training.

All I had to do was dock with the space station then head back to Earth. My life’s dream of accomplishing something nobody else had done had finally taken place.

Adrenaline surged through my body as I rocketed towards the station I was going to dock with.

Easily pressing a few buttons, I watched as the ship turned and angled itself towards the docking hatch… done.

I was attached.

That was cake. Now for the hard part. I have to get in there, refuel, and then head back to Earth.

The hatch opened as I pressed the unlock button to head into the station.

A whoosh of cool air breezed against my face as I floated into the next room.

Buttons flickered on the walls, each serving their own purpose. I had no clue what each of them did, but I did know one thing. I wasn’t supposed to touch any of them… except the one single button to refuel.

Pulling myself on the handlebars to the control panel I suddenly had the odd sensation that I was being watched.

I looked over my shoulder and scanned the room.

Dead silence.

Pull it together Kelly. You are in a space station above Earth. There’s nobody here and there won’t be anyone here for several months until the next test.

I saw the control panel ahead, but suddenly I had the urge to pee.

Looking around, I saw the signs to the bathroom. It was down a small corridor to the left.

I pulled myself and floated in the direction towards the bathroom. It was an odd contraption. Certainly nothing like what was on Earth. Nothing in space was ever easy. If you had to pee – it was a process.

Grabbing the small suction cup and placing over my slit, I pressed the button I had been told to press if I had to go.

I felt a small sucking motion on my pussy as urinated into the tube.

Oddly enough… it felt good. It felt real good.

I smiled to myself as I slid my fingers down to my clit and twirled my fingers around in circles.

It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and get myself off… would it? Nah – I wonder if it’s different to get off in space?

I slid one finger inside my wet pussy and my other finger twirled around my clit.

Grabbing the suction cup, I placed it over my clit and finger as I played with myself. It almost felt as if my boyfriend was licking my pussy.

Arching my back in pleasure, I laid there floating on nothing as I got myself off.

With a smile and a bit of giggle, felt myself start to cum. Moaning softly to myself, I felt my walls clench in pleasure then finally release my sweet squirting cum into the suction cup.

No mess? This is awesome. God I wish I had one of these back on Earth.

I laughed out and enjoyed the orgasmic high I was on as I pulled up my pants and floated back towards the control station.

Looking across all the different flashing buttons in the station, I eventually found the refueling button. I tapped it.

Nothing happened.

There was supposed to be a grinding noise, then a flush of water, then another light would blink showing that the refueling was complete.

No grinding, no flush, no blinking light.


Alright. I can’t make it home without fuel, so I have to figure out something.

I heard a whoosh coming from the airlock down the hall and around the corner.

The hair on my arms stood on end as I pulled myself towards the airlock. Someone was here, and nobody was supposed to be coming.

I felt a chill run down my back as I turned around the corner and saw something I had never seen before.

Three large creatures floated there in midair and stared at me.

Their eyes were elongated and absolutely massive. They didn’t even have clothes on their lightly furry bodies. The creatures almost looked like monkeys, but they did also have humanistic features as well.

I was barely able to muster up any sort of response to the two creatures floating there mere feet from me, “Wha…?”

Both beasts pulled themselves towards me, then eventually past me. They both ignored me as they sped on past.

Apparently they had an agenda, and I wasn’t involved.

I pulled myself past them, suddenly regaining composure, “What are you two? What’s going on? Is this some kind of joke?”

The creatures looked at each other, then at me, then back to each other.

I noticed the beasts had genders. Two of them had massive cocks dangling between their legs and the third very clearly had a pussy.

I watched as the creatures started to kiss, then both of the male beasts pulled the woman close and immediately stuck its cock into her and grunted.

The female beast nodded to each of the males as they fucked her.

My mouth about dropped to the floor as I watched them slide their thick cocks into her pussy and anus over and over.

Eventually after what seemed like hours, they pulled their cocks out and looked over at me.

It suddenly clicked.

This is how they communicate.

They fuck to talk.

I had to talk to these beasts to see if they could help me figure out a way home, or at least refuel my ship. Mustering up as much courage as I could, I slipped off my pants then panties.

My shirt came next, then my bra.

Floating in front of these three beasts I watched as they approached me and sniffed my body.

One of the beasts pressed his nose into my pussy then immediately started to run its tongue up the full length of me.

A warming sensation flitted up my spine then down my arms, raising my hair on end.

Moaning softly to myself, I watched as the other beast ran its tongue up my chest and over my hard nipples.

The female beast sat against the wall and fingered herself as she watched. Apparently she wasn’t bi- but I was alright with that. I didn’t particularly enjoy being with other women as well.

I looked over at her and she seemed to understand what my thoughts were as she sat there with her hand inside her pussy. Oddly enough, I found I could understand her as well.

The two male creatures continued on their path up my body, licking and tasting every inch of me. One of the beasts paid particular attention to my feet while the other kept going at my pussy without any signs of slowing.

I felt a tongue slide deep within my pussy and start twirling around within me.

My back arched as I reached down and held his face into place. Pressing harder on his head, I felt his tongue fly around faster within me, taking my orgasmic pleasure even higher.

Moaning to myself, I watched as the second beast that was licking my nipples push the first out of the way and grab my legs. He easily spread them while floating in midair.

Aiming his thick cock directly at my pussy, I felt him enter me.

Slow at first, then deeper and deeper, I felt my walls clench around him as they floated and bounced in the air.

They effortlessly grabbed me as I watched beads of sweat form on their thick muscular arms. Pulling my body closer to theirs, I felt another cock press up against my anus.

I had never had anal sex before, but this time… sure, why not. I had to get home one way or another.

The cock pressed deeper into my ass, spreading my butt wide for the beast.

Groaning in pleasure, I suddenly realized they weren’t quite so bad after all. They were some sort of alien species, but incredibly smart and far more sophisticated than humans.

Somehow I was able to sense their surface thoughts as they fucked me. I suddenly knew they found I was distress and came to help.

I let the beast go deeper into my ass and the other start wildly fucking my pussy. My realizations of their species came faster and faster as I opened up my body for the beasts.

They lived in a small cloaked colony just outside our solar system. The species has been around for many years, but had not made themselves known until now.

I grabbed onto the beast’s hips and pulled him deeper into my pussy, moaning in pleasure as I held his legs within mine.

His cock tensed within my pussy and began to squirt hot cum deep inside. I allowed it as I really wanted to know more about these beasts.

I felt the other creature start to cum as well. His cock increased in size and length, and then suddenly started pumping inside me. I felt my anus tighten around his cock as he slowed his movements. My pussy kept milking the other creature’s cock as his movements slowed as well.

Somehow I knew everything. The beast’s homeworld, their technology, their… everything. It was like I got a degree in every field possible all within just one short hour.

My mind flooded with possibilities of how to make the human race better. Immediately cures for cancer came to mind, how to help the sick and diseased, how to fix the economy… everything. It all suddenly made complete sense.

The beasts smiled at me and nodded as they turned and walked over to the control panel. I somehow knew everything they did and could sense what they were going to do before they did it.

I watched as the beasts pressed a few buttons on the control panel and looked over at me. I heard the sounds of the space station refueling my ship, and then finally the light blinking, telling me it was ready to go.

I somehow must have forgotten a step. My human brain had errors before, but now… it was perfected. It felt like my entire brain had been suddenly unlocked to a new awareness.

The beasts grinned and walked past me back to their hatch.

Nodding to them, I stood and waited for them to leave.

Within moments they were gone and suddenly I was alone again.

I pressed the button on the hatch and unlocked it, then hopped in.

Time to go home.

Sitting down in my small spaceship, I watched as my hands went through their routines of setting up trajectories and plans of returning home.

I pulled back on the steering column and flew away from the space station. Finally. What an afternoon.

My mind wandered back to the beasts fucking me back in the station.

Should I even tell my government what actually happened? No. They weren’t ready. They would simply use my mind for war and destruction.

I would use my new awareness for good and promoting the world rather than just one nation. Humanity was far behind these beasts and had a lot of catching up to do.

Fortunately I knew what had to be done. I knew I had to start small then work myself into the larger problems.

Everything just seemed so clear as I flew down through the atmosphere and into the Earth’s gravitational pull.

The shield on the front of the ship flared bright red as I neared the ground, and then finally turned back into dark black metal.

I set the ship down in front of the agency I worked for.

Several men jogged up to me with a smile on their face, “How did it go?!” they all chimed in unison.

I smiled as I looked to my left and saw a horde of news reporters heading towards me.

“How does it feel being the first civilian to go into space?”

“Did you have any problems?”

“What did you learn?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but suddenly found I couldn’t.

A sudden realization swept over my body.

I could now only communicate through sex.

Turning towards the men that jogged up to me, I grabbed the closest one and pulled his face into mine then reached down and slid my hand in his pants wrapping my hand around his cock.

Ravaged by Beasts On Easter

Ravaged by Beasts

On Easter





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts on Easter is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Emily always looked forward to Easter. This erotic holiday turned out different than the rest.


Gently playing with her little pink toy in the bedroom turns into something much more erotic when she investigates odd noises coming from the basement.

Emily quickly finds out the Easter Creature does much more than simply hide eggs on this holiday as she finds herself face down on the floor with a massive beast jackhammering her from behind.


What happens when Emily comes face to face with this mythical creature? Will she suddenly become a believer of the impossible? What happens when a second beast joins in?


Ravaged by Beasts

On Easter


As soon as the front door shut, I quickly ran up the stairs to my bedroom.

Finally my parents are gone! I can have some peace and quiet.

I jumped backwards onto my bed and grabbed the little pink dildo hiding under my pillow. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and thought of my boyfriend Jack.

Cool breezes flew through the window and ran over my bare chest as I clicked on my toy and slid it up over my panties.

My other hand ran up my chest and massaged my breasts as I thought about Jack’s large cock deep inside me.

Even though we haven’t had sex yet, I still fantasized about it all the time. He was the epitome of sexy in my book. The perfect guy. He had to have a huge cock from the look of the bulge in his pants all the time… and don’t even get me started about that ass. Damn.

I slowly slide the vibrator inside my pussy as my back arched in pleasure. Tiny black dots appeared in my vision as the world around me seemed to slow as I approached an intense orgasm.

Finally release.

Curling my toes I felt the intense buildup suddenly explode within my body just as I heard a loud crash come from downstairs.

What the hell! My parents are gone for the weekend. I should be alone.

I should have just called the cops. I didn’t.

Taking matters into my own hands, I slid my skirt back on and placed the vibe on my bedside table.

I peeked around the corner from the bedroom and listened intently. It was quiet.

The only sound I heard was faint church bells ringing in the distance. It is Easter after all.

Picking up my brother’s wooden baseball bat, I headed down the stairs and to the basement door. Slowly opening the door to the basement I stopped and listened again. Still complete silence.

Maybe the sound was all in my head? It is possible I suppose.

I crept down the stairs and turned around the corner.

The light flickered, casting long dark shadows into the depths of the basement. My eye caught movement.

Something was down there, and that something was big.

I stood there, peering around the corner as I heard another noise. It sounded like something falling to the floor and breaking open. Similar to how an egg would sound if it was dropped to the floor in the kitchen.

“Hello?” I called out into the darkness.

No reply.

I felt a chill run up my spine as I gripped my bat tighter.

Normally I wouldn’t be such a pussy, but today felt different. Something wasn’t right here.

Stepping around the corner and staring in the direction of the movement I crept closer.

Whoever was there, I was going to beat the shit out of them. No way was anyone or anything going to fuck up my Easter holiday. No way in hell was I going to be sitting in a police station giving statements. I deserved this weekend and nobody was going to take that away from me.

“Whoever is there, get the fuck out!” I yelled.

My hand trembled as I held the bat up over my shoulder in preparation for beating the shit out of whatever was back in that dark corner.

Skitter skitter skitter

I heard something fly across the floor to the other side of the basement.

My eyes barely tracked the movement as it flew so quickly. The cool damp air of the room rose chills on my arms as I turned and looked to where the person or thing went.

Another dark corner.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” I sung to myself under my breath as I moved towards the dark corner.

Without hesitation, I jumped into the shadows and swung my bat as hard as I could.

I hit nothing.

But something hit me and threw me onto my stomach.

I felt something jackhammering me from behind with lightning fast speed.

It hit my panties several times, then a hole formed and within seconds the creature had penetrated me.

The warm sensation of a thick shaft entering my pussy grew suddenly very pleasurable as I laid there on the ground in my basement moaning loudly.

Whatever this thing was, I was suddenly more than alright with it.

I still couldn’t see the creature, but it certainly didn’t feel human.

My head turned towards another sound similar to the one I heard earlier. It was another egg. The egg fell from a basket held up near my head.

What the fuck?! Is that a damned Easter Creature?!

The basket swung back and forth as the beast railed into me over and over. My pussy tightened as I felt myself dripping juices onto the floor.

My breathing quickened as I watched the large beast’s feet pound on the ground to my left and right. I was actually enjoying this. As odd as it all was, I kind of liked it.

Does that make me a really fucked up person? If so – I didn’t care. I went with it. I was going to have a damned good Easter weekend after all.

The beast flipped me over onto my back.

Finally I got a decent look at the creature from a small ray of light pouring in through the basement window.

Sure enough – it was the Easter Creature.

Massive front and hind legs, covered in white fur, basket full of eggs… the whole thing looked like something out of a damned fairy tale. Something fake. Something not real. Something… mythical.

I felt the creature’s cock press back into my pussy. Immediately it started railing into me again at lightning speed.

Even the fastest man I had ever been with was nowhere near this fast.

The cock tightened within me and began exploding hot milky cum deep inside my pussy over and over.

