Kara & Ethan

Kara & Ethan
Kara hurried in, doing a tricky balancing act with several coffees. She walked into the swimming pool area and quickly set about distributing the hot beverages.
“Thanks Kara,” her boss Pat said absently as he focused on the shoot. “Do you think there’s something… off about that model?”
Kara took a sip of her homemade coffee from her stainless steel carafe and followed his gesturing hand. She saw what he was talking about. A tall, willowy woman stood or she tried to stand, but was weaving about slightly, and it was obvious she was having a hard time coping with the instructions the photographer was throwing out. She was one of six models and Kara could see that she was spaced out.
“Dope,” she muttered, taking another sip from her coffee. She glanced wistfully at Pat’s mocha and wished she could afford the extra dollars to buy designer coffee. Then she snorted to herself, who needed designer coffee anyway. All she needed was a caffeine jolt and instant coffee more than delivered. She raised a silent toast to her instant coffee.
“She’s high as a kite!” Pat shouted.
The panicked alarm in Pat’s voice brought her up short and she turned to him in concern. “Well, yeah. See that spaced out look in her eyes?” she waited for his nod, “And how tired she looks for this supposed ‘high-energy’ shoot”
“Damn!” He flipped out his mobile phone and as he was dialing, ordered Kara, “Go tell Diane to pull her off now. She’s off the shoot… Hello? Alan, what the hell did you send me a doped up model for?”
Kara hurried away to deliver his instruction to the person handling the models. She saw the flair of panic in the other woman.
“What am I supposed to do?” she wrung her hands.
Kara shook her head impatiently, “How the hell should I know, I’m just the intern” she muttered to herself. But she hurried to the model and with a signal to the photographer, pulled her off the set.
“Hey bitch, get your hands off me.”
Kara pursed her lips and stared at the really very beautiful woman. “Sweetheart, you are doped up to high heaven and are in danger of losing this shoot. If you don’t get your shit together, you are toast. Pat there has already called Alan and I can bet you are in big trouble.”
She staggered a bit and blinked at Kara. “I can’t lose this.”
Kara heard the edge of desperation in her voice, “then you’re going to have to stop doing that shit.”
“If you can help me, go ahead, and if you can’t, then just shut the hell up.”
“So grateful…”
“Alright, keep your bra on. Come this way.” Kara turned and walked away, not caring if the beautiful bitch was following or not.
“Kara, what’s going on?” Pat waylaid her.
“I’m taking her away for half an hour. When I bring her back, she’ll be as good as new.”
His eyes narrowed contemplatively, but then he nodded and waved his hand dismissively.
In the six months since Kara came to the agency as an intern, she had more than proved herself. She was everyone’s dream intern; she got the coffee, knew where to get a ripped seam fixed in almost no time and she had an eye for what would fly as an ad. In short, she had street cred. She knew why Pat had panicked earlier on though, the client they were working for had a strict no drugs policy and if they got wind of the fact that one of their models had been on drugs, they could well lose the entire contract. But she knew how to fix a doped up person and if there was a way she could do that without losing them the account, then she would.
Thirty minutes later, she returned with the model, looking bright, and ready to work. She inclined her head to catch something Kara said and threw back her head in laughter, which the other woman immediately shushed. Somehow, Kara managed to get her back into the shoot as seamlessly as possible and everything went on as normal.
The entire debacle was witnessed by one man. He had come in right behind Kara, but had stood in the shadow, watching things play out. He was Ethan Hawke, the owner of one of the largest and richest banks in the country and the shoot was an ad for his bank. He spent a few more minutes studying the smallish woman as she subtly ensured that everything ran smoothly and he felt the first stirring of interest. She was not the sort of woman he was usually attracted to, but something about this one drew him and appealed to his senses. She moved quietly, but there was such energy and vitality about her that he wanted to reach out and touch it. There was a subtle sensuality about her and it showed in everything she did. In the way she laughed and drank and teased the man with a phone perpetually glued to his head. It was also in the way people responded to her. She was in control and no one even knew it.
Oh, but he knew.
She suddenly turned towards where he was standing in the shadows as though she could feel his eyes on her. He knew she would not be able to see him, yet she frowned and then her tongue darted out and she nervously wet her lips. Ethan felt lust strong and powerful roll over him and he blinked at the sheer intensity. He wanted her. He took a deep breath and allowed the feeling to flow through him. His body became primed and he felt his penis swell slightly. He had been without a woman for a long while, but he knew it was not going to last much longer.
With a brief flash of a predatory smile which was gone in seconds, he stepped out of the shadows.
Kara had just turned to catch something Felipe a fellow intern had said when she felt the sudden charged tension in the air. She watched in bemusement as everyone seemed to work faster. The photographer clicked faster. The models were more responsive and seemed to move faster. Pat clutched the phone to his ear and talked faster. Everything acquired fresh energy and if she had not witnessed it herself, she would have laughed if anyone had tried to describe it to her.
At that moment, Kara felt a force of great intensity directed her way and froze. Suddenly, she felt goose bumps spread over her arms and a slight shiver went through her. Even as she told herself it was the last thing she wanted to do, she slowly turned, like one compelled, to find herself face to face with the source of the force and her mouth promptly went dry.
She stared at the over six foot tall, gorgeous male, and would have swooned if she were the swooning type. Fortunately, she wasn’t. She did not have time for swooning and she had even less time for good looking rich men. They were often too arrogant, too filled with their own importance and many times, that translated to unkindness. She’d had more than enough unkindness to last a lifetime. She would not willingly put herself in the pathway of more unkindness.
Yet here she was, standing in the path of the hunk and he was staring at her with such burning intensity. Kara felt the shock of his gaze and she trembled slightly. He could not really be staring at her could he? She glanced behind her and saw a few of the models looking hungrily at the specimen before her. She could not blame them. He was not just tall, but well built. He was wearing what had to be a designer suit and it was almost as impressive as the air of power and command he had about him. There was no doubt that he was the boss.
He walked slowly towards her and stopped right in front of her.
“What’s your name?”
Kara glanced behind her again and then looked at him with a frown, “You talking to me?”
“There’s no one else here.”
Kara narrowed her eyes. He was trying to intimidate her and she was intimidated, but she did not need to let him see that. She squared her shoulders and looked him right in the eyes as she replied, “I’m Kara, and you’re… Ethan Hawke.”
He simply raised an eyebrow.
When he didn’t say anything else, Kara got irritated. “Pat’s around here somewhere. He’s the one in charge of this project. I’ll get him for you.” She turned to walk away, but his voice stopped her.
“You’re the one I want.”
She paused in her tracks as her body slowly began to catch fire. She knew there was no way he’d meant what he said in a sexual manner, but her body had interpreted it thus and was reacting to that. She inhaled deeply and let out a shaky breath.
“Mr. Hawke…”
“Call me Ethan.”
“Y-yeah… I’m just the lackey here. If you want to know what is going on with your ad, Pat is the person you should be talking to.”
She saw amusement light his dark brown eyes as he shook his head. “You would like for me to think that, won’t you?”
She stilled, “I don’t know what you mean.”
“I have been watching you,” he confided in a low voice.
His voice sent a shiver of awareness down Kara’s spine. The man was too sexy by half.
“Why have you been watching me?” she’d meant to sound distant but her voice had only come out sounding husky.
She saw passion flare in his eyes and could not help marveling.
“I was imagining how your body would feel pressed up to mine.”
Whoa… that was… wow, okay. Kara took a step back in alarm. The man was definitely crazy. But she was the one who was certifiable because she felt her breasts become heavy and her entire body had gone on red alert. The man was seriously sexy and she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. But she was no moth and she’d learned very early to avoid flames. She needed to get away from him, but she did not want to just turn and walk away. He was the boss after all. She wondered where Pat had gone to.
“Ah, I’ll get Pat for you, Mr. Hawke…” she said taking another step back.
“I’m right here. We’re glad you stopped by Mr. Hawke,” Pat suddenly appeared out of nowhere and gave Kara a look that said he would take it from there.
She gave him a weak smile that was filled with relief and took off. She decided to keep out of Ethan Hawke’s way till he left. Surely he would be gone in no time at all.
She walked to the other side of the swimming pool where the photo shoot was taking place. She had just waved to the model she’d helped earlier when her phone rang. Seeing who it was, she stepped into the dark interior of the pool house and picked the call.
“Tami, what’s up?”
“I want you to foster a kid,” Tami said without preamble.
Kara felt her entire body go weak and she leaned against the wall. Tami was her best friend. They met when they were sent to the same foster home when they were fifteen and had left as soon as they’d turned sixteen. Tami was now a social worker and she kept trying to convince Kara to take on a kid.
“Wait, just hear me out please.”
Kara sighed.
