The Ticket

The Ticket

A Gay MM Cop Erotica


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The Ticket is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual erotic themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


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Josh was a rich twink, but he couldn’t bribe his way out of this ticket. The cop was a dirty bear, but doesn’t want Josh’s money.

Follow Josh through this erotic short story as he tries his best to get out of the ticket using any means necessary. There’s only so much a guy can do when he’s handcuffed…


What can I expect?


This short story will make your cock throb as you read every line. Besides that, you can expect; Intense male on male sex, handcuffs, strip searches, oral sex, facials, swallowing, spanking, anal sex, blowjobs, rim jobs, sexy men in uniforms and much more. What are you waiting for? Read on below! (After reading The Ticket, keep reading! I have included chapter one of Twinks in Prison free!)


The Ticket


I was speeding along I-42 in my red Jaguar when I heard something. A damn siren going off. “Fuck the police,” I said to myself as I gunned the engine and watched the speedometer quickly creep over 100. I reached down and clicked on the radio, there’s nothing like running from the cops with the tunes playing. Glancing in my rearview, I saw him gaining on me. I looked forward and pressed harder on the gas. Good, no traffic.

The car shuddered slightly as it crept over 110, my heard pounding; I looked in the rearview mirror again. The damn cop was right there. God, my parents are going to kill me! I thought to myself as I hit the steering wheel hard. The car swerved left, then right as I tried to correct the movements. Quickly pressing down on the brake, the car skidded sideways into the ditch.

I looked down at my body; I was fine. Sweat poured off my face as I wiped my brow. I’m a dead man. I should have just died in that car right there because I’m either going to jail or my parents are going to kill me. Either way, my life is over. I slammed my fist down on the steering wheel again.

The cop pulled up behind me with his sirens blaring. I reached for the car door and opened it. Setting my foot outside I heard a deep voice growl, “Don’t fucking move a muscle.” I didn’t. I left my foot right there unmoving. Glancing back over my shoulder, I saw a big guy in a blue uniform walking towards the car with his gun drawn. Jesus! Really? A gun! “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I exclaimed as I quivered and held my hands up.

I watch him as he opened my door the rest of the way, “Get down on the ground, now!”

Quickly getting down on the ground, I looked up at him. He looked very similar to my last boyfriend. He filled out his uniform well as I looked from his face down to his feet. Wow! Now that is a man. His beard is… amazing. He reached down and felt over my body with his thick strong fingers. He squeezed along ever portion of my body, looking for a weapons I assume. Woah. Was it just me or did he squeeze my ass? I must be imagining things.

“Ok, get up,” he said as he pulled handcuffs from his belt and turned me around. I felt the cuffs click around my wrists as he bound them together. God. I would be cool with him playing bad cop with me tonight… “Get in the car,” he said as he pushed me forward.

I turned back and looked at him, “Please officer, don’t take me to jail, don’t give me a ticket, please! I’ll do anything. I have money. Do you want money? How much?”

He stopped for a moment, “Anything?” he said as he held me firm.

“Yes; anything. You just tell me,” I said firmly. He let out a loud guttural laugh as he pushed me towards his car. He took me to the far side of the vehicle and pushed me against it. “Don’t move,” he said as he started searching me again, “I need to check you for… drugs.”

Drugs? I was just speeding… I felt him pat down my chest, then legs, then finally my groin. I could feel my cock growing in my tight pants. He surely must have noticed. “What’s in your pants?” He said as he unbuckled my belt and reached his hand inside.

I felt his hand wrap around my shaft, and tug on it for a moment. His hand released and fondled my sack. Turning me around, he bent me over forward and pushed his hand down my pants again. I felt him run his finger around my anus, then slip a finger in. His other hand held onto my butt as his finger went in deeper, then a second one. “Ok, you’re clean,” he said as I caught a faint wisp of a smile on his lips.

“Clean? Does that mean I can go now?” I replied eagerly as I looked over my shoulder. He laughed as he smirked at me, “No, not at all little man. Get in the car.”

He lightly pushed me into the backseat of the car and shut the door. He is totally into me. I bet I can get out of this ticket some way. “So… how would you feel if I were to offer you myself for the rest of the evening in payment? You can take the ticket out on my ass.”

The cop tilted his rearview mirror and looked at me then narrowed his eyes, “Are you trying to bribe me, boy?” I shook my head quickly. I knew bribing a cop would get me in deeper shit. Best keep my mouth closed from here on out… unless he wants it open of course. A grin crept across my face as I thought about the cop holding me down and fucking my ass.

