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Alive in Death






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This is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Ally finds herself face to face with the aggressive and dominant Viking lords yet again. This time she is going to put her foot down. At least that’s what she’s been telling herself.


After several days of erotic dreams about the Viking lords within her dreams, Ally felt hands and fingers sliding into places they shouldn’t be. It was the ghosts again. It had to be.

Being touched, felt and pounded by incorporeal beings at work certainly had its erotic value but enough was enough.

Ally returns to the museum to tell the ghosts to leave her body alone, but unfortunately for Ally, Viking lords don’t like being told off.


What happens when Ally returns to the museum? Will she be able to state her case against the ghosts while she is being pounded and railed? Will she even want to?


Alive in Death

A Ghostly Erotica Series


I felt the sting of the bitter air bite through my jacket. Damn expensive leather.

Fortunately the museum was close. At least I thought it was.

My eyes drifted across the lonely streets of my hometown out in the middle of Nowheresville USA. That’s not the name, but still. It was one piece of shit town with nothing to do.

You see, just a couple weeks ago I came across a museum. Go figure it was haunted – I know right? Haunted? Pssht. If you were there with me, you would know it was true.

I was torn, ravaged and used beyond my wildest imagination over and over by Viking lords. The oddest part wasn’t the ghosts, but the sheer fact that they wanted to fuck me. I mean, don’t ghosts just go through stuff like walls and shit?

No. Not these ghosts anyways.

These ghosts were aggressive, violent and extremely horny.

My mind snapped back into reality as my eyes locked onto the museum. There it was in all its old, grey and dark glory.

I felt a hand slide up my leg.

It wasn’t uncommon. The ghosts never left me. They stayed by my side, touching me throughout my days. At first it was soft and gentle, then it turned hard and rough. Sometimes they even violently thrusted their hard cocks into my slit as I worked. One time I was even sitting at dinner with my fiancée… well – that’s a story for another time.

His hand immediately disappeared as I ran my hand down to greet it. It happened just liked it always did. If I ever did anything to reply to their touches or sex, they would simply disappear for what seemed like a random amount of time.

I focused on the museum. I had to get in there to tell them they needed to stop what they were doing. At this point it was interfering with my life.

Standing strong and holding my head high, I walked up to the massive spiked gate and pushed it open. A loud creaking noise pierced through the cold night air.

I looked up at the museum. The moon lit the decaying roof just right to the point where I could see everything. Lush green moss covered most of the building, with fallen trees from long ago exposing several rooms.

Pulling up my jacket closer over my body to stop more of the wind, I walked up the steps to the front and pushed the door open.

My handprint from last time was still on the door. Thick dust covered the rest. The door slowly opened in complete silence.

I was ready.

Focus Ally. You got this.

I kept running the words through my head as I stepped inside.

The interior was much the same as last time other than the statues that lined the walls. It appeared as if a vandal had taken to the museum and wrecked it.

My eyes drifted over the spray painted floor where my body laid just a few weeks back. I remembered the thick cocks that ran into my pussy as I screamed in orgasmic glory. I remembered the little black stars swimming in my vision as I took the entire Viking clan at once.

I remembered everything.

The vividness of it all returned like a ton of bricks that sent me reeling. Oddly enough, I felt turned on. I came here with a purpose, but was that purpose now gone? Did I really want to tell these Vikings off?


I called out into the darkness, “I’m back! Show yourselves!”

No reply.

The sound of wind beating against the shutters was the only echo I heard.

A chill ran up my spine and down my arms. Every hair on my body stood on end. They were here.

My eyes scanned the darkness. I couldn’t see a single thing.

Two words echoed throughout the massive entryway. “We are.”

I continued to look for the Vikings without avail. Regardless, they were there and I could stand my case against them.

“As pleasurable as last time was, I need to tell you all to back off. I’m done. I can’t take it any longer.”

The air pressure dropped in response. Complete silence ensued.

“We are.” The same two words repeated as I felt myself remembered how the entire group threw me against the floor and touched me in ways no other man has been able. The feeling returned in my body. I wanted it. I needed.

“Please… you have got to leave me alone. I want you… no, I need you, but I cannot have you,” I called out.

The Viking appeared in front of me.