“Her name’s Dani. She is thirteen years old and does not get on well in the system. She is a really bright kid, and I just need to know she’ll be okay. I’ve tried her in six different homes and each one seems to kill her a little, I just know that if she were with you…”
Tami’s voice broke then and Kara felt the pain squeeze her heart. Dani sounded so much like her and that was why her first instinct was to turn Tami down. She did not want to relive those days. She had made it through and it was over. But could she turn her back on a little girl who needed her?
Just then there was a light tap on her shoulder. She turned to see one of the goons who had walked in with Ethan. She asked Tami to hold briefly and raised an inquiring eyebrow at the man.
“The boss will see you now,” he said.
Kara’s eyebrow went higher. Then she shrugged.
“Tami, I’ll think about it, okay?”
“Thank you Kara! It means a lot to me.”
“I said I was going to think about it. That’s all…” but Tami had already cut the line.
Taking a deep breath, Kara slid her phone into her pocket and turned to follow the goon to where Mister High and Mighty awaited.
Ethan was standing outside the mansion that was being used for the photo shoot when he saw Kara step out. She had one of his men with her and beside him, she looked so small. She was petite, about five, three or four and her body was compact and fit. He liked that about her. Hell, he liked a lot about her.
She walked to where he was and stopped.
“You asked to see me?”
“I’m cancelling the contract with your agency.”
He saw the confusion on her face and then she turned pale, “But why? And why are you telling me this?”
“Oh, I’ve already informed Pat. I just decided to let you know.”
“But why would you do that?”
“Your people know my policy on drugs.”
“But that poor girl needed the job.”
He stepped close to her, so close their bodies were almost touching. He could smell the scent of her hair and it was so sexy, he was immediately aroused. The front of his pants became uncomfortably tight. Her breath became choppy and he could see the pulse at the base of her neck going wild. Whatever it was that was going on between them, it was definitely mutual.
He waited till she tilted her head to look at him. He used his thumb to gently caress her lips and she shuddered.
“You are attracted to me,” he said without inflection.
She frowned and took a step back, “Any red blooded female would be.”
He felt his mouth quirk upward in a smile. She was sassy.
“I don’t want just any red blooded female,” he said. “I want you.”
“That’s not possible. Don’t mess with me.”
He did not like being dismissed that way. He stepped closer to her and looked deep into her eyes.
“I want to fuck you, Kara.”
She gasped in shock at his blunt speech, then her eyes dilated. He saw her nipples peak beneath the tank top she wore and he knew that if placed his hand over her secret mound, it would be wet. He wished they were alone so he could confirm his suspicion.
“You should not say things like that.” Her voice was firm even though he knew she was not unaffected.
“Why not tell the truth?”
“You shouldn’t cancel the contract, either.” She said in a sudden change of subject. “It would affect too many people.”
“Are you offering to change my mind?”
Her lips darted out and wet her lips and he felt desire so hot hit him that it took all he had to maintain control. He wanted to kiss her until he knew every part of her mouth intimately. He wanted to take her right there, against the closest wall. He could feel his erection pulsing in his pants and was baffled that a mere slip of a woman could have such an effect on him.
“You want me to sleep with you so that you won’t cancel the contract?” She asked.
“Are you offering?”
“I don’t roll like that.”
He nodded. “You would let me fuck you regardless of the contract.”
She took a deep breath and let it out, her expression pained. “Could we not talk about that?”
He chuckled, the sound harsh, even to his ears. “I am sporting a most painful erection and this has not happened to me since I was a teenager.”
Almost against her will, her gaze swung there and her eyes opened wide in shock.
“You really are attracted to me?”
“You’re a beautiful woman.” He said. “You’re wet down there, aren’t you?”
Even though they had been speaking in low voices, her gaze darted around to be sure no one was close enough to eavesdrop. She licked her lips again and shook her head.
“This is crazy. There are a number of models in there who would be happy to do this with you. I don’t have your sophistication and I can’t play this game with you.”
“One night,” he said in a level voice.
“I’m asking you for one night. Just you and I. One night of incredible sex and then we both walk away. No one gets hurt. That is what you are afraid of isn’t it?”
Kara opened her mouth to reply, but he stopped the words with the finger, he placed on her lips.
“Just one night, Kara.” He said in a whisper. “Think about it. I’ll pick you up by seven this evening.”
And before she could speak, he nodded and walked down the steps to the waiting limo.
Kara stood still as the elevator carried her to the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel. She was supposed to be working that night. She waited tables, four nights a week and she’d had to ask someone to take her shift. Running a hand over the dress she wore, she tried to still the nerves fluttering in the pit of her belly. Nerves and excitement.
Kara caught sight of her face in the mirror and stood staring in fascination. Her face was flushed with excitement and her eyes sparkled. She raised a hand to brush back her hair and saw a faint tremor. She had been in a state of semi-arousal all day and even though she had felt like a call girl when she’d opened her door to find a chauffeur and a limo sans Ethan, she knew that she was not going to turn down this offer. She tried to remember when last she’d had sex. It must have been while she was dating her ex. She was a modern woman, but sex for her had always meant a relationship.
So what are you doing with Ethan Hawke? That was a question she had no answer for. The man was notorious for avoiding relationships and here she was, going up to his hotel room to have sex. Her womb clenched at the thought and she drew in a ragged breath. She was in a bad way.
Soon enough, the elevator stopped and she stepped out into what seemed like a palace. The room, if it could be called that, was huge. From where she stood, she could see the New York skyline at a distance at the other end of the room.
“You came.”
She turned with a soft gasp to find Ethan sitting on one of the sofas, legs crossed and a snifter in his hand. He looked like a master surveying his domain.
“You knew I would.”
He put down the drink on a coffee table and stood, “I was not so sure.”
“Which is why you are dressed in all but a robe?”
He flashed a killer smile, “I’ve been walking around with a hard-on. I needed to be comfortable.”
At his words, her eyes went southward and when she saw the tent there, she felt her knees grow weak.
“You do not spare words, do you?”
He moved close to her, “I don’t know why you affect me this way, but you do.”
She was shaking badly. She clenched her thighs and could not hold back a gasp as prickles of sensation washed through her. She shut her eyes, but that only made it worse as the scent of him filled her nostrils.
His hand brushed her breast lightly and her eyes flew open. The force of the passion she saw in his eyes shot through her and she instantly went on fire. She wanted to touch him everywhere. She wanted to feel his hands on more than just her breasts. She imagined what it would feel like to have him buried deep inside her and she swayed at the wave of lust that washed over her.
Ethan reached out to steady her. He had never had a woman react so strongly to him before and the feeling was heady. He felt as though the part where he held her was on fire. Very slowly he brought her closer to him in an embrace. She stood still for a few moments and then let out a low moan as she pressed herself to his body. He could feel her trembling and when he lifted a hand to run lightly over her hair, he knew she was not the only one trembling. Suddenly he could take it no longer and placing both hands on either side of her face, he kissed her.
There was nothing hesitant about Ethan’s kiss. It was an invasion of her senses. He sucked on her lips and when she gasped at the assault, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and teased her. Kara felt her secret place become damp and she held on to him because she was no longer sure her legs could hold her. Ethan came up for air, but did not stop kissing her on her face, behind her ear, the side of her neck.
“Don’t… Ethan…” Kara was finding it hard forming a coherent word. “Aren’t we moving too fast?” She finally said.
He pulled her closer and she felt the hard ridge of his erection pressed against her belly. Kara could feel the size of it. It was clearly larger than average, and she wanted it. Every moment felt like a thousand years, waiting for her prize, she needed his hard cock buried inside her wet pussy.
“We’re not moving fast enough,” he said, his hands traveling all over her body.
Kara was on fire. Hot, fiery passion streaked through her blood and she suddenly could not wait any longer either. She grabbed him and planted her mouth on his in a kiss as ferocious as the one he’d given her earlier.
Ethan chuckled at her aggressiveness and then growled in delight when she lifted her leg and placed it around his waist. His erection was nestled against her mound and even through the thin lace panties he could feel her heat and her moistness.
“You’re driving me wild,” he muttered against her lips.
“I can’t help myself.” She panted.
He quickly rid her of her clothes and when she stood naked before him, he could only stare.
“Damn, you’re beautiful.”
Kara threw back her head and cupped her breasts. “I need to feel your mouth here,” she told him starkly.
His eyes darkened and his pupils dilated even further. “You sure are something else…”
“And you want to fuck me.”
“Damn straight.”
He picked her up and walked to the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around him and began to nibble on his ear. He could hardly credit it, but he felt his manhood swell further. He placed her gently on the bed and joined her.
Kara immediately reached for his erection and ran her hands over him from the tip to the hilt. Moisture beaded at the tip and before he knew what she was about, she leaned down and licked it off.
Kara laughed in delight and then lowered her mouth over the head of his shaft. He groaned and went rigid. He had expected a pleasant night of pleasure, but this was beyond what he had imagined. She took him in slowly until he was buried to the shaft. He bucked and felt himself on the verge of losing control. He grabbed her and firmly lifted her.
