Judgement Day (Demonic Domination, #1)

Judgement Day

(Demonic Domination, #1)





From the author that brought you Ravaged by Demons



Demonic Domination is a new erotic romance story with explicit themes. Intended for mature audiences.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Copyright © 2015 Jezebel Rose

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Earth was judged. All souls were sent to heaven or hell. One woman is left behind.


They say pain enhances pleasure. They say there is a fine balance. What they don’t say is that the devil himself has perfected that balance.


With powerful and commanding demons invading the world, Kate bargains her body in exchange for protection to Lucifer.


Unfortunately for Kate, Lucifer doesn’t do bargains. He always takes what he wants.


What happens when Lucifer goes back on his bargain? Will the hordes of demons simply just let her be or will they ravage her body over and over until she is on the brink of insanity? Maybe, just maybe, Kate will even find out the true reason she has been left behind.




Chapter One



The earth shook beneath my feet as I watched my house crumble to the ground in a massive cloud of smoke.

Shielding my eyes from the glare of the sun, I felt the air twinge with electricity. The hair on my arms stood on end as an intense force crackled with power in seemingly all directions.

Staring into what was left of my home, a large portal opened. It started small, only a couple feet off the ground, but within seconds it had engulfed several yards.

Demons began pouring out of the portal. Most had massive wings on their back that spread wide as they flew by me, completely ignoring my presence.

I stumbled backwards and grabbed onto my mailbox as the creatures continued spewing from the portal. One demon locked his pitch black eyes on me.

A viscerally intense chill ran down my spine as he stepped out of the portal. My eyes couldn’t help but notice his thick cock dangling between his legs. Have they no decency? No. They are demons.

The air around me continued to crackle as I watched a dark storm begin to roll in above me. Perfect. This day couldn’t go any worse.

You see, just yesterday I was going to Church to raise funds for a youth rally. I was going about my perfectly normal and somewhat average life. My heart was set on going out with friends but knowing my parents, I had to get the churchy stuff done first. Go figure it was all for nothing when I woke up in the morning and everyone was gone. Clothes, bodies, everything. Gone. There was nobody left. My best guess is that I was left behind during the rapture, and now I’m stuck with these demons. Fuck my life.

The creature stared at me as he stepped out of the portal and flexed his large red muscles. Other demons continued to pour out of the portal as his thick legs propelled the creature towards me.

My feet couldn’t move as I stood there paralyzed in fear. I watched as he came closer and closer, his thick shaft between his legs growing longer and tighter with one step. I knew what he wanted, even though my mind battled back and forth in hopes of it not being true. It wanted to fuck me.

Fuck. Me. Jesus – what am I thinking?! The apocalypse happened and I’m stuck here in the midst of hordes of demons bent on ruling the Earth and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The creature was now directly in front of me. Whiffs of brimstone and fire from the portal reached my nose as the heat began to tinge my skin.

“H… Hi…?” I managed to whisper as the monstrosity of a demon towered in front of me.

His mouth stretched into a grin and revealed his dark teeth.

I trembled in fear as he leaned down and snorted in my face, “You are mine. Human.”

His words shook me to my core as I stepped backwards and turned to run. Fight or flight – I chose flight. By god, I chose flight.

My feet suddenly kicked into gear, like in a cartoon, where the character’s feet move faster than they should go.

I didn’t go anywhere.

His hand clutched my shoulder and easily held me in place. There was no escaping this creature.

I felt my clothes ripped from my body as I awaited my doom. It was going to either tear me to pieces or use me for his own twisted needs. Either way, I was done.

Glancing behind me, I watched as the stream of demons begin to slow, then eventually stop.

Rain started to spit slowly, then finally pour as thunder raged in the distance.

“Woman. Bend over.”

Was this really how my life ends? Just some hole for a demon to fill for the rest of my life?

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Perhaps it was rain, but I felt like crying, so I’m going to assume it was a tear.

The portal behind me widened as I turned to look at the demon.

Out stepped a man.

A man with massive wings sprouting from his back and two large curled horns protruding from each side of his head. He was clean shaven, and damn attractive. The only thing that caught me off guard was the fact that he was completely nude. Even though he had humanistic features, he was indeed still a demon.

