The Backdoor

The Backdoor
The next evening, Emma got ready for the work party. Her stomach bubbled with the excitement of seeing Max that night.
Earlier that day, she visited the sex shop Jenny had recommended to her. She had arranged a special surprise for him. She found one of the diamond butt plugs that Viv had been wearing. It was now inserted in her ass, ready for Max to find later on.
Emma slipped her feet into her silver stilettos and studied herself in the mirror. Gone was the mousey brown and black that she had worn for years. Tonight she wore a long red fitted dress with a slit right up to her hip. Her hair was in a loose chignon and her makeup was sultry. Her taxi beeped outside and she ran out of the house, eager to meet her date.
As Emma walked into the ballroom at the hotel, she felt all eyes turn to her. Most of the other women were in muted colors, nude, white, black. The old Emma would have been mortified to be the center of attention, but using her new-found confidence, she strutted right over to the bar where Max was waiting.
“Emma, wow,” he exclaimed, “just wow.”
“Thank you,” she said, calling the bartender over to order a drink. Suddenly, she felt an arm slip around her waist from the opposite side of Max. Confused, she looked up and saw Peter Harris, another co-worker from her floor. He had obviously been drinking for quite a while, his tux was already dishevelled and she could smell alcohol.
“Well, damn, Emma!” he slurred as he peered down the neckline of her dress into her cleavage.
Emma felt Max stiffen beside her, his face was hard and he was staring at Peter.
Slipping out from under Peter’s arm, she picked up her drink from the bar and turned to leave. “Thank you, Peter,” she said evenly, “your tie is crooked, by the way.”
Emma walked off with Max close behind her. He was still shooting daggers at Peter.
“Don’t worry about it,” Emma said with a wave of her hand, “everyone knows he’s a jerk.”
They joined some of their co-workers at a table where they drank and laughed together, unable to keep their eyes off each other. As the band began to play, couples made their way out onto the dance floor.
“Would you like to dance?” Max asked her, brushing a loose piece of hair from her face.
“Sure, just let me freshen up first.”
Emma left the ballroom to search for the bathroom. She was tipsy from both the alcohol and the feeling of having Max all to herself and she felt aroused by the feeling of fullness the butt plug gave her.
Emma reached a dead-end on the corridor she had been following and cursing, she turned back. Blocking her path, was a man, draining the last of his drink from his glass. Emma’s heart sank as she realized it was lecherous Peter Harris once again.
“I know a secret about you Emma,” Peter said in a silly singsong voice.
“Congratulations?” Emma said shortly, trying to brush past him, but he quickly caught her by the waist and pushed her up against the wall.
“Peter, take your fucking hands off me, right now,” Emma shouted.
“I couldn’t get into conference room B the other day, do you know why?” Peter continued, ignoring Emma’s protests. He grabbed both of Emma’s wrists and pinned them to her side and began to rub his erection against her crotch.
“Peter you have exactly five seconds to take your hands off me,” Emma warned him, struggling under his tight grip. Peter licked her neck, the sour smell of whiskey and cigarettes pervading her nostrils.
“I couldn’t get in, Emma, because you were fucking someone inside. Can it be my turn with Emma the dirty office whore?”
Emma had enough, as Peter moved in to kiss her, she pulled back her head and cracked him as hard as she could in the nose. Peter staggered back just as Max rounded the corner. His eyes moved from Emma to Peter and as he realized what had happened, he lunged for the pathetic figure hunched on the floor cradling his bloody nose.
Emma jumped between them. “Let’s just go home Max,” she said, “he’s not worth it.”
Max looked like he was going to ignore Emma’s plea. After a moment of hesitation, he took her hand and led her down the corridor, his breathing coming fast and quick with temper. Outside, they jumped in a taxi and headed for his house. “I should have killed that guy,” he said.
“Max, I am well able to take care of myself,” Emma said firmly, then her expression softened and she whispered in his ear, “but you can take care of me when we get to yours”
An hour later in Max’s living room, they were relaxed drinking wine, when Max remembered his surprise.
“So what is it?” he asked eagerly, taking her glass of wine. Silently, Emma stood and pulled her dress up above her waist. She had gone commando and she turned her back to Max, bending over slightly, she heard him gasp.
“I told you the other night what I want you to do to me,” Emma said.
Max stood and unzipped his pants, his cock erect and slowly he put it in her pussy.
Emma had never felt so full before. As Max worked in and out of her pussy, he spread her ass cheeks and slowly pulled out the plug.
“Oh my god, Emma!” he whispered as he circled her gaping asshole with his finger.
Emma grabbed her purse off the table and handed him a tube of lube. “Fuck my asshole,” she told him looking into his eyes as she leaned forward on his sofa.
Without a word, Max lubricated his cock and slowly began to insert it into Emma.
She gasped at the sensation. It wasn’t painful, but she could feel her puckered hole stretching around his cock. The nerve endings were tingling and she began to play with her clit as he moved in and out a little further every time.
“Oh baby, I’m going to come soon,” Max groaned as he watched his cock move in and out of her virgin hole.
Emma wasn’t listening, her own orgasm was already breaking, the sensation of her full asshole making it stronger and deeper than any she had experienced with vaginal intercourse.
Max felt her tighten around his cock and began to pump harder as he came. When he was done, he watched in awe as he pulled his dripping cock out of her ass.
“Emma,” he said as he turned her around and kissed her long and hard. “Can… I keep you?” Emma smiled to herself as he got up off the couch.
She might just keep him too.

The Business Partner

The Business Partner
Emma woke the next morning with a smile, remembering her date with Max. They had laughed the whole way home in the car at the shock on Emma’s face.
They had sat talking for over an hour outside Emma’s house until Jenny’s curtain twitching had become too much and Emma had to go inside to tell her all about her date. They were meeting up tomorrow to attend a charity ball run by their company. He was out of town on business today, so Emma had booked a half day off work to go meet Chad before he left Seattle.
Work dragged by and Emma squirmed in her seat all day with excitement. Finally, 1pm arrived and she made her way to Chad’s hotel. Knocking on his door, she was surprised when another man answered.
“Oh, sorry, I must have the wrong room,” she said, turning to go.
“No this is Chad’s room. I’m Roberto, his business partner. Please come in.” Roberto stood back to let Emma in and her heart sank. She had been so looking forward to her last meeting with Chad, now it looked like he was too busy with work.
Inside, Chad was sitting on the bed in his suit pants and shirt with no tie, taking off his watch.
“Ah, Emma at last,” he said, standing up and kissing her cheek. “I see you have met our partner for the afternoon.”
Emma glanced at Roberto confused. He was short, maybe an inch taller than Emma and tanned with dark hair and dark eyes. What did Chad mean “our partner”?
Roberto walked over to her and kissed her softly on the lips. “No need to worry beautiful,” he said, taking her hand and walking her to the bed. “Chad has asked me to join you, for your pleasure only.”
Emma looked to Chad for an explanation as Roberto sat down beside her on the bed and began stroking her back with his thumb.
“Today Emma, you are going to tell us exactly what you would like us to do to you. Indulge your fantasies, anything you want.”
Emma thought for a moment. “I want you both to fuck me,” she said thoughtfully.
“A hole for each of us?” Roberto asked.
“No, I’m saving that for someone,” Emma said, smiling, thinking of Max. “I want you both to fuck me, and then I want you both to come on my face.”
Chad and Roberto smiled at each and they began to undress. Roberto was already hard, Emma noticed. Quickly, she stripped off and the two men began to lick and kiss her body.
“Roberto, lick my pussy,” Emma demanded, and he began to do so with gusto. He lapped at her wet pussy with his tongue as Chad watched and stroked his penis.
“Chad, in my mouth,” Emma ordered her friend and he straddled her chest and placed his cock in her mouth.
Soon, Emma needed to be penetrated. “Who wants to fuck me first?” Emma asked.
Roberto didn’t need to be asked twice. Wiping her juices from his chin, he thrust his short fat cock into her dripping pussy and began to move in and out quickly.
“Slow down there buddy,” Emma teased. “Remember what I said about coming on my face,” she reminded him.
Roberto pulled out, taking a break, and Chad flipped Emma on her knees and entered her from behind.
Emma moaned as his long cock pressed places Roberto’s hadn’t. Roberto was in front of her now, holding his throbbing penis in front of her face. Emma opened her mouth and he put it in. She could taste herself on his dick and as Chad fucked her and she sucked her own juices off Roberto’s dick, she came, hard.
When he was sure she had finished. Chad joined Roberto at her face and the two of them rubbed their cocks on her face and in and out of her mouth. Emma felt her pussy throbbing once more and she began to play with her clit.
Suddenly, Roberto began to ejaculate little drops of hot cum into her mouth. Emma drank it down like nectar and Roberto squirted over her face, rivers of cum rolled over her lips and into her mouth. Emma licked her mouth with her tongue and Chad began to squirt his ejaculate all over her lips. She opened her mouth and he blew his load into it, the sight of her cum covered face making him moan. Emma felt herself come for the second time, her body quivered until finally, exhausted, she lay on the bed panting.
When she recovered, Emma hopped in the shower. By the time she came out, Roberto was gone and Chad was packing his suitcases. Emma leaned against the door frame watching him.
“Thanks for everything this week Chad,” Emma said.
“It was my pleasure,” Chad said, flashing her his devilish grin. “But seriously Emma, you are a very sexual woman, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.”
“I won’t, not anymore,” she said and she kissed him on the cheek and walked out the door.

