Big Bears

Big Bears

Hot, Hairy and Heavy Fiction


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Big Bears is a new adult erotica story with explicit sexual themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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There are bears… and then there are alpha grizzly bears.


Long weeks at the construction yard always left me ready for the weekend.  I was especially excited for this Saturday because my crew was coming over to hang out at my place for some hot and heavy, male on male relaxation.

Who is going to win the bear contest this month?


What can I expect?


Running a theme through all my books, you can certainly expect to be hard throughout this entire story. There will be more than enough big hard cocks (but not too big!), big bears of men, men with beards, men without beards (although all are big hairy guys… this isn’t a twinks book!), anal sex, oral sex, group sex and much more.


What are you waiting for? Read on below!


Big Bears

“Big Mac”


After a long hard week working in construction as a foreman, I was ready for the weekend. “Over there Mac,” I said as I pointed towards the building as I watched him carry a large piece of metal in front of me. We were on a job site, building a library. I couldn’t believe I was working late on a Friday. Glancing up at the sun, I knew we didn’t have much light left.

I watched Mac carry the metal beam over to the building. His back was covered in sweat from the heat of the day. Most of my crew lost their shirts hours ago as it was just too damn hot to wear any sort of clothing on days like today.

Mac walked over to me and patted me on the back, “Enjoying the view?” He said as he laughed. I turned to him and grinned. “Another day, another dollar, I’m just ready for the weekend man,” I said as I returned the pat.

His arm were enormous from working in construction for years upon years. I knew the guy since he was a little cub. Now we were both grown bears. Damn fine grizzly bears at that.

I folded my arms and yelled out, “Time for a cold one men!” As I walked towards my truck, all five of my crew followed. I grabbed the cooler from the back and set it on the tailgate then opened it for the guys. “Choice is yours, grab one and let’s chat for a few before we break off,” I said as I popped the tab on a beer.

“You guys want to come over to my place this weekend? We can fire up the grill, play some pool and hang out. I figure we would have a bear contest too,” I said as I raised my beer.

Mac raised his beer to mine, “I’m down, you always know I’m good for it,” he said as he grinned and looked at the other men. They followed by each raising their beer.

“Great, I’ll see you guys tomorrow then. Say 1pm?” They each nodded in agreement as I finished off my beer and threw it in the back of the truck. I glanced over at Mac, “Want to hang at my place tonight? I don’t have any plans.” Mac nodded and grinned, “Sure buddy.”

I hopped in my truck and sped home with Mac behind me in his truck. I pulled into my subdivision then parked in front of my house. Looking up, it was a small home, but cozy and comfortable. Mac pulled up behind me and hopped out of his truck. His shirt was still off. My mind wandered to throwing him on my bed and holding his sweaty muscular body against mine.

Walking inside, he followed only a couple steps behind me. We both knew what was going to happen next. As soon as we walked inside, I pushed him against the wall and pressed my hands against his tight muscular body.

Musclebears always turned me on, especially if their name was Mac. I had always had a thing for him as I watched him work, and he knew it.

He grabbed me tightly on my arms and pulled me close, “God, I’ve been watching you all day waiting for tonight. Shit… last night that photo you sent me of you lying on the bed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jack off to it.”

His words threw me into a frenzy as I ripped off my shirt and threw it to the floor. I pushed him against the closet door as I groaned and kissed up his sweaty neck to his earlobe. My hand slipped around to his back as guttural sounds came from his mouth. Running my hand across his hairy back, I felt my cock slowly rise.

I felt him reach down and grab my groin as he breathed heavily in my face, “Fuck me…” he whispered as his hand slid up and down, massaging me. My shaft quickly grew in his hand as he firmly grabbed me tightly.

Slipping my hand into his, I pulled him away from the wall and walked around the corner to the bedroom. My king size bed was right in the middle of the room with a fluffy white comforter on the top. I pushed him backwards onto the bed and grinned as I laid down on top of him. I held his head in my hands as I kissed him deeply.

Running my hands up the side of his face, his beard turned me on even more. I always had a thing for guys with beards. His hands ran over my rough stubble on my face as our tongues grasped each other firmly, flitting around inside his mouth, fighting back and forth for power. His large hands grasped on my thick ass as he pulled me towards him. God… this guy amazes me every time. Our groins grinded against each other as I felt his thick shaft against mine.

I pushed myself up and grabbed his belt, pulling out and throwing it on the floor. Grinning at him, I slid his pants off. He sat up on the side of the bed and pulled my shirt off my head, then slipped out my belt. Kissing down my chest, he unbuttoned my jeans and watched as they slid to the floor. My raging cock was ready for him, god it was ready for him.