He glanced at the demon behind bending me over, then at the creature’s cock, then finally at me. A grin spread across the man’s face. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what was about to happen.

His glare turned back to the demon about to fuck me. “Get the fuck out. This bitch is mine.”

My adrenaline was pumping faster than it had ever been in the past as I stood there, bent over for the creature behind me. His cock mere inches away from my pussy. I could feel the heat radiating on my slit, warming and tingling my spot. In an odd way, I could only wonder how a demon’s cock would feel. I bet it wouldn’t be as bad as one would think…

The demon behind me stepped back and flew off into the sky. Beads of hail began to fall around me as I watched the man grab my shoulders and pull me into an upright position.

“Why hello there,” he spoke in a commanding tone, “I wasn’t… expecting anyone to be here.”

I nodded to him, “I appear to be left behind. Thank you for protecting me… I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t show up.”

The man smiled… no… grinned at me, “Of course. I am Lucifer; the Prince of Darkness.”

Another chill ran up my arms and into my chest as it suddenly hit me. He was the devil. Evil incarnate. The angel cast down from the heavens to rule the underworld.

“Holy… fuck…” I whispered under my breath as I watched him walk around me like a beast circling its prey.

My mind raced. Can he protect me? Maybe I can use this situation to my advantage.

“I need protection. Will you watch over me and keep me safe? I can offer you… myself I guess.”

Immediately I realized what I just asked. Stupid. Absolutely stup—

My thoughts were cut off by his reply, “Of course.”

His wings spread to his sides and wrapped around me. He smelled of an odd, yet intoxicating aftershave.

The hair around me began to beat down harder and harder as his wings pulled me in closer.

Sleep… god I’m exhausted.

I felt my body moving, but without my mind comprehending it. He was carrying me.


Chapter Two


My eyes opened.

Soft white covers surrounded me as I glanced under the covers. Still clothed. Good – not raped.

I heard a voice break the silence, “Good morning.”

Lucifer. I recognized the voice immediately.

“Good morning to you too,” I responded as I looked around the room. It appeared to be a small abandoned home. Pictures of an unrecognizable family were strewn across the walls.

My attention was turned back to Lucifer.

“What is going on?” I managed to whisper as I snuggled under the covers and watched him stand at the foot of the bed with his arms on his hips.

Finally I got a good look at him as he stood there with a grin on his face.

Personally, I would give him a 10/10 on the hotness scale. I mean – Jesus, for a demon… or a human, he was hot. He had a tall athletic build, toned muscles, strong commanding presence and one hell of a smile. If he hit on me back before this whole apocalypse thing, I would have definitely gone for him. No doubt about that.

My mind snapped back into reality as I watched him pace at the foot of the bed with one hand on his chin, “Well. It’s quite obvious what happened. God took his followers back to heaven, sent the others to hell, and now you, for some reason, are left behind. That perplexes me. But my plan is to take over Earth in an attempt to gain more ground.”

I nodded, not really listening. I could only think about him bending me over the bed, ripping off my clothes and him having his way with me. My hand slipped down between my legs as I watched him pace. Fuck… I was already wet.

His titillating aroma filled the room as I slid my finger up my slit and back down again.

I watched Lucifer’s mouth open and close as he talked, imagining all the while that his soft tongue was sliding up between my lips, curling around my button and sucking. The hair on my arms stood on end as I curled up deeper under the covers and closed my eyes. I slid a finger inside… “Fuck yes,” I breathed deeply in ecstasy.

“What was that?” he spoke.

Jesus fucking Christ – he heard me.

“Oh. Shit. Yeah. Nothing – yeah, nothing,” I stammered as I pulled my hand from between my legs and placed it on the covers.

The soft and subtle smell of my pussy wafted up towards me. I wanted more. I had to have more.

“Fuck me.”

There. I said it. I just told the devil to fuck me. Was I fucking high?

He walked over to the closet and pulled two belts off the rack.

Without hesitation, he strapped my left hand to the side of the bed and then my right. My legs were done the same. Tight and without give.

“I’m sorry!” I called out, “I don’t know what came over me. You are just so… damned attractive.”