The Film

The Film
The next day, Emma arrived at work early. Her ass still smarted from the beating she took from Chad last night and every time she sat she smiled at the memory.
Maybe spanking wasn’t her thing, but she must remember to thank Jenny for introducing her to Chad. Her confidence had grown so much this past week, she felt like a new woman.
“Good morning, feeling better?”
Emma was pulled from her daydream by Max’s sultry tones in her ear.
“Yes, thank you,” she smiled up at him.
“Emma, I was wondering, would you like to come to go to a movie with me tonight?”
Emma was taken aback… a movie? Surely that was code for “Emma I want to fuck you tonight”?
“Um, sure,” she said, smiling up into his handsome face, “what time?”
“I’ll pick you up about 8.30, text me your address,” he said and gave her a wink as he turned to go.
At home that evening, Emma and Jenny sat in Jenny’s room once again raiding her wardrobe.
“So, you suck his cock, promise him more and then he asks you to a movie?” Jenny asked, summing up their conversation.
“Yup, that’s pretty much it,” Emma said, staring at the pile of discarded clothes on the floor.
The girls had settled on a denim mini skirt with a white tank top and a pair of wedges, casual but sexy for an early evening cinema date.
“Maybe he’ll bring you to a make-out place after and you guys can go to second base,” Jenny giggled.
Emma laughed at her friend and threw a pillow at her. She had to admit, Max had thrown her. Maybe it was the kinkiness of the encounters she had all week in comparison, but this felt very vanilla after their first encounter this week.
At eight twenty-five there was a knock on the door and Max stood there with a bouquet of blue lilies.
“Wow, they’re beautiful,” Emma gasped, “thank you.”
Leaving Jenny to place them in water, Emma and Max headed off on their date.
“So what movie would you like to see?” Emma asked in the car.
“I should probably explain Emma,” Max said, glancing over at his date. “This is a small theatre with very limited releases, but I think you’re really going to enjoy the movie I picked.”
Emma was still confused, but decided to play along.
The movie theatre was a small back alley building that sold liquor in the foyer. Emma ordered a double vodka and coke and they went into the screening room. The room was bigger than Emma had expected. Several couples were dotted around the room in the large two person seats as well as several men on their own. Making their way half-way up the aisle, they took their seats just as the lights went down.
As the credits rolled, Emma was happy to see the film was in English at least. The movie opened with a man and a woman, lying in bed kissing. As the kissing grew steamier Emma glanced around the theatre. The couples were all making out furiously or petting one another. Emma glanced back at the screen and realized that the man was now placing his cock in his co-stars mouth. It was porn.
Her mouth hanging open she turned to look at Max, who was studying her carefully, a look of anticipation on his face. As their eyes met, they both dissolved into silent fits of laughter until tears rolled down their cheeks.
When she recovered from the shock, Emma began watching the other people in the theatre. In the row across from them, a woman was sucking frantically on her partner’s cock while a man a couple of seats over, masturbated furiously. Another couple in front of them had been joined by one of the other single men and the woman’s partner watched as she gave him a hand job. All around her, people were sucking, licking, fucking.
Glancing at Max, she realized that while she had been watching everyone else, he had only been watching her. Taking her cue from some of the other women, she pulled her tank top over her head and undid her bra. Brazenly, she sipped on her vodka and coke and turned her face back to the screen. The woman was being penetrated anally. Emma felt herself get moist as she watched the man’s huge dick stretch out her tiny pink hole.
Leaning over to Max, she whispered in his ear, “I want you to do that to me.”
She watched his pupils dilate as he imagined fucking her asshole and he whispered back, “Not here, but soon.”
Max grabbed her chin and began to kiss her gently at first then harder. Suddenly he pulled away and raised his hand up with a flat palm. Emma realized a man had been coming over to join them. He stopped a couple of seats away and raised an eyebrow to Max.
“I let him know he can’t join in, but I told him he could watch. Is that okay with you, Emma?”
Emma glanced at the man, mid 40s, short black hair, tall and reasonably attractive. He was watching her for her response and she blew him a kiss. The man smiled and undid his pants, letting his erection bounce out and he began to massage it. Somehow, this managed to turn Emma on. She felt like she was on fire.
Turning her attention back to Max, she began to unzip his pants. She couldn’t wait to see his big hard cock again, she had been dreaming about it all week. Slowly she began to massage it with her hand as Max slipped his hand up her short denim skirt. He moved her panties to the side and began to rub her clit. Emma moaned and licked her lips as his long experienced fingers entered her. His thumb was circling her clit and he had three fingers inside her. She felt her juices flow out all over his hand as he worked her.
Emma leaned forward and took Max’s throbbing cock in her mouth. She put her ass in the air facing the other man so he could watch Max finger her.
Around this time, Emma realized there was another man to his left watching her. She rubbed Max’s dick all over her face and mouth, but kept eye contact with the other man as she licked and sucked him. She watched in satisfaction as the man hit a climax and came all over himself. Emma was pleased with this reaction.
Turning her attention back to Max, she realized he was watching her with an amused expression on his face.
“You’re quite the exhibitionist aren’t you?” he whispered and he pulled her up onto his lap.
His thick cock slipped into her wet pussy and Emma bounced up and down quickly on it. Max began to play with her asshole again and she felt her nerve endings in her little pink hole tingle.
“We need to stretch you out before I put my cock in there,” Max teased.
“Oh Max,” Emma moaned louder than expected.
She was bucking on top of him now and as the first waves of her orgasm began, Max slipped a finger right up her ass. Gasping, Emma came harder than ever before and she cried out. She watched Max’s face as he came, pushing hard into her.
When they had finished, Emma slipped back into her seat and adjusted her underwear back into place and put on her top and bra.
Other couples were still moaning and groaning around them and no one seemed to be watching the movie, just each other.
“Will we go?” Max whispered.
Emma nodded and they slipped out by the man who had been watching them.
“Thank you for coming!” he said as they passed, and Emma gave him a wink. “No, thank you for coming.”

Hot Date

Hot Date
At home, Emma had time for a shower and some food before she met Chad. She was just sitting down to her dinner when her phone beeped.
It was Max. See you at work tomorrow? –
Emma felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of seeing Max again. She had a crush on him since the day she started, but she knew he hadn’t noticed her until yesterday.
Emma felt that she was getting the hang of this sexually empowered lifestyle and she no longer felt nervous at the thought of meeting Chad, but every time she thought of meeting Max.
Trying to put Max out of her mind, she ate quickly and went to her room to find something to wear.
Half an hour later she sat exasperated on top of a mountain of conservative suits and shirts. Jenny popped her head around the door and laughed at her friend’s scowling face.
“Dressing for your date with Chad?” she guessed. “Come on. My closet is your closet.”
Ten minutes later, Emma was leaving the house dressed in a tight knee length white dress that somehow bordered on both virginal and sexy at the same time. She pulled up outside Chad’s hotel and checked her makeup in the mirror. Instead of leaving her hair loose around her shoulders, Jenny had tied it up in a chic bun.
Emma thought she looked about fifteen, but Jenny assured her, Chad would love it.
Emma bypassed reception and headed straight to the lifts. Chad had texted her his room number already. She knocked on his door and it pushed open. Inside, Chad was standing beside the bed with his back to her. Closing the door softly behind her, she tried to sneak up behind him.
“Not so fast missy,” Chad turned around just before she reached him. When he saw her, his eyes widened and he smiled in delight.
“Wow, Emma, you look amazing,” he was practically drooling as he walked around her, surveying her curves, big ass and all.
He doesn’t look so bad himself, Emma thought. Chad was shirtless, wearing just a pair of gray jogging pants. His hair was wet and he smelled of soap and expensive aftershave. He clearly worked out, his stomach was ripped and tanned. Emma reached out a hand to touch his rippling abs, but he stopped her.
“I have something very special planned for you.”
Emma looked past Chad’s hard body to look at the bed. She gasped when she realized what he had been doing when she entered. On the bed was a variety of what she could only imagine were instruments of torture, handcuffs, chains, riding crops and things she didn’t even know what they were.
“What the hell is all this,” she asked, half annoyed at his presumption that she would go along with this, half excited to see what would happen.
“This is your surprise,” Chad grinned. “You want to take more control in your sex life right? Well, I’m going to help you do that by teaching you how fun it is to lose all control.”
“That doesn’t even make sense,” Emma pouted crossing his arms
“From this point on, I am your master and you are my slave,” Chad said, ushering Emma over to the bed. “Your safe word is orange. If I am hurting you or you want me to stop for any reason, just say orange and I will stop immediately. Now, slave, strip for your master.” Chad sat on the bed and waited for Emma to comply.
“Chad I–,” Emma began to protest, but Chad cut her off.
“You will address me as Sir or Master only from this point on,” Chad said, laying back against the pillows on the bed, “now, strip.”
“Ok, Sir,” Emma said sarcastically.
Slowly she lifted the white dress over her head, revealing only white nipple pasties and a miniscule white thong underneath. Next, Emma slipped off her white pumps, then turning around to give Chad the best view of her ass, she bent over and slowly removed her thong. Standing in front of him with only the nipple pasties to cover her modesty while Chad remained fully dressed made her feel vulnerable and turned on all at once.
“What would you like me to do next, sir?” she asked in her most innocent voice, biting on her lip as she waited for his answer.
“I want you to come over to the bed and choose how you would like to be restrained,” Chad said, indicating the pile of paraphernalia at the end of the bed. Emma went over for a closer look. Cable ties, handcuffs, ropes, silk scarves, or chains.
Emma instinctively wanted to reach for the silk scarves, the safest option, but she stopped herself. You wanted to go outside your comfort zone, she scolded herself and she found herself reaching for the cable ties.
“Excellent choice,” Chad grinned, “now on your hands and knees on the ground.”
Emma dropped to the ground, her heart was beating wildly in her chest and her breathing was quickening. She honestly couldn’t tell if it was from fear or arousal, but she liked it.
Chad walked around in front of her and took her two wrists and deftly placed a cable tie around them. He then walked around and placed another on her ankles.
“They’re tight,” Emma complained.
Chad whirled around and spanked her sharply on the ass.
“Ow!” Emma exclaimed, shocked.
“I told you to address me as Sir when you speak to me,” Chad was trying very hard to keep a serious face but Emma could see the smile in his eyes.
“Sorry, Sir,” she grinned wickedly up at Chad and licked her lips in a seductive manner.
Chad took off his sweatpants and stood before Emma in all his glory, his cock was standing to attention, red and swollen and ready.
“Open your mouth slave,” he commanded.
Emma did so and Chad shoved his dick into her mouth. Emma began to suck, gently at first, then harder as she looked up into Chad’s face and watched him as he closed his eyes in pleasure. He grabbed her bun with two hands and began to slowly move his penis in and out of her mouth.
“Stop sucking, you horny little bitch,” Chad said, holding her head still. I want to fuck your mouth. We are not partners here, you are my object to be used, you will do nothing unless I tell you and you will not come until I tell you that you may. Do you understand? Blink once for yes.”
Emma blinked slowly once and Chad resumed moving his cock in and out of Emma’s mouth. Emma’s pussy was on fire, she never imagined having so little control would turn her on so much.
As Chad moved his cock in and out of her mouth, she felt drool began to drip from her mouth down on to his cock, her instinct was to swallow, but she stayed still.
“Oh Emma,” Chad moaned as he took out his cock and rubbed it on her face, “I am going to fuck you so hard. But first, I think you need to be spanked.”
“Spanked?” Emma asked, her eyes widening. “Spanked… sir?” she added as she saw the glint in his eye.
“Yes, spanked,” he helped Emma to a standing position and faced her towards the bed, “what would you like me to use?”
Emma surveyed the equipment laid out on the bed once more.
“The riding crop or the paddle sir” she said. “No whips or chains.” she added firmly.
“Very well, we will try both,” Chad smiled and wiped everything else off the bed. Lifting Emma on to the bed, he helped her once again to her hands and knees.
“Paddle first,” Chad said and firmly struck Emma across the ass.
“Orange, Orange!” Emma shouted and Chad immediately threw the paddle to the floor.
“Ok, riding crop it is,” Chad picked up the crop and slapped Emma across the ass with it. It was tolerable after the harshness of the paddle and as Chad slapped her again, she realized that it was making her aroused. Chad noticed too.
“I knew you’d like getting spanked, you naughty, naughty girl,” This time he moved the riding crop lower when he slapped her so it slapped against the outside of her pussy. She moaned, the pain of the slap moving seamlessly into pleasure. Again and again Chad slapped her with the riding crop, sometimes softly, sometimes harder.
“Sir,” Emma gasped when she thought she could take no more and Chad threw down the riding crop and thrust himself inside her.
Emma ground back on his hard cock, losing all control, she began to come hard and cried out in pleasure as Chad fucked her harder. When her orgasm peaked, Chad pulled out, smiling at the red-faced Emma.
“I told you not to come,” he said, laughing. “Sorry Sir,” she laughed, “I just couldn’t help myself.”
“I’m afraid you will never be a submissive Emma,” he teased shaking his head in mock disappointment.
Emma noticed Chad was still rock hard. “You didn’t come yet?” she asked surprised.
“Yet,” Chad stood in front of her, his erection in front of her face. Emma took the hint and opened her mouth so Chad could put his dick inside.
Slowly, she rolled her tongue around the tip and the sucked and licked until she could feel his cum pulsing its way up his shaft. Chad pulled his cock half way out of her mouth and as he came, he watched intently as his cum filled her mouth and dripped down her chin. Emma swallowed and licked at the salty fluid, enjoying the look of naked pleasure on his face.
Chad grabbed a scissors from the end table and cut off the ties. As Emma stood, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror. Her face was sticky and shinning with Chad’s fluid and her ass was fire engine red. “Damn,” she said, turning to look at Chad, “what are you going to do to me next time?”
Chad laughed, “We’ll have one more meeting before I leave town, and I promise it will be one you’ll never forget.” Emma couldn’t wait.