“Spoilsport,” she said with a pout.
That surprised a chuckle out of him. “Sweetheart, I was this close to finishing just now and wouldn’t that be a pity.”
She knelt on the bed and gave him a saucy smile, “That would indeed be a pity.”
Ethan moved till he was kneeling behind her. Her soft bottom was pressed against his erection. He reached around her to cup her breasts and felt her lean back against him. Testing their weight, he grazed their sensitive tips with his thumb and she sighed.
“You are so sexy,” he muttered, trailing a hand down to her damp curls. He parted the soft folds and almost groaned out loud. She was so wet and so ready for him. But he did not want to rush things, and so slipped a finger into the moist heat. She let out a moan that almost undid him.
Ethan had never had such a hard time holding on to his control. But with this woman, he was hanging by a thread. He slipped in a second finger and used his thumb to press on her clit. He rubbed slowly at first, watching Kara’s expression and body movements carefully, reacting to the subtle changes in her ecstasy and ramping up his motions in perfect harmony with her desire.
Kara had never been with a man who understood the pacing and context necessary to bring a woman to climax so beautifully. Ethan had serious skills in this area. Faster and faster his fingers moved and her body trembled. Kara began to shiver and then, to his amazement, she clenched around his fingers and screamed as she climaxed.
“You are incredible,” Ethan said turning her around so he could kiss her. He wanted to say more, but he suddenly could not wait to be buried deep inside her. He laid her down and she gazed at him through languorous eyes.
Ethan’s throbbing, hard cock pressed up against Kara’s butt. He spun her around, put her flat on her back, and shoved his cock in her mouth.
She loved his forcefulness.
After a few short thrusts against her tongue, Ethan pulled his cock out of her warm mouth and let it sit between her breasts, right in front of her face. Kara appreciated the beauty and masculinity of his massive totem, giving it the occasional lick underneath. Ethan reached behind his back with his right hand and began rubbing Kara’s clit, softly at first, and then furiously. Kara went mad with lust.
He hurriedly slipped on a condom, and then he was ready.
“Are you ready?” He needed to know.
“I’ve been ready since I met you,” she said in a husky voice.
Her words finally snapped the thread of control. He grabbed a pillow and arranged it beneath her hips. He could see her mound and it was so damn sexy. With a groan, he surged into her. She was so tight and sweet and was driving him crazy. She wrapped her legs around him and urged him in. He tried to hold on, but she squeezed tight around his cock and he lost it completely. Ethan pounded into her like a man possessed.
“Ethan… Ah… Oh God! Fuck me! Yes… Yes… Yes! Ethan!” she screamed his name each time he drove into her. Soon she began to clench around him and convulse. She let out a long wail and shattered around him. Her climax triggered his and he drove into her once more and came with a shout. He collapsed on her, too spent to do much more. After a few minutes he rolled off her.
“That was… wow,” she said softly.
The awe in her voice mirrored exactly how he felt. “You can say that again.” He gathered her into his arms and she felt so right there. With a grunt of contentment, he fell asleep.
They woke up twice more during the night and made love. It was wild, passionate, and surprisingly, sweet. Kara held nothing back. The rest of the night was a blur, and her highlights included Ethan burying his mouth between Kara’s legs and bringing her to climax twice using his tongue alone. The feeling always amazed her. Her clit pressed up against Ethan’s eager tongue gave her an orgasm with the force of a raging waterfall as she clenched her thighs around his head and he held on for dear life.
Ethan’s highlight was probably when he came all over Kara’s beautiful breasts – that or the face-fucking, which she didn’t mind at all. In total, Ethan must have climaxed three times, but Kara had him beat at five… or was it six orgasms he gave her? She gave all of herself in bed and demanded no less. They finally fell into an exhausted sleep in the early hours of the morning.
When Ethan woke up, he knew it was morning already. He reached for Kara, but found the bed empty. He got out of bed, but even before he noticed the absence of her clothes and her purse, he knew she was gone. He finally found a note by the bedside.
Last night was incredible. Thank you.
He stood holding the note in his hand and could not help the smile on his face. Kara Jones was dynamite in bed. She was the most unselfish lover he’d ever had and he’d had no idea sex could be so much fun and so sweet. If she thought one night was enough to get her out of his system, she had another think coming.
“It’s not over,” he vowed as he went to have a shower. It was damn well not over.


Leonardo was a man, unwilling to give up on his habits. Following the spirit of his Italian predecessors, he spoke equally loud to yelling, drank immense amounts of wine and above all-adored freshly-roasted meat. Outside a regular working day, where he always managed to spare same energy, he loved his long weekends in a mountain cabin he owned.
That cabin was equally important for him and his friends, as a sacred temple would be for the Gods. Better than a simple, runaway villa, this hidden cabin was a party paradise that kept all of their youth secrets, packed up between four walls.
Even nowadays, when most of his friends were busy with careers and families, they managed to find the appropriate time to go there and do some hunting. They were far from professional-each held a single piece of weapon and had no idea how to use it properly. The luckiest, however, sometimes brought a piece of meat on the table.
This Saturday, though, Leo went to the cabin alone. It was the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, so he thought that a bit of prayer could be a decent present for his mother. Loneliness was not disturbing for him. In fact, he loved his personal time, so much, he never even thought of getting married. Not yet, he said to the people. “The right one has not appeared yet.”
Whether a thing like the “real one” existed, and, if positive, how she would look like, was seriously questionable. Leonardo was not a man who made compromises, especially not regarding sex. Diversity fucking was an essential matter for him, and he was not ready to give up on random meetings.
The morning was fresh, but sunny, better than any November day he had seen in years. Excited over his hunt, he quickly huddled indoors, took the gun and disappeared in the forest. Due to his lack of experience, he couldn’t be sure his hunt would be successful. At least I could spread my legs a bit, he thought.
Lost in his thoughts, he walked deeper and deeper inside the forest. Around noon, he had lost any hope of a successful chase. It was right then when his day got slightly luckier!
A gray, well-fed rabbit was grazing the bushy tubers under a lavish pine. Observing it from a few-meters distance, Leo considered his shooting position was safe. Moving extremely slowly in order not to disturb the rabbit, he stood behind a bush and pointed his gun.
He might well not be the most sensitive man on Earth, but he did feel sorry for the poor animal. Soon, it was about to be deprived of its careless life in the woods and converted into a meal.
He was aware that such thinking would never allow him to become a professional hunter, but at the end of the day, he did not even want to become one.
Thinking, he had lost his focus completely. The bullet ended up stuck in the pine stem and the rabbit almost flew away in the battle for his life.
Fuck! He thought. That was a magnificent chance.
“You should hold your weapon an inch higher since you’re kneeling,” a strong female voice interrupted him. It was a scary situation-in such a dense forest, you could not expect to see people, especially not a person like herself.
Two meters behind him, there was some interesting scenery: out of the blue, a savage-like girl appeared. Tall and thickset, she seemed almost surreal, as if time had never passed, and the world was still a ruckus of ungoverned chaos.
She was noticeably dark-tanned. Her hair was so long it almost covered her ass, straight and decorated with a thin braid above her forehead. Her clothes looked somehow residual-a wide leather skirt, covered with thin catkins, and a short, similar-cut top, revealing completely her flat belly.
“Even when I don’t look for trouble, trouble looks for me”, gazing he said in silent laughter, obviously aware of how sexy this savage was.
However, she did not seem so friendly. The look on her face was a bit grumpy, and she held a bow with a pointed arrow in her hands.
“Hey there, Xena. Relax, I come in peace!”
“I am not Xena, I am Artemis. And you better introduce yourself, intruder.”
“So I am the intruder now? Ha ha… I must have accidentally crossed a movie scene. Anyway, I am Leo.”
“Why do you think you can hunt here Leo? This is my territory. Only I can hunt here!”
“Wanna fight there, badass?” he laughed.
“Calm down. See, I already dropped the gun.”
“Yes, but you haven’t paid your toll for intruding on my lands. She finally relaxed and her shiny chicks grew in a modest smile.”
Am I the only one who thinks I am going to get laid right now, he proudly thought. For a middle-aged man, he maintained a perfect figure and had a charm no woman could say no to. She definitely noticed that.
“Let me correct that mistake Artemis.” He spoke while approaching her carefully.
“How can I be of any good to you?”
“Eros left me last night. I need you to cure my sadness with magical seeds.”
“Is that what they’re calling it these days?” He laughed.
“Don’t worry, dear. You’re going to get laid.”
He pushed her to the pine.
“Grab it!” he shouted. Experience dictated: Never lose time.
Her arms held harshly, almost peeling the stem, while he quickly raised her skirt up on the tight, dark ass. She had no underwear! His dick started to pulse as he fiercely pushed it inside.
“I bet that Eros of yours didn’t do you on a pine tree, didn’t he?”
