Ravaged by The Pack of Beasts

Ravaged by

The Pack of Beasts






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Ravaged by the Pack of Beasts is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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The pack of beasts stared at me, their eyes shining off of my flashlight. Little did I know, but they weren’t going to eat me… at least the way I thought.


Relaxing and taking a quiet walk in the woods by herself, Amy loses her way home. After making a campfire for the night she decides to take care of some… business. The beasts nearby follow the scent and watch as Amy enjoys herself.


Barely able to resist the smell, the beasts struggle not to ravage the woman… or do they?



Staring at the beasts, I watched as one of the smaller ones walked up to me. It stopped growling and sniffed at the pants around my knees. Looking up at me, its nose went to my panties and I watched as the dangling cock between its hind legs grow.




Ravaged by

The Pack of Beasts



Shit. This isn’t the right way.

Looking around as I spun in circles, I noticed the same formation of trees I did twenty minutes ago. I’m sure I’ve passed these at least three times now.

Noticing the dense forest starting to become even darker, adrenaline surged through my body, pushing my mind faster and faster. I got here. I can get home. Focus Amy, you can do this!

I walked back the way I came, following the trail as closely as I could even though the night was setting in quickly. Fortunately I was a girl scout. I do know how to build a fire out of very little.

Coming across a small clearing surrounded by thick brush, I decided to make camp before it got too dark and I couldn’t make a fire. I would hate to trip and break a limb too. God, leaving without a cell phone was a stupid idea. Tomorrow I’ll make my way home. I’m not that far into the woods.

I walked around the clearing, picking up dry twigs and small branches on the ground then formed them into a small pile in the center. Tearing off a small piece of fabric from my shirt, I lit it on fire with my trusty lighter then set it under the smallest of twigs.

Within moments the fire caught and created a nice warm glow in the middle of the woods. My eyes darted around at the dense brush as my mind played tricks on me. I could have sworn I saw movement.

A light breeze swept through the makeshift campsite as I huddled closer to the fire warming my hands. Taking a small branch from the fire, I waved it in the air as I burned time. I doubt I can fall asleep out here. I’m way too used to living in a big house, hot baths and a comfy bed. Oh well. It will be just me and my thoughts until morning. Unless…

Slipping my hand down my pants, I figured now would be a great time for some nice mind relaxing pleasure. Feeling along my wet little slit on top of my panties, I realized I was already wet. Jesus. How am I horny out here?! This is crazy. Go figure I’m not at home with my boyfriend; I bet he would jump all over me right now.

Pulling my hand out of my pants, I unbuttoned myself and stuck my finger in my mouth, wetting it. I slid my hand back under my panties as I adjusted my back against a large smooth rock next to the fire. Humming to myself, I closed my eyes as I slid my fingers up and down.

Enjoying the pleasure, I heard moans coming from the forest. Immediately stopping and looking around, I called out, “Who’s there?”

No response.

Oh of course. It’s me. Fuck. I always moan when I play with myself.

Laughing, I slid my fingers just inside my wet lips, feeling along the insides and teasing my clit with the flat part of my thumb. I noticed myself moaning softly to myself. It’s just me, I thought to myself as I giggled with a smile.

Opening my eyes, I caught a brief glimpse of eyes watching me in the forest. Now that, I did not imagine. They were the eyes of some sort of animal as the eyes reflected the light from the campfire.

Immediately pulling my hand from my pants, I stood up and grabbed a smoldering piece of wood from the fire. Walking over to where I saw the eyes, I waved the branch around, hoping I would hear the creature rush off into the forest.

No sound ensued. Not a single footstep or twig breaking.

Looking through the brush, I couldn’t find anything except for a few tracks that looked like nothing I had ever seen before. Adrenaline surged through my body as I backed away towards the campfire. Grasping the stick tightly between my fingers, I stood there staring at the brush.

I heard a twig snap behind me.

Quickly turning, my eyes locked with the creature standing before me. It was down on all fours with massive muscular hind legs, covered in fur and a long snout lined with thick white teeth. Growling at me, I watched as its hair stood on end. Oh fuck – I’m dead.

The brush shook behind me as I glanced over my shoulder. Three more of the beasts came up behind me, all looking similarly pissed off with their hair raised. Growling at me, they circled around the campfire slowly as if they were debating how to best kill and eat me.

I waved my stick at them to no avail as they circled. Another beast crept out from the brush; it was much larger than the others and covered with thick white fur. My eyes immediately noticed a thick shaft hanging between each of their legs as it dangled and moved with each step from the creature.

They were hard.

What… the fuck…

The beasts were all male, especially the pack leader. His shaft was much larger than the other beasts and had two large balls dangling behind the dick. Pointing straight horizontal underneath of each animal, my mind immediately wondered if they wanted to do more than just eat me.