The Married Couple

The Married Couple
The next day, Emma phoned in sick to the office. She added pulling a sickie to the list of firsts she was having that week and smiled to herself.
Today was going to be special. She was meeting Chad at his hotel later in the evening and he promised her an experience she had never had before. The day, though, that was hers to do what she wished and she had come up with something last night that she was very excited about.
Just then her phone beeped with an email. She grabbed her keys off the table and checked her inbox as she rushed out the door.
With a smile, she realized it was Max, wondering if yesterday had anything to do with her not coming in today. She emailed him back and told him she would be all his tomorrow. She had been thinking about Max a lot the last 24 hours. Chad was fun and sexy as hell, but Max was on a whole new level. While Chad was perfect for a fling, she secretly hoped that she and Max could develop into something more. Emma shook her head to clear thoughts of Max. She had a different mission right now.
As she swung her car out of her driveway, she felt the familiar nagging doubt of her old self. She was meeting a couple she had found on Craigslist at a nearby hotel. They had promised they were both fit, attractive business people from Colorado, but when she told Jenny she had warned her not to get her hopes up.
They were meeting at the Hilton though, that was a good sign, Emma thought. Anyway, they didn’t know what she looked like, so she could always scope them out and leave. Emma had debated with herself about what to wear and had eventually settled on a yellow sundress and high wedge heels to show off her long brown legs. Underneath her sundress however, she wore white crotch less panties and a matching shelf bra that Jenny had picked up for her that day. From the outside she could have been a middle school teacher, but underneath, she was a saucy minx.
With trepidation, Emma pulled into the car park at the Hilton. She ran her fingers through her long chestnut mane, spritzed a little perfume, and headed into the bar.
It was only 10.30 am, but there were several people already filling the elegant booths and tables. Ordering herself a spritzer, she sat at the bar and lifted the wine menu to her face, pretending to study it as she looked around the room.
Most of the groups were of men in suits and as she worked her way around the room, she spotted them. They sat in silence, the man checking his watch every couple of minutes, the woman fixing her makeup in a compact mirror.
Not bad Emma thought, they were in their late 30‘s or early 40‘s. The man was dressed in khakis and a button-down shirt. The woman was pretty with shoulder length blonde hair and tanned skin, wearing a blue knee-length dress with a pair of nude heels.
With a deep breath, Emma put down the menu and made her way over to the table. They both looked up as she approached and passed a look between them. “Hi, are you the Clarkson’s?”
The man jumped up, already undressing Emma with his eyes. “Yes, I’m Sam and this is my wife Sarah,” he indicated the woman across from him but never took his eyes away from Emma. “So nice to meet you, we were worried you wouldn’t show.”
Emma turned to Sarah and put out her hand, noticing that the woman was eyeing her warily.
“Sam, why don’t you go on up and Sarah and I will follow you up in a moment,” Emma told the man who was anxiously watching his wife and his new toy get acquainted. He hesitated and looked like he was about to argue, but instead he turned on his heel and walked away.
“Is everything OK Sarah,” Emma asked the woman gently.
Sarah smiled at Emma, “Oh yes, everything is fine, it’s just you’re the most attractive woman we have ever done this with, mostly we meet bored housewives looking for a thrill and I am fairly confident that I am still the most attractive woman in the room,” she shrugged her shoulders and gave a sheepish smile.
Emma understood, and it was clear her husband was practically salivating over the thought of fucking the nubile 25 year old.
“Sarah, I am a lot more interested in fucking you than fucking your husband,” she told her, discreetly rubbing her thigh, “and to be honest, this is my first threesome. If you want me to leave, just say the word and I will go and you will never hear from me again. You can tell Sam I balked and left. I hope you don’t though, because between the two of us, I think we can drive your husband wild”
Sarah smiled at Emma, placing her hand on top of Emma’s on her leg, “No, let’s do this,” she said standing up and the two headed towards the lift.
In the room, Sam was casually lounging on a sofa with a glass of wine when the girls arrived. He poured them both a large glass each and they drank it as they sat and chatted.
Eventually, Emma decided she better move things along. She shifted her body closer to Sarah on the sofa and tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. She then turned her mouth to hers and kissed her softly and sensually on the lips.
Sarah responded, slipping her tongue into Emma’s mouth. When they broke apart, Sam already had his jeans off and was sitting in his shirt and boxers, his erection creating a tent in the cotton material.
Sarah took Emma by the hand and led her to the foot of the bed. They kissed again and Emma reached out and slipped her hands under Sarah’s dress, pulling it up over the woman’s head. Underneath, she was wearing what looked like an expensive, red bra and panties. She was hotter with her clothes off. Her stomach was flat and her legs were long and toned.
Sarah grabbed Emma’s sundress and pulled it off her and Sam gasped when he saw her crotch less panties and her pert breasts thrust forward by the shelf bra, her pink nipples standing to attention above the white material. He was standing a foot away from the two women, his dick was in his hand and he was masturbating to them like they were his own personal peep show. The sight of his fat, if somewhat short, dick being rolled about in his hand made Emma instantly wet.
“Let’s give him a show Sarah,” she giggled in the woman’s ear, kissing her again on her soft lips.
Sarah dropped her head and began to suckle at Emma’s breast. Emma made eye contact with Sam and licked her lips slowly and purposefully. Sarah pushed her gently back onto the bed. As she wriggled up the bed so her head was on the pillows, Sarah was taking off her own bra and panties so she was completely naked. She walked over to her husband and kissed him on the mouth.
Emma saw she had what looked like a large diamond between her ass cheeks. Sarah brought Sam by the hand over to a chair by the end of the bed and climbed back on to it beside Emma. Sitting at her feet, she spread Emma’s legs open and with her ass in the air, she began to eat Emma’s pussy with vigour.
Emma moaned in ecstasy as the woman buried her face and tongue into her wet pussy while her husband sat feet away, tugging on his cock.
Sam got up and came around to beside Emma’s face and began to rub his dick across it. Emma stuck out her tongue and began to lick it. Sarah stopped licking her pussy to watch and slipped two fingers inside her and began to massage her g-spot. Emma was wild with want and with the knowing glances the husband and wife pair were giving each other, they knew it. Sarah indicated for Sam to climb up on the bed and he did so, removing his shirt so he too was naked.
“Emma, sit up and suck my husband’s dick, you naughty little girl,” Sarah demanded authoritatively.
Emma placed herself between Sam’s legs with her ass in the air, and began to lick Sam’s shaven balls. As she moved up his shaft with her tongue, she noticed a drip of cum on the soft skin at the tip. Her eyes lit up and she looked from Sarah to Sam, both watching her closely.
Slowly she reached out her tongue and licked the salty fluid from his tip. Sarah smiled as her husband moaned and she grabbed Emma’s head and pushed her mouth down on to her husband’s penis. Emma was happy to be of service.
Sarah climbed up and positioned herself so her own pussy was on Sam’s face and as Emma sucked his dick with vigour, she watched as Sarah rubbed her wet pussy on his mouth, his tongue lapping at it hungrily. Again, Emma saw the shiny diamond between Sarah’s cheeks, but this time she couldn’t help herself. She removed herself from Sam’s penis and reached up and spread Sarah’s cheeks apart. She gasped as she realized the diamond was in her asshole.
“You like?” Sarah asked, watching Emma’s face closely.
“What is it?” Emma asked, too intrigued to be embarrassed by her lack of sexual knowledge.
“A butt plug,” Sarah smiled at Emma, climbing off her husband’s face, which was now wet from her juices, it makes penetration feel better. Speaking of penetration…” Sarah looked at her husband meaningfully. “On your hands and knees Emma.”
Emma did as she was instructed. She enjoyed the older woman’s guidance during this unfamiliar experience.
Sam positioned himself behind her and began to rub his cock up and down her slit. Suddenly he thrust it in and began fucking her hard. Emma cried out, his fat penis was filling her and she could feel his balls slapping against her.
Sarah lay down in front of her and spread her legs. Emma leaned forward and began to lick and suck her juicy pussy. As the woman began to buck under her, she felt her own orgasm build and as Sam began to pump harder and harder into her pussy, she licked Sarah’s clit quicker until finally the woman’s moans brought Emma’s own orgasm to the fore. The two women came hard and Emma could feel Sam begin to come. Suddenly he pulled out and holding Emma’s ass cheeks open, he came all over her.
Completely satisfied, the three lay together on the bed for several moments while they caught their breath.
Finally, Emma sat up and gathered her clothes. The couple cuddled together closer on the bed and with promises to meet each other again next time they were in town, Emma slipped out of the room.

