Ravaged by the Tentacle Lord

Ravaged by the Tentacle Lord





NOTE TO READERS                                                                                 


Ravaged by the Tentacle Lord is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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The Lord laughed as he watched me hanging there in midair completely exposed. It suddenly dawned on me; I was the entertainment for the evening.


Emily finds herself shot back in time to an alternate reality in the dark ages through her grandmother’s ancient pendant.

Lost and confused in the midst of a tentacle war, Emily is taken to one of the Tentacle Lord’s chambers. With her pendant, clothes and pride taken away she has no way to return home, much less look modest.

Emily comes to the realization that she must do the unthinkable with the Tentacle Lord in order to return to her time.


What happens when the Tentacle Lord sprouts massive tentacles that vibrate? Can Emily resist the temptation to just run? Will she find her pendant and return home? Will she even want to?


Ravaged by the Tentacle Lord


I walked into his room with my hands behind my back. Gold draped between the large doorway in front of me.

Alright Emily. It’s time to put on a show, get the amulet and return home.

The smell of wine and honey wafted out of the doorway. He was a Lord. He could have anything he wanted.

I felt a hand on my back.

Glancing behind me, I realized it was one of his servants ushering me forward into the room. I guess I was taking too long.

One foot in front of the other, I held my breath and stepped into the room.

“Well there she is,” I hear a deep voice cut through the room; “It’s about time.”

My eyes scanned the extravagant room. Everything from the bedding to the plates was lavished in gold. If I could have pulled up a picture of a king’s room from back in the dark ages, this is what I imagine it would look like.

Massive golden statues of men with tentacles sprouting from their backs lined the floor. Tall picture frames made of gold with paintings of the Tentacle Lord were hung neatly every few feet along the walls.

If ever were a time when I was truly scared for my life, now would be that time.

You see, just a few days ago I was living out a normal life in a normal neighborhood in Paris. After receiving a small red amulet from my grandmother I went to bed. The next thing I knew I awoke in the midst of a war with men fighting with pikes, swords and shields.

My bets are on the amulet. It had to have been the amulet. Nothing else in my life changed that night.

The weirdest part about it all is the fact that the leader or “Lord” of the men was called the “Tentacle Lord.” Odd right? I thought so. Until now.

I stepped inside the room and immediately saw a large man lying on his back in the center of this massive bed. With a cup filled with a frothing liquid in one hand and some sort of cheese in the other, I knew this had to be this so called Tentacle Lord.

“H- Hello?” I managed to speak out in response to his greeting. If you even call it a greeting.

The man bucked back his head in laughter before his reply, “Come in! Come in!”

I felt the servant behind me remove his hand from my back as I watched him bow out of the room in respect.

Perhaps I should do the same thing?

I curtseyed for the man at the foot of his large bed.

His eyes looked me from top to bottom, “Yes… you will do nicely. My men have done well.”

He took a huge swig from his cup and tapped the bed with one hand, “Come up here woman and amuse me.”

Amuse him? What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

“Well, I’m really just hoping you can help me find this small amulet I arrived with… your men took it away from me along with my clothing…”

I felt my face reddening with every word. Apparently I forgot to mention I was naked. The men that delivered me to the Tentacle Lord’s castle thought it would be funny to remove my clothing before sending me in to meet the man. Well, I didn’t find it funny, but it looked like he did.

The Lord laughed loudly and nearly spilled his drink all over his bed as he did so.

“Well? Are you going to come up here or do I need to grab you and throw you up here myself?”

I giggled under my breath. The guy was actually kind of funny in an odd sort of way, but I guess my mind wasn’t really in the right place considering all that had happened to me over the past several hours. I hadn’t ever seen, much less ridden on a horse until today… and the streets in the lower town? Ew.

“What do you want me to do?” I managed to stutter as I climbed up on the bed and sat next to the man.

He was fairly attractive for a guy.

Unfortunately it was late at night and the room was dark except for a small candle by his side of the bed. He could see my face well, but me… he was in the shadows.

I could only make out a stubbly beard, his tanned skin and toned muscles. He was built much like an athlete, but not quite so skinny. Good thing too, because I liked a man with some meat on his bones. Not saying I liked this guy, but you know what I mean.

“Do… something. If you can’t figure out how to do something, you can just go away. I’ll have my men throw you in the dungeons until you can figure out how to do something.”