His massive chest with curled hair was all I could see as he towered above my head. I saw this chick cock hanging between his legs with unshaven hair surrounding it. The smell of sweat and man filled my nostrils.

I wanted so badly to wrap my hand around his thick shaft and stroke him until he was hard and wanting me yet again.

“We are.”

His mouth never moved as I felt the intense force of his words hit me. I fell on my back, staring up at the monstrous being. Him. I had never seen him before.

“I am Asger. The others have left this place.”

I felt the voice deep in my chest. The deep bass from his words tickled my insides as I curled my hand into a fist. As much as I wanted them to leave me alone, I wanted them to also have a home. Their home.

My eyes locked onto his as I watched his cock began to grow. I felt an urge deep within my soul to put my entire life on pause and simply just take this man. He was absolutely stunning. The perfect specimen of the human race.

Before my mind could comprehend the words, I whispered, “Take me…”

In an instant Asger vanished into the darkness. He was gone.

I looked around the barely lit room. A thin ray of moonlight spread across the floor in front of me as I felt something slide up my panties.

It was him. I knew it deep down.

It started with a tickle, and then as the being became corporeal, I felt him. His cock slid up and down my panties, pulling at the soft fabric with each pass.

I couldn’t help myself. I knew exactly what was going to happen next, and my body was ready for it. Every fiber of my being… every atom needed it to happen.

Spreading my legs on the floor of the room and lying on my back, I reached down and pulled my panties to the side.

Asger entered within me.

I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him.

His cock slid inside my ready and willing opening. Asger’s cock was fully hard and rock solid.

Inch after inch he went inside as I gritted my teeth. My pussy widened for him little by little with each passing second.

“I want all of you,” I said softly.

I felt the entire cock slide inside my pussy until I felt his hips against mine. It felt like the tip of his dick was in my stomach. Electric raced through my fingers and through my body down to my toes as I reached behind his body, grabbed his ass then held him inside.

Perhaps I never came here to tell them no. Perhaps the only reason I came here was to experience the Vikings yet again. My fiancée would never know. He would never understand what I needed in my life. He could go on living his blissful life thinking he was the god of sex while my needs were taken care of by these Viking lords.

“Woman. You are mine,” I heard him say as his mouth bit down on my shoulder.

His? The other Vikings never said anything like this.

Asger’s body materialized for a moment in the moonlight as I felt his cock begin to thrust inside me. My body slid forward on the floor with each motion from the man’s massive body against mine.

I felt his ass tighten and release with each thrust into my pussy.

His moans turned me on even more as I looked up into his cold dark eyes.

Asger spoke with passion as his muscular body tightened, “The others left. I stayed here to fight. I won. The gods are pleased and have sent a prize. I will be rewarded.”

My ears heard the words, but I didn’t comprehend them as his hips picked up speed.

Driving deep into my pussy, I felt him hold himself there as he grabbed onto my small breasts and clamped his fingers down on my nipples.

Pain shot through my chest and circled around my wet slit as he thrusted into me again. My body slid forward on the cold floor as Asger claimed his prize. Me.

Realization of the obvious hit me. Shit. I’m his prize.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as the massive man pounded into me over and over. I felt my pussy clench in pleasure as a tingling sensation coursed through my veins.

My hips pressed against his as his body ran into me over and over.

His cock tightened inside me just as I felt myself start to pinnacle. Swarms of stars flew in my vision as his thick dick jerked inside my pussy. Everything suddenly stopped.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment as I watched his movements slow.

All of a sudden everything caught up with me in a huge pool of fire emanating from my opening. My back slid on the floor yet again as he grabbed my shoulders and rammed his cock deep.

My pussy exploded with pleasure.

I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I gasped for breath, but no air came in. I was choking.

His hand tightened around my neck as I felt his cock start to pump his thick hot cum inside me. I could feel every burst of energy deep within my pussy.

Reaching up and grasping both of my hands around his wrist, I pried it free.

I gasped in breath as it suddenly hit me.

I came.

I came hard.

My hips locked in place as my walls clenched tightly around his cock, massaging him.

He couldn’t move from how tight I suddenly became.

I watched as his face twisted in pleasure as ripples of pure energy rocketed throughout my entire body. Every vein pulsed with pure orgasmic pleasure.

