Prison Agreements: Book One



Book One


NOTE TO READERS                                                                                


Prison Agreements a new adult erotica story with explicit themes involving sexual themes and some violence. Intended for mature audiences. This is the first book in a series. Approximately 18,000 words.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


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Jack goes to prison for involuntary manslaughter. That’s what happened after he drank and drove. Who knew he would get 10 years in prison from a corrupt lawyer and a shitty attorney.


Follow Jack’s trials and tribulations of being a straight man with feminine features in a mostly gay prison. In a place where sex sells and good sex means respect, Jack finds things aren’t quite as easy as he had hoped.


What should I expect from the Prison Agreements series?


You can expect all-gay male on male sex in various forms including: blowjobs, voyeurism, handjobs, anal sex, oral sex, rimjobs, threesomes, foursomes, group sex, gangbangs, swallowing, making out and much more all based around a great intriguing storyline. What about the characters you may ask? Well, the men in this story range quite a bit from little prison bitches to large muscular men of various ethnicities.


To my amazing and supportive wife, Ann, whose support and encouragement means everything to me. Thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I love you.





Internal Affairs

Day One



Someone told me once, ‘prison is no joke.’ They were right. Prison is definitely not a joke. What is a joke is the corrupt bastard of a Lawyer when he sentenced me to 10 years in prison for involuntary vehicular manslaughter.

What’s a man to do when he’s 15 years in debt for a college degree he didn’t even want in the first place and over $50,000 in credit card debt? Not have the money to pay for a decent attorney, that’s what. Next time you are in a situation with even the slightest bit of possibility of going to prison, put up the money for a good attorney. Trust me; every penny is worth it.


“Touch your toes,” the guard said as he slipped on a latex glove.

This is going to be one long prison stay, I thought to myself as I bent over and felt my anus being violated. “Ugh,” I grunted as he slipped a second finger in, feeling for drugs or some sort of paraphernalia guys would think of smuggling into a prison.

“Alright, get up,” he said as he threw me a pair of orange slacks and a shirt. The guy was big, a seriously big guy. With a fresh shaven face and a strong jaw, he looked to be in his 60’s. Even though he seemed like an older guy, he seemed the kind of guy you would want on your side if you were in the middle of a bar fight. I looked at him and nodded as I slipped on the orange shirt and pants.

“Nice tats,” he said as he pointed at my back. “Thanks,” I replied as I remembered laying in a chair down in Mexico for 18 hours straight with a greasy guy would shouldn’t own a tattoo business drawing on my back. I came back to the states with a large tattoo of an angel spearing a demon as the demon ran a scythe into the angel sprawled across my entire back.

Two years before that, I had both arms sleeved. One arm depicting contemporary symbols of light and life, the other arm showing ancient symbols of death and darkness. My brother did it before he passed; the poor guy.

“Follow me,” the guard said as he walked down the hallway. Looking around as I followed the guard, I noticed how secure this place actually was. Everything was covered in barbed wire, concreted and simply guarded by multiple big guys with guns.

Everything went so quickly after the crash. All I remember is waking up in a hospital, going to court, being hauled off to jail for a few days then shipped off to here. I didn’t even get the chance to grab a drink at a local bar or even have sex before I came. Ten years… fuck me.

The guard stopped and raised his hand, “Wait.” I stopped behind him and watched as he slid his badge through a security device and unlocked a large metal door. I heard the immediate sounds of men. Lots of men. All whooping and hollering, repeating two words over and over. Fresh meat.

Fuck me again.

The guard turned and looked at me, “We run a tight ship here. Walk a straight line, keep your nose in your own business and you’ll be fine.”

I’ve read too many stories to know that’s true, I thought as he opened the door and walked inside.

As I looked around, I saw rows of cells across three different levels in front of me. Men inside each cell grasping at the metal bars, echoing their around me, enveloping me. I felt myself immediately uneasy and insecure. This is not for me, god, this is not for me.

“This way,” The guard said as he walked up to the third cell on the bottom floor. “OPEN THREE!” He yelled. Seconds later my cell door opened in which he shoved me inside and said, “Enjoy your new home.”

I looked around the cell. There were two beds, one in which there was a guy on the top bunk rolled over on his side facing away from me; however, I saw two tattooed words on his back, “Lust & Glory.” Great. I got the crazy guy. I thought to myself as I walked in. The cell door immediately closed behind me as I caught a glimpse of a smirk from the guard before he turned and walked away.

There was a toilet, a table and chair, some pictures on the wall above the top bunk and my pillow and blanket sitting on the bed. Pretty meager living here. I thought to myself as I sat on the corner listening to the dying rants.

A head popped down from above, “Hey there, you can call me John.” I looked over at him, his face less than a foot from mine. He had a clean shaven face except for a small patch of beard on his chin. Immediately jumped out of the bed, “I’m Jack and new to this whole prison thing; anything I should know?”

He rolled to the side of the bunk and flipped his legs over, smiling at me. He was a muscular guy, ripped from the core with a shaven head as well. For a guy, he was pretty good looking. I bet he could walk into a bar and have any lady he chose without much more than a simply glance at them.

“Yeah, there’s a lot you should know about prison. I’m sure you’ll pick up on a lot of things as you live here, but honestly I can give you a few tips. The first thing you should know is that every night around midnight all the cell doors are opened. Why? Because the guards are corrupt. One of the gangs here pays them off to open them so they can play with the new guys that come in. That being you, of course.”

“What?!” I replied, trying to cover the subtle hint of fear in my voice.

“Don’t worry. Most people here are pretty chill, but when it comes down to it, sex sells. If you want to make a quick buck, just bend over for a few minutes, it’s all good. If you aren’t into that sort of thing, you better get used to it because it’s going to happen one way or another, whether you like it or not.”

I groaned, “Seriously? That’s ridiculous. The guards don’t do anything?”

“Nope. As I said, a gang pays them off, so the guards don’t know shit and don’t say shit. It’s been happening for years and I don’t expect it to change,” he said as he laid back on the bed, crossing his hands behind his head.

“I’m not really into guys,” I said.

I heard a voice pop up from a cell next to mine, “Hey fresh meat, you’re mine tonight…” followed by what sounded like hyena laughing, if that’s possible.

Shifting uncomfortably as I stood there in the cell, I had no clue what was about to happen to me that night. I fidgeted with my fingers as my mind wandered to my ass being railed by a big burly guy bending me over the rail, fucking me as I bled all over the floor, my anus being ripped to shreds as he pounded himself into me while my knuckles were raw from making a fist, grasping myself so tightly my nails dug into my palm.

My fear took over as I sat on the bed and put the pill over my head… Fresh meat. Fresh meat. Fresh meat. I heard in my head over and over.

I awoke to the sound of the cell door opening, Shit. I fell asleep. Wait… FUCK, what time is it!?

Glancing at a clock across from my cell, I noticed it was midnight. Yep. I’m fucked. Maybe if I just slip under the covers, nobody will know or care, I thought to myself as I shook.

Laying there shaking, I heard footsteps and deep belly laughs from men around me. Holding the pillow over my head, I felt the covers pulled off of me in a quick stroke. “Hold him down,” I heard as I felt my hips being grasped.

I felt my pants being pulled down to my ankles as I laid there shaking. “You know this would go a lot easier if you just laid back and enjoyed it Jack,” I heard John say.

Flipping over and scooting to the far wall, I looked at the guys in the cell. Wow. There are some pretty good looking guys here, despite the fact that I’m not really into guys…

The first guy in front of me looked like a fucking model from an underwear commercial. You know, one of those guys with toned skin, nice abs, a five o’ clock shadow and a sexy smile with a devilish grin. The second guy right behind him looked like he was… or used to be a biker. Big guy, lots of tattoos, thick grey beard and hairy chest. The last guy was my roommate, whom appeared to be enjoying himself thoroughly as he stroked himself. STROKED HIMSELF?! What!

John had his cock out as he was sitting on the chair next to the bench with his pants at his feet with his hand grasped around himself. He had respectably sized cock I noticed as he slowly ran his hand up and down his shaft as he stared at me.

As John sat in the shadows against the far wall, my eyes connected with his. I’m sure he felt my fear, and my uncertainty. I’m not going to end up dead, just act like you are enjoying it and get through the night. Perhaps I can talk to the warden tomorrow about this, I thought to myself as I attempted a smile.

I bent over the bunk as I slipped off my shirt. “Damn, you are sexy,” the guy that looked like a model said. Looking back at him I watched as he dropped his pants exposing his cock, which was still flaccid. He started stroking himself as he sat on the bed next to me and grasped my head, pushing it down on his shaft.

I felt him go inside my mouth. It wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting. Of all the woman I’ve been with, they’ve never known how to give a good blowjob. Honestly, I had always thought I could do a better job. Who knows what a guy likes more than another guy right? Hey. What happens in prison stays in prison I guess. Who’s to know once I get out?

I grabbed the base of his cock in my hands and flipped his cock around in my mouth. Running my tongue in circles around the tip I heard him groan as he grew within me. I felt his hand lay lightly on head as I ran my hand up and down the base of his shaft as I held the tip of his cock in my mouth. “Fuck, you are good. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

I pulled my head up as I continued to stroke his hard cock, “Nope. But it’s something I’ve wanted to try, I figure why not now right?”

He pushed my head back down on his cock as I felt his shaft go down my throat. Gagging, I felt my throat massaging his cock, just like when I used to have my cock down my girlfriend’s throat. I always wondered what it was like. Now I know. It’s not too bad.

My hands made their way to his sack as I continued to suck on him. Grabbing his balls in my hand, I rubbed them lightly, massaging them between my fingers as I flicked at his cock with my tongue. My other hand found his anus, slipping a finger inside slowly as I played with his balls; I felt his cock tense in my mouth.

