Staying Alive Series Part Four: Hope Returns

Staying Alive Series



Hope Returns





Staying Alive is a new erotica series with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


Copyright © 2014 JD

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This is the fourth installment of the Staying Alive series. Please read Staying Alive Part 1-3 before reading this!



Chapter One: Hope


Sunlight poured in through the window of the small hospital room as a nurse opened the curtains.

“Good morning you two,” she said cheerfully, knowing full well only I could hear her.

I turned away and looked down at Richard. His beard had grown much over the past several months.

Jesus, has it really been that long?

“What month is it?” I questioned the nurse as I rested my hand upon Richards.

“December. It’s nearly Christmas hun.”

It has been that long. Four whole months.

The sound of the breathing machine Richard was on was fairly loud, yet somehow relaxing. Every breath he took made my heart skip a beat. Would this be the breath where he wakes up?

Today was the day that I feared the most. It was the day I would be forced to make a decision. To keep Richard alive on the machines, or let him fade into the night.

I had thought about it for days, weeks, and months on end, but at that very moment, I had no clue what I was going to tell the doctor.

“I’d let him go.”

The nurse’s voice cut through my thoughts.

“Huh?” I piped up.

“I’d let him go. You know – let him move on. It has to be painful to be kept on these machines day after day.”

My mind wandered as I prayed to any god that would listen. Please. Please let him wake up. There are so many things I haven’t experienced.

A loud knock echoed off the walls as the door to the room opened. The doctor. A tall man with white stubble on his chin.

He spoke softly. “Let us have a few.”

The nurse nodded and left the room.

“Good morning Joanne.”

Every word made my heart skip a beat. The moment I had been dreading was finally upon myself.

I looked up at the doctor from my chair.

The collar was still around my neck and the leash held tightly between Richard’s and my hand. Is this the end of our story?

“We have one final thing we can try. We will inject his heart with a steroid that will basically jump start his cardiovascular system. It’s a slim chance – but it’s the last shot we have.”

Hope. The very thing I had almost lost sight of.

I ran my fingers up Richards arm, “Master, do you hear that? You have a chance to come back to me. I can’t do this without you.”

“Alright. Well, we will bring in the steroids now and hopefully, if all goes well, he will be awake within the hour.”

“Thank you doctor,” I whispered as I held Richard’s hand tightly.

I watched the doctor leave and return within moments. Another man followed him in. He had the same white coat as the doctor. Both had gloves on.

“Now?” I said softly as I rested my head on Richard’s shoulder.

They both nodded as one spoke up, “Yes. You may leave the room, or wait here if you like. It will only take a moment.”

I stood and walked to the window. Everything I saw was covered in a whine sheen. Was it always like this in the mountains?

“It’s done,” I heard the doctor say quickly.

I turned to Richard and watched him. His chest rose and fell with each breath.

Both doctors looked at me. “That was it. There’s no other options. It’s been four months, what is your decision?”

My heart sunk as I felt my knees starting to fail. This was it.

Richard’s breathing changed pace. It was deeper. Less labored.

“Doctor?” I said under my breath as I sat on the chair next to the bed.

He looked over Richard and placed a small metal device attached to his ear to Richard’s chest then spoke firmly, “Take him off the ventilator. He might be waking up.”

The other doctor raced behind my chair and pressed buttons on a machine. The loud noises stopped. Richard’s chest stopped rising.

Please Richard. You have to get through this… do it for me.

Richard began coughing loudly and squeezing my hand tighter than ever. I felt the leash dig into my hand as I watched his eyes flutter open.

He did return to me.



Chapter Two: New Beginnings


“I’m here.”

The two words flew out of my mouth before I could even think. Richard. He was back.

Both doctors raced around Richard, pressing buttons on the machine and holding various devices to Richard’s chest, hands and feet.

“He’s alive and well. It appears as if his heart is strong.”

Richard opened his mouth. “Water.” He gasped.

I quickly grabbed my water bottle and held the straw to his mouth. He drank the whole thing and looked at me. Our eyes met.

“You stayed?”

His words were soft.

I nodded, with tears rolling down my cheeks. This time it wasn’t from pain.

“I will always be by your side,” I whispered into his ear as he held onto my hand tightly.