Grunting loudly, the beast didn’t stop. It kept going.

Easter eggs flew all over the basement.

How the hell would I explain this mess to my parents!?

The Easter Creature stopped for a moment, then immediately went back to work on my pussy without hesitation. I spread my legs and ran my finger down over my wet slit. The cock was thick, veiny and had small ridges and bumps up the side. It almost felt like one of those really expensive pleasure-dildos.

I screamed out as I felt my pussy clench around the cock.

Squirting hard onto the shaft as I came, I felt my body bucking around like a wild out of control bronco.

I reached up and grabbed the fur on the creature’s chest and twirled it around in my hand. The beast replied with grabbing my hair and pulling hard as it pounded into me over and over.

Each thrust grew harder and faster as the beast sped into my pussy with blinding speed. Hours felt like minutes as time ticked by.

Finally I felt myself ready to cum again. The coveted orgasm I always loved.

Reaching the pinnacle of the mountain I screamed out in pleasure, moaning, groaning and bucking my hips into the beast as it laid on top of me pounding without remorse or care.

The creature’s cock tightened just as my pussy did. We came together. Massive bursts of hot cum from the beast along with my soft warm cum from my slit mixed together into the perfect lube.

Our cum spurted out of my pussy with each thrust and ran down over my anus.

The Easter Creature must have noticed as it immediately pulled out its cock and pressed into my ass. Slowly at first, then faster and faster.

I moaned loudly. I had never done anal before, but damn – I could get used to this.

The cock slid into me and started to pick up speed.

Lightning fast, full on balls-deep thrusting motions into anus never seemed to end as little black stars swam in my vision.

Smells of sex and pleasure, erotic desire and lust filled the room as I laid there on my back pounded by the massive creature.

Eggs continued to fly all around the room as the beast ravaged my anus the best it could.

I felt the long shaft tighten again.

“Jesus!” I yelled at the beast as I grabbed onto its fur.

The creature exploded within me again. My second hole filled.

I had to have one taste. Just one.

Pushing the beast backwards onto his back, I pulled the cock into my mouth as it sprayed milky white cum into the air.

I sucked as hard as I could. I wanted at least one drop. Please. Just one.

The creature gave it to me as it pumped it’s cum into my mouth as I stroked the thick vein on its cock.

The beast groaned in pleasure as its hips started to slow in motion.


I had done it.

I survived the Easter Creature.

Looking around the room as I crossed my legs on the floor and sat there, breathing heavily, I realized there was such a mess.

Pools of cum. Splattered eggs. A ridiculous amount of fuzzy hair.

My parents were going to shit themselves.

I glanced back over at the massive beast. It laid there on the ground with its eyes closed panting heavily.

I done wore out the Easter Creature.

Grinning to myself I stood up and stretched.

Cum poured out of my pussy and anus as I did so.

I laughed and grabbed my skirt. Pressing it up against my pussy, I ran up the stairs trying not to make an even bigger mess.

In my bedroom I stepped into a nice hot shower. What a way to end the day. That wasn’t expected at all. I thought it was going to be such a relaxing evening with my little vibrator. Maybe call over my boyfriend tomorrow…

He can have the sloppy seconds, I don’t care.

I rinsed off my hair and the cum off my body then stepped out of the shower.

Looking into the bedroom I saw the creature again, but this time there was another one just like it to its left.


Both of them?

“Let’s do this!” I yelled and ran over to the bed.

Each creature grabbed its thick cock dangling between its legs and started stroking itself hard as I sat down on the bed and spread my legs.

The beasts jumped onto the bed, one under me and the other on top.

Immediately they went to work. I felt a thick cock slide into my pussy and another cock into my anus.

With lightning speed, both dicks went from zero to sixty pounding the shit out of me. I moaned in pleasure as I reached down and twirled my fingers around my clit.

Within seconds I was cumming again. The cocks tightened hard as they felt my pussy milking their cocks with the clenching orgasm.

I screamed in pleasure as I came.

Bucking my hips against the two cocks, I did my best to get them deeper as they flew with such incredible speed into my holes.

I reached up and grabbed the beast on top of me and pulled its face down to mine.

The smell of honey and an odd perfumy cologne filled my nose as I did so. I press its mouth into mine and curled my tongue around his.

Moaning loudly again, I felt the cock deep within my ass start to tighten then release, tighten then release, tighten then…

The creature came inside me, shooting cum deep into my anus. The thought and feeling of it all hit my head like a ton of bricks sending me reeling into pleasure town.

Everything seemed to stop for a moment as I came again. I couldn’t stop cumming. No man has ever been able to do this for me.

I felt my cum slide down and pool under my ass on the bed, making everything wet and soft.

Grasping the fur between my fingers, I grunted in pain and pleasure. Both of my holes were sore and puffy at this point.

The cock in my pussy tightened again and squirted over and over into me.

How many times could this creature cum!?

Apparently way more than just once.

The creatures pulled out and unleashed a dam of cum from my pussy and anus as they stood up by the side of the bed.

Picking up their baskets, I watched them simply just leave the room.

I laid there shaking from the aftereffects of the orgasms ravaging my body.

Twirling my finger around my clit for one last orgasm, I realized I had none left. I was exhausted and completely spent.

Within moments I heard the doorbell ring.

Fuck. Parents? No… no way could they be home already.

I wrapped myself in a white towel and ran down the stairs to see who was there. Maybe it was the mail?

Opening the door I saw a man standing there. It was my damned boyfriend.

“Hey,” he said as he leaned in for a kiss.

I obliged, as much as I didn’t want to at the time. All I wanted to do was go lay down in bed and nap.

Normally I’m not the sleep-after-sex kind of girl, but damn. I was beat.

“Now is… not a good time,” I said as I turned away from him.

He smiled and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck as he reached his hands around and cupped my sore breasts.

“Seriously… I can’t right now,” I whispered.

We had never had sex before, and today was certainly not the day for that.

“But come on!” He said as he turned me around and looked into my eyes.

I replied quickly, “No. Seriously – no.”

He turned and started walking away, “Fine… bitch.”

Wow. What an ass. Fuck that guy.

I walked back into the house and saw the two Easter Creatures standing there.

“What do you guys want? More?”

Both beasts stood there, just staring at me as I let go of the towel.

Taking both of their hands, I walked up towards the bedroom to continue the amazing weekend that had just started…

Ravaged by Beasts On Christmas

Ravaged by Beasts

On Christmas





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts on Christmas is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Jessie asked Santa to bring her happiness. She got much more than she expected.


All is not quiet and all is not well in this household on Christmas morning. Ravenous beasts broke in to this family’s home… and they weren’t there for the cookies.


Lustful creatures. Erotic pleasure. Beasts with primal instincts that only act on desire. Merry Christmas Jessie.


What happens when Dave walks in on Jessie and the beasts? Will he join them or will Jessie have too much to handle already? Will Jessie even be able to handle the two beasts?


Ravaged by Beasts

On Christmas


Smiling to myself, I carefully wrapped Dave’s present with care. This will certainly be the best Christmas ever! Now that I’m finally 23, my parents will let me move with him I bet.

My parents were out of town for Christmas, leaving me home alone. I told them I was “stuck working,” haha… what a joke. This will be the perfect opportunity to finally have some alone time with my boyfriend.

I glanced over at the Christmas tree I had decorated earlier with Dave. It was beautiful; everything I ever wanted was coming true. Perhaps today he will even propose to me. Oh boy. That would make this Christmas memorable!

Dave had gone to the store get a bottle of wine. Given the fact it was already past midnight and he just left, I wasn’t expecting him home for another hour.

I picked up my little pink vibrator from the side of the couch and slid it down my red panties. My back arching in pleasure as the vibrations tingled my slit, I slowly pushed it inside.

What a way to start the night! I’ll get myself off then have some time with my hunny… tomorrow morning we will be engaged… I will remember this Christmas for a long, long time.

I felt myself dampen down below as I gently pushed the little vibrator inside me. Running my thumb in circles around my clit, my hand trembled slightly as I thought about Dave pushing his hard cock up inside my pussy.

Gently pushing the vibrator deeper into my pussy, I felt my walls constrict in pleasure grasping onto the little toy. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and thought of Dave again. Focusing, I pushed myself towards my orgasm.

Biting my lower lip, I felt tingles of pleasure emanate from my vagina up through my chest, through my fingers and down to my toes. Ah… a baby orgasm. I’ll take it.

Laying on the couch on my back, I stared at the tree, the lights blinking on and off with the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air. I smiled. All was well.

I closed my eyes for a moment, basking in the pleasure as my fingers held onto the vibrator in my panties.


Awoken by the sound of knocking at the door, I realized my legs were still open with the toy inside me. Quickly clicking off the toy and setting it beside the couch, I straightened my little black skirt over my panties and stood up.

I walked over to the door and opened it. Dave stood there with a big grin on his face. “Welcome back!” I said excitedly as I looked him up and down.

His athletic form always turned me on as he gracefully wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. I nuzzled my nose into his warm neck. The smell of cologne wafted around me, turning me on again. Jesus. I’m usually not this horny. Maybe it’s because I’m expecting sex. That would certainly do it.

Looking up at his face, he set his bag on the floor and pulled my head towards his. “I missed you! Even though I was only gone a few hours,” he said with excitement. A few hours?! Geez. That must mean its past midnight.

I felt his lips touch mine as he held me close. Our tongues slid into each other’s mouth as they danced around, sliding on each other in pure pleasure.

My hand made its way down to his tight jeans as my other hand slid up under his black button down shirt. Grinning at him, my hand found his cock. Gently tugging on it, I felt it start to harden in my fingers.

He pushed me backwards, “Not yet babe, we have so much to get done before Christmas tomorrow!”

“Oh seriously?” I replied, “this is the first time my parents have been away in so long! I want you. Badly.”

He smiled at me and pecked a little kiss on my cheek, “I’m exhausted from work. Why don’t we wait and see what tomorrow brings?”

I nodded to him. Ugh. That’s annoying. It’s fucking Christmas and I’m not even going to get laid. Tomorrow he will be ‘too tired’ I bet. Mornings just aren’t his thing. Damnit.

Turning around on my heels, I walked into the kitchen and up the stairs. I heard his voice come from the living room, “Babe! Don’t be like that! I’m sorry!”

I walked into my bedroom and laid back on the bed, closing my eyes. Fucking ridiculous. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Parents are gone, we’ve had such a good day… and he’s tired from work. Two hours of work, nearly six hours ago! Fuck that. I’m going to sleep. I’ll deal with him tomorrow.

Closing my eyes, I heard the front door open then close. He left… I didn’t see that coming. Oh well. If he wants to be like that, let him.

My mind drifted to thoughts of Dave holding me close and fucking me gently, treating me like the woman I am.

With my body relaxed and sweet scents filling the room, I drifted into darkness.


I suddenly awoke to the sound of something downstairs. Looking over at the clock, it was already morning. Nine o clock to be exact. Ugh… I slept like crap.

Wiping my eyes, I walked into the bathroom and splashed water on my face, immediately waking me up. I need some coffee. I bet Dave is downstairs making me breakfast. He owes me after last night.

I slipped on my fluffy white bathrobe and slippers then walked down the stairs. “Good morning!” I said cheerfully as I reached the bottom.


Glancing into the kitchen, the lights were turned off and it was dark, except for a few rays of morning sunlight peeking through the windows. I heard a click. My eyes darted towards the noise. It was the coffee pot starting. Must be my imagination…

Rubbing at my eyes, I walked towards the living room. The blinking lights on the tree cast soft shadows on the walls as I laid down on the couch. Damn. I’m exhausted. Maybe I’ll take a nap.

I stood up and pulled out the couch bed, then laid back down, my vision blurring while staring at the ceiling. The smell of cookies still lingered in the air as did Dave’s anger from yesterday. I can’t believe he hasn’t called or even texted me yet. This is kind of unlike him.

Hearing the noise again, I noticed it was coming from the basement. I had only been down there once, to get some things for the Christmas tree earlier last week.  I really don’t want to go down there. It’s dark, creepy and certainly not somewhere I want to go alone.

A loud crashing noise filled through room. Yes. Definitely coming from the basement. I heard a muffled voice coming from down the stairwell as I walked over and opened the door. Jesus. That sounds like Dave.

Walking down the stairs, I flipped the light switch. The stairs filled with a soft flickering glow as I glanced up at the bulb. It was dying. Picking up a flashlight from the top of the stairs, I clicked it on just as the bulb died. Go figure this would happen. Since when did Christmas become so creepy! I’m going to kill Dave if he is playing a joke on me. This is the nail in his coffin.

I reached the basement. Shining the light around, I saw Dave. He was bound and gagged. Jesus. What… the fuck… is going on.

His eyes were wide with fear as he tried to talk with the gag in his mouth. “What?” I said as I walked towards him. He thrashed about, trying to break free as I came closer and closer.

A low growl came from behind me as suddenly everything went black.


I awoke.

Laying on my back in the living room, I stared at the ceiling. My head pounded. Glancing around, I saw the Christmas tree still lit up, flashing its little lights on and off. Closing my eyes for a moment, everything rushed back to me.

Something is in the basement.

Quickly grabbing for my phone in my pocket, I suddenly realized I must have dropped it in the basement. Go figure we lived out in the middle of nowhere.

A low growl filled the room as I heard footsteps coming towards me from behind. Laying on the couchbed on my back, I flipped over and looked behind me.

Staring straight at me were two large beasts. They both had thick long hair that covered their body from their head to their toes. With long thin fingers and thick muscles spread across their chest, they watched my every movement from only a few feet away.