She just gasped repeatedly, unable to speak.
“How do you like me intruding your vagina now, ah?”
Out of her incomprehensible muttering, he understood only “It hurts”.
“Yes, yes, tell me how this big cock feels!”
He pushed her as if his life depended on it. He bent forward and started licking her back, aware of how much women adored that. He grabbed her tits and stabbed her even stronger. Soon, he felt the walls of her vagina squeezing his dick, and a wonderful flow went down her magical cave.
Once his partner came, he could not sustain his ejaculation. He filled her like crazy, using his hips to push up her ass, so that she would absorb every drop of the seed she wanted so badly.
Once his enchanted mind was clear again, he observed her marvelous body. He felt his dick grow hard again, and he pulled her hair towards him again.
“Guess what? I have more seed for you!”
He lay on his back, asking her to squat on his protruding cock.
“Ride me like an animal.”
She certainly knew how to ride. She massaged it with her vagina, while her hair tickled his strong chest. He rubbed her silky butt, dragging and pushing, as she looked at him with admiration. In her ecstasy, she dropped on him and thrust so strongly, he felt a new explosion approaching.
“Get up!” he screamed and sent all of his seed sprawling over her dark breasts. It looked so fucking good!
Then he pushed her aside, where she lay on the grass, exhausted and happy.


Athena Williams was a real mystery to the media world.
Outside her books, every theory concerning her private life was simply a speculation.
Some said she was a lesbian with childhood trauma, others said that she was slightly insane after being abandoned by her husband.
On few claims, though, everybody agreed: she was the best modern analyst of the human mind.
Her wisdom was undefeatable.
The novels she wrote turned immediately into bestsellers.
The content seemed to reveal a sensitive woman on the other side of the pen, letting her talent, or rather her soul, spill over the pages.
Readers identified with her characters-perfectly normal citizens, carrying their emotional burden around. Love was a crucial moment in her works-she worshiped love as the mere reason of human existence!
John was only one of many journalists who dreamed of an opportunity to publish an interview with this mysterious writer. He was working for a well-reputed magazine and therefore, hoped to gain access to first-hand information. Registered on a waiting list, he slowly lost hope, as for many days nobody replied his calls.
Maybe he was not such a good journalist, he thought.
But this interview could be the final step towards his success.
And he had to get it!
“Be careful what you wish for!” The following morning, he received a call. Miss Athena had checked his resume and had awarded him an official interview.
The interview was about to take place at her apartment later that afternoon.
Getting ready for the interview was quite of a challenge-he was excited to meet such a successful woman. Her texts exposed a significant wealth of experience, even though he’d heard she was relatively young. Along with a detailed questionnaire, he should also prepare a decent outfit.
Beauty was always an asset, he thought.
He hummed to himself, rolling up his sleeves in front of the mirror.
After a short drive, he closely approached her supposed address.
Only a few minutes separated him from the most important moment in his career.
Would it be incredible fame or degrading failure?
“Calm down man. You can do this.”
Unlike all the luxury he had expected, he saw an old, damaged building. Based on her earnings, she must be a modest lady. He had to remember this for the article.
Soon, another surprise followed. He had no idea what a beautiful woman, Athena was. A casual, linen dress covered what he expected to be a young, strong body.
Still, what was really fascinating was her adorable, welcoming face.
The small, narrow, blue eyes contrasted her mahogany hair. She had a small nose and ample breasts.
The least expected part was the sneaky, friendly smile.
Overall, he would describe her allure as magical.
“Mr. Davis?”
“Yes, it is me. Are you… Athena?”
“You bet I am!” She laughed.
“Please, come inside. I was expecting you”.
The apartment did not differ significantly from the building. The living room was wide and full of light, obviously old, but nicely furnished. For now, he could note two things down: She was an alternative-taste person. And she loved Cuba.
Beautiful and hospitable, he thought. The small, red table offered a variety of sweet pleasures-from strawberries and cream to delicious old wine.
He almost lost all professionalism inside such romantic atmosphere. But regardless how sweet this woman spoke, he had to stay calm and concentrate.
It was not hot, but sweat flew all over him. Her deep décolletage tricked his eyes constantly, but she seemed to appreciate it.
The longer he stared, the harder she caressed her neck, as if that was something absolutely normal to do with a stranger across the room.
Was she deliberately trying to provoke him?
It must be his dirty mind that made him lose focus.
“Sorry. Let’s go on.” He tried to regain his composure.
She licked her lips so seductively.
God, what the hell was happening?
She was too much of a lady for these cheap, seductive tricks. But the tricks obviously worked.
In spite of the tension between them, she answered his questions quite accurately. She was indeed a wise woman. Her overall view of human emotions was just amazing. And smart women turned him on.
Nevertheless, the moment had arrived to reveal tricky details. The situation made it extremely difficult for him to proceed. He knew that her mood was about to change after his next question.
“Sorry, but I have to ask. Do you like men or women, Athena?”
A moment of silence followed.
She approached him and sat in his lap.
“What do you think?” She replied, teasing him.
He couldn’t believe what happened.
This incredibly successful and even more beautiful woman wanted him. If this is what she expected from him, he wasn’t going to oppose!
“I am a sexually liberated woman, John. I do what, and who, I please.” Athena said confidently.
He raised her dress and slipped his hand beneath it. The distance between their mouths was not safe anymore.
“What if I could promise you the most passionate sex you’ve ever had?” John said, summoning his confidence.
She giggled.
“I would try you.” Athena nodded.
He took her in his arms. He lay upon her, as she reached the bed, kissing and undressing her at the same time.
“You have an amazing body, Athena.” John complimented her.
“It is all yours. Do whatever you wish with it.” Athena offered herself to him.
This statement encouraged him. He slipped his tongue towards her left breast while she leaned her head, trying to reach his ear.
Bites of heaven, he thought, as pleasant chills appeared on his skin.
He took off his tie and tied her to the bed.
She waited in excitement.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.”
“I hope not,” Athena winked.
He went down on her and spit on her warm pussy. The sweet smell of her liquids made him insane. His boxers struggled to hold his erect cock inside.
Watching her pleased expression and arched back was the biggest reward for his effort.
He kneeled all over to her mouth, in a position that allowed him to mouth-fuck her. His cock was fat, rather than long, so it disappeared completely inside her. He pulled it out and spanked her ass.
Soon, he slid his hard cock out of her willing mouth and straight back inside her wet pussy. His thrusts came hard and fast.
In a second, their bodies melted into one. They moved rhythmically up and down, as the bed squeaked under their weight. Missionary never felt so good. Athena reached climax again and again, pressing herself deep against his hard cock.
He bit her neck, while she tried to release her hands, whispering words of passion and commitment.
Climaxing deeply inside her, John yelled in ecstasy.


At the age of 9, already known as the handsomest man in the Gardens of Olympia, Apollo felt ready to go down to Earth.
Living a mortal life was the temptation of every God.
Now, at the earthly age of 18, he was aware of all the pleasures he was about to enjoy.
And he simply couldn’t wait!
Apollo was still a boy when he discovered how different he was from all other boys. Observing others urinating, he realized his dick was significantly bigger.
Since then, he developed a tendency towards exhibitionism.
His heavenly gift granted him the self-confidence he needed to fulfill all of his sexual fantasies.
Even on Olympia, Apollo would parade proudly in front of the Goddesses that sighed and admired his manhood.
His body grew strong and his teeth were brilliant white.
He was the golden boy, and he knew it.
“Are you even aware of the size of your dick, Apollo?” His friend once asked.
“Huh? How long is average?”
“About five or six inches.”
He knew he was at least eight inches down there.
Sometimes when Apollo saw a pair of marvelous boobs, his cock got so big and hard that it hurt pressed up against the warden’s prison of his pants.
He discovered the miracle of masturbation.
In constant repetition, he felt the blood rushing to the area, wishing it never stopped.
His hottest fantasy at the time was fucking the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, whose sculptured-like body he had seen more than once. She was much older than he was, but he didn’t care.
As he aged, his dick grew longer and wider.
At times, he thought he would scare women off without even touching them.
But for him, the time had come to lose virginity.
At that moment, his dick was nine inches long.
Life on Earth was not easy for him. He struggled to be accepted, without revealing the truth over his origins. What he wanted was for people to see him as the cute and friendly guy next door.
And for beautiful women to desire him!
His search for a girl who deserved the gift of his virginity, ended up on the so-called Street of Love. Numerous ladies, dressed in a slutty way, attracted the sinful human fantasies.
He understood these women were prostitutes. They fulfilled wishes for money.
He did not mind.
What he expected was not love.
It was satisfaction.
The winner was a tall blonde with gorgeous boobs he yearned to stick his dick between.
Long and tanned legs peaked below her shorts. Her sexy movements promised a serious dose of experience. It was going to be a long, exciting night.