Jesus. This guy is serious. He wants me to entertain him? Alright. I can do that. I’ve always been good at singing.

I opened my mouth and began singing a pop song I heard on the radio yesterday. My friends always complimented me on my singing skills.

“Woman…” he muttered and finished off his drink.

The shadows shifted as I watched something long and dark writhe in the shadows behind the Lord. Tentacles perhaps? No. That must be some sort of rendition of the man on the walls. It couldn’t be real… could it?

My eyes stuck to the shadows as he spoke, “I can see what you are looking at. You aren’t from this time are you?”

I looked back at him. How the hell would he know?

“You look much like your mother and grandmother. The blue eyes, long brown hair and… amazing bosom.”

My jaw about dropped to the floor. Apparently this man had seen my mother and grandmother as well.

“I… I…” Stuttering in front of the man, I found myself unable to even reply to his statement.

Fortunately he kept going, “I’ll give you your amulet back. But first, I want to experience you.”

My eyes narrowed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He laughed again, “Your body. I want you.”

An interesting proposition. Sex. In order to get back to my time, or at least get my amulet, I would need to fuck this guy.

“Alright.” I said bluntly as my eyes shifted back towards the shadows.

At first it was just a small little tentacle, no bigger than a straw. Within seconds, I watched it enlarge to be bigger than my wrist, then finally the size of my torso.

“Holy… shit.”

His mouth widened into a grin as I watched several small tentacles creep from his back and slide over the bed towards my body.

One of the tentacles curled around my foot then up around my leg. It was soft. Much like the feeling of a high priced velvet across bare lotioned skin.

Another tentacle slid out from under the covers and wrapped around my wrist and curled up towards my neck. I felt a tingling sensation across my skin as the tentacle slid. It felt good, I don’t deny.

Sitting cross legged there on the bed, I watched as several more tentacles crept their way across the covers and towards my midsection. Each seemed to have its own purpose and desire.

I watched as the thick tentacle curled around my torso ever so gently, then tightened and picked me up into the air. I kept my mouth shut. I wanted to go home, but honestly… I also wanted to see what this creature could do. All those tentacles could certainly give a woman endless pleasure beyond her wildest imagination. Maybe.

More tentacles burst though the covers and twined around my body. My arms were pulled from my sides and my pussy lips opened.

It certainly was going to fuck me.

The Lord laughed as he watched me hanging there in midair completely exposed. I was the entertainment for the evening.

He picked up another jug off his side table and continued drinking as the tentacles laced around my body. Each tentacle seemed to pulse faster and faster as it slid closer towards my wet slit. I won’t lie. I was getting turned on.

I felt the soft touch of one of the tentacles as it wrapped around my breast and squeezed. The tip curled around my nipple and massaged the tip. My entire body felt great. It was almost like paying for a professional massage.

One of the tentacles that was wrapped around my leg crept closer towards my pussy. I felt the cool night air through the window run over my exposed area as the tentacle hovered in the air ready to penetrate my slit.

I dared it. I wanted it. At this point – shit, I needed it.

Moaning softly I felt the tentacle begin to creep inside. First it was slow. The tentacle writhed around and explored my lips, pulsing with energy every few seconds. It seemed to be excreting some sort of lubricant as well which made everything feel all the better.

The tentacle withdrew from my pussy then suddenly shot inside.

I felt my back arch as I screamed out in pleasure, “Yes!! Oh god yes!” I couldn’t help myself. I felt like I was a teenager having sex for the first time… with a guy who had a massive cock.

The Lord grinned as he watched me being penetrated there in the air over his bed.

“How do you like it?” he leaned in and whispered as he smiled.

I glanced over to him and opened my mouth, but before I could even get a word out, I felt the tentacle expand within my body and start vibrating. Slow at first, then increasing with intensity beyond what even a vibrator could do.

With a big goofy smile on my face I felt a second and third tentacle slid into my already-tight pussy. Each sliding in and out at a slightly different speed, I came. I came hard.

At first I felt it in my fingertips. Just a soft tingling sensation. It crept down my arms and through my legs with ripples of energy building up within me.

Suddenly shockwaves of built up emotion and pleasure exploded within me, releasing through my wet slit and onto the tentacles. My walls tightened and released with each wave of electricity as my vision faded to black.

I awoke, my body still in the air being explored by the tentacles. Nothing lost a single beat as I breathed in deeply, remembering where I was and what I was doing.