His cock tensed again, then relaxed, then tensed, and relaxed. Oh shit – he’s going to fucking cum! I felt his hand press down on my head firmly, holding me in place. I felt his cock tense again, much harder this time, followed by hot cum in my mouth, then tense and more cum, over and over he pumped his hot cum inside me.

I kept rubbing his sack and playing with his anus as he came inside me. This is fucking hot, I thought to myself as I felt someone grab my shaft and started stroking me. I closed my eyes and swallowed his load in my mouth as I looked up at him, my hand slowly running up and down his shaft. “How was that?” I said as I wiped my finger across my lips.

“You are good, but not that good, you still have some things to learn,” he said as he stroked my hair with his hands.

I looked down at my cock being stroked by John, my cell buddy. His mouth slipped over the tip of my shaft and down to my sack as I felt myself go down this throat. His tongue flitted around the base of my cock as he held himself down on me. Jesus Christ, I thought to myself as I grabbed at the sheets on the bed.

Feeling myself grow within him was hot. Real hot. Hotter than anything I’ve ever done with anyone else. He pulled his head off of my cock and continued stroking as he stood up and bent over the bed. “Your turn, fuck me like you mean it,” he said as he reached down and grabbed his own cock.

I stood up behind him and stroked myself, pointing my cock at his anus. “You asked for it,” I said as I pressed myself into his ass. I grabbed his hips and plunged myself into him. He enveloped my shaft as I went balls deep inside immediately. God this feels amazing, this prison stay isn’t going to be quite as bad as I initially thought.

As I ran my cock in and out of his ass, I felt the bigger guy walk up behind me and grab my ass. In a gruff voice he said, “You are mine.”

I felt the tip of his cock flit around the outside of my anus. Looking back at him, he spit on his shaft then rubbed it in. Pushing himself against me, his cock slowly entered my ass as I held myself deep within John.

Wow… that’s… intense, I thought to myself as I felt his shaft slowly go inside me. I held onto Johns ass as tight as I could as I slowly ran my cock in and out of him. With each thrust I felt the other guy’s cock go into me deeper. “Is it supposed to hurt like that?” I said quietly.

“Only for a moment, then it will be good, trust me,” the gruff voice responded.

I continued to fuck John harder and harder as my nails dug into his hips. I felt the shaft go deep inside of me, in and out as I pushed my body as hard as I could against John. My cock pulsed as I felt my body’s energy shift and surround my shaft.

Straightening hard, my cock started to pump its hot cum inside John, over and over. I looked down at his ass as I continued fucking him, my cum dripping off my cock and splurting out of his ass with each thrust.

My body shook violently as I came. Running my hands over his hard ass made me cum all the harder. Slapping his ass hard with my hand, I felt the last pulse of my cock spew cum inside him.

I felt the other guy’s cock tense inside my ass just before I felt him start filling my ass up with his hot cum. Every time he tensed, a little part of me got excited, expecting the feeling of cum inside me as he pumped.

Slipping my hand behind me, I stroked his sack as he slowed his movements. “Good boy, you have a tight ass, I’ll be needing you from time to time,” he said as he backed off of me.

I turned around and grabbed his cock with my hands as I knelt down on my knees. I pushed his cock in my mouth and stroked it, yearning for that last little bit of him. “More, more,” I whispered as I milked him.

John looked over at me, “Having fun are we?” he said as he smiled.

I replied, “This prison experience isn’t quite so bad. I thought it would be pretty terrible since I was straight and this is a largely gay prison, but honestly, this welcoming party made things a lot easier!”

“I’m glad you had fun,” the gruff voice responded as I watched him leave the cell. The other guy that looked like the male model had left already too.

I looked around, “Guess it’s just you and me now,” I said as I looked over at John.

“Yep, just us,” he replied as he got up and walked over to the toilet and sink. Splashing water on his face he turned and looked at me, “I don’t know what you want to do now, but you can either go join in with some other guys or hit the sack like me.”

“I’m exhausted, I think I’m going to save the rest for tomorrow,” I replied as I laid down in my bed. I pushed the pillows together and immediately fell into darkness.


Day Two


I awoke to the voice of a man yelling, “RISE AND SHINE BASTARDS!” Moans and groans came echoed throughout the prison as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Glancing outside of the cell I saw one of the guards walking about, looking inside each cell. He appeared to be doing a count of everyone.

I walked over to the sink and splashed water on my face. God what a fun night last night. Who knew I would have so much fun. Go figure.

“Shower time,” John said as he rolled out of bed and slipped on his clothing. He stood in front of the cell door as I walked up behind him and waited.

I quickly smacked his ass with my hand as the guard walked by, Whoops! The guard eyed me for a moment, and then kept on walking. “Try not to do that when the guards are around,” John said.

“Why not? They know what’s going on,” I replied as the cell doors all slid open.

“Well, the day guards don’t react quite the same as the ones at night. During the day, the guards are straight as an arrow and you could get yourself thrown into solitary if you step out of line. So be careful what you do and say,” he said as he walked out.

I watched as all the men got into a single file line down the center of the prison. I joined them as they all moved down towards an open door on the far side of the room.

We walked into the shower room, which appeared to be a large area about the size of a gym with several rows of showers. No doors or walls of course. Watching the guys, they each took soap and towels as they entered and found an open shower head.

I walked up to the closest open shower and turned it on. Standing under the lukewarm water felt great as I rinsed off the sweat from the night before. Damn my ass still hurts. I wonder how long this will last, I thought to myself as I soaped myself and rubbed my sore anus.

“Still sore from last night?” John said; who was showering nearby. “Yeah, a bit. Not too bad though,” I replied.

I rinsed the soap out of my hair and off my body just as a guard yelled, “THIRTY SECONDS.”

Looking around at the guys, there were some that were pretty attractive. Guys of all shapes and sizes, cocks and all. My eye caught on one guy who was four showers down from mine.

He was attractive, a tall, lanky guy with lean muscle and a black goatee. John piped up, “I see you eyeing him, and he’s taken. Good luck though.”

“Taken?” I replied.

“Yeah, he’s with another guy here and hasn’t been with anyone else but that one guy as long as I’ve known.”

“Gotcha,” I said as the showers all clicked off.

I watched the guy as he grabbed his towel and turned around, Wow what a sexy ass! I thought as his butt faced me. I couldn’t help but wish it was him that had been in my mouth last night. I would suck him all night long, and then fall asleep with him wrapped around me any time.

John looked over at me, “Time for some grub, then we are off to the yard for a bit, then back to the cells for the night.”

I nodded as I dried myself off and continued to watch the other guy. “What’s his name?” I asked as I glanced over at John.

“Everyone calls him Robin,” he replied as he smiled at me.

I slipped on my clothing and followed everyone to the dining area. As I walked in, I looked around for Robin, hoping I could somehow sit close to him, maybe even next to him if I was lucky.

With the hundreds of guys in the room all talking at the same time, I was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t seem to find the guy. Oh well. Maybe another day… I do have ten years here. I thought to myself and managed a chuckle.

I grabbed a tray and waited in line as they served us some sort of noodle soup. It smelled like it came from a can. Meh.

Glancing around for an open spot, I noticed Robin sitting across from two other guys. Both the other guys were gruff and pudgy. They all three appeared to be having a good time as they were laughing as they talked back and forth.

I made my way over to them and asked, “Hey guys, anyone sitting here?” I nodded at the spot next to Robin. “Nope, all yours buddy,” Robin said as he smiled.

Setting my tray down, I sat next to him; close, but not too close. “You are the new guy right? I’m Robin,” he said as he reached his hand out.

I took his hand and shook it, “Jack, you can call me Jack,” I said as I started eating my meal. Meh, tastes like canned soup too, and not the good stuff. More like the cheap, ‘almost gone bad’ stuff you find in stores for cheap.

“Did you enjoy your first night here last night?” Robin said as he sipped on his drink.

“It was interesting, that’s for sure. I’ve never been into guys before, but I figured why not give it a shot,” I replied.

“That’s good. I was actually married to a lady before I came here, but after a few months I came to enjoy the different things this prison has to offer. My partner, Ron, is actually in solitary right now. He got into a fight and is going to be stuck down there for a while, and I’m honestly not sure how long.”

Booyah, that’s perfect. I’ll lay down some moves, me and Robin can have some fun, it’s all good, I thought to myself as I watched Robin finish off his soup.

I took the initiative and ran my hand across the top of his leg subtly. He looked over at me and smiled. The two guys across from us got up and left as they noticed what was going on. That’s interesting. Oh well, fuck them.

Robin put his hand on my leg as well as we stared into each other’s eyes. I felt like I had an immediate connection with the guy as his hand ran closer and closer to my groin. My cock was hard – it had been for a while now.

As his hand neared my groin, I felt butterflies in my stomach for a moment. His fingers made their way into my pants as he unbuttoned my trousers under the table. I felt his hand wrap around my shaft as his thumb ran circles around the tip of my cock.

I did the same for him. My hand ran between his legs, and wrapped around his cock. Squeezing him in my hand gave me a sense of pleasure, or perhaps it was the fact that he was stroking me under the table, who knows, who cares.

His hand went faster and faster as he stared at me, with his poker face. I noticed his eyes were blue in the right light… “I want you to fuck me tonight,” he whispered as he stroked me. I felt the urge to cum creeping up as he stroked me and twirled his hand around my shaft. Where the fuck can I cum though? I thought to myself as my eyes searched for a napkin.

My other hand went flat on the table hard as he squeezed his hand and stroked me roughly. Yep, I’m definitely going to cum. All over the underside of this table if I have to.