The Blind Date

The Blind Date
That evening after work, Emma caught a cab outside her office to meet her blind date. Jenny had told her nothing except that his name was Chad and they were meeting at a small Italian Bistro in downtown Seattle. As the cab made way through the 6pm traffic, Emma touched up her makeup.
Outside the bistro, she took a moment to let her heart rate and breath settle before she went inside. As she pushed the curtained door open, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Small round tables were scattered around the room with red tablecloths and small tea-lights.
At first she thought the restaurant was empty, then she spotted a solitary figure at a corner table. She made her way towards the table and the figure stood up.
“Hey, you must be Emma?” Chad was taller than Emma, but not as tall as Max. His blonde hair was short and slicked back and he was wearing what Emma could tell was a very expensive suit.
“Hi Chad,” Emma tried to smile seductively, but she could feel butterflies in her stomach. Chad may have been the most attractive man she had met in some time. “Sorry I’m late.”
Chad stood and pulled out the chair beside him for Emma.
“I hope you don’t mind, I ordered for us already.” Chad poured a generous glass of wine for Emma and set it down in front of her.
“Not at all,” Emma shrugged off her blazer and took a long drink from her glass. She could see Chad’s icy blue eyes appraising her body and from the look on his face, he appreciated what he saw.
“It’s very quiet here,” Emma commented, looking around at the empty restaurant, “I haven’t even seen any staff.”
“This is a very discreet restaurant,” Chad smiled meaningfully at Emma.
Just then a waiter arrived with two plates of bruschetta, which he set down in front of them. Chad thanked the waiter, but couldn’t take his eyes off Emma. She knew he wanted her and she felt elated.
Alone once more, Emma leaned forward so her breasts were prominent and casually brushed her neckline with her fingers, staring into Chad’s eyes.
“So, how discreet is this restaurant Chad?” she teased, the naked lust in his eyes and the memory of her unfulfilled tryst with Max earlier was causing a wetness in her underwear.
“Very discreet,” Chad said, gently rubbing her thigh under the table.
Emma uncrossed her legs and slowly lifted the hem of her dress higher. Chad ran his hand further up her thighs until he was at her panties. His breathing got heavier and he began to circle her damp panties with his thumb.
“I see Jenny was right about you,” he smiled a devastatingly sexy smile at Emma, “you are a horny little thing.”
“What else did my roommate tell you,” Emma asked in mock horror, “did she tell you I would fuck you on the first date?”
“She told me about your mission to become more sexually experienced,” Chad slipped one finger inside her panties began to rub her soaking wet clit. “But your pussy tells me you’re going to fuck me on the first date.”
Emma smiled and placed her hand on his crotch. His erection was straining against the material of his pants. She squeezed it hard and watched as Chad closed his eyes in pleasure.
“Where’s the bathroom?” she asked, biting her bottom lip.
“It’s behind that curtain and down the hall, I’ll show you.” Chad stood and put out his hand to help Emma up from her chair, his erection on full display. Emma couldn’t wait to unzip those pants.
She followed Chad down a winding corridor to the bathroom. Inside, she closed the door behind them and pushed Chad over to a chaise lounge against the wall.
He sat and grabbed her by the waist to pull her on top of him, but Emma had other ideas. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped his suit pants and his erection sprang out to meet her. Looking straight into Chad’s eyes, she took his throbbing member and sucked it down her throat as far as she could. Chad cried out in pleasure and Emma sucked harder, enjoying the salty taste of his giant dick.
Chad grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth, Emma made sure to keep eye contact all the time. She wanted him to know she was in control, she was going to do the fucking. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up, pulling her dress up over her head. Chad went to pull her towards him again and Emma swatted his hand away. She unclasped her bra and threw it to the ground and quickly removed her panties then climbed on to Chad’s lap.
With her hand, she guided his dick into her dripping pussy and ground up and down. The feeling of his dick as it pumped in and out of her, made her moan loudly.
Chad began to suck her nipples and his hands grabbed at her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. “Oh God baby, I’m going to come,” he moaned into her breasts. Emma grabbed his chin and tilted his face up. “Come inside me,” she said, locking her eyes on his. “I want to feel you.”
Chad couldn’t take any more and as he unleashed himself inside her. Emma, in total ecstasy, felt her own orgasm take hold as she screamed out in pleasure. Mid-orgasm, the door to the bathroom suddenly burst open.
The worried waiter appeared before them in clear view. Emma turned her head and caught a glimpse of the waiter, instantly triggering a rush of emotion and pleasure that took her orgasm to an entirely new level. The sight of an onlooker made Emma come harder than ever before, and she basked in his gaze.
The poor waiter nearly tripped over himself trying to back out of the bathroom and as their orgasms ebbed, Emma and Chad dissolved into giggles.
“He must have thought I was murdering you,” Chad laughed as they both picked up their clothes. “I better leave a big tip.”
“Don’t worry,” Emma giggled, “I already filled his spank bank for him.”
“Emma, I’m only in town for the week, but I need to see you again,” Chad told her as he fixed his tie in the mirror.
“On one condition,” Emma said thoughtfully, “You think of something big for our next encounter.”
“Deal,” said Chad. “Now how about I go pay the bill while you sneak out?”
“Deal,” said Emma grinning.