One beast had black fur and the other grey. Hundreds of teeth were in their mouth, much, much more than any human should ever have. Thick white saliva dripped from their fangs as they walked closer towards the bed, their massive cocks hung between their legs, dangling back and forth with each step.

Uncertain of what to do, I laid there on the bed, paralyzed with fear. The two beasts grew closer and closer until they were within reach.

The black furred beast reached out and ran its warm hand down my shoulder, across my chest and to my breast. Squeezing my nipple softly underneath my bathrobe, it breathed heavily and grabbed my other breast with its other hand.

What. The. Fuck.

Watching, the other beast grabbed its thick veiny cock and started stroking itself. The dick grew harder and longer as it watched the black beast massage my breasts.

Still paralyzed with fear, I laid there unmoving. The beast massaging my breasts wavered its cock mere inches from my face as it slipped its hands under my robe and touched my skin.

Are they wanting to fuck me? I guess that’s not as bad as getting eaten or just killed I guess. Perhaps I should just play along and see what happens.

I wrapped my hand around the throbbing shaft and tugged at it, back and forth. Grunting, the beast pushed its hips back and forth between my fingers as it played with my hard little nipples. Jesus. What am I doing? I know this feels good, but this sounds and looks just so wrong! Especially on Christmas. Better than dead I guess.

Pulling the hard shaft towards my mouth, I slowly reached up and grabbed the beast’s sack. Its balls were enormous. Twirling my tongue around the tip of the dick, the beast groaned in pleasure. I looked up at him and smiled as I pushed my head down on the cock. The tip went down my throat, followed by the shaft. Reaching around and grabbing its ass, I pulled its hip towards me, thrusting its cock fully down my neck.

Gagging, I stroked the shaft as quickly as I could. It held my head deep on its cock as I choked quietly. Pushing the beast awake, I coughed as I tried to catch my breath.

Smiling up at the beast, a large grin crept across its face.

Pushing me over on my back on the bed, the beast that was jacking itself off, sat beside me and thrusted its cock into my mouth. Looking down at the other beast, it started playing with my pussy. Slipping its fingers in and out of my wet slit, it pushed its face down on my clit. I felt its tongue lick circles around my magic button as juices poured out of me.

The beast licking me kneeled on the bed and held my leg up high, then pushed its long hard cock inside my pussy. Thrusting over and over, deeper and deeper, I watched as its hips pushed up against me.

Holding onto the cock tightly in my hand, I moaned as I sucked. My breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust.

The beast reached down and massaged my chest as I stroked on him. Feeling my nipples grow hard, I could only think of my boyfriend tied up downstairs. Oh god. What are they going to do to him?! Jesus, this is insane.

Grabbing my ass, the beast I was sucking on flipped me over on all fours on the bed. I watched as he grabbed my ass with one hand and pushed his cock inside my pussy. Groaning in pleasure, I felt the cock tighten within me as my walls grasped onto him, not wanting him to leave.

The other beast kneeled in front of me and pushed its dick into my mouth. With my tongue sliding around the tip of its cock, I tasted my own pussy on him. It turned me on even more as the beast behind me thrusted over and over into my tight wet pussy.

Grabbing my feet and pulling them up to my ass, the beast pulled its cock out and thrusted back in deeply. “Oh god yes… just like that!” I screamed in pleasure as ripples of pain went through my body. Tingles of energy seemed to pool around my pussy as I felt myself start to orgasm.

The beast must have noticed as he bent over my ass and grabbed my breasts flopping back and forth with each thrust. Both beasts grunted as the beast I was sucking on laid on its back and pulled me on top of him.

“Fuck me like you mean it,” I said firmly as I sat on his cock, feeling the large shaft expand, pushing against my wet walls. The beast grabbed my ass and slammed my body down on his cock, thrusting deep inside me.

My orgasm returned with a vengeance as the beast fucked my pussy roughly without remorse. Shaking uncontrollably, the beast grabbed my neck tightly and grinned at me as I came. Holding its cock deep inside me, I opened my mouth to scream once again. The other beast quickly climbed onto the bed and plugged my mouth.

Holy… fucking… shit…

The beast under me pushed me off and was immediately replaced by the other beast. I sat down on his cock, facing away from him. Looking forward, all I could see was the Christmas tree as I felt the cock slide into my pussy.

Moaning in pleasure, the other beast stood next to me and dangled his cock in front of my mouth. My tongue sore, I grabbed the cock and stroked on his as my body bounced up and down on the beast on the bed. Its cock went deep with each thrust, further widening my hole for his pleasure.

I held tightly onto the beasts cock with my hand and grabbed my breast with my other, holding myself and twirling my thumb around my breast as I bounced. Stroking the beast with each thrust into my pussy, both went into a frenzy.

Fucking my throat and pussy as hard as they possibly could, I moaned in pleasure. The beasts both lay down on the bed, on in front of me and the other behind me. I lay between them, as I grabbed the beast’s cock in front of me. Quickly stroking on him, I felt my leg rise in the air and a cock enter inside my pussy.

The beast fucked my pussy over and over, thrusting hard with each motion of its hips. I tasted my pussy on the cock as I held it tightly with my hand, god I wanted to taste their cum.

Driven wild with lust, I pulled the cock out of my pussy and aimed my ass directly at him. Slowly pushing the wet cock inside my anus, I felt my walls tighten around him. I moaned in pleasure as I suddenly heard Dave struggling in the basement.

My mind was immediately brought back to the sex as I felt my body flipped over onto my chest with the beast’s cock still in my pussy. The other beast pushed its cock into my mouth as my anus was penetrated over and over.

Feeling the beast tighten within my anus, I looked back at him, grasping onto the sheets tightly. He grunted as the cock expanded then started pumping its hot cum into me.

Moaning in pleasure, his orgasm never seemed to end as he grabbed onto my hips and continued thrusting.

The other beast, seeing this, went into a rage and grabbed my head, then forced its cock deep down my throat once again.

My tongue twirled around the tip as I felt the cock expand within me and start pumping its hot cum into my mouth. Stroking the cock for every last bit, I sucked as hard as I could. The taste of the milky sweet cum filled my mouth as my tongue continued to lick up and down the shaft.

The two beasts pulled out and laid next to me, out of breath and completely spent. A grin slowly crept across my face, “You two aren’t done yet, are you?”

I heard more clatter in the basement as I heard someone coming up the stairs. That must be Dave.

Glancing over at the door, I saw him emerge from the door, his face completely red with anger. “What’s going on here?!” he yelled loudly as he walked over to the bed and put his hands on his hips, obviously seeing that I had been completely ravaged by the two beasts.


I saw my girlfriend on the bed, with two large beasts lying next to her. My eyes drifted towards the two large cocks that dangled between the beast’s legs. They were flaccid… and dripping with cum.

Glancing at Jessie’s pussy, I saw it was swollen and red; her anus had a slow stream of cum dripping out of it. Her mouth had bits of white cum around her lips.

“Jesus Christ… did these two beasts rape you?” I said softly as I slowly backed into the kitchen. I need a weapon. Maybe a knife. That should scare these beasts away.

Jessie looked at me with her soft blue eyes, “No… they didn’t.”

Completely in shock, I stopped moving, “They didn’t rape you?! Then what the FUCK are you doing?”

A smile crept across her face, “You were an asshole last night and these beasts came into the house. They used me for their pleasure and I allowed it.”

“Seriously. You are doing this on Christmas?” I said as I stormed towards her.

“I guess so,” she replied with a grin.

The beast growled at me as it grabbed its cock and started stroking, staring at my girlfriend. Jesus. Are they going to fuck her again?! What the hell is going on here!?

I walked towards the beast and pushed it off the bed. Ok. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. The beast stood up and grabbed Jessie’s legs, opened them wide and pushed its cock into her pussy with me standing right there.

Jessie’s body flew back and forth on the bed as the beast ravaged her body, grabbing at her chest and rubbing her nipples between its long thin fingers. It hair moved softly against her chest with each thrust as the beast fucked her pussy, deeper and deeper with each pump.

The other beast walked over to me and grabbed onto my groin. I batted the hand away quickly as I looked at him, “Naw man, seriously? I’m not like that.”

If a beast could laugh, that’s what it did as I felt the beast pull off my shirt then pants. I guess the beast wants to fuck me or watch me fuck Jessie. Jesus. This is insane!

I walked over to the edge of the bed and waited for the beast to finish. Watching the beasts cock slip in and out of Jessie’s pussy, I saw it harden then start pumping over and over inside her. The cock tightened with each thrust as it slowly milked her walls.

The beast pulled itself off of Jessie and stood by me. It pushed me forward towards the bed. Shit… I guess it’s my turn.

Laying on top of her, I reached for her hand. God this is so awkward. Her hand found mine and intertwined her fingers with mine as pressed my tongue into her mouth. Taking my hand, I ran my finger through her wetness while my tongue still circled her clit.

I slid my finger in.

Her back arched as she came; her juices running down my chin and pooling in the bed below. “Holy…Shit…” she said under her breath as I slipped a second finger in.

I watched as she lurched forward and screamed as she tried to close her legs. My arms held her open as I licked and sucked.

She came harder and harder until she said “Stop! Stop! Too much!”

I slowed my movements down to a stop as her body continued to convulse with the after effects of orgasms.

Grinning, I took this time to catch my breath as I massaged her with my hand, feeling her tight pussy made me want her so badly. “Are you ready for what comes next?” I said as I sat up on my knees and stroked my cock under my boxer shorts.

Her eyes no longer showed a sense of restraint as she smirked at me and pushed me backwards on the bed, quickly pulling off my pants and throwing them across the room.

My boxer briefs only got to my knees before I felt her grab my hard cock with her hand.

Taken back for a moment, she looked at me, then back at my cock… a grin slipped between her lips before she attempted to push my entire member down her throat. She held me within her for what felt like eternity, and then lifted her head gasping for air. She then ran her hand up and down my shaft as she slid the head of my cock into her mouth.

I felt for her head for a moment, but the pleasure was too much; I grasped the bed sheets and moved my hips up and down feeling her warm, soft mouth all over me as a groaned.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to mine, the taste of her juices and my cock combining into an insatiable flavor that was clearly driving her wild.

She ripped her dress off her body, her bra falling to my chest. Straddling over me, she sat up and slid a condom onto my rock hard cock. She put her hands on the wall at the head of the bed as I grabbed my cock and pushed it in her pussy as she slid back and forth in her grinding motion.

The air around us died to almost complete silence as the only sound was our simultaneous sign of relief as my cock went all the way inside her.

Jessie pushed herself forward and back on my cock; with each motion she moaned louder and louder. I reached up with one hand holding one of her firm tits with my hand; my other hand slipped down to her pussy and massaged her clit.

As my finger found its spot on her pussy she screamed again and fell off the wall down to my face and kissed me deep, clearly cumming hard as I felt her cum drip down around me.

I quickly rolled her over on her back as she was still spasming from the orgasm and pushed my cock deep within her once again, going deeper and deeper as I grabbed at her sides. Putting my head down beside hers, I kissed her in her spot.

She dug her nails into my back, mixing pain and pleasure to the point where I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. I grabbed one of her hips with my hand and fucked her; hard. The harder I pushed, the harder she came – so I pushed myself to my limit.

Sweat pouring down my back turned her on even more as I felt her body and mine move into an increasing rhythm. “Don’t stop” she barely managed to whisper as she grabbed the sheets and shuddered.

“Cum with me, please; oh god, cum with me,” she said.

I felt my entire body gather energy from what seemed like every aspect of my being. Feeling her tight pussy massaging my cock as I held her in place, I came inside her, over and over with a smile on my face. I tried not to think about the two beasts watching us or the fact that my cum was mixing with the beasts’. “Fill me up…I want all of you,” she said as I continued to cum.

I kissed her deeply for a quick moment then rolled to her side, staring up at the ceiling. “Wow. Just wow,” I said as I felt her hand grasp mine.

Jessie’s sweet taste still lingered in my mouth. I laid on my back on the bed as I wrapped my arm around Jessie thinking to myself, “That was… intense.”

I felt my cock slowly start to fall. “You are amazing in bed, especially with that cock of yours,” she said as she rubbed her hand across my chest, resting her head on my shoulder.

My body pulsed with energy and at the same time a sort of sex high hit me as my head felt tingly and tired.


Looking up at the two beasts, then over at my boyfriend, the smell of sex and pleasure lingered in the air. I glanced down at my pussy, which was now dripping in cum, Jesus… those three sure did a number on me. I’m going to be sore for days… and satisfied for days.

The two beasts stared at Dave and me as they slowly walked towards the door. “Will we see you two again?” I said softly as I glanced over at Dave. His eyes went wide, “Seriously?”

Putting my hand over his mouth, I watched the beasts open the back door. They both nodded to me and slipped out.

“That was… intense,” I whispered as I ran my hand over Dave’s chest.

He stared at me.


His eyes went down to my dripping pussy then around the bed as he stared at all the cum stains from the beasts, “I can’t believe you fucked them.”

I laughed, “Well, I guess you could say Merry Christmas to Jessie!”

Ravaged by Beasts With Tentacles

Ravaged by Beasts

With Tentacles





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Tentacle Beasts is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Ravaged, used and certainly exhausted, Heather finds pleasure in the most unlikely of places.


Heather finds herself taken by beasts from her home. Awakening in a warm bed, wrapped in silky sheets, she assumes it was a dream. However, after she turns on the light, what she sees surprises her beyond her wildest imagination.


Why are the beasts taking these women? Will Heather ever return to her home? Will she even want to?


Ravaged by Beasts

With Tentacles


“Good night,” I hear Jack say quietly as he rolls over in the bed.