I felt myself start to pump cum out of my shaft as he stroked me. My cock pulsed in his hand as I felt myself just say ‘fuck it all’ as I came. I stroked him harder and harder as his shaft tensed in my hand.

Grabbing him tightly, his cock tensed again, shit he’s going to cum too! I felt him start squirting all over my hand as I massaged the tip of his cock. After he had finished, I reached my hand up, covered in cum and wiped it on the table cover.

“I want you tonight too,” I replied as we exchanged smiles and let loose of each other. “I’m in cell three.”

I stood up as the guard yelled, “Lunchtime is over, head to the yard ladies!”

Following the rest of the men outside, I made sure to stick by John. He always seemed to know what to do and how to do it. I certainly didn’t want to get thrown into solitary for something stupid that I had no clue about.

The sounds all the men talking with each other drowned out the sounds of the radio being played outside by the guards. Being fall, it was actually quite nice, with a nice cool breeze and leaves covering the ground.

John looked over at me, “Wanna play some ball with the guys?”

“Sure,” I replied as I glanced over at several men playing basketball in the court. I followed John over and entered the game with him. We threw the ball back and forth, but honestly, I had no clue what I was doing other than trying to get the ball in the hoop. I had never been one for sports, although it seemed like John had since he kept scoring as he weaved in and out of the other guys easily.

I noticed Robin walk up as sat by the edge of the court and watched us play. “Go Jack!” he yelled with a feminine accent. He’s so friggin cute! I thought to myself as he burst out laughing at his accent. He whooped and hollered at us as we tossed the ball back and forth. I tended to do more dropping than tossing, but still, I had fun.

Stepping back from the game I said, “I’m going to take a break for a bit, you guys have fun.”

I walked over to Robin, “Want to walk for a bit and stretch before we have to go back in?” I said as I helped him up to his feet. “Sure, sounds good,” he replied enthusiastically.

We started walking around the courtyard, which was fairly big for prison standards. Looking around again, there was the basketball court, many of the guys playing football in the center, some bleachers with some guys sitting reading, a few guys laying on grass relaxing and a small huddle of guys who appeared to be deep in conversation.

“How long have you been here?” I asked as I looked over at him, whom was fidgeting with something in his hand. “Three years here, seven to go,” he replied.

“Ah… I’ve been here one day obviously and ten more years to go.” I said as we walked by the bleachers. A few guys gave us an odd glance, but nothing outside of the norm.

“John, my roommate, said you had a partner and you were only into that other guy? Are you cool with getting with me tonight?” I said.

“Yeah, it’s no big thing. My partner has a bit of an anger issue, but I think we are on the same page when it comes to sex stuff ya know?”

“Works for me then, long as you are both cool with it,” I said as I nodded to him.

“PLAY TIME IS OVER GIRLS, GET YOUR ASS INSIDE!” I heard a guard yell loudly across the yard.

I followed the men back inside as I looked at their hot sweaty bodies, tight and tense. God it turned me on. I could only imagine at this point how amazing it would be to simply just have everyone have any orgy at midnight. “Hey John,” I whispered.

“Yeah?” he replied, looking over his shoulder back at me.

“Has there ever been any orgy here? Where basically everyone gets it on with everyone at the same time?”

John laughed and kept walking, “No, not that I’ve ever heard of,” he replied as he chuckled to himself.

“Well there should be,” I said then laughed.

I heard a guy behind me immediately grunt loudly as I finished my sentence. “What do you think?” I said as I turned back and looked at him. “I think you should mind your own god damned business before someone shanks your ass. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean everyone else is.”

Good point, I thought to myself as we rounded the corner and headed into our cells. Like John said earlier, I should be a bit more careful about what I say and who I say it around.

The doors clanked shut as I looked up at the clock; 7:15pm.

I laid down on my back on the bunk, closing my eyes and thinking about Robin. What if Robin’s partner is insane? What if he gets out of solitary and comes after me? It’s not like I have a crew to back me up. John may help intimidate the guy, but I doubt he would throw down for me if it came down to it. I shuddered at the thought. He’s got anger issues too. Shit, I’m going to have to be careful even though Robin said it was cool if we messed around.

I heard John speak up, “How are you adjusting to life in prison?”

“Good,” I replied, “It’s not as bad as I had thought, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I’m a bit worried about Robin’s partner though. He said his partner is down in solitary right now and that they are perfectly fine with hooking up outside their partnership. He did also mention that his partner has issues with anger though.”

“Fair enough man, I would be careful getting on the wrong side of guys in here, especially the guys with connections,” he replied.

I closed my eyes, thinking about Robin and his tall slender, muscular body toned and perfect. I could only imagine his body against mine, holding me tightly, kissing my neck…

The sound of the jail cells opening awoke me as I jolted upright. I heard the clanking come to a stop as I slipped my legs to the side of the bed and stretched.

I heard footsteps approaching the jail cell. As I finished stretching I saw Robin come around the corner, smiling, “Hey there, how the evening going?”

“Great,” I replied, “Come, sit.”

Robin came in the cell and stood at the foot of our bunk. As he stood there, I watched as he slipped off his shirt, exposing his toned muscular body. His tattoos rose from his feet and swathed around his body. I couldn’t help myself any longer, “Please; take me.”

He walked over towards me and grabbed my head with his hands, pulling my face towards his. As our tongues touched, I felt electrified. The hairs on my arms stood on end as we ran our tongues over each other. I bit on his upper lip as he bit on my lower. Sitting there as he kissed me, I felt myself pushed backwards onto the bed as he laid on top of me.

I felt his hand slip up my shirt, running over my chest. My cock grew as it rubbed against his leg while he kissed me. His other hand slipped down my pants and felt for my dick. As his hand wrapped around my shaft, I slipped his pants down to his knees. His long flaccid cock flopped out as he slid against me. I grabbed his cock firmly in my hand and slowly stroked as his body pressed against mine.

My hand slipped around his back feeling his sweat running down to his ass. Turning me on even more, I pressed a finger into his anus. I felt myself slip within his tight ass; “I want you, fuck me now, fuck me… please,” I whispered in his ear.

He firmly flipped me over and grabbed my ass with his hands. Pushing himself into me I felt great pleasure, his cock was entering into my anus… my body shuddered as he went deeper and deeper inside me. I reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it as he pressed himself all the way. I felt his dick so far within me that I felt him in my stomach, god it felt so good.

As he fucked me our balls slapped against each other, making me that much harder. “I want to taste you,” I said. He pulled himself out of my ass and flipped me over, pushing me down to my knees.

He grabbed my head and pushed himself into me. My mouth filled with his shaft as he plunged inside my mouth. I ran my tongue in circles around his tip as I sucked as hard as I could. He grunted deeply as he firmly grabbed the back of my head and pushed himself down my throat. His cock tightened as my throat massaged his tip.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and slid it up and down as fast as I could while I sucked, “Oh god, I’m going to cum so hard,” he said. He pushed and pulled on my head to his own liking as I felt his cock harden pump hot milky cum on my tongue. I moaned as I sucked him, filling my mouth with his sweet nectar. I opened my mouth as I looked up at him, and then swallowed his entire load at once.

I watched as he bent over the bed, pushing his ass up for me to use. Grabbing onto his cheeks, I slipped the tip of my cock into his anus. God it was so fucking tight. I pushed myself into him as I held tight. Now time for me to have some fun.

Grabbing him as tight as I could, I quickly pushed myself into him as hard as I could and started fucking him deep and fast. As I held onto his firm ass, I felt his insides with my hard shaft. I pulled my dick out, and then pulled his ass towards me.

He reached around and spread his cheeks apart as I felt myself rise within him. As my shaft pulsed, I felt myself start to cum deep inside his anus. I held myself deep inside as I pumped my semen inside. With every thrust, my hard cock pushed the cum out of his tight ass.

I fell forward on the bed, completely spent. “Jesus, you are amazing,” I barely managed to whisper as he laid down on his back next to me.

Hearing heavy footsteps on the floor outside the cell, I heard a deep voice, “What the fuck?” I opened my eyes to see a large man in front of the door. Robin sat up quickly, Brock? You are out of solitary so soon?


King of Hearts

Day Three 12:05 a.m.


“I am. Who the fuck is this?” Brock replied angrily as he stepped into the cell door. He put each of his hands on each side of the bars and pressed hard as I watched his veins pop in his arms. This dude was pissed. Fuck me sideways, I’m a dead man.

I watched Brock as his face grew red and groaned. I’m sure he was groaning in anticipation of pounding my face into a pile of dust. Robin took initiative and stepped between Brock and I. As I gripped the edge of the bed in fear, I wasn’t scared for myself; I was scared for Robin as well. Robin took Brock’s hand.

“I told you before you went into solitary that if we were to ever become separated we could hook up with other guys. We made that pact between us. I know you remember. This is Jack; he’s a good guy. He’s not trying to separate us and he is fully aware of our arrangement. Right, Jack?”

I nodded in response. I looked Brock up and down, he was a big guy with a large dragon tattoo across his chest; the wings spread over his massive shoulders and claws down his arms. Surprisingly, he turned me on. Not the same way as Robin does, but in a different way… an almost animalistic way. Like primal forces that clash and meld with each other, viciously ripping each other apart in a panicked frenzy of passion. I would totally let him fuck me in a brutal way, any day, and any time.

Looking at Brock, our eyes met. His eyes were a deep green. As we stared at each other, I felt his eyes soften then turn back towards Robin. “Let’s go Robin. This is a matter for another day,” he said as he turned with Robin’s hand in his. Brock glanced back at me. Our eyes met again. I shuddered.

I stood up and slipped on my pants, then shirt. Brushing off my pants, I looked around the room thinking about the scene just minutes ago. I could still taste Robin in my mouth… on my breath. God it turned me on.