His hands firmly grasped my thighs as he kissed on my hairy chest. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his mouth down to my shaft. His tongue licked around the top of my boxers as he grabbed the waistband and pushed them down to my knees, exposing my hard cock.

I grabbed his hand firmly and placed it on my shaft as he sat there. Looking down, I saw his boxers poking upwards. I couldn’t wait to taste him as the smell of his body wafted up towards me. I smirked to myself as I pushed him backwards on the bed and pulled off his boxers.

His cock flopped out, nearly fully hard as it hit his stomach. I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards my mouth. My tongue licked around the base of his shaft, smelling his hairy cock. Grabbing my shaft in my other hand, I firmly stroked myself.

I slipped the tip of his dick into my mouth, teasing him with just the tip inside me. My tongue made its way around the head as I tasted his precum. My cock throbbed, ready to fuck him as I felt him grasp the back of my head and push me down onto him.

Groaning, I sucked as hard as I could on his cock as my hand twisted around the base of his shaft. He pushed me further down onto him as he moaned in pleasure. My cock was hard as ever in my hand as I tensed with every stroke on him. I couldn’t wait to have him. I pushed him over on his back with one hand, my cock still in the other.

Pulling him to the edge of the bed, I grasped his hip with one hand and pushed the tip of my cock into his anus. God damn! He’s tight, I thought to myself as only the tip fit inside. I grabbed his other hip and thrusted hard inside him. I felt my cock tense as I pushed deeper and deeper. He groaned in pleasure as I watched him grab the bedsheets and twist them around his hands.

“Take my cock you thick beast of a man!” I yelled as I whacked him across the ass with the back of my hand. I thrusted into him again, deeper this time as the full force of my cock hit his ass. My balls slapped his as I pushed myself in and out of him, back and forth. His body jerked violently with each thrust.

Groaning, he reached around and spread his cheeks apart, allowing me to fully see my cock penetrating his anus. My fuck stick entered him again and again as I placed my hand on his hairy back and felt the sweat between my fingers. Nothing like a real man. I’ll never go back to those little twink bitches again, I thought to myself as I fucked him.

I stood there behind him as he pushed himself on and off my cock. He reached down and grabbed his dick, stroking it with each thrust.

“My turn,” he said as he crawled up on the bed, pulling my hand. I laid down on the bed on my stomach as he stepped behind me, straddling my legs as I lay straight.

I felt his hands on my back as he put his weight on me, his massive hands pressing down. My breath quickened in expectation of his cock as I felt the tip of his shaft flit around my anus. He breathed in deeply as he thrusted hard inside me all at once.

His thick cock spread the walls of my anus quickly as I yelled, “Fuck dude! God damn!” I reached around behind and grabbed onto his thick muscular legs, pulling them towards me as the thrusted over and over inside.

My anus tightened as his cock grew ticker inside me. As my body slid back and forth on the bed with each pump of his, my shaft slid on the soft sheets, hardening me and wanting me to cum. I couldn’t help but reach under and grasp myself. Fuck cumming on the covers. I want him again.

He thrusted into me hard again as he grabbed my ass cheeks and dug his short nails into me. Groaning, I stroked myself as I pushed my ass up backwards till I was on all fours. The bed shook and squeaked as he thrusted into me hard again. My body lurched forward but my arms caught myself and held my thick body in place.

I pushed him backwards onto his back with my ass and kept sliding up till I was on all fours over top of him. My cock slipped into my mouth as I grabbed his shaft in my hand and sucked on his dick. I love the 69. It’s by far my favorite position.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his shaft, I took the rest of his cock in my mouth and sucked as I smelled my own sweat on him. I felt his mouth on my cock as he twisted and pulled on me. His hand slipped up to my ass as I felt a finger penetrate my anus. A second finger entered as he milked my ass and sucked on my shaft.

The feeling pushed me further and further to cum for him. God I wanted him to taste me. I heard him groan with deep animalistic passion as he sucked on my cock. I felt his cock tense in my mouth. He tensed again.

Finally his cock exploded his hot cum inside me. His rich, musky taste filled my mouth as he pumped his hot cum inside me. I sucked every load of cum and swallowed one after another. I felt his cock start to retreat as I pulled at it, hoping for just a little bit more. My cock tightened in his mouth as his tastes pushed me to cum for him as well.

The scent of his cum lingered in my mouth as I licked up and down on his shaft while massaging his sack with my hand. My cock started pumping cum into his mouth as my milk ran down his cheeks, filling his mouth to the brim. I glanced underneath me, between the sheets and my hairy belly hanging low, I saw him sucking and pulling my cock into his mouth. Pumping over and over into him, I felt my cock slip down his throat and finish its load.