The doctor spoke up as he flipped through papers in his hands. “He is perfectly normal. It’s almost as if he wasn’t in a coma for the last 4 months. I don’t see any reason why he can’t leave here today.”

Richard laughed loudly, “Four months!”

I looked up at the doctor and smiled. “Thank you.”

“I’ll go file for his release right now.”

He left the room quickly.


“Yes, Joanne?”

Our eyes met. No words had to be said. We both knew we were bound together. Not by twine, chains, handcuffs, or leather straps, but by our passion. Our lifestyle. We were meant for each other.

The slightest curl of his lips pulled into a smile.

I returned it.

“Thank you for saving me at the club,” I said as I laid my head on his arm.

I could feel his chest rising on its own. No machines, tubes, or monitors were keeping him alive. He could leave again.

The doctor returned. “You two are released and free to go whenever you wish.”

I stood by the bed with the leash in entwined between my fingers.

Richard rested his hand on my shoulder and stood out of the bed, stretching. “God – I’m sore.”

I saw his chest peek out from the opening in his gown. He was still rippled with muscle despite the months in the hospital.

He stepped forward and stumbled. I quickly caught him.

“Thank you,” he said as he took a few more steps and headed outside.


We walked up to the front of the car. The same car we drove in on. The glass was still shattered from the fight.

I peeked inside. Nothing had changed… except one thing.

“Richard, I taught myself how to drive while you were asleep. I hope you don’t mind.”

He laughed, “Good! I’m glad you did, because there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to drive in this condition.”

I sat in the seat behind the wheel and started the car.

Richard sat next to me with his hand rested on my leg. His other hand held my leash. My heart pounded at the mere thought of him commanding me again.

“Where to?”

It felt like a dream. A dream where everything could perfect again. Richard and I were together, I guess that’s all that really mattered.

“Let’s continue on our route up through Canada. From what I remember, we are nearly through the mountains.”

I felt my lips curl into a faint smile. My heart was warm that Richard was back, despite the pain he was still in.

The engine roared to life as I turned the key. Adrenaline rushed through my body as I slowly made my way towards the highway.

Richard laid his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes. It was at that moment I felt my heart beat rapidly. Not often was Richard willing to hand control over to me. Perhaps things would be different from here on out… perhaps not.

I stayed on the highway and continued driving for what seemed like hours.

Richard’s light snoring kept my mind off the road and towards the future. But what future was that? Would he still command me like he did in the past?

Tonight. I will find out tonight. He must want to have me. It’s been so long.

I snapped out of my thoughts at the sight of red and blue blinking lights as we turned around the mountain.


“Richard… Richard! Wake up!” I said urgently as I nudged him with my elbow.

The car slowed as I watched a long line of cars come into focus. They were lined up before the men in the cars. It appeared as if the men were searching the cars for something.

Richard awoke from his slumber and rubbed his eyes, “What?”

“Look ahead. What do I do?” I questioned as the car slowed to a stop behind the line of other cars.

“Shit… Shit shit shit. Fuck. Those are fucking police. We can’t let them know who I am.”

I nodded.

“Joanne. Listen to me very closely. You must lie to them. Tell them I am your father and you are my daughter, alright?”

My heart felt like it was about to burst from my chest. “Yes. I can do that.”

“Good. Now if they ask about our business, tell them we are driving to Canada to meet your mother.”

I nodded as I watched the line of cars grow shorter and shorter. We were next.

The car in front of us pulled away.

Three men in blue uniforms walked up and looked in the car.

“License and registration,” he said bluntly as he looked at a piece of paper in his hand.

I glanced over at Richard. My mind raced. What was a license and registration?

Richard leaned in and looked up at the man. “Forgive me officer, but she’s just learning to drive. I figured up here in the mountains would be the perfect place. Not too many cars up here y’know?”

The man leaned in and looked around the inside of the car. “Yeah, yeah. I hear you.”

Richard smiled at the man, “What’s all this about anyways?”

The man held out a picture. It was of Richard, but without all the hair on his face and dressed in a suit.

I my mind thought back to the days of when he would come home from work and sit on the bottom stair into the basement. He watched me sleep, but little did he know, I wasn’t sleeping. I laid there in the dark watching him curse and pace.