Walking out of the cell, I glanced around. Men were playing cards here and there, passing cigarettes back and forth in trade. Up one level three men were bent over the rail with their hands tied to it. All three had their pants at their waist getting fucked from behind. Two guards were playing dice with a couple men just outside of my cell; they looked up at me. “Want in?”

“Nah, I’m good,” I replied and walked past them. Two men came up in front of me; both were African American, good looking with firm tight bodies and each a strong jutted chin. “Hey there,” the one on the right said. The one of the left looked me up and down then smiled. “Hey there is right,” he said as he nodded and crossed his arms.

“I’m Jack,” I said as I leaned back on the wall. “What’s going on guys? Enjoying the night?”

“We are,” the one on the right said, “Want to make a few smokes?”

I looked at him, “I’m listening.”

He nodded his head to my cell. I turned and headed back to my cell and rested my hand on the bed as he said, “Well, my brother here think’s you are pretty hot and wants to hook up. You cool? Few smokes good?”

I laughed, “Oh yeah, you both are cool, why not right?” He looked at me nervously, “Yeah, why not.” I got on my knees as he walked over to me. Grabbing at his pocket he threw a pack of smokes on my bed. God what I wouldn’t do for a smoke right now. That Brock dude was intense. Jesus.

“Wait, what’s your names?” I said as I ran my hand up and down his leg. “We are both Jamal, but you can call me JT and this is Jamal.” I nodded and grabbed the top of his pants and slowly pulled it down. His cock flopped out. “Jesus dude,” I exclaimed as I saw his cock. His dick was enormous. It looked like my fucking arm. Well over 10 inches and at least as thick as a grown man’s wrist. No way in hell that shit was fitting inside me.

I laughed nervously, “I’m not sure what I’m going to be able to do with this, but shit, it will be fun either way!” Grabbing his cock in my hand, I looked it over, flipping it back and forth. Jesus…

Running my hand up and down on his hard shaft, the beast started to come alive. I spit on my hand and rubbed it as I stood up in front of the guy, slipped my hand around his neck and kissed him deeply. Our tongues flicked against each other.

Damn, this guy knows how to kiss, I thought to myself as I slid my hand up and down. His cock grew in my hand to the point where my fingers no longer touched when they wrapped around. His veins popped hard on his cock, giving tight soft ridges that turned me on. I felt my dick grow as I pulled his shirt over his head and kissed down to his cock. Running my tongue up his shaft, I slipped the tip in my mouth.

I ran both hands up and down on his shaft as I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He moaned deeply then sat down on the bed. He was still growing as I continued to stroke him. JT walked up behind me and grabbed my ass, rubbing his shaft up against my ass. Even though it wasn’t part of the deal, I was somehow cool with it.

I grabbed Jamal’s cock tightly and rammed it into my mouth as deep as I possibly could. My throat was already sore from Robin but fuck it; this shit was too good to pass up, this guy is fucking hot as was JT. I wouldn’t mind trying something new anyhow.

His cock barely fit down my throat at it squeezed its way down deep. God I hope this guy is enjoying this, I thought to myself as I gagged and choked on his cock. There was still a good half foot of cock from my mouth to his sack. I grabbed his sack in one hand and massaged his massive testicles. My other hand kept stroking his shaft as I felt his cock nearly lift my head up as it grew firm.

I pulled my head off, gasping for air. Heaving heavily, he put his hands on my head and pressed me back down on his cock. I felt his shaft slip back down my throat. Gagging, I let go of his sack and ran my hand up his leg to his anus. Suddenly slipping a finger in caused him to release my head. “Fuck me,” he said as he rolled on his stomach on the bed. His legs were hanging over the side with his legs spread for me.

Grabbing his cock with one hand and jacking him hard, I felt my pants slip down to my knees and the tip of a cock press on my anus. Looking back at JT, he was packing just as much as Jamal. Fuck me sideways… no wait. Don’t. Please for the love of go— I felt him press into me as he grabbed my ass. His large hands nearly covered my entire ass as I felt him whack me hard with his hand. I continued stroking Jamal’s cock with my hand as JT’s cock entered my anus.

The tip slid in, but the rest didn’t. He grabbed tighter on my ass and pressed harder. My ass was loosened by Robin, but this guy was five times that size. He pulled his cock out and spit on it, rubbing it in. I looked back and saw him grab the base of his cock and aim it at my anus. I grabbed my cock with my free hand and used my other hand to hold myself up. I looked straight ahead and saw JT’s ass. I ran my tongue in circles around his anus, tasting him and feeling him.

My cock went hard immediately. The guy tasted like fucking heaven. “Gaaaa! FUCK!!!” I yelped as Jamal rammed his cock into me. My insides felt like they were bursting as my anus was barely able to stay intact with him inside me. I felt him continuing to press himself into me as I tried to focus on JT.

Shit… giving rimjobs may be a new fetish for me. This is great! I thought to myself as I stroked my cock while JT pushed himself deeper. I felt him in my stomach as he pressed harder and went deeper and deeper. If he went any further he would touch my soul with his cock. He finally started to pull himself out… “Argge!” He rammed himself back into me. This time it felt good. He pulled back again, then shoved it back in. God damn it felt good.

Grabbing at Jamal, I hoisted his ass up to my cock and pressed the tip into his ass. His taste was still on my breath, turning me on even more as I slipped into him. His tight walls surrounded me as I started pounding his ass with my cock. Grabbing his firm ass in my hands, I felt myself grow fully hard within him. JT was still going at my ass. God this is amazing. I don’t know if I could ever go back to a smaller dick again.

I pounded JT as hard as I could as he reached down started stroking his shaft with one hand. The sweat dripped off his back as I thrusted deep within him so hard it shook the bed frame. I grunted deeply as I thrusted again and again, pounding him as hard as I could. “God damn boy, fuck me hard.”

I felt Jamal pull himself out of me and pulled me off of JT. He pushed me down on my knees and proceeded to unload himself on me. I was bathed in his cum as he came all over my face. I opened my mouth to get a taste. He gave me a sweet taste of his cum as he squirted in my mouth. I moaned deeply as I swallowed and opened my mouth again. No more cum. I grabbed his shaft and furiously stroked it for just a little more. My arms were sore and tired, but I must have more. I felt the smallest bit drip out of his cock as it retreated back into him.

Looking over at JT, I laid down on the bed and flipped my ass up for him. “Fuck me, I want to feel you,” I said as I looked over my shoulder. He grabbed his hard cock and pressed himself into me. “God damn. Just like that, fuck me like you mean it, give me that monster dick,” I said firmly as I gave him a devilish grin.

His cock grew hard within me as he held onto my ass and pushed himself all the way in. I felt every inch and every inch felt amazing. I never wanted it to go away. He pulled himself out then pressed back inside. My body lurched forward as he thrusted inside me. My ass felt like it was on fire as he grasped so tightly I was sure he was drawing blood.

He pounded me like I was the last person he would ever fuck. Grunting and groaning like a frenzied animal, he fucked me harder and harder. I felt my cock tense and release. Shit, him fucking me is going to make me cum! I reached to grab my cock but was too late; Jamal had me in his hand. He stroked my cock furiously as he sat in front of me. I felt his mouth envelop my cock as he stroked me.

My body started to convulse as he stroked and sucked. JT hadn’t stopped either; he was going full force on my ass. I felt his cock tense deep within me, then softened, tensed… then softened. I felt the hot cum start pouring into my anus. My shaft started to do the same dance… tense… then softened. I felt myself unload my semen into Jamal’s mouth as I stroked.

My body convulsed as did JT’s, we were both cumming and god did it feel good. Jamal kept stroking on my shaft as I came, my cum filling him up as JT filled my ass up. Pure ecstasy.  I flopped forward onto the bed completely spent. “Thanks for the smokes…” I said as my eyes closed. My pants were still at my ankles as I felt myself falling asleep.

My legs were sore, my hands exhausted, arms spent and legs shot completely. My anus felt like fire ants were going to work while my stomach was completely full of semen. I rolled over on my side and groaned. They literally fucked the shit out of me. My face was still covered in semen as I rolled off the bed and slowly made my way to the sink. It seemed like miles away. That damn sink.

I splashed water on my face, hoping for a burst of adrenaline—nothing. I looked back at the bed and walked towards it slowly again. My body was failing. God help me. I fell forward and blacked out halfway onto the bed.


Day Three 2:00 a.m.


I felt something penetrate my anus. Then darkness. A pillow was over my head. I frantically grabbed at the pillow; I couldn’t breathe.


“Arghlg!!” I managed to get out as I felt a pillow on my head while someone was fucking my ass, holding my arms down at my sides. My ass hurt like a fucking bitch from the night before, and this guy wasn’t nearly as big as those other guys, but it still hurt.

This guy was railing my ass as he plowed into me. I felt the bed bouncing roughly as my hands felt stapled to the bed. I’m a pretty strong guy; I could bench 250 last year easy. This guy wasn’t budging. My wrists felt like they were going to snap as my ass kept getting pounded. I felt my head get pressed down into the bed by another hand.


I awoke, gasping for air. I felt the hand on my head press my face into the bed, then something wet hit me in the face. Again it hit me in the face. Someone was fucking cumming on me. My ass was still getting plowed. This time… a different dick as I felt it was bigger. Still not as big as last night, but definitely bigger. None that I’ve ever had as far as I could tell.

A hand reached under me and grabbed at my cock. My hands were still stapled to the bed. I tried to turn my head, but I couldn’t move. I started to panic. The hand pressed hard into the back of my head again.


I awoke. My body ached as I looked around. Everything was white…I felt my wrist, there was a needle entering into me, “Leave it,” a woman said.


