At the age of 9, already known as the handsomest man in the Gardens of Olympia, Apollo felt ready to go down to Earth.
Living a mortal life was the temptation of every God.
Now, at the earthly age of 18, he was aware of all the pleasures he was about to enjoy.
And he simply couldn’t wait!
Apollo was still a boy when he discovered how different he was from all other boys. Observing others urinating, he realized his dick was significantly bigger.
Since then, he developed a tendency towards exhibitionism.
His heavenly gift granted him the self-confidence he needed to fulfill all of his sexual fantasies.
Even on Olympia, Apollo would parade proudly in front of the Goddesses that sighed and admired his manhood.
His body grew strong and his teeth were brilliant white.
He was the golden boy, and he knew it.
“Are you even aware of the size of your dick, Apollo?” His friend once asked.
“Huh? How long is average?”
“About five or six inches.”
He knew he was at least eight inches down there.
Sometimes when Apollo saw a pair of marvelous boobs, his cock got so big and hard that it hurt pressed up against the warden’s prison of his pants.
He discovered the miracle of masturbation.
In constant repetition, he felt the blood rushing to the area, wishing it never stopped.
His hottest fantasy at the time was fucking the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, whose sculptured-like body he had seen more than once. She was much older than he was, but he didn’t care.
As he aged, his dick grew longer and wider.
At times, he thought he would scare women off without even touching them.
But for him, the time had come to lose virginity.
At that moment, his dick was nine inches long.
Life on Earth was not easy for him. He struggled to be accepted, without revealing the truth over his origins. What he wanted was for people to see him as the cute and friendly guy next door.
And for beautiful women to desire him!
His search for a girl who deserved the gift of his virginity, ended up on the so-called Street of Love. Numerous ladies, dressed in a slutty way, attracted the sinful human fantasies.
He understood these women were prostitutes. They fulfilled wishes for money.
He did not mind.
What he expected was not love.
It was satisfaction.
The winner was a tall blonde with gorgeous boobs he yearned to stick his dick between.
Long and tanned legs peaked below her shorts. Her sexy movements promised a serious dose of experience. It was going to be a long, exciting night.
Seeing how cute her next client was, she felt extremely thrilled.
She was finally going to enjoy her job.
“Hello, adorable! I’m Jasmine.”
She took his hand and asked him to follow her through a dark passage, arriving in a room reserved for special occasions. There was really nothing special, heavy curtains with a single sunbeam that touched the messy bed.
He was so shy! She knew she had to encourage him.
“Sit, dear.”
She unzipped his pants in disbelief.
She had never seen such an enormous dick!
Oh my God, she thought.
This must be my lucky day.
“Are you kidding? I adore it.”
She moved her hand up and down, letting it grow even bigger. It pulsed and pulsed.
“I want you to come inside my mouth. Hurry up!” she touched herself. “I cannot wait.”
“I want you to take me.” She said.
Apollo could not resist. Her breasts were too tempting. He tore her shirt off and pushed her down on the bed, climbing on top and setting his massive cock between her soft boobs.
Such commanding approach woke up flames inside her pussy.
She was eager to fuck him too.
“Let’s begin!” He said.
She pushed her breasts together around his hard cock.
Apollo moaned.
She spread her legs wide, eager to be touched.
Apollo, as much as he was enjoying his dick between her boobs, could no longer wait to take what was his. He slid his hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. He dove into an ocean of ecstasy.
She could hardly take the half, but she still screamed in agony.
“Oh God! Oh God!” She shouted.
She trembled, trying to spread her hole as much as possible. His meat went so deep, it almost touched her stomach.
“Yes! Yes! Stronger!”
He pushed harder and harder.
Her pussy was completely red and he could only imagine the destruction his dick was causing. But there was no way he would stop himself.
“Fuck me! Stick that horse dick even deeper!”
He enjoyed sex so much.
He would do this a thousand times.
It felt like he was masturbating using her entire body.
She shook her torso in an insanely beautiful way. Her hair waved over the face, while she was helplessly biting her lips. With her hands, she pulled him towards her, as a sign of thankfulness for this priceless service he was providing. She knew from that moment she was not going to charge him a single penny!
“You are the best fuck I’ve ever had!”
“Ahhh!” She yelled.
He felt an unstoppable stream of intimate juices and dipped right into it. He gave her such a strong orgasm, she was about to faint. Indeed, for a few seconds, she lay there without moving. Her hair spread over her face and her sweaty body shined as the brightest of all stars.
Still, he did not stop until the very last drop abandoned his cock.
He pulled his dick out and witnessed the incredible quality of their sexual act.
He was finally a man. A real man, ready to live!
He left his payment, dressed and sped out of the room.
Jasmine lay there, pussy red, fucked and worn.
She hoped for him to return again one day.

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