Staring at the beasts, I watched as one of the smaller ones walked up to me. It stopped growling and sniffed at the pants around my knees. Looking up at me, its nose went to my panties and I watched as the dangling cock between its hind legs grew.

“Hey there…” I whispered softly as I held my hand out with my palm up, “I won’t hurt you. Everything is ok, see?”

Another beast walked up to me and licked at my hand, while the other started licking at my panties. Jesus, this went from horrifying to awkward real quick.

Its warm tongue ran up and down my panties, which were already wet from playing with myself mere moments ago. The warm feeling ran up between my legs to my chest, I could even feel a tingling sensation in my soft nipples as they grew hard.

My mind snapped back to reality.

These are beasts. What the fuck am I thinking?! This is crazy!

Another beast trotted over to me, it ran its paw down my leg, feeling me, as it sniffed where the other beast was just licking. Its tongue slipped out of my mouth as I stood there frozen, watching the creatures.

The beast’s tongue slid up under my panties, tasting my wetness as it sat down and lapped at me. Moaning softly, I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure. This can’t be that bad. If they just want to lick at me and better understand this weird creature that invaded their home… maybe they won’t eat me if I just play along and enjoy myself until they are done.

Looking down at the three beasts in front of me, they continued their sniffing and taking turns licking at me, one at a time. Finally I reached down and ran my hand through the thick fur on one of the brown creatures. It was warm and soft, much like a fluffy wool blanket.

The largest beast walked over and growled at the others. They immediately backed up. The white beast was nearly as tall as I was, and obviously intimidated the other creatures. This one must be the pack leader, or the alpha beast.

His fangs bared as it looked at the other creatures backing away from me. Finally content with their distance, it looked up at me, then down at my pussy.

I watched as it opened its mouth and nibbled on my panties. Suddenly they fell to my feet, exposing myself to the creatures.

The creature lurched on top of me, throwing me on my back on the ground with its thick paws holding my wrists down. Its face was mere inches from mine; I could even smell the breath of the creature as it ran its thick cock up and down on my wet slit.

Moaning softly, I couldn’t help but want the beast to penetrate me. I wanted… I needed the creature inside.

I reached under the beast and wrapped my fingers around the tight shaft between its legs. Slowly stroking the creature, I felt his breath quicken. Jesus, it certainly is enjoying this!

Grabbing tighter onto the beast, I reached down with my other hand and felt its sack. The large balls inside were throbbing as my hand massaged the beast.

Its breath quickened even faster as my hand movements picked up speed underneath the creature. Looking down at me, our eyes met. I could sense the beast… somehow.

Looking down at the shaft, I pulled my body down to the beast’s cock and pulled it into my mouth as I laid on my back. The musky smell of the creature filled the air around me as I wrapped my arms around its muscular legs and ran my tongue in circles around the tip.

Continuing my hand movements while sucking on the shaft, I felt one of the other beast’s start to lick my wet slit again. Its tongue twirled around my clit. Somehow the beast could sense what I liked. My back arching in pleasure, I felt the tongue slip inside my hole.

Moaning, my body moved with the tongue as it slid in and out of me. My mouth still filled with the white beast’s cock, I continued to stroke faster and faster.

The other beasts started howling as I quickly glanced at them. They were still circling the fire, waiting for their turn with my body. Unable to comprehend what was happening, I focused on the moment at hand.

Looking up at the beast on top of me, I felt him slide his cock down my chest to my slit.

I heard the beast grunt as I felt his hips press downwards, the tip of his shaft starting to penetrate my pussy.

Grunting again, the shaft went deeper inside me as it tightened within my slit. The beast immediately went into a wild sex rage as it dug its claws into the ground and started pumping my pussy for all it was worth. My body slid up and down on the ground with each thrust from its powerful hips.

Moaning for the beast with each thrust, I moved my hips in motion with each of its thrusts. The cock tightened inside my pussy as I felt my walls massage and grasp onto the creature, not wanting it to leave my insides.

Looking over at the fire, I noticed it was nearly exhausted as the last of the flames flickered out into the night. Wisps of smoke filled the night air as a cool breeze washed over my body. Faint drizzles of rain started to fall around the beast as it continued to ravage my pussy.

The beast pushed its cock deeper into me as I felt the other beast’s tongue flit around my anus.

Groaning, the beast pulled its dick out and thrusted back inside. My body jerked forward as it did so. Pain and pleasure rippled through my pussy as my walls clenched on the cock, holding it tightly. “Take me,” I whispered as I reached up and put my hands around the beast’s throat.

I felt the beast pull its cock out and shove it back in, faster this time.

Grunting, the beast pulled back out then slowly pushed its cock into my anus. I watched as the beast’s eyes rolled back in its head.