I awoke, again. This time I had energy. Opening my eyes, I glanced around. I was in some sort of hospital or infirmary. More than likely the prison’s infirmary. I tried to sit up. Something prevented me from moving. Panic rushed over me as energy ran from my fingers down to my toes. I glanced down at my body. I was strapped into the bed with a damn needle in my arm. God damn my face hurts. Looking down at my chest and arms I saw several stitches, bruises and red markings of scratches left by what appeared to be fingernails.

“Nurse!” I called out, looking around the room. It was just me in here with eight other beds. It was too damn quiet other than the annoying beeping sound of my monitor. I felt myself drift back into darkness. Barely clutching on, I see a woman approach me…


I awoke. There was a man standing in front of me. He appeared to be a doctor with his white lab coat and stethoscope around his neck. A guard stood to his right. “You’re lucky to be alive, you got hit pretty hard last night,” he said as he glanced at the guard. The guard shifted uneasily.

Muttering to myself, “Yeah, I sure did…”

The guard spoke up, “Any clue who beat you?” I shook my head, “No clue. I was held down and I couldn’t move nor look.”

The guard looked me over then walked away. I guess that’s that. Damn prisons just don’t hardly give a fuck anymore.

The doctor walked over to the diagnosis screen, glancing at it for a moment then writing something down he then walked away.  I guess I’m stuck here, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes.


Day Six 8 p.m.


I rested and rested. When I thought I couldn’t rest any more, I laid there and rested. Over the course of the next few days my body healed. Everything was sore and bruised for a while but I felt much better today.


The guard walked over to my bed. “Alright, let’s get you back to your cell,” he said as he grabbed my wrist, put my hands behind my back and then cuffed them. He led me out of the infirmary back to the cell blocks.

Walking back inside the cell area was awkward as there was cheering all around. Hoots and hollers echoed off the walls as men made a ruckus at my return. The guard pushed me into my cell and took off my cuffs. I rubbed my wrists. Still sore.

I looked up at John, who was staring at me from his bunk, “Hey man, I’m alive.” He continued to stare then replied, “Jesus Christ dude. You got messed up. Everyone watched as they carried you out of your cell around 4am that night, but we all thought you were dead. Any clue who did it?”

Glancing at him, “No clue man, no clue…” I sat on my bunk and laid backwards, afraid to fall asleep. Images flew through my head of a few days ago when I was held down and beat viciously.

My eyes shut slowly as my body was worn out.

I felt a body next to mine. Warm and comfortable. An arm slipped around my waist while a tongue ran up my neck to my ear. The hand moved down to my crotch and slowly rubbed me. My cock grew within my pants as I laid there, sore, and hardly able to move. I honestly didn’t care at this point. Fuck it.

The hand stroked me as I got hard. It made its way into my pants as I laid there, pretending to be asleep. It worked its way around my shaft and grabbed loosely, continuing to stroke up and down. I felt light kisses on my neck then behind my ear. I shivered as goosebumps ran down my arms.

A second hand flitted around my anus as the other massaged my dick. I could wake up like this every day… I thought to myself as I smiled warmly. I reached behind me and felt for the other guy’s groin. He was already hard. I pulled down my pants slowly, exposing my ass to him. “Fuck me,” I whispered as he grinded his cock on my ass lightly.

A warm breath tickled my neck as he replied, “I will, tell me if I’m too hard.” It was Robin. Wait Robin?! What happened to Brock? I bet it was that fucker that got me the other night. Fuck him. As soon as I’m bet—Robin cut off my thoughts with a whisper, “Brock stepped up to the guys that got you the other night. He was the one that tore them away before things went further. He got beat pretty badly and had to be airlifted out of the prison. I haven’t heard anything since…”

Jesus! It was Brock that saved me? Who knew. I guess it pays to have big friends in prison. Robin must have talked to him and let him know how much we liked each other.

I felt the tip of his shaft press inside me. My anus was still sore, but not too bad at this point. Robin’s cock was just the right size. Not too big, not too small.

He slowly ran himself in and out of me as he stroked my cock lightly. “I’m really starting to fall for you Jack,” he said as he kissed on my neck then laid his head against mine as he fucked me. I felt his shaft deep inside my ass, tensing and releasing his hot cum inside me as he slowly massaged my shaft.

His deep groans made me even more turned on as his hard body rubbed against mine. His tight muscles held me close as he released into me; his sweat mixing with mine as he held onto my shaft.

He finished his load as he let out a deep breath. I felt the covers lift as he went under. I felt the light warm feeling of a mouth on the tip of my shaft as he continued to stroke me. His head went down as the warm feeling increased all the way down my cock to my sack. I felt my back go straight as he flicked his tongue around my shaft. God damn… I like hard sex, but this guy is amazing with even the lightest of touches. I’m going to cum so hard.

I felt my shaft tighten then start releasing my sperm into his mouth. He went deep, pressing my cock down his throat. Massaging my shaft, I continued to release within him as I grabbed at the sheets and bit down on the pillow. “Oh god yes… just like that, suck me like you mean it,” I whispered as his mouth started to go up and down rapidly while he stroked me with his hand.

My legs curled up around his head as he sucked me dry. Every muscle in my body ached, but in a good way as I felt all the pressure of the past few days go away completely. I breathed in deeply then out. I needed that desperately. I really did. I missed Robin a lot too. He’s a great guy and Brock too. I’m going to have to do something for the guy when he gets back to show my appreciation for what he had done for me. I honestly don’t know if I would have done the same. Does that make me a bad person?

Robin kept stroking me with his hand and licking on my cock even after I had drained myself within him. I heard moans escaping from under the covers as he licked up and down my shaft. I felt myself continue to be hard within his mouth, my cock not going down. “God… Robin… I don’t know if I can do any more,” I whispered.

I felt his mouth come off my cock for a mere moment, “You just lay there; relax and enjoy yourself,” he said as I felt his mouth slide back down on my shaft. His hands continued to work their glory as he slid up and down so smoothly. He held me deep in his mouth and curled his tongue around my cock as he sucked hard on me.

His mouth moved down to my sack as I laid there, relaxing, as he had said to do. My body straightened as I felt him slide his hand up and down on my shaft, then envelop my sack in his mouth. He licked my balls lightly as he stroked me. I felt the tongue slide down to my anus as he lifted my ass up with his strong arms.

His tongue flitted around my hole, making my cock tense again. As he held me, I felt his tongue enter into my ass; a feeling I had never felt before rushed over my body making my hair stand on end. I felt like I was in heaven as he withdrew his tongue and sucked on my ass. I felt a finger slide in as he set me back down then grabbed my cock again.

God, this guy is going to make me cum again! How much of this can I take?! I grabbed at the sheets as I glanced up and saw a few guys standing in the cell door watching. It turned me on all the more as I watched the sheets move up and down as Robin sucked on my cock.

I felt my back straighten as my legs curled up around him. Robin moaned as I felt myself release into his mouth again. He kept stroking with his hand as he sucked on me. I pumped my hot cum into his mouth over and over. My body shuddered with every thrust of his mouth down on my cock. My shaft pumped its last bit of load into him as I felt his tongue slide around the tip of my cock.

He held onto my cock lightly as he laid it down on my stomach. His hand ran over the top of my shaft as he crawled up next to me and wrapped his arm around me. “I’m sorry for what you had to go through; Brock did the best he could. I didn’t even know what was going on until it was too late or I would have been there for you too…”

Robin kept lightly stroking my shaft as my cock retreated back within me, completely spent. The heavy air of sex hung in the room as we laid there, both of us completely spent and sex stoned. I smiled at him and ran my hand through his hair, “Don’t worry about it… Thank you for this. I really needed it.” Robin smiled back at me as he laid his head on my shoulder. Moments later I heard him start breathing deeply. Poor guy must have been worried. I’m sure he’s still worried about Brock too.

I closed my eyes as I stroked his hair lightly through fingers. Kissing his forehead, I closed my eyes and fell into darkness as well. My body felt completely warm and tender. The aches and pains had disappeared with the frustrations and anger of the incident.


Day Seven 8 a.m.


I awoke to the sound of the guard yelling, “RISE AND SHINE BITCHES!” I looked over next to me; Robin was gone. Probably back in his cell. Good thing, if he had been here right now when the guards were doing their morning rounds, it wouldn’t have gone well for me or him.

Josh peaked over the top of the bed, “Morning buddy,” he said as he smiled at me. “Good morning,” I replied, smiling as well. I felt great. What a good night last night. Robin is amazing. God, I could totally see myself falling for the guy. I wonder how Brock would feel about that. If Brock wasn’t cool with that plan, I would back off of Robin. I would have to. I owed Brock my life.

Rolling out of bed, I walked over to the sink and splashed water on my face. Today is going to be a good day, I told myself. Slipping into my pants and shirt, I walked over to the cell doors. The guard walked up through the isle checking on each cell to ensure everyone was in their place. My stomach grumbled. Ugh, I’m hungry.

“SHOWER TIME!” I heard one of the guards yell out as all the cell doors opened. Everyone walked out of their cell and got into a line. I looked for Robin. He was near the back. Walking towards him, I caught an odd stare from three guys standing next to each other near the back as well. All three had their head shaved with similar tattoos across their chest. Assuming they were in a gang, I chose not to make eye contact.

“Hey Robin,” I said as I slipped behind him. He smiled at me and nodded, “Good morning to you, ready for a hot shower?” I slipped my hand into his and squeezed firmly then let go.

“I am. It’s been days since I’ve had a good hot one. No pun intended,” I said.