He turned towards me, “Yes… I am. Now you will enjoy pain.”

Enjoy pain? How the fuck was that supposed to work?

Lucifer grabbed the edge of the covers and pulled them off of me exposing my body to him. My panties were still pulled to the side as he walked over to the side of the bed and slid his hand down the side of my hip.

“Yes… you will do nicely,” he whispered as he took one of his nails and easily cut my panties.

Pulling my panties off, he grinned at me, “Oh so nicely.”

I couldn’t speak a single word as I watched him grasp his thick cock. His free hand ever so gently ran down my dress over my breasts. Fingers twirled around my nipples, pinching and pulling as he stroked himself hard.

“No words,” he said.

I nodded as he clicked off the light. A single beam of light lit the bed from the window. The rest was darkness. I could already feel myself getting wetter for him as he walked over to the bed with his dick sticking straight out.

Picking up a tie off the corner of a chair, I watched as he wrapped it around my head and tied it within my mouth.

Nodding to himself, I felt his mouth begin at my toes. Each one was ever so lightly kissed and pulled at with his mouth. I wanted him. I needed him.

I could feel the walls of my pussy constricting with each kiss as he neared the edge of my dress. His head went under as he proceeded to find my spot. He found it. I could feel myself entering into the dark world Lucifer had created for me.

He found my button with his tongue. I could tell without a shadow of a doubt it was forked. He twirled in a way no man has ever been able to do. Massaging both sides of my clit, I felt pleasure crept up with such deliberate force, much like a glacier moving slowly through the ocean. Nothing could stop him. I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

His tongue slid inside, bringing a world of such intense pleasure with it. My hands, gripping tighter, felt the pull and burn of the belts around my wrists.

God what I wouldn’t do to be able to grab his head and push him deeper between my legs.

I felt his hard cock against my leg as he slid up and down licking me. Tingling sensations filled my fingertips and exploded like fireworks down my arms and into my chest. My heart wouldn’t slow down. Adrenaline pumping, I pulled at the bindings with every motion he made with his tongue. He knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

His finger slid inside, one… followed by another. He played his game, taunting me as he curled the tip just inside.

My mouth opened to scream as the pain and pleasure mixed into a swirling dark pot of emotion as he grabbed my breast with one hand and pulled my clit into his mouth. His tongue twitched and flicked in circles, pulling and nibbling at the very thing that made my body convulse with every touch.

Finally I able to take a breath. I did so quickly as he withdrew his mouth. I felt as if I hadn’t had one in ages.

His hands went to my dress. One on each side. He pulled – his perfectly toned muscles bulged with the force as he tore it down the center. My breasts and pussy were exposed for him. They were his. I watched as his massive wings spread out from his back.

I felt his mouth slide up my chest to mine. His titillating cologne filled the air, mixing with the smell of sex and desire. Emotions bubbled within me. Finally I was safe from the demons outside. I would be just fine throughout this whole apocalypse if I could keep Lucifer happy.

His thick cock slid up my chest as he straddled me. I felt my breasts press together as he firmly grabbed each one and slid his cock between. Moans echoed throughout the large room as I watched him tilt his head back in pure ecstasy.

My pussy wet, I felt him withdraw his cock and slide it down between my legs, leaving a trail of pre-cum the whole way. His cock flicked up and down, tensing in excitement. My eyes caught his. A devilish grin spread across his face as he placed his body over mine.

His skin touched and pressed against me. Two bodies moving together in perfect harmony. Then penetration. He pushed himself inside as his massive leathery wings expanded from his back.

The glacial movement from earlier turned into a fiery inferno as he started to move faster and faster. Each thrust brought a new level of pleasure as I laid there with my body spread wide open for him to use. Pumping against my body, I felt the carnal desire he felt. He needed me, and I needed him. We were at one with each other. A synchronized force to be reckoned with.

Sounds of the bed slamming against the wall intensified as he hammered into me with his thick cock spreading my lips wide with each powerful push.

His hands gripped the front of the bed as his mouth pulled on my neck. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My walls clenched tight onto his cock and held him firmly deep within me.