Snapping out of my dream I realized the men had walked away from the car.

“Go. Let’s get the hell out of here,” Richard snapped as I watched his hands tremble.

It wasn’t like him to be afraid. He was my rock. My Master.

“Joanne. Fuck, let’s go. Jesus Christ.”

I glanced at the men and pulled the car forward. Their eyes stayed on me.

As we moved past the men, I heard one of them yell. “Shit – that’s them! Look, the license plate matches!”

My heart raced as Richard looked over directly into my eyes. “You need to go fast. Right now. GO!”

The car lurched forward and raced around the mountain away from the men. I had never gone so fast.

“Where do we go?” I whispered as the car shook violently.

“Shit. They are coming, I just know it.”

As we sped around the bend in the road my eyes noticed a small gap in the rocks. Just big enough for the car.

“Richard? Can we go there?”

“Do it!”

Everything happened so fast.

We drove through the gap and around the corner.

Richard reached over and turned off the car.

“Now we wait.”

I nodded.

“Keep your fingers crossed.”

I nodded again.



Chapter Three: Alive


It’s been two days since we were in the car.

After the police sped by the gap, they never found us. We waited a day then continued on.


“Richard?” I whispered as I nudged him with my hand.

He awoke, looking over at me. “Yes?”

“Are we stopping soon?”

My arms, legs and every part of my body was sore and exhausted. Everything felt like just I had just finished a long session with Richard.

“Let’s stop there,”—he pointed at a dimly lit sign just ahead.

The Little Lost Inn

I stopped the car just out front as Richard hopped out. “I’ll get us a room and food. Just wait here.”

My eyes slowly closed as I waited. Before I knew it, everything was dark.


I awoke. Something was tugging at my neck.

My hands jerked toward the restraint. It was the collar.

“Slave. Wake up.”

The collar pulled again. This time was more urgent.

Fire spread across my backside as heard the snap of a whip. The pain brought the world into focus. I was alive.

“You have done well these past few days.”

My eyes couldn’t make out the figure. Everything was dark besides the very faint outline of a man in the room.

“Thank you Master.”

Fire returned across my bare behind.

“I did not give you permission to speak. You will only speak when I tell you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

The words were all too familiar… and I loved it.

“Tomorrow we will be in Canada, and a week after that, Alaska. You will drive, and when you are too tired, I will take over.”

Each step from his boots echoed through the room. It reminded me of the cellar. Warm tingling crept up my fingers and through my body at the remembrance of that life. Everything was the same, yet different at the same. Not better, not worse, just different.

“Tonight you will follow my every order and give me your body for my pleasure. Do this and I shall return myself to you. I am your Master, and you are my Slave.”

Did this warrant a reply? No. It was a statement.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” I spoke without hesitation. It was just as I had said so many times before.

My heart fluttered and grew cold and dark at the same time. It had been so long since a command was given from Master.

I closed my eyes and focused on his words. His voice brought light into the darkness. He was my light, my guide… my Master.

“Bend over,” he said firmly.

I obeyed.

My hands wrapped around the blankets on the bed.

Everything was so quiet. It was just like the cellar. No sounds from the highway, hospital or clubs. It was completely silent.

I felt my panties slide down to my knees, then pressure. Pressure inside my anus. It wasn’t him.

“Master?” I whispered.

Had I gotten used to the change in lifestyle so quickly? How was it even possible that all it took were a few mere months to think that I could speak out of turn?

“What did I say before?”—His hand flew across my backside, — “Do NOT speak without my consent!”

I had fallen into a mindset where I felt I could speak whenever I liked. It felt like our lifestyle was falling apart. Was this how it all ended?

“Forgive me Master.”

My words broke through the silence as I felt the pressure go deeper into my anus.

Anal beads.

It had been quite some time since he used them last.

Pressure again.

Each time they went deeper inside.

1…2…3… now 4 were within me.

“Slave. I am enjoying this. You will too.”

His words were a statement. I enjoyed it regardless whether he told me I had to or not, but dare I say that?

“Yes, Master.”

I chose not to. Best to keep things the way they should be.


His legs pressed against mine as I felt him kneel behind me and press his member between my legs and into my opening.


He was inside me.