The line moved forward as we all went through the hallway then down to the shower area. I followed Robin and picked a shower next to his. Watching him slip off his clothes made my cock grow within my pants. I slipped my clothes off as well then stood under the shower. Quickly soaping myself off, I rinsed then stood there in the warm water watching him. God he was hot. His body was tan, firm and muscular. That amazing lean muscle too…

“THIRTY SECONDS!” I heard a guard yell. These fucking showers are never long enough, I thought to myself as I savored every last moment. The water felt great on my sore muscles, relaxing and soothing me almost as much as Robin did for me last night. I wish I could spend an entire night with him, exploring his body and him mine. I want to feel his body against mine as we fall asleep together then awaken wrapped in each other’s arms. We would fuck all morning no doubt.

The showers clicked off. “BREAKFAST TIME!” I heard the guard yell. God this is getting old fast.

Robin looked me up and down with a grin on his face.  “Ready for breakfast?” He said then winked. Remembering what happened that first day when we sat at the same table was so fucking hot. If I wasn’t hard before, I was definitely hard now. I glanced down at myself. Yep—Definitely hard. I bent over and slipped on my pants then shirt.

Following Robin out of the shower, we headed towards the dining area. We each picked up our breakfast; a few pancakes with a drizzle of syrup. Tasty. Sitting next to him, I slipped my hand on his leg and looked into his eyes. God it turned me on.

The three guys that were staring at me oddly earlier came up and sat across from us at the same table. “Hey there guys,” I said, trying to be friendly. I knew this wouldn’t be a friendly conversation however.

The guy in the middle grabbed my tray and threw it across the room, “You mother fucker, you are a dead man, I’m going to fucking kill you in your god damned sleep tonight,” he said. I about shit my pants right then and there. Robin stood up, “Back the fuck up man,” he said as three guards ran over. “What the fuck is going on over here!?”

Robin replied, “These three fucks came over here and started a fight,”—Robin spit at the guys—“then proceeded to threaten our lives.”

The guards looked at me. I nodded.

They grabbed the guy in the middle and attempted to restrain him as he lunged forward and grabbed me by my shirt. His hand was cocked back ready to punch at me but the guards easily pulled him off as they kicked his back leg in and pulled him to the ground. “You are going to solitary, for a long time,” one guard said.

The other two men at the table glared at us both. “You better watch who you are fucking with,” he said in a hushed tone with his finger pointed at me.

“What are you talking about man? I’ve been here less than a week and I haven’t wronged anybody,” I replied heatedly.

“The two guys you fucked the other night for the pack of smokes. Those two are my bitches and nobody fucks with my bitches.”

I stared at him for a moment, is this guy for real? “They came onto me and offered me smokes for a good fuck, so I did. My bad if they are your bitches,”—I threw my hands up in surrender—“I won’t touch your two bitches again, they are all yours.”

His eyes were filled with fire, “You touch them again, and you are fuckin’ dead.” He slammed his fist down on the table then stood up and walked away with the other guy.

Robin looked over at me, “Jesus dude. You pissed off some seriously nasty dudes here. I got your back, but in a fight… I doubt I could hold my own versus them even with you and Brock at my side.

“Thanks man,” I replied as I suddenly lost my appetite. I glanced around, the guards were busy talking with the two guys that just left our table and nobody appeared to be looking in our direction. Our section of the room was somewhat blocked by a large pole in the center of the room too.

I slid under the table and pulled out Robins cock. Pushing it into my mouth, I flicked it with my tongue. He grew inside me as I stroked up and down. My fingers made my way down to his sack as I spit on his shaft and ran my hand over it. My thumb was making circles on the tip as I felt him immediately tense and grow hard within my hand and mouth.

Running his hand up and down on his shaft felt great as it turned me on just as much as it turned him on; I pushed forth and grabbed him tighter, my passion driving me. I reached down and grabbed my own cock; stroking mine in turn with his, I felt myself harden. Hearing a fight break out across the dining area, I thrusted my head deep onto him over and over; I wanted to feel his cum in my mouth. His cock went deep down my throat as I felt his tip grabbing on the sides of my neck as it pulled out.

I licked around the tip of his cock as I stroked him. I felt his hands reach around my head, and then press me down hard on his cock. I wanted to pleasure him just as much as he pleasured me last night and feel him cum inside my mouth over and over. His sweet milky semen is the only thing that would quench my thirst.

Milking him as fast as I could, I felt his cock tense in my mouth. Oh god yes, finally, give to me, give me your sweet cum…  He pumped his hot cum into me over and over. I kept milking him as I as ran my hand up and down on his shaft with my mouth just covering the tip. My tongue continued to dance as he filled my mouth. Glorious.

Stroking him for every last drop, I finally was able to swallow everything. That’s all I wanted. Just him, inside me… filling up my soul. I licked up and down his shaft for a moment, just to be sure I had every last bit, then placed his dick back in his pants.

I slid up from under the table and sat next to Robin. My hand rested on his leg as I wiped my mouth. “Thank you for that,” I whispered as I smiled at him. “God you are absolutely amazing with your… everything,” he said quietly…


Three is a Charm

Day Seven 8 p.m.


I slept like a rock that afternoon. Damn Robin was amazing. If only we had been able to have more time together, I could have really shown him how much I care for him. Damn prison rules.

I watched Robin get off the bed then slip on his pants and shirt. His tight abs were covered in sweat as was mine. The air was heavy with sex. Still sore from last week, I finally felt at peace with what had happened. Those men were brutal and my body still bruised, but all in all, I made it out alright. I was going to let that one event scar me for life.

Robin bent over and picked up his shoes off the floor. My mind wandered as I watched his ass bend over right in front of me. God what I wouldn’t give to have just a few more hours with him. “Would you want to get together tonight?” I asked as I rolled over and sat on the side of the bed. I ran my hand down his leg, feeling his tight muscles underneath his orange pants.

“That would be cool. Although there’s this new thing some of the guys have been doing. They call him ‘the machine.’ Apparently he is some guy who claims to be able to get off any other guy within 30 seconds. I think I’m going to check him out.”

The guards have been placing bets on who can last the longest. Whoever wins gets a pack of smokes. I had already burned through the half pack I had received just a few days before. Shit, why not?

“Sounds good, let’s check it out. Where does this happen at?” I said as I watched Robin turn around in the cell doorway. “He comes here at midnight in the middle of the floor out there; he was here last night, but you distracted me,” he said as he winked slyly.

I smiled at him and laid back onto the bed, closing my eyes and thinking of the night ahead of me. My mind wandered back to when I was straight. I never realized how much better I connected with guys than with woman. It seems like they just ‘get’ me. I had always found men attractive, but growing up in a conservative household it was any sort of gay or sex-positive lifestyle was out of the question and considered taboo.

My father was straight as was my mother, go figure all of my relatives were as well. Going to church every Sunday was difficult as the boy who sat next to me was very attractive, but I figured it wasn’t what my family would have wanted or even God. So I pushed the feelings aside. Finally being in prison I’ve been able to get away from society and the intense discrimination of the lifestyle, not to mention getting away from my family’s judging eyes.

When I get out of here, no way am I going back to a straight lifestyle; it’s just not who I am anymore. Maybe… just maybe I could stay in contact with Robin. He seems to really get me as I do him, but would our relationship last outside of prison? Who knows?

My thoughts were cut off by Josh looking over the top of the bunk, “Hey man, I heard you were going tonight to see the machine. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal around here. I watched it last night and the guy is a beast when it comes to sex. I’m not one to be able to control when I cum, so I’m sure I wouldn’t last long. The guy is fuckin’ hot too.”

I put my hands behind my head, “Yeah, it seems like it could be interesting. I’ll watch and perhaps join in if Robin does. We’ll see. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll feel watching Robin get fucked by another guy, if that happens.”

God. What if I flip out watching Robin get fucked? I know Robin and I are only together messing around, but thinking about it now… I don’t know if I could watch him. What if I freak. Jesus, that would be embarrassing. As I laid there thinking, my eyes closed and my mind drifted into darkness thinking about Robin with another guy.


Day Seven 11:45 p.m.


I jolted awake, covered in sweat. I glanced at the clock outside the cell. 11:45pm. Nice. Rubbing my eyes, I walked over to the sink and splashed water on my face. I heard snores from the top bunk. I glanced outside the cell and looked toward the doors. The guards were changing out.

This is going to be an interesting night. I thought to myself as I considered the possibilities of what may or may not happen with the machine, my emotions and feelings. It’s not like Robin and I are dating. We aren’t together. He’s still with Brock and I still owe Brock my life. I still couldn’t help but feeling insecure in the thought of him sleeping with another guy, especially right in front of me. God.

I sat on the edge of the bed thinking… I heard a loud buzz then all the cell doors opened. Finally. I stood up and walked out, looking around for Robin. I saw him walking towards me. I waved slightly with my hand and smiled. He nodded to me and jogged over. “Hey buddy, get a good rest in? I think you’ll need it tonight!” he said excitedly.

“I did, I passed the fuck out after you left. I’m feeling good now though,” I said as I jumped up and down on the tip of my toes and pretended to throw punches in the air like a boxer. He laughed and slipped his arm around my waist.

“Did you see the machine yet?” He said as he glanced around the room.

“Not yet,” I replied. Everyone seemed to be hanging out in small groups talking. Some of the guys had sat in a circle and started playing cards while others had immediately started hooking up within the different cells. A few of the cells had white sheets put up. I guess they wanted their privacy.

Glancing at the guard’s room, I saw several of them in there talking with this guy. The guy was about 5’11”, athletic build, tanned skin and flawless complexion. The guy looked to be in his mid-twenties with a 5 o’ clock shadow covering his face. He looked my way, catching me staring. Smiling at me, I felt my heart melt and my cock harden. Jesus. I glanced away quickly.