I guess it would feel good for them. My ass certainly is tight.

The beast on top of me thrusted again, harder this time. My body jerked forward on the ground. Moaning to myself, the beast went into a wild frenzy. It started frothing at the mouth and thrusted inside me over and over, fucking me without remorse or care.

My pussy and anus tightened over and over with each thrust as I felt the pleasure within my body build up with such intense force. I felt my body go numb for a moment as little black stars appeared in my vision. Unable to control my body any longer, pleasure exploded. Everywhere. My body shook with orgasm violently as I felt myself squirt on the cocks.

The beast didn’t stop as I felt myself cum over and over on him. Stroking the cocks to my left and right, I pulled them into my mouth one at a time, sucking on them and pleasuring them the best I possibly could.

Unable to move, my body was paralyzed in orgasm. I felt like the beast was piercing my insides with every thrust as it pumped me over and over. “Cum for me…” I whispered, “please fill me up… I want to feel you…”

The beast grinned wickedly showing me its long white teeth. He pulled out of my anus and slip inside my tight little pussy once again.

I felt the cock tighten within my pussy as it thrusted deeply and held it inside me. Suddenly he both started pumping me full of cum. Looking down at my pussy, I saw thick white cum squirting out as he thrusted inside me again.

I threw my head back on the ground as it filled me up, “Yes! Oh god yes! Just like that!” I screamed as the cock in my mouth tightened and began shooting hot cum in my mouth. Sucking hard, I swallowed over and over with each pump of its cock. Licking the tip of the shaft, I stroked it for every last drop.

Pulling the second cock of the beast into my mouth, I felt it tighten and continue filling my mouth with the milky cum. I swallowed and looked over at the beast on my left, “I want you too,” I whispered softly as I stroked him with my other hand.

The beast pulled away from me and pushed the alpha beast between my legs away. Taking his position he slipped his cock into my tight pussy. My eyes went wide as I felt my walls expand and tighten around the dick.

Grunting, the beast pushed himself deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I grasped the ground as I watched the veins on its face push out and pulse. Placing my hands on the beast’s hips, I pulled it deeper inside. “Yes… oh god yes… please… more…” I whispered in a half moan.

Feeling between the legs of the beast on my right and left, I massaged their balls, twirling them in my fingers with my thumb sliding up and down on the base of their shafts.

I heard footsteps coming down the trail. Looking over, I saw my boyfriend running towards me. His eyes went wide as he saw me lying on the ground being fucked by the horde beasts.

The minister grabbed the cross on his chest and walked forward towards the altar, “Leave now you beasts! Get away!” he yelled loudly at the beasts.

The beast between my legs looked back at me, then at my boyfriend, and then resumed thrusting into me. My body slid up and down on the ground as the beast pumped me as hard as it possibly could. Wilding thrashing about, the beast kept fucking me with all its might as my boyfriend grew closer and closer to the altar.

Paralyzed with pleasure and orgasm, I opened my mouth to speak but it was immediately filled by a thick cock.

“LEAVE THIS PLACE!” he yelled, now mere feet from me and the beasts.

The creature on my left pulled free of my hand and trotted over to my boyfriend. Growling, it took one paw and flung the guy halfway across the campsite. He hit a tree and slumped over unconscious.

Walking back over, the beast grinned at me slipped his cock back in my hand. Wrapping my fingers around its shaft, I started stroking again.

The beast on top of me thrusted deep with his cock as I felt him fall over onto my chest, grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples tightly. Groaning, the dick went completely straight within me. Oh shit! Right there! I immediately went into an intense orgasm as my legs wrapped around its back and held the beast deep inside my pussy.

Shaking, I came on the cock as I felt him start pumping their hot cum inside my pussy. The beast pulled out and thrusted back in, shooting our cum all over the ground. My screams echoed throughout the dark forest as my body completely relaxed.

My eyes started to close as I felt the beasts withdraw from my sore pussy. Watching them trot around the campsite, I realized I had only satisfied four of the creatures. There was still one left.

I glanced over at the last beast; it was much smaller than the other ones and had a noticeably smaller cock as well. Reaching up with my hand, I beckoned it over to me. It trotted over to my body and sat next to me.

His eyes were much different than the other creature’s eyes. I could have sworn that the beast was sentient as I felt emotion emanating from him.

I whispered softly, “Can you understand me?”

The beast sat there, completely still and continued to stare at my body. He leaned over and ran his tongue up my chest and around each of my nipples, tasting me and the other creature’s sweat all over my body.

I stroked the soft fur on his chest as he grunted and straddled me. His cock mere inches from my pussy; I felt his hips descend onto mine, then thrust himself into me.

Moaning in pleasure, the shaft felt much different. It had soft little ridges circling around it, giving it a more satisfying feeling with each thrust from the creature.