My body collapsed and dissolved into a completely relaxed state as I felt his cock loosen within me.

Wheezing loudly, I closed my eyes and felt him roll off to my side.

He wasn’t even breathing heavy.

He wasn’t breathing.

He was a ghost.

I looked over at Asger with a smile.

His face was without emotion. “Well done my prize.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I wanted to tell him no so badly, but I simply couldn’t. I wanted to tell him I wanted to go home and be with my fiancée, but I simply… couldn’t.

My body wanted to stay even though my mind screamed to run.

How was this even possible?

Asger spoke up, “You will stay with me forever. You are my prize and mine alone.”

I looked deep into his unwavering eyes and changed the topic, “Who were you fighting?”

Fighting the feeling to just get up and leave, I laid there in hopes of dissolving the situation and coming up with a different course of action. There had to be another way so that I could still get married and still have the Vikings. Perhaps Asger wouldn’t even let me leave. I certainly didn’t want to anger a Viking lord. That would probably be the worst thing I could possibly do.

The air shifted again. It suddenly changed like it did when I walked into the museum. There were more ghosts.

I looked around the room in hopes of the other Vikings being there. They weren’t.

“We have come to claim what is ours,” I heard in a different tone. It was firm and confident. It sounded like the Vikings, but I couldn’t be sure. The one thing I did know, is that it wasn’t human.

My eyes darted from shadow to shadow. Finally they became corporeal. It was ghosts. It was the Vikings. But a different clan.

Asger stood and reached behind his back.

In a void of light, I watched as his body materialized in a suit of armor. In his hands – a massive claymore.

I scooted back as the new Viking clan raised their swords at Asger.

Shit was about to go down.

I couldn’t even tell who I wanted to win. Asger, the Viking I just met, or this entire clan of Vikings whom I had no clue about. Either way, I was going to be someone’s prize. Deep down in my gut, I knew I wasn’t going home anytime soon. Good thing I didn’t have any plans for the weekend.

Asger charged the clan. It was one versus twelve. Odds were not in Asger’s favor.

I sat in the darkness watching the fight.

Asger swung his sword and cleaved deep into the first man. The man suddenly disappeared in a dark cloud of smoke. My hair stood on end as Asger jumped into the fray, twirling his blade and dodging blow after blow.

Every attack from Asger resulted in a loud clang of metal.

Light flashed in the room as each strike was blocked.

Asger jumped back in his calm cool demeanor as he pulled a second blade from his back. Dual wielding, he charged back in and immediately cleaved two of the men in half with a loud roar of rage.

Several of the men got in behind Asger and attacked at once while another man kept him busy from the front.

Asger took a blow in his back.

He fell to his knees and roared in defiance as darkness enveloped his body.

I felt the chill of his presence diminish as the other nine men sheathed their swords. Their armor and weapons disappeared in a void of darkness around their bodies.

It was over.

As quickly as it started, it ended.

Each of the men walked over and surrounded me.

A guttural groan came from one of the Vikings as I heard it trying to talk to me. “You are ours.” I barely was able to make out. The man grabbed me with his other hand as I looked down at its massive cock sticking straight out.

Most of his body was corporeal. Parts his hands, legs and torso seemed to blend into the darkness as I watched him fade in and out.

Much bigger than any normal man, the shaft was thick and had bumps and ridges on it. Jesus.

Looking across the room, I saw the other men had become corporeal as well. Counting to myself, I noted nine. Fuck me… nine of them. This is insane. Just my fucking luck.

They all stared at me as they stood in unison. Their deep black eyes piercing into my soul, one of them walked forward toward me.

I knew I was their prize. I honestly didn’t care. Each of the massive men were Vikings. Pure deadly energy of what was left from their time in the underworld, or wherever the hell they came from

Both men ran their hands over my body as they pulled my clothing off slowly and gently. Oh god! Oh god! I screamed inside my head as I felt their rough hands run over my chest down my stomach and between my open legs.

The man in front of me reached out with his hands and slowly ripped my panties in half. I pulled them off my legs, fully exposing myself to them. I sat there shaking. The first man wrapped his muscular arms around me and held me close. I felt his thick cock press against my pussy.