The Lord smiled at me as he watched. This time I noticed he had his cock out. He was stroking himself as he watched my body being completely ravaged by the tentacles.

He stood on the bed and walked over towards my body hovering just a couple feet off the bed. His cock was hard and ready for my pussy and the tentacles made sure my pussy was ready for him.

The massive tentacles withdrew from my slit and without a second lost, I watched him grab my hips and press them into his.

I immediately saw stars in my vision as his cock entered my body. His cock went deeper as he gripped tighter onto my hips. Within seconds I knew I was about to cum again. Never in my life had I came so many times in such a short amount of time.

My orgasm rocketed my body into space as trails of fire seemed to run through my veins. His cock went still as my body rippled with pleasure.

Looking down at his shaft halfway within my body, I watched it tense. He was going to cum with me. Fuck he was going to cum.

“Cum with me, please,” I cried out desperately.

His grin widened as I watched his hips move closer to mine.

I reached down and grabbed his legs and pulled his cock fully inside me.

He exploded within my pussy like a firework in the night sky. I felt his cum spurt from his cock, filling and expanding my insides.

I watched him grit his teeth as he came. He leaned over my body as his cock tensed and spurt within me. I felt like I was flying through the sky.

“Yes… you will do nicely,” he whispered as beads of sweat formed and dripped down his face.

He collapsed on the bed next to me.

The tentacles withdrew and laid on the bed, unmoving.

I laid there on the bed next to him, trying to catch my breath.

Finally I breathed a deep sigh of relief. It had been a long time since I had gotten off so intensely.

“I’ll do nicely…?” I questioned as I looked over and placed my hand on his heaving chest.

“Yes, yes you will,” he said bluntly.

“But what about my amulet and returning to my time? You know I can’t just stay here with you. This was supposed to be a trade.”

The Lord looked over at me and smiled, “That was your understanding of the deal. A Lord never makes deals or negotiates with anybody.”

I felt a cold sensation run up my spine.

Was I going to make it home or was he just using me for his own selfish desires?

I curled my finger in his hair on his chest and smiled at him, “I can come back whenever I like… you know that right?”

He turned and looked at me, “Or, I can lock you away in my dungeon to use you whenever I like.”

My stomach curled.

He had no intention of ever letting me go.

I turned into his toy before I even knew what was happening.

Perhaps if I could get him to sleep, I could sneak my way out of here.

The Lord turned on his side and stared out the window.

My hand trembled for a moment, then reached out and ran my fingers up his back, massaging him. “How’s that?”

No answer.

I pressed harder, getting deeper into his back.

“How about now?”

Still no answer.

Running my hand over his shoulder, I suddenly realized he was no longer breathing.

Without hesitation I got up out of that bed and booked it to the door. No way was I getting framed for this.

I glanced back at the Lord with his tentacles spread across the bed. The sheets were still drenched in our cum. At least he died happy I guess.

Looking out the door, I realized the guards were no longer there. I ran.


I hear a man yell out as I ran.

Apparently the guards moved about and apparently I wasn’t as tricky as I thought I was.

At this point, I was in deep shit unless I could find that amulet.

The guard that took it looked like someone a bit higher up. Like leader of the guards. I need to look for the guard station.

I ran through the hallway, taking note of where I was.

The great thing about this castle – it was easy to find out where to go simply because the halls were so different from each other. When I entered they took me straight into the throne room and to the left.

I burst into the throne room.

There was a large gathering of people with a man in front of the throne talking to them.

Go figure the man was the guy with my amulet.

I continued to run towards him praying he still had it on him.

At the last second before I collided, I saw it. It dangled from his front pocket.

I snatched it without hesitation and held it in my hand.

Now what!? Fuck! Think fast!

The crowd and started murmuring as the officer grabbed my shoulders and threw me on my stomach. I felt the amulet still clutched in my hand.

I heard a booming voice quiet the crowd, “Silence!” I recognized the voice. It was the Lord.

He walked up and towered before me, “…your first mistake was assuming I breathe when I sleep. Your second was running, and your third…”

I suddenly remembered. I awoke in the midst of the war with my thumb pressed on the stone.

“…was trying to get home.”

I twirled the amulet in my hand and pressed my thumb into the stone.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize the stone was gone until just then.

The Lord looked down at me and held the small red stone between his fingers. “Looking for something?”

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