The car revved up and sped off onto the highway. I looked out the window as the trees and cars passed, What is going to happen to me? Is this going to rape me? Is he going to fuck me and throw me in his basement to be his little sex toy? I’m so fucked!

My mind wandered all over the place as we drove. I looked down my shaking body as I thought twice about what I wore today. Tight jeans and a cute little black top with the words, “Sunshine” in the top left corner. Go figure I would dress like this today. I bet he thought I was a little slut. Hey… if it gets me out of a ticket, I’ll suck this guy off. He is pretty sexy. His strong hands and arms would be able to take care of all my needs.

“What’s your name?” I asked as I looked up to him, taking my mind off of him fucking me. He glanced in the mirror, “Jackson.”

“I’m Josh,” I said, “I would shake your hand… but you know. I’m kind of bound back here.” I mustered a laugh the best I could as I continued to shake. Hopefully he didn’t notice how nervous I was. What if he is taking me to the station to throw me in jail because I tried to bribe him? Oh god!

We pulled into a subdivision, then into a driveway of a little house. Yep. He is going to throw me in his basement to be his little sex slave. I knew it.

“We’re here,” he said with a grunt as he got out and opened my door. I stepped out and stood there in front of him. He reached out and patted me on the head, “Now you be nice and there will be no ticket.”

I nodded, “Ok sir,” I replied as I shook even more. He started walking up to the house. Am I supposed to follow him? What the fuck is going on?! Looking back at me he said, “Coming?”

Quickly catching up to him I said, “My hands hurt, want to take these off? What are you going to do?” He looked at me and grinned beneath his furry beard. “More like what are you going to do for me,” he responded.

I tried to calm myself down, Ok. I’m going to blow this guy and go home without a ticket. It’s all good, no worries. I’ll be in and out of here in twenty minutes.

We walked inside. It was a cute little home with a very modern feel. He opened the door on the right and he started walking down the stairs beyond. Jesus fucking Christ, he’s going to the basement. “Come on,” he said as he reached the bottom. I quickly ran down the stairs behind him.

I looked around. There was a bed, and an old box with a latch on it. The basement wasn’t finished as the concrete walls gave it sort of a dungeon feel. Interesting. He walked over to the bed and sat down. “Suck me off,” he said as he pulled down his pants, exposing his dick to me. I walked over and kneeled down in front of him.

His cock was flaccid, but still long and thick. I slipped it into mouth my mouth and started sucking on it. My tongue twirled around the tip of his shaft as my head went up and down. “You’re going to have to do better than that boy,” he gruffly said as he reached behind me and unlocked my handcuffs.

I felt his cock start to grow as I wrapped my hand and started to stroke him. My mouth was filled with his cock as it expanded within me. The smell turned me on as I felt myself start to rise as well. I shifted uncomfortably as I reached down and adjusted myself. “What’s wrong boy? You want to fuck me?” He said as he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down deep on his cock.

I gagged as he held me down, pushing and pulling my head off of him. My throat choked on his cock, massaging the shaft as it went down inside me. I couldn’t help but want to do the same to him. He pushed my head back down on his dick as I grasped onto the base of his shaft and twisted. His moans of pleasure turned me on. God I wanted him to fuck me so badly.

Pushing and pulling my head off of his cock faster and faster, I stroked with my hand, wanting him to cum inside my mouth. I couldn’t tell what I wanted more, his cum or his cock in my ass. Hopefully both.

“Please fuck me from behind,” I said as I pulled my head off of his cock and continued stroking him with my hand. I twirled my fingers around him as I slid up and down on his dick. He grunted as he smiled at me. “I knew you were a kinky little twink,” he said as he stood up and pushed me onto the bed. He grabbed my pants and pulled them down to my knees as he pulled my ass to the side of the bed.

Standing there behind me, I felt his cock press against my anus. “Damn boy, you are tight,” he said as he pressed harder. I’ve never taken a cock this big before, so I wasn’t surprised.

I glanced behind me as he kneeled over and put his face into my ass. His tongue licked my anus as he wetted the area. I felt his finger slip inside me and twirl about. I’m glad I got waxed just the night before, I thought to myself as his fingers milked my anus. “That’s a good boy, you just stay right there,” he said as he walked over to the chest and opened it.

I watched as he pulled out a little leather strip. It was small and dainty. Perfect for my little ass. He grunted and dropped it back into the chest, then pulled out a large leather whip with multiple little leather strings on the end. Good fucking god. My ass quivered as he walked back over to me.