The Co-worker

The Co-worker
A few hours later, the two girls lay on the sofa watching movies, exhausted by their earlier exploits. Emma had been nervous that things may have shifted between them after being intimate together, but thankfully, nothing was awkward or uncomfortable. Jenny had been delighted with Emma after they recovered from the sex.
“So are you really serious about becoming more sexually free?” Jenny asked as the credits began to roll on the movie.
“Yup,” Emma told her friend, yanking herself once again from the memory of her explosive orgasm. “I’m not really sure how to go about it, but I’m going to keep an open mind. Like this morning, for example,” she giggled.
“I don’t know, Emma,” Jenny looked at her friend thoughtfully, “I don’t think you can just wait for things to happen to you. If you really want this, you’re going to have to make opportunities for yourself.”
“I didn’t think of it like that,” Emma said, beginning to feel a little silly now when all the excitement of the afternoon was wearing off. Jenny was right, how many opportunities to be sexually liberated had fallen into her lap previous to this? None that’s how many.
“What would you suggest?” Jenny’s face lit up. “I was hoping you would ask,” she jumped up from the chair and ran to her bedroom. A few moments later she returned holding a piece of paper.
“Here’s the address of a great sex shop. Go in and get yourself a few supplies to have at home. I’ve written you a guide list on the back.”
Emma burst out laughing. “Thanks, but I actually want to have sex with other people, not just myself”
“Sex toys are not just a solo experience,” Jenny scolded, “and you need to have a certain few in your possession for when you bring kinky men home.
Speaking of which, I am also setting you up on a blind date.”
Emma was going to protest, but she held back.
“How do you know this guy?” she asked instead. “I fucked him for a month last year,” Jenny shrugged nonchalantly. “Trust me, this is the guy you need right now.”
“OK, but do you think he’ll like me?” Emma was nervous and a little excited. This was so far out of her comfort zone, but she knew it was what she needed. “Of course he’ll like you! I mean, you’re going to bang him senseless!” Jenny assured her. Emma threw a cushion at her friend and they both dissolved into giggles.
The next day Emma woke early and sprang out of bed, remembering her blind date that evening. As it was Monday, Jenny had organized dinner instead of drinks so Emma would have to go straight from work.
As she washed her long hair in the shower, she lamented the fact that she hadn’t gone shopping for a new outfit. Her wardrobe was professional and tailored, but not sexy.
Towelling her hair dry, she went back to her bedroom and saw a black dress laid out on her bed, along with jewelry and a pair of high heels. A new pair of stockings was left on top, alongside a lacy suspender belt. Emma’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t wear that to work.
As she dried her long brown hair, she studied her face in the mirror. Her dark brown eyes were framed by long lashes. Her skin was sallow with a slight dusting of freckles across her nose. Her mouth was a little too large, but she liked her full lips. Meticulously, she began to apply her make-up. Instead of her concealer, clear mascara and lip gloss, she kohled her eyes and applied log sweeping coats of mascara, she applied a dewy foundation and a creamy pink blush and finished it off with a splash of bright red lipstick.
The girl looking back at her now could no longer be described as plain. From her underwear drawer, she grabbed her favorite black panties and bra and slipped on the silk stockings and heels. She slipped the black dress over her head and turned to the mirror. She looked good, better than good, she looked sexy. The black dress had a modest hemline, but showed just enough cleavage to be racy. The expensive material clung to every curve on her body. Emma grabbed a blazer from her closet, wrote a quick note for her roommate to thank her for the dress and made her way to work.
Emma made her way to the canteen for her 11am break. She knew everyone’s eyes were on the new and improved her, and instead of shying away from the attention, she embraced it. She knew some of the women at the water cooler were gossiping about her as she passed and they fell silent, but she didn’t care. She sashayed right past them and gave them a wave.
The canteen was deserted. Emma poured herself a coffee and sat down to read the paper. Moments later her co-worker Max strolled in. As he poured himself a coffee Emma glanced at him from the corner of her eye. At over 6ft, he towered above most of the women and men in the financial services offices that they worked in. He was broad-shouldered and lean, with steel gray eyes and jet black hair. Emma often found herself watching him from her desk until he looked up and caught her and gave her a smile. She normally blushed and looked away. Well, not today, she thought.
“Hey Max,” she smiled nonchalantly at her co-worker and crossed her legs, knowing the black skirt would ride up a little and show off her suspenders. Max smiled at her and gave a non-committal greeting. He doesn’t recognize me, Emma realized.
“Oh wow, Emma,” Max’s eyes widened in amazement. “Sorry, I was in my own world there. You look great, new… hairstyle?”
Emma giggled and tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Something like that,” she said, pushing out the chair on the other side of the table with her foot and gesturing for Max to sit down. “Join me.”
Max sat down with his coffee and picked up a paper, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Emma pretended to read her paper as another couple of people came into the canteen and made coffee, but she was very aware of Max as he kept glancing furtively over his paper at her.
Slowly, she slipped off one of her heels and brought her foot over to Max’s leg and began to rub it softly with her stocking clad foot. Max spat his coffee into his cup and looked up at Emma in astonishment. Emma kept a straight face and continued to pretend reading the paper as she lifted her foot higher up Max’s leg until it was in his crotch. Through the material of his suit pants, she could feel the beginning of an erection and as she massaged it with her foot, his member grew and strained against the material. Emma looked up from her paper and glanced over at Max, he was staring at her, a mixture of confusion, surprise and lust on his clean-shaven face.
“Max,” she asked, smiling innocently. “Could you give me a hand in conference room B? I need someone to cast an eye over one of my reports.”
“Sure,” Max spluttered, but Emma was already slipping her foot back into her shoe and standing from the table. “Take your time and finish your coffee,” she told him, and gave him a cheeky wink.
Down the hallway, Emma went into conference room B, it was the only conference room without a window in the main office pit. With butterflies in her stomach, she took some papers from her bag and placed them on the table. The door opened quietly and Max appeared sheepishly at the door.
“Come in,” Emma welcomed him into the room and closed the door behind him, flicking the lock into place quietly.
Max made his way over to the conference table where Emma had laid the papers. He took a seat and picked up the papers, rifling through them with a look of confusion on his face.
“They’re just blank pages, Max,” Emma teased, “I thought I made my intentions clear in the canteen”
“You look amazing, Emma,” Max said again, his eyes taking in every inch of her body. “You were beautiful before, but today, you’re just so much more confident.”
“Thank you,” Emma smiled, touched that he had thought her beautiful, even as her usual mousey self. “Let me show you how confident I really am”
With her eyes locked on to Max’s, she slowly took off her blazer. She walked towards him, biting her bottom lip. Standing directly in front of him she turned around and looked back over her shoulder, “Can you unzip me please?”
Silently, Max reached up and slowly brought the zipper down the whole way to Emma’s lower-back. Emma pulled the dress down over her body until it was a puddle at her feet. Turning to face Max, she watched as he drank her in.
Even from where she stood, she could see his erection straining. Emma unclasped her bra and dropped it on the ground. Max groaned and rubbed his cock through his pants as she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his mouth. His hands reached out and began to fondle her breasts. Emma stood up quickly and shook her head at him teasingly, “Not just yet,”
Max groaned once more as Emma turned her back to him. This time, she bent at the waist and removed her black panties, leaving her suspender bet in place. She knew Max had a perfect view of her shaved pussy and her little pink asshole. She stood up slowly and turned around to face Max. He had his cock in his hand, stroking it and looking at Emma like he wanted to eat her. Emma knelt before him and brought his cock to her lips, lightly brushing it against them like she was applying lipstick.
“Oh God Emma, suck it, suck my dick,” Emma locked her eyes once again on his and brought her lips down on his dick.
Just then someone tried the handle of the door. The two leaped up, Max stuffing his erection back into his pants and Emma throwing the black dress back over her head. There was a knock at the door and they could hear voices outside. Emma shoved her bra and panties into her purse as Max did up her dress. Emma pulled on her blazer while Max stood with his ear to the door.
“They’re gone, we better get out of here quick,” he unlocked the door and checked the coast was clear. As Emma walked towards the door, he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her up against it. Max kissed her hard on the mouth and whispered softly in her ear, “I want to see you again, tonight.”
“I can’t do tonight” Emma said, slipping under his arms and out the door. “Let’s just say… to be continued.” She gave him another cheeky wink and strutted down the hallway, back to her desk.