It had been too long. I needed him to want me, to have me, to be within me. I needed Master.

His hands crept across my back and cupped my breasts ever so gently.

Is this what he wanted? A soft and gentle session?

My body was firm – solid. I dared not move without his command.

He pressed deeper, expanding my walls as his grunts echoed off the walls in the small room.


“Yes, Master?”

It took my entire concentration to reply to him. I could feel sweat dripping down my face. It felt too good to have him inside me.

I never wanted the feeling to end.

Light filled the room as I watched headlights from a car just outside the window pass.

I glanced over my shoulder to see his face.

He had his leather mask on.

Clean, black, shiny leather with small silver spikes around his neck. His chest was rough, muscular and still as hairy as ever. I could see the small white patch where the doctors had done their surgery just a few days before.

Master. My Master.

He slid deeper inside me, then pulled out. Over and over again. Deeper and rougher with each thrust.

My body jerked forward on the bed as he tightened his grasp on my sides. I could feel my breath quickening.

“You may cum when you are ready.”

His words brought joy. My body was always ready for that.

Master pressed into me again, his fingers sliding around my nipples and pinching… twisting and pulling at me.

Pain shot through my chest and down through my pussy as he fucked me harder. “Cum for me. Do it – do it now. I want to feel you tighten around my cock.”

His hand laid onto my ass with a loud smack.

As much as it hurt, I knew I needed it. I couldn’t get off without it, and he knew it too. He needed it.

My opening tightened as I felt him increase his movements. I was ready.

Pain, pleasure and everything in between exploded within me.

Little black stars swam through my vision as violent shockwaves shot through every part of my body. I couldn’t help but shake as my pussy tightened and came for Master.

“Good Slave.”

His words heightened my orgasm, taking it to an entirely new level of pleasure.

Master’s hands slid down my arms as he held himself within me.

Grabbing my hands firmly, he pulled them behind my back and fucked me harder.

I could feel everything. The pain. The pleasure. The sheer emotions carried within my body for him. It was overwhelming.

My face dug into the bed as my mouth opened without permission. Screams of passion filled the room as my body shook for him.

His thick cock within me tightened.

“Fuck me hard.”

Master’s words brought me back into reality.

My body thrusted back onto his cock. On and off again I went. Deeper and faster with each motion. I needed to feel him within me.

His member went rigid.

It was time.

Tightening, I felt him pump his thick cream within me. Milky white hot cum shot inside, over and over.

My body didn’t stop as I felt his grip tighten on my hands.

“Yes. Fuck yes. Jesus fuck, don’t stop.”

I didn’t.

Every part of my existence was to serve him, and him alone. His words were what I lived for, what I would die for. As long as I was still breathing, he was my Master, and I was his slave.



Chapter Four: Life in Death


Light poured through the window into the small hotel room.

I glanced around. Richard was gone.

The bed was still a mess from the night before. Where had he gone?

“Richard?” I called out, into the small room.

Nothing. He wasn’t here.

I crawled out of bed and slid on my clothing.

Looking outside the window, I noticed the car was gone.

The TV at the end of the bed was on. It was the news. “…Richard, still at large, murderer…” scrolled along the bottom of the screen.

I turned it off just as the door opened.

“Richard!” I exclaimed as I stood up.

“Good morning. I brought breakfast.”

We sat on the bed and engorged in pancakes, eggs, toast and bacon as my mind wandered about what lie in store for us for the future.

“I suppose we continue driving today?” I spoke as I finished off my meal.

Richard nodded, “Yes, but first we have one stop to make. I saw an interesting little store just up the road. You would enjoy it.”

I couldn’t lie, I was getting tired of the whole wake up and drive routine.

“Sounds good!”


We pulled up in front of a small building. “XXX, ADULT, 21+”

“This is it?”

Richard smiled, “Yep – let’s go check it out.”

I stepped out of the car and handed Richard my leash. The leather was worn grey and frayed on the edges. It had been through the ringer, that’s for sure.

Inside was like nothing I had ever seen before. Honestly, I hadn’t been in too many stores throughout my life, so anything would be new I suppose.

Rows of shelves held DVDs of women and men fucking, other shelves held various toys, dildos and may things I wouldn’t know the first thing about.