He laughed as he looked at me, “Scared, boy?”

I nodded.

Grabbing the whip tight with one hand, he drove it across my ass. I howled like a little bitch as he spanked me, “This is what you get for trying to reason with me about that ticket!” He exclaimed as he whacked over and over. My ass burned with the fury of a thousand hells as he dropped the whip and hit my ass with the back of his hand.

Standing behind me, he grabbed my hips and thrusted his cock deep inside my anus. I felt his balls slap against my ass as he hit complete penetration. “Fuuuuuuck!!!” I yelled as I held onto the sheets on the bed and tears ran down my face. The pain… the pleasure, my god it was more than I could bear.

I looked back at him as he bared his teeth and thrusted into me again. I pulled the sheets close to me as I held onto them with all my might. Biting down on a pillow kept my mouth from screaming over and over as he plowed into me with such intense force.

I felt his nails dig into my hips as he fucked me back and forth for damn near an hour. My ass felt like it was on fire with every movement he made. Reaching down, I grabbed my cock and stroked it as fast as I could. “My turn to fuck you,” I said as I looked back at him and smiled.

He pulled his cock out of my ass spun me around with his strong arms. Grabbing my head, he pushed me onto his shaft, past my tongue and down my throat. The pure taste of all that is man enveloped me as he groaned in pleasure. Looking up at him with his uniform and hat still on made my cock stay hard as ever. If only I had a camera, nobody will believe this shit!

I grabbed onto his shaft and stroked back and forth as fast as my hand could go as I sucked on him. “Cum for me, fucking god damnit cum for me,” I groaned then pushed my head back onto his cock. He pulled my head off of him and bent over the bed next to me.

Standing up, I was barely able to walk as my anus hurt so bad. I grabbed onto his hips lightly and pressed the tip of my shaft inside him. I moaned deeply as thrusted into him, his ass clenching around my dick. Pushing and pulling back and forth, his anus milked my cock, wanting and needing it to cum inside him.

“Fuck me,” he said as he looked over and grunted at me. I nodded and grasped onto his thick ass tightly and pushed myself into him fully. God it felt good. My fingernails dug into his hips as I pushed and pulled myself into him. He groaned with every thrust as his body violently jerked around with my movements.

I couldn’t help but want to cum even harder as his ass tightened around my thick shaft. “I want to cum inside you,” I whispered through my heavy panting. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and dripped down to his ass, sliding between his cheeks and onto my shaft.

“Then fucking cum in my ass then,” he exclaimed as he grinned at me. I felt myself ready to explode as I grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them apart, watching my cock slide in and out of his ass.

I looked down at the hair on his back and inside his ass. Even though mine was completely bare, his turned me on even more. He was all that was man and he was mine. I felt my cock tense inside him. My eyes going wide and thrusting inside one more time I felt myself tense again. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard in your ass,” I said as I shot my load inside him.

Pumping over and over inside his ass, with each thrust cum spilled out of his anus onto the bed. I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t stop fucking him as my cock kept exploding deep within him. He groaned in pleasure as I filled his ass to the brim with my semen.

I fell forward on his sweaty back and wrapped my arms around him, spent. He rolled me off of him and pushed his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him as I watched beads of sweat drip down his chest as he heaved in and out in heavy breaths. “Take my load boy,” he said as I stroked on the base of his cock with the tip in my mouth.

I heard him grunt as I felt his cock explode in my mouth and pump his hot cum all over my tongue. His hands pressed on the back of my head as he thrusted his hips to my face and fucked me. I spun my tongue around his shaft as he blew the rest of his load down my throat. He tasted like a real man should, masculine, strong and musky. Just how I like it.

He sat down on the bed, his face beaded with sweat. “Good job boy,” he said as he grinned at me and patted me on the back. I nodded to him, “That was good, damn you taste good.”

A loud laugh filled the room as his body shook. I laughed with him as I laid down on my back and looked up at the ceiling.

I closed my eyes for a moment only to awaken in a bed. Not the bed I fell asleep in, but another bed. Looking around, I saw Jackson lying next to me under the covers. I was under there too. I felt his hairy legs against mine as I looked at his thick hairy back. I could still smell sex lingering in the air as I looked around the room.

It was dark with a clock flashing 12:00a.m. on the bedstand. I guess I’m not going home tonight, I thought to myself as I rolled over behind him and wrapped my arm over his waist. I closed my eyes and slipped back into darkness.