The Roommate

The Roommate
As the final waves of her orgasm washed over her, Emma lay back on her bed with a sigh of satisfaction and lifted her pink vibrator from under the covers. She gave it a wipe with a tissue and left it in her locker beside a well-worn erotica book. She enjoyed her daily sessions with a racy novel and her vibrator, but lately, she wanted something more.
It had been a long time since she was with a man. Over two years to be exact. She often wondered if there was something wrong with her. She was twenty-five years old, college educated, attractive, if a little plain. So why was this so hard?
Well, no more, she decided as she threw back the covers on her bed and jumped out. Emma made her way over to the full length mirror on her door to give herself a full appraisal. Not bad, but could be better, she told herself.
She tossed her long dark hair back over her shoulder and put her hands on her hips. At 5’ 5” she wasn’t exactly petite, but years of horse riding and yoga throughout college had kept her in shape. Her waist was small but her ass was always just a bit bigger than she would like. She knew men liked her breasts, they were round and full, and her male friends and co-workers ogled them every time she wore a tight or low-cut top.
Which wasn’t very often, she admitted to herself. Maybe that was the problem. She didn’t show herself off enough. Emma had always been conscious of her womanly body and tried to cover it as much as possible at work, with ill-fitting pants suits and double-breasted blazers. She had always been a shy girl and even her casual wear was more about not drawing attention to her than being fashionable or making herself look attractive.
Emma stripped off her loose-fitting pajama pants and top and pulled a pair of heels from the back of her closet.
This time instead of pushing her dark hair behind her shoulders, she let it fall in waves down to her breasts. Wow, she thought, what an improvement a pair of high heels makes.
The girl in the mirror now looked long and lean in her pink panties and bra, her figure was an hourglass and even her ass looked higher and firmer. Just as she was about to turn around there was a quick knock at her bedroom door and her roommate burst into the room.
“Hey Emma, can I use your hair dryer, mine is— oh,” Jenny stopped and stared at Emma in amazement, “You look hot.”
Emma was about to self-consciously cover her body with her arms, but she stopped herself. She was new, confident, and –apparently– hot, Emma now.
“Thank you,” she said, raising her chin a little bit higher and smiling at the little blonde whirlwind that had just stormed into her room, “but I think we discussed knocking before we go into each other’s rooms?”
“I did knock,” Jenny shrugged, “besides, you see me in my underwear all the time; it’s only fair I get to see you.”
Emma laughed at her irrepressible friend. The two had met on the first day of college when they were assigned to the same dorm and despite Jenny being a wild, overly-confident party girl and Emma being shy and studious, they had been best friends ever since.
“My hair dryer is in the locker beside my bed,” Emma told her friend as she turned once again to the mirror.
“Oh Emma, you naughty girl,” Jenny shouted. Emma whirled around and felt her face go crimson.
“Jenny put that down, it’s private,” she shrieked in embarrassment as Jenny jumped on her bed waving her pink vibrator in the air.
“Oh chill out Emma, I’m just happy you’re getting any at all, even if it is from yourself. I was starting to think you were asexual.” Jenny giggled at her own joke and sat down on the bed.
Emma felt tears of embarrassment fill her eyes and quickly turned away from Jenny so she wouldn’t see.
“Oh, hey, don’t get upset,” Jenny jumped up alarmed and put an arm around her friend’s shoulder.
“No, you’re right, Jen,” Emma said quietly shaking her head. “That’s what I was doing before you came in, I was deciding to be a more sexual person, but I don’t think I can do it.”
“Of course you can,” Jenny told her friend. “You obviously have the drive to be sexy when you’re in here going to town on yourself all the time with this thing.” Jenny waved the pink vibrator in front of Emma’s face and despite herself, Emma laughed.
“Come with me,” Jenny gave Emma a devilish smile and grabbed her hand, dragging her out of the room and down the hallway to her own.
Inside, she pushed Emma over towards her bed. “Sit there.”
Emma did as she was told and watched as her friend knelt down below her, searching for something under her bed. She pulled out a large plastic box and sat down on the bed beside Emma.
“Look at this,” she said and emptied the contents of the box out onto the bed.
Emma gasped. The box was full of sex toys, lube, condoms and items that she assumed must serve a sexual purpose but looked like torture paraphernalia.
“Oh my God, Jenny,” Emma looked up at her friend in amazement.
“I know, I know,” Jenny shrugged, “it’s a bit much, but trust me guys love getting into my fun-box.”
Emma picked up a plastic, purple object that looked like an alien space probe.
“What’s this one?”
“Oh, that’s the rabbit. He’s one of my favorites,” Jenny said and pressed a button on the bottom. The toy started to vibrate and thrust in Emma’s hand. Emma giggled and threw the rabbit to her friend. “What about this little thing, what could you possibly do with this?” Emma picked up a small silver rectangle and pulled off the top. “Oh, it’s just a lipstick,” she was about to put the top back on when Jenny grabbed it.
“Oh no, it’s not!” she said, and again she pressed a little button and the lipstick began to hum.
“Is that a vibrator?” Emma asked, amazed by the powerful noise coming from the seemingly innocent lipstick.
“See for yourself,” Jenny gave Emma her devilish smile and reached over and placed the lipstick against her bra.
Through the fabric, Emma could feel the vibe/vibrator buzzing powerfully. Suddenly aware that she was only in her underwear, she pushed Jenny’s hand away. She could feel both her nipples harden and she knew Jenny had noticed too.
Jenny giggled and brought the little vibrator across her own nipples. “I know, right?” she said, “For such a little guy he sure packs a punch.” She lowered the lipstick to her crotch and softly rubbed it against the outside of her white cotton pajama shorts.
Oh my God, Emma thought as she watched the lipstick do tiny circles on Jenny’s crotch, this is actually turning me on. She looked up and saw Jenny watching her closely and realized that that was exactly her intention.
“Do you want me to try it on you?” Jenny asked her friend gently. Emma knew she was testing her, trying to see if she was serious about becoming more sexually empowered.
She paused to think before she replied. Was this really what she wanted? She had spent the last 25 years of her life being a mouse, bowing to everyone else’s needs, wants, and expectations. Well, now it was her turn. She tossed her hair, put on her most seductive smile and leaned back on her elbows.
Without a word, Jenny reached over and began to rub the vibrating lipstick slowly across Emma’s panties, up and down, left and right. Emma gasped as the strong vibrations tickled her clitoris.
Jenny moved the vibrator up and down slowly across the pink panties, her eyes locked on Emma’s.
Emma felt herself become moist and she knew Jenny could feel it through the light silk of her underwear. She didn’t know which felt better; the vibrator on her clit, or Jenny’s eyes on her, so obviously turned on. Slowly, Emma reached out a hand towards Jenny’s chest and began to rub her small perky breasts under her light cotton shirt.
Jenny rarely wore a bra, she didn’t need to. Her five foot frame was lean and apart from the handfuls of breasts and the roundness of her ass, she had very few curves. Emma watched in wonder and rubbed Jenny’s nipple through her top as the two of them began to stick out, hard as bullets. She sat up and Jenny quickly pulled her hand away from her crotch.
“Sorry Emma, I was getting a bit carried–” Emma stopped her mid-sentence by putting a finger to her lips. Then she leaned forward and kissed her hard, slipping her tongue into her friend’s mouth. After a moment of surprised hesitation, Jenny began to reciprocate and they kissed passionately, their tongues frantically twisting as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.
Emma put her hand on Jenny’s and gently took the vibrator from her. She pulled away from her friend slowly, their lips were red and plump from the frantic kissing. “Lie back,” she told her friend.
As Jenny lay back on the bed, her short, wet, blonde hair tucked behind her ears, Emma slowly pulled off her shorts and slipped her hand between her knees, forcing her legs apart. She gasped. Completely shaven, it was pale pink and dripping wet. Mesmerized, she reached out a finger and gently stroked it. Jenny moaned and watched, as Emma then lifted the finger to her mouth and sucked it.
“Wow, you taste great,” she told her friend, enjoying the look of desire on her face. “Take off your top.”
Jenny did as she was told and Emma climbed up between her legs to look at her beautiful breasts. They were definitely a bit on the small side, and where her own nipples were small and pink, Jenny’s were large and much darker in color. She leaned forward and began to lick and suck Jenny’s nipples, enjoying her moaning and writhing beneath her. She felt her reach up and unclasp her bra, so that her own breasts were now rubbing against Jenny’s torso. As she moved up to kiss her friend once more on the lips, their breasts rubbed against each other, hard nipples brushed gently aside.
Emma positioned herself between Jenny’s legs. She lowered her face closer and began to lick Jenny’s clit, slowly at first. She heard Jenny gasp with pleasure, but she was enjoying herself too much to pay attention. Emma was now aching to be touched. She had never been so aroused in her life! Jenny was now thrusting herself up to meet her tongue and Emma slipped two fingers inside her as she licked Jenny’s clit, gently, once again.
“Oh God, Emma,” Jenny called out, “Jesus, stop or I’m going to cum.” Emma pulled away, juices dripping down her chin. Jenny sat up and grabbed Emma’s hair, pulling her to her and kissing her passionately. It was her turn.
Jenny pushed Emma down onto the bed, put her head between Emma’s legs, and licked the side of her inner thigh. Emma had never felt so empowered or so aroused in her entire life. She grabbed Jenny’s little blonde head, pushed it harder between her legs, and began to grind against her mouth. Jenny found her way to Emma’s clit and began to apply pressure with her tongue. Emma was so close to ecstasy, her body was trembling.
“Oh Jenny, I’m going to cum!” she moaned. Without a word, Jenny twirled around, mounting Emma in the sixty-nine position. The two of them buried their tongues in each other and moaned with intense pleasure. With every lick, Emma came closer and closer to the brink of her climax, intensified by the pleasure she was giving Jenny.
Suddenly, Jenny started to moan and quiver on top of Emma and the sight of her friend coming on top of her set Emma off too. The two girls licked each other as they reached a minute-long climax, muscles tensing, backs arching, tongues pressuring, voices screaming. Every inch of Emma’s body felt her orgasm and she wondered had she ever truly had one before this moment. Her body trembled.
At last, totally spent, the two girls rolled off each other and lay side by side on Jenny’s bed, panting and sweating.

The Mechanical Bull

The Mechanical Bull
Three shots in and the room was buzzing while Kate ran her hands through her long black hair and up and down her midriff. She could tell more than one was watching her in this tiny hole in the wall. There were unshaved beards, long unwashed hair, stained T-shirts and ancient baseball caps all turned her way.
The dive bar was nasty, but the drinks were cheap and she knew if there was one place she could come to get attention it would be here.
The twanging redneck singing about honky-tonk stopped for a moment as she rushed up the bar, slammed her jack and coke and ordered another shot.
She eyed her drink for a second, slammed it and sat at the bar to check out her prospects. The place really didn’t have much to offer in the way of men. There were husky types, bearded types, and hicks that never got into the military. They’d probably cream themselves in the first few seconds with her.
She decided to have a little fun. She might as well let off some steam. There was a cordoned off mechanical bull in the corner and nobody ever really used it. It was dusty and clanked around. She asked the bartender for the keys to the bullpen and he could barely contain his smile. Everyone tries the bull when they really go for it and everyone gets thrown off.
Kate didn’t care. She just wanted to see the looks on bearded faces when her tits bounced up and down in her shirt. She knew how to ride the bull. She’d done it before. She might even get away with staying on the whole time. The way she staggered over to the massive beast, though, she doubted she’d have much luck with that.
The men smirked and talked amongst themselves. Most didn’t even try to hide their glances at this point. She was the talk of the bar this evening, and why not? She was the prettiest thing the place had ever seen.
Kate opened the gate, climbed the beast, and stuck in some quarters.
She lurched forward and held on tight.
The reigns were dusty and lacked grip, but she managed to hang on. Almost immediately, the force of the bull caused her blouse to unbutton another notch. Things were about to get naughty, but she didn’t care. That was the point, wasn’t it?
A few seconds later, her blouse burst open, exposing her black lace bra to everyone in the room. A mix of embarrassed and proud, Kate hung on for dear life. Eventually, she lost her grip on the reigns and was flung over the side, landing with her blouse open. Good thing she wore a bra.
Looking up to regain her bearings, she saw a pair of black cowboy boots. They were attached to a pair of piercing blue eyes with lean muscles and a crew cut. The man looked away from chatting with his friend and smile.
He helped her up and said, “Hey now, you alright?”
She smiled and brushed the sawdust off her top then looked into his eyes. It took far too long before Kate realized her blouse was still open. She buttoned up, laughing nervously.
He smiled and so did she.
“I’m Sam, and this is John,” Sam introduced his friend.
There was a haze of tenderness between the two of them. Perhaps this place was worth more than she thought. He turned back to his friend and whispered something in his ear before the three of them made their leave to the front of the bar for a quick smoke.
Sam had his arm around John’s shoulder, which somehow seemed a little… strange to Kate. After a moment passed, she thought nothing of it.
Sam and John talked for a moment until his friend finally said, in a thick accent, “We want to fuck. Both of us.”
Kate was shocked at the offer.
She looked down for a second and thought about it. She’d never had two before, but… why the hell not?
They made their way in a four door pickup truck to a massive trailer on the outskirts of the city. The men sat together, eyeing Kate like she was dinner.
She eyed him and saw his cock was rock hard when they left the truck. Sam led her into a sparsely furnished living room. She sat on an old couch and prepared for what was about to happen.
Sam unbuttoned his shirt and showed a mocha smooth chest with fierce muscles. John stuck his hand down Sam’s pants and squeezed his cock while he rubbed himself against Sam’s perfect butt.
Holy fuck, Kate thought to herself.
She was immediately wetter than a waterfall.
Kate felt herself getting hotter and stuck her hand down her pants. She squeezed her clit as Sam reached out and started taking her dress off. Sam squeezed her hard nipples as John continued to rub Sam’s cock.
She stood up and the Sam’s perfect lips enveloped her own. John gripped Sam’s cock and positioned it between Kate’s legs. Teasing, he guided Sam’s cock up and down Kate’s pussy lips.
“Oh my god,” Kate gasped.
She took off her panties and started rubbing her clit.
“You want to fuck me?” Kate looked up at him.
“I need to fuck you.” Sam responded.
“Well, you’re going to have to beg for it.” Kate teased.
She strode around to John and reached around to grab his firm cock and place it near Sam’s tight butt. Before sticking it in, she gave it a quick lick and suck to make sure it was rock hard.
“You like that?” Kate asked.
Both men nodded in agreement.
She spun around to the front of Sam, dropped down to her knees and took his firm cock in her mouth.
After a while, Sam stood her up, spun her around, and stuck his dick in her wet pussy. He started pounding her from behind as she screamed in ecstasy. Sam looked her in the eye and started attacking her mouth with his own until Kate felt like begging herself.
“Fuck me harder!” She cried.
John pulled out of Sam and positioned himself behind Kate.
It was time for double penetration.
“Are you ready for this?” John asked.
“Please! Please fuck me, both of you!” Kate screamed.
John stuck it in her right away and started pounding her intensely like he was hammering a nail. He filled every inch of her and screamed the entire time. He loved every second of it, and so did Sam.
She could feel the pleasure building into one intense crescendo of passion as both men filled her tight hole. The bursts of ecstasy flowed in time with their breathing. Their hearts beat as one.
Kate was screaming with pleasure. She erupted like a volcano as she felt hot bursts enter her simultaneously from both the hard throbbing cocks inside her. This was an incredible feeling.
They collapsed on one another, and lay there the whole night.