Without word, I reach over and click off my bedside lamp. Just another night… I think to myself as I let out a deep sigh, life has got to be more interesting than this. I can’t believe I’m 24, married and with two kids, god, where did I go wrong…

My eyes slowly shut as I roll over away from Jack.

Seconds, minutes, hours tick by as I ponder my boring life. I know everything day by day, exactly what is going to happen, where I have to be and what will be done. God, I hate this.

Suddenly, I feel the cool breeze stop, and then a feeling of being watched rushes over my body. Chills run up my spine as I reach over to turn on the light. “Who’s there?” I whisper as my fingers fumble with the light switch.

Clicking on the light, the room lights up briefly before I hear the bulb pop and fizzle out. God damnit.

I pushed Jack on his back, “Wake up, I think someone is in our house!”

“Go back to bed, nobody is here,” he replies as he shuffles his pillow.

Standing up, I start to walk over to my closet as I see a shadow rush across the room.




My eyes slowly open as I feel Jack snuggle up closer to me and wrap his arm around my body. He never snuggles me, and I certainly don’t remember our bed being this comfortable.

Feeling the covers around me, a sudden burst of adrenaline pours throughout my body. This is not my bed, what the fuck is going on here?!

Glancing around the dimly lit room, I noticed subtle differences. The colors were off; my closet was in a different place… Wait. Who the fuck is lying next to me?

I reached over and clicked on a little bedside lamp. The room filled with light as I saw not who, but what lie beside me.

A man, slightly larger than the average male with a strong, clean shaven face and short dark hair lay there, staring at me with big green eyes. Thick hair covered his body as I looked him over. Peeking under the covers, he was fully nude as well.

Unable to control myself, I immediately scooted backwards and fell off the bed with a loud thump. The creature peeked over the bed, watching me.

“Hey, who are you? Or perhaps I should say… what are you?” I stuttered under my breath as I backed up against the wall.

A cool breeze wafted through the window quickly bringing to my attention that I was almost fully nude besides my black panties.

The beast stared at me as it laid on the bed on its stomach. A large toothy grin crept across its face as I watched the covers suddenly fly off of its back.

What the…

Large tentacles or appendages sprouted from under the covers and writhed around in the air as I stared in awe. The tentacles were thick, black and covered with what appeared to be small ridges.

Oh god… I’m fucked. Jesus Christ, god help me…

I continued to stare at the beast and its tentacles as they grew longer and flailed in the air, slowly moving almost as if in a trance.

“I am… who I am,” the creature spoke softly.

“What are you?” I replied quickly as my adrenaline surged throughout my body.

“I am… who I am,” it said again as it moved and sat at the edge of the bed.

The creature was fully nude as it sat there, still staring and smiling at me. Its massive cock stuck straight up in the air as I sat there, curled against the wall. Thick and pulsing, it moved slowly in a manner similar to the tentacles.

4…5…6…7… god… there are so many of those appendages.

“Are you going to eat me?” I said softly as I wiped away a tear from my eye with my shaking hand.

“Yes, in a manner of speaking,” the creature replied with a grin.

“Oh please, I’ll do anything you want, but please… please don’t eat me!” I cried out, suddenly realizing how much of a baby I sounded like.

As I sat there quivering, the beast wrapped its largest tentacle around me softly. “I’ll tell you what,” the creature said, “if you wish to go home in the morning, I’ll let you. But first, you have to spend the night with me.”

What does it want with me? What is the purpose of this?

The beast spread its mouth even wider, revealing its thin lines of teeth stretching all the way back into its mouth.

With passion in my voice I spoke, “I will do what you ask.”

Nodding, the beast tightened its grasp around me and lifted my body in the air then plopped me down on the bed next to it. “Get to work then.”

Sitting next to the beast and staring at him, I replied, “What? Work?”

I could immediately tell the creature was getting annoyed as the tentacles waved around quicker. The large tentacle slid over my back and pressed my head down towards the beast’s crotch. Opening my mouth to scream, my mouth was immediately plugged by the creature’s cock.

The dick went into my mouth, slid past my tongue and deep into my throat without warning. Grabbing onto the bed tightly, I tried to push myself up off the thick shaft without avail.

Oh god! Shit! This thing wants to fuck me!?

Groaning, the beast held my head down as I coughed and gagged on the thick shaft. Suddenly, the beast let go of my head.

I gasped for air as we stared at each other. The grin returned across its face, “Now do you see what I want from you tonight?”

Nodding, I wrapped my hand around the cock and pulled at it, stroking the thing up and down as I stared at him. “I see what you want, just like all men. Perhaps we can have some fun, even if it is for just one night.”

Tugging on the cock with my hand, I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the creature’s sack. Its balls hung low as I played with them, pushing them back and forth between the tips of my fingers.

Perhaps this won’t be as quite as bad as I initially thought. I’ll just get this beast off with my hand and mouth, and then it will fall asleep. I’ll wake up the next morning and leave.

Noting the beast’s face, I spit on my hand then wrapped it back around its thick shaft. I pulled at it faster and faster as I ran my fingers up the entire length of the shaft. I doubt I could even take a dick this big. Jack’s cock is maybe one fourth this size… maybe 3 inches? Four perhaps?

The cock grew tight and firm in my hands as the beast slipped its hand around my head and pulled my face towards his. Closing my eyes, I thought of Jack kissing me as our lips touched.

Electric sparked our tongues as it ran its long thin tongue up and down mine, exploring my mouth. My body quivered as I continued stroking on the beast. Animalistic moans seemed to engulf the room as we sat there on the side of the bed.

I felt my panties slide to the side, exposing my pussy as the beast held my head implanted into his. I guess this beast wants more… Whatever. It’s just one night. I’ll deal with it.

A soft thin tentacle ran up and down my pussy, sliding along the outside of my lips. Moaning, I pulled back and looked at the beast. Its big green eyes were wide. Staring at him, I felt our souls connect in an odd way I’ve never felt with someone before… even Jack.

The creature’s breaths grew deep and labored as I stroked on him and he stroked on me. “What’s wrong?” I said softly as I tugged at him.

“I have been without a woman for too long, and because of this, my body is failing. You see, my kind thrives on sexual energy. Without it, we die.”

Continually stroking the cock up and down softly, I replied, “So I am here to keep you alive? How long will it be before you require another woman?”

“I don’t know,” it said as its large grin faded from its face.

It rested its hand on my cock, “I have never been one for forcing women to pleasure me like my kind normally does. Rather than forcing sex to happen, I stay in the room with others of my kind while they force women to pleasure them. I feel weak and tired all the time, but at least I feel good about myself and I don’t die.”

I nodded as I listened.

“If you wish to go, I understand,” the beast continued as it held my hand.

Jesus. If just sex with this creature is going to keep it from dying, I’ll stay and give this beast the beast damn sex it has ever had. Then it will be happy and perhaps even live for much longer than it expected.

I pulled its hand off of mine and started stroking again.

“So you’ll stay?”

Holding onto the thick shaft, I quickly pushed my head down on the cock and wrapped my tongue around it. Tugging onto the beast, I heard him groan in pleasure. Sliding my tongue around the tip, my other hand played with its sack again.

The cock tightened within my mouth as I felt the beast grunt, “Yes… yes… just like that!”

I felt a hand slide over the top of my head and run through my hair as my head bobbed up and down. Pushing the cock down my throat, the tentacle returned to my pussy. I felt my panties slide off my hips and down my legs as two tentacles opened my lips wide, exposing my dripping hole.

Moaning softly to myself, expecting to be immediately penetrated, I felt a tentacle slide around my opening, up and down my lips then finally to my clit.

This beast knows the woman’s body well… at least this will be good for me too.

The tentacles went to work on my pussy as I felt the tentacle massage my magic button, sliding up and down, softly with the perfect amount of pressure. My mouth continued to work on the beast as my tongue slide in circles around the tip, my saliva dripping down my chin to the floor.

I watched as the beast stood up with my mouth still on the cock. Pushing me on my back, it lifted my ass in the air while my upper back supported my body. Both of my holes were exposed to the beast as I laid there watching the tentacles writhe around in the air behind him.

The smile returned on its face as two large tentacles came forth and shot into my pussy, penetrating me deeper and deeper until I could feel the two tentacles had gone further than any man ever had. Moaning, I watched as the beast’s tongue slid out of its mouth and down to my anus.

I felt a tingle, and then a slow penetration into my ass as the beast ran its tongue into me.  A feeling unlike anything I have ever felt before rushed through my body as the hair on my arms stood on end. Moaning with pleasure, I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on the feelings throughout my body.

Two tentacles wrapped around my breasts and softly massaged them with the tips of each tentacle twirling around my soft little nipples. The two appendages within my pussy went in and out at various speeds, faster than slower, slower than faster, over and over until I could barely keep myself from blacking out from the pleasure.

Another tentacle slid up my back, over my shoulder, down between my breasts and finally working its way onto my clit as my back arched in orgasm. Screams of pleasure must be heard from miles away as I felt my eyes roll back in my head, unable to control my body.

Violently shaking and spasming, ripples of sexual energy filled the room as the beast stood there basking in the energy. Invigorated, the beast narrowed its eyes at me, “Good… good… yes, I can feel my body rejuvenating!”

Unable to quite comprehend what the creature was saying to me, I continued to cum, squirting my juices all down the front of the beast as the tentacles slid in and out of my pussy and anus. Looking down at my pussy, I saw a tentacle run its full length against my clit, sliding up and down. Moaning in passion, I sat up and wrapped my arms around the beast, holding onto him as my holes were ravaged.

The room smelled of sex and erotic desire as I ran my tongue into the creature’s mouth, sliding up and down his while staring into his huge green eyes. “Fuck me hard,” I whispered into its ear as I ran my tongue up his neck and twirling his earlobe in my mouth.

I felt the tentacles slowly pick up speed within my holes as two tentacles circled around my legs then pulled my ass cheeks apart. Another tentacle pushed its way into my anus, thrusting deep inside me.

My god… this is better than any sex I have ever had. No wonder the beast asked for just one night. Shit. I doubt I could leave even if I wanted to!

The two tentacles inside my pussy pulled out then slowly pulled my lips apart, exposing my inner pussy for the beast. Looking down, I watched the long thick cock slowly penetrate me. The tip of its cock pushed inside making way for the rest of his shaft.

My walls widened and welcomed the beast as he pushed himself all the way in. Holding himself there, he wrapped his arms around me and held my body against his. He was warm, and soft as his hands ran up and down my back, massaging me.

Cum dripped from my pussy as my walls tightened around the cock, gripping him and pulling at his girthy shaft as he thrusted into me. My walls simply didn’t want the cock to ever stop as I felt my grip on the beast tighten and hold him in place.

He pushed me onto my back on the bed as he looked down at me with his toothy smile. I smiled back as all the tentacles withdrew from my body.

The beast grabbed my hips and thrusted his cock into my wet pussy. “Oh fuck!!” I screamed as the dick plunged in as deep as it could go, his hips now against my ass. Gritting my teeth from the pain and pleasure, I felt myself start to pinnacle again.

Another orgasm rushed through my body as my legs curled around his butt, holding the cock deep inside me as I felt his hand touch my swollen, tender clit. Rubbing in circles on me, he pulled away and thrusted again, my body jerking violently forward on the bed.

“Fucking cum for me, I want to feel you,” I said through gritted teeth.

Staring up at the beast, I watched as sweat poured from its forehead as it fucked my pussy without remorse for what felt like seconds, minutes… hours.

My juices somehow kept up with the beast as my walls continued to massage the hard cock. I felt each ridge on the shaft with each orgasmic thrust into me.

The creature laid down on top of me and grabbed my breasts roughly, “Take it woman, take my seed…”

Moaning in pleasure, I felt the shaft tighten fully straight within my pussy. It loosened then tightened again.

The beast grunted then exploded inside me. The tentacles swirled around me, holding my body against his as my walls massaged the thick shaft as it pumped its hot cum inside. Over and over the dick pulsed as I felt each pump of cum hit my insides.

I looked down as the beast thrusted inside me again. Cum poured out of my pussy as the beast slowly ran its cock in and out, savoring every moment.

Exhausted, I laid there as the creature continued to use my body for its own pleasure. At least now the beast won’t die… I saved a life today.

Rays of sunlight began to flood the room through the small window next to the bed. I glanced outside and saw the same mountain I saw from my window back at home.

“Where are we?” I said softly.

The creature slowed is movements, the thick shaft still inside me. Its hands rested on my knees as it followed my stare outside, “The same area I found you at. We are in another mountain close by your home. My small village has many of my kind, we know how humans would react if they saw us…”

I nodded, “Good idea. Why don’t we ever see any other woman come back to the town after they come here?”

The beast looked at me as a smile crept across his face, “I thought you would have figured that out by now.”

Wow. So that’s why the women never come home… This pleasure was more intense than anything I have ever felt and I certainly don’t want to go back to my boring lifestyle. The women are taken, used, then realize this level cannot be achieved with other humans.

“I understand now. Not a single woman has ever returned home because the sex is just too damn good!”

The beast laughed in agreement as I felt the shaft inside my pussy harden.

I looked down at its shaft halfway inside me, “Are you done? Do you need more?”

Smiling, the creature shook its head, “I need to sleep now. Will you stay with me or will you leave?”

Watching the beast crawl into the bed, the tentacles slowly receded into its back as it closed its eyes.

I curled up next to the creature and wrapped my arms around him, slowly massaging its muscular arms, “My life is stale, boring and certainly without pleasure. Perhaps I will stay with you… for a while.”

The room filled with soft snores as I drifted into sleep.