Robin must have been staring too because had stopped in his tracks as well. “I suppose that’s the guy?” I said as I slipped my arm around his back.

“I suppose so,” he said as he looked at me and smiled.

The guy walked out of the room followed by the two guards. Walking up to us, I felt my face immediately blush. Fuck. This guy is hot. An easy 10 for any guy, gay or not.

“Hey there guys!” He said as he walked up and reached out his hand. I took his in mine and shook it, then pulled him close in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his warm body against mine. God it felt good. His back was firm as I slipped my hand down towards his ass involuntarily.

“I’m Jack,” I said as I withdrew from his embrace. “Adam,” he replied, smiling at me. I noticed his eyes were a deep green; they drew me in as I looked into them, peering into his soul. I felt a kindness emanate from him as he stared at me.

I was expecting this guy to be attractive, but not fucking model sexy. Jesus Christ. This makes me even more insecure if he were to get with Robin. Although… if we were to all three get together… I think I would be alright with that plan.

Adam looked at me, still smiling, “Want to have some fun?” he said with a subtle eagerness in his voice. He wanted to fuck me. Right then and there. God I wanted to drop my pants at that very second then bend over and feel him inside me, filling me up with his juices. Instead I simply felt my face redden.

Robin piped up, “Sure, I’m down.” Adam looked over at him, “Alright, let’s play then. We don’t have too much time, but I’m guessing I can have your load in 3 minutes flat.”

I watched as Robin blushed. I still wasn’t able to make words come out of my mouth as I could just see my face turning ten shades of red and looking like an idiot. Adam ran his hand down Robin’s chest then slipped his hand over his groin. I could tell Robin was already hard. His pants were pushed out as his cock nearly peaked out the top of his beltline. I wanted to push Adam out of the way and slip Robin’s dick into my mouth claiming it as my own. That wouldn’t fly for very long, I’m sure of it.

Adam quickly ran his hand down into Robin’s pants as I watched him stroking him. Adam pushed himself against Robin, kissing him deeply and running his other hand around his neck. Kissing down his chest, Adam slowly pulled down his pants and licked up his shaft around then around the tip. His tongue went in circles around Robin’s shaft then slowly slid down the shaft.

Robin moaned as he stumbled backwards a half step against the wall and slid down to his butt. Groaning, he put both hands on Adam’s head and pushed him down on his cock. I watched as Adam’s tongue slipped out of his mouth as he thrusted his head up and down on Robin’s dick. Feeling myself harden, I subconsciously started massaging myself. This was fucking hot.

Robin’s eyes rolled back in his head as Adam deep throated him over and over. Adam reached under his shaft and grabbed his sack, massaging that as well. Both hands moved their way to his shaft and stroked while Adam blew him. His saliva dripped down his shaft and pooled at the base of his cock as sounds of slurping and sucking grew louder around them both.

Robin’s body trembled as his legs straightened hard. His legs wrapped around Adam’s back, pulling him closer and holding his body down on his shaft. God damn this guy knew how to suck a dick!

Watching Adam, I couldn’t imagine I could last even this long with this guy. Jesus fuck. Adam pushed his head down on Robin’s shaft. I saw the base of his cock tighten then loosen. He’s fucking cumming. Adam kept sucking on him as he came. Robin put his hands down on the floor and groaned deeply, baring his teeth. His body released and relaxed.

I watched as the guard clicked a stopwatch.

Adam kissed Robin on the tip of his cock, then up his chest to his face. After a light peck on his lips, he stood up and wiped his mouth. “Damn. That was good. Some guys don’t taste all that great, but wow. I could go again for that later.”

The guard looked at him, “Two minutes, twenty two seconds. You were faster than you thought, well played.” Adam looked at the guard and nodded smiling. “My best was 18 seconds. I think the guy had never been with another guy before.” He glanced at me as I laughed nervously. Little did he know, I was new to men as well.

Adam walked over to me and put his face close to mine, he breathed his hot breath in my face. I could smell Robin on him still. That turned me on almost as much as he did… maybe more. He looked me up and down, “How about you? Think you can do better?” he said as he grinned at me. I nodded, “Good luck.”

He kissed on my neck lightly. His rough shadow of a beard scratched on my neck as he kissed downwards, the same way he did with Robin. I felt his hand run over my groin, grabbing for my shaft. I was already hard from watching him suck Robin dry. His hand rubbed on me faster and faster as he pulled my shirt over my head and kissed on my nipples. Sucking and biting on me, his hand went down my pants and wrapped around my shaft, stroking it slowly and lightly.

I moaned uncontrollably as he grabbed on me. The biting turned me on even more as I slipped my hand down his pants and grabbed his cock. He was big. Not huge, but big. The comfortable size. I stroked him in my hand as he kissed downwards and slipped off my pants. I released his cock from my hand as he got on his knees. His warm mouth enveloped my tip, then shaft, then all the way down to my sack.

His warm hand flitted around my anus with his other hand on my balls, rubbing me tenderly. I felt as my shaft went all the way down his neck. As he gagged on me, his walls massaging my cock as he coughed. Pulling his head off of me, he stroked harder and harder. He was trying to get me to cum. Focus on something not sexy – my dog. I love my dog; he’s such a great German Shepard. So loyal, I thought to myself as he pulled on my cock.

“Cum for me,” he whispered as he grabbed tightly and ran his thumb in circles on the tip of my cock while jacking me with his other hand. I felt my nerves relax as I felt my cock swelling to release for him. My dick throbbed, wanting to burst within his hand.

I looked over at Robin as he played with me. I wonder if he is feeling the same way I was earlier. I wonder if he is cool with me messing around with other people. Is he insecure or jealous in any way?

Adam bent over and slipped down his pants, “Fuck you sexy piece of man meat, fuck me like you mean it,” he said in a half whimper. I grabbed the base of my cock and put the tip on his anus, then pressed slowly into him. His walls were tight. As I slid in and out of him, my cock continued to throb. God I wanted to cum so badly.

Somehow he was able to make his muscles contract around my shaft as I felt his ass massaging me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself…

Looking around, other guys had come to watch. A few cheered me on while others cheered at Adam. They all wanted a piece of him or a smoke. One or the other. My mind snapped back onto Adam as he grabbed my legs and pushed myself deeper into him, all the way to my sack. His warm anus wrapped around my entire shaft, wanting me… milking me… God damn.

I felt myself start to cum, then stop. Yes! Hold on just a bit longer.

Adam pulled himself off of me and turned around, once again grabbing my cock. “You will cum for me, you will cum for me so fucking hard, all over my face,” he said as he stroked me harder and harder. I willed myself not to cum for him as badly as I could. I had never been able to hold myself for this long on the verge of cumming. The feeling was glorious.

He slipped a finger inside my ass as he grabbed my sack with his other hand and pushed his head down on my shaft over and over. His head bobbed furiously on my cock as he stroked me. “Cum for me, cum for me,” he groaned. The vibrations of his moaning gave me the final push over the edge. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

He pulled at my cock as it tensed then released. I blew in his mouth, then on his face as he pulled my cock out. I pumped my hot cum all over him. Watching it drip down his chin onto his chest, then to his cock, I kept going. Tense… pump. Tense… pump. Tense… pump. My load went everywhere. Jesus Christ. I’ve never had an orgasm like this. Will it ever end? I kept going, as he pushed my cock back into his mouth and sucked on me. I felt the feelings slowly subside as my cock grew sensitive.

Shuddering while he sucked out the last few drops of my semen, I couldn’t help but smile and feel at peace.  I wonder if I broke the record… That wasn’t bad at all. I thought to myself as a giddy feeling rushed over me.

Adam kissed the tip of my dick then up my chest to my face. Smiling at me, he wrapped his hands around my head and thrusted his tongue against mine. We played with each other for a moment before he released. “You are amazing,” he whispered as he licked his lips and wiped off his face with his sleeve. “I don’t know how you were able to last that long, but damn. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

I looked at him and smiled, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did as well. Thank you for that!”

The guard looked at me, “Thirteen minutes and eight seconds. Well done my friend,” he said as he pulled out a pack of smokes and tossed them at me. Adam nodded his head towards my cell, “Want to chill for a few?”

“Sure,” I said, and then looked over at Robin, “Want to come hang?” I said to him.

Robin smiled at me and walked towards my cell with Adam and I. As we walked in, I packed the smokes and pulled one out for each of us. Handing a smoke to Adam then one to Robin, we all three lit up together. “That was some good sex,” I said, breaking the silence, “You were amazing…”

Adam looked at me, “You were too, that was a lot of fun.”

My body felt high, almost stoned from the sex. The guy was good, but not as good as Robin. At least in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the emotions tied to Robin that made the sex so much better. The feeling of being so close to someone and knowing they like you back just made things more intense.

Adam definitely knew what he was doing when it came to sex, maybe even more so than Robin, but the emotions and feelings behind the sex is what made it all the better to me at least.

Smiling at Adam I said, “What made you get into this gig?”

He looked at me and replied as he took a deep drag on his cigarette, “Honestly, I have always been good at getting other men off. Maybe it’s my looks or maybe it’s just how I handle myself, but it’s something I enjoy and can do really well. I figured if I can make a few bucks here and there at different prisons through the guards, why not do it?”

“Fair enough,” I replied, “I’ve actually only recently been gay. I’ve always thought I was straight my whole life, but growing up in a conservative family… it’s always held me back. Only since I’ve been in prison, and meeting Robin, have I been able to truly express who I am without shame.”

Robin smiled at me, “I’m glad you think so highly of me, are you sure it isn’t just an infatuation?”

I looked over at Robin as I smoked, “I mean, I don’t know you that well. But I know you are a decent guy, fun to be around and it seems like we just ‘get’ each other you know?”