He pushed my body off him and bent me over a broken statue. I watched as the other men stood there, stroking their massive cocks while staring at me.

How the hell am I supposed to appease all these men… much less at once? I mean, I know I’m their prize and all… but fuck.

I felt hands, many hands run over my bare butt as I laid there, bent over, staring at the wall in front of me. The Vikings roared a victory shout which deafened my ears as they all charged my body.

A chill ran down my spine. Now was the time.

One of the men ran over and ran his thick fingers up along my slit. I was still wet from the last fucking I had just received, but my pussy was ready for more. An entire group of them though? Shit. I could barely even manage one.

His skin soft and turned me on as I heard a moan in the room. It didn’t sound like the groans at all… it sounded like me. Oh well. Let’s do this. If I’m going to fuck all these men, I’m going to do it right. I’m going to have the time of my life then go home and never return.

Moaning softly, I felt my body sway with the motions of the Viking’s fingers slipping inside me. One of the men made his way in front of my face with his hard cock in front of my mouth. Looking up at his face, he bared a toothy grin.

Each of the men were large. When I say large, I mean massive. Their bodies alone were much larger than the average male. They were huge.

Without even thinking I grabbed the cock and pulled it into my mouth, sucking on it furiously without care. The Vikings swarmed around me, stroking themselves and fading in and out of reality. Feeling my pussy with my other hand, I ran my fingers around my clit, further turning myself on. I kept pushing myself deeper into an orgasm.

I felt a girthy shaft start to push its way into me as several of the hands fondled and massaged my breasts. Fingers rolled around my nipples and others ran into my anus. Groaning, I felt the cock push deeper inside me, my juices easily allowing the dick to slip inside.

My walls massaged the Viking’s shaft as it continued to work its way into me. The cock expanded and compressed inside me, bulging and softening back and forth as I felt it pull itself out then push back in. My body lurched forward on the statue as it thrusted deep inside.

Groans of ecstasy echoed in the room as I sucked on the Viking’s cock in front of me. His body went incorporeal other than his cock. It was definitely odd and certainly nothing like I had ever experienced… other than a few weeks ago that is.

Thrusting harder and faster, I felt the Viking’s nails dig into my hips as he pulled me into full penetration. His sack slapped against my ass with such intense force. It felt like the man was in my stomach it was so deep. Pain and pleasure exploded throughout my body as I felt another man lick my anus.

Looking back at the man fucking my anus with his tongue, I saw their tongues elongate and slip into my anus, writhing around inside me, tasting and wanting me for their own pleasure. Many of the men faded until they were nearly gone, then caught themselves and brought their bodies back into reality. Little did these Viking’s know, but I wanted them too.

I grinned at them as I pulled myself off of the man and laid down on the floor, “You two,”—I pointed at two of the men standing there jacking off, — “Fuck me.”

They meandered over to me. One of the men lifted me up and laid underneath of me as I kissed down his neck. The other man kneeled behind me, flicking his tongue in my anus. Groaning, I felt the man under me push his thick girthy cock into my tight wet pussy.

I moaned as it went deeper inside as my walls grasped onto him. The ridges on the Viking’s cock felt like nothing I had ever felt before as he pulled out then thrusted even deeper. Holy shit this is amazing, I thought to myself as the man grabbed onto my breasts and ran its tongue in circles around my hard little pink nipples. I felt the room shake as dust fell from the ceiling.

Fuck. Is this entire museum about to collapse? These Vikings will be fine, but me…

The Viking behind me pulled out his tongue and thrusted his cock into my anus. The slippery spit from his mouth made for an amazing, tingly lube as he pulled out then pushed back in. The ridges on the Viking’s cock felt even better inside my anus than in my pussy as the two cocks went in and out.

Hot breath hit my face as the man below me looked into my eyes. I swear he was smiling at me. Putting my head down next to his, I felt his hand wrap around my neck and the other run through my hair. “Fuck me. Please fuck me hard,” I groaned as the man bared its teeth at me.

The two men grabbed on tightly to me and started fucking my holes as they pumped me as hard as they possibly could. Jesus these men have stamina. Most men don’t make it nearly this long, I thought to myself as I felt my holes tightening around the Vikings.