Awakening, I rolled over and noticed the bed was empty. The creature was gone. As I glanced outside, I noticed the sunlight was gone and replaced with a soft white glow from the moon.

The room still smelled of sex as I stood up by the side of the bed. Looking on a small chair on the other side of the room, I saw a fluffy white bath robe and slippers. On it – a note.

Picking up the note I read,

Good morning! I hope you slept well. I know I did. Heading out to get some stuff done, I’ll be back a bit later. Feel free to make yourself at home.

Looking into the hall outside the bedroom, I noticed a bathroom to my left. Why not grab a shower? I’m sticky from last night. Perhaps a shower would do me some good… and coffee. I need my coffee.

I walked into the bathroom and reached in and turned on the water. Stepping into the warm shower felt amazing as all the erotic sweat and cum washed off from the night before.

Closing my eyes, I heard a door creak open outside of the bathroom, “Hello?” I called out as I peeked my head around the shower curtain.


Must be my imagination. I’m totally freaking myself out.

The warm water ran through my hair as I grabbed the soap and lathered myself up. My hands ran down my soft breasts and tender little nipples then down along my slit.

God, I’m so horny. I figured I wouldn’t be horny for so long, but Jesus. I could totally go again.

Sliding my hand up and down my slit, I ran my thumb around my clit, softly massaging it as I thought about the night before. The beast wrapping me in its thick tentacles, penetrating all my holes, thrusting inside me over and over as I came for him.

Moaning softly, I slowly pushed a finger inside sending shudders throughout my body. My eyes closed as I played with myself, rubbing and massaging my lips and clit.

The warm water rushed over my body as my other hand grabbed my breast and twirled the nipple between my fingers. I felt something softly curl around my leg.

Quickly opening my eyes, I looked down and saw a tentacle. It had snaked its way into the shower and crept closer to my pussy. The tentacle arched in front of my slit appearing as if it was looking at it, trying to decide whether to penetrate me or not.

The thing inched closer as I moved my hand from my slit and massaged my clit. I watched the tentacle slowly slid into my pussy, expanding my walls the deeper it went. Moaning, I felt it wiggle around inside me, expanding as my walls tightened around the shaft.

Thrusting inside me deeper and then pulling out, then back in, I sat on the shower floor with my back against the wall moaning in pleasure.

My legs tightened as I felt the shaft pick up speed, thrusting harder as I massaged my clit. Oh fuck… oh fuck!

Another tentacle slid into the shower and thrusted inside my pussy as I laid there with the water pouring over my body. Moaning, they both pushed in and out of me without remorse, pumping me over and over.

Tingles ran over my body as sensations gathered between my legs, putting me into a complete orgasm. Every muscle tightened as I opened my mouth to scream, but no words came out. I couldn’t breathe the pleasure was so intense.

Opening my eyes, I looked down and saw the tentacles start to slow their movements in response to my intense orgasm. A face peeked inside the shower; it was the beast.

“Good morning,” he said softly, “I can see you haven’t left yet.”

I nodded as I laid there in the shower, unable to move and out of breath.

Smiling, we stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, sharing an emotional connection in complete ecstasy.

I closed my eyes as a smile crept across my face. “I want to love you,” I whispered softly.

The beast replied, “I feel like we have a great connection and I’ve never loved anyone before… perhaps this feeling I have is love?”

Watching the creature climb into the shower, I scooted back against the wall so he could fit in here with me. The tentacles receded into its back as it sat there under the pouring water.

“What can I call you?” I said as I ran my hand up and down his hairy leg.

“I don’t have a name… I was never given one,” it replied as the smile slowly left its face.

“How about Franklin? You look like a Franklin to me!”

The creature looked at me as its eyes hinted at a smile, “I would like that very much!”

Nodding to the creature, I replied, “Great. Franklin it is.”

I curled up between the creature’s legs and stroked its cock with my hand, “I had mine… do you want to play too?”

Franklin replied, “I’m exhausted, but yes, why not right?”

Massaging his cock with my hand and his sack with my other hand, I tugged on him until his shaft was fully hard.

I licked up and down the base of his cock then pulled it into my mouth, sucking on the tip as hard as I could.

Looking up at him, I saw his head back against the wall with his eyes closed and a big smile across his face. I must be good… Jack never liked it like this. It sure feels nice to be wanted, loved and even needed. Why the fuck would I ever want to leave this place? Franklin is amazing, sexy, fun and certainly good in bed…

Franklin pushed his hands down on my head, thrusting the cock into my throat. Gagging on the shaft, my throat massaged him as I held him within me as long as I could.

Grunting, I felt the shaft tighten as I pulled the cock into my mouth and twirled my tongue around the tip.

I stoked the cock with my hand as fast as I could as my tongue did its work. Suddenly tip exploded within my mouth, pumping its warm milking cum onto my tongue. Holy shit… this tastes nothing like Jack’s cum! It’s the exact opposite of salty; it’s sweet like honey and sugar. No fucking way.

Pulling at the shaft for every last drop, I milked him for all he was worth. My arm and body exhausted, I curled up between his legs and looked up at him, “I would like to stay, if that would be alright with you.”

Franklin nodded to me, “I would love that. What about your husband and kids?”

Oh shit. I forgot about them… whoops. Yeah, perhaps I should write a letter. Let them know something happened and I wouldn’t be back in town for a long time.

“I’ll write them a letter and tell them I got called away overseas for business or something. Don’t stress about it. My life back with them was terrible; it certainly isn’t something I want to go back to!”

Franklin smiled and ran his fingers through my hair gently, “Good… I think we will have a good time here. I’m sure you will love it.”

“Perhaps one day I can meet your friends here?”

He looked down at me, “Certainly. Sometimes they share partners though, so you may be asked to be with different men like me, but I’ll be sure to let them know to respect your wishes.”

Sex with multiple creatures such as this?! I can’t even imagine that…

“That would be great, but for now, let’s just relax… you and me…”

My eyes slowly drooped as I laid against his warm chest with the water running over us both.

I smiled to myself.

Ravaged by Beasts In the Basement

Ravaged by Beasts

In the Basement





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts in the Basement is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Their eyes shined off the flashlight just before the light clicked off. I could only remember the long dangling shafts between their legs as they walked closer.


Alone for the day, Jess hears noises coming from the basement. Assuming it’s just the kids next door, she pays no heed… until they grow louder.


Join Jess as mythical creatures living in her basement her body and mind to places her husband has never been able to take her.


Little did she know but the beasts in the basement would surpass her wildest dreams with their rock hard bodies, infinite stamina and enormous beastly shafts.


Ravaged by Beasts

In the Basement


I heard my husband yell up the stairs, “Honey, I’m leaving till later, have fun and try to relax!”

Sighing to myself, I slip into my warm bath without a word. The warm water surrounded me and put my body into complete relaxation almost immediately.

I slipped under the bubbles, then the water as I freed my mind of my declining marriage. At least he will be gone for a while. This will give me some time to decide what to do.

Coming up from the water, I ran my hands through my hair and reached to the side of the tub, grabbing my trusty waterproof vibrator.

“Let’s start this weekend off right, shall we?” I said to the long pink dildo with a smirk on my face. The lights were dim as two vanilla candles sat on the sink flickering soft shadows along the wall.

I clicked the vibrator on and slid it under the water between my legs. Running the dildo along my slit, I felt a tingling sensation run through my body. Chills flooded my arms and legs from pleasure as I teased my clit with the toy.

Moaning softly, I heard the front door shut.

The dildo slowly slid inside me as my walls clenched tightly around the shaft, holding onto the toy and not wanting it to leave. I pulled it out as I pressed the ‘on’ button for the water jets behind my head. My body was flooded with intense pleasure as I felt myself immediately start to massage the dildo with my walls.

I pushed the dildo all the way inside, as deep as it could go. My thumb easily found my magic button at the apex of my slit and ran slow soft circles around it. Moaning softly to myself, my back arced in a light orgasm.

Pleasure rippled through my body the same way a light breeze ran ripples over a lake as I closed my eyes and savored the feeling.

I bit my lower lip lightly as I pulled the vibrator out. It was small for a vibrator, but still bigger than Josh.


A loud sound echoed up the hallway. My head quickly turned towards the open door, expecting something else to happen. The noise was dulled. It must be in the basement. Ugh. Damn neighbor kids are probably throwing shit into our cellar doors.

Our neighbors have these little shit head kids that are always causing trouble. Screaming, whining, bickering brats could always be heard during the day. This was the first time the young teens had acted up late at night.

I glanced at the clock on the wall. 11:23 p.m. They are getting ballsy. Where is Josh when I need him. He should be home any time now.

Standing up and wrapping myself in my bath towel, I ran my hands through my long soft hair. I dried off and slipped into my white fluffy slippers.

I walked into the bedroom and grabbed my bath robe. Tying it around my waist, I reached over and grabbed Josh’s bat. This will scare them a bit. I bet they know he is gone and I would just sit here and deal with their crap. Well… this woman is putting her foot down today.

With a smirk on my face, I crept down the stairs to the ground floor as quietly as I could. I opened the door to outside and gripped tightly on the bat. A blast of chilly fall air hit my face like ton of bricks. Jesus its cold, I thought to myself as my other hand held tightly onto the bathrobe.

Leaning over the porch rails, I looked to the side of the house; no kids. I walked over to the other side and leaned over; no kids.

What the fuck. Did those little brats run home… or did they go downstairs? Either way, I’m doing something about this tonight. First I’ll check the basement though.

Confident my decision was the right one; I walked back into the house quietly and shut the door, then locked it.

Creeping across the floor like a stealthy burglar, I headed towards the basement door. Opening it, I looked down into the darkness. I’ll sneak up on the kids in the dark. They won’t even know what hit them.

I crept down the stairs as quietly as I could as I listened intently for any movement. Everything was dead quiet… except for the sounds of heavy breathing. Jesus, that doesn’t sound like a kid. Maybe it’s a thief?

Turning around the corner, the rays of moonlight through the window rested upon two large furry creatures in the center of the room. They were both curled up in a ball, snoring lightly as I watched their large chests raise and lower with each breath.

Standing there completely awestruck by the sight, I looked them over. Long tusks shot from their lower jaw, thick muscles wrapped around their enormous arms and finally… a massive cock lay across the floor between each of their legs.

My mouth dropped at the sight.

What the hell are these things? Why are they in my house…

I looked over at the long floor freezer we had. It was open and appeared to be empty. We kept meat stored inside for the winter; the creatures must have been hungry.

At least they won’t be interested in eating me I guess, but I still have to do something. No. I need to call the authorities, this is insane.

Slowly backing up, my foot caught on the rug which sent me flying onto my back. I watched the bat fall to the concrete floor in slow motion. “Shit,” I whispered to myself as the bat hit the floor with a loud whack.

Both creatures rolled to their side and snorted as they changed positions. The biggest creature opened his left eye and immediately locked glances with me. A chill ran down my spine as I felt my eyes go wide with fear.

It stood up and stretched. The creature looked similar to some sort of man-bear-creature as I saw his massive paws reach up towards the 10 foot ceiling.

The creature fell back down on all fours and trotted over to me. As it sniffed at my bathrobe, it slowly made its way around my body. The creature made a full circle and came back in front of me, still sniffing. I watched as its nose pulled my robe apart and sniff at my still-wet slit.

Almost immediately, its tongue slithered out of its mouth and licked all the way from the bottom to the top. Oh. My. God. No. Fucking. Way.

The creature licked again, obviously intrigued by my body. Snorting loudly, I watched as the other beast woke from its slumber and walked over towards me. Much like the first, the beast sniffed at my body, then went behind me. I felt warm air hit my anus as its nose went between my cheeks.

What can I do!? If I run – I’m dead. If I scream – god knows what would happen… I’ll just wait. Hopefully they don’t kill me.

I ran my hand over the creature’s thick fur on his head in an attempt to keep the beast calm. It looked up at me and locked eyes before going back to my pussy. Licking over and over, the creature seemed content.

Feeling a long tongue slide up between my cheeks, the beast behind me must be content as well. I wonder if this is some sort of nurturing they think they are doing. Maybe I’m like a baby beast to them and they want to take care of me…

The creature grinned at me, or at least what I thought was a grin. Its mouth spread wide, baring its teeth and stood on its hind legs then wrapped its arms around me. The beast behind me trotted out of the way as the creature pushed me backwards onto my back slowly.

Something warm ran against my wet slit. Jesus, the beast is turned on by me. I’ll go along with this for now. It’s better than being dead I suppose.

I reached down and grabbed the beast’s thick shaft and ran my thumb along the large vein on the bottom. It felt much like a man’s cock, but slightly different due to the odd curvature. The shaft had a large bulbous area just before the tip which pulsed larger and smaller with every breath of the creature.

Stroking the beast with my hand, I figured it would be best to just get the creature off, and then try to get away somehow. Most men sleep right after they get off, maybe if I were to just keep stroking it…

The beast hardened in my fingers as I twisted and pulled at the long shaft. Making long motions with my hand, I felt the creature’s breath quicken in front of my face. The creature’s hips grinded against mine as I felt the beast push its hard cock up against my pussy while I stroked him as fast as I could.

My pussy was still wet from the bathtub. How can I still be wet?! Are these creatures turning me on as well?

I felt the hard cock press harder on my panties as it grinded on me. Unable to control myself any longer, I pulled my panties to the side and allowed the thick shaft to slide inside. I felt every ridge, bump and bulbous area on the cock enter inside me as my walls tightened around the dick.

“Oh fuck…” I whispered as the beast continued to slide deeper and deeper into my pussy. My muscles tightened as I wrapped my arms around the beast and held his body to mine. Opening my mouth again, no words came out as I held my breath. The sheer size of the creature had me breathless. I had never taken a dick this big.

