Senseless idiots, thought Michael, observing the drunken crowd on the dance floor. But his thoughts referred to a time when he was a youngster, enjoying life at its best. Not many years have passed, but the stressful experience of managing an insurance company and a problematic relationship had killed every wish for fun.
Apart from those few years and a new Rolex watch, he was still the same person. Him and his timeless habit of drinking scotch in a club he no longer frequented.
It had been a difficult night. His gorgeous fiancée, whom he loved more than anything else in the world, had broken off the engagement. She needed space. She needed time for herself. Translated into real life terms, she needed somebody else.
But he was so handsome and well-situated, he thought!
Desired by many, he could have replaced her with a single blink of an eye. Still, he didn’t. He respected their commitment until the very last second. He had always valued being faithful to one’s significant other.
Two minutes later, he felt extremely idiotic. Five minutes later, he tried to reach her again on his phone only to find the empty sorrow of her voicemail.
“Scotch does not kill sadness, you know,” said a nearby brunette, sipping a double dose in his glass. Even if in love, Michael could not help noticing how amazingly beautiful she was. This was no ordinary girl. There was something… different about this one. Her little black dress, hardly covering intimate parts, and the naked shoulders caressed by her warm, chestnut hair could certainly help him forget his unfortunate reality, at least for a while.
Aware of the fact he was scanning her upside-down, she smiled in an even more provocative manner. Soon, his focused look switched from the sharpness of her heels to the pumped lips.
“You’re certainly right, miss,” he told her, trying to outshout the retro music landscape in the background. It must be late, he thought, but the evening was just becoming interesting.
He leaned in so he could hear her. Moving his lips so close to her ear caught a whiff of her jasmine scent. It was intoxicating.
“Happy people don’t go to a club to sit alone and drink scotch. How about you play with me instead?” she said, provocatively.
“You could say I’m not a happy person, then.” Michael replied.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Michael.” He replied without enthusiasm. “Yours?”
“Heh. Funny.” He figured it was some kind of joke, or she just wanted to avoid telling him her real name. No matter.
“Welcome then, love goddess. Let me pour you a drink,” Michael jested, going along with it.
Drink after the other, Michael and Aphrodite advanced in casual talks.
They looked silently into each other. The chemistry was so strong one could almost see sparkles.
“What did I do to deserve your company tonight?” he asked.
“You looked lonely, but more importantly, hot as hell.” she laughed and looked at the floor, for the first time that night.
“Ouch, seems like I am a little bit drunk,” she confessed.
He reached out for her hand. Why not? He thought to himself
He only hoped he wasn’t about to get robbed.
The taxi carrying them home took ages. The sexual tension was palpable between them. They both kept quiet, but keenly aware that a storm of lust was about to be unleashed. In the calm before the storm, they found themselves eye-fucking each other up and down.
Aphrodite took Michael in front of his own apartment. He trembled. Eva, his ex, was still there packing.
But how could Aphrodite possibly know? Was she a neighbor?
Or this was a set up? Was Eva involved?
Michael was worried.
“Tell me, why are we here? Who are you?” he inquired.
She opened the door. Eva was calmly sitting on the sofa. Unlike all reactions he could possibly expect, she looked calm.
Aphrodite said nothing, only reaching down to the bottom cusp of her dress, gripping it with both hands, and beginning to lift it up her thigh… and torso… and over her head.
She wasn’t wearing panties or a bra.
Aphrodite was completely nude.
Michael was in shock.
Those divine hips.
Her full, ample breasts.
That smooth, tempting pussy.
A big bulge appeared on his pants.
Michael suddenly remembered that Eva was present. He thought the situation was about to go nuclear. His heart raced.
Eva stood up, and rather than unleash a torrent of rage upon Michael, she began undressing herself.
Michael could only assume they knew each other.
That was the only plausible explanation.
Eva walked over and slid her hand down Michael’s pants, grabbing his hard cock with her right hand and stroking it lightly.
On the other edge of the room, Aphrodite sat in an armchair, spreading her legs
They moved towards the bedroom.
The two beautiful women lay on his bed, provoking him.
Isn’t he a lucky man? He thought to himself.
Approaching them carefully, he unbuckled his belt and stripped off his pants. His bulging erection was visible for both women to see.
He stuck his hard dick into Aphrodite’s welcoming mouth.
He held her head tight, pushing his pride as deep through her throat as he could, while the other squeezed Eva’s wonderful breasts.
“This is the best surprise ever,” Michael commented, overjoyed.
Michael could barely contain himself. He had his dick in a beautiful woman’s mouth, with Eva encouraging him, and he was about to explode. He couldn’t stand the idea that this might all be over so soon, and coming too quickly had never been an issue for him before.
Aphrodite removed his throbbing dick from her mouth, only to begin talking. “Go ahead, cum down my throat. I promise you’ll be ready to go again in no time.” She winked.
Michael had no idea what she meant, but her enthusiasm was too hard to resist. He promptly shoved his dick back in her warm mouth and began face-fucking her. It wasn’t long before he exploded down her throat, and she lapped up every last bit of it. Aphrodite was ravenous.
Moments later, Michael already felt his stamina resurfacing, replenishing itself almost immediately. It was incredible.
He pushed them on their backs and started licking between those wonderfully spread legs. He could hear parallel gasps and in the few moments he used to inhale air, they kissed passionately.
“My god!” he said, and started fucking Aphrodite like a preying predator. He pushed her strongly with all of his weight, biting her nipples while she screamed for more.
“Turn around”, he said to Eva. Without stopping, he pushed his fingers inside her wet pussy.
“Do you want to take her place, baby?”
“I do.”
They both screamed as Aphrodite was coming.
Aware that his culmination was approaching once again, he took it off and started fucking Eva, hardly noticing her head was about to hit the wall. She held on and scratched his back, screaming in repentance, how much she wanted his hard cock.
It wasn’t long before Michael reached climax again and sent his warmth deep inside of Eva’s wet pussy. He was rubbing her clitoris and feeling the twitches inside while she was coming alongside him.
Just like before, not thirty seconds later, his stamina had replenished.
“This is amazing!” Michael yelped.
He removed his dripping cock from between Eva’s legs and held it over the two women. He seemed to have endless stamina and control. Was this Aphrodite’s doing? Was there more to her than he thought?
Aphrodite leaned forward and grabbed his throbbing totem with both hands and began stroking it fiercely.
“Michael, please cover us in your seed. Please!” She begged.
He could hardly take it. He was about to climax a third time.
Eva positioned herself alongside Aphrodite and looked up at Michael with puppy-dog eyes, pushing her breasts together, ready to receive his warmth.
Michael exploded all over both women, covering them both thoroughly in cum, breasts, torso, stomach, neck, mouth.
Both women were eager to receive the warm reward.
Michael slept well, cozy between both of his newfound nymphs.
First thing in the morning, he noticed Aphrodite was missing.
“Do you know where she went?” he asked Eva.
“Who do you mean,” Eva responded.
After a short conversation, it was clear that Eva had no idea what he was talking about.
“You’re dreaming, boy,” she jested.
Later that day, Michael was determined to solve the mystery.
Michael went to the bar to ask if anyone knew this mysterious girl.
“I’m asking about the girl I left with last night. Do you remember?”
“Sir, you were alone in your booth all night. You left alone.”

“I am in all places where love needs to be saved. That is my job.
Kisses and more, Aphrodite.”

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