Athena Williams was a real mystery to the media world.
Outside her books, every theory concerning her private life was simply a speculation.
Some said she was a lesbian with childhood trauma, others said that she was slightly insane after being abandoned by her husband.
On few claims, though, everybody agreed: she was the best modern analyst of the human mind.
Her wisdom was undefeatable.
The novels she wrote turned immediately into bestsellers.
The content seemed to reveal a sensitive woman on the other side of the pen, letting her talent, or rather her soul, spill over the pages.
Readers identified with her characters-perfectly normal citizens, carrying their emotional burden around. Love was a crucial moment in her works-she worshiped love as the mere reason of human existence!
John was only one of many journalists who dreamed of an opportunity to publish an interview with this mysterious writer. He was working for a well-reputed magazine and therefore, hoped to gain access to first-hand information. Registered on a waiting list, he slowly lost hope, as for many days nobody replied his calls.
Maybe he was not such a good journalist, he thought.
But this interview could be the final step towards his success.
And he had to get it!
“Be careful what you wish for!” The following morning, he received a call. Miss Athena had checked his resume and had awarded him an official interview.
The interview was about to take place at her apartment later that afternoon.
Getting ready for the interview was quite of a challenge-he was excited to meet such a successful woman. Her texts exposed a significant wealth of experience, even though he’d heard she was relatively young. Along with a detailed questionnaire, he should also prepare a decent outfit.
Beauty was always an asset, he thought.
He hummed to himself, rolling up his sleeves in front of the mirror.
After a short drive, he closely approached her supposed address.
Only a few minutes separated him from the most important moment in his career.
Would it be incredible fame or degrading failure?
“Calm down man. You can do this.”
Unlike all the luxury he had expected, he saw an old, damaged building. Based on her earnings, she must be a modest lady. He had to remember this for the article.
Soon, another surprise followed. He had no idea what a beautiful woman, Athena was. A casual, linen dress covered what he expected to be a young, strong body.
Still, what was really fascinating was her adorable, welcoming face.
The small, narrow, blue eyes contrasted her mahogany hair. She had a small nose and ample breasts.
The least expected part was the sneaky, friendly smile.
Overall, he would describe her allure as magical.
“Mr. Davis?”
“Yes, it is me. Are you… Athena?”
“You bet I am!” She laughed.
“Please, come inside. I was expecting you”.
The apartment did not differ significantly from the building. The living room was wide and full of light, obviously old, but nicely furnished. For now, he could note two things down: She was an alternative-taste person. And she loved Cuba.
Beautiful and hospitable, he thought. The small, red table offered a variety of sweet pleasures-from strawberries and cream to delicious old wine.
He almost lost all professionalism inside such romantic atmosphere. But regardless how sweet this woman spoke, he had to stay calm and concentrate.
It was not hot, but sweat flew all over him. Her deep décolletage tricked his eyes constantly, but she seemed to appreciate it.
The longer he stared, the harder she caressed her neck, as if that was something absolutely normal to do with a stranger across the room.
Was she deliberately trying to provoke him?
It must be his dirty mind that made him lose focus.
“Sorry. Let’s go on.” He tried to regain his composure.
She licked her lips so seductively.
God, what the hell was happening?
She was too much of a lady for these cheap, seductive tricks. But the tricks obviously worked.
In spite of the tension between them, she answered his questions quite accurately. She was indeed a wise woman. Her overall view of human emotions was just amazing. And smart women turned him on.
Nevertheless, the moment had arrived to reveal tricky details. The situation made it extremely difficult for him to proceed. He knew that her mood was about to change after his next question.
“Sorry, but I have to ask. Do you like men or women, Athena?”
A moment of silence followed.
She approached him and sat in his lap.
“What do you think?” She replied, teasing him.
He couldn’t believe what happened.
This incredibly successful and even more beautiful woman wanted him. If this is what she expected from him, he wasn’t going to oppose!
“I am a sexually liberated woman, John. I do what, and who, I please.” Athena said confidently.
He raised her dress and slipped his hand beneath it. The distance between their mouths was not safe anymore.
“What if I could promise you the most passionate sex you’ve ever had?” John said, summoning his confidence.
She giggled.
“I would try you.” Athena nodded.
He took her in his arms. He lay upon her, as she reached the bed, kissing and undressing her at the same time.
“You have an amazing body, Athena.” John complimented her.
“It is all yours. Do whatever you wish with it.” Athena offered herself to him.
This statement encouraged him. He slipped his tongue towards her left breast while she leaned her head, trying to reach his ear.
Bites of heaven, he thought, as pleasant chills appeared on his skin.
He took off his tie and tied her to the bed.
She waited in excitement.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.”
“I hope not,” Athena winked.
He went down on her and spit on her warm pussy. The sweet smell of her liquids made him insane. His boxers struggled to hold his erect cock inside.
Watching her pleased expression and arched back was the biggest reward for his effort.
He kneeled all over to her mouth, in a position that allowed him to mouth-fuck her. His cock was fat, rather than long, so it disappeared completely inside her. He pulled it out and spanked her ass.
Soon, he slid his hard cock out of her willing mouth and straight back inside her wet pussy. His thrusts came hard and fast.
In a second, their bodies melted into one. They moved rhythmically up and down, as the bed squeaked under their weight. Missionary never felt so good. Athena reached climax again and again, pressing herself deep against his hard cock.
He bit her neck, while she tried to release her hands, whispering words of passion and commitment.
Climaxing deeply inside her, John yelled in ecstasy.

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