Grizzly Lake

Grizzly Lake
Kaley enjoyed her vacations on Grizzly Lake. It was a nice break from the stress of midterms and finals.
Late at night, walking down the lake shore, Kaley spotted a dim shape off in the distance.
It looks like a bear. But it was… transforming?
Shifting back to human form after having a swim and catching some fish, the figure shakes dry on the shore of the lake.
Kaley, shocked, started walking towards the man – beast.
He was stark naked.
Strangely, though, she did not feel the slightest fear or trepidation.
It was as if a magnet was pulling her towards him.
On approach, the man-beast turned to Kaley’s direction. She noticed his eyes: dark and fiery, like two pieces of burning coal. They seemed to bore into the depths of her being; they seemed to see her soul.
However, what caught Kaley’s attention the most was his massive cock, which must have been a solid eight inches long.
Kaley blushed.
On sighting his massive totem, Kaley felt a strange tingling sensation between her legs; she was getting hot down there.
Apart from these, Kaley also noticed that he was really-damn-handsome… in a certain, subtle, dark way.
He was just over six feet tall, muscular and toned, sinewy, with broad shoulders and that superman chest you occasionally see in movies. In fact, he looked like a dark Adonis, his fiery eyes accentuating his darkness.
Kaley was a beautiful young girl, a sophomore at university. She will be 20 later in the year. She was blonde and curvy, with all the right features in the right places. Her green eyes gave her a vivacious look, though she is usually down to earth and will ordinarily pass for the definition of a ‘girl next door’.
On finally reaching, speaking distance with the man, Kaley shakily muttered a weak greeting.
“Hello?” she said timidly.
The man responded in a guttural low tone, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“I’m Kaley – uh, and I c-came on vacation with some of my friends at the lake” she replied, stuttering.
“Since when did people start coming here for vacations? My name is Jack, and this is private property,” he added.
“I d-don’t k-know, we came here on the suggestion of a friend, he said it was abandoned” Kaley stammered, now beginning to feel a little petrified.
“Hmm, that aside, what did you see when you first came upon me on the lake shore?” Jack asked.
“I d-don’t know”, Kaley stammered again “I’m just confused right now, I can’t explain what I saw. Er, I didn’t see anything.” Kaley attempted to backtrack, but it was futile.
“You’re not going crazy, my dear, what you saw is real. I suppose I can tell you my story. I only stumble across a human like you once every few years, so I might as well make the most of it.” Jack said.
Kaley, now more relaxed with Jack’s calming voice, now perked up her ears. She was interested.
“I am a bear shifter; I have been one since birth. It’s in my genes. My family, which has always been wealthy and renowned, has had a bear shifter in every generation. The shifter in each generation is to be the leader of the family. I was chosen this generation, though I was the second son of my father.” Jack’s story unfolded.
“So you’re the leader? Does your family live on this lake?” Kaley asked.
“Not quite. My Uncle, the patriarch bear shifter, could not bear the thought that a son of my father, the black sheep of the family, would succeed him. He came after me.” Jack continued.
“He came after you? What do you mean?” Kaley inquired.
“He tried to have me put down. I got wind of the attempt on my life, and I managed to enter into an arrangement with the assassin. The assassin declared to my uncle that I was dead and showed him some fake evidence, which my uncle believed. I, on my part, decided to leave civilization to dwell on this lake, biding my time to overthrow my uncle, when his power base weakens.” Jack had fire in his eyes.
“I had no idea any of this was real…” Kaley said.
“I thought they only existed in books,” she added.
“They do exist, my dear. I’m a living example”, Jack answered her.
Kaley walked towards him. The tension in the air was real.
Jack, still stark naked, looked at Kaley with… hunger.
“You look scared.” Jack commented. “I promise I won’t eat you.”
Kaley’s fear was wearing off. Suddenly, she had renewed confidence in herself, and a newfound trust for Jack.
“Let’s not make promises we can’t keep” Kaley jested boldly, with the innuendo clear as day.
Jack laughed.
“Hah. You’re kind of a naughty girl, aren’t you?” Jack teased.
Kaley smirked, “and you’re rather well-endowed yourself.”
Kaley motioned towards his lower-half, and made light of the fact that he was still stark naked.
“I’m always alone out here, so this isn’t usually a situation I find myself in,” Jack said. Clearly, modesty was not his strong suite, as he didn’t even attempt to cover himself up. He stood there boldly, shoulders apart, his manhood half-erect and eight inches long, revealing his intentions for her.
Kaley began walking up to Jack.
“Do you ever get lonely out here?” she asked, just a few feet away.
The sexual tension was thick. It was clear they were attracted to one another, and in the peaceful night air, only the quiet of the lake and forest would know such a lustful deed took place.
Jack grabbed Kaley’s hand. Her heart skipped a beat.
Slowly, he lowered her hand down his torso and wrapped her fingers around his stiffening cock.
“Are you afraid?” Jack asked.
“No.” Kaley responded.
Jack was enjoying the sensation, evident by his throbbing totem, and drew Kaley close to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Kaley returned the kiss and continued stroking his hard cock.
Jack groped her ass with both hands.
Kaley gasped and hardened her grip on his cock.
Jack squeezed her breasts through the almost see-through tank top she was wearing.
Kaley moaned. She wanted him.
Soon after, Kaley knelt down on the grass covered lake shore and put her mouth on his Jack’s fully erect member. She started sucking it, hard and deep. It was a massive cock. She could barely get her mouth halfway down the shaft, and at eight inches, even that was impressive.
Jack lifted Kaley off the ground, positioned her doggy style on a tree stump, took off her tight jeans rather forcefully, and started ramming his massive cock into her already dripping-wet warmth.
The sound of their grunts and moans could be heard all around the lake shore. Jack continued pounding her, alternating between fast and slow strokes. He reached his hand around and positioned his fingers against her clit, rubbing vigorously.
Clearly, being alone out here hadn’t meant he’d forgotten all of the best ways to please a woman.
Kaley gasped with pleasure. She came with a squelching yelp. Her legs were wobbling and she was only able to stand courtesy of Jack’s support, mainly in the form of his massive cock buried deep inside her. It was almost like sitting on a hard wooden chair.
A few minutes later, Jack cried out that he was ready to come. Kaley replied in a hardly comprehensible voice that she was about to come again, and both of them climaxed together as one.
Thereafter, they fell to the ground, obviously exhausted. “You are a real stud, I must confess”, Kaley replied while stroking his now flaccid phallus.
Kaley continued the stroking, and Jack’s phallus started hardening again. She was impressed by his stamina, and eager for another round.
They had another round of hard thrusting; this time more intense than the first, before they both agreed that Jack accompany Kaley to see her friends who were residing in makeshift tents on the other side of the lake.
Jack put on his clothes lying beside the lake shore and they left for the tents to meet Kaley’s friends. It was just about two hours past midnight now.
On approaching Kaley and her friends’ tents, the smell of marijuana smoke was easily perceived by Jack’s very sensitive bear shifter nostrils. It seems Kaley’s friends were still very much awake, he thought.
On finally getting to the tents, Kaley’s friends were seen huddled around a dying fire, with rolled up marijuana joints being passed around among the university students. They were four in number. Brian, 24 and the oldest among them, was a year 3 physical education student and Kaley’s course mate. He was red haired, very pale looking and seemed a little boisterous.
Brian came with his girlfriend Charlene, who was the only person among the group of youths who was not a university student. She was 27 and a sales rep in a software marketing company.
Then there was Lisa, Kaley’s distant cousin and statistics major. She was 21 and had the same blonde hair as Kaley, though her eyes were light blue in color. She seemed very lively.
Lisa equally came with her boyfriend, Patrick. Patrick is an African prince and was majoring in Technology. He had a heavy accent. However, he was hearty looking and was ever smiling.
They were all in the same university and had been inseparable friends since meeting each other. They loved going out together, hence the idea for them to go out on vacation at the lake.
Kaley was the only one among them who was still single. She had not felt anything for the guys that had been coming her way since she broke up with Charles, her ex-boyfriend.
There was also a half full bottle of premium vodka being passed around the students.
On sighting Kaley, Brian, obviously surprised at her disheveled look, exclaimed his concern.
“Hey Kaley, we’ve been wondering where you were. You’ve been gone for four hours now. Maybe it’s time you rein in your usual nightly adventures,” he said in his usual authoritative manner.
“I’ve heard tales of a beast living close to the lake that feeds on humans,” he concluded, this time rather jokingly.
Jack, who was standing behind Kaley all this time and had not yet been noticed by the students, stepped out of the shadows into the gleam of the dying fire.
On sighting Jack, the student were a little bit startled, but not too much so, as the alcohol and marijuana had given them some form of Dutch courage. There was a brief moment of silence. The crackling of the embers of the dying fire was all that could be heard.