Robin replied, “I get that feeling. For some reason it feels like I’ve known you my whole life. Almost like a brother, but much more than that.”

I heard a fight break out in front of our cell. Glancing that way it appeared as if two guy were kicking the shit out of this guard. Another guard jumped in, but got pummeled by two other guys.

A loud siren went off.



Day Eight 2 a.m.


The siren continued to ring as I walked up to the door of my cell and looked at the guard’s room. Three guys had gotten inside and were beating the living piss out of the two guards in there. All the men inside the prison besides us three in our cell were making a huge mess out of everything. Toilet paper, clothes, and paper seemed to rain down from the sky as the hooting and hollering grew louder and louder.

I glanced back at Adam and Robin, “The fuck is going on?”

They both looked at me and shrugged. Maybe they didn’t give a fuck, but Jesus, I did. I just want to do my time and get out of here. All these fuckers are going to mess that up as those corrupt lawyers are going to simply lock us in here and tack on another five years.

A burley tattooed guy without his shirt, ran up with a chair and threw it at the siren on the wall. The loud blare came to an end, but the ruckus didn’t. Several of the men inside the guard’s room had begun trying to beat down the door. They had completely shredded the equipment in the room and were attempting to get out. Like that was going to do anything. They get out of here and they are going to just get shot. The dumbfucks.

I turned around and sat on the bed next to Adam, “Well. Looks like we might be here for a while,” I said as I attempted a laugh.

He returned the laugh, “At least we got smokes right?” Robin chimed in with a laugh of his own. “Let’s throw up a curtain and snuggle. I’m fuckin exhausted and it’s chilly in here.”

I nodded, “Same here. Let those idiots do what they want. Come morning it will all be over either way. Hopefully by staying away we won’t get in the way or get shanked. Fuck that.”

I laid down in bed and wrapped my arms around Robin. Adam kicked off his pants and slid under the covers next to me. I felt his hard cock against me, causing my shaft to grow against Robin. Robin looked over his shoulder at me, “Feeling frisky?”

Smiling to myself, “Perhaps,” I said. Adam rubbed himself against me, causing myself to fully harden. My cock was sore from earlier, but tense and tight against Robin. God. This is a fantasy I’ve been wanting since I’ve been here. Perhaps it will finally come true. Two stunning men playing with me and me with them. What things are possible?

“I would like to try something new,” I said as I turned and looked at Adam, “I want you both within me at the same time.”

Adam looked at me, “I think we could do something like that.” His cock  pressed against my ass as I felt his hand slide over my shoulder, down my ribs and to my ass. Groping me, he pressed his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I felt his hand slip down to my anus and rub against my hole. His finger slipped in as I moaned in enjoyment.

“I think I could get used to this…” I whispered as he played with me.

Robin turned around towards me and kissed my face. He put his head between my legs and his cock at my face. I felt his mouth slip over me as his warm tongue slipped in circles around my tip. Sucking on me, he slowly started to stroke my shaft. My cock tightened as he stroked and licked on me. I felt his hand wrap around my sack while Adam was milking my anus. My body shook with excitement as I felt the hair on my arms stand on end.

I felt as his tongue flitted around my anus, my cock being stroked and sucked while I laid there in glorious passion. I felt like I could explode at any given moment. Trying to hold myself in, I sucked on his cock harder and harder. He grew firm and tight in my mouth. My hand felt the pulses of his cock as he groaned in enjoyment. “Are you enjoying this?” I whispered as I pulled him out of my mouth then immediately pushed him back into me.

“Oh god, just like that,” he replied, and then the feeling of him back on my cock returned. “Don’t stop… please… for the love of all that is good, please don’t stop.”

He went into a frenzy sucking on my shaft as he stroked harder and harder. I felt my cock go deep down his throat as he sucked on me under the covers.

I heard gunshots in the background followed by men screaming and fighting.

“Fuck me…” I whispered to Adam. I felt the tongue withdraw from my ass replaced by the hard tip of a cock. Him pushing into me drove me even harder. I sucked for all that I was worth. The smell of his shaft in my mouth, and feeling his chest against mine with Adam’s cock slipping into me was amazing. I could hardly hold myself as I felt myself wanting to cum. “Oh god… god yes… just like that,” I muttered as he sucked on me. His tongue circled my tip as he sucked. The sounds of his slurping on my cock were barely audible against the sounds of the men yelling, but I still heard it. This is amazing… I could never have dreamed of a better time in my life. Who would have known that I would be gay? Who would have known that I would be the one with two amazing, sexy, awesome men in my bed with me?

I pressed my body against his as I grabbed his hips and pushed him down my throat. Gagging on his cock, my throat massaged him while I stuck out my tongue and licked. I felt his cock tighten. No way was he allowed to cum yet. I withdrew him from my mouth and stroked slowly. His dick softened slightly. Not much, but enough to let me know that he wasn’t going to cum yet. Perfect.

I felt Adam grab my hips and pull my ass against him. Feeling his cock slip into my anus, I licked my tongue up and down on Robin. I heard Robin under the covers, “Fuck me.”

Robin turned around, and pushed his back up to me. I reached around and grabbed his shaft while I slipped my cock into his ass. He was still tight from earlier as I pressed myself into him. The tip entered followed by my shaft. Slowly but surely I went deeper and deeper. Adam pushed himself into me at the same pace. His shaft went all the way in, as did mine. We both started moving our hips in motion together, fucking and groping. I couldn’t imagine a better day.

His cock pressed deep into my ass. Feeling this, I returned the favor for Robin. I pressed deep into him as I held tightly on his hips. His back was sweaty as it rubbed against me in turn with our movements. Adam’s chest behind me was tight and muscular as every thrust of mine I felt him touch me. The smell of the sweat from all three of us turned me on even more as I quickened my movements.

Grabbing tighter and harder, my fingers dug into Robin as I released from his cock, focusing on fucking his ass with my hands reached around to his chest. My nails dug into his skin, as I fucked him as hard as I could. Moans escaped from my mouth and enveloped the area as we all three moved with the same motions at the same time. This kind of fucking I could get with doing every day. Jesus Christ.

Adam’s cock went deep into my ass, so deep I could feel it bump up into my stomach. My anus tightened around him as I squeezed my cheeks together. A deep animalistic moan came from one of us, I don’t know who. It turned me into an animal as I clenched my fingers as tight as I could on Robin and fucked him with all my might. I felt every muscle of mine tighten and clench as I pushed myself to my absolute limit. “TAKE IT! TAKE IT!” I yelled as I fucked him with everything I had.

Adam returned the favor as he furiously fucked me. My ass felt like it was being torn apart. The pain mixed with the pleasure kept me hard and pushed me to not stop. Thrusting as hard and as fast as I possibly could, the bed shook with passion. I felt myself ready to explode deep within Robin.

I felt Robin withdraw from me, holding his ass from my cock, “Turn around, I want a turn,” he said firmly. I glanced back at Adam who was baring teeth and fucking me with everything he had. “Turn around, I want to fuck you now,” I said to him as he slowed his movements.

We all three turned our positions while laying on the bed. I grabbed onto Adam’s ass and pushed myself into him. His ass was tighter than it was earlier, and felt amazing. My cock slipped deeply into his ass as I grabbed onto his hips, holding him firmly.

Robin reached around and grabbed my chest. While running his fingers around my nipples, he pushed himself into my anus. My ass grabbed onto him and slid up and down on his cock as I thrusted myself into Adam. We three easily slid on each other as fucked. The smell of sex, sweat and all that is man filled the room. The sounds of moans and groans filled the air around us as the sounds of the men outside the room continued to rise. The screams, gunshots and yelling continued as we held onto each other and fucked.

Robin held onto my nipples hard as he pushed himself all the way into me, and then slid back out. Back and forth he went into me. With each thrust I felt myself wanting to cum. Adam’s ass milked on my cock begging me to cum inside him as I fucked him. Thrusting back and forth harder and harder, we fell into a groove once again. I never wanted to stop.

Cocks went deep and cocks went firm as we all three fucked and pleasured each other for what seemed like eternity.

Finally, unable to hold myself any longer, I felt myself ready to cum. I felt my cock tighten then start releasing my hot semen deep within Adam. My body shook uncontrollably as the smell of the sweat and man filled my nostrils. I reached over and grabbed Adam’s cock and stroked him as I came. His hard cock in my hand made cum even harder as his ass milked my shaft. His anus tightened around my shaft as his body slid up and down on me while I came within him. I pressed myself all the way in and continued to release over and over, pumping him full of my hot cum.

Robins cock tensed deep within my ass as I said, “I want to taste you,” to Adam. Robin fucked me with all his might as I felt his muscles tense against my back as he fucked my ass. I tightened my cheeks for him as I did for Adam minutes ago. He groaned deeply as I did.

Adam’s cock slid into my mouth. I grabbed his hips and pushed him down into me. The smells turned me on as did Robin fucking my ass. Groaning deeply, Robin started cum inside me. I felt his hot sticky cum fill my ass as he pumped and pumped. His cum squirted so hard up inside me as he thrusted into me. My ass was so tight as he came that I felt the cum leak out down out of my ass and press against his sack.

I sucked Adam’s cock as hard and deep as I possibly could. His cock tightened in my mouth as I felt his hot cum start pumping into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself as guttural animalistic sounds escaped my throat as he came. I swallowed him over and over after every pump of his cum hit the back of my throat. Robin kept releasing within me as I swallowed.

Everything was perfect. I couldn’t imagine the day getting any better, or a life getting any better. This time in prison will be the best time of my life… two men I enjoy, a lifestyle I enjoy… Yes. Everything is how it should be.



Thank you for reading the Prison Affairs trilogy.

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