He slowed his thrusting as I felt myself cum on his cock. I reached the pinnacle of the mountain. Groans of pleasure filled my ears as the world spun around me. His hand grabbed onto my neck and squeezed. The pain spiked the intensity to a level I had never experienced. Had I really been missing out this entire time?

Lucifer grinned as he quickened his hips once again. His hand clenched tighter around my neck with his other hand holding the back of my head. Breathing heavily in my ear, I knew he was enjoying himself.

His shaft tensed once, twice, then finally exploded inside me. Pumping his hot cum inside, I could feel his entire body turn to rock in moments. Grunting with each slow thrust, he kept going till every drop was inside.

The stinging sensation in my wrists returned as I watched him stand up on the side of the bed. It quickly disappeared as my sex high took over.

“You will now have some… fun with my officers,” he said as he narrowed his eyes and stared at my dripping pussy.

Opening my mouth to speak, I suddenly realized I was still gagged. Fuck.

I guess a deal with the devil doesn’t go very far.

Lucifer left the room as I laid there, spread across the bed.

Moments later, I watched outlines of demons start pouring into the room. Glancing around left and right, I knew I was doomed.

There was only one thing to do.

Try to enjoy it. I had to.

Alright – focus Kate, you got this.


Two hands grabbed onto my shoulders as I gripped the belts.

A demon walked over to the bed, his wings were much smaller than Lucifer’s, but still enormous. His arms bulged with muscle as I noticed hundreds of small horns covering his head. He grabbed my wrist and easily snapped the belt. Another demon did the same on the other side. The second demon was much smaller, but had a much larger cock. Long – thick – and definitely larger than anything I had ever taken.

The smaller demon grabbed my hand and pulled me to the center of the room and pushed my head down. I was now bent over for him. Focus Kate – Just focus.

Glancing behind me, I saw the beast grinning as he pressed the tip of his enormous shaft into my tight pussy. My lips spread for the demon as I felt the cock slide inside me.

My walls expanding, I felt my entire cavity completely filled by the creature. Pain exploded throughout my body as a subtle rise of pleasure crept from my chest down to my little slit. The cock didn’t stop; it kept going and going until I could feel it in my stomach.

Looking back at the beast, I caught his smirk spreading across his face as he squeezed my shoulders. I grinned back at him.

Fuck it. If he wants a good fuck, I’ll give him a good fuck.

I rammed my ass back onto the beast, shoving the thick shaft all the way inside me. Intense lust and desire flowed through my veins as I milked his cock with my pussy the best I could. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead, then immediately turned to streams within seconds as I ravaged his cock with my walls. I wildly bucked on my cock, throwing my entire weight into fucking he demon.

His rigid shaft went deep then shallow, then deep, over and over as I grabbed onto the edge of the bed.

The demon howled in pleasure as he railed my tight pussy. Grabbing onto my hips, I felt him pushing himself in and out, thrusting deeply without any thought or question. His nails dig into my hips bringing blood as my walls massaged and stroked his veiny cock.

Opening my mouth to scream in pleasure, I felt a dick slide into my mouth. With one hand on the bed and my body jerking back and forth wildly, my free hand wrapped around on the cock in my mouth.

Pain drove me into a wild frenzy as I stroked the cock as fast as I could. The pain must have been driving my intense pleasure higher because within minutes I felt myself start to pinnacle. Orgasms exploded throughout my body as my vision blurred and my pussy tightened around the thick cock. The waves of pleasure never stopped as I reached down and twirled my fingers around my clit.

I pulled the cock out of my mouth to scream in pleasure again, but was immediately plugged by another demon’s dick. With a cock in my pussy, a thick shaft wrapped in my fingers and another cock in my mouth, my body shook with pain and pleasure. The burn from Lucifer’s belt still tinged on my hands as I fucked all the demons.

Spiking up and down with orgasm, I felt my pussy squirt on the beast fucking me from behind. My lips dripped with my juices as I felt something slide in circles around my clit. It felt like a tongue.

Attempting to look behind me, the creature in front of me grabbed my head and held it into place. The other creature to my right, whom I was stroking on, shoved his cock into my mouth too.

The cock within my pussy pulled out, then another different cock, slid inside. Over and over, different cocks from different demons slid into my pussy, each different from the last. I had to have more. I just had to.