Seeing how cute her next client was, she felt extremely thrilled.
She was finally going to enjoy her job.
“Hello, adorable! I’m Jasmine.”
She took his hand and asked him to follow her through a dark passage, arriving in a room reserved for special occasions. There was really nothing special, heavy curtains with a single sunbeam that touched the messy bed.
He was so shy! She knew she had to encourage him.
“Sit, dear.”
She unzipped his pants in disbelief.
She had never seen such an enormous dick!
Oh my God, she thought.
This must be my lucky day.
“Are you kidding? I adore it.”
She moved her hand up and down, letting it grow even bigger. It pulsed and pulsed.
“I want you to come inside my mouth. Hurry up!” she touched herself. “I cannot wait.”
“I want you to take me.” She said.
Apollo could not resist. Her breasts were too tempting. He tore her shirt off and pushed her down on the bed, climbing on top and setting his massive cock between her soft boobs.
Such commanding approach woke up flames inside her pussy.
She was eager to fuck him too.
“Let’s begin!” He said.
She pushed her breasts together around his hard cock.
Apollo moaned.
She spread her legs wide, eager to be touched.
Apollo, as much as he was enjoying his dick between her boobs, could no longer wait to take what was his. He slid his hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. He dove into an ocean of ecstasy.
She could hardly take the half, but she still screamed in agony.
“Oh God! Oh God!” She shouted.
She trembled, trying to spread her hole as much as possible. His meat went so deep, it almost touched her stomach.
“Yes! Yes! Stronger!”
He pushed harder and harder.
Her pussy was completely red and he could only imagine the destruction his dick was causing. But there was no way he would stop himself.
“Fuck me! Stick that horse dick even deeper!”
He enjoyed sex so much.
He would do this a thousand times.
It felt like he was masturbating using her entire body.
She shook her torso in an insanely beautiful way. Her hair waved over the face, while she was helplessly biting her lips. With her hands, she pulled him towards her, as a sign of thankfulness for this priceless service he was providing. She knew from that moment she was not going to charge him a single penny!
“You are the best fuck I’ve ever had!”
“Ahhh!” She yelled.
He felt an unstoppable stream of intimate juices and dipped right into it. He gave her such a strong orgasm, she was about to faint. Indeed, for a few seconds, she lay there without moving. Her hair spread over her face and her sweaty body shined as the brightest of all stars.
Still, he did not stop until the very last drop abandoned his cock.
He pulled his dick out and witnessed the incredible quality of their sexual act.
He was finally a man. A real man, ready to live!
He left his payment, dressed and sped out of the room.
Jasmine lay there, pussy red, fucked and worn.
She hoped for him to return again one day.


In a sexually-empty marriage, there is nothing degrading in cheating. After years of sharing a love cradle, spouses do look for temptation, often masturbating to those desires. We all do, after all.
The original taste of a sin could not possibly be overridden by any sense of domestic erotica. Women who knew the absolute pleasure of lying next to a sleepy husband, captured by consciousness, but free by spirit, would never renounce those few hours of forbidden pleasure. Life was too short to tolerate a boring sex life!
Hera was a passionate woman who knew what she wanted, and thought on many occasions how choosing a mortal life deprived her of heavenly pleasures.
There was almost nothing spiritual left in Zeus’s touch, now that he was a handsome, but painfully ordinary man.
As hard as she tried to be desired by him, he seemed to simply perform a duty towards her, and soon after, she was on her own all over again.
The thought that he might be cheating on her was somehow exciting.
Young and wild of heart, she was extremely jealous of other goddesses and nymphs.
The fact, Zeus was taking advantage of Earthly pleasures, on the other hand… just the thought made her wet.
She simply knew these women could not compete with her, and he would always return. They were deities, after all.
Zeus would never leave her and marry a warm-blooded mortal.
Therefore, he was allowed to sleep around.
But another terrifying thought broke Hera’s heart… that she was soon going to be the admirable wife at home, whom a husband could deeply respect and worship, but would rarely take to bed.
Now that they tried everything there was to be tried, her divine beauty was no longer interesting for him.
And he was still gorgeously hot, she thought.
This is how Hera decided to cheat.
In a situation like this, approaching a man for attention was necessary rather than brave. With the beauty and the charms she possessed, such attempt would hardly fail.
And she started. She used the first opportunity available by randomly inviting a guy in the bar for a drink.
He probably thinks I am a slut, she thought.
It turned out that he had a recent break-up, and perfectly understood the loneliness of a committed person. Besides, who could have resisted those magnificent curves and her dirty talk?
Eager for a radical change and ready to fuck, she chose a handsome dark-skinned partner. Indeed, she hoped the stories about those men were not simply stories. She wanted to find eight inches of absolute pleasure.
She felt her pressure go up every time she thought she was about to meet this guy. She spent hours in front of the mirror, hoping he would like her new, lace thongs. Instead, he hardly noticed her lingerie. They ravaged each other immediately upon approach, intentions clear.
She met her lover few times a week.
Coming home, she would shower while caressing her intimate parts, aware that water could not wash off her sin.
Still, there was no guilt while she lay next to Zeus.
She just closed her eyes and let her mind travel to the man who actually made her happy.
One of those days, while she was trying to sneak into the room without being noticed, Zeus waited for her. He was sitting on the stairs, breathing heavily.
“Did you enjoy it?” Zeus asked menacingly.
She froze.
How the hell did he find out?
Did he follow her?
“Enjoy what?” Hera tried to look surprised.
“Stop pretending, Hera.”
He clearly knew.
For a few seconds she thought she was going to die. Her heart was about to jump outside her chest.
She was about to feel the anger of the God of all Gods.
But why? What was she supposed to say?
There she was, completely exposed like a whore who only cares about satisfaction.
“I am sorry”, she said. But she didn’t mean it.
The truth was, if she could go back in time, she would still do it all again.
He dragged her arm furiously.
“You like being fucked by other men, don’t you? That insatiable pussy of yours is always hungry for pleasure.”
Zeus continued in a rage.
“What did he do to you? Speak! I want to know every detail.”
Hera’s fear turned into anger. “Do you really want to know that? Do you really need to hear how much I enjoyed it?”
He pulled her towards him.
Her entire body was stuck in his divine, muscular arms, and for whatever his intentions were, there was no escape.
“Tell me what he did to you. Tell me every detail.”
Down on her back, he felt his hard erection pressed up against her.
She could not believe how excited he was.
She was trembling.
She was wet.
“Well, he pushed me to the wall…” Hera began.
Zeus’s throbbing cock hardened against her.
“He tugs my scarf and pulls it and he doesn’t let go. Oh, really?”
Zeus pushed Hera against the wall.
“Speak!” He shouted, undressing her in a rush and spanking her naked butt.
She could feel incredible warmth coming from the lower part of his stomach. Unannounced, his hard dick almost rammed her wet pussy. He stood motionless for a couple of seconds: “You like this?”
“Yes! Yes!”
And he started fucking her, harder and harder.
He slipped it in and out, pushing his fingers against her clit from time to time.
She thought she would push the wall down from the pleasure. It was the first time he fucked her like this.
Bad girls deserve punishment, she thought.
He pinched her nipples, obviously thrilled.
“You are my dirty whore, remember that!” Zeus commanded.
Close to culmination, he pulled his throbbing dick out of her wet pussy and pushed her wet lips around his cock.
“Take it!” Zeus yelled as he reached climax.
Soon, drops of seed slipped down her chin. From the way he looked, he could notice he still wanted her.
“Don’t dare to get dressed! I am not done with you”, he said, staring at her ass.
Zeus’s cock was dripping with seed, but still fully erect. Perks of being a deity, I suppose.
He grabbed Hera by the waist, spun her around, and shoved his massive totem inside her warm ass.
Hera screamed and yelped in pain and pleasure.
It had been forever since he’d taken her like this.
Zeus fucked her ass hard and fast, wrapping his right hand around her torso for support, sliding his fingers down to her crotch and rubbing her clit furiously. Hera climaxed again and again.
Zeus pulled out his hard cock, spun her around, and ejaculated all over her neck, breast, stomach, and even legs.
His seed felt warm to the touch, and she welcomed it.
It was exactly what she wanted, a spark of lust.
Every single night from that day forward, they fucked like rabbits.
Like gods.


In this small village on the riverside, people lived in peace and understanding. People greeted each other on their way to the fields, smiling and involving in random talks. Their life was almost like a utopian story: they liked each other, they cherished life and there were no concerns over troubles bigger than a rainy day.
At night, the entire village gathered to taste the reward of their farming efforts. They drank wine by the gallon and retold stories. That is how simple life in such village was.
Unaware of all troubles urban life could cause, these people enjoyed the calmness the lived in. Simplicity ruled their everyday life and every excitement out of the ordinary day, was fairly welcomed.
This is how Kara’s life looked before she met Demeter.