I rolled over on my back next to him, completely spent. “Damn, you are good,” I half groaned, half said as I looked over at him next to me. He nodded and wiped a bit of my cum off his lip with his tongue.

“I can’t imagine anyone else right now, seriously,” I said as I felt my eyes closing. After a long day at work and an evening like this, my body was done. I wrapped my arm around him as he rested his head in my armpit. My arms, legs and hands ached as the smell of sex and all that was man lingered in the air as my eyes closed and drifted into darkness.


The Party


I awoke with a jolt as I felt Mac roll over and pull my arm around him, snuggling it like a pillow. For as big and muscular as the guy is, he sure sleeps like a baby, I thought as I laid there watching his chest rise and fall with each deep breath. I looked down his back at his big sexy ass, thinking of the night before.

I couldn’t help but imagine wrapping my arms around him, pulling him close and fucking his ass right here and now as he slept. I wonder if he would wake up… probably. He’s kind of a light sleeper in the mornings.

Slipping out of bed, I walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on. I stepped in and soaped up as I looked down my hairy body. My legs have been getting stronger since I had been a foreman. Only a few years ago I was a little slip of a thing, but now, weighing over 350 lbs, my body was perfect. I knew Mac enjoyed me just the way I was and I was thankful. It’s not every day you come across a handsome man who just ‘gets’ you and also finds you attractive for who you really are.

I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, drying my body with my purple towel. I hung the towel up and walked back into the bedroom. Mac was still passed out and snoring at that.

Walking over to my closet, I wondered what I would wear to the party this afternoon. Leather? Perhaps. Last month Mac won the bear contest with a sexy tight leather outfit. The guy looked damn good.  I grabbed the leather jacket and put it on. When I bought it a few years ago, it was loose and hung on my body. Now it was tight.

“Looks good on you,” Mac said as he laid there watching me. “You think? It’s not too tight?” I said as I straightened the black leather and tugged on it. There were no arm sleeves on the jacket and simply just two holes. The jacket came nearly a half foot from where my pants would be. “What should I wear it with? Tight black leather pants?” I said as I ruffled through my closet looking for the lower half of the outfit.

“Yeah, try that,” he said as he stood up off the bed and walked into the bathroom. I found the pants and put them on. Fortunately they weren’t as tight as the jacket, but they were still tight. My ass barely fit in them as I pulled it up over my hips and buttoned the front. I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom as he started humming some sort of tune.

I walked over to the mirror. “Yeah it does look good,” I called into the bathroom as the steam billowed out. Damn Mac and his hot showers. And he wonders why I won’t shower with him.

Slipping on a belt, Mac walked back into the bedroom as he was drying off, “Wow, that does look good,” he said with a grin, “I plan on wearing my cowboy hat and grey leather pants.”

“Cowboy eh? I can go with that,” I replied as I heard the doorbell ring.

Shit! What time is it?! I glanced over at the clock, 12:55p.m. Damnit. I slept in late.

I walked to the front door and opened it, “Hey guys, come on in,” I said as three of the men stood there. They each had a case of beer and bags of snacks. “Jesus, you guys came prepared,” Mac said as he walked up beside me.

They grinned as they walked in. Those three were in a triad poly relationship and had been together for years. Looking over them, they were dressed like they were ready for a gay bear parade with tight white wifebeaters and leather strips around their wrists. I noticed the hair on their chests my mind immediately bounced back to Mac underneath of me as I fucked his ass last night, grabbing at his sweaty muscle.

“You guys ready for a party?” I said as I walked into the kitchen and pulled out a few bags of ice from the freezer. Dumping the ice in a bucket, they each set their beers inside to chill. “Let’s head to the basement,” I said as Mac picked up the bucket and easily carried it in front of him.

The guys followed us down the stairs as I clicked the lights on, lighting up the room. “You guys want to do the bear contest first?”

They each grabbed a beer and took off their jackets. I couldn’t help myself, “You guys are all fucking hot, forgive me if I’m hard throughout the entire afternoon.” They all started laughing as I felt my face flush.

The basement was finished with several leather couches, low hanging lights like you would see in a tavern, a pool table, a stage I made myself and a large circular table with chair surrounding it.

I heard the doorbell ring, “COME ON IN! WE ARE DOWNSTAIRS!!” I yelled up the stairs as I grabbed a beer for myself and popped it. Taking a swig, the guys came down the stairs. Both were large muscular men, two of my best guys. Grinning, I handed a beer to each of them. “Welcome! You guys ready to have some fun?” They each smiled and gave me a high five, “Let’s do it!”

Turning on the radio to something suggestive, I came across a rock station. Perfect. “Who wants to go first?” Mac walked up and put his hand on my chest, and his other hand on my groin, “I’ll go first big boy,” he said as he pushed me backwards into the couch.

