Free Polyamory Dating Websites

Free Polyamory Dating Websites; by niche

One question we are asked a lot is: “Where can I meet other polyamorous people online?” Well. Read this and you’ll know!

What kind of a polyamory dating website are you looking for?

There are many different websites out there that are great for different niches. There are swinger websites, but they wouldn’t be good for a couple looking to develop a long term relationship with another couple. There are websites for singles such as eHarmony that is great if you are single and looking, but couples can’t even create a profile. There are also many websites out there that are great, but cost money to get going. We’ll keep that a factor in our reviews as well.

Let’s get started shall we?

Couples Seeking Couples | Triads seeking more | Quads seeking more

A great way to find other couples is by creating a joint profile on OkCupid. I’m sure you’ve heard this answer before, but its obvious; its a good website to find and date other couples on! Learn more about OkCupid and it’s advanced features at finding other polyamorous people by clicking the link below. We recommend picking up A-List for a month if you want to get better features. It certainly makes finding other couples an easier process!

Craiglist is free and very easy to find couples in your area by going to the appropriate section of the forums area. We don’t highly recommend Craigslist only because of the sheer amount of spam there. However, Craigslist can be good for finding polyamorous couples simply because its simple to navigate and its 100% free. is great because you can create a profile as a couple, and its targeted at couples. This is where OkCupid loses points and Kupple gains points. You and your partner can have a couple profile with sections dedicated to each of you!

Singles, Couples, Triads, Quads and more seeking Swingers is a great website for any size of group, or single person wanting to swing with people local to their area. Boasting millions of members, active forums, high quality life chat, and a great membership searching area, is a great place to start for anybody wanting to swing! In addition to swinging, there is erotica, sexy areas, clubs near you as well as a swingers party area. We highly recommend this site!

Swinging can run with polyamory and can be difficult to find a good website that really focuses on this aspect of the lifestyle if the group so desires. My wife and I have used and love it. It allows for a brief introduction of the couple and what they are looking for. It also has an area for several photos, although a bit smaller than we would have liked. Filtering on swingles is great because it seems like there are always a lot of people there. The email side of this website is a bit spammy as every time we log in to the website our inbox is literally packed with invites to local swinger parties, which we don’t normally attend. is another great website for finding a hot night with other singles or groups. The website does have a large portion available for VIP members only, which we have had great success with! is great for swinging, although our use of the website was brief because there was not too many people that have been on recently. There were many more people on rather than this. Perhaps this website in your area may be better, so check it out!

I should at least mention as well. It’s not necessarily a dating website, but can be used lightly for dating. This is more along the sexual side of things, however, it is widely used across the nation and you will definitely find groups close by with this!

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