Every morning, she woke up at sunrise, preparing sweet tea and fresh-baked bread for breakfast, woke up her caring husband with a kiss and made their bed. She did a little bit of laundry and cleaned around the house, occasionally joining him to lend a hand in the field work. They had divided their duties: he was in charge of their grain crops, while she took care of their small fruit garden.
Her husband was what they call the love of a lifetime. He was her childhood sweetheart and her teenage dream, her idea of a perfectly happy life.
So was she, in his heart. Their parents, who had excellent communication and lived in friendship for many years, were aware of their children’s wishes. Soon, this innocent romance turned into an official commitment, likely to survive both: good and bad times.
Kara really believed in the sacristy of their vows and tried to be to the best wife she could. Her husband was a hard-working man whom she could always trust and on whom she relied. For many years so far, he regularly visited her side of the bed, making her feel like the beautiful woman she was.
Indeed, she was a precious being!
Every man in the village envied her husband.
But as years went by and nothing changed, Kara felt the desperate need of excitement.
She needed something that would make her smile in the mornings and greet the evenings, something worthy of being beautiful for.
Every evening she prayed for such excitement, as passion slowly left her body.
Not even the nights in their cradle were the same. Half of the time she just waited for him to be done with it, or grasped to confirm she enjoyed it, having to fake an orgasm almost every time.
The more she waited, the worst it got: life was a pit, a trap. You have to take what you crave if you want to be happy, but you have to risk everything you know and comfort.
One of those days of despair, she almost felt she had settled with the situation. If unsatisfied was the state God had in mind for her, let it be so for the rest of her days! But that same day, a strange thing happened.
She was quite sure she had collected all the strawberries from the garden the previous day. But there they were again, three grooves full of big, passion-red strawberries!
How strange, she thought.
I must have confused myself, the years have taken their toll.
She picked them and moved on with the other tasks for the day.
However, the next morning she witnessed the same, strangest view.
A garden full of strawberries!
“No, it cannot be!” She exclaimed.
Something strange was happening and she had to find out what it was.
Once her tired husband was asleep, she took her rope and went straight to the garden. Hidden behind a tree, she waited to see how her strawberries grew again. The night was young and fresh, and she was thankful for the shiny Moon that helped her to see everything clearly.
A few minutes later, she saw a man approaching the garden. A man she had never seen before.
“Who are you? What are you doing here?” She questioned.
Unlike any reaction she could have caused, the man smiled.
“Did you like your strawberries, Kara?”
“How do you know my name?”
“I know everybody. But that is irrelevant now, dear.”
He grabbed her and hugged her with enormous strength. Surprised as she was, she stood there motionless, wondering what this stranger had in mind. I should be afraid, she thought. But the stranger seemed like a well-behaved man, able to attract attention, and handsome at that.
There was something… intriguing about him.
“I am Demeter. I want you to be happy, Kara. I used my divine powers to help your strawberries grow.”
“Divine powers? Are you…” Kara asked.
“I know what you crave, Kara. You can’t hide it.”
He looked her up and down, practically undressing her with his eyes.
“What are you doing?” Kara was curious but concerned.
“Hush. Your husband is few meters away. You don’t want him to know your secret fantasies, do you?”
He squeezed her waist, gently laid her on the ground, lifted up her dress, and slid her panties straight down.
What kind of a man was he?
Why was she not refusing him?
She lay there, enjoying his tongue inside her pussy.
Secretly, she always dreamt that a strange man would fuck her furiously.
Destiny might have decided to make her dreams come true. And who was she to oppose destiny?
He stood up and showed her his dick. Captivated by its size, she realized the only mistake she could make now was to leave. She grabbed his dick and dragged it towards her pussy.
“Give it to me!” she begged in a low voice.
His tonguing, and the knowledge that she was doing something forbidden, made both of them go crazy for each other.
He sucked her neck and moved slowly backwards. Completely undressed, he lay on the ground, his dick to the sky.
“Dance on it, Kara!” Demeter commanded.
And she did. She fucked herself furiously on his massive totem, biting her lips every time she took it entirely inside.
She rarely fucked on top, but she loved making circles with such strong dick inside her. On top of that, she had the opportunity to watch him roll his eyes, completely lost in his pleasure.
She stopped for a moment, holding it inside, straight and still. She leaned down, looked at Demeter’s face and kissed him. She started again to jump furiously on his dick. Her body shined so gorgeously in the moonlight, with her big, rounded breasts following every of the thrusts.
She came twice in a row, releasing all of her feminine liquids on that wonderful dick. He squeezed her ass and hauled her towards him. She knew he was about to cum too.
“Do it! Pour it inside! Explode inside of me!”
There was no feeling as great as the warmth of his seed between her legs.
“Oh!” He lifted his head and started to kiss her gently. “You are amazing. Thank you.”
Covered with sin, she quietly lay by her husband, wishing he was the one able to fuck her like that.
In the blink of an eye, Demeter was gone. He left as mysteriously and suddenly as he had arrived.
Was he…?


Sundays at the “Sapphire” were quiet as usual. Nothing but the calm violin sounds interrupted Maggie’s devoted battle with the last piece of cannelloni.
Due to the strict nutritional regime, Sunday was the only day she could afford a proper dinner, such as only the “Sapphire” could guarantee!
This must be how food tastes in heaven, she thought.
A few tables away, an elegant gentleman was slowly finishing his second glass of Pinot Noir. He felt a wave of warmth going through his veins, not just because of such strong taste, but also because his entire body reacted to the presence of an extremely good-looking woman.
He observed Maggie.
Luckily for him, she was so concerned with her meal that she hardly noticed that someone’s eyes constantly walked all across her body.
The position she sat in revealed the very best of her riches: smooth, well-shaped legs, crossed over each other and probably the biggest, perfectly curved pair of tits he had ever seen.
She randomly picked up hair was dark and shiny, and she definitely had a seductive smile. Yes, she was gorgeous.
“Did you like your order, miss?” The waiter asked, lifting her plate and putting a glass on the table instead.
“This is a modest regard from the gentleman from the other table. He asked whether he could enjoy your company.”
The wine did look promising, she thought.
She was about to be disturbed on a peaceful Sunday night, but if the intruder had such exquisite taste in wine, he was fairly welcomed. She turned around and glanced, surprised by her own shyness.
“Dear Lord, I must have won the lottery!”
Mister Perfect was greeting her with a glass of the same Pinot, obviously pleased she accepted his sign of attention. Indeed-Maggie was a beautiful girl, but her relationship history was unfamiliar with such elegant men.
“Cheers!” she said. With a short, wavy movement of her hand, she called him to join her table.
“I hope I am not disturbing you,” said the man, leaning and gently kissing her palm.
“Oh, of course not… please, do take a seat.” She responded.
“You know, I am not really a guy who intrudes people this way, but when I saw you, I could not stop myself. I thought ‘what an incredible lady!’ Miss…?”
“Maggie. My name is Maggie.”
“Nice to meet you, Maggie. My name is Dionysus.”
He smiled, observing her confused expression.
“Sorry…” she said nervously.
“Oh, don’t worry. I get a lot of those looks when I introduce myself. My mother, you know. She was Greek.”
“Dionysus was the God of wine, wasn’t he?”
He looked at her and nodded.
“Cheers for the trivia knowledge, Maggie!”
“You certainly chose the best wine they have here, Dionysus. I didn’t even know Sapphire had such a marvelous collection.”
“It is an old harvest. The older the better!”
Even though the conversation flew pleasantly, he could clearly see she was cutely nervous. She constantly changed the position of her legs and her trembling fingers played with her hair.
It was clear he was extremely interested in this woman.
Using the “always working” strategy, he informed her of his successful business in supposed regret over the lonely life of a well-situated bachelor.
He wondered if that was really necessary.
The Rolex on his wrist spoke louder than his words.
She was already showing interest to “get to know” him better.
On the other side of the table, similar theories were developing.
“There must be something wrong! He could not possibly be so perfect. Rich, handsome, funny…” She thought.
With every second that passed, they got closer and closer.
Soon, he was holding her hand, caressing her smoothly, so glad to have met her. She was neither the type of girl that looks for a one night stand, nor was the evening appropriate for such act.
But that delicate taste of summer in her wine made her horny, rather than tipsy. She knew that soon she would take off that glorious suit of his.
“I would like to see it!” she interrupted his flattering over an exclusive collection of Italian wines he claimed to keep at home.
Effective Pinot, he thought. Yes, there was no one who understood the powers of wine better than himself.
“I am desperate to spend some time alone with you Maggie. How about we just grab our coats and go?” He suggested.
Before she knew, she was entering his luxurious car.
What a slutty thing to do, she thought!
But there was some invisible force dragging her towards him. The only thing she wanted was to feel him inside.
They soon arrived to a fancy, originally furnished apartment.
“Make yourself comfortable, beautiful.”