I awoke with the smell of bacon and eggs being wafted into the room. Looking around, I saw my clothes at the end of the bed, neatly laid out for me. I slipped out of bed and put my clothes on. Walking down the hallway towards the amazing smell, I turned around the corner into the kitchen. Jackson was slaving over the oven with two frying pans sizzling. “Mornin’ sleep well?” He said as he looked over at me.

Stretching and yawning I replied, “I slept great. Damn that smells good.” He grinned ear to ear as he put the food on two plates and carried them over to a little table next to the wall with two chairs.

I eagerly wolfed down the food as did he. “Wow, this stuff is amazing. You make this yourself?” He nodded, “Family recipe, good stuff huh.”

An odd smell made me wrinkle my nose. “Something wrong?” He said as he finished off his plate and walked into the kitchen with the dishes. “Yeah, something reeks. It’s probably me. Mind if I grab a shower before I head out?”

He looked over his shoulder, “Sure, long as you don’t mind if I join you.” I grinned, “Of course not.” He started down the hallway with me just behind him. I skipped a few times then ran up and spanked him on his ass. “Do I get to spank you next time?” I said with a devilish grin. “Do you want there to be a next time?” He said back to me with an equally as devilish grin.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I want there to be? You seem like a pretty cool guy,” I replied as he turned the corner to the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. “I assumed you were just in this to get rid of the ticket,” he said as he turned on the shower.

I stripped down and hopped inside with him. His body was amazing. God I love men that look like real men should. I felt my shaft rise as the warm water hit it and washed away all the sweat and cum from the night before. I hated smelling bad, but god I loved it when other guys did. Smells and tastes turned me on.

Grabbing the bar of soap, I ran it across his broad back and down his thick arms. It took both of my hands to wrap around his one bicep as I washed him. I got on my knees and washed down his legs, feeling his thick muscular thighs in my hand. Looking down at myself, I was fully hard. I turned around, bent over and put the soap back in its spot. I wonder if he would be down for some show—I felt his cock slip into my ass as he interrupted my thoughts.

“Just what I was thinking,” I exclaimed as he bent over and wrapped his thick arms around my chest. His cock went deep inside my ass as he thrusted back and forth inside me. “I could wake up like this every morning,” he said as he fucked my ass.

My anus was still sore from the night before, but easily widened for him as he pushed himself deep inside. His balls slapped against my ass as I bent all the way over. Pushing deeper and harder, I felt him groan with pleasure. “I fucking love your ass,” he said as thrusted deep and whacked the back of his hand across my ass cheeks.

I reached down and grabbed my hard cock. Stroking it as he thrusted inside me, I felt myself tense. Oh no! Not yet! Don’t cum yet! I quickly stopped stroking myself as I half came in the shower. The cum swirled around our feet and slipped down the drain. Fortunately he didn’t seem to notice. I put my hand back on my half hard cock and stroked it. Still felt good. Fuck it.

“Fuck me,” he said as he turned around and put his hands on the shower wall. I stroked my cock as fast as I could, trying to get it as hard as possible. I put my hand on his back as I stroked myself and pushed my cock into his ass. My dick immediately went hard as it slipped in. Shit. That’s all I needed.

I held his hips as I pushed mine back and forth on him. The water rained down on us from above as we stood in the shower fucking, moaning and groaning. I felt my cock tense. Pulling it out I said, “Taste me.”

He quickly turned around and got on his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth as he stroked the base. I exploded within him with the fury of a thousand orgasms. Wavering in the shower for a moment, I started to slip. One strong arm reached out and wrapped around my leg, holding me tight as his other continued stroking me and sucking on my dick.

I pumped my load in his mouth as he moaned and licked my shaft with his tongue. Swallowing every last bit, he put his hands around my head and lifted me up towards him. Pulling me close, he kissed me deeply. Our tongues touched and flitted around inside my mouth as we slowly stroked each other. His cock was still rock hard in my hand. “Cum on my face,” I said as I kneeled down in front of him.

He stroked his cock for a moment, and then blew his cum onto me over and over. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and milked it for all that it was worth as he came. Groaning and holding onto the shower curtain, he held himself up in the hot shower. My face was covered in his cum as he looked down at me smiling. We laughed together as he helped me rinse off my face.

I grabbed the bar of soap and quickly washed then rinsed off. Stepping out of the shower, he dried me off, then me him. Smiling, I said, “I have to get home now. My parents are going to be worried sick.”

He nodded, “We’ll have to get together here soon, it seems like we just get each other ya know?”

Taking my hand, we walked out of the bathroom, got dressed then headed out to the car.

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