The other creature paced in the room, almost as if waiting for his turn with me.

I heard someone coming down the stairs. Quickly looking over, I saw Josh. Unable to speak from the sheer amount of pleasure, I watched as his eyes grew large. He ran down the stairs and grabbed the bat just as the other creature jumped on him and held him to the ground.

The cock slid in and out of my pussy slowly as I watched the scene unfold. Unable to focus on both situations, I chose to immerse myself in the pleasure the beast was giving me. Fuck Josh. He was never a real man.

Josh looked over at me, “Babe! I love you! Why are you doing this!?”

I glanced over at him, “You could never satisfy me in bed. These beasts seem to have no problem with it.”

His eyes welled up with tears, “But… but…”

I wrapped my arm around the beast’s neck and held his head towards my chest. His tongue ran circles around my nipples as he sucked and nibbled on them.

Staring at Josh I mocked him, “But… But… Shut up! Your cock is simply too small. These beasts have cocks nearly three times your size. You have never been able to satisfy me and you never will.”

The beast thrusted inside me deeper as I told Josh how insufficient he was at sex… which he was. I grabbed the creature’s hips and held his cock deep inside me. The feeling was intense as I felt every inch of him using my pussy for his own pleasure.

I watched as the other beast stood up off of Josh and proceeded to circle around the beast and I.

Grunting with pleasure, the beast on top of me rolled me over. I was now on top of the creature, riding him. Placing my hands on his chest and grabbing onto his hair, I looked over at Josh, “Are you watching? You better be. You can learn something from these beasts.”

Josh sat on the floor and crossed his legs with tears in his eyes, “I am. I don’t know if I can watch this though, it hurts so much.”

I quickly replied, “It’s because you are terrible in bed. Seriously. You aren’t even sexy. These beasts can at least fuck a woman like she deserves to be fucked.”

My pussy clenched tightly around the cock as I felt my walls constrict. Oh fuck… this beast is going to make me cum.

Ripples of pleasure spread throughout my fingers and toes as I rode the beast, gliding up and down on his thick shaft with ease. Josh could never fuck me like this.

The creature held onto my hips and started thrusting inside me, faster and faster. My walls tightened hard on the cock and gripped him. Moaning loudly, I felt myself start to squirt on the thick shaft. Massaging him with my walls, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure.

Josh stood up and held on onto his ears as he paced around the room whispering to himself. “Are you watching this?! Take your hands off your ears and listen to how a woman screams in orgasm! You have never been able to do this for me!!”

I grabbed onto the beast tighter and rode him like a bucking bronco. My body jerked wildly back and forth as sweat poured down the beast’s face.

He pulled my body towards his and exposed my anus in the air. Grunting loudly, I looked over my shoulder at the other beast. The creature had his cock in his hand, flitting it around my anus.

I felt the cock slide into my ass easily as the juices from my pussy had already lubed the area well. Plunging inside, my body straightened in pleasure. “Are you watching this Josh? Fucking watch and don’t look away. This is how to get a woman off!”

Immediately I went into a full on orgasm as the cocks slid in and out of my pussy and anus at varying speeds. Unable to control my body, I grabbed onto the beast’s shoulders and rammed myself down on the cocks. They both pushed up inside me deeper than any other man has ever been… especially Josh.

Grinning at him, he continued to pace in circles around the room, occasionally glancing in our direction as he shook his head in shame.

I looked over at Josh, “Grow a bigger dick and learn how to fuck, then maybe someday you can get a woman half as good as me.”

He replied softly under his breath, “I… I don’t know…”

“Shut up,” I said, “you will never know how to treat a woman right. You must be gay. Are you fucking gay?”

Josh looked at me, near the point of sobbing uncontrollably, “I’m not gay!”

The cocks ran in and out of my holes, penetrating my inner being with every thrust. Ripples of pleasure spread through my body as they used me for their own needs.

“You sure act like you are gay. See these beasts? They aren’t even human and they sure know how to fuck a woman right. They act like real men should.”

My body jerked wildly up and down on the cocks as they fucked me without remorse. The beast under me suddenly tightened within my pussy. I felt an explosion within me as the cock started shooting its hot sperm inside. With every thrust, I felt more of the cum spray into my pussy.

“This is what a real fucking is! You see this!”

Josh looked over at my swollen cum filled pussy. His eyes went wide, “Please! Please stop! Oh god, I can’t do this… no way… oh god! They are cumming inside you!”

I rammed my ass down on the cock again, sending the shaft fully inside me. With a grin on my face, I felt the shaft inside my anus tighten.

Quickly turning myself about, I pulled myself off the two cocks and grabbed the one about to explode with orgasm. Sucking it into my mouth, I felt it tighten again.

Josh turned towards me and stared with his mouth open, “Oh god no… don’t do that! Please!”

With a smile on my lips and my hand stroking the shaft, the beast started pumping itself onto my tongue. Over and over he came, filling my mouth to the brim as Josh stared at us with his puffy red eyes.

I looked over at him and swallowed the cum. Licking my lips, I grabbed the cock and stroked it for every last drop, squeezing it tightly to ensure I had everything.

Josh put his hands on his head, “You won’t even do that for me…”

I replied, “Because you aren’t good enough. You aren’t even a real man. You have a small cock, you suck at fucking, you don’t know how to treat a woman in bed… need I go on? Jesus, you are fucking pitiful.”

The beast wrapped his arms around my stomach, holding me as I watched Josh hang his head in shame.

My pussy started to drip cum onto the floor.

I pointed at Josh, “You know what happens now. You are on cleanup duty.”

He nodded, “Ok…”

The beast saw what was going on and walked over to Josh and grabbed his hand, pulling him over to the dripping cum.

Josh ran his tongue along the floor with the beast’s hand on his head.

“Get every last bit. When you are done, get my pussy too. You can finally taste what a real man’s cum tastes like.”

I watched as Josh cleaned the floor with his mouth, then finally rolled over on his back and opened his mouth. Squeezing my pussy tightly, I milked out my cum and dripped onto his tongue.

Josh gagged loudly and coughed while he cried, “Please… no more! I can’t do this!”

I grabbed his head and pushed it into my cum filled pussy, “Lick it out! Taste a real man’s cum!”

He cried while his face was buried inside my wet slit. Serves him right. I can’t believe he is actually going along with this. The bitch needs to be taught a lesson. Maybe from here on out he will step up and treat me right.

Josh pulled his head out and backed up, “Did I do ok?”

Looking down at him, I watched as he gagged on the beast’s cum., “Jesus Christ. Do I have to teach you everything? You missed a fucking spot,”—I shoved his nose to a cum spot on the floor—“clean that shit up!”

He slipped his tongue out of his mouth and licked the cum off the floor then looked up at me, “Good?”

“I guess it won’t get any better,” I replied firmly as I ran my fingers over the beast’s hands on my chest. He was massaging my nipples between his fingers, keeping them hard for him as I told Josh what to do.

With a smile on my face, I watched as Josh started to walk towards the stairs. “Where are you going? Did I say you could leave?” I asked him quizzically.

Josh lowered his head and came back down the stairs, sitting on the bottom one. His hands were on his chin watching us.

My body felt completely exhausted as the beast curled up in the middle of the floor.  I don’t feel like sleeping with Josh tonight… I’ll stay here with these creatures. This will teach him a lesson.

I pointed at Josh, “You stay there.”

He nodded as I curled up between the beasts and slipped into darkness.


Awakening by the light coming through the window of the basement, I rubbed my eyes. Only one beast remained. The other creature was nowhere to be seen.

Glancing over at the stairs, I noticed Josh was still sleeping. He was right where I told him to be as I watched his chest slowly rise and fall with each breath.

Walking over and grabbing a pillow from a box, I slipped it under his head. Despite how things went, I still love the guy. That was actually really… hot last night. I could tell he was enjoying himself as well even though it wasn’t how things normally go between us.

The beast was still sound asleep as I curled up next to his warm body and slipped back into darkness…

Seeded by Demons

Seeded by Demons


“Dark Child”


Book One





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Seeded by Demons: Dark Child is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






The Underlord’s plan: bring hell to earth through childbirth. Jessie is the first subject.


Content with her average life, the tables have turned when Jessie finds herself taken by a group of demons in the night to be ravaged beyond her wildest dreams. The end of times has been set into motion.


Will Jessie give in to her dark desires or will she resist and find a way to save humanity? Perhaps a darker part of Jessie will come to the surface and relish in the idea of bearing a demonic child…





More hands appeared out of nowhere and ran up my legs as others pulled at my gown. Pieces were torn from my body; my panties ripped and thrown into the darkest parts of the basement. Socks were yanked from my feet and my white comfy bra unclipped and thrown to the floor.


My body was no longer mine.





Seeded by Demons


“Dark Child”


The largest of the four demons stared directly at me. He must have been their leader. My eyes locked with his as I felt sweat trickle down my back underneath my white nightgown.

His thick shaft dangling between his legs swayed with each step as he circled me. Long black curled horns protruded from his forehead and pointed towards the ceiling.

It was dark. Go figure I forgot to flip on the light switch before I came down the stairs. Staring at the multiple demons shot waves of distress through my body and fear shooting up my spine.

Demons can’t be real… this has got to be some kind of sick joke.

My eyes darted around the basement as the demons closed in around me and the solemn dripping from the leaky faucet filled my ears. I was doomed.

“Please… what do you want?” I managed to whisper as my eyes gazed at the floor. I couldn’t make eye contact again. Their pitch black eyes gave a sense of unending darkness. They were just too intimidating, and I was always the quiet one in the group. No way could I stand up to these demons.

A grin spread across the man’s face as he stepped into the ray of light coming from the stairwell. “Your womb.”

I quickly looked back down at my feet and nodded as thoughts poured through my head. My womb?!

“You can make this easy or hard, the choice is yours,” the demon said as he walked up and ran his hand through my hair.

His thick and heavily accented voice rung in my ears as the other demons began to pace around the basement.

Stuttering with fear, I managed to barely speak, “I…I don’t know? Why?”

The demon’s head threw back into a loud laughter that echoed in the basement, “Your body will be ours, just for tonight, then you shall go about your life and give birth to a child. A demon child, that will rise to be the leader of your pathetic humanity.”

I felt my knees begin to buckle as I stood there quickly becoming more and more nauseous by the second.

Reaching out quickly, the demon caught me as I began to fall. His touch was firm and his skin rough. I felt his fingers grab onto my shoulder and hold me steady as my lip began to quiver.

“Bend over and take it like woman. We will be gone before you even know it.”

I nodded and fell to the floor as he let go.

Oh god… I don’t know what to do. Maybe if I get to the phone upstairs I can call 911 and get help. I don’t know if I can do this.

A few demons dispersed throughout the basement, while the rest went up the stairs to the rest of my house. Perhaps they were checking to see if anyone else was here.

Minutes later, they returned back down to the biggest demon. He must have been the leader. He had to of been. With his demanding attitude and strong will, it certainly felt like he was in control.

“Look what we found,” the demon that came down the stairs said.

The boss looked at what the demon had handed him. “Awww. Is this your family?”

They each looked at me. I could tell they were pieces of shit. They wanted my body and they were willing to do anything to get it.

I stared up at the boss as my hands trembled, “What are you doing?” I managed to speak out, fearful of his answer.

He crouched down beside me and brought his face back into the light. Oddly enough, he was handsome. Certainly an attractive demon despite the fact he was ready to force himself upon me.

“This,” he whispered as he pointed between my legs.

The chill on my spine returned as he leaned in closer.

“Please… Please. I, I, I… I’ll do anything…else,” I whimpered softly to the demon.

His breath smelled of fire and brimstone, but oddly enough, I would still do anything for that keep from having a child with them… even if it meant the demons still having their way with me.

I looked up at the demons and caught their attention by pulling out my breast from my nightgown. “I have ways of making your night go as planned… but without the ending you desire.”

Quickly putting my breast away, I held out my hand. “I only want your word. Pull out when you are finished.”

The demons glanced at each other, and then crossed their hands over their chests. “Hmmm…”

I stared at the leader as he spoke, “Why don’t you put on a little show for us. Get us in the mood. Then we’ll decide.”

Nodding fervently, I stood up and flicked on a dim light that sat on one of the boxes.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but at least they won’t be taking the most valuable thing from me. I need my life. I can’t live knowing there is a demonic child of mine walking the earth.

My body began to move between the different demons as I attempted to shake my nightgown, breasts, and ass for them. They were staring at my body and obviously turned on.

I could easily see their thick shafts becoming rigid as they stared at my body moving in and out of the rays of light from the stairs and moon. My hands weaved through their legs and slightly rubbed on their cocks as they stood there unmoving.

The leader was obviously turned on. His hand went down his pants and moved about as I made my way towards him. He was the one I had to convince.

Alright Jessie. You got this. Just do your thing and make this happen, then forget all about tonight. It will all the worth it in the end. You’ll never have to think about this again.

My hand slipped down around his cock as he stood there, stroking himself. Fingers wrapped around his thick shaft, I tugged. Jesus…am I honestly being turned on by this?

His dick was large. Certainly larger than any man I’ve been with. Even without seeing it due to the dim light, I could tell it was big. It was one of those cocks that was large before it even got hard.

I stared into his deep black eyes as I felt his rough hands wrap around my head.

Pulling back for a mere moment, I whispered, “So… what do you think?”

He smirked and firmly replied, “You’ll do. Remember this moment, for the rest of the night… your body is ours.”

I nodded as I felt the fear return to my spine and my eyes locked onto his horns. What have I gotten myself into.