As he grasped to turn on the lights, she grabbed him and started pushing her tongue in his mouth.
“Why do I want you so badly?” She inquired.
This was exactly what he wanted her to do.
“How much do you want me? Show me, girl!”
As she licked all over his mouth, she felt the smell of his irresistible cologne.
Completely enchanted by this man, she turned around and pushed her firm butt towards his cock.
“I want you to fuck me like you never fucked a woman before,” she commanded him.
Touching his dick, already rock hard, she kneeled and sucked with incredible desire.
She let it slip out once more, and chased it back with her tongue, glancing from time to time with spit on her lips, just to let him know how pleasant it was.
He was going crazy.
“At your service, madam”, he smiled.
He pulled her dress off and pushed to the table.
Then, he raised her legs intending to go down on her. But she turned again and leaned on the table.
“No, I want you to fuck me now. This way.”
Obediently, he slipped in his cock, sensing how wet she was. Speeding up, he moved straight and back. He was looking at his cock rippling through that wet pussy while her ass shook to the pressure of his hips.
With one of his hands, he held her head down and was turned on by the thought he possessed her. The other hand slapped her ass strongly, while she screamed both in pleasure and pain.
Feeling the spasms inside her vagina, he started to fuck her harder, practically impaling her on his massive, throbbing cock.
She just lifted on her fingers, stuck her nails on the wooden table and yelled: “Oh, God!”
She arched her back and climaxed.
She was spent after that orgasm.
What is more thrilling to a man than seeing the consequences of his power?
As she lay there, spent and fucked, he slid his dripping cock out of her wet pussy and rubbed it hard, bringing himself to climax all over her beautiful stomach and chest.
It was her reward.


“Please, send somebody before it is too late!”
Nicole trembled, desperately hoping that somebody would come to save her life.
She was stuck in a ring of flames, unable to move from the armchair where she usually read and took her afternoon naps.
It was as if something held her down. Her body was weighted.
In a matter of seconds, her usual daytime nap had turned into a nightmare.
The candles, she thought. What a reckless, irresponsible act!
As a curtain of smoke hampered her breathing, she made efforts to move her legs. She was not successful. It seemed like an immense force pulled her to the ground.
“”Help me! Please help me!” she screamed.
The door opened in a furious crush, but the well-equipped firemen she expected were not there.
Instead, an extremely tall man stood there alone, looking at her as if nothing was happening.
He did not move.
“Why are you standing there? Don’t you see my room is burning? I cannot move, please come and take me!”
Anxious to escape, Nicole didn’t pay attention to the specific circumstances surrounding her.
Yes, there was a fire, but rather than spreading around under the influence of oxygen, the fire burned in a perfect circle, leaving half of the room untouched. And this strange man did not seem to care at all.
He finally spoke: “Do you believe in the existence of Gods?”
Rather than fear, she was shocked.
“Am I involved in some kind of cult ritual?” she wondered. Whatever it was, she could not avoid it.
As if the fire was not enough, now she had to deal with a lunatic.
Ok then, let’s play along.
“I do,” she replied.
The answer obviously pleased the stranger.
Then, the most incredible thing followed: he took a deep breath and turned the fire off with a single blow.
The only thing she was able to believe was that this was an act of heaven. Her less-than-honest answer was starting to seem more real.
It couldn’t be. This was some kind of prank or trick.
The game continued.
“Who are you? How did you do that?” She inquired.
Realizing she was not motionless anymore, she quickly jumped off the chair, hesitating on whether to approach him.
There was something special about his looks.
He had wide, muscular shoulders, small eyes, but an incredibly observant expression. He was handsome, athletic, and seemed to pulse with an aura of power that sent chills down her spine.
“I am Hephaestus, son of Zeus,” he said in a mighty tone.
The serious expression on his face showed explicit self-confidence, which convinced her even more that she was dealing with a lunatic, despite what she had earlier seen.
A handsome lunatic who actually controls fire and has no intention of leaving her house soon certainly made for an interesting situation.
“I have observed you for a long time. But you are not a goddess. What are you? Are you a nymph?” Hephaestus asked.
The atmosphere was stuffed with a sense of calm terror.
She obviously stood on the mere edge between fantasy and reality.
“I am a librarian. I work with books.”
Hephaestus shook his head in disbelief.
“Work? But you are too beautiful to work!” He seemed shocked.
Sweet, she thought.
“I gather all knowledge at one place and I transfer it to people. It’s a rather noble pursuit.” She explained her work matter-of-factly.
“Well then, you are the Athena of this strange kingdom. I am pleased to meet you, your highness!” He bowed with a dose of respect and sarcasm, both at once.
“You bet I am.” She replied.
She felt slightly more confident to approach him. Now, that no smoke or shadow covered his face, she discovered he was in fact, a very attractive man… a man whose spontaneity might heal her loneliness.
“Can I… touch you?” He asked genuinely.
With an instinctive movement he reached out for her hand and looked at it with admiration: “Your hand is so soft.” He nuzzled it like a beast.
Crazy or not, she was turned on by this strange creature.
You’d better be godlike in bed, she thought.
“Oh, sweet librarian! Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Hephaestus said, only half-joking.
“Try me on, first”, she whispered.
Not even she could believe how much desire he had provoked in her. She caressed his chest, licking every fissure scar. And there were many.
He had eyes that clearly appreciated the scenery. In few moves, he ripped her skirt apart and looked at her crotch.
“You like it? It’s yours for the taking,” she offered.
The next thing you know, his hands were exploring her secret garden.
The satisfaction of his long tongue sucking her clit turned their innocent romance into a furious battle for pleasure.
The more he squeezed her ass, the more she needed him inside of her.
The urge for penetration was strong.
“Lunge upward,” he begged. “Yes, just like that. Take it completely inside.”
He pushed as hard as he possibly could.
“Do you see now how insatiable I am?” He growled.
With every single move he made deeper inside her warmth, she moaned in ecstasy and pleasure.
Nicole gasped and felt climax approaching.
A powerful orgasm furiously came and left her body, but soon, another followed.
Heavenly or not, this was the best sex she had ever experienced.
Pounding inside, he suddenly screamed and powerful flames appeared behind him against the backdrop of the room.
Her eyes wide, it was clear this man was in control of elemental fire.
Maybe he was a deity after all…
Down her hips, a stream of wetness found itself flowing.
She lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling that Hephaestus had already said goodbye. Still, she didn’t want to wake up in a rush.
She looked around at the empty room, absent of flame, blinked once or twice, and smiled.
Nothing was on fire, anymore.


Jessica could hardly wait for “Sapphire Quinn” to reach its harbor. Even before her eyes witnessed mainland, suitcases were packed and a job report was ready for deliverance. The only task remaining was her salary: a bloated, white envelope was about to reward those few months on board.
She had never appreciated those wild, sandy beaches as much as she did at that moment. Alone and free, she was excited to inhale a bit of fresh breeze, to walk and swim in the shallow water.
She swam carelessly within the infinite blue surface, allowing the sea to reach all intimate parts of her body. Jessica had curves in all the right places, with golden curls and an innocent smile.
The shy waves dangling over her breathtaking body inserted a serious dose of magic during this supposedly quiet morning.
But suddenly, Jessica was not alone anymore.
“Take a look at the azure sky. Isn’t it magical?” a voice said.
Shock followed as a natural reaction. She tried to let go, but a pair of eyes, seeming to have stolen a piece of that azure magic, paralyzed her.
“Don’t run away,” the voice reassured.
She had no idea where he approached from.
How did he sneak up on her?
“But, who are you? Where did you appear from?” she asked.
Suddenly, flame and fury filled his eyes: “I wish I could take you into the depths, you beautiful maiden. My place is a haven of peace and my bed is the cradle of all love. Who doesn’t crave a world such as that one? I can show you paradise. “
It was extremely difficult to determine whether he was dangerous, honest, troubled with insanity, or a romantic liar, bothered by the insane wish to possess her. Whatever the case was, Mr. Sudden was quite confident about it, and she was curious.
Still, nothing about this man was ordinary. Significantly taller than the men she usually dated, her recent visitor had a surreal deepness to his look, silently concealed with her motionless fear to plunge inside the unknown. However, that quiet summer afternoon and the circumstances wrapped like his hands around her waist, the day spoke only of sin.
“I have to go,” she said, only half hoping he’d accept her answer.
While walking forward, she witnessed the most unexpected scenery.
The sea in front of her split in a long row, creating an incredible waterfall. She just froze, waiting for the depths to swallow her body, as her green eyes wandered to the coast expecting to see hundreds of people. But she could not even see the coast.
They were alone.
Fear was an aphrodisiac.
He could not have been more delighted to touch that wonderful body. The two of them in the middle of nowhere, almost hearing blood boil beneath their wet skins.
Suddenly, the sky opened and began to pour down upon them.