I guess they are dead. A ghost can last forever.

Both cocks tightened at the same time, then exploded within me. Hot cum pumping inside my holes, I could feel both men shudder in complete pleasure. Panting, they kept fucking me as they came over and over. The cum kept coming, over and over, for minutes as the juices dripped out my holes and pooling on the floor.

I couldn’t help but be turned on as they kept cumming. Fuck. How long can they cum for?! I thought to myself as the cocks spasmed over and over deep inside me.

Finally, both dicks went limp as their breathing slowed. I laid there on the man, completely spent, “Jesus…” I whispered as I ran my hand around his neck and pressed my mouth into his. Without hesitation, his head was gone, as was the rest of his body. Within seconds he was back in reality.

Were they fading completely?

The man behind me pulled out and stood up, as did the one underneath of me. I followed suit as I laid there, completely naked with cum dripping out of my anus and pussy. The room smelled of sweat and cum. My body sore… yet somehow satisfied, I collapsed to the ground.

I looked around. Each of the massive Vikings were starting to fade out of existence. Somehow I managed to appease their souls to the point where they could depart this world and into their afterlife.

With a smile on my face, I stood up.

Cum dripped out of my pussy and anus. I couldn’t have been happier. I had been the first women in several thousand years to fuck these massive men. I was probably one of the few that could actually live to talk about it.

I looked around the room as I felt more dust start to fall from the ceiling.

Fuck. I need to get out of here. Now.

Kicking my feet into gear, I snatched up my clothing and booked it to the door.

My hands wrapped around the doorknob and pulled.

The whole knob came off.

A sudden chill ran down my spine.

Oh god.

I looked up at the cracking ceiling. I had minutes. Maybe.

Turning around and scoping out the room, I realized there were two exits. One to the left and the other to the right.

Without hesitation I booked it to the right exit.

I flew around the corner, my feet carrying me as fast they could go.

Rubble. The entire hallway had collapsed.

Turning around on my feet, I flew across the room to the other exit. It too was blocked.

The hallway I was in shuddered.

Cracks formed along the ceiling as I watched massive chunks start to break free and fall to the floor. I quickly dodged out of the way and ran back to the front door. I was going to break that fucker down.

I ran as fast as I could and shouldered the large wooden door as hard as I could.

It didn’t even budge.

I threw my weight into it again.


Stepping back, I looked up at the ceiling. Massive boulders had broken free and began crashing all around my feet. Splinters chipped off and flew at my legs. Trails of blood ran down my legs as I started beating on the door and screaming for help.

At this point I knew I was dead. I was going to spend the rest of my eternity with those Vikings in their afterlife. At least it wouldn’t be so bad.

The air in the room shifted as I watched a dark void of smoke appear out of nowhere. It was Asgerd. He ran towards the door and slammed into it, breaking free the entire door from its frame and splintering the wood into a million pieces.

As soon as his body was outside he vanished in the morning rays of light.

I ran outside as fast as I could go. My feet didn’t stop until I cleared the large gate at the entrance.

Looking back I watched as the museum crumbled to the ground. I had seconds left. Literally seconds.

I turned to go, my mind going through the recent events.

Asger’s body appeared in the smoke rising from the collapsed museum. I saw him rising to his Valhalla. A massive hand, whom I can only assume to be Odin’s appeared to reach out of the sky and grasp his kin, pulling him into the heavens.

I heard a deep voice boom in my head.

It was Asger.

He said “Join us.”

I saw a tiny little bead drop from the heavens to my feet.

His eyes connected with mine and suddenly I realized what he was saying weeks ago. He wanted me to join them in Valhalla with them.

My hands reached down and picked up the small bead.

It was actually an ancient poisonous seed. I only knew what it was simply because I was a history major. The seed was deadly to anyone that bit into it.

Viking men carried it in their mouth in case they were ever taken by their enemy. They could kill themselves without being forced to do things they didn’t want to do.

I rolled the seed over in my fingers contemplating my decision. Somehow I knew that this was the only chance I would have to make it.

My eyes peered up towards the massive hand reaching from the heavens. Odin’s hand was withdrawing.

I took the seed into my mouth and crushed it.

“I’m your prize…” I whispered into the cool morning air as I faded into darkness.

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