Hands appeared out of nowhere as I felt them pulling at my gown. Pieces were torn away from my body, my panties ripped and thrown into the darkest parts of the basement. My socks yanked from my feet while my white comfy bra unclipped and thrown to the floor.

My body was no longer mine.

In the darkness, I felt fingers run along my breasts and twirling around my nipples. Some pinching and some simply feeling. Something warm and soft ran up my leg towards my pussy. Probably a tongue.

The sounds of dripping water disappeared from my ears as groans, grunts and heavy breathing filled the room. These demons were having their way with me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Staring directly into the darkness, I could only feel. I couldn’t see anything as I stood there with my body being used.

Hands ran between my legs and into my pussy. I could feel every part of my body being violated by the demons. Screaming in my head for everything to stop, I could only imagine what would happen if I actually yelped out. Nothing good would come of it.

Trembling, I felt a cock in my hand. Wrapping my fingers around it, I started to slowly tug harder and faster as it straightened. Hands wrapped around my head, pulling at my hair as the shaft was forced into my mouth.

I gagged on the sweaty cock as it slipped past my tongue and deep into my throat. Grunts of pleasure ensued as my head bobbed and choked on the shaft.

My body was pressed downwards onto my back as the demon proceeded to continue fucking my mouth. I felt hands pull my legs part, exposing my slit for the demons. Now they were going to have their fun.

Focus Jessie. You got this. It will all be over soon… all you have to do is just get through this. Everything will be alright… try to enjoy it. Think about your boyfriend. Think about how much fun you had fucking him. It’s just sex. Nothing more; nothing less.

A hard shaft pressed itself against pussy, penetrating my body to its core. Chills of pleasure and terrifyingly scary thoughts filled my mind as the cock slid in and out of me.

Ripples of pleasure shot through my body as each of the demons took their turn with my mouth. I couldn’t help but try to make the experience just a little better for myself by stroking each of them after they fucked me.

This isn’t rape. I consent and am trying to enjoy this. Everything will work out.

Thoughts flowed through my mind as the demons changed positions and each had their way with my pussy.

Reaching down, I felt another cock enter between my legs. It must have been the leader, because it was much larger than the rest. His body pressed against mine as the demon within my mouth withdrew to let the leader have his way with me.

I felt my tongue touch his and twirl around mine, pulling it into his mouth in a frenzy of lust and vengeance. His hips thrusted against mine as pain and pleasure mixed into an interesting feeling. I couldn’t help but wonder what his mind was thinking… was it simply a dark desire for fucking a helpless woman?

His shaft went fully inside me as I felt him grunt with pleasure. My walls tightened around the cock as he pulled it away, then violently thrusted again. Pain shot up my spine as my back slid against the concrete floor.

Hands pulled my body up and flipped me over until I was on all fours. One of the demons slid under me and grabbed his cock, angling it at my pussy, and then thrusting inside. Moans of pleasure escaped my mouth as I felt my mind starting to possibly enjoy the endeavor.

His cock went faster and faster as pleasure exploded within me. Hands grabbed at my breasts while another dick slid into my mouth.

Nearing orgasm, I felt another demon’s fingers twirl around my clit. I shot into the heavens in the blink of an eye. My body shuddered as I came on the rapidly thrusting cock. Pulling the demon’s head into my chest by his horns, I felt my walls constrict around the shaft and pull at it as I came.

Dizzy from the explosive orgasm, I crumpled onto the demon below me.

Another feeling arose within me as I felt the large cock from the boss press against my anus. “Not there,” I said as firmly as I could.

The demon laughed before he replied, “That wasn’t in the rules.”

“But…I’ve never done that before…” I said under my breath as the boss pushed his cock harder against my ass.

I heard the demon spit onto his cock, then proceed to push harder.

Pain split through my body as I shuddered. Then it entered. It was inside.

I felt the shaft slide deeper and deeper inside my anus as the demon under me grabbed my breasts and bit on my nipples as he grunted with pleasure from fucking my pussy.

The cock hardened inside my anus just before it started to tighten over and over, pumping its hot cum inside my hole.

“Yes… god yes…” I heard him say as I felt his cock go limp inside me.

His deep breathing slowed as he withdrew.

Finally… it’s over, I thought to myself as the demon below me began to cum as well.

The demon pulled out after he had finished filling my pussy with his juices.

Flipping my body over onto its back, I felt cum dripping out my holes and pooling on the floor. Unable to move from my previous intense orgasm and my body in pain, I laid there, staring into the darkness as another cock slid into my pussy and began thrusting.

Within minutes, the shaft tightened and exploded its hot cum inside, further filling me to my brim. Reaching down, I ran my fingers up and down my slit attempting to bring some sort of pleasure to the situation.

The next demon came over and pushed himself into my mouth, while the other demon spread my legs and thrusted into my pussy. Both holes being used, I focused on my pussy. I had to. I needed something to think about other than all these demons using my body.

My back arched in pleasure as I felt myself cumming again. Opening my eyes, I could only see the man’s sac in my face. The smell of sweat and dirt was almost overwhelming… yet somehow hot.

The cock in my mouth pressed deep down my throat and tightened, then burst into shooting hot loads down my throat, over and over.

Looking at his sac, I watched as it bounced up and down, almost in rhythm with my breasts from the demon fucking my pussy.

His cock hardened as my walls tightened around his shaft. His grunts filled the room as my mind wandered and tried to escape the situation at hand.

Pumping hot cum inside my pussy, I felt myself ready to simply just roll over and pass out, or scream from the intensity of the situation.

Both demons pulled away after they had finished.

A ringing in my ears ensued just as I heard each of the demons stand up and look down at me. “Well. I guess that’s that,” the demon grunted as he stared at my naked body.

The sound of the basement window opening echoed throughout the basement as everything was suddenly quiet again.

Each of the demons made their way through the window as I laid there on the floor covered and dripping with cum.

The last demon to leave the basement was the leader. He glanced back at me. His eyes locked with mine as pleasure still ran through my body, coursing through my veins, my adrenaline high and pumping.

My eyes focused on the demon in the dark. “You are with child. The end of times has begun. Prepare yourself… for your body is now ours for eternity.”

A chill ran up my arms as I shifted uneasily.

“We’ll be seeing you soon.”

Ravaged by Beasts in Prison

Ravaged by Beasts

In Prison





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts in Prison is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






The guards turned out the lights and opened the cells. I heard one of them yell, “Playtime boys!”


Jess, the only women in an all-male prison finds herself surrounded by weird mythical beasts late at night after the guards open all the cells and unleash the creatures.

Pent up for way too long these creatures find Jess to be a suitable toy for them to play with in a very erotic way.


What happens when the lights go out? Will she tell the warden? What if he’s in on it too?


Ravaged by Beasts

In Prison


I heard a loud clang from the guard banging against another inmate’s cell door followed by men laughing. It was prison alright.

Men were being men… but me? I was curled up in the corner of my cell with my knees against my chest watching the whole thing go down. I didn’t want to get involved.

Being the only woman in this small prison had its benefits. It meant the men paying extra attention to me and giving me things such as massages or extra desserts in hopes of me returning the favor through sex.

I never did.

I was here to do my time and get out.

You see, just a few days ago I was sent here. I was given the choice to go to an all-women prison, or go here to this all-male prison. I chose this one simply because it meant less processing time and in the end, less time in jail.

I can deal with the men being rough. The thing I couldn’t deal with was when the lights go out.

Every night the lights go out and the prison guards open the cell doors. I could hear the men changing into something else. Beasts? Animals? Werewolves? Who knows. They were beasts of nature. I assume they were some sort of mythical creatures.

The guards always left my cell door closed… until tonight.


I watched the cell doors all swing open at the same time. It happened every night. This night was different. My cell door swung open as well.

Immediately pressing my body up against the wall, I waited and listened.

Within moments I heard the changing occur. Each man turned into a beast. Moaning, screaming and grunting ensued for several minutes as I sat there huddled and shaking.

I was terrified.

My heart raced as the shape changing ended.

Were they coming for me next?

Was I the one they would eat tonight?

What was going to happen to me?

I reached under the bed and grabbed a small shiv I carved out of my toothbrush. It wasn’t much protection, but it was better than nothing.

Holding the shiv out in front of me I listened. Everything went quiet.

You know that part in every scary movie where everything goes silent and you just know something bad is about to happen?

Yeah – that’s what happened.

My adrenaline started pumping into overdrive as I saw the shadows approach my cell.

Yesterday I counted thirteen men.

Tonight I counted thirteen shadows… and they weren’t shadows of men.

Long claws, thick snouts, massive muscular legs… also each of them had massive cocks and a huge sack dangling from between each of their legs.

I knew what was going to happen even though I swore I hoped it wouldn’t.

Little did I know, but I was about to have the best damned night of my entire life.


I watched as the beasts poured into the room. Each one’s cock was larger and thicker than the last. Massive hairy sacks dangled between their legs as they walked in and surrounded me.

The smell of man and… something else filled the room as I pulled myself out of the corner of the room and sat on the bed.

Spreading my legs for the beasts, I watched as the first one came. It walked over and immediately pressed its snout into my pussy.

It felt like something directly out of some sort of weird paranormal story you would read online. But at the same time, it was happening to me in reality. It was real.

These creatures shouldn’t be real though. They aren’t real. But at the same time, they were.

My mind was flying around in all directions as the massive beast ran its tongue up from my anus to the tip of my slit. The nose pressed in deep on my clit and breathed warm air inside.

I couldn’t resist. It actually felt… good.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be quite so bad fucking these mythical creatures. Perhaps I would live to see another day… perhaps.

I felt another beast press up against my chest and twirl my nipples around with its tongue. Slowly biting down on my nipple, I felt I pang of pain shoot up from my chest. The pain and pleasure mixed together into something unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was quite glorious.

Grabbing the beast’s head, I pressed it into my pussy as I leaned my head back against the cell’s concrete wall.

Prison. Who would have thought this would happen?

Another beast entered the room and laid down on the bed stroking its cock between its thick fingers. Grunting and nodding at me, I knew what it wanted. The creature wanted me on top of the cock. I obliged gratefully.

Standing up and pushing the first beast off of my pussy, I walked over and sat down directly onto the beast’s dick.

It went deep. Real deep.

I felt the massive creature’s arms bulge as it lifted me into the air then slam me back down onto the thick shaft. Pain exploded within my pussy as my walls stretched to compensate for the sheer size of the creature.

Moaning in pleasure I felt the pain start to subside as my pussy was finally stretched to the right size. See? I could be a good little girl and get the job done without much fuss.

I reached forward and grabbed one of the beast’s cocks and pulled it into my mouth. The beast walked forward and pressed its cock into my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked it hard as I ran it in and out.

The beast grabbed the back of my head and slowly pressed the dick deeper down into my throat. I had done this sort of… thing in the past, but never with a dick so large.

I took the cock like a champ though. I opened my throat and sucked it all the way down as I felt the cock tense within me.

The beast grunted.

I guess that meant I was doing a good enough job to where it didn’t want to kill me… I guess.

Moaning softly from the pleasure between my legs, I felt my hips starting to move involuntarily. I grinded upon the beasts as I took a cock from all angles.

I glanced up at the clock. 12:10 a.m. The beasts always went back to their cells at 12:30 a.m. when the guards came back from their break. All I had to do was last another twenty minutes.

The beasts all withdrew and allowed new, fresh beasts to come into the room. I guess they knew how to take turns at least.

My legs stayed spread open for the beasts that entered.

Finally the room had enough light to where I could see the features of the beasts surrounding me as small lights flickered on above me. Covered in fur from head to toe, their muscular bodies rippled as their cocks stood straight out, pointing at me. Each dick was covered in thick veins and bumps.

I looked down at the beast between my legs, running his fingers up and down my slit. One of his hands was on his long shaft, stroking it as it stared at me.

The beast pulled my legs apart as I heard the twine around my legs snap. Putting himself between me, I felt the tip of his cock rub against my wet pussy.

I can’t lie to myself… this feels really good.

I looked down at the cock as it slowly started to penetrate my pussy. Pleasure exploded from the tips of my fingers down to my toes as it pushed itself inside me. Moaning softly, the beast on my right plugged my mouth with its dick.

The beast on my left slapped its shaft against my small nubile nipples as the beast between my legs held my legs apart with two hands and massaged my clit with the other two. Fingers, hands and cocks were everywhere as the massive sanctuary was defiled and smelled of sex.

I felt the bindings around my hands break free as the beast pulled the twine off of my wrists. Much better, I thought to myself as I rubbed my sore hands.

The beast pushed its cock deeper into me as I felt the other cock flit around my anus.

Groaning, the beast pulled its dick out and thrusted back inside. My body jerked forward as it did so. Pain and pleasure rippled through my pussy as my walls clenched on the cock, holding it tightly. “Take me,” I whispered as I reached up and put my hands around the beast’s head.

I felt the beast pull its cock out and shove in the second one. It pulled that cock out then shoved the first one back in. With the second cock wet, it pushed the second cock against my tight asshole.

Grunting, the beast slowly pushed its cock into my anus with the other cock inside my pussy still. I watched as the beast’s eyes rolled back in its head.

Squeezing at my breasts, each beast grabbed my hand to my left and right and wrapped my fingers around their cocks. I stroked at them slowly as I felt them harden within my hands.

The beast on top of me thrusted again, harder this time. My body jerked forward on the bed. Moaning to myself, the beast went into a wild frenzy. It started frothing at the mouth and thrusted inside me over and over, fucking me without remorse or care.