Enormous rain drops crashed on their naked bodies. She gasped, her heart racing.
She wanted to be a subject of his will, used and left aside, tiredly begging for more.
Down there, warm liquids melted with water.
Shivers were so strong, it almost hurt.
Her mouth stole furiously, his air, while they filled their hands with each-others bodies.
Too busy to let go of his admirable muscles, she yearned to search instinctively for that amazing totem, made of meat and pure pleasure. She finally touched it… once, twice, until he grabbed her ass strongly and thrust it inside her, deeply.
“Oh god, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” she replied in insanity.
She could feel every millimeter rubbing the edge of her vagina, while his balls slapped against her skin furiously.
Twitchy and overexcited, she began climaxing without any control, aware she could go on doing it for hours.
He stuck his teeth on her neck.
“Please, let me swallow you!” she begged.
Few seconds after, her head was underwater, sucking the last drops of sperm, preferring that taste to the air she had previously known.
Now that the heat was off, a feeling of shame appeared. How to look at this man’s eyes?
But there was no need of remorse.
“Who would have imagined you were such a talent, pearl?” he said, smiling.
“My name is Poseidon,” he said, sternly.
She laughed. Handsome and funny, hell of a combination!
“You certainly fucked me in a divine manner, I suppose! If you want a repeat performance, just tell me where you are staying and…”
She turned, but she was completely alone once again.
Was this a hallucination?
There was one thing she felt she knew for sure… he was not a product of her imagination.
How did she know?
She could still feel his seed on her tongue.

Was he…?


Senseless idiots, thought Michael, observing the drunken crowd on the dance floor. But his thoughts referred to a time when he was a youngster, enjoying life at its best. Not many years have passed, but the stressful experience of managing an insurance company and a problematic relationship had killed every wish for fun.
Apart from those few years and a new Rolex watch, he was still the same person. Him and his timeless habit of drinking scotch in a club he no longer frequented.
It had been a difficult night. His gorgeous fiancée, whom he loved more than anything else in the world, had broken off the engagement. She needed space. She needed time for herself. Translated into real life terms, she needed somebody else.
But he was so handsome and well-situated, he thought!
Desired by many, he could have replaced her with a single blink of an eye. Still, he didn’t. He respected their commitment until the very last second. He had always valued being faithful to one’s significant other.
Two minutes later, he felt extremely idiotic. Five minutes later, he tried to reach her again on his phone only to find the empty sorrow of her voicemail.
“Scotch does not kill sadness, you know,” said a nearby brunette, sipping a double dose in his glass. Even if in love, Michael could not help noticing how amazingly beautiful she was. This was no ordinary girl. There was something… different about this one. Her little black dress, hardly covering intimate parts, and the naked shoulders caressed by her warm, chestnut hair could certainly help him forget his unfortunate reality, at least for a while.
Aware of the fact he was scanning her upside-down, she smiled in an even more provocative manner. Soon, his focused look switched from the sharpness of her heels to the pumped lips.
“You’re certainly right, miss,” he told her, trying to outshout the retro music landscape in the background. It must be late, he thought, but the evening was just becoming interesting.
He leaned in so he could hear her. Moving his lips so close to her ear caught a whiff of her jasmine scent. It was intoxicating.
“Happy people don’t go to a club to sit alone and drink scotch. How about you play with me instead?” she said, provocatively.
“You could say I’m not a happy person, then.” Michael replied.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Michael.” He replied without enthusiasm. “Yours?”
“Heh. Funny.” He figured it was some kind of joke, or she just wanted to avoid telling him her real name. No matter.
“Welcome then, love goddess. Let me pour you a drink,” Michael jested, going along with it.
Drink after the other, Michael and Aphrodite advanced in casual talks.
They looked silently into each other. The chemistry was so strong one could almost see sparkles.
“What did I do to deserve your company tonight?” he asked.
“You looked lonely, but more importantly, hot as hell.” she laughed and looked at the floor, for the first time that night.
“Ouch, seems like I am a little bit drunk,” she confessed.
He reached out for her hand. Why not? He thought to himself
He only hoped he wasn’t about to get robbed.
The taxi carrying them home took ages. The sexual tension was palpable between them. They both kept quiet, but keenly aware that a storm of lust was about to be unleashed. In the calm before the storm, they found themselves eye-fucking each other up and down.
Aphrodite took Michael in front of his own apartment. He trembled. Eva, his ex, was still there packing.
But how could Aphrodite possibly know? Was she a neighbor?
Or this was a set up? Was Eva involved?
Michael was worried.
“Tell me, why are we here? Who are you?” he inquired.
She opened the door. Eva was calmly sitting on the sofa. Unlike all reactions he could possibly expect, she looked calm.
Aphrodite said nothing, only reaching down to the bottom cusp of her dress, gripping it with both hands, and beginning to lift it up her thigh… and torso… and over her head.
She wasn’t wearing panties or a bra.
Aphrodite was completely nude.
Michael was in shock.
Those divine hips.
Her full, ample breasts.
That smooth, tempting pussy.
A big bulge appeared on his pants.
Michael suddenly remembered that Eva was present. He thought the situation was about to go nuclear. His heart raced.
Eva stood up, and rather than unleash a torrent of rage upon Michael, she began undressing herself.
Michael could only assume they knew each other.
That was the only plausible explanation.
Eva walked over and slid her hand down Michael’s pants, grabbing his hard cock with her right hand and stroking it lightly.
On the other edge of the room, Aphrodite sat in an armchair, spreading her legs
They moved towards the bedroom.
The two beautiful women lay on his bed, provoking him.
Isn’t he a lucky man? He thought to himself.
Approaching them carefully, he unbuckled his belt and stripped off his pants. His bulging erection was visible for both women to see.
He stuck his hard dick into Aphrodite’s welcoming mouth.
He held her head tight, pushing his pride as deep through her throat as he could, while the other squeezed Eva’s wonderful breasts.
“This is the best surprise ever,” Michael commented, overjoyed.
Michael could barely contain himself. He had his dick in a beautiful woman’s mouth, with Eva encouraging him, and he was about to explode. He couldn’t stand the idea that this might all be over so soon, and coming too quickly had never been an issue for him before.
Aphrodite removed his throbbing dick from her mouth, only to begin talking. “Go ahead, cum down my throat. I promise you’ll be ready to go again in no time.” She winked.
Michael had no idea what she meant, but her enthusiasm was too hard to resist. He promptly shoved his dick back in her warm mouth and began face-fucking her. It wasn’t long before he exploded down her throat, and she lapped up every last bit of it. Aphrodite was ravenous.
Moments later, Michael already felt his stamina resurfacing, replenishing itself almost immediately. It was incredible.
He pushed them on their backs and started licking between those wonderfully spread legs. He could hear parallel gasps and in the few moments he used to inhale air, they kissed passionately.
“My god!” he said, and started fucking Aphrodite like a preying predator. He pushed her strongly with all of his weight, biting her nipples while she screamed for more.
“Turn around”, he said to Eva. Without stopping, he pushed his fingers inside her wet pussy.
“Do you want to take her place, baby?”
“I do.”
They both screamed as Aphrodite was coming.
Aware that his culmination was approaching once again, he took it off and started fucking Eva, hardly noticing her head was about to hit the wall. She held on and scratched his back, screaming in repentance, how much she wanted his hard cock.
It wasn’t long before Michael reached climax again and sent his warmth deep inside of Eva’s wet pussy. He was rubbing her clitoris and feeling the twitches inside while she was coming alongside him.
Just like before, not thirty seconds later, his stamina had replenished.
“This is amazing!” Michael yelped.
He removed his dripping cock from between Eva’s legs and held it over the two women. He seemed to have endless stamina and control. Was this Aphrodite’s doing? Was there more to her than he thought?
Aphrodite leaned forward and grabbed his throbbing totem with both hands and began stroking it fiercely.
“Michael, please cover us in your seed. Please!” She begged.
He could hardly take it. He was about to climax a third time.
Eva positioned herself alongside Aphrodite and looked up at Michael with puppy-dog eyes, pushing her breasts together, ready to receive his warmth.
Michael exploded all over both women, covering them both thoroughly in cum, breasts, torso, stomach, neck, mouth.
Both women were eager to receive the warm reward.
Michael slept well, cozy between both of his newfound nymphs.
First thing in the morning, he noticed Aphrodite was missing.
“Do you know where she went?” he asked Eva.
“Who do you mean,” Eva responded.
After a short conversation, it was clear that Eva had no idea what he was talking about.
“You’re dreaming, boy,” she jested.
Later that day, Michael was determined to solve the mystery.
Michael went to the bar to ask if anyone knew this mysterious girl.
“I’m asking about the girl I left with last night. Do you remember?”
“Sir, you were alone in your booth all night. You left alone.”

“I am in all places where love needs to be saved. That is my job.
Kisses and more, Aphrodite.”