“Let me know if there’s anything that catches your eye, or something new you would like to try.”

I walked over to the isle with the toys I was more familiar with. Leather. Whips. Masks. Restraints. I felt like I was in paradise. Perhaps Richard would find something new that pleases him, and myself as well.

“Mummification Bondage Tape Pack”

“Richard, look at this.”

Richard turned and looked at the small box. “Interesting. So I tape you up, so that you are unable to move, and I can have my way with you… I like it.”

I picked up the package.

Richard laughed, “I found something else as well. A penis extender. See? I put this over my cock, and it’s even larger. Look – it even vibrates.”

Chills ran down my spine. It was huge.

“Perhaps it’s too big?”

I regretted the words as they left my mouth. It wasn’t too big. It would hurt, but god… the pleasure.

“You will take it, and you will like it,” he replied.

His voice was firm and commanding.

“Yes, Master.” I said back.


We drove throughout the rest of the day. Richard smiled and watched the mountains fly by. I did the same. It felt like things were returning to how things should be, but I still felt like our lifestyle, and perhaps even our relationship, was starting to become stale. Did he feel this way too?


“Canada. Finally – we are here.”

His words brought me out of my daze as he pointed towards a large city in the distance. “There’s Vancouver. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Part of me wished we were still in the cellar. I was the pet and he was the mysterious Master. I was used by him as he felt the need and kept in a place of safety and comfort. Here… there’s people, violence and danger around every corner. But… Richard, he’s dangerous too. He did kill his wife. For me.

A chill went up my spine.

Was that love? Was his love so strong for me that he was willing to kill? What if I wasn’t here? Would he still have done it?

Questions filled my mind as we continued to drive. Endless halls with dead ends. Dead. Death. Decay. Was there any end to the madness surrounding Richard and I? Would there ever be an end to running?

I felt a tear run down my cheek.


Richard brought me out of my haze. He had a habit of doing that.

“Yes?” I replied.

“You’re crying.”

“There’s just a lot going on right now. A lot that I don’t understand.”

Richard nodded as he looked out the window.

His hand tightened around the leash.

The leash.

It kept me bound to reality. It was my lifeline to Master. Without him holding and guiding me, I would have already ended the pain.

Pain was life, and life was pain. Without one, there couldn’t be the other. But if there was life without pain… would I even want it?

I had gotten so used to the pain that even when I was waiting for Richard when he was in his coma, I felt it. I had come to expect pain, whether physical or mental, to be there.


His words came again.


“Are you alright? What’s going through your head?”

My mouth felt tight, unable to speak. Panic surged through my body as I thought of everything from the cellar, the murder, the police, the shooting, the coma… everything. Everything rushed through my mind all at once.

I was overwhelmed.

“I – I don’t know. I’m scared Richard,” I stuttered as I pulled the car off to the side of the road.

His hand wrapped around mine. He was warm.

“What are you scared of?”

I looked over and met his eyes with mine. “That’s the thing. I don’t know. Everything is just… so much right now. I don’t know what to think, about anything, anymore.”

He pursed his lips and let out a deep sigh.

“It is a lot. Truth be told, it’s mainly because of me. We’ve now set upon a path that will lead us to our freedom, or perhaps to our demise. Our life has been turned upside down, and I honestly don’t know how it will all end.”

I felt the tears come again as my body shook. “Richard, you have to be my rock. You have to be Master, all the time. I can’t life this life without you being my guide. I need you to be there.”

Was it Master that I needed, or was it Richard? They were both the same person, yet different.

His hand wrapped around the leash until his knuckles were white. I could see the anger within him. What was the origin of such atrocity?


My voice was dull – dead, and without passion. It was flat, and urgent.

“Joanne. My pet… my slave. You are mine, and you will do as told.”

His voice was the same tone as mine. He was Master.


“Yes, Master.”

With him in control I felt as if the world was on its knees before me. I felt like I was being not only led, but controlled. My actions were not my own, they were his. As long as I obeyed his every command, I would be without sin. I could not be wrong.

As Master commanded me throughout the day, I did exactly as he ordered. I felt the panic dissipate. Even though the questions lie unanswered, they left my mind. They didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but Master.


This was the fourth publication of the Staying Alive series.

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