My pussy and anus tightened over and over with each thrust as I felt the pleasure within my body build up with such intense force. I felt my body go numb for a moment as little black stars appeared in my vision. Unable to control my body any longer, pleasure exploded. Everywhere. My body shook with violently as I felt myself squirt on the cocks.

The beast didn’t stop as I felt myself cum over and over on him. Stroking the cocks to my left and right, I pulled them into my mouth one at a time, sucking on them and pleasuring them the best I possibly could.

Unable to move, my body was paralyzed in orgasm. I felt like the beast was piercing my insides with every thrust as it pumped me over and over. “Cum for me…” I whispered, “please fill me up… I want to feel you…”

The beast grinned wickedly showing me its long white teeth. I felt the cock tighten within my pussy and anus as it thrusted deeply and held them inside me. Suddenly they both started pumping me full of cum. Looking down at my pussy, I saw thick white cum squirting out as he thrusted inside me again.

I threw my head back on the bed as it filled me up, “Yes! Oh god yes! Just like that!” I screamed as the cock in my mouth tightened and began shooting hot cum in my mouth. Sucking hard, I swallowed over and over with each pump of its cock. Licking the tip of the shaft, I stroked it for every last drop.

Pulling the second cock of the beast into my mouth, I felt it tighten and continue filling my mouth with the milky cum. I swallowed and looked over at the beast on my left, “I want you too,” I whispered softly as I stroked him with my other hand.

The beast pulled away from me and pushed the beast between my legs away. Taking his position he grabbed both of his cocks and slipped them into my tight pussy. My eyes went wide as I felt my walls expand and tighten around the two dicks.

Grunting, the beast pushed them deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I grasped the sides of the bed as I watched the veins on its face push out and pulse. Placing my hands on the beast’s hips, I pulled it deeper inside. “Yes… oh god yes… please… more…” I whispered in a half moan.

Feeling between the legs of the beast on my right and left, I massaged their balls, twirling them in my fingers with my thumb sliding up and down on the base of their shafts.

I reeled back against the bed as I felt them each cum inside me. First the cock in my pussy. It tightened and immediately released, pumping warm semen directly into my pussy. I felt myself completely fill up with the warm release within me as I moaned for more.

The cock on my right exploded in my mouth, filling me to the brim. I squeezed tightly on the shaft in my other hand. It tightened and started pumping hot cum onto my chest as it bent over and grunted in my face.

Each of them looked at me for a moment then immediately left the room in a hurry. It must have been 12:30. Jesus… where did the time go?

I contemplated talking to the warden for a moment, but suddenly realized that my life in prison wouldn’t be quite so bad. Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut… or open for now.

Ravaged by Beasts while Skydiving

Ravaged by Beasts

While Skydiving





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by Beasts while Skydiving is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

Cover image used under license from www.shutterstock.com






Skydiving has been said to be dangerous. Little did I know how dangerous it actually would be…


Jessie finds herself in a freefall as she jumps out of a plane with her best friend Katie. Little does Jessie know but ancient flying beasts have been tracking her every movement since she boarded.

While falling, Jessie watches as a swarm of beasts approach her with massive rock hard shafts ready to go.

What will Jessie do? Will she survive this encounter? What happens when she reaches the ground?


Ravaged by Beasts

While Skydiving


The hatch opened on the back of the plane sending a massive gust of wind directly into my body. Gripping tightly onto the safety bars, I prepared myself to jump.

With my adrenaline pumping wildly out of control I forced myself to take one step into the air. I did it. Then let go.

The sound of the airplane immediately disappeared as seconds felt like minutes. Wind gripped at my light jacket, sending my body into a spinning circle.

Get a grip Jessie. You trained for this. Just relax and focus.

Pulling myself together, I spread my arms and legs out just as I had done a million times before in simulations. My rotation slowed.

Breathing out slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at the amazing sight beneath me.

Golden fields spread out as far as I could see. Small patches of trees in the distance were only overshadowed by the gigantic mountains peaking into the sky miles away.

I glanced over to my right and saw my friend, Katie.

She decided to jump with me today since it was my first time. There’s a first time for everything right?

Enjoying myself, I kept my arms spread out and moved about in the air, laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl.

My attention shifted towards a small flock of birds in the distance. At least they looked like birds… but much larger.

I watched them approach quickly.

Within seconds they were close. Real close. Closer than I would have liked.

Massive creatures unlike anything I had ever seen before swirled around us much like a bird circles its prey before it attacks.

The beasts swooped in and attacked, grabbing and pulling at my clothing until there was little left but rags flapping in the wind.

Gripping tightly on my parachute, I watched as another beast dived toward me with blinding speed. Suddenly the parachute snapped from my shoulders and flew off above me.

In that moment the world spun around me as the realization that I was going to die suddenly overtook my entire being. Nothing mattered anymore.

My eyes watched the beasts swoop in again. Their massive cocks danged back between their hind legs as the approached.

The massive beak on the closest creature easily snipped off my panties as it lunged in and pulled them away.

I looked over at Katie. She was gone.

Glancing upwards, I saw a tiny prick in the sky of her descending slowly with her parachute out. At least she was safe.

Another creature dived towards me and spread its wings. Bracing my arms in front of my face, I blocked the attack.

The wings wrapped around my body, encasing me within its protective barrier.

I felt something tickle between my legs.

Something started to hump against me. A cock. A massive beast cock was rubbing against my leg.

Looking down between the dark feathers I saw it. The dick was hard and searching for my pussy. I reached down and tugged at it.

Squawking loudly, I felt the massive creature shudder in surprise. Finally I could get a good look at the beast.

It looked like something out of a fictional fairy tale. Elongated beak. Massive black wings. Long thin feathers. Enormous cock.

The dick.


I felt it penetrate me. The shaft slid easily inside, penetrating my core being as I felt myself still falling with the creature wrapped around me.

Sliding in and out of my pussy, I felt the warming sensation of cum being released within me. Jesus. It came already? Inside me? What the fuck is going on here?!

The massive creature released me from within its grasp as I spread my arms out to stop myself from spinning once again.

Looking down towards the ground, I realized it had only been a minute. I had been told I had five minutes of freefall before I had to open my shoot.

Beasts began swirling around me again as I glanced at my surroundings. Air and creatures. The final minutes of my life was going to be having sex with odd mythical creatures go figure.

I rolled my eyes to myself as I looked down at the cum spurting into the air from my swollen pussy.

Sliding my hand down between my legs I began fingering myself.

I yelled loudly, “You want this?! Come and get it!”

I spread my legs and pussy for the creatures as I flew down towards the ground.

The next beast pulled its wings back and sped towards me. Its wings gripped onto my shoulders, its face mere inches from mine. I felt its cock slide into my already-wet pussy and begin thrusting. The dick went deep – real deep. Deeper than any man had ever been.

I moaned in pleasure, suddenly forgetting what was going on.

Wrapping my fingers around the beast’s feathers, I pulled his face close to mine as I bobbed up and down on the creature’s cock.

I heard the beast grunt in reply to my pussy clenching tightly on the cock.

Thrusting deeper, I looked into its eyes. Pitch black, deep and certainly terrifying.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the beast’s dick and pulled it into my mouth. The taste was beyond anything I had ever tasted before. Sweet, salty and certainly odd, it almost tasted like a fruit plucked from a tree in the rainforest.

I sucked as hard as I could as the creature moaned in pleasure.

“Yes! Enjoy it while it lasts!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my breasts flailed wildly in the wind.

The small grippers on each of the creature’s wings twirled around and pinched onto my nipples. Pain shot up my chest and down my back as I felt another beast swoop in below me and slide its cock into my pussy.

Groaning in pleasure, I stroked and sucked the cock as hard and fast as I could. I could already feel it starting to tighten in my mouth.

My pussy did the same.

Tightening and gripping onto the cock below me, my pussy started to convulse with orgasmic pleasure. The world suddenly seemed to have stopped for a mere moment as my head wavered with little black spots.

The wind brought me back to reality just as the creature exploded its hot cum deep down my throat. I felt the cock inside my pussy tighten and begin pumping its hot cum inside me as well.

Both creatures immediately released from my body and began flying away with their flaccid dicks dangling and flopping in the wind.

The ground was much closer now and I could start to make out the trees.

Was there any hope for survival? No. None. I was done for.

I looked up at Katie, whom was now completely out of sight.

Good for her. At least she lived.

At least I got to go down with an orgasm.

What a story that would have been…

A beast caught my attention as it swooped towards me with blinding speed.

I looked down at the creature as it grasped onto me. Two cocks were sticking straight out, both aligned at my pussy and anus.

Double penetration? Never done it, but why not? Now is a good of a time as any.

I felt the cock press against my ass as it slowly slid inside me. The other dick easily slid into my pussy as I reached down and began twirling my clit between my fingers.

If I was on the ground, I would be dripping wet by now. But alas, I was not. I was falling several thousand feet into the ground. Only death awaited me.

I wrapped one arm around the mystical creature and moaned in pleasure as both dicks went deeper inside me.

The beast squawked loudly in reply to my moan as its wings completely encased me. I no longer knew how long I had till I would die. Minutes? Seconds? Would the beast die with me?

I closed my eyes and waited death as the two cocks rammed into my pussy. Crumpling against the wings in sheer ecstasy, I felt my body shutter in response.

One more orgasm. I wanted one more.

Pleasure exploded within my pussy and anus as the beast thrusted deep within me once again. Shockwaves of warmth spread from my fingers down to my toes as everything seemed to stop for a mere moment as I came. My pussy clenched tightly onto the cocks, almost as if saying ‘don’t leave me to die!’

Both of the dicks straightened hard as the beast suddenly stopped thrusting. At the same time, in unison, they both exploded their warm milky cum into my pussy and anus.

Pumping over and over inside my body, I felt the creature shudder in pleasure as well.

At least I could give someone else some happiness before I died I guess.

I felt the beast release me.

My eyes didn’t want to open, but I forced them to.

The ground was close now. I had seconds to live.

At least I had one more orgasm.

I closed my eyes at the last second.


Wind caught my jacket at a horizontal level, pulling me quickly out of the way of the ground and back into the air.

My heart went into overdrive as my adrenaline shot through the roof.

I peeked out of my closed eyes and reached up, wiping away tears.

Looking around, I realized one of the creatures had saved me.

It was the two-dicked beast. Apparently I had… done a good job?

I grabbed tightly onto the feathers as the beast pulled upwards from the ground at blinding speed.

 I can’t believe it saved me! What the hell is going on?! First amazing sex, then now this? Nobody will ever believe me. Ever.

The creature pulled upwards as I watched Katie – her was mouth agape as she stared directly at me. Our eyes locked for a mere moment as the beast met with the rest of its cock and began flying off into the distance away from her.

I felt the rush of adrenaline return as the creature picked up speed and dove down towards the ground. Flying through the trees veering left and right, and damn near smacking right into one made my heart race faster and faster.

What a way to live. At this point, I would have considered myself an adrenaline junkie. I was addicted to it. Never again would I live a boring life with a boring job. I was going to take life by the reigns and have fun.

I reach down between my legs and slid my finger up my we slit and began fingering myself as I held on tightly with my other hand. Twirling my finger in large circles around my swollen clit, I felt myself ready to climax again.

My pussy tightened as I slipped my finger inside. I felt my walls tighten around my finger. Moaning in pleasure as we zipped through the forest canopy, I came. Oh god did I come.

I sprayed my juices all over the beast as we flew.

Finally I felt everything start to slow down as the creature brought its wings up at an angle and began to descend to the ground.

I gripped tightly onto the creature as we set down in the middle of small clearing.

A small bubbling stream was nearby, which many of the large beasts walked over on their two hind legs and began drinking.

I sat down on the grass in front of the stream and cupped my hands, pulling the cool spring water into my mouth. Refreshing.

Splashing the water onto my sweaty face brought a sigh of relief from the near death experience. My adrenaline hadn’t slowed down yet, and I wasn’t about to let it.

Walking over to the closest creature, I ran my hand down its back and petted its soft feathers.

What amazing beasts.

“Where did you come from?” I spoke out loud, not expecting a response.

The creature looked over at me and almost curled up the side of its beak. Oddly enough, it looked like it smiled at me.

I had no way of knowing.

A voice in my head appeared out of nowhere.

“We are the ancient ones. We protect what is good, clean and divine. You are our savior.”

I stepped backwards in shock.

“Your savior? What’s that supposed to mean?”

The creature stepped towards me and replied, “Well, we have been waiting a long time for you to come. After you jumped out of that plane, we realized you were the right one. The aura that surrounds you is a soft violet. No other human has this. You have to be the one to save us.”

I looked at the beast quizzically, “Save you? Save you from what?”

“We need saving from ourselves. No other creature, man or beast can take our seed. You however can help us reproduce and bring our kind back to this world.”

I nodded to the creature, “You want me to bear your children?”

The beast responded quickly, “No – no. Not like that. We simply require the stimulation, and then we will reproduce. The sexual energy your aura gives off turns on our reproductive systems and allows us to give birth.”

“Ah… I think I understand. Well, was I satisfactory back there?”

I smiled as the beast replied within my mind, “Yes, we have come a long way to find you and finally we will be able to live free and repopulate once again. Thank you. Sincerely, we all thank you.”

Nodding to the creature, my mind came to the realization that all this was either a dream or I was seriously going insane.

The beast turned towards the rest of its flock and took flight as it replied one last time, “We will search for you again when the time comes. Take care human.”

Smiling to myself, I heard the sounds of sirens in the distance.

A road I hadn’t seen before suddenly caught my attention.

Apparently Katie had called emergency services and told them where to go.

I sat by the side of the stream and waited.

Perhaps this was all in my head… perhaps not.

The cum on the ground between my legs told me otherwise.