Leonardo was a man, unwilling to give up on his habits. Following the spirit of his Italian predecessors, he spoke equally loud to yelling, drank immense amounts of wine and above all-adored freshly-roasted meat. Outside a regular working day, where he always managed to spare same energy, he loved his long weekends in a mountain cabin he owned.
That cabin was equally important for him and his friends, as a sacred temple would be for the Gods. Better than a simple, runaway villa, this hidden cabin was a party paradise that kept all of their youth secrets, packed up between four walls.
Even nowadays, when most of his friends were busy with careers and families, they managed to find the appropriate time to go there and do some hunting. They were far from professional-each held a single piece of weapon and had no idea how to use it properly. The luckiest, however, sometimes brought a piece of meat on the table.
This Saturday, though, Leo went to the cabin alone. It was the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, so he thought that a bit of prayer could be a decent present for his mother. Loneliness was not disturbing for him. In fact, he loved his personal time, so much, he never even thought of getting married. Not yet, he said to the people. “The right one has not appeared yet.”
Whether a thing like the “real one” existed, and, if positive, how she would look like, was seriously questionable. Leonardo was not a man who made compromises, especially not regarding sex. Diversity fucking was an essential matter for him, and he was not ready to give up on random meetings.
The morning was fresh, but sunny, better than any November day he had seen in years. Excited over his hunt, he quickly huddled indoors, took the gun and disappeared in the forest. Due to his lack of experience, he couldn’t be sure his hunt would be successful. At least I could spread my legs a bit, he thought.
Lost in his thoughts, he walked deeper and deeper inside the forest. Around noon, he had lost any hope of a successful chase. It was right then when his day got slightly luckier!
A gray, well-fed rabbit was grazing the bushy tubers under a lavish pine. Observing it from a few-meters distance, Leo considered his shooting position was safe. Moving extremely slowly in order not to disturb the rabbit, he stood behind a bush and pointed his gun.
He might well not be the most sensitive man on Earth, but he did feel sorry for the poor animal. Soon, it was about to be deprived of its careless life in the woods and converted into a meal.
He was aware that such thinking would never allow him to become a professional hunter, but at the end of the day, he did not even want to become one.
Thinking, he had lost his focus completely. The bullet ended up stuck in the pine stem and the rabbit almost flew away in the battle for his life.
Fuck! He thought. That was a magnificent chance.
“You should hold your weapon an inch higher since you’re kneeling,” a strong female voice interrupted him. It was a scary situation-in such a dense forest, you could not expect to see people, especially not a person like herself.
Two meters behind him, there was some interesting scenery: out of the blue, a savage-like girl appeared. Tall and thickset, she seemed almost surreal, as if time had never passed, and the world was still a ruckus of ungoverned chaos.
She was noticeably dark-tanned. Her hair was so long it almost covered her ass, straight and decorated with a thin braid above her forehead. Her clothes looked somehow residual-a wide leather skirt, covered with thin catkins, and a short, similar-cut top, revealing completely her flat belly.
“Even when I don’t look for trouble, trouble looks for me”, gazing he said in silent laughter, obviously aware of how sexy this savage was.
However, she did not seem so friendly. The look on her face was a bit grumpy, and she held a bow with a pointed arrow in her hands.
“Hey there, Xena. Relax, I come in peace!”
“I am not Xena, I am Artemis. And you better introduce yourself, intruder.”
“So I am the intruder now? Ha ha… I must have accidentally crossed a movie scene. Anyway, I am Leo.”
“Why do you think you can hunt here Leo? This is my territory. Only I can hunt here!”
“Wanna fight there, badass?” he laughed.
“Calm down. See, I already dropped the gun.”
“Yes, but you haven’t paid your toll for intruding on my lands. She finally relaxed and her shiny chicks grew in a modest smile.”
Am I the only one who thinks I am going to get laid right now, he proudly thought. For a middle-aged man, he maintained a perfect figure and had a charm no woman could say no to. She definitely noticed that.
“Let me correct that mistake Artemis.” He spoke while approaching her carefully.
“How can I be of any good to you?”
“Eros left me last night. I need you to cure my sadness with magical seeds.”
“Is that what they’re calling it these days?” He laughed.
“Don’t worry, dear. You’re going to get laid.”
He pushed her to the pine.
“Grab it!” he shouted. Experience dictated: Never lose time.
Her arms held harshly, almost peeling the stem, while he quickly raised her skirt up on the tight, dark ass. She had no underwear! His dick started to pulse as he fiercely pushed it inside.
“I bet that Eros of yours didn’t do you on a pine tree, didn’t he?”
She just gasped repeatedly, unable to speak.
“How do you like me intruding your vagina now, ah?”
Out of her incomprehensible muttering, he understood only “It hurts”.
“Yes, yes, tell me how this big cock feels!”
He pushed her as if his life depended on it. He bent forward and started licking her back, aware of how much women adored that. He grabbed her tits and stabbed her even stronger. Soon, he felt the walls of her vagina squeezing his dick, and a wonderful flow went down her magical cave.
Once his partner came, he could not sustain his ejaculation. He filled her like crazy, using his hips to push up her ass, so that she would absorb every drop of the seed she wanted so badly.
Once his enchanted mind was clear again, he observed her marvelous body. He felt his dick grow hard again, and he pulled her hair towards him again.
“Guess what? I have more seed for you!”
He lay on his back, asking her to squat on his protruding cock.
“Ride me like an animal.”
She certainly knew how to ride. She massaged it with her vagina, while her hair tickled his strong chest. He rubbed her silky butt, dragging and pushing, as she looked at him with admiration. In her ecstasy, she dropped on him and thrust so strongly, he felt a new explosion approaching.
“Get up!” he screamed and sent all of his seed sprawling over her dark breasts. It looked so fucking good!
Then he pushed her aside, where she lay on the grass, exhausted and happy.

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