Kaley broke the silence and pointed at Jack.
“Hey guys. Meet Jack,” she exclaimed.
“Jack, meet my friends… Brian, Lisa, Patrick and Charlene” she added while pointing around.
Jack waved to the students and they waved back timidly.
Jack and Kaley settled in with the others and joined in smoking the marijuana joints and downing the bottle of vodka while taking turns to act as a standup comedian and tell jokes.
After a while, and with a level of familiarity already established, Lisa asked who Jack was and how Kaley came to meet him. Kaley, at this point, threw Jack a look, who shrugged in a manner that suggested that she should, she go ahead with whatever was on her mind.
She took the cue and told the group of students everything that transpired between her and Jack that night, including the story, Jack told her about the attempts on his life by his wicked uncle. The only thing she left out was the passionate sex they had upon meeting.
At this point, Kaley’s friends who had up till this moment been very quiet and listened with rapt attention, burst out in a very raucous and loud laughter.
“That was a good one, Kaley, you almost got us there. Very convincing! I almost believed you. Never knew you had such talent for standup comedy” Patrick managed to spit out, amidst a raucous fit of laughter.
“Seems you’ve got to take it easy on the marijuana, Kaley,” Brian added with a sympathetic look in his eyes.
Disbelief was also registered on the faces of Lisa and Charlene. Kaley, who is naturally sensitive, felt highly embarrassed. The amused look on her friends’ face changed to a sympathetic one, when they noticed that she was hurt by their laughter.
“I’m telling the truth, guys, it’s no joke,” Kaley said.
Despite her pleas, her friends’ expressions did not register an iota of belief, only sympathy. Kaley felt like the ground should open up and swallow her whole.
At this point, all attention was drawn to Jack, who had previously been ignored during the drama. He started taking off his clothes, starting from his shirt down to his pants.
What the hell was he about to do? Kaley thought to herself.
As if this was not strange enough, after taking off his clothes, a sudden transformation seemed to take hold of Jack. First his forearms began to be covered in fur, and then his fingers started growing fatter and ended in claws instead of fingernails, brown fur started covering his whole body.
In a few seconds, Jack had completely transformed from a human being into a huge and muscular brown beer with vicious eyes, gnarling teeth and sharp looking claws. On sighting this strange phenomenon, the startled university students made to run and completely deserted the tent area.
Kaley called them back, assuring them that Jack, now a giant bear, meant no harm. She went close to Jack and gently and stroked the fur on the nape of his neck. This managed to reassure her friends and they reluctantly went back to their former positions. At this point, Jack was already transforming back into human form.
The students, still astounded at the situation, asked Jack a barrage of questions, some bordering on the ridiculous. Jack was only too happy to answer their questions and answered them as well as he could.
The students’ analyzed Jack’s story and offered sympathy. It may have been the marijuana talking, but they rallied around Jack and offered to help him against his cruel uncle. Jack tried to turn down the help, but they refused. It was probably the alcohol.
They formulated a rough plan of action. Brian was assigned the task of going over the final details of the plan. More marijuana joints were rolled and another bottle of vodka was opened. The camp was in a feisty mood, and morale was high.
Charlene, flirting with the entire group, suggested that they all play a game. They were to throw hoops over the branch of a nearby tree to score points.
As a reward, the winner of a round would pick someone in the group to get naughty with, with a catch: it would be in the presence of the others. The group, their restrictions unbounded by the alcohol, the marijuana and the carefree atmosphere, happily agreed and cheered the suggestion.
The game commenced.
After the first round and each player having exhausted his or her three throws, Charlene emerged as the winner.
She opted to have sex with Jack as her reward for her success. This was not altogether unexpected, as Charlene’s eyes have been fixated on Jack’s virile body since he and Kaley joined up with the others in the tent area.
Jack was bound by the terms of the game to give in to her demand, and besides, Charlene was drop dead gorgeous. She was the oldest in the group. She had dark hair and very voluptuous and rounded features in the right places.
Jack took Charlene in his arms and planted a hot kiss on her lips, which seemed to turn her knees into butter. She passionately returned the kiss and before long, the kiss has turned into a passionate French kiss. While the kiss was ongoing, Jack slipped the middle finger on his right hand between Charlene’s thighs. It felt very warm, almost hot, and was soaking wet. Jack added another finger and went deeper. A loud moan escaped Charlene’s lips.
The group watched in awe.
Surprisingly, Kaley was okay with this. In fact, she was getting more than a little wet herself, if she was honest.
Charlene, eager to please, knelt down and unzipped Jack’s pants. She gasped at Jack’s massive cock, taking it into her mouth and deep-throating it like her life depended on it.
Jack yelped with pleasure. She actually managed to swallow up to two-thirds down the shaft, which was no easy feat considering the length and girth.
When Charlene was done sucking his cock, Jack decided to return the favor. He laid her down on a floor mat brought out from one of the tents. He took off her jeans and panties, which were already completely soaked. He then positioned his head and started eating her out.
He flicked his tongue over Charlene’s clit, left, right, up, and down, sending shivers down her spine. He ate her up like his life depended on it.
Soon, Jack pulled himself up to a missionary position over Charlene. He then gently guided his massive and rock hard phallus into Charlene’s pussy and started rhythmically pumping. He alternated fast strokes with slow ones, eliciting loud moans and incomprehensible moans from Charlene. Again, he reached a hand around, placed his fingers hard against her clit, and rubbed furiously.
Charlene came three times during this position. After her last climax, Jack lay back down on the mat while Charlene straddled him in a cowgirl position. She then proceeded to ride him like her life depended on it, with passion and intensity. Their moans could be heard from across the lake. Charlene came another two times before Jack finally reached climax, pulling his throbbing wet cock outside of her dripping pussy and ejaculating his seed all over her chest and stomach in front of the whole group.
The rest of the group could no longer control themselves, and hands started wandering. Patrick first had sex with his girlfriend Lisa, while Brian copulated with Kaley.
Thereafter, Brian and Patrick exchanged partners; Brian did Lisa, while Patrick slammed Kaley.
After Charlene and Jack recovered their spent energy, they rejoined the group and they had the most glorious orgy ever.
Jack’s stamina, in particular, was incredible. There was no end to his sexual prowess. After ejaculating all over Charlene, he recovered and thoroughly fucked Kaley once again, followed by Lisa, followed by Charlene again – her breasts still dripping with his seed.
Not content with ravaging all of the women several times, Jack turned his gaze over to Brian and Patrick, giving them a questioning look.
Brian had always been curious, and in the midst of an orgy, he was feeling a bit adventurous. He gave Jack a nod, and walked over.
Kaley, Lisa, and Charlene huddled together, wrapped in a blanket near the fire, watching intently.
“Do you think…?” Kaley started.
“Yep!” Charlene replied. “Shh!”
Jack grabbed Brian with both arms and pushed him gently to his knees. Brian quivered, excited and nervous.
Jack grabbed his massive cock and stuck it deep inside Brian’s mouth. Brian wrapped his lips around it and found himself enjoying the experience. He was especially glad to have an audience.
The three girls gasped and huddled closer, watching the scene like their lives depended on it.
Jack thrust his cock deeper inside Brian’s mouth.
“Good boy,” he said between thrusts.
Kaley walked up to Jack and offered a hand. Jack released his hands from his cock and let Kaley take over.
Kaley gripped his cock with both hands and began rubbing it deeper into Brian’s mouth.
“Jack, I want you to cum in Brian’s mouth for me. Okay?” Kaley commanded.
Jack moaned and grunted, nearing climax.
Brian looked up, his eyes wide and ready.
Jack began to ejaculate, hard and fast, inside Brian’s mouth.
Kaley continued to rub his hard cock against Brian’s tongue, deeper, harder.
“Good boys,” Kaley reassured them both.
Jack’s dripping cock slowly slid out of Brian’s mouth, still pulsing and releasing seed. Brian licked it up with his tongue, happy with what had transpired.
“Anyone else?” Jack teased.
The three girls rushed over and began licking the dripping cum off of Jack’s hard cock. Everyone was insatiable.
“That’s what I thought.” Jack smirked.
The first person to wake among the group was Jack and he before the others had risen from their slumber, he had hunted down a deer and was roasting over a fire. The others woke up to the sweet smell of roasting deer.
“Good morning, friends” Jack greeted them all.
“I want to thank you. You accepted me into your fold without question. I’m very thankful for treating me like a fellow human.”
Brian laughed at this and said “Man, you’re part of us now. Bear, human, we’re all animals whether we like it or not.”
The others applauded and reassured Jack of their willingness to stand by him. Jack smiled, and for the first time in a long while, he felt loved and accepted.