Another demon pushed its way through the crowd to the front and shoved his cock in my mouth alongside the other demon’s cock.

The bed rocked against the wall with a loud clang with each thrust from the massive demon. Loud howls from creatures pierced my ears with a terrifying screech as my mind suddenly remembered what was actually going on. The apocalypse.

I was immediately brought back into the present as two cocks in my mouth tightened. I felt my lips stretch to accommodate for each the two tips. My tongue flicked back and forth, running circles around each as my free hand stroked another demon to my right.

My ass rammed back onto the cock, sending the creature behind me into a similar rage of sexual desire. His arms wrapped around my breasts and held onto my sore tits as they flailed back and forth with each thrust.

“Come for me demon,” I moaned between gritted teeth.

Pinching my nipples between his fingers, I felt the cock expand and tighten within my pussy as my clit swelled with pleasure. The shaft pulsed once, then twice and then finally exploded hot cum between my tight walls, filling my insides with milky hot orgasm.

The demon grabbed my feet and flipped me onto the bed with a loud grunt.

I glanced back at him as I landed on my side.

Several of the demons seemed to have left the room as I only saw him standing there staring at me. I couldn’t even manage to muster up for one word as I laid there panting heavily from the sheer amount pleasure pumping through my veins.

Reaching up to my forehead, I wiped the sweat off my brow and smiled.

Perhaps this apocalypse won’t be so bad.


Chapter Three


The small home shuddered as I awoke. My adrenaline immediately shot up, blood coursing through my body faster and faster as my heart raced.

Fuck. I got to get out of here before this whole place comes down.

Grabbing a large tee shirt out of the closet, I raced to the door and ran outside.

I pulled the shirt over my head. It covered my body… at least for now. Until more demons come.

Looking around at NYC in the distance, I noticed most of everything was either on fire or simply just destroyed. Demons swarmed over the landscape like water over a dam. Large black clouds floated in the sky over my head threatening to pour.

The ground shook again.

Sticking my arms out to balance myself, I felt my body fly backwards as a large mound busted out of the ground beneath my feet.

Swarms of insects poured out of the mound and devoured all plants they came into contact with. Everything was in a state of complete and utter destruction.

As I flew backwards, I felt two hands slide under my arms and pull be back to my feet. Out of reaction with my adrenaline, I turned and rose my hand to strike the demon. Even though he just saved me.

“Woah there miss,” I hear a voice say as I turn to see the demon that saved me.

Immediately I recognized the voice. It was Lucifer.

His calm, cool and commanding voice could be recognized anywhere.

“Your proposition yesterday was noted, but you see… I can tell what a woman really wants. I’m not just your average human you know.”

I nodded, listening to Lucifer as he spoke. It was almost mesmerizing. His mouth moved slow and with purpose.

His hand slid down my shoulder as he turned me around to face him. It kept sliding until it was back between my legs. I had no intention of ever stopping him.

“I can give you what you want.”

The single words any person would want to hear from a person in power, ‘what do you want?’

I replied quickly with skepticism, “How can you tell what I want? I mean, I know you are powerful and all, but can you truly know what my desires are?”

Lucifer bucked his head back in a roar of laughter, “I am the Prince of Darkness! Of course I know what your wants are.”

“Well, tell me then. Because I sure as hell don’t know what my wants are.”

His mouth curved into a grin as he looked me over, “You want this,”—he held out a collar in his palm—“you want safety and a master to help you through this time.”

I felt my gut curl at the sight of the collar. If I put that around my neck I would be his. I would be protected… but I would also be his.

Picking up the black leather collar from his hand ever so gently, I twisted it between my fingers. It was soft, yet firm and strong.

“I’ll do it.” The words escaped my mouth before my head even got a chance to process the decision. I guess the choice was made before I even knew it.

Lucifer quickly snatched the collar from my hand and placed it around my neck.

Words were muttered from his mouth as he tightened it into place.

“What?” I questioned, as I was unable to hear what he was saying.

His reply was swift, like a knife through butter, “I spoke eternal words of damnation. You are now bound to me… forever.”

A chill ran through my body as I watched him click a leash around my neck.

I was forever his.

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