The triad came and sat next to me. They smelled amazing as the guy on the left put his hand on my arm. I felt him stroke me as he looked over and smiled.

I watched Mac walk up on stage as the music played, turning around as he grinned and strutted his stuff. Everyone applauded, “Woo woot!” I called out with excitement. One by one the men walked up and danced around, having a merry time and laughing. Finally it was my turn.

Walking up on stage, I bent over and looked over my shoulder at the crowd. “How do you like this?” I exclaimed as I faced forward and opened my tight leather jacket, exposing my chest. The crowd went wild, “I want to fuck you right now! God damn!” One man exclaimed as he walked up on stage with me and slapped my ass with his hand.

Mac grinned excitedly as he clapped and grabbed another man’s ass. I watched as they started making out and grabbing each other. The man next to me on the stage grabbed my ass and pushed me around. His hand pressed down and pushed me forward as he slapped my ass. “You like that big boy?” He grunted as he hit me over and over.

I grinned at him and grabbed his hips, pulling his groin against my ass. He rubbed himself against me as I felt his hard cock in his tight pants. “Think you can handle me?” I said as I stood there on the stage. Looking down at the other men, they were all kissing and fondling now. This is turning into one big gay orgy! I thought to myself as I smiled.

I grabbed John’s shirt and pulled it off over his head as I pulled his thick body against mine. His face was clean shaven, even his head. His thick muscular body turned me on as I felt my cock rise in my pants. Reaching down inside my pants, he wrapped his hand around my shaft and tugged on me. I was already hard.

Wanting him, I pulled down my pants to my ankles as he unzipped his pants. His cock flopped out. Not a huge dick, but not a small one by any means. At least 6-7 inches. What got me was the girth. I don’t know if that will even fit in me. Fuck it.

He pushed the tip of his shaft against my anus as he held tightly on my hips. I glanced over as Mac started to walk up on stage with me. He slipped off his leather pants exposing his hard cock. I grabbed it in my hand and stroked it as I held myself up with the other.

Groaning as John pushed his cock inside me, I slipped Mac’s dick in my mouth as I stroked him. The smell of his hair turned me on as I felt my cock rise. The man Mac had been making out came up on stage as well and put his head under me, wrapping his mouth around my dick. This is turning out to be one hell of a night… I thought to myself as I felt my cock go deep down into his throat as I heard him gag.

I sucked on Mac as I felt John push his cock even deeper inside my anus. “Damn man, your ass is tight as fuck, that’s how I like it!” He said as he gripped harder on my hips and thrusted into me all at once. I felt him slap my ass as he pounded into me, my body jerking around with every thrust.

Groaning, I sucked on Mac, his thick hard cock in my mouth. I felt him wrap his hands around my head and slowly push his cock down my throat. His cock tensed as I licked up and down on the bottom of his shaft as I milked his cock.

The man under me kept sucking harder and harder as he stroked. I was in heaven. I couldn’t help myself from wanting to cum so badly as Mac and John switched positions. John’s cock was now in my face and Mac was behind me.

John grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat. I could hardly breathe as he did because of the sheer thickness of his dick in my mouth. I pulled it out and sucked on the tip as I stroked up and down on his shaft, moaning with each thrust from Mac behind me.

Mac grunted in enjoyment as I felt his cock tense deep inside and explode within my ass. His cock pumped his cum deep inside as he drove himself harder and harder inside me. I felt like nothing else in the world mattered as my cock became a rod of pure pleasure, exciting every fiber of my being.

Mac pulled himself out as John walked up behind me and thrusted inside again, using Mac’s cum as lube. Easily sliding in and out I heard in grunt like an animal as he firmly held me in place. His cock in my ass made me want to cum in this guy’s mouth as he pounded on me. The tip of my cock tensed and blew my hot cum into his mouth over and over as I felt John explode within me as well.

Grunting with each pulse, I felt cum drip down my hairy legs and pool on the floor. “Fucking cum for me,” the man said as he milked my cock for every last drop as I pumped inside him over and over.

He pulled himself off of me and sat on the edge of the stage, completely spent. I sat next to him and put my hand on his leg. “Damn man, you sure can suck a dick,” I said as I laughed. He looked at me and laughed as well. Mac walked over and sat next to me. “What else do we have planned for tonight?” He said and joined in with our laughter.

I replied, “Well, not much can beat that intro, but hey, let’s keep the party going!” Looking around, I saw the triad fucking as well as the other guy sitting and watching, stroking his cock. “Shall we?” I said as I glanced to my left and to my right. Both John and Mac nodded as we walked forward…


Thank you for reading Big Bears!

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