My back arched in pleasure as I immediately felt myself start to pinnacle again. Juices ran down my wet slit as the long pink cock slid in and out of my pussy. My walls tightened around the shaft, massaging him with each thrust.

This isn’t so bad… I’m honestly kind of glad I got lost out here. I would have never been able to have sex this good with any human. These odd creatures are amazing!

Pumping his hips against mine, he started to go faster and faster, thrusting harder and harder. I looked up at him as my body slid up and down on the soft ground.

“Yes… fill me up you beast!”

He looked at me and immediately started to pump my pussy full of his milky hot semen. As he pumped me full, the beast howled in pleasure, his body shaking against mine.

I looked up at him and pecked a soft little kiss on his long snout.

The beast pulled himself off of me and walked over next to the rest of the pack. They all stared at me for a moment, and then slipped into the brush. Slowly, I heard the footsteps going further and further away as the drizzle of rain hit the ground around me.

Sore, I hobbled over to the fire and threw a few more sticks on, then blew on it, getting the campfire going again. It lit right up, giving off a nice relaxing glow of heat.

Completely exhausted, I laid against the warm rock next to the fire and wrapped myself up in my large fleece jacket.

As I closed my eyes, I felt my body slip into the darkness just like the beasts that just used me…


Awakening, I felt a warm body against mine. Looking over, it was the smaller creature. He looked up at me and licked my hand. I could have sworn I saw him smile at me as he nuzzled him nose into my arm.

I stood up and stretched, “Wow. What a night,” I said softly, more so talking to myself.

The creature stared at me, “What a night indeed.”

Taken back, I locked eyes with him.

“Yes… I can speak. I am not like the other creatures you encountered last night. I was once a human much like you, but I was cursed eons ago by a witch.”

The beast seemed to speak into my mind, not aloud through its mouth.

I replied, “Wow. Do you enjoy being with the other creatures?”

The beast looked at me for a moment, appearing to be lost in thought, “I did, until I came across you.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I looked around, trying to get my sense of direction back. Noticing the mountain in the distance, I suddenly knew exactly where I was.

“You can come home with me if you like. I do have a boyfriend, but I could just say you are a pet. What is your name?”

The beast trotted along side of me as I walked down the trail towards my home, “My name is Jeziah and yes, I would love to come along with you. I’ve been with those other beasts for far too long. I really need a change in scenery.”

I nodded to the beast as we turned around a bend in the trail. Just ahead was my home. I guess I can have the creature live with me. He looks bigger than a dog and kind of like a wolf. My boyfriend will listen to me if I tell him I want to keep Jeziah around.

Walking up to my home, I noticed the lights were dark inside. I guess he left for work already. Hopefully he wasn’t too worried.

The house stood on top of a small hill overlooking the massive forest. We were nearly a 45 minute drive from any sort of other town, so keeping the beast here wouldn’t be a problem. Nobody would ever find out except for my boyfriend.

I walked inside with Jeziah right beside me, “This is my home. John, my boyfriend, lives here on the weekends. The rest of the time he stays in the city and works. Since today is Monday, he will be gone for the rest of the week.”

Jeziah replied, “Great, this will be perfect. I haven’t been around any sort of humans in hundreds of years. I always figured it would be best to stay out of sight. I’m still in awe that you have taken to me despite my appearance.”

Nodding with a smile, I walked up the stairs towards the bedroom with Jeziah right behind me.

I laid back on the bed and waved at the creature. He jumped up and laid next to me. Running my hand through his thick fur, I nuzzled my nose into him.

Reaching down, I felt for his cock. The thick veins and ridges on him curled around the shaft as I grasped him tightly with my hand. With my thumb running circles around the tip, he grew hard as he ran his tongue up my neck to my mouth.

I pulled away and put my tongue over the tip of his thick shaft and sucked. Unable to control myself, I furiously tugged at him with my hand and twirled my tongue around. He still tasted like my pussy from the night before, which only turned me on even more as I felt myself starting to dampen down below.

Jeziah pushed his paws against my hands and pulled them over my head as I kicked off my jeans to the floor. My panties came down with my pants as he positioned himself on top of me.

Thrusting his cock inside, I felt my walls clench tightly around him, holding onto him and not wanting him to ever leave.

His cock tightened within me as he furiously thrusted. My walls tightened again as I felt myself starting to reach my orgasm. “Oh fuck yes… Oh god!”

Moaning loudly, I shook as my pussy massaged his thick cock. Immediately his shaft exploded, pumping his hot cum deep inside me.

Our cum mixed together and seeped down my crack to the bed as I laid backwards, thoroughly satisfied with the quicky.

Smiling at him, I pecked a soft kiss on